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(The following Letter was written before the police raids in France & Argentina & the resulting wave of persecution & publicity.)

1. DID YOU KNOW THAT those big surfing waves don't grow so high until they get close to shore? Then they start dragging their bottoms on the bottom & that's what causes them to fall over like that. And that's the best kind of surfing. In Waikiki, Hawaii, the waves are sometimes 20 feet tall & the guys surf inside the tunnel (or tube)!
2. So it's not even a wave until it's beginning to drag its bottom. Do you think we're beginning to drag our bottoms anywhere? Let me tell you, when you're dragging your bottom, it hurts! I used to do what they call bodysurfing. You can get out there & catch the wave right with your body. You're stretched out horizontally & you're the surfboard! It'll carry you all the way from 100 yards or more out clear into the shore. Of course, in the last few yards it breaks & tumbles & sometimes you go rolling on the sand on the bottom. And that's when you've got to be careful, because sometimes you can get skinned up by the sand.
3. In Huntington Beach they were great surfers. Nearly all our kids were surfers, so they understood surfing & waves, etc. One of our folks got a prophecy that we were going to get a big wave & we'd have to learn how to ride it & not get sunk by it. And soon we began to get lots of publicity. Newspapermen began coming down to see what was going on, priests were coming by to see, critics came over to see!
4. Those guys understood surfing, so all of its symbolism was ideal for them. I said, "Now this wave is either going to sink you, or you can be a good surfer & get up on top & ride it!" And that's been true everywhere we've gone.
5. The Lord gave one of the kids that prophecy, & they didn't really know what it meant, so the Lord gave me the interpretation. It was that you need to get up on top of this wave of publicity & ride it, get the benefit of it, & it'll really carry you along. You can't even swim that fast, it goes faster than you can swim. In bodysurfing you have to paddle as fast as you can at first to try to catch the wave until it catches you, & then you go sailing in to shore from way out. We'd start out on a sandbar where the wave would first start dragging its bottom & building up & building up, & we'd catch it right there at its peak & go sailing towards the shore!--Until it dragged its bottom so bad it crashed, & sometimes we'd go tumbling head-over-heels & land on the beach, thankful if we didn't get our own bottom pretty well-sanded!
6. Well, that was good advice then & it's sure coming true now, right? (Fam: Yes!) However, lately our wave has been dragging its bottom, & it hurts. But we're still taking advantage of it & the publicity, even if it's bad publicity. When it gets to that stage, that's when it goes the fastest. The wave really picks up speed as you get close to the beach where it's going to crash. And if you don't ride it right it will crash right on you. That wave of water is more powerful than you are. You couldn't swim or get out of it, you couldn't even stand up in it, it would just knock you flat! Well, not flat, but you'd roll, roll, roll just like a ball underwater until you'd hopefully hit on the beach not too hard. And I managed to survive it, even though sometimes I thought I wasn't going to.
7. I had a wave of sickness rolling over me a couple of months back, but thanks to the Lord & your prayers, I finally got my head above water! There are a lot of things you can illustrate with a wave. The wave gets you to shore at least, & real fast, if you survive. But you've gotta watch out when the wake is going back, because it can drag you under & back into the sea. You've got to get up quick & run out on to the beach before you go back with it--before it makes you backslide, ha!
8. So it was a good illustration for those surfers, they understood. They knew all about surfing, that you had to ride the wave when it was just at the right peak, & that it would really take you fast to the beach, & that you had to be careful how you finished the ride. If you've ever watched surfers, you'll notice that they usually try to ride the wave as long as they can, then when they get real close to the shore they kick back over the top of the wave so they can paddle out to catch the next one. Sometimes they don't make it, the wave's too big or they ride it wrong, & when they do they need to get off their board before the wave begins to tumble right on them. That tunnel closes in on them, & if they wait too long they tumble & their surfboard tumbles with them, & they can get hurt by that board ramming them. There are a lot of bad accidents that way.
9. If you think the wave is going to engulf you, you've got to dive off the board & sink out of sight quickly before it gets to the tumbling stage & really rumbles & roars. It's best for you to get off of the wave & sink out of sight. The only way you can keep from getting wiped out is to dive off the board & to swim underneath the wave. And that's what a good surfer usually does if he feels the wave is going to wipe him out, he dives deep before he reaches the tumbling, roaring, rumbling, bone-breaking stage. If he hits the beach too hard & his surfboard lands on top of him, he can break something, or hurt somebody else that's in the way.
10. Do you think this illustration will help us to understand our Wave of persecution & publicity better? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) When the Lord gives you some kind of vision or direction or warns you about something, maybe sometimes He means for you to wait for the peak & ride the wave, but then get off of it before it crashes on you! Sink! Get down out of sight & out of the part of the wave that is going to destroy you if you don't watch out. Right now in a lot of places we're riding the wave. We're getting persecution, but it means big publicity & a big testimony & witness, television, reporters, newspapers, it's really getting out the Message. We're standing up & fighting, right? (Fam: Amen!) We're riding the wave!
11. With some waves it's possible to ride them until they pretty much run out of steam, & when they get close to the shore you're able to kick back over the top of them & you paddle out to catch the next one. They give you a thrilling ride & they don't do you any harm. Some of the recent persecution & publicity has done just that, it's publicised the Message & we've come out in the open & proclaimed the truth like never before! Look at the media wave in Japan, we were on TV, radio, in newspapers & magazines. With the Lord's help we rode that wave for all it was worth, & it was an exciting ride, thrilling! We fought back & won!--At least for now. Instead of it crashing on us we rode that wave & it did us a lot of good. I'd say it was the same with the Australian wave & the recent Philippine wave. We rode those without them wiping us out.
12. Of course, not all waves are the same, some of them are bigger & more powerful. Not all surfing spots are the same either, some are more dangerous & rocky. So the surfer has to judge the wave to decide if he can safely ride it or if it's going to crush him. If the wave's too big or too steep, or you're riding it wrong, then there comes a point where you've got to get off the wave or it'll get you & roll you & your surfboard head-over-heels, & it's dangerous. What does a surfer do when he gets to where it's going to be dangerous? Sometimes you can ride through that tunnel & get out of the wave, that's the nicest, easiest way to go. But when you see it's got you & you can't make it, what do you do? (Family: You duck.) You dive off the surfboard & go under water where you're safe, & get out of the way of your surfboard & hope it doesn't hit someone else.
13. That's one of the biggest causes of surfing accidents, the guys who wait too long. They don't sail out of the wave, through the tunnel & out the other end. They wait too long & they can't get out, so they have to just ditch their surfboard & dive under water to save themselves. But the board could go on & kill somebody else.
14. Can't you see lots of parallels to that in the matter of persecution? The Scripture says, "The wise man foreseeth the evil & hideth himself."--Pro.27:12. He dives, gets underneath it & sinks out of sight. [DELETED] Right? (Fam: Yes.) Thank You Lord!
15. Why do you suppose the Lord showed us that wave? Are we supposed to wait there & ride it till it crashes & crushes? Are we supposed to just keep on riding it to the bitter end, which is a disaster, & could hurt us & others?--Or are we supposed to ride it while it's still safe to ride, try & kick back, or duck out of the way if it gets too dangerous, duck underwater where no one can see us, & the wave just goes on & crashes on the beach? These are all decisions any surfer has to consider.
16. For a while the wave is your friend, but then it can become your enemy. For a while publicity can be our friend & publicise us & give us a chance to really sock it to people & witness. In these court cases we stand up & fight, & we've won every one so far, thank the Lord. It's been a great way of publicising the Lord's Message, & He knows what He's doing by all of this persecution.
17. Look at that big bird out there! He's riding the wave! He's riding in the sky. Maybe a good title for this would be "How to Take the Wave!" First you ride it, then you either kick back over the top of it & paddle out for another one, or if it's too big or too dangerous you get out of it before it destroys you. First you ride it & it greatly explodes the Message. You take advantage of the wave before it takes advantage of you. But if it looks like it's going to start taking advantage of you, under you go!
18. In the picture I got, it looked like the wave was already peaking in some places, & that's really what it's doing. With all that publicity & media coverage that's been going on, it's almost like our wave has peaked & we're riding the crest of the wave right now. And maybe in some other places the wave is still building & we're just catching it & taking advantage of it before it gets too far & takes advantage of us.
19. We need to know how to ride the wave, & then how to escape it when it becomes necessary! Boy, sometimes when I was a boy I wondered when that thing was going to stop rolling & I could come up for air! We're not supposed to wait until it destroys us, drowns us, to where we're good for nothing any more!
20. Now think like the Lord thinks. Put yourself in His shoes for a minute. Why do you think the Lord sends persecution? First of all He sends the persecution to publicise us & our Message, and this latest round has certainly done that, our Message is sure getting out! But after the Message has been spread far & wide & they begin to severely persecute you, then what is the Lord trying to get you to do? (Fam: You have to go to new fields.) You've ridden the wave long enough safely & it's better to get off while you can.
21. God sends that wave, & He is the One responsible. He is the One that even stirred up the Devil to cause all of the publicity, sometimes publicity started by some initial persecution. But I think we sometimes misinterpret publicity as being serious persecution.
22. You've got to differentiate between bad publicity & perhaps a little initial actual persecution, which helps you to spread the Message, & the kind of persecution which stops you & the Message, puts all of you in jail or out of the country. To me, that is the difference between riding the wave & succumbing to the wave. Of course in some cases, like in Australia, they did come & take the children, I'd say that was persecution, but they were released after a week & that resulted in a lot of publicity, which eventually turned fairly favourable.--Especially when we were vindicated. So sometimes, some persecution may even come before the publicity, & when it does you have to decide whether the Lord wants you to leave, or if He's just bringing along a wave that He wants you to ride in order to get out the Message.
23. When it's persecution which does not stop you from witnessing & preaching the Word but instead provides a vehicle for you to get the Message out in an even greater way, you're riding the wave, you're sailing, you're moving fast! You're up on the crest!--Up on top where everybody can see you. And you get a great thrill out of watching surfers, don't you? I used to love to watch them. They make movies of them & their surfing contests. Waikiki in Hawaii has some of the biggest waves. I think they're sometimes 20 or 30 feet tall, & they're the ones where you see the surfers inside the tunnel. It's no place to swim, but it's a great place to surf!
24. Is the Lord trying to show us that the wave is cresting now? That's sort of how it looked in my vision, like this (motions with hands). From there it begins to roll over further & it can swallow you up! It tumbles you along & you can't do a thing when it gets to that stage. There is no way you can get out of that wave then. It's too late, & it carries you clear to the beach, where you arrive in a crushing crash that is apt to injure you.
25. While we're riding the crest of the wave, everybody is looking & we're the stars!--Like we're doing in these court cases & bad publicity & media coverage. Is that the time to get out? (Techi: No!) Good! "A little child shall lead them." It's not the time to get out! That's when you're getting out the Message! You're up on top of the wave & everybody is looking & applauding, & some are hissing, of course. But you're really the star of the show & you're showing your prowess & your courage & your fight, & that you're willing to challenge the wave!--And willing, in a sense, to fight back & ride it!
26. As you watch the surfer, you can even see what the surfer can't see. But he can sort of feel it. He can tell by the angle of his surfboard if the wave is beginning to overtake him. He is actually being carried along at a certain angle on a certain level, but he hasn't really started going downhill yet. He is riding high. But then the wave starts overtaking him & his surfboard starts going at an angle, steeper & steeper. And when it gets to a certain point, depending on how far he wants to ride, he knows it's time to kick back, or possibly get off. He's gone far enough & he needs to get off that wave.
27. Now what does the Lord expect us to do when He gives us what some people call persecution, but what I call just bad publicity! As the Hollywood agents have said, "There is no such thing as bad publicity for a star!" Publicity is what they want, what they eat up, even if it's scandal. It doesn't matter what it is. It keeps them in the public eye & they're a star. The public loves it & it sells newspapers & movies & all the rest. And the worse the publicity the better, because the public likes that kind of stuff.
28. (A big bird goes by:) Let me tell you, you'd better keep your eyes on the skies if you're just a little wee mouse going through the bushes! You may think you're riding the waves, when you may just be due for an attack that will put you out of bushes! You'd better keep your eyes on the skies in all directions for the Enemy. And you'd better find your little hole & crawl into it before he takes a nosedive & you're at the end of it, & it's the end of you! The Lord uses everything as an illustration. Hallelujah! (Tongues:) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! "Listen to every word of thy father." Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
29. I think I'm getting a little inspired this morning! (Fam: Amen!) I was only going to read you the first Psalm, that's all I was going to do. Praise the Lord! If you step out by faith on the waters, He'll sustain you, & here I am! "Open your mouth & I will fill it!"--Psa.81:10. We got a new message about waves & about persecution & publicity.

How Long Do We Wait?
30. You can feel the wave beginning to tilt a little further than you can hold your balance when the police, stirred up by our enemies' lies, start knocking at your door! You're getting the warning that it might not be safe much longer & that the wave is getting dangerous & might soon crash over you. Of course, in most cases, the police almost immediately recognise that we're not a "destructive cult," but sincere Christians who love our children, & are trying to help others. So sometimes you can still ride that wave. But it's dangerous!--And it may crash on you. It might be time to decide if you should duck under the water & let the wave pass over, & come up in quieter waters somewhere.
31. It's better to duck before you get hurt, or before you get hurt too much. Sometimes dear Apostle Paul waited a little too long! In one case they beat him up until they thought he was dead, & they dragged him out of the city.--Acts 14:19,20. But the Lord resurrected him & he got the message, "They don't want the books!" Like that old story about the Jew who kept going to an office several times to try to persuade them to buy his books. Finally, since he wouldn't listen, they threw him out & down the stairs. Pretty soon, after he'd tumbled down the stairs & was all beat up, he climbed up once more & opened the door just a crack & whispered through the door, "Vell, do ya vant the books or don't you?" (Everybody laughing.) Do we have to wait until then?--Till they beat us all up & jail us all, & then we say, "Vell, do you vant the books or don't you?" I think that kind of persecution is a pretty good answer, you don't have to ask them. Praise the Lord!
32. When you're on the crest of the wave you're riding high as a star with a lot of publicity, & even if it's bad, you're getting out the Message & you're on TV & in the newspapers. Even if there has been some initial persecution which brought on the publicity, it has been persecution that has opened the doors for you to preach the Message. It has not been the kind that gets all of you thrown in jail & your mouths shut where you can't do any further good. When the children in Australia were taken from their parents, the Lord allowed this in order to give them their greatest chance ever to witness in Australia, & brought great victories out of the seeming defeat.
33. When the surfboard starts slanting a little, a little different pitch, what do you do? In engineering they call it the "pitch" (amount of slope) of the roof. When a house has a very sharp roof, a very slanted roof, it has a high pitch. In real snowy countries they deliberately make the houses with a steep pitch to shed the snow. Well, when the pitch of the wave begins to get so steep that it's about to shed you, what do you do? That's when you have to make the decision as to whether you feel the Lord wants you to keep on riding the surfboard & that miraculously He will keep you from falling off, or if you should dive off while it is still safe to dive off, & get underwater where there is peace & quiet, & come up in quieter waters.
34. I saw the wave crashing, so I know it is going to ultimately crash just as the Lord showed, there's no doubt about it. We've got to face that & understand that. And as we ride that wave we need to be sensitive to the pitch & the force of it, so we'll know when it's just the right time to dive under, to evacuate the area. And when the Lord shows you it's time to dive, then dive, even though it's difficult, dangerous & risky.
35. The wave has a lot of purposes! It boosts you sky-high & makes you the star of the show for a little while, but it doesn't last forever. Eventually it reaches the beach & crashes & crunches & crushes. So if you see it coming--& not only see it coming, but you're on it--you have got to be sensitive to how long it's safe to stay on it.
36. Even when a wave doesn't crash, you can slide off your board if it gets on too big a slant. If you're smart, you don't wait until the board & the wave throw you, you dive in while you can & get underwater where it's calmer & the water doesn't have so much power over you. You take a dive & get out of sight & you swim.--Which way? (Family: Away from the shore?) Absolutely! You swim away where it's as deep as possible, staying underwater as long as you can hold your breath. You know out there there's not a wave yet, & then you come up. If possible, you swim past all the waves that are building up, the ones you used to ride & have fun on. You dive under & you go out into the deep. We used to sing an old hymn: "Launch out into the deep, let the shoreline go!"
37. Well, any sailor will tell you that the most dangerous place for a boat is where? (Fam: Close to the shore where the surf is.) Yes, where the surf is & the rocks are & the shore is. You've seen fishermen launch their boats, what do they do? They get down in the water & shove & do their best to push it over the waves & over the surf & out through the water.
38. You dive under, off of your surfboard! There are always more surfboards, & there are always more little islands & sandbars, but there aren't any more of you! You're the most precious thing there is to the Lord. (Tongues:) "I love thee as My Own children. And as you would your children, I wish to hide thee & save thee & keep thee, if thou wilt listen!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
39. The Lord doesn't want the wave to destroy us! He wants us to take advantage of the wave while it is an advantage, but when it becomes a disadvantage, then it's time to get off it.

Dive to Safety!
40. The ACs have captured the instruments of propaganda, the media. Like they did in Jesus' day, they stir up the public to stir up the Romans to do something about it! Otherwise, the Romans have enough problems & trouble trying to cut down crime & arrest the real criminals. They don't want to be bothered with some little sect, like the Branch Davidians. It's amazing they should have chosen that name! Thank You Lord! God bless you, David. Thank You Jesus!
41. The Davidians were trying to do right. They weren't bothering anybody. In fact, it turned out that they even had permits to buy & sell guns. That's how they made their money, believe it or not. One of the survivors they interviewed said, "I was out selling guns at gun shows & I was even selling survival rations." They were making their money that way. He had a permit. He was within the law.
42. Do you know where the complaint came from that stirred up all the trouble? Guess! (Fam: The deprogrammers?) Yes, CAN! They ought to can CAN! And do you know what country that first troublemaker got his support from when he began causing trouble for the Davidians? (Fam: Australia!) Australia! I mean, they are everywhere! Of course they think the same of us, ha! We're like the Irishman's flea! Crush us one place & we hop up in another. We hop up everywhere & keep biting them, & they can't catch us! Thank God they haven't been able to catch us very often. [DELETED] Should we wait until that happens or should I warn you now? (Tongues:) "Be thou faithful to warn thy people!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!

Our Final Flight
43. We know that as we get near to the End we will have to retreat. Make sure that you're keeping your eyes open so that before the wave crushes you, you can get off of it & then regroup--if the Lord wants you to--some place else where you can fight the battle with more chance of winning.
44. But what happens when the days of battle are almost over & you can't win the war?--You have retreated as far as you can to the safest shores left. If you get that bottled up, if the ship is drifting on the rocks, it's time for some kind of aerial rescue, & hallelujah, that's comin'! It's coming! When there is no more place left to flee, the Lord has a Place. Praise the Lord! (Fam: Amen!)
45. We have given this World more than it deserves. And when we have gone as far as we can & there is no more escape, He has an escape all planned!--An aerial rescue!--Not with clumsy helicopters or gunships, it's going to be the nicest, smoothest, most wonderful aerial rescue that ever occurred! And it's not going to be quiet. It says there will be thunder, lightning, trumpets & lights in the sky, that every eye shall see Him!--Mat.24:29-31; 1Th.4:16-17; Rev.1:7.--Not some secret Rapture like these poor ignorant people who are preaching pre-Trib Rapture talk about, that suddenly everybody just disappears & nobody knows where they went & they don't know what happened, & blah blah blah.
46. All of a sudden we & other saved Christians are going to disappear, all right, but not until every eye has seen it! And they'll hear it, too! What do you think the voice of the Archangel is for? And the Trump of God shall sound! It's not going to be a secret by any means. It's going to be a great victory over our enemies when we just go up out of their reach & there's nothing more they can do. Praise the Lord? Our last flight! The final flight for all true Christians! But I'd better not get started on that or I'll write another whole Letter. Let's reserve that until that time comes & we'll know more about it.

We're Like the Little Sparrows!
47. (Watching the birds hopping along:) The birds go wherever they can! If you leave a hole, they will fill it, & those little sparrows are kind of like us. I used that as an illustration one time: We're not like those big fat carrier pigeons that were as big as chickens that were in our backyard in London. We're like the little sparrows that are in every country on Earth & bothering everybody; at least the System!

The Choice Is Up to You!
48. (Maria: At times we have had some real serious battles with negative publicity, etc., but we've come out on top. In other words, there will probably be another in the future, but right now things are pretty quiet.) (Written in the calm before the storm that hit in both France & Argentina.) Then we're on top of the wave & we're riding the wave. (Maria: Then would you say that we should continue at least for a while? I'm just talking about where we've really won those battles & now people realise that we're a force to be reckoned with. I'm sure there will be another battle coming, but right now we're doing pretty well & being pretty fruitful.)
49. Right now they're riding the wave! Right now they're the stars of the show, but they'd better watch the signs of the times! It's not over yet or the Lord wouldn't have shown me that vision, that we were at the crest. Right now they're riding high, they're the stars, they're the surfers. Everybody is watching, applauding, & they're getting along fine. But that's not going to last. None of those waves ever last forever. They always begin to fall & crash. They fall on themselves, believe it or not. And they crash on the beach, too. But don't you get caught in the crash!
50. If they're winning now, fine. If they're at the crest of the wave & everything is going great, fine. Stay up on the wave! Stay on the surfboard. But why did the Lord show me this picture of the wave cresting?--And then everything fell, & it rolled, & it swept! It was still a wave, but it was falling & it was sweeping across the World, from one side to the other. What would you tell them? (Fam: To be ready! Be prepared.) Be ready, be prepared. And don't stay on it too long.
51. I have to give you the warning that things are going to come soon & that you should be ready, but that you don't necessarily have to go now when you're being very fruitful & things are going very well. You have to make the choice as to how far you want to ride the wave & when you feel you should jump off or kick back. You don't want to jump off too soon, or you'll miss the thrilling ride, & your country will miss the Message, but neither do you want to stay on it when it's no longer safe to do so.
52. The thing that came to me was, as long as things are going great, stay on the wave, stay on the board. Ride the crest. Be a star. Put on a good show, but don't forget that stars do take nosedives & they're often falling stars. (David: Shooting stars!) Yes, shooting stars look great for a moment, but then they're gone.
53. Having had the picture & given the warning, & the Lord having shown us which way things are going to go, & that as time goes on we're going to be in retreat mode, I think it's up to the local commanders & the individual soldier or his unit to decide when it's time for them to go, in counsel with their officers; or whether they want to stay & be a rearguard & fight it out until they're killed, captured or thrown out.
54. We're just giving them the picture of what is going to happen--they can choose the point at which they want to evacuate the surfboard. As long as you're riding high, fine. If that's your choice & you've got the faith to stay & ride high, okay. But just be ready for a dive if you don't want to crash on the beach with a crunch.
55. That's what the Lord has shown us is going to happen, He wants us to know what's ahead, so we can make the proper choice when the time comes. The Lord gives the Prophet the Word & the warning & it's the Prophet's job to give it.--And I have. But you are there on your field, & now having heard this message it's up to you to be sensitive to the Lord as to when He wants you to retreat, to dive off the board & come up in safer waters. The decision when to leave is up to you.
56. So do you get the point? Do you get the options? Now it's up to you to pray about it & make your decisions as to what you want to do. The Lord gives certain limitations in the tunnel of His Will. It's sort of like a train track. Where do you want to get off? He limits you to the train's route, its line, but you have a whole lot of options about stops & where you want to get off. Only one of these days it's going to be, "Stop the World! I want to get off!"
57. So think about it. Pray about it. We'll see which way the Lord opens the door. Or if He closes the door, fine, maybe it's not the stop where He wants us to get off. (Maria: Or maybe it's not the time yet.) See, Mama always presents the possible options or alternatives. Maybe it's not the time yet.
58. So praise the Lord, we've got to quit. Who feels inspired to pray? (Fam: Thank you so much, Lord, for this time with Dad. Thank You for the wisdom that You've given him & for leading & guiding him, & for the visions & dreams. We really thank You that we are blessed to have a Prophet among us, someone who can see ahead & foresee the evil. We pray that the Family can take heed now & act accordingly. We know that every situation is different, every country is different, so help all the leaders to heed the warning & make contingency plans, if nothing else, so they will have them when it's time to jump off of that board to safety, so that they will be prepared. Thank You for this message. We pray that it will benefit the whole Family & that everyone can apply it accordingly, in Jesus' name.)
59. Have Thy way, Lord, You know what's best. Thy Will be done. As we thank You together: "Thank You Jesus for this day & for this Home so fair. You've helped us, Lord, to do some good & kept us in Thy care. And blessed our loved ones everywhere."
60. Amen! Praise the Lord! I had a good time & I hope you did, too. And Techi has had a good time being like her Mother, changing tapes, recording, etc. That's why you're getting the Message.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family