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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.71       DO 2911       Comp.2/94


       The U.S.' Godless, Bibleless, Prayerless New Generation!
       1. Look at the condition of kids in America! They have no God, no Bible & no faith. They have nothing to live for, no reason to be good, so they're just shooting it out with each other. Their anti-Christ authorities took the Bible away from them, God away from them, & affection away from them. Too bad the people who are responsible aren't the ones who are suffering.--The people who stole the Bible, Creation, prayer & God from them.--But they will!--And are!
* * *

       2. 37,000 people were killed by firearms in 1993 in the U.S. America is getting punished for taking God away from their children with overwhelming crime, violence, drugs, gangs & fears!
* * *

       3. If they're not going to let God in, then they let Satan & his ideas in. The U.S. is officially anti-God, anti-Christian & anti-religion. They took God & the Bible & prayer away from their teenagers & made the U.S. into an anti-God nation. They sowed unbelief & lack of faith, & now they're reaping what they sowed & getting what they deserve. The kids have no more God, no more Bible, no more prayer, no more morals, no more anything. So how can they know the difference between right & wrong?

       Homeless Kids in the U.S.!
       4. More than a million kids are living homeless on the streets in the U.S. In New York City alone an estimated 20,000 "throw-away kids" struggle to survive the streets every night.

       U.S. Culture Degenerating!
       5. The U.S. culture & family are degenerating! Look how strong the Japanese family & culture remains. I don't think the West devotes nearly as much energy & discipline as the Japanese do to anything except their sports. They certainly don't devote it to their labour & their production, or their families & their community, like the Japanese do.

       Money Spent on Halloween!
       6. It was reported that in 1993 the U.S. spent a billion Dollars celebrating Halloween!

       Santa Claus Worship!
       7. (At Christmas:) The Americans are doing everything they can to promote the lie about the existence of Santa Claus, virtually promoting worship of him. They even quote the American president saying, "There is a Santa Claus, I can prove it," encouraging the worship of Santa Claus to the complete exclusion of Jesus, Whose birthday it is.

       Perot/Gore Debate on CNN!
       8. Bigshots in the States used to say about Fred Jordan, "That guy's got it! He looks the audience in the eye. He's not just preaching a sermon, he's talking to you personally." That's where Perot had it over Gore in their debate on NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) on the "Larry King Live" show. For the longest time Gore didn't even look at his audience, not once during the first half of the program. Perot is a people-persuader & he looks you right in the eye, talking directly to you personally. Gore could have carried it better if he had looked at me & tried to convince me; otherwise, he is just a politician talking to somebody else.
       9. Eyes have power! You really feel like someone's interested in you when they're looking straight at you. Anybody who doesn't look at the people he's supposed to be talking to has lost them.
* * *

       10. Perot's main strength is in his tactics & in his style. He looks straight at you & you know he's talking to you. Gore was looking at Larry King all the time. I kept thinking, "He's more interested in converting King than he is me!" But boy, Perot looked you right in the eye. He captures the audience. He's looking straight at you & you really notice it, you listen & he comes across. He speaks with conviction to you. Gore's personal connection with the individual viewer was very weak by comparison; in the first part of the show he never even looked at his audience.

       America's Crooked Politics!
       11. The United States will never have a decent government as long as politics are run the way they are. Nothing depends on efficiency or practicality or economy or anything like that--it's all built on political loyalty, your ability to get votes & raise funds & be extremely loyal to the political bosses.

       U.S. Guilty as Hell!
       12. The U.S. government squashed that whole episode of the crashed Korean airlines flight (KAL 007). They never did conduct an honest investigation. They squelched the whole thing, whitewashed it all & denied any wrongdoing, just like they did in Waco. The U.S. government is not afraid to kill hundreds, thousands, even millions, like they did in World War II. So why should they hesitate to kill nearly 300 in one airplane to get what they want?--Or to kill almost 100 in one little group at Waco to get what they want, or what their ACs want.
       13. The U.S. government is as guilty as Hell, & as a result, the majority of U.S. people are guilty as Hell! They elected Clinton, who is for baby killing, homosexuality & everything evil, & the majority of the people are too!
       14. Well, the Great Whore is about to get her punishment when her Antichrist turns on her. I said her Antichrist, because, don't forget, she's going to worship him too. But finally when he finds out the perfidy of his AC supporters & turns on them, he'll also turn on her, because she supports them, & he'll destroy her & them.--And then the forces of God will destroy him! But the Lord will use him to destroy God's enemies first.--That's the way God has always worked throughout Bible history. God would use Israel's enemies to punish them for their sins, but then He would turn around & destroy their enemies. That's the truth, & you can read it in the Bible.

       Those Who Forget!
       15. God's going to damn them & destroy them, by the grace of God, all those people that forget about Waco! The Americans even forget about Nagasaki & Hiroshima. The U.S. slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians & they excused it.

       Janet Reno & Violence!
       16. How could Janet Reno have the nerve to talk against violence on TV when she's a prime example of it, massacring a whole religious group! She massacred nearly 100 people! Of all people to be speaking against violence, isn't that a joke?! Imagine her saying, "We're fed up with this violence on TV & children imitating it," when she gave them the biggest example of violence possible, one which was on TV for 51 days!
       17. She's all up in arms because of this case where a brother burned up his sister as a result of watching something on TV, but she burned up a whole lot of sisters and brothers!

       Branch Davidian Trials!
       18. Imagine the Waco survivors being charged with murder & threatened with life imprisonment, when the government was the one guilty of the murder! They massacred the whole colony!
* * *

       19. Today (Jan.11) was the big day when Waco went to court. I'm sure the U.S. government delayed it as long as they could to kind of let things cool off. One news commentator on CNN said that it's not only going to be a trial against the Davidians, but the government is going to be on trial too! There are plenty of people who know that there was wrong done. Please pray for their lawyers.
       20. Koresh's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, said that when the FBI burned down the compound, he cried. All those God-damned government officials were practically rootin' & tootin' & thankful that place caught fire. I think that's what they wanted to do, to wipe'm out. (Update, 2/94: The 11 Davidians on trial were acquitted of murder & conspiracy charges, & four were set free, but some still face lesser charges.)

       California Fires!
       21. They say the areas hit by fires in California look like a war zone. Well, they haven't done anything about the Bosnians, so now they have their own war zone.
* * *

       22. I wonder if anybody thought about Waco during that raging fire in Southern California?

       California Earthquake!
       23. They were showing all the places that fell down & the freeways that collapsed, & I think it was the mayor who brought out the fact, "But you should see how many places weren't destroyed. Most places weren't destroyed; in fact, most weren't even damaged." That was a good point to remind people of, because people are seldom thankful for what didn't happen; it's only what did happen that makes news.

       California Plagues!
       24. California had a three-year drought, & then when it did rain, it rained like mad & flooded everything, & then the fires & earthquake came! God's sure judging them!
       25. One guy said, "We've had the fire, the flood & the earthquake. What will be next--the locusts?" Smart guy! They're beginning to get the point. There have been quite a few people testifying that they prayed to God & He saved them.

       1930s Depression!
       26. The U.S. Depression of the 1930s was a punishment for World War I. During the Depression the U.S. almost had a Communist revolution.

       Keeping Noriega Quiet!
       27. The U.S. invasion of Panama was the most extravagant manhunt in all of history, when 27,000 American soldiers were tracking one man, Noriega! They don't dare let Noriega even talk to the prisoners where he's being held. They say it's for security reasons, but it's because the U.S. doesn't want the truth to be known!

       U.S. Troops in Somalia!
       28. The mistake the U.S. made was ever getting into Somalia in the first place!--But now that they've gotten in there, they've got to finish it off.
* * *

       29. Clinton is worried about a few Americans being killed in Somalia, while hundreds & thousands of Bosnians are being killed & he doesn't do a damn thing!
* * *

       30. They have a new term called "reinforced withdrawal," which means sending in more Marines in order to get the others out! Well, in a way it works. Clinton said, "We're going in so we can have an organised withdrawal." In other words, we're going in so we can get out! The U.S. went in there & fed the people, & now the Somalis are turning around & killing U.S. soldiers, so they need to be taught a lesson. They can't let that warlord Aidid get away with that. If the U.S. lets them get away with it, ruthless warlords everywhere will figure they can get away with it too! I'm all for going in there & socking it to the rebels & straightening them out & getting things organised, & then withdrawing. Only I don't know how they can ever get things organised in Africa, it's such a black hole.
* * *

       (After Somali rebels shot down a U.S. helicopter & took one pilot hostage, while dragging the corpses of the others through the streets:)
       31. Dragging the naked bodies of those U.S. soldiers through the streets & capturing hostages was about the last straw for the U.S.! Clinton's sending hundreds of soldiers into Somalia now who are going to try to corner Aidid or wipe his outfit out, & I think that's what they should do. That country has no government, it's total anarchy, & Aidid is leading the anarchists. The U.S. went in to feed the people, & as soon as they got fed & strong enough, they began to fight & kill their helpers!
       32. Aidid is probably paying plenty of them--stealing the food aid to pay his army & supporters. He's been doing that for a long time. So I agree with Clinton sending in an army to wipe him & his sympathisers out, be they civilians or no! Aidid has a clever habit of trying to secure himself by hiding amongst civilian sympathisers. Well, if they're sympathising with that guy, they have to expect to become targets!
       33. Forget about the U.N. doing anything! They're so sickening! What have they ever done for Bosnia? Or anybody? Anywhere? They're all afraid, scared to death to take any sort of military action! The only thing the U.N. has ever done is where the U.S. took the lead & organised them & practically regimented them & almost forced them to cooperate, like with Bush in Iraq. And of course the ACs were largely behind that. Bush wouldn't have gotten so much sympathy & backing if it hadn't been for the ACs & the media.
       34. Clinton is going in with a real vengeance! I'd like to see him wipe out Aidid & his whole outfit, whom they've been feeding all this time, or they couldn't have operated. Aidid has been using food, which is worth more than money, to gain supporters: "If you come follow us, we'll give you food. We'll feed you."--Food he stole from relief agencies!
       35. Casualties are a fact of war. That's what Bush & the ACs said about Iraq when they killed so many Iraqi civilians. What do they call it? They've got a nice name for it now, "collateral damage," where you kill civilians & it's a necessity, or a side effect of other killing that has to be done, etc. They used that term during the Iraq war all the time. Okay, let'm use it. Let'm use it for Clinton to go in & hit Aidid.
       36. I'm not against force, violence & vengeance if it's coming from the right side, & I think Aidid deserves it for the way he's letting people treat the soldiers who fed them, dragging them through the streets naked & making hostages of them, shooting down their planes, etc. It's time Clinton did something!
       37. Boy, the U.S. sure let the ACs pull them into Iraq, & they excuse everything the U.S. government did there. "Well, that was collateral damage, that was an accident, that was bad aim," blah, blah, blah. But you notice the ACs haven't stopped yet. They're still hounding the Iraqis & they haven't removed the embargoes. And the ACs don't give a damn, they'd just as soon hurt the common people as the government, because they consider them all enemies. It's not a case of casualties being a fact of war in Iraq right now; it's the ACs taking vengeance on the innocent! So they're still hounding them. They want to install surveillance cameras, they want to investigate, they want to destroy this plant & that plant & blah blah!--They wanna wipe out Iraq, Christians & all!
       38. I'll tell you, the ACs are getting their way everywhere! They've had their way now in Iraq. They went far beyond the original goal. The original goal of the war was to get the Iraqis out of Kuwait. Now they want to get themselves into Iraq--the U.S. & UN, & anybody the ACs can get the ear of.--Sending in special "commissions" & teams to look for this & look for that & blah blah. The ACs are so damn clever, they can get away with almost anything! They just keep on going after Saddam & the Iraqis & Bosnia & all their enemies!


       Yugoslavia: Serb War!
       39. (10/93) The Western media is giving Bosnia enough news coverage to try to show they sympathise with them, but not enough to change any policy or get any action to support them. The UN hasn't even lifted the arms embargo against Bosnia, of all things, so that their friends can't ship them the weapons they need to defend themselves. The ACs are persuading the UN, "Oh, it'll just result in more bloodshed," while the Serbians are committing all the bloodshed they want to & getting everything they want.
       40. The U.S. is willing to send hundreds of troops to Somalia, but nothing to poor Bosnia. The Bosnians are getting fed up. They thought for a while the Americans were their friends, but their lack of help is turning the whole Muslim World against the U.S.! And it looks like that's what needs to happen, according to God's overall plan.
* * *

       41. In the news about Yugoslavia they tell you all about the suffering but not who's causing it. They don't bring it out clearly that it's all Serbia's fault, do they? Serbia started the war.
* * *

       42. You just can hardly believe how the World has let the war go on in Bosnia like that without doing a thing about it! It shows you the power of the ACs. They're backing the Serbs & they don't want anybody to stop it. America used to be considered the saviour of the poor & the weak, the heroic nation that protected the underdog and weaker nations, but not any more.--Not since the domination of the ACs. The ACs don't give a damn about the poor! They just know how to gobble them up, especially if they did something that doesn't suit their purpose.
* * *

       (Comments on a documentary majoring on the hardships the embargo has created for the Serbs:)
       43. The ACs are now trying to create sympathy for Serbia, when these same Serbian people are bombing & massacring men, women & children. Why don't the Serbs stop the damned war? All they have to do is stop the damned war & then the sanctions on them would be lifted.
       44. Instead of worrying about the horrible death & gruesome injuries in Bosnia, the Serbs are worrying about their lack of jobs & their not having enough food for their animals. God damn you, Milosevic (the Serb dictator), in the Name of Jesus Christ!
       45. How they could make such a documentary & not say a word about the Serbs being the aggressor, who started & have continued the war! They're trying to get sympathy for the Serbs, of all things! That's your AC propaganda for you! The suffering would stop overnight if that murderer Milosevic would just stop the war! I don't know how they've got the nerve to make a film like this & show it! (Note: Milosevic is president of Serbia, & has been nicknamed "The Butcher of the Balkans" by some reporters.)
* * *

       (Before the 1993 Yugoslav peace talks collapsed:)
       46. The Bosnians are being forced to settle for literally a surrender, in which Serbia gets most of the country & most of the territory it conquered. The Serbs are being treated like the favoured conquerors & they're getting whatever they grab. And of course they won't stop their aggression. Whatever agreement they make only brings a little bit of temporary peace. This is a method that conquerors have used for centuries--take all you can, & then when you can't take any more, if those being attacked put up too much resistance, make peace. Then after you make peace & the people are off your back, go ahead & nibble off a little more, a little here & a little there. Hitler had it down to a science. When he began his expansion, as soon as he figured the country would accept his takeover peacefully & hail him from the streets & give him a royal welcome, he could take a country without a shot! And Napoleon did the same thing. It's an old tactic.
       47. The Serbians are not going to stop no matter what kind of a peace they sign, they'll keep right on gobbling up Bosnia, & if not Bosnia, then Macedonia or Croatia or some other state that was part of Yugoslavia. They've got the army & all the armaments & tanks & guns & ammunition that the Americans & the West gave Tito to hold out against the Russians, & now they're using it for their own purposes. It's like giving the criminals guns so they can fight the other gang, & once the other gang falls, the criminals take the guns & turn around & use them on you or anybody else they want to take over. That's what the Serbs are doing.

       Serbian Slaughter!
       48. (1/94) The World is letting the Serbs just walk all over those Bosnians! It'd be better if they would walk all over them instead of shooting them, blowing them limb from limb & killing them. The U.N. just shipped out 100 Bosnian civilians on buses & thought that was a great thing they'd done for the Bosnians. They said, "It was a mercy evacuation." At least they weren't getting shot at & blown apart, but they were still having to leave their homes, their families, their friends, their country--everything they held dear.
       49. They call it "ethnic cleansing" now--a nice new word they're currently using for genocide & extermination. That's exactly what the Serbs want to do--get rid of the Bosnians so they can take over their country! I notice Milosevic, the Serbian dictator, is looking happier every day. He's smiling & arranging photo opportunities to be sure he's photographed & looks happy. Of course he's happy--he started the war & he's winning the war. He's getting everything he wanted & killing as many Bosnians as he can!
       50. Nobody lifts a hand to help those poor Bosnians, except occasionally to get a few of them out of there. The UN or relief agencies ship a few out, or they ship them to hospitals. And that's great for Milosevic, he lets them do that. He's worse than Hitler! He's doing almost the same thing, only worse. He's blown his enemies apart & is shooting their heads off & everything else. The Serbs are prolonging this extermination & doing it in the most cruel, inhumane, horrible ways. They're not only blowing up their enemies, shooting them & killing them off, but they've also had concentration camps where all the women were raped as a matter of course & the men were starved to death.
       51. Do you know these things are going on? (Family: Yes.) Well, why don't you do something about it & pray for these poor people! It bothers me almost as much as our own persecutions! The Bosnians are saying, "We thought we had some friends, but now nobody will help us." And you know why, don't you? (Family: The ACs are behind it.) Yes. The ACs won't let Europe or America do a damn thing about it, & they are just letting the Serbs have all they want--no settlement, no peace.
       52. The only peace plans that they've proposed in Geneva sounded more like Hitler's concentration camps! They want to round the Bosnians up in certain little so-called "enclaves" or "safe zones." That's just what the Serbs want, because then they won't have to do it. They can get the U.N to do it for them--round them up in just certain places where they're allowed to be, take the rest of their country away from them, take their homes away from them, & take their people away from them. "Round them all up in concentration camps & let us have their country."--That's what the Serbs are saying under Milosevic!
       53. How can this modern so-called civilisation of Western Europe & America allow this? I can't even understand how come the Muslims are allowing it. They must've threatened the rest of the World's Muslims & said, "You stay out of this or you'll be next!" So even they're afraid to help the Bosnians. Think of it!
       54. It is criminal what those Serbs are doing to those Bosnians! It is the most horrible thing to have to watch that on the news every night, watching the Serbs lob those huge shells that blow to bits & kill entire groups of people in what was a peaceful & even a prosperous country--part of Yugoslavia. But Milosevic knew what he was doing when he grabbed Serbia, because that's where most of the Yugoslavian army was, & almost all of the arms & tanks & shells & ammunition. Therefore he was able to grab the military might of the most powerful state of Yugoslavia.
       55. Those Serbs had been waiting for a chance to take over & do that for years. They waited until Tito died first. He had made Yugoslavia's various factions all work together & get along together. So when he died, they saw their chance. And Milosevic is now grinning from ear to ear! I'd like to think of something to help me remember his name. (Family: How about, "makes me so sick.") Yes, his name is pronounced like "my-hello-he-makes-me-so-sick!" He wasn't as keen on having the media show his picture before, but now that he's winning, ahh, he's a shining star! He always gives a nice big grin & tries to get as close to the camera as he can.
       56. And the World is just letting him get away with everything! Who is behind it? Who could control Europe & America & prevent them from undertaking a rescue effort for a poor people who are being absolutely slaughtered? It's criminal! Talk about war criminals, the Serbs are it! The UN is compiling a list of war criminals, but they said of course if the Serbs win the war they'll never be prosecuted--& they're winning the war. It's a Hell of a World!

       Clinton & Bosnia!
       57. (1/94) Last night we stayed up late talking & praying about the situation in Yugoslavia. I'm asking the Lord to do something definite to help Bosnia. Clinton's going to Europe now & he's going to have to face the subject. He's wanted to do something several times, but the ACs stop him every time. I hope this time he'll have the guts to stop the Serbs, because it really bothers me to see those atrocities on the news all the time & nobody doing anything about it. I've been praying the last couple of nights, "Lord, what can I do about it?" And it always comes back to me that all I can do is pray, & that's enough, because the Lord can stop the whole thing.
       58. I don't know whether the Bosnians need punishment or repentance or what. They are Muslims & that's probably one reason the Jews don't want them helped, & why even the Christians hesitate to help them. But I think it's about time, I think they've suffered enough. I don't think they ought to have to go through another cold winter & freeze to death.

       A Prayer for the Poor!
       59. (1/94:) I was very burdened about Bosnia last night & couldn't sleep most of the night. Every time I woke up I was praying about Bosnia & wondering what I could do, if there was any action I could take that would help. What I finally got was that I should pray for the situation.
       60. It seems like they're going to have to deal with it in this NATO meeting in Brussels that Clinton has just gone to. It looks like he's going to have to do something. There are plenty of people, including congressmen, who are getting irate because of his inaction in saving the Bosnians & just letting the Serbs go right ahead as the aggressors & take more & more of Yugoslavia.
       61. There must be other people besides me praying & a lot of people furious, because this has gone on for two years now with Serbia gobbling up the land & territory & city after city, killing oodles of people every day. They've already been condemned by the UN as the aggressor, but the ACs won't let them do anything but use boycotts. (Update 3/94: NATO has told the Serbs surrounding Sarajevo to turn in their artillery or move them--or face air strikes. So Sarajevo has been enjoying relative calm during this ceasefire. But the Serbs still have heavy weaponry nearby, & Serbian snipers still occasionally shoot civilians.) It shows you the power of the ACs, that the whole World looks on every day at the carnage & the suffering & the horrible war that's going on, the daily slaughter of innocent people by a definite & admitted aggressor condemned by the UN, yet they do nothing about it.
       62. Well, give Clinton credit, he wanted to do something. But every time he wanted to do something, the ACs stopped him.--The ACs, of course, who got him elected. Lord Owen & Cyrus Vance have supposedly been negotiating the peace--but the only peace they want to negotiate is to give everything to Serbia & leave virtually nothing but concentration camps for the Bosnians!
       63. The only places that have held out against the Serbs are Sarajevo & two or three other little cities. It's amazing they've been able to hold out so long. But the very same boycott, embargoes & sanctions which are working against Serbia are also working against Croatia, Bosnia's other enemy, & worst of all they're working against Bosnia. The U.N. will not let Bosnia import arms or anything it might use to defend itself.
       64. Boy, the ACs are so God-damned clever & so powerful! Let me tell you, if the ACs had been on the side of the Bosnians, something would have been done a long time ago! They would've settled that war a long time ago before it got this far. Or if even the Christians had been sympathetic towards Bosnia, they could have bucked the ACs & it would've been settled long ago. But because the Bosnians are Muslims, I suppose the Christians don't mind so much. It's probably influenced their lack of sympathy for the Bosnians.
       65. So it's been very difficult for the poor Bosnians, & I've been burdened in prayer for them. I wonder why the other Muslim countries are not doing anything for them? Maybe they're afraid of having to go to war with the U.S., as the U.S. has shown that she won't hesitate to attack those who threaten her so-called interests.
       66. The U.S. was very quick to respond to a call for help from tiny little Kuwait--of course, because Kuwait has oil--& they sent an army of nearly half-a-million men there. But they've not done a thing about Bosnia, although some British, Americans & others have carried out individual acts of humanitarian relief in trying to get some of the people out & trying to feed them, etc. The U.S. could stop that slaughter in one day without a foot soldier on the ground over there, just by sending in a few planes to bomb the Serbian forces & gun sites.
       67. The Serbs know that the ACs are on their side & that no matter how much the U.S. threatens, the ACs will hold them in check.--Unless God does something for those poor people. It seems like He would at least punish the Serbs, the aggressors.--And that's what I'm praying for, that God will judge the Serbs & have mercy on the Bosnians. I'm praying for the Bosnians & expecting the Lord to do something. And there must be others who are praying for them too.
       68. One U.S. congressman said that the U.S. was losing its credibility & its moral leadership--its credibility as a friend of the poor & oppressed--by just standing by & letting the evil leadership of Serbia gobble up the Bosnians.
       69. And the Croatians are going to be sorry, because the Serbs will probably turn on them. Serbia's accepting the Croatians' help now, & the Croatians are accepting Serbia's help to crush their enemies, the Bosnians. But if things go on as they have been, Serbia will take over Bosnia & start on Croatia next. Their idea is to conquer all of former Yugoslavia, including Macedonia, the southernmost province, bordering Greece, which has declared its independence.
       70. Even the Greeks don't like Macedonia. They don't like the Macedonians using that name, because Greece also has a region named Macedonia. (Macedonia also uses a common Greek symbol on its flag, which has infuriated Greeks.) So the Greeks might foolishly cooperate with the Serbs there. Milosevic is leaving Macedonia until last because he could so easily conquer it. He's also waiting to see what the U.S. & Europe are going to do, but they haven't done a damn thing because the ACs don't want them to. The power of the ACs & the AC leadership is amazing! If Greece helps the Serbs take over Macedonia, they'll be sorry, because Milosevic will probably get around to them next! So I'm praying that God will stop those God-damned AC-backed Serbs before a whole lot of little countries get crushed by the monster of tyranny--Serbia.
       71. (Prays:) Lord, if You're trying to get the Bosnians to repent about anything, or to become Christians, help them to do it soon so they can be forgiven & saved by You. But there have been many times when You've saved the poor & the afflicted & the abused even though they weren't Christians, such as many other Muslims. You let the U.S. save Kuwait & Saudi Arabia, both of which are very anti-Christian. The U.S. sent half-a-million men to save those two little oil countries, but has just allowed Bosnia to burn, & allowed Serbia to walk all over them. So are You only going to save Christians, Lord?--Or are You going to be merciful to all the poor & the ignorant & the innocent & the weak & the helpless?
       72. You say You're the God of such people & the Saviour of such people, now let's see You do it for Bosnia! Forgive them for their sins, Lord, & deliver them from the greater sinner, Serbia, the aggressor & the bully & the abuser & the criminal! Even some of their own Serbs don't want the war.
       73. Bless that man who's the head of the opposition in Serbia who's fighting against the war, whom Milosevic's men beat up & threw in prison for awhile.--Until such a loud protest went up from the rest of the World that he finally let him loose. That was just too much for the World to take, too much of an abuse, a human rights violation. That was one thing all the nations could agree on, & they put pressure on Milosevic to release him. (The head of Serbia's biggest opposition party, Vuk Draskovic, was arrested during a demonstration & badly beaten by the police while in custody. He was released in response to massive international pressure after a nine-day hunger strike that left him near death.) Well, that didn't cost Milosevic anything, but if the nations of the World tried to stop his war, that would cost him a lot. No doubt it would cost him his presidency & his power & popularity in his own country.
       74. So, Lord, You know what's best. You solve the problem somehow. Stop this horrible war against the weak & the poor, even if they're not so innocent. You settle it the way it should be settled for my sake & many other Christians' sake & many Muslims' sake, who must be praying to You to do something for the Bosnians. Perhaps through this NATO conference the U.S. will be put to shame so they'll take some action. (Update 3/94: They finally did, imposing a ceasefire on Sarajevo & threatening the Serbs with air strikes if they resumed shelling.)
       75. We believe that in some ways Clinton is a good man trying to do his best. We don't agree with him in a lot of things, but we believe he is trying to do what he thinks is right. Convince him on this trip, Lord, that it's time to do something for the Bosnians & to stop the evil leadership of Serbia. God damn Milosevic! Put him out of commission as You have a lot of our enemies, Lord. You've delivered us, now deliver poor Bosnia, in Jesus' name!
       76. As I recall, Sarajevo used to be a popular place with our people, & they allowed religious freedom there for Christian churches as well as mosques. Have mercy on those poor Bosnians, Lord. They haven't much strength to fight this mean aggressor much longer.
       77. Lord Owen is trying to persuade the Bosnians to compromise now. He's as good as telling them, "You'd better surrender now, or you won't have anything to surrender pretty soon." That's the peace plan he's offering the Bosnians--to surrender, to let the Serbs take over. Well, they're not likely to. They've fought & died for their country & watched their loved ones & little ones die, so they're not likely to give up now. I think they'd rather die than give up their country to their bitter enemies--the AC-backed Serbs!
       78. Oh Lord, help Clinton to see how bad he's doing by not doing anything about Bosnia! Several times when he promised to do something about it & was going to, his AC advisors talked him out of it. Lord, You can stop their influence & give Clinton some guts to do something for that poor little country that cannot very well defend itself & is going down under the monstrous, tyrannical aggressor of Serbia. Do something, Lord! We've prayed about it night after night, now we're asking You to do something, in Jesus' name! Do something & show us that You're going to help those poor people.
       79. The U.S. was willing to get into a war to save other little countries because they had oil, now let's see if they're willing to get into a war to save a little country just because they need help. Do it, Lord! Do it through this NATO conference in Brussels if possible, & make Clinton ashamed of himself.
       80. Even France is saying they should do something about Bosnia, but they haven't. I wonder why Mitterrand wanted to save Bosnia? I started to say maybe it was because it was a very well-known resort area. But it suddenly came to me that it could be because they have so many Muslims living in France now, & a lot of France's former colonies are Arabs & Muslims. So maybe Mitterrand was trying to gain the favour of the Muslims by showing himself to be a friend of Bosnia. He went there & marched through the streets at one time with his French soldiers. But apparently he hasn't had the guts to intervene unilaterally, especially with both Britain & America opposed to it.
       81. But, Lord, You can give Clinton the guts as a Christian. He could gain great favour with the worldwide Muslims if he'd go to work & save the Bosnians. Help him to see he has something to gain by trying to save the Bosnians.--If nothing more than worldwide respect for himself & America, & to show friendship for the Muslims & care for the weak & the poor & the children. Lord, in Jesus' name, help him to do something!--Or You do something, somehow, for those poor people.
       82. And help the poor Indians of Southern Mexico also, Lord.--Those poor peasants in Chiapas who have been so downtrodden by Mexico. There are a lot of poor people in the World who are being abused & downtrodden, but are too weak to help themselves. You can help them, Lord, have mercy. I want to see it!
       83. It's all in Your hands--the World is in Your hands. Thank You Lord! You're going to save it all soon. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name, amen.

       The Holocaust!
       84. British historian David Irving says that despite the proof to show the Holocaust was exaggerated, just because [EDITED: "some people"] have declared that the death of six million Jews is an established fact, then that's that! [DELETED]

       Europe Treasures the Past!
       85. One thing about Europe, they treasure the past; but the U.S. tries to destroy it.

       Europeans: Proud & Sensitive!
       86. My Father used to say that the Americans don't understand the Europeans, that they're very proud & they're very sensitive. The Americans are also very proud, but very insensitive as to how the Europeans feel. Europeans don't like the slightest inference that they're not just as good as the U.S.A. That's true of virtually all Europeans; in fact, quite a few of them feel superior. They don't like the U.S. strutting around as though they're superior & telling them what to do.


       Arab/Israeli Situation!
       87. There are some Jews who have a sense of fair-mindedness & realise that what their brethren are doing to the Palestinians in Israel is just as bad as what the Nazis did to them. The Jews went to Israel & stole the Palestinians' country & committed the same kind of atrocities against the Palestinians that the Germans did against the Jews.--Except for the Holocaust. But in Palestine, the Israeli takeover was a small holocaust for the Palestinians.
* * *

       88. The Jews have more guts, more wisdom, more power & more cleverness than almost anyone else.--And more nerve!
* * *

       89. I never expect much out of any peace deal between Jews & Arabs. I have a kind of "wait & see" feeling.
* * *

       90. Israel doesn't want the problem in Gaza any more. They're going to heavily defend their own borders, & instead of having to fight the Palestinians, they can just stand back & watch them fight each other.
* * *

       91. What do you want to bet the Israelis on the West Bank will start & fight a war with the Palestinians before they'll be put out of their settlements? The settlers in the Occupied Territories are just a natural provocation, & Israel put them there for that purpose.
* * *

       92. This Arab/Israeli peace accord reminds me of the verse, "They cry peace, peace where there is no peace."--Jer.6:14. They've agreed to have peace, but the radicals on each side want to cause problems.--And the Israeli settlers were put in the Occupied Territories purposely to cause trouble. I can remember when Jewish settlers first started moving into Hebron; the Israeli government said then that they were put there to try to ensure that the Occupied Territories would not be given up. So the government sent armed invaders, really, to settle in the stronghold of one of the biggest Arab cities on the West Bank. It was a deliberate insult & the settlers had to be protected by Israeli soldiers to begin with. It was an invasion.
       93. So now it is bearing the fruits that the Israelis hoped it would; it is preventing the return of the country to its rightful owners. Well, it's God's country, so we'll see what He is going to do about it!
* * *

       94. A quote from Meir Kahane, the extremist Jewish rabbi assassinated three years ago: "The Arab is a cancer in our midst. And you don't co-exist with a cancer! Cancer you either cut out & you throw out, or you die!"
* * *

       95. Israel has stolen the Arabs' land & killed their people & has to keep killing them to keep it, & America helps them! (Update: An American Jew, a settler in Hebron, burst into a Hebron mosque with an automatic rifle & mowed down dozens of Muslims as they knelt in prayer. Hospital officials said over 30 Palestinians were killed & 170 others wounded in the massacre & the violence that followed.) No wonder the Arabs & Muslims hate the U.S.! No wonder Khomeini taught the Iranians that the U.S. was the greatest enemy, the Great Satan! It certainly is! Americans look upon themselves as Christians, while they allow their Israeli friends to commit cruel crimes against the innocent! That's why the U.S. & all those Allies went in & fought Iraq & are still punishing them with horrible sanctions, because that's what the Israelis want. And they're very disappointed they didn't totally destroy the Iraqi government, as well as the whole country!
       96. They're still pushing the U.S. to attack Iraq! So the U.S. is still attacking Iraq on a smaller scale, but destroying its people, starving them to death with sanctions. It's pitiful when you think that thousands of Iraqis are Christians! Of course, that doesn't bother Israel any, they'd like to destroy them too. (Maria: It's mostly Israel pushing it, right?) Of course! It's mostly Israel pushing the U.S. to do it. Of course, there are a lot of fair-minded Jews who do not agree with Israel's policies. That's why they forced the government to sign a peace accord with the Palestinians. But now the U.S. is encouraging the Israelis to delay implementation of the accord until the violence ceases. Well, when is it ever going to cease?
       97. The Palestinians are just trying to take back their own homeland, which has been stolen by the Israelis. They'll never get justice until the Lord comes.--Although they will get some vengeance on Israel under the Antichrist, but then they'll have to fight him. Nothing will be settled justly until the Lord comes & we Christians become the Government. The Bible says of those of the "synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews but are not," who try to destroy us, that they will be dust under our feet!--They will be bowing down before us & pleading for mercy!--Rev.3:9; Isa.60:14.
       98. We need to know about all these things--the injustices of the Jews against the Arabs with the backing of America. America, the great Satan of today! I'm very anti-American & I'm very anti-Zionist & against the AC Conspiracy to take over the World. The U.S. is the one that deserves to be destroyed, & it will be soon.--Babylon the Great Whore will be destroyed! It's in the Book! She shall be burnt with fire & her smoke shall ascend for many days! The Bible says she'll be utterly destroyed by fire.--Rev.18:8,18-24.
       99. Some day all things will be settled when the Lord comes & we Christians rule the Earth. Thank You Lord! So praise God, we're fighting right now to expose & overcome the Enemy--the anti-Christ conspirators who rule the Earth. We're fighting them now, & when we come back with Jesus we'll destroy them & take over the Earth with the Lord, & destroy all the Antichrist's wicked, including the anti-Christ wicked who now rule the Earth & who are persecuting us!--Just think, they're even imprisoning us, the guilty persecuting the innocent, ground down by cruel criminal governments. God help us, & He will. Thank You Lord!
       100. Amen, Lord, do it! You rule! Destroy them & free us, in Jesus' name.

       Iraq--A Sinking Ship!
       101. Iraq is a sinking ship, shot full of holes by the ACs!


       Mount Pinatubo Disaster!
       102. "Upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire & brimstone, & an horrible tempest!"--Psa.11:6. Wow, the Lord really did it literally in the Philippines! They had that Pinatubo disaster, & then a terrible hurricane, too.--After persecuting us!

       China & Tibet!
       103. China took over Tibet in the 1950s & China has viciously oppressed its two million people ever since. Some Chinese have moved to Tibet because the rule of only being allowed to have one child does not apply there. Also, their salaries are three times what they are in China.

       SODOMY & AIDS!

       Clinton & the Sodomites!
       104. How horrible to think Clinton would even be discussing letting the Sodomites have their way! Boy, the Sodomites are sure coming into power--even dictating what to do to the President of the United States! The Lord knew how bad & how sickening & how wicked & horrible they were, & how terribly violent & aggressive they would be--full of the Devil & trying to rule over governments!

       Sodomy--A Major Issue!
       105. Even gay people themselves admit that the homosexual life has "inherent problems, depression & victimization!" Isn't it amazing that Sodomy should become one of the major issues of our time? It shows how far the World has gone. Just think, a lot of churches defend homosexuals while attacking us!

       Sodomites Made into Heroes!
       106. Those Sodomite AIDS sufferers are the Devil's own people comforting each other & trying to make it easy for each other to die!--Making heroes & saints out of them, trying to get rid of their guilt complexes. Every kind of comfort is given to people dying of AIDS. AIDS patients can call a number for someone to talk to, or even a buddy to be with them in their last days, while those with other terminal illnesses don't get near the attention & help that AIDS patients do.


       Peace Is Coming!
       107. I'm as happy as can be expected considering the World is in such a mess, & of course it'll take the Lord to straighten it out. We can have peace in our hearts & minds, knowing that there is permanent World peace coming. Thank the Lord!

       Origin of Human Rights!
       108. Judeo-Christian religion brought about the origin of Human Rights & significance of the individual.

       God's Control of the Economy!
       109. I don't think people realise how much God has to do with the economy, & the more they seek His help, the more He blesses them. They seem to think their prosperity is all up to them personally.--But when they desert Him--crash!

       Delinquents Working with the Handicapped!
       110. In some places in the U.S. they have a program where delinquent kids work with the handicapped. You can see one of the reasons why God allowed handicapped children, when you see how it touches the hearts of the normal kids. The delinquents are sorry for the handicapped, so they allow themselves to be soft. They find respect by having handicapped children look up to them & find a sense of family, make close friendships.
       111. In these programs, gang members are accepted for who they are & not judged by what they've done, & that inspires them with a human & caring attitude & makes them feel like they're doing something worthwhile in life. It makes them feel good about themselves because they're doing something to help people. When they see these handicapped children, their own problems seem so minuscule in comparison. It brings out love & compassion in even the toughest kids.

       Dogs Are Good for People!
       112. Dogs are good for people in many ways. In one way it gives people a sense of responsibility, something they can care for & look after. It brings out love in the human. Dogs have a wonderful effect on mentally ill people.
       113. Dogs seem to have predictive abilities that science can't explain. Some can even sense when their owners are about to have an epileptic fit, & when they see a person having a seizure, they go to the person to help them. They're very accepting, they stay with the person.
       114. They have a program where they put dogs in with prisoners, & it helps the prisoners develop skills in training the dogs to be seeing eye dogs. They learn that if you teach a dog the wrong habits it's hard to break them, just like in people.
       115. This program of working with the dogs helps the prisoners to become less bitter & breaks down the protective walls. They become softer. They can talk about their feelings, they can be affectionate, their wounds can be healed. They call the dogs a bridge to becoming more human, allowing the prisoner to grow as a person, have a loving companionship, a sense of belonging & being wanted, which most of them have not had before in their lives. This is a lot like the delinquents working with the handicapped children.

       The Super Technocrats!
       116. An article I was reading used the term "super technocrats!" It didn't call them "super dupers," but it called them "super technocrats"--the ones who know all about computers & advanced technology--& said that they are going to be the ones with the jobs.--And that there's going to be more & more unemployment of the ordinary work force--just like I predicted. (See "Serfs, Supers or Super Dupers!", ML#1036.) Most of the other jobs will just be menial service jobs, low paid.
       117. In the rich countries the labourers are spoiled & they're not willing to work for such low pay. They call them with contempt, "hamburger hash" jobs, flipping hamburgers--yet they enjoy the produce of it! It's made McDonalds great! So they're having a hard time getting enough employees because the work force has been spoiled & paid too much. They consider five Dollars an hour too low pay.

       Socialism Means Caring & Sharing!
       118. Communism with its dictators was bad enough, but Capitalism is even worse! I'm a Socialist, a Christian Socialist, & we live like Socialists! Socialism means sharing & caring.

       Atheism & Churchianity!
       119. People turn to atheism as an alternative to churchianity. Because they don't like the churches, they get turned off to God.

       Anorexia Is Demonic!
       120. These people with anorexia & bulimia are trying to be virtuous. (Editor's note: Anorexia is an eating disorder usually occurring in young women. It's characterised by an abnormal fear of becoming obese, resulting in an aversion to food & severe weight loss. With bulimia there is usually excessive eating, followed by periods of fasting & self-induced vomiting.) It's a self-righteousness. They feel guilty about eating or being fat, so they just starve themselves to death as a punishment.--But at the same time it makes them feel very self-righteous, very good. It's demonic!

       TV Games--Capturing the Youth!
       121. This is the way they're going to capture the minds of the young--through TV video games. It's almost frightening to see the way the Devil's aiming at the minds of the children. TV video games are almost entirely a child's world, the adults don't go for them much. And now they're going to make the TV video games even more realistic & more participative by the children, to where they say they'll be more influenced by these games than television & have more love & loyalty for its stars & will do almost anything they tell them to do. One of the experts says he's concerned about it, that it's going to influence children much more than television & literally pull them into the picture, where they participate. This is something which is already being done, they don't have to wait for virtual reality.
       122. The equipment, however, costs a lot of money, so only the rich kids will enjoy it at first. That was the same way with television. Some of the first TV sets were huge, ornate cabinets which had radio, television & record players all in the same cabinet. They cost thousands of dollars, so TV in those days was only for the rich.
       123. They did with TV exactly what they have done with some of these other new inventions--they manufactured first only those which the rich could afford, & saturated the market of the rich first. They knew they'd never be able to sell such things to the middle class without lowering the prices--which they then did after they had sold all the big fancy consoles to the rich. Then they began to lower the prices on smaller models & cheaper ones. They've done exactly the same thing recently with camcorders, as they call them. When they first came out they were very expensive.--Now they're smaller & cheaper.

       War Against Pot!
       124. They say that marijuana is so mild, it doesn't even affect you as much as liquor. That's why there's such a war against pot by the beer & liquor interests. I've even heard that marijuana eases pain & is legally prescribed for a few diseases. (Fam: One doctor said it's the best medicine you can find against insomnia & he's trying to legalise it for people.) I've heard time & time again about doctors who think it ought to be legalised, so you know good & well somebody's fighting it. It shows you the power of the liquor industry & drug companies!

       River Phoenix!
       125. The Lord let River Phoenix's body be taken that his spirit might be saved.--1Cor.5:5. River gives a lot of credit to his background & upbringing in the Family in these articles I've been reading about him. This is an excellent example to counteract what our enemies are saying about our kids not being prepared for the outside World. River gives a lot of the credit for his stardom to his rearing & that he had a lot of socialisation, a lot of experience & travel & learning different languages & being in show business, etc. It sounded to me like River Phoenix was a pretty good example, a good, clean-living kid, & people seemed to be surprised he turned out so well considering his parents were what they considered "bums."
       126. Thank God they mentioned the Children of God in those articles every time! In some of them they said we were a "little known group." We're not little known now! Whoever put that in the paper hasn't been reading the news!
* * *

       127. River Phoenix was too much of a good role model, not corrupted or perverted enough, so the Devil had to try to destroy him. That movie "My Own Private Idaho" in which he played a homo hustler was the downfall of River Phoenix. Somebody wanted to destroy him.--The Devil!
       128. I wouldn't be surprised if someone deliberately gave him an overdose. All they had to do was put it in his drink, & he came outside the nightclub & had a fit! Well, thank God he's out of that Hollywood scene. He was too good for this World. He kept up a pretty good testimony, his parents too. He always testified he had a very good upbringing in the Children of God.
       129. They ought to send these news articles to our lawyers! They're real testimonials. Our enemies say our kids aren't socialised & they're not prepared to do anything in the outside World, but look what a success he was! He was a tremendous success. (Family: He said his upbringing helped him.) Yes. He actually said good words for us. So that ought to shut up some of our enemies who say our kids are totally unprepared for the System or society at large. Boy, he sure managed to adapt to it, he got to be a star in it!
* * *

       130. Watching that movie "Private Idaho" was one of the most abominable one-&-a-half hours I've spent in a long time! It shows how the Devil can get somebody so screwed up when they backslide.--And that's undoubtedly the price that his parents had to pay for leaving the Family & causing him to backslide. I bet they know it now. They were probably all thrilled with how he was becoming a great star & a good role model, a good boy, making good movies, & then all of a sudden--crash! It reminds me of what Mr. Machowsky said about how that demon Tom led him on to his total disaster.
       131. That movie was absolutely the depths of degradation! I never saw a worse movie! That was designed to kill him! It was absolutely the most crazy movie I ever saw; no meaning, no nothing, insane!--Total debauchery, vulgar language & a disconnected theme of all kinds of crazy things that had no relationship whatsoever!--And just the worst kind of total horrible perversion of Sodomites & Sodomy! I guess some people don't want to confess they don't even understand it. Yet the sales pitch on the video said, "And perhaps one of his finest performances." Can you imagine that? It was horrible! That explains why the Lord took him. At first he was a good example to other movie people, but they must've gotten him on drugs & dragged him down to the absolute gutter! It was a crazy, insane movie! Horrible!
       132. It's too late to pray for him now, he's gone to meet the Lord, but he's going to have to face the Lord in terrible shame. The Word says "shame & everlasting contempt."--Dan.12:2. We'll face Him with everlasting glory, others with everlasting shame. Pitiful! For some time he was a good influence on the movie community & they were praising him, how he was clean living & virtuous. But apparently he must've decided to try drugs, & they literally killed him!
       133. Boy oh boy, how horrible! Absolutely horrible! Some of those fits he was having in the movie were too realistic. I think they actually caught him in drug or withdrawal fits. It looked like he was literally having epileptic, demonic fits, with a demon getting ahold of him & shaking him around, writhing & reeling & fainting. I'd recommend that movie to scare any of our backsliders if they've already turned their back on the Lord. Jesus, have mercy on poor River!

       Jewel on Death!
       134. We can't do anything but say "Thank the Lord!" when somebody dies. He has taken them out of this awful World!

       Audrey Hepburn!
       135. Audrey Hepburn was one of my favourite actresses. Maybe she was an Angel! She certainly threw herself into her parts. I guess the Lord had to take Audrey to give her some rest with some of the poor children she tried to help through UNICEF.

       Classical Ballet!
       136. Classical ballet is beautiful music, beautiful dancing, beautiful costuming & beautiful people!--Not ugly like most of the modern forms of art, music and dance. Even a lot of modern ballet has gotten to be pretty ugly, like modern music & modern art. The way some of the male classical ballet dancers dance reminds me of the way David must have danced before the Ark! (See 2Sam.6:14-15.)

       Infertility Rate Increasing!
       137. The rate of infertility is increasing drastically--over 50% in the last 50 years.

       Plants Are Alive!
       138. Plants are alive! They move! They act! They know what they're doing! They can hear & react to love!

       Dream about Lincoln & the Civil War!
       139. I had a dream just before I woke up, & it's only too true! It was like a skit. We were two different groups on a platform or stage. One guy was playing the part of the president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, & I was playing the part of Abraham Lincoln. It was real simple, the way it actually was. Our backs were toward the audience, & there was another group facing us at the other end of the platform. I was dressed in a long-tailed coat & high "stovepipe" hat, like the politicians used to dress in those days. I was dressed all in black, & the other guy was dressed in brown.--Same thing, long-tailed coat & high silk hat.
       140. So Davis got up & said to us, "Since we joined this association of states voluntarily, we are going to withdraw peacefully & voluntarily." And I got up & I faced him--playing the part of Lincoln--& I said, "No, you're not.--Once in, forever in! We're going to force you to stay, & we're going to kill you if you won't! We're going to free your Black slaves & make White slaves out of you!"--And that was it! Boy, it's so true! You can hardly imagine that such a thing would've happened, but it did. The U.S. had a revolutionary war to demonstrate that they had a right to withdraw from the British Empire, & they turned right around & denied that right to the South!
       141. Let's face it, the U.S. federal government has been a dictatorship ever since. They beat the South down & killed hundreds of thousands--the largest loss of life in any war in the history of the U.S.--All because Lincoln wanted to be a dictator & force the South to stay in the Union. And it's caused trouble ever since. If the U.S. hadn't become such a big, strong government with the combined manpower that they got from the North & South, it couldn't have fought the other wars that it fought, including the two World Wars. They couldn't have caused so much trouble on Earth if they hadn't fought the Civil War & become a big dictatorship.
       142. (Maria: When did the U.S. get known for being such a Christian country? It doesn't sound like it was very Christian back then. Did it become that way after the Civil War?) They were nearly all Christians in those days, both sides. They all sang Christian hymns & both sides claimed to be Christians, but I've always been convinced that the South was a lot more Christian than the North.
       143. (Maria: Was there ever a time when the U.S. became genuinely Christian--not only in name, but where they were much more Christian than in the rest of their history?) No. According to their Constitution--which was influenced, of course, & framed by humanists and anti-religious liberals in some cases--it was to be a so-called "free country" with no established religion. (Maria: But did any of those big revivals have a major effect on the country to bring them to the Lord?) Each big revival would be just that, a "revival" again of Christian faith & spirituality for awhile, then afterwards the country would sink lower than it had been before. Of course, when the ACs really finally got in control through Roosevelt & the Second World War, the U.S. became a literally anti-Christ & anti-Christian nation, anti-religion, period. And that's the way the ACs are running it now, whether the Christians like it or not!--A non-Christian AC Nation!
       144. (Maria: But it seems like even though the country isn't officially Christian, the Christians are more dedicated now than they have been.) They are beginning to revive again & are having another nationwide revival of sorts. The anti-abortion issue has especially galvanized them. But of course, as you can see, the ACs have control of the reins of power, & they have gotten the U.S. to pass laws to make the freedom to have abortion a legal right for women. (Maria: It's funny, isn't it, that Christians have never been averse to war?) They've been right in the forefront of supporting war, always supporting some great "worthy" cause.
       145. The Civil War was supposedly to free the slaves, but it turned out to be the war to enslave the free! The slogan for World War I was "the war to free the World from dictatorships," particularly kings in those days. And guess what the slogan was in World War II?--"The war to end all wars!" It looks like it turned out to be the war to start all wars, because there have been more wars since World War II than ever before!
       146. (Maria: Maybe Christians point to the Old Testament battles as their precedent for fighting wars.) They're Old Testament Christians both in faith & in practice & in templism & priesthood & in every way. When the poor little Christian church first got started, it had a real struggle, & the sad part about it was that as soon as they got strong enough they began building their own temples & arguing their own doctrines. And when they finally got powerful enough to be politically powerful under the Roman Empire, they became Christian by decree of the Emperor, & Christianity became the official religion. Then it got dictatorial & became the Roman Catholic Church & Holy Roman Empire. (Maria: And then they started fighting their own wars, right?) And then they fought wars as Catholics. The Catholic Church had big armies & tried to wipe out the true Christians--the Protestants & Early Reformers. It's a long sad story.
       147. There's hardly ever been a time when the powerful were not persecuting the weak, & we're finding out it is still so today. The big powerful religions are forcibly persecuting the smaller, weaker religions like ours--raiding them in the middle of the night, breaking down doors & dragging them off in handcuffs, ripping away their children & putting them all in jail--mothers, fathers & children--uprooting them from their parents & trying to convict them of being all kinds of criminals.--Persecution sponsored in the name of Christianity!
       148. The ACs have kept their name pretty well hidden in this, but it is definitely backed by them. Since there aren't enough of them, they stir up the Catholic Church to do it for them. And that's where we are now & God only knows where we'll be tomorrow. It looks like we have won a temporary victory, but things will get worse, till finally there will be a totally Antichrist government whose policy will be to slay all who don't agree with him, & we're back again to the Holy Roman Empire.--Only this time, unholy, in the name of the Devil!

       The Pope & the ACs!
       149. Everything the Pope does hits the paper, because he really goes into action & does something & has tremendous rallies! It must cost thousands, if not millions. They say that rally & meeting he had in Colorado (8/93) was the biggest one he's had anywhere. He's got to try to convince even the Catholics that he's still the king & his word is still law, & he's not going to change his stand on things. These are not just his personal opinions, they are "Bible"!--That's what he's saying. God bless him for that! (Maria: And the World doesn't like it!--At least the Western World. They're really upset!) (Fam: Even this latest thing, his 130-page encyclical. It's not even out yet & they're all squawking about it!)
       150. Remember, the media is AC & they're encouraging all the squawk. They're publicising all the squawk, as well as his activities that aggravate it & all the mistakes they say he made, & all his "wrong" positions on all these issues that they consider "politically correct," like abortion & homosexuality. It's politically correct to be pro-homo, pro-abortion, pro-contraceptives, etc., etc. (Fam: The thing too about these encyclicals is that when he writes one of them he's considered inspired. Many Catholics consider it the Word of God.) It's official & he's not going to change it.
       151. The ACs are already hitting at the Catholic Church all they can, this is just the beginning of their onslaught. (Maria: It sure was encouraging for us, though, to have the Pope come out like that on all the issues.) Yes, on all these unpopular issues.--Unpopular with the Enemy, but popular with us, as well as most Fundamentalists, as well as the Catholic Church.
       152. The ACs have got a lot to fight before they can take over completely. They started with the government. Well, their takeover really started with the media. Well, let's go back further, it started with the banks & money. You get ahold of the money & you can do almost anything, & they did. They took over major banks, businesses, companies, entertainment, the movie industry, anything that made money. And while they were taking over the movie industry, at the same time they were building up a media empire where they can control most of the newspapers, radio networks, & now the television networks, until they control everything that's worth controlling. And finally at the same time they were building up their control over the government during the regime of FDR. [DELETED]
       153. It's been a long process, & evil men out to destroy good men have been working at it, let's face it, probably since Cain & Abel. And the Lord's allowed it. He lets Man have his way until he smashes his face against the wall & learns his lesson, & the lesson he's going to finally learn is that Man at his best & most civilised, most scientific, most educated, most internationally cooperative, & under the seemingly best government the World ever had, under the Antichrist, is going to turn so rotten they're going to hate it & realise their mistake.--Particularly the religious bodies. Finally even the Jews themselves turn against it, so they turn against the Antichrist.
       154. By the time everybody's fed up with the Antichrist because he's so horrible & cruel & nearly everybody hates him, & he's persecuted the Christians enough & they've given their testimony enough, the Lord's going to come. He's just getting the World fed up & making them see they're wrong, mistaken, they shouldn't have thrown God out. God is just letting them get fed up to here, clear up to here with all of Man's shenanigans & governments & policies & attempts to do better than God.
       155. Satan's whole idea is to try to blame God & say, "Look what God's done! Look at the mess He's made of things. Now look at what I'm going to do!"--When the truth is just the opposite. So that time will come, & the Lord's allowing it to come, just like our persecutions, so that He can get the glory & more testimonies & more advertisements & more media.
       156. They're just digging their own grave! Of course, they won't be buried in it until Armageddon, but at least we're preparing the coffins & the nails, so to speak, & we'll be their judges! Let's see what kind of judgements they're going to get then! I want to see it! Of course, I do want to see something now, too, & if I had my way, I'd like to see the Lord take them, & of course that would stop the persecution, & the World would go on its way & forget about us. But the Lord's not going to let them forget us! Praise the Lord!
       157. Lord, we thank You for this wonderful place to live & the supply of all of our needs, including security & protection. Keep us secure & protected as long as it be Thy Will. Bless the Family everywhere, in Jesus' name.--Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family