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OUR JETT PRAYER WARRIORS--By Maria       Maria #214       1/94       DO 2905

Dear JETTs,
       1. GOD BLESS YOU! I love you very much! You are very special to Grandpa & me, & we're so thankful for you!
       2. Our Family Birthday Fast for 1994 is going to be a little different than in previous years. This year you JETTs will have a new, very special & very important responsibility! Let me explain.
       3. During the three days of this year's Birthday Fast, the adults, YAs & teens will be fasting & praying, but rather than praying for all the worldwide Family prayer requests, as they have done the past two years, they will mainly be concentrating on reading & pow-wowing a new Letter called "Getting Back on Track for Jesus". I wrote this Letter to the Family in Europe four months ago, but because it covers topics that are important for not only Europe but the entire worldwide Family, we made it available for all our adults, YAs, & teens. This Letter is very long, so it will probably take them almost all of their meeting & prayer time during the Fast to read it & talk about it. There really is not a time in most Homes when all our adults, teens & YAs can get together like this, except at Fast time, because everyone is usually so busy with their ministries. So that is why we have decided to have them devote the Fast this year to reading this important Letter.
       4. Dear JETTs, please don't feel badly that you're not in on reading my Letter to the Family in Europe at this time. You'll be doing something very important & much more fun. Besides, very soon after the Fast is over, you'll get a chance, God willing, to read a special JETT version of my Letter to Europe that I prepared just for you! PTL!
       5. Although having the adults, YAs & teens read this new Letter that I wrote to Europe is very important, for a while I was feeling a bit sad, because I was thinking about how all this time that could be devoted to prayer is going to be lost, because our older Family Members are going to be so involved in reading the Letter & learning personal lessons that they won't be able to devote themselves wholly to prayer. But then the Lord reminded Grandpa & me about all the kid power we have! The more I thought about all the prayer power that could be generated by you JETTs & the children, the more excited I got! Now I'm really thrilled about this Fast time! I think it's going to be great!
       6. Grandpa & I would like to give you JETTs a very special responsibility.--Would you like to be the Family's 1994 Birthday Fast Prayer Warriors?! Could we commission you to not only faithfully pray for the many different prayer requests for our Family around the World, but also to inspire your younger brothers & sisters to participate & get down to business with the Lord in prayer? Our Family worldwide really depends on desperate prayers, but the adults, YAs & teens aren't going to be able to take as much time to pray as they usually do, so we'll be depending on you!
       7. I am excited about this, & I think you can do a great job! After all, if you JETTs & children sincerely pray with your whole hearts, your prayers are just as powerful & just as important & effective as the adults' prayers. Age doesn't make any difference when it comes to prayer! In fact, often you kids have more faith than we adults do. I think you can "carry the ball" for the Fast this year by being the bellwethers for all the younger children, & perhaps you can get them even more stirred up than the adults would be able to do.
       8. We are counting on you to make this a real special time & to take this responsibility very seriously & put your whole hearts into these days of prayer with the children. We're trusting you to do all you can to make these prayer days just as interesting & fun as you possibly can, so that the children will all want to pray with their whole hearts. I can see now why the Lord has allowed the Fast to work out this way this year.--Because I believe you JETTs can handle the responsibility of helping to lead & shepherd & inspire your younger brothers & sisters, & we can depend on you! And through this you will learn a lot about the effectiveness & the appeal of prayer, & the Family will benefit from a lot of tremendous prayer power!And your prayer power will increase as you get the children involved & turned on too.
       9. Grandpa & I are giving you a very important responsibility.--In some ways the most important responsibility. Prayer is not the least you can do, it is the very most you can do! The Lord will greatly bless & inspire you, if you show your enthusiasm & eagerness to take this assignment seriously, understanding that the Lord is holding you responsible to pray. I believe you will be very diligent & faithful to pray, knowing that if you don't pray, then the Lord may not be able to work on our behalf concerning these important prayer requests.
       10. I know you JETTs have what it takes to do this! You have the Word & you have the initiative, & we're also giving you lots of good ideas in the new Fast-related pubs. With these great new Kidz Mags (Kidz 78 DO & Kidz 80 DFO) & the super FSM of prayer ideas (FSM 250) that were produced especially for the Fast, you JETTs should have a power-packed time presenting new "games" & stories to the younger ones. Some adults will be there to help, of course, & we hope it will be lots of fun for everybody! But we'd like to see you JETTs carry the main responsibility of inspiring the children to pray during the Fast.
       11. The new "Prayer Ideas for All" FSM is exciting! I'm just thrilled about it!--Just think, the more we can get our children turned on to having fun praying, the more powerful they'll be in the Spirit. I can hardly think of anything better you JETTs could do for your younger brothers & sisters than to instill in them a desire to pray & to have an intimate relationship with Jesus through their communication with Him. This is just a wonderful magazine! If I were a JETT, I think I would just be absolutely brimming with excitement to try these new fun games out with the children!
       12. By using these new pubs, you will have a lot of new ideas to use with the children, & it should be lots of fun & very fulfilling. There is also the "Children's Prayer Vigil Promises" booklet which we will try to get to you in time for the Fast.
       13. We've asked the adults to not use this prayer ideas FSM & the new Kidz Mags or "Children's Prayer Vigil Promises" booklet before the Fast, but to reserve them especially for your use with the children during the Fast. However, if possible, please try to take some time to study these special Fast-related children's pubs & make any props or materials that you will need beforehand, so you will be well-prepared for the Fast.
       14. Of course, you will need the adults to help you with the organisation & oversight of the children--but I would hope that you JETTs would be able to do most of the planning & preparation, preparing of materials, & carrying out the activities with the children yourselves. I believe this can be the most fun Fast that you've ever had, as well as the happiest & most fruitful one for the children!
       15. Because I am not right there in your Homes with you, I don't really know what the best way is for you to work out the plans for these Fast activities. Perhaps after you JETTs do your planning, you might be able to get together for a short time with one of the teachers of the group you will be helping with. You could show them your plans, & perhaps get some counsel from them about their children. Or, perhaps you could discuss your plans with the adults who will be helping to supervise the children during the Fast, so together you could work out the best ways to carry out your plans.
       16. We are so thankful that you have been learning so much about prayer & that we can now count on you to carry this responsibility maturely & wholeheartedly! We know you'll be strong, vigilant, fervent prayer warriors, & that you'll be good samples & leaders for your younger brothers & sisters!
       17. God bless you! I love you! We need you & are depending on you! Thank you so much for your prayers!
       Much love, Mama Maria

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