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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.70!       DO 2904       Comp.10/93


Destruction of Communism Brought Economic Chaos!
       1. RUSSIA was better off economically under Communism, where people were more equitably & fairly treated. But of course there was a horrible lack of freedom as well as persecution of religion. The destruction of Communism has not only brought freedom, but economic chaos! They'll rebel & go Communist again. The majority of the Russian parliament of old-line Communists is against Yeltsin.

Russian Parliament Fighting Yeltsin!
       2. Solzhenitsyn is a famous Russian author who wrote about the Soviet Gulag, or prison system. He was a Russian rebel, anti-Communist, & he says that this so-called Parliament of Russia that is fighting against Yeltsin is just a gang of Party hacks selected by the Party in 1990 when the Soviet Union still existed & the Communist Party still had its way. They're just a bunch of Communists, in other words, still trying to hang on to power against the so-called Russian Democratic Revolution.
* * *

       3. Can you imagine? Those Commies are still fighting for their lives!--Taking over the Parliament in Moscow & clearly defying the government. (On October 3 and 4, after the hard-line Russian Parliament rebelled against Yeltsin, he ordered tanks and troops into the streets of Moscow to put down the rebellion and arrest its leaders.)

Last Chance to Defeat Communism!
       4. The Western World had their last chance to help defeat Communism & help Russia & bring them into the Capitalist fold. But by failing to help Russia & the other East European countries, they're probably going to get the Antichrist instead. He'll be more cruel than China in wiping out all efforts to bring democracy & freedom, because he's going to be the most vicious, vile, cruel dictator the World has ever known!
* * *

       5. The U.S. spent trillions on preparing to make war with Russia.--Now, of all things, they begrudge giving a few billions to Russia to make them a friend when they desperately need it. They've given them a little bit of aid, but it's been peanuts compared to the need there.


Yugoslavia: Serb War!
       6. The ACs are just as good as protecting the Serbs! The ACs control the World! They've got another World dictator coming up, as bad as Hitler! Most of the major news networks which are controlled by the ACs are going right along with it in docile submission--just like the World will submit to the Antichrist. But I think some must be almost stunned by it! The decent Jews, the feeling Jews, the civilised Jews, the compassionate Jews that are left must be absolutely shocked at what's going on in Bosnia, and don't agree with it. But it shows you what a stranglehold the ACs have on everything and everybody, and there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. The horror is that they've got such pressure and control on even Clinton, that even though he threatens to do something time and again, and even starts to do something, they stop him every time.
       7. It's going to dismay the World & a lot of people are going to give up thinking there's any possibility of ever having a government of any kind that will be willing to sacrifice to stop a war.
       8. Milosevic, the Serbian dictator, is getting his way all the way, getting all the territory that he conquered & enlarging "Greater Serbia" as he started out to do, & not a damn European will stop him, because the ACs are in control. Boy oh boy, the ACs have gotten to the point where they control everything & can get their way about anything! They've finally gotten into full control--from the U.S. government to the E.C.--to where they can even back their own little wars & keep everybody else from interfering.
* * *

       9. The U.S. won't take action because the ACs are favouring the Serbs. Just think, the U.S. is responsible for all this horror! They could have stopped it in a moment just by shelling the Serbs.
* * *

       10. Time & again Clinton threatens to do something, & then backs down every time! Of course it's because of the ACs' threat: "If you don't do what we tell you to do, you're not going to be president much longer."--And you can be sure that dear Hillary is not going to let him stop being president. Imagine, in this supposedly civilised day & age, the World is allowing a civilised country to be invaded & shelled & slaughtered & massacred & tortured & destroyed by another so-called civilised country--the Serbs! The World is watching this on their televisions every day & doing nothing about it. It shows you the power of the ACs!
* * *

       11. The French U.N. commander in Yugoslavia warned the U.S. not to begin air strikes, as that would make it impossible for humanitarian aid to get through. That's your ACs for you--he was probably sent in to deliberately oppose air strikes. They say a leader of the British U.N. forces in Yugoslavia opposed interference also.
       12. It's amazing when you think about it, how the AC himself is controlling all of this from behind the scenes, organising the drive toward his ascendancy. Boy, what rottenness is going on behind the scenes! We just see the effects on the surface, with never a hint that the ACs or the AC are behind it, at least in Yugoslavia. Every time someone takes a stand against the Serbs, they oppose it & make those who take the so-called "stand" back down.
* * *

       13. Whether Iraq gets bombed or not is up to the ACs! If the ACs want Iraq bombed, they get bombed. If the ACs don't want the Serbs bombed, they don't get bombed.
* * *

       14. There are horrible atrocities going on in Yugoslavia, but no one can do a thing about it because the ACs back the Serbs. It's amazing how the Lord showed me that before anybody else caught on. I said, "What's going on, Lord? Why isn't the World stopping them?" And as clear as I ever heard the voice of God He said: "It's the ACs!" (See "The Yugoslavia Revelation!", ML#2735, written 11/91.)
* * *

       15. Guess who's leading the legal fight in the World Court in favour of the Serbs against the Bosnians? [DELETED] This is confirming what the Lord showed me to begin with, when I didn't even have a clue or a shred of evidence. An Israeli law professor is legal advisor to the Yugoslav government & is carrying the Serbs' case to the World Court. If that isn't clear evidence [DELETED] I don't know what is! And it looks like that's the way it's going to be settled. The U.N. has given in to the Serbs. [DELETED]
* * *

       16. They finally evacuated some of the wounded children! Imagine it taking them so long to do anything to help the poor wounded in Sarajevo. They say a thousand children dying is a statistic, but one child dying is a story.
       17. They took that one little injured girl, Irma, & made a big fuss about her, but at least it symbolised what all the other people there are going through.
* * *

       18. The so-called "peace talks" are really surrender talks, trying to force the Bosnians to surrender.
* * *

(After hearing about a proposed peace plan, which would give 70% of Bosnia to the Serbs & Croats, & the remaining 30% to the Bosnian Muslims:)
       19. Boy oh boy, the prey & the spoils go to the victor! Things haven't changed a bit in spite of all this peace talk. People just don't realise what a coalition there is of the ACs. To expect any ACs to give any kind of fairness to any side they're opposing is just hokum!
* * *

       20. I'm telling you, the World will be judged guilty by the Lord for what they let happen in Yugoslavia! This tyrant who started the war is now finishing it & winning it with the help of the ACs. The Serbs are being very "generous."--"They've conquered 70% of Bosnia, but they're only going to hold 40%."--Ha!
* * *

       21. The Serbs corrupted the Croats & got them to turn on the Muslims by promising them Muslim land.
* * *

       22. The purpose of the peace plan & the division of Bosnia is to make the World think things are under control. Then the Serbs will gobble the whole thing up! (But the Bosnians are refusing to sign a peace accord that would leave them only a third of their own country. Since there's no peace, a frustrated U.N. is threatening to withdraw its forces from Bosnia entirely. Meanwhile, the Serbs continue their slaughter, recently killing six Sarajevo children playing in the snow just a few hundred meters from U.N. peacekeeping headquarters.)
* * *

       23. The Serbs are very smart, taking two steps forward, then one step backward. The two steps forward makes the rest of the World threaten them, so they take one step backward & get the World to stop threatening; then they take another two steps forward. Two steps forward, one step backward--no doubt directed by the Antichrist himself!
* * *

       24. They couldn't stop individuals from helping in Serbia with relief work & aid, but they could stop governments from helping militarily. Just think, the World has let this go on for over two years now! It has been Great Britain & France who have been stymieing the U.S.'s efforts to stop the war, showing they're totally under AC control. Just think, the U.S. could stop all this in one day.--But this would infuriate the World's ACs, whose attitude is, "We want to punish those people until they die!"
       25. How can the people of the U.S. & the World listen to all that & watch it on their TVs & not do something? It shows you what power the ACs have!--They can stop Clinton every time he wants to intervene. The people are without excuse! They probably see it every day on TV! But no government dares to do anything against the ACs, which means the AC-backed Serbs. How can people listen to this & watch it & do nothing?--Because the ACs control & have an iron grip on the World! God damn them, in Jesus' name! God damn the Serbs! God damn the ACs!
       26. How can Clinton watch this & do nothing?--Absolutely nothing. God's going to hold his soul responsible for every one of these deaths! He's going to die with blood on his hands. God damn him!
* * *

       27. The ACs & the U.N.--which is controlled by them--are trying to give the impression that the siege in Sarajevo has been lifted. The U.N. is shielding the Serbs.
* * *

       28. The God-damned ACs are doing everything they can to stall so the Serbs can have all of Yugoslavia.
* * *

       29. As long as the ACs have anybody to vent their anger on, they're not going to let them go. Look what they're doing in Sarajevo to the innocent!
* * *

       30. Just think, the U.S. totally controls the air over Yugoslavia & is doing nothing about what's going on below on the ground! No matter what they do there, the ACs are still keeping the U.S. from intervening in Yugoslavia. The Lord's letting it happen to make the World more guilty all the time.
* * *

       31. Muslims worldwide see this war as a determined effort by the Western world to get rid of a significant Muslim population in Europe. They look at it as a sign of the hatred of Christians toward the Muslims. The bitterness that the Muslims already feel toward the West because it has sided with Israel against the Palestinians is being intensified daily as they see the Western world stand by & do nothing to help the Bosnian Muslims.

Netherlands Promotes Natural Childbirth!
       32. Imagine, one out of three children in Holland is born at home! An article I read says they have a system of expert midwives with professional practices. They have a significantly low rate of Caesarians & drug-induced births. They say there's no extensive danger in home birth in Holland. So there you have the Netherlands on the one hand & most of the rest of the World with a different opinion on the other! This promoter of natural childbirth says people's attitude towards God has a great influence on their attitude toward their baby. If they consider God as a curse, then their baby is a curse. If they consider God as a blessing, then the baby is a blessing!


Little Countries Going Nuclear!
       33. The Pakistanis are making the point that the little countries can't look to the U.N. to defend them any more. Just look at what happened to Yugoslavia! So these little countries are going to be more motivated to get nuclear arms in order to defend themselves.

Indonesia's Power Grab in East Timor!
       34. East Timor, a former Catholic Christian Portuguese colony, was taken over by the Indonesians by force in 1975, & its people battled for a long time against Indonesia for its independence. They have been greatly persecuted there. Indonesia has held East Timor against all objections of the U.N. & the international community. They just plain aggressively took over East Timor against the wishes of its local people, & the wishes of the World. And the World is still objecting!
       35. The total number of the invading army of Indonesia exceeds the total population of East Timor, the country they're occupying. They're trying to wipe out the Christian influence.

Hong Kong in Jeopardy
       36. Hong Kong is definitely in jeopardy.--Chinese jeopardy! The Chinese could seize it at any time. If they thought that there was any threat that Hong Kong might not revert to China in 1997, I wouldn't put it past them at all to try to seize Hong Kong. Britain's in no position to defend it. The Chinese could just march right in any time under the excuse that Hong Kong is talking about reneging on the deal. The Chinese certainly don't care what the World thinks about anything, & they certainly don't care what the British or Hong Kong think!

Taiwan & China
       37. After the Communists took over in China in 1949, Chiang Kai-shek & over a million Chinese fled to Taiwan. But he & his people still considered themselves the legitimate government of China, & called themselves the Republic of China. If Taiwan had been willing to use the name "Republic of Taiwan" instead of "Republic of China," China would not be so adamantly against them. The trouble is, Taiwan claims it should be the legal ruler of China. But it looks like Taiwan is finally being less insistent on clinging to China.

Khmer Rouge Ruse!
       38. First of all the Khmer Rouge said they were cooperating with the new Cambodian government, but it was all a ruse.--A rude rouge ruse! Then they showed their true colours & started attacking. (Khmer Rouge leaders said previously they would give up the 20 percent of Cambodia their 10,000 guerrillas control if the guerrilla group was made an adviser to the new government. But they've changed their mind & are now battling government forces in various parts of Cambodia.)


Israeli Attack on Lebanon!
       39. Israel's assault on Southern Lebanon (7/93) is just another conquest, that's all! It's just another expansion of Israel. While the Lebanese are suffering these horrible damages, the Israelis are gloating over them! Only eight Israelis were killed by the Hezbollah rocket attacks, whereas 130 Lebanese have been killed in retaliation, over 500 wounded, & 400,000 forced to flee as refugees from their homes! 30-some-thousand homes & apartments were destroyed!
       40. The Israelis think they're justified in what they did to Lebanon because the Hezbollah killed eight Israelis. So to keep this little handful of Israelis in one little town from suffering a few sacrifices, they drive 400,000 people out of their homes & kill over a hundred people in Lebanon! And think of all that were wounded besides, & all that were made homeless now & are having to flee to Beirut. It's really terrible! Horrible!
       41. This type of action makes the Arabs hate Israel all the more! This is going to be the best thing Israel has ever done to recruit more Hezbollah! Let's see, 130 dead in Lebanon against eight dead in Israel. That's over 15 Lebanese per each Israeli the Hezbollah killed.--Innocent civilians!--Mothers, children, babies, old men, old women! And 70 villages destroyed!--All because the Hezbollah was shelling one little village in Israel. That's the way the Israelis take their toll! That's how Shylock collects his tons of flesh! God damn them!
       42. The Israelis have already taken over a whole big hunk of Southern Lebanon, calling it their "security zone," & occupied it with their paid & uniformed soldiers, the "South Lebanon Army."--Lebanese soldiers, but paid & supported & armed by the Israelis.
* * *

       43. I think it's an invasion! I think if the Israelis found out they could get away with it & didn't get too much opposition, they'd march right on to Beirut! That's what they did last time, in 1982.--Except that then the Syrians came in & established order, or Lebanon couldn't have ever made it. God bless them. Those people certainly have a good excuse for trying to protect their homes & defend their country, & Syria is their big brother & the only one that has really enough armaments to do it.
       44. The Israelis are going to try to get away with as much as they can, just like the Serbs are doing in Yugoslavia. Of course, Serbia keeps virtually all the land it stole--backed by the ACs, with the whole World kept from interfering by their influence.
* * *

       45. You know who finally won the Lebanese war for the Lebanese?--The Jewish mothers who got tired of losing their sons in the Israeli military for nothing! One of the main reasons Israel withdrew from Lebanon was because Israeli mothers raised such a ruckus when their sons kept dying there!
* * *

       46. God damn those big bully Israelis who continually wreak havoc on the poor Arabs! It's horrible! The Israelis always get their way with the U.S. to back them up. They've got unlimited finances from the U.S.--Three billion Dollars a year in gifts--supposed to be "foreign aid" & loans--while the poor Arabs are starving. The Israelis are driving the Arabs out of their homes, destroying their villages, killing their women, children, babies, old men & young men. It's horrible, the terrible, violent, catastrophic atrocities that the Israelis get away with just because Israel is the U.S.' baby!--Its spoiled little brat!
       47. The U.S., which is supposed to be a benign, compassionate, beneficent country, is condoning the most horrible, terrible, cruel, vicious crimes & atrocities against the poor Palestinians who live within Israel's stolen borders, & against the poor Arabs, like the Lebanese, who live outside. But nothing's safe from those vicious, criminal Israelis! Nothing's protected, not even their so-called "security zones" in Southern Lebanon--which is nothing but conquered & stolen Lebanese property out of which they're doing their best to drive the Lebanese to make more room for their cruel, despotic Israeli settlers! It's just horrible! It's unbelievable!
       48. It just shows you what the Americans will tolerate if it's done in the name of Israel.

ACs and Africa

       [DELETED][EDITED: "T"]he ACs are running everything now, including all of Europe's governments, the North American governments, & a lot of the South American governments. Of course, nobody can run Africa, but the ACs are probably running the chaos there too. I'll bet they've got some kind of a stake in South Africa. (Maria: Oh yes, with diamonds & gold there, they must have!) Apparently they couldn't get control of South African industry by themselves alone through the Whites, so they're going to get it through the Blacks.

News Blackout on 400 Palestinians!
       49. There's been a news blackout on those 400 Palestinians who were deported into the South Lebanese desert because they were suspected of belonging to Hamas. They had a blackout on the news after they thought their plight was getting too much sympathy. It shows how the ACs control the media! (Israel recently bowed to international pressure and took back 180 of the men in September and the remainder in December, though some have returned to Israeli prisons.)

Palestinian-Israeli Peace Treaty!
       50. When Carter made his Camp David agreement in 1978, Israel & the Arabs were supposed to start talking within five years. Well, it's been almost 15 years & they've always managed to put it off. (Maria: You can bet any Israeli agreement with the PLO will be in Israel's favour, ha!) Of course! They're tired of fighting a stalemate war in the Occupied Territories & have decided to just let'm have part of it back. I think that's the attitude: "Let'm have it! Let's save on our soldiers & save on trouble & give them no more excuse for this intifada" (Palestinian uprising).
* * *

       51. This peace treaty between Israel & the Palestinians probably won't work--nevertheless, they're trying! God bless Rabin & Peres, the Jewish Prime Minister & Foreign Minister, who are trying to negotiate it. And God bless Arafat for being willing to sign up in spite of all the opposition. A compromise can never please everybody, & they both had to compromise. The ones with the cool heads are trying to compromise, but the extremists will never compromise! There are extremists on both sides who don't want to compromise, & they're the ones that cause all the wars & battles & murder, just like in Bosnia. What a pitiful World!
       52. Israel's gotten away with aggression & oppression for a long time now, many years. The Serbs have only gotten away with it for a year or so, & that's bad enough. In Serbia it's real slaughter! Palestine's just an occasional killing, & they're already in occupation & under control. Serbia is just trying to take over all of Yugoslavia with big guns, tanks & shootouts. It's pitiful, all those poor people! Well, Lord, You know all about it. You've got to show the World how bad it is, that they can't even solve their little wars, much less big ones.

John Demjanjuk[DELETED]!
       53. (After his release:) Thank You Lord for releasing John Demjanjuk. He certainly didn't look as cruel as they said he was. Give him a few years now of peace for all those years of torture he endured. [DELETED]
       54. Oh Lord, how much longer? How long are You going to let these [EDITED: "people"] get away with it? What did the Lord say to the souls under the altar? They were bent on vengeance, saying, "How long, O Lord, holy & true, dost Thou not judge & avenge our blood on them that dwell on the Earth!" And 2000 years ago the Lord said they should "rest yet for a little season." (Rev.6:10,11.) Well, a day is as a thousand years, & a thousand years as one day to the Lord.--2Pet.3:8. So Lord, that means two days are past, & I wanna see You sock it to'm! I want to see You take vengeance on our enemies, Thy enemies!

Turkey's War with the Kurds!
       55. It's a matter of pride with the government in Turkey. They don't want to give up their war with the Kurds. Turkey has been killing Kurds for years, because the Kurds want to be independent--not part of Turkey--& Turkey doesn't want to give it to them!

Persecution of Iraq!
       56. All that persecution of Iraq!--The sanctions, the inspections, the raids, etc. Those damn ACs won't give up! They're going to continue to keep after Iraq until they destroy them! The U.S. doesn't care how many people they kill or cause to suffer.


Sandinistas & Contras in Nicaragua!
       57. The Sandinistas were the former Communist government of Nicaragua. Do you remember what the Contras are? (Maria: They're Nicaraguan guerrilla fighters, backed by the U.S.) Yes, sizeable civilian armies, uniformed, paid for, guns, everything supplied.--A little U.S., literally. (Editor: Since Violeta Chamorro defeated the Sandinistas in an election a few years ago & became president, there has been an uneasy peace in Nicaragua. She & her government are backed by the U.S., but the Sandinistas still control the military & police, & are the main opposition party. Both Sandinistas & Contras are upset at her government for failing to deliver on promises of land, money & economic aid.)
       58. The U.S. was supposed to disband the Contras, but either they didn't or they started them up again. So what happened was, the Contras recently took 40 hostages from a government commission visiting Northern Nicaragua. The government has failed, of course, to keep a lot of its promises, & they're still being backed by the U.S.
       59. The Contras were feeling bullish & grabbed these Sandinista government officers, some kind of Sandinista dignitaries. So immediately in retaliation, the Sandinistas grabbed a bunch of government officials, including the vice president, because the government, of course, is on the side of the Contras who had grabbed the Sandinistas.
       60. So here you have the Sandinistas holding one group of what you could call Contra politicians, while the Contras are holding a group of Sandinista politicians, & the government is howling for the release of all of them, especially theirs, of course. They're each saying that they'll let theirs go if the other one will let theirs go. And of course neither one of them wants to let theirs go till the other one lets theirs go, so it's kind of a comical situation! But it shows you how the U.S. has never pulled a finger out of Nicaragua, it's still running things there. (Update: Both groups released their hostages after about a week.)


U.S. Reaping What They Sowed!
       61. Americans are reaping what they sowed! They don't really love or believe in the Lord, even though many claim to. They've let their children be taught Godless evolution & every other sort of evil doctrine. They taught'm that they come from animals, so now they act like animals!

Blaming Crime on Urban Stress!
       62. They constantly excuse crime & sin, & blame all the murders on urban stress, poverty & unemployment. "It's not the criminals' fault, they're under stress! It's the Summer heat wave. It's the city. It's the unemployment, it's the poverty, it's the tension between minorities."

Excusing the Criminals!
       63. The Liberals are constantly excusing the criminals. They say it's because of their environment, "It's not their fault." They even convince the criminals that it's not their fault!

Prisoners Being Released Early!
       64. Prisons in the U.S. are so overcrowded that they're having to release thousands of prisoners early--much earlier than when their terms are over. Some argue that it doesn't matter if you release them after five weeks, five months or five years, they're still going to go out & commit more crimes!

World at War!
       65. The U.S. is the World's biggest exporter of weapons--almost 60% of the World's total! "The World at War!" describes the condition of the World today. The whole World is still at war.

U.S. Vindictiveness & Spite!
       66. Anywhere the U.S. has been stymied, frustrated or defeated they really turn vindictive, spiteful & vengeful!--Especially against anybody who has defied them, such as Godahfi, Saddam Hussein & Noriega. Just think, the U.S. sent a whole army into Panama to capture Noriega & killed thousands of innocent civilians in the process! They did even worse in Iraq!
       67. The U.S. is the biggest villain in the World today! They're no longer interested in rescuing the poor & the oppressed, like the Bosnians. (Maria: And yet they self-righteously talk about China & how horrible its human rights record is, how it says one thing & does another.) That's a pretty good description of the U.S., for sure.
* * *

       68. The U.S. was defeated in Cuba & in Vietnam, & they'll never forgive these countries! They'll just humiliate them until they come crawling on their hands & knees.

The Blind Sheik
       69. Look what they can do to a guy who doesn't do anything but talk, like that blind Egyptian sheik who they're trying to blame for the bombing of the World Trade Center. It just shows the power of the word. He can't see, but he can talk!

U.S. Women Dying of Breast Cancer!
       70. There are over 44,000 deaths a year from breast cancer in the U.S. It kills twice as many people as AIDS victims each year. They say more women in the U.S. will die of breast cancer this year than of any other disease. For one thing, most U.S. women don't nurse their babies any more. And of course even worse than that, they have their babies killed through abortion, so God is killing them!

The U.
S.--A Black Country
       71. The U.S. has become a Black country!--Her big cities are definitely Black now! Most of the inner cities have a majority Black population. They're not integrating, and there's a racial war going on that's getting worse and worse. The inner city area of nearly every big city in the U.S. today is over two-thirds Black. (Maria: They said Detroit is 80% Black.) And parts of Washington, D.C. are 97% Black! [DELETED]
Government Murders!
       73. It's dangerous business to be a known enemy of the government--they don't hesitate to murder you. It's well known that the CIA & the FBI don't hesitate to use assassination even against their own members.

Startling Stats on the U.S.!
       74. There's a crime committed every 17 seconds in the U.S.!
* * *

       75. A car is stolen every 28 seconds in the U.S.--5.8 million cars a year. The number of kids who are stealing cars is ballooning. In Oklahoma last year, 85% of the cars stolen were stolen by kids.
* * *

       76. One in five American students carries a gun to school. One-quarter of the nation's school districts are forced to use metal detectors regularly. 20% of American teachers said they have been threatened by violence in a recent survey. And for every gun in school there are seven knives.
* * *

       77. There are 32,000 violent crimes every 48 hours in the U.S.
* * *

       78. Only a third of all the children in the U.S. live with both a mother & a father.
* * *

       79. Three million grandparents throughout the U.S. are raising the children of their troubled children--parents who have drug problems or emotional problems & who can't take care of their own children.
* * *

       80. There are 1.6 million homeless children in the U.S., many of which are not receiving any schooling.
* * *

       81. The U.S. divorce rate is 50%. It's gone up more than 30% since the 1950s.
* * *

       82. It's estimated that 10% of the American people own 70% of the wealth.
* * *

       83. There is an epidemic of inactivity in the U.S.! Doctors say you can stay physically fit with as little as a half-hour of exercise five days a week, but only 22% of Americans exercise regularly!
* * *

       84. As of April, 1993, there were 44,000 people over 100 in the U.S.!

Clinton's Promises!
       85. No man can fulfil all the promises that Clinton made. The only one that could do that is God, & God can't because they kicked Him out!

U.S. Floods!
       86. People never should've built there in that flood basin of the Mississippi. It hadn't flooded for a few years, so they thought they could use that land, but the Mississippi has now reclaimed it. They have been trying to defy God's natural laws with their greediness, & the river is now reclaiming what belonged to it in the first place.
* * *

       87. They say the flood control system has caused the floods. Trying to control the river has made it worse.
* * *

       88. The Americans destroyed the poor Davidians with fire, & now they're getting their property destroyed, which is what they worship.--Not only destroyed by flood, but also by fire & by earthquake.

Waco Whitewash!
       89. After the horrible fiasco of Waco, the FBI's building up a tremendous propaganda whitewash program to defend the government & itself, including a new book about the FBI. The FBI is trying to restore its image after the Waco fiasco. I'll tell you, we're not done with Waco yet! The very fact that they wiped it off the news practically shows you what a whitewash there is! The persecution of the survivors is not getting any publicity at all, or how they're being held hostages & prisoners. The government wants the public to forget it, so they're not letting it be news. They're not letting all these investigations be news or the fate of the survivors be news--anything that contradicts their side of the story!
       90. When you hear the news, it makes you wonder, "Who are they lying about today?" And you really wonder about what you're hearing! (This trial will try the Government too!)

Another Ruling Against God!
       91. The U.S. Supreme Court just made another ruling against God, this time against the distribution of Gideon Bibles. Most of the lower courts decided in the Gideons' favour, but it was appealed to the Supreme Court. Imagine that, the Supreme Court of the U.S.A. denying the distribution of Gideon Bibles!

Government-Imposed Education!
       92. They say children have a right to education, their government-imposed "compulsory education." In other words, government-dictated education is a supposed right.--But this "right" results in absolute dictatorial government control, & that is not freedom! The Bill of Rights was supposed to ensure more freedom, but they now call this enforced control a right! Boy, I'll tell you, the meanings of words are even being changed nowadays.

The Pope's Stand Against Abortion!
       93. Imagine Clinton standing right behind the Pope, who gave an anti-abortion speech in Denver, applauding the anti-abortion speech! The Pope made a moving appeal to go on the attack against abortion. He appealed to Americans, who supposedly are advocates of freedom & equality, to give consideration to "their weakest & most defenseless members"--their unborn children.
       94. God bless the Pope! That crowd was just roaring in applause, & poor Clinton, I almost felt sorry for him because he is almost a militant advocate for abortion. But there he was, standing right behind the Pope on camera as the Pope was saying these things! As the Pope paused, the crowd screamed & yelled & clapped their approval, & Clinton was standing there a little limp. (Maria: He had to do something, so he just applauded, although he had a scowl on his face.) It shows he didn't approve. He wasn't enthusiastic, that's for sure. He clapped his two paws together like a couple of limp dead wet fish!
* * *

       95. A lot of Catholics are turning against the Pope because he is so strict. He is adamantly against birth control, sinful abortion, murder, premarital sex & homosexuality. He has demanded that church members & other church leaders fall in line.
* * *

       96. The ACs are getting around to attacking the Catholics, & we have a lot in common with them. The media gave a blast at the Catholics, saying people aren't encouraged to think in the Catholic Church, they're encouraged to be "blind followers." They're now accusing the Catholics of the same thing they accuse us of--being "robots" & "blind followers, not thinking for themselves!"

Case of Biological Parents Wanting Little Girl Back!
       97. I don't think that little girl Jessica's biological parents have any right at all to have her back, especially after putting her up for adoption when she was a baby.

Drug Busts!
       98. Most of the time in these drug busts it's the poor little guys who get caught, who are just trying to supply the rich Americans with what they demand.

No Hero Countries Any More!
       99. There are no hero countries any more who are willing to sacrifice to save the oppressed & the persecuted. They don't want to sacrifice. Their attitude is, "We don't want to get involved." It's similar to the way people on the streets of New York can see robberies & the dead & dying & just step over the bodies. They can hear the screams without even worrying about calling the police. It's a selfishness. "I don't want to get involved."
       100. It's a perfect atmosphere for the ACs to now thrive in, in doing to other people what they claim the World has done to them. Now they're going to turn around & do it to the rest of the World. That's their vengeance. The day when Britain or the U.S. or even Germany would have stepped in to save people no longer exists. Now it's just, "Let'm die. It's none of our affair!"
       101. This is a day when dictators are going to be able to thrive, like the Serbs & their leaders. If people get hardened to oppression & atrocity & let the devils get away with it, soon the Antichrist will take advantage of the situation & the anti-Christ forces will promote him & give him the World, as long as he saves them! "We don't care who you afflict or what you do, as long as you let us rule!" Then they're going to start reaping what they've sowed & he's going to turn on them & destroy them, & try to destroy all religions. Thank God, the Lord's only going to let him get away with it for a little while, just long enough to show how wicked the World has become without God, & to show what would happen if He didn't intervene.
       102. So-called righteous countries & righteous men, heroic people are no longer willing to intervene. But God is soon going to intervene, thank the Lord, & do what the people have failed to do. It's almost unbelievable how bad the World has gotten, & it's going to actually get worse! The World is Heaven now compared to the Hell it's going to be by the time God finally has to intervene to save them from destroying themselves & His Earth. They'd have blown it up by this time if He would've let them. They'll almost blow it up yet, if He doesn't stop them.--And He will, thank the Lord!

Disillusioned Public!
       103. The poor public are disillusioned with everybody--crooked doctors, crooked politicians, crooked preachers, crooked everybody!


AC Financial Control!
       104. Boy, the ACs really know how to control money--the banks, insurance companies, stock market, exchanges, etc.

Stock Market Going Up, Up, Up!
       105. It just amazes me how the U.S. stock market keeps going up, up, up! That was one of the main causes of the last great Depression. Stocks kept going up, & people kept investing more & more money in the stock market. Then when it crashed, they lost everything, & the whole economy plummeted!

Laying Off Workers!
       106. I think a lot of big companies have just been waiting to lay off or get rid of a lot of their workers, & this recession gave them a good excuse to do so. Most of them had too many workers anyway, because of union pressure for full employment. Now thousands are in the unemployment lines, & the ones who still have jobs are having to work harder!

We Know Where the Economy's Heading
       107. We know where things are going, so our advice ought to be worth a lot! Those "financial prophets" that put out financial letters, books, magazines, & even newspapers are all just guessing & hoping.--And maybe some of them are really praying! The truth is, things are not going to get better, they're going to get worse! There will be little ups & downs here & there, but we know where it's all going.--Down! All we have to do is read the Bible, it's that simple!
       108. People cling to their stocks & bonds & properties & valuables, hoping they can make a killing. Well, they're making a killing, all right--killing themselves! By holding on to things, they're not going to get more & more for them, they're going to get less & less as the economy goes down.

Trains Going Out of Business!
       109. Trains are going out of business in the U.S. Trucks have killed their freight trade, & planes & cars have killed their passenger trade. I must say, I always enjoyed train travel. It's the most worry-free way to travel!


Loving Animals More than People!
       110. There are 300 endangered species listed in the U.S. What perversity!--Loving animals more than the people.
       111. It's funny how the environmentalists can be so self-righteous about killing animals, & yet don't mind murdering babies galore!--A million-&-a-half abortions a year in the United States alone! "Oh no, don't kill the little spotted owl! Don't kill the little tiny fish! And by all means don't kill animals that have nice soft furs! And don't even eat steaks!--So don't kill cattle, don't kill sheep, don't even kill pigs or goats or any animals!" A lot of this thinking comes from the Hindu religion. The Hindus are strictly vegetarian, & I think on their hikes through India, people must pick up all this stuff.
       112. Well, I'm in agreement to a certain point, but God would not have given Man animals to eat after the Flood unless he needed them. Science even says that one of the only places you can get your amino acids, which Man seems to need for strength, is from meat. It's a fact that no vegetarian has ever become a top-notch World athlete.--They just don't have the strength for it. I think you ought to eat as many vegetables as you can, but Man in his present state also seems to need meat.
       113. The Lord told Man to dominate the Earth (Gen.1:28), & He said He would put fear between Man & animals & require each other's blood. (Gen.9:2,5.) Apparently it came as a part of sin entering in, because until the Flood, Man was strictly vegetarian. Apparently that's all he needed for strength then. But now when there's more sin & disease, Man needs meat.
       114. So I'm for a minimum of meat & a minimum of fur. Fur is the warmest, softest, best thing for cold climates. What would the poor Eskimos do without it? They couldn't live up there! You know who made the first furs? (Techi: God!) Right! Apparently Man began suffering colds from the changing climate after he left the Garden, & he lost his aura or whatever it was that kept him warm before when he ran around naked. There was a change of climate, so Man had to have clothing. So God was the first Furrier--He went out & made them clothing from skins. (Gen.3:21.)


Sodomites in the Military!
       115. Those God-damned Sodomites are so vocal & pushy! Can you imagine legitimizing Sodomites in the military? Sodomy has been the downfall of every civilisation in the past which allowed it & encouraged it.

AIDS Deaths!
       116. Only five percent of those who have died of AIDS have been non-Sodomites & non-drug users. In other words, 95% of them are evil Sodomites & drug addicts!

Catholics & Sodomy!
       117. Think of it, half the Catholics surveyed at Pope Paul's World Youth Day believe that homosexuality is okay! The Lord's dividing between the sheep & the goats. Those who are for the Pope are for the right doctrines on almost everything except celibacy & maybe a few other things.


Pro-War & Anti-War Stances!
       118. What it all boils down to is that most people are for war under any circumstances or against war under any circumstances! Personally, I'm a pacifist as far as U.S. wars are concerned, but I'm willing to fight my own war, which I've been doing for the last 20 years or more!
       119. It seems like you can never change their mind, either side. The pro-war people are always gung-ho for war & they can think of every reason & excuse for it. And the guys who are against war, you can't change their minds either. The fact of the matter is, to the people who are anti-war, the soldiers who went to the war will always seem more like villains because they agreed to go & murder people. The people who are pro-war will always look on them as heroes, & I don't know if you're going to change either's mind.
       120. The most tolerant position you could possibly have as an anti-war person is that the poor soldiers were victims of an unjust System, the draft. They didn't go voluntarily, they were forced to go. They didn't want to kill. I'd say at least 50% of the guys in my barracks when I was in the army didn't want to go to war & didn't want to kill--most of them, I'd say--but they were forced to. (Maria: Who would want to go to war & kill?--Only the most perverted kind of people.) Well, that's what military training is all about, how to kill, & that's the whole reason they're sent--to kill. Experienced soldiers are highly trained murderers who specialise in killing. But some people think killing your enemies is a great feat of heroism.
       121. The trouble was, there wasn't much to justify it in Vietnam. They weren't killing or dying for their country there, & there was no real reason for the U.S. to get involved in what amounted to a civil war halfway around the World. They were just fighting to stop Communism & the Communists. But the Vietnamese were a little people who had nothing, & the U.S. slaughtered them & wrecked their country, & it's still suffering to this day--just like Iraq, only Vietnam got it worse.

Dinosaur Worship!
       122. Dinosaurs, which are reptiles, are starting to be worshipped & glamorised in modern movies, TV shows, toys & books! Dinosaurs are akin to serpents & dragons. So the dinosaur is virtually being worshipped today, which is related to dragon-worship, which is related to the worship of the Devil!

The Rich Protect Themselves!
       123. The rich have things set up to protect themselves. Hardly any high official ever gets jail time.

       124. Regarding gambling, George Washington once wrote, "Gambling is the child of avarice, the brother of iniquity & the father of mischief."

Destroying the Heroes
       125. It's a general trend now to destroy popular heroes, to make villains out of them, to destroy people's faith in the good, in anyone who was good & great. (Mama: And most of those people accomplished what they did by faith in God, so it's destroying faith in God as well.) Those who were once heroes are called names nowadays, like Columbus & Washington & Jesus!

Denigrating the Heroes!
       126. I think Anthony Hopkins going from portraying the Apostle Paul in one movie ("Peter & Paul"), to portraying an absolute demonic killer in another ("The Silence of the Lambs") is part of the ACs' program of denigrating heroes, to do it in movies.

Sex in Religion Taboo
       127. The System is more afraid of sex in religion than Satan in religion! They're more afraid of sex than they are of the Devil! Any religion that has any sex in it is taboo, whether it's Christian or non-Christian.

The Titanic!
       128. The Titanic was Man's pride, & they said that God Himself couldn't sink her! But one of God's little creations, an iceberg, did the trick, & in just two hours she was gone!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family