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REST FOR THE WEARY!       DO 2915       3/94

       1. (EARLY MORNING, right before dawn) I just had such a beautiful dream.--And I was singing an old song I hadn't thought of for years! This friend & I were building a house. We were almost finished & mostly just working to put a roof on it. It was the end of the day, & he was tired & sat down on an old homemade chair that was there. He was older than me & I figured he needed the rest, so I started singing him this old song:

              Rest, rest for the weary,
       Peace, peace to the soul.
       Though life may be dreary,
       Earth is not thy goal.

              Come, lay down thy burden,
       Come, come unto Me.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       Though all others flee.
       Though all others flee.

       2. Isn't that beautiful? I didn't even know if I could remember it. (Maria: I've never heard you sing it before.) I don't think I ever have! I think maybe I heard my Father sing it. (Maria: That's amazing!) (Sings song again, then cries a little & blows kisses to Maria.) I just had to sing you that before I forgot it. (Maria: Beautiful, Honey! Thank You Jesus!) Amen! It's a good song for me now in my old age. (Sings song again.) Now we've got to go back to sleep.
       3. Isn't that funny? We were building a house! It wasn't quite finished, we just had to finish the roof. He sat down, because he was older than I was & he was tired, & all of a sudden it just came to me to sing him that song. And I have not heard that song for years & years & years! I don't think I've heard it since my Father sang it. Isn't it beautiful? (Sings song again.)
       4. (Tongues:) "This song hath come for the comfort of your father, & to rest his soul." Isn't that beautiful? I was afraid not to sing it to you now for fear I'd forget it. So that's for you. You're my friend that was tired & sitting down to rest at the end of the day. (Maria: The house must be symbolic.) Yes, yes, definitely! Building a house! It wasn't quite finished. We had the roof partly on, but there was still a big hole in it. (Sings song again.)
       5. You've never heard that song before? It's a good thing I sang it for you, because I might have forgotten it later in the morning. Sometimes when I've had a dream I've said, "I don't want to record it now, it's too early"--but then later in the morning I forget it. So I just had to sing it while it was ringing in my heart. (Maria: That's beautiful, Honey!)
       6. He sat down in a chair, he was so tired, and I sang him this song. (Sings song.) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! It's for me, too. Thank You Lord! (Maria: The Lord said it was for your comfort.) Amen! The End is not far away. The house is almost completed. (--The Family!) (Sings:)

              Rest, rest for the weary,
       Peace, peace to the soul.
       Though life may seem dreary,
       Earth is not thy goal.
       Come, lay down thy burden.
       Come, come unto Me.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       Though all others flee.
       Though all others flee.

       7. I think it's going to be a hard year, but the house is almost finished, so rest. "Rest, rest for the weary. Peace, peace to the soul. Though life may seem dreary, Earth is not thy goal. Come, lay down thy burden. Come, come unto Me."--That's where I'm going! "I will not forsake thee. I will not forsake thee. I will not forsake thee. Though all others flee, though all others flee." It may seem, sometimes, that all others are fleeing.
       8. What a wonderful song for right now!--So comforting! So restful! So promising! It's so wonderful that the Lord should give me that in the middle of the night, & in the dark of the morning!
       9. They say life's darkest hour is just before dawn.--And that's what it is right now! What is it in the physical world right now? It's the darkest hour just before dawn! Apparently we are entering into the darkest hour of our lives just before His Dawn! And that's the song the Lord gave me in this darkest hour before dawn! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       10. Now you've got to go back to sleep, Honey. Thank you. I said, "Well, Lord, if she wakes up, I will record it."--And you woke up! So the Lord must have wanted me to give it to you. (Maria: Yes, I'm sure He did, thank You Jesus!)
       11. He said, "I have given this to comfort your father in his darkest hour, just before dawn." I'm sure that means He gave it for all of us, because you're all part of me, to help encourage us through these difficult times when our dear Family is going through some very rough things, like these five major court cases as well as other investigations & media battles. It may seem pretty dark right now, so this will be a comfort to them.
       12. (Tongues:) "I have given this word to your father for his comfort in life's darkest hour." That song is going to be a comfort to us. Oh, I can hardly wait to sing it to the Family! Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       13. That's so beautiful! That song just came to me. I don't think I've heard it since I was a child when my Father sang it. (Maria: You must not have, or I think you would have sung it in the years since.) The Lord was saving it for this hour! "Rest, rest for the weary. Peace, peace to my soul. Though life may seem dreary, Earth is not my goal." Then Jesus says, "Come, lay down thy burden. Come, come unto Me."--He wants you to lay down your burdens sometimes, children! "I will not forsake thee. I will not forsake thee. I will not forsake thee. Though all others flee, though all others flee!"
       14. Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You for that beautiful song of comfort in life's darkest hour! May Thy whole Family be comforted through that beautiful song that You gave me in the darkest hour just before dawn! (To Maria:) I love you, Sweetheart. Thank You Lord!
       15. (Maria: When it speaks of others fleeing, it reminds me of the persecution we heard of recently in one country. The Home decided to have a press conference, so they & their children invited the press, prepared their home, their whole presentation, songs, speeches etc.!--And only one person showed up, one lone neighbour--a sweet farmer man--nobody else, & they gave their presentation for this one dear man. But the Lord was working, because right after the press conference a local reporter called & said, "We heard you had a press conference, what would you like to tell the public?" And they spoke to her over the phone & she wrote a favourable article that appeared in the local paper. And then another reporter called, & they got another favourable article. But at first it looked like everybody had forsaken them, except for this one little man.)
       16. (Tongues) Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! "Though all others flee, I will not forsake thee, though all others flee!" We've had a lot of backsliders who have turned into enemies, but the Lord will never forsake us. He said, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee."--Heb.13:5. Oh, there are lots of Scriptures, of course! (See Deut.31:6; Josh.1:5; 1Chr.28:20; Isa.54:10; Jn. 4:18; Rom.8:38-39.)
       17. It reminds me of another song I love, "How Firm a Foundation!" (Sings:)

              How firm a foundation,
       Ye Saints of the Lord,
       Is laid for your faith
       In His excellent Word!
       What more can He say
       Than to you He hath said,
       To you, who for refuge to Jesus have fled?
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!

              Fear not, I am with thee!
       O, be not dismayed,
       For I am thy God,
       I will still give thee aid;
       I'll strengthen thee, help thee,
       And cause thee to stand,
       Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand,
       Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand!

       18. Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Those two songs fit together beautifully! Those songs are going to mean a lot to us in the dark hours to come.--Songs of comfort, songs of cheer, songs of reassurance that the Lord is still with us in spite of what happens. Thank You Jesus!
       19. It has already happened to some. God bless them! When I think of what has happened to some of our Family, I wonder how they ever could have stood it, but the Lord gives power for the hour! Grace for the case! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       20. Thank You for this song, Lord, in the quiet & the peace of darkness just before dawn. We're beginning to enter the darkness just before dawn. When the Lord comes, He will erase every sorrow & wipe away every tear. There's a song that says something about that, too. He'll erase every sorrow & wipe away every tear. Thank You Jesus! (Maria: There's the song about "Heartaches, take them all to Jesus. He will take your heartaches all away.") (Dad sings:)

              When your heart is aching, turn to Jesus,
       He's the dearest Friend that you can know;
       You will find Him standing close beside you,
       Waiting peace & comfort to bestow.

              Heartaches, take them all to Jesus,
       Go to Him today, do it now without delay;
       Heartaches, take them all to Jesus,
       He will take your heartaches all away!

       21. Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! (Prophecy:) "Many will come back to thee in that hour that is to come." Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! That sounds like many backsliders will return to us in that hour, saying, "To whom shall we go? For Thou alone hast the Words of Eternal Life."--John 6:68. Some have said that to us. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Even when sometimes it seems that some of our dearest have fled, forsaken us, the Lord will not forsake us. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!
       22. Isn't that amazing how that old song came back to me? In my dream, we were just finishing the day's work, & there was a hole in the roof. That's almost significant, too. The Lord is going to come at the very End when there is only a hole in the roof & the only way out is up! And that song came to me as a comfort to this old fellow who was helping me.
       23. Even some of our own people probably feel pretty old & weary right now. (Maria: Like some of our witnesses in England who have been on the witness stand being attacked mercilessly by the opposition lawyers hour after hour, & even day after day!) Bless them, Jesus! Inspire them! Strengthen them, give them comfort. Give them rest. Help them to be good witnesses, Lord, faithful to Thee, to think about You & pray.--All our witnesses, Lord, in all of the cases we're fighting.
       24. Rebuke the Devil, in Jesus' name! Resist the Enemy & he shall flee from thee!--Even in court. So help us to resist him, & all the demons of Hell will flee from us. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!

The House Is Almost Finished!
       25. The Lord gives me so many things in the still of the morning. I've gotten most of my dreams at that time. Wow, isn't that something? It was such a beautiful song that came with that dream! So beautiful! So symbolic!
       26. The house is almost finished, Honey! (--The Family!) Don't worry! It'll soon be done. Jesus is going to put the finishing roof on it with His Coming! Praise the Lord? And even if we feel like we haven't finished the house, He is going to come & take us out through the roof! Isn't that beautiful? (Maria: It certainly is. I guess we're sort of the last builders of the house that has taken generations to build.) We're amongst them! Thank God there are other builders! I'm sure there must be many Saints who are suffering even now, like in China & other places where they're suffering persecution & have churches in the home.

Precious Far-far!
       27. I keep waking up & looking at that picture over there on the wall--that old man with the white beard. He's looking up with such a sweet expression. He looks like my grandfather, dear old Far-far. He was so precious! I had such respect for his faith, & the way he & Far-mur (my grandmother) used to stand & sing & pray before their meals. They'd sit down & eat, & then stand up again & sing & pray with thanksgiving.
       28. Right before he died, he used to get out & rake up the falling leaves. It was significant, because he was in the fall of his life, raking up the falling leaves, & just a few years later he died in his sleep. He had this little lonesome room. Far-mur had already passed away, so Aunt Ellen (his daughter) had moved him out of the little cottage behind her house into a little back room just off the back porch. He had one single bed & that's where he died in his sleep. He was 80-something.
       29. That picture is striking!--The beautiful face of that old man, just a head with his white beard, white hair, deep-set dark eyes & such a sweet smile, just like he is looking at the Lord out of the darkness.
       30. It's all dark down below his face, you can't see anything but his head. He's looking up. It looks like he's talking or praying, because his mouth is open. He has big bushy white eyebrows & a head of white hair. It looks like there's a white collar just around his neck, & that's all you can see.
       31. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! It's such a comforting picture, & he has such a sweet expression of faith & confidence, looking up to the Lord. And that's the way we all need to be in these Last Days.

A Year of Great Harvest!
       32. God bless those sociologists who are studying us, they're really getting out the Message!--Every one of them mentions our doctrines of the Last Days. I'll tell you, people are going to be without excuse!--And there are going to be many backsliders who are going to be so sorry that they ever deserted us! They're going to come home like the Prodigal Son. Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! All is not lost! They're not gone forever! The Lord said, "I am married to the backslider."--Jer.3:14. They may have deserted Him for a while, but they'll come back.--And many others will come with them! Thank You Lord!
       33. Though the Earth is covered with darkness, gross darkness, there shall be light yet shining on the Earth!--Our lights!--And the people will come. Praise the Lord! The Lord said it will be a year of great harvest, in spite of great darkness! The great darkness, you see, will turn the people to our great light! Thank You Jesus! (Birthday prophecies coming soon!)
       34. What a song for this Last Day & our almost finished Family House! The only part not finished is the roof, & the Lord is going to come through that hole in the roof to lift us out of the darkness! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! (Sings:)

              It will be worth it all
       When we see Jesus!
       Life's trials will seem so small,
       When we see Him!
       One glimpse of His dear face,
       All sorrows will erase.
       So bravely run the race
       Till we see Christ!

       35. Mrs. Moomjian wrote that song.--Brother Moomjian's wife. They were Armenian Christians who went through terrible persecution! There were still some of them alive who were just children when the Turks drove them out of Armenia across the desert--starving & dying of thirst!--Many died! We haven't suffered like that yet. But the sufferings made these folks into beautiful saints. I met some of them in their Armenian church in Los Angeles. It was a beautiful church because it had such beautiful people. Many of them were little children at the time they were driven across that desert with their parents dying of starvation & thirst.
       36. But some of them made it! Guess where?--Into Tehran, where the Prophet Avak was one of their descendants & had become a jeweller in Tehran when they discovered he had the gift of miracles.
       37. So their children were left to carry on, & they did. (See ML#2347:25-39.) Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Just like our children are going to be carrying on. Though many of us may leave early because of persecution & go to be with the Lord, our children will join us in triumph on the Other Side at the victorious Coming of Jesus! Thank You Jesus! (Tongues:) "These are the Words I have given your father!"

Songs of Comfort!
       38. What a beautiful dream! But, Honey, we must go to sleep now & rest. That's what the song says, rest! In my dream, the man sat down & he looked so tired! He sort of symbolises the church, too, our Family building a house. We don't have to wait until we get There, like the song, "They're Building a Mansion for Me Over There"--we're building our mansion now! Praise the Lord!--The Church of God, the People of God, God's children! (Sings:)

              We're building a mansion for us Over There.
       Oh, won't that be glory when we get There.
       In the sweet by-&-by,
       In the sweet by-&-by,
       When the battle is done & the victory is won,
       In the sweet by-&-by!

       39. In the Last Days, I think a lot of those songs are going to be a great comfort to our people who are suffering. Thank You, Jesus, for those wonderful, sweet songs of comfort & Thy Love. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! In Jesus' name! Amen! (Maria: Your "Songs of Comfort" have already been a great comfort to the Family.) Yes, thank the Lord. I was thinking about that too.
       40. What's that song about the guy who's in the storm in a boat? He's singing, "There's Going to Be a Morning After." It was sung by that choir, "Harmony." Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! I often think of that song, but I can only remember a few of the words. (Sings:) "There's going to be a morning after, if we can hold on through the night ..." I don't remember the rest of the song, but maybe somebody can find it. It was on an old tape we had in Tenerife. (Note: Here's the song!)

              There's going to be a morning after,
       If we can hold on through the night.
       We know that we can find the sunshine,
       If we keep looking for the light.

              Oh, can't you see the morning after?
       It's waiting right outside the storm.
       Why don't we cross the bridge together
       And find a place that's safe & warm.

              It's not too late, we should be giving,
       Only with love can we climb.
       It's not too late, not while we're living,
       Let's put our hands out in time.

              There's going to be a morning after,
       We're moving closer to the shore.
       I know we'll be there by tomorrow,
       And we'll escape the darkness,
       We won't be searching any more!

              There's going to be a morning after!
       There's going to be a morning after!

       41. We sure suffered persecution in Tenerife! They drove us out, & you & I got out just in time, thank the Lord! So we're going to get out just in time, Honey!--When Jesus comes! Praise the Lord? (Maria: Amen!)--When it can't get any worse & the Lord knows we need rescuing, He's going to come in the sky! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! (Sings:)

              Some golden daybreak, Jesus will come.
       Some golden daybreak, battles all won.
       He'll shout the victory,
       Break through the blue!
       Some golden daybreak,
       For me, for you!

       42. How could we see Him coming if there wasn't that hole in the roof? (Maria: That's right!) It won't be quite finished until He comes! Praise the Lord!
       43. Isn't it wonderful how you know all those songs & you help me remember the words? What beautiful, wonderful comforting songs, there are so many!--And we're going to need them as time goes on. The Lord said there was going to be gross darkness covering the Earth. But then He says, "Arise, shine, for thy Light is come & the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee!"--Isa.60:1,2.
       44. We've had to arise & shine & go public to win these glorious victories out of seeming defeat. My Mother was always quoting that: "God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat." That's so true! Look at all of the glorious victories that have come out of the seeming defeats of persecution.
       45. For in yet a little while He shall come, & not tarry. I think the verse says something about the coming of the Lord. "For yet a little while, & He that shall come will come, & will not tarry."--Heb.10:37. Boy, what a day that will be! (Maria sings:)

              What a day that will be,
       When my Jesus I shall see.
       And I look upon His face,
       The One Who saved me by His grace.
       When He takes me by the hand,
       And He leads me to the Promised Land,
       What a day, glorious day that will be!

       46. Praise the Lord! In the sweet by-&-by! Thank the Lord! These are going to be songs of comfort for us!--This year & right up until He comes! The Lord promised our greatest harvest was going to be this year, the greatest harvest yet!--But in the midst of great darkness. Things will wax worse & worse, they're not going to get better.--But they're going to get better for our work & for the harvest.

Great Darkness Before the Light of the Coming of the Lord!
       47. That reminds me of a vision I had way back in Fort Worth, Texas. We were in this Latter Rain Church, & I suddenly saw a vision of harvesters busily harvesting the grain with big scythes, looking into the distant sky where there was a great storm coming, with big black storm clouds. We were reaping the harvest hurriedly because of the threat of the big dark storm.
       48. I had a dream similar to that one time, where we had to go through this low tunnel to get up to the high ground. Others were being swept away by the flood, but we got up on the high ground & we were safe. But first we had to go through this very dark tunnel. (See "The Great Escape!" ML#160.)
       49. Isn't that amazing? Nearly all the after-death experiences speak of a long dark tunnel with a bright light at the end, & you have to go through the long dark tunnel first. I think it's for the protection of God's Saints. When Howard Pittman had his experience, he saw the saints walking through the tunnel, & he said that the tunnel is to protect them on their way to Heaven from the devils & the demons. (See "Standing at Heaven's Gate," Christian Digest #13.) My Mother used to teach that the Devil was in control of the air, the atmosphere, & the storms. Of course, we know that the Lord controls it all ultimately, thank the Lord, but he (Satan) is called "the prince of the power of the air" (Eph. 2:2); & it can also be spiritual.
       50. We have to go through gross darkness, great darkness, before we reach the light of the Coming of the Lord! But in the prophecies given on my birthday, the Lord said that the darkness will drive people to our light, & that's why we are going to get such a great harvest, thank the Lord! My Mother used to sing this song: (Dad sings, & Mama helps with the words:)

              Good morning up There,
       Where Christ is the Light!
       Good morning up There,
       Where cometh no night.
       When we say good night here,
       Going to Heaven so fair,
       We'll say good night here,
       But good morning up There!

       51. See, Honey? You know all those old songs that I forget! Isn't that wonderful? It's just wonderful how the Lord had you be like you were born in my generation! Isn't that amazing? You're so much like me, Honey. You know all the old songs I know, & you had old-fashioned parents.
       52. (Maria: I graduated from high school just before they started promoting all that funny math where there are no absolutes, & using schoolbooks where they called morality "immorality.") And they made villains out of all the heroes! The Devil is really getting control. Life's darkest hour will be just before dawn! Thank You Jesus!

Later Thoughts & Jewels!
       53. I see a light winking from outside through the curtains. The whole World lieth in darkness, but there are all these little lights out there.--That's like us! We may not be very big nor very bright, but we shine! And we're some of the few lights there are out there!
       54. I was looking for the dawn & I didn't see all those little lights out there, but the Lord showed them to me through the curtain, the dark curtain of night.
       55. "All that live Godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution" (2Tim.3:12), & if they're not suffering persecution it's a pretty good sign that the Church is not living Godly! Or rather it's a pretty bad sign that the Church is not living Godly.
       56. That's such a beautiful picture on the wall! That sweet face of that old fellow comforts me. Isn't that something that the Lord would work it out so that a picture of an old man would be hanging in our room?--Because I'm an old man! We old men are not entirely useless.
       57. The Prophet is like one who draws aside the curtain & looks out at the darkness, waiting for the light. The Lord is so good to us to give us such a nice place to live. How could we ever complain about things? Honey, I love you! You're so wonderful & so precious!--The Cherisher of the Word & the Keeper of the Flame! You never let one word fall to the ground! Peace be unto thee. The Lord be with thee. (Dad falls asleep.)

Summary of the Dream for the Family
(Later that day with the Family:)
       58. I had one of those very impressive, message dreams! Those are the kind you always have just before you wake up & they're always clear, you remember every detail. Do you want to hear it, or do you want to read it? I can't wait to tell you!
       59. In my dream I was with this fellow who was older than me, & we'd been working all day building a house. He finally sat down in an old homemade chair that was there & he was really tired. I felt so sorry for him. We'd finished everything but the roof. There was a big hole in the roof. I didn't get the significance of all of these things at the time I had the dream, but later when I was telling Mama I even learned the significance of the hole in the roof.
       60. I felt so sorry for this man that an old hymn came to me. I'll bet I hadn't heard it since my Father or Mother sang it when I was a child. I don't think I've ever sung it for you guys. Mama says I've never sung it before for her. I felt so sorry for him because he was so tired, & all the words came back to me so clearly! (Sings:)

              Rest, rest for the weary,
       Peace, peace to the soul.
       Though life may be dreary,
       Earth is not thy goal.

              Come, lay down thy burden,
       Come, come unto Me.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       I will not forsake thee.
       Though all others flee.
       Though all others flee.

       61. He was a builder, & I think I was building, too. I realised then as the Lord began to give me the meaning of the dream, that of course the house represented the spiritual house of the Family, & he represented one of the Family builders. It seemed like we were building the house for safety because it was such a dangerous World outside, like things were really getting bad.
       62. I was reminded of some of the prophecies that one of our Units had received {\ul \i (coming soon, D.V.)}, how things were going to get a lot worse this year, but that is going to turn a lot of people to us. The Lord said we were going to have a great harvest this year. And I think it's probably going to be people, like other Christians, whom the Lord is going to turn to us because of all the horrors going on outside.
       63. Times shall wax worse & worse till it gets as bad as it was in the days of Noah. They had a form of birth control then, too, with the big god of Moloch. They had levers on the back of the idol, & the priests would operate the outstretched arms & hands like a catapult. The women would lay their babies on the hands, & then the priests would operate the levers & throw the babies right into Moloch's gaping mouth, into the fire! So that's the way it was in the days of Noah. They have a little more "civilised" way of doing it now--abortion--but it's still killing babies.
       64. Anyhow, from what I gathered from those prophecies, it's going to be a terrible year for the World. The World is going to get worse, & of course that's the way the Antichrist wants it. He wants people to be so broken & the economy so bad, the Great Crash & crime & everything else so bad, that they'll do anything to get some guy to solve all their problems--the "superman," the AC. But as a result, it's going to turn a lot of people to us.
       65. So things were pretty bad outside the house, & we were building it for protection in a way, but we hadn't finished the roof. It was a big home. And as I was telling the dream to Mama, the meaning of these different things came.
       66. Some of our folks have suffered a lot with persecution in the last year, etc. They're getting tired of it, & I'm tired of it too, but that doesn't mean that is going to be the end of it. So this man was worn out from building the house, & he sat down & the Lord gave me this song to comfort him. And as I looked up at the hole in the roof, it came to me, "Oh, that's for the Lord's Coming! We're not going to finish this house, but He is going to come." Then I sang him this song, & I kept singing it. I kept singing it over & over to Mama to make sure I wouldn't forget it, because I hadn't sung that song since I was a child.
       67. Isn't that a beautiful song? I don't know whether you can tell by the way I sing it or not. (Family: Oh, yes!) It was so beautiful in this dream, the Lord really helped me to sing it to him & be a comfort to him.
       68. (Sings:) "Rest, rest for the weary, peace, peace to your soul. When life seems so dreary, Earth is not your goal."--We have a lot of hard labour, although we don't seem to suffer very much here. "Come, lay down your burden, Oh, come unto Me."--The Lord! He is singing it. "I will not forsake thee, I will not forsake thee, I will not forsake thee, though all others flee."--Like our backsliders & the horrible liars who have forsaken us & fled & turned against us. They'll probably get it even worse. As things get tougher, it could be that some people just can't stand it & they will go back. Like Paul said about Demas, "Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present world."--2Tim.4:10.
       69. So that was the dream, & that was the song, & that's all there was to it! Then Mama & I had a discussion about it, which you can read.
       70. It's going to be a tough year, but there are going to be many mighty works the Lord is going to do!--According to all those prophecies. That song was so comforting to me! Thank You Jesus! It may be an encouragement to us in the days to come.

Keep On Believing!
       71. I just got another beautiful song! I woke up & it was going through my head & my heart & my mind. (Sings:)

              Keep on believing, God answers prayer!
       Keep on believing, He's still Up There!
       Sorrows & troubles will soon disappear.
       Nothing can harm you when Jesus is near!

              Keep on believing, the storm will pass.
       Look for the rainbow, 'twill come at last.
       Trust in His promise, 'twas written for you,
       Keep on believing & praise your way through!

       72. That's a beautiful song! I don't know why it came to me just now, but it just kept going through my head & I wanted to sing it for you before I forgot it. It's amazing I could remember all the words. Some people sing it "pray your way through," but my Mother used to like to sing it "praise your way through." She was all for thanking the Lord & praising the Lord. Thank You Lord! I guess we'll really need that song. I needed it tonight. It's a wonderful song! Praise the Lord!

Copyright 1996 The Family