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VIEWS ON THE NEWS! --World Currents No.72!       DO 2916       Comp.3/94

Clinton's Sincerity!
       1. I believe Clinton is sincere. He's a heart-winner, & I believe he is really concerned about the poor. Of course, he's wrong about a lot of things, but I think he is really concerned about people. He's a fighter!
* * *

       2. In looking at Clinton, you wonder how he can seem so sincere. The ACs at least picked a very clever man. Maybe the cleverest thing they did is that they picked a man who can appear to be so honest & sincere, in order to deceive the public.

Clinton on the "Larry King Live" Show!
       3. (Fam: We saw an interesting interview with Clinton on the "Larry King" Show. Sometimes Clinton would pause for a minute before answering a question, & we noticed he had an earpiece in his ear. He must have prompters, people who give him statistics, because he would come up with all these statistics & he looked like he knew everything!) Yes, he was pretty good at it. I thought too, "Boy, this guy's a genius! He's smart, he really knows the answers." And I don't doubt he's got some kind of inspiration as well! He would almost have to be possessed to have the kind of inspiration he needs to be so smart. I thought he did a good job answering all the questions.
       4. He's either very brilliant, has demonic inspiration, or a good prompter! (Fam: Or some of all of those. He's been a politician for so many years, too.) Yes, I noticed he really knows how to cozy up to the public. He knows how to make people feel good, make them feel he cares about them. He would personally thank each caller who phoned in & acted as though he was sincerely interested in them.--A good politician. I'll tell you, it takes a smart man to be President. Whew! I'd hate to be President of the United States. (Fam: And the opposition are always trying to dig up scandals & dirt from their past life. They always scrutinise the life of the President.) Yes, trying to find fault. But that's their job, to find fault with the ruling party.
       5. (Fam: It's a miracle he made it, considering his extramarital affairs. I thought that was going to cost him the presidency.) Apparently it didn't mean a thing to the American public. And apparently it didn't mean a thing to his wife, either, as long as she could get to be the President's wife & help run the country. "Let bygones be bygones. Let's run it together." She said, "Remember, when you get Bill, you get me too!" She was determined to have a part in running the U.S.

Things Are Tightening Up!
(After Clinton's speech in which he announced plans for a Federal "health card" for every American:)
       6. I can see why things are getting tighter, & they could get tighter in a hurry if the U.S. puts this plan into effect for every American citizen to have an I.D. card so they can trace you more easily. Cards like these will eventually turn into the Mark of the Beast, of course. Well, Lord, You know all about it & You know what You're doing.

The Federal Reserve Bank!
       7. The Federal Reserve Bank is a private, Jewish-funded bank which controls the finances of the U.S. (The Federal Reserve, nicknamed the Fed, is known as the Central Bank of the U.S. It manages the U.S. supply of money & credit & oversees the U.S. banking system. The president appoints the seven-man board of governors who run the Fed, but the Fed operates independent of both the President and Congress, & its meetings are shrouded by secrecy.)

The Truth Behind Who Runs the U.S. Drug Trade!
       8. How could the U.S. have been willing to invade a tiny little country like Panama with tens of thousands of soldiers just because of one man that they abhor, & kill thousands of innocent Panamanians in the process? The question that comes to me strongly is, why would an AC-controlled government like the United States go to war with a little tiny country like Panama? And the next question that comes to me is, what does Panama have that the ACs want? And it's obvious!--They have a huge big drug business, & the Panamanian banks were profiting tremendously from money laundering. So the ACs decided they wanted Panama & its drug trade & its money laundering banking business. They weren't going to let this little Latin American squirt (Noriega) defy them in not letting them have it!
       9. So who is running the U.S. drug trade?--The U.S., of course! While they're spending billions on the so-called "war on drugs," the Panama invasion makes it possible for them to make sure the war on drugs does not go too far. It makes you wonder then why Pablo Escobar was blamed for so much of the drug trade. He must've gotten in trouble with the ACs & he didn't let them have it, so they finally got him.
       10. The World is so corrupt! These nations & peoples are so corrupt, everything's so deceitful & such a lie! The U.S. is supposed to be fighting drugs & carrying on a war against drugs, when in actuality it's probably running the biggest drug trade in the World & getting billions of profit from it! That's my opinion. (Mama: On top of that, the U.S. also had other reasons for invading Panama--for one, to secure the Panama Canal zone.) Yes, to make sure they controlled Panama & the Panama Canal & to defeat those treaties which would've returned it to the Panamanians in a few years. (Mama: And also to get rid of Noriega completely & shut him up.) Yes, because he once worked for them, but turned against them & was apt to reveal secrets about them.
       11. Why else would they have set him up in such a comfortable situation in a Florida prison? He has his own apartment & practically everything he wants. He has TV, computers, & a telephone. They're obviously trying to keep him quiet by giving him special treatment, like Colombia did Escobar until he turned against them again, & then they went all out to kill him.
       12. Any country as powerful as the U.S. is controlling a lot of the business that's going on in the World, & especially in the U.S. Undoubtedly they are controlling crime, drugs, business, money laundering, etc. (Mama: Also, the documentary we saw on Panama brought out that the U.S. wanted Panama as its military base for Latin America.) Absolutely! I believe it. ("The Panama Deception," an Academy-award winning documentary exposing the U.S. invasion of Panama.)
       13. America is just as brutal & cruel as any other nation. It's amazing to think that Bush could pull off a war like that in Panama & get away with it!--And that he could pull off a war in Iraq & get away with it. I think Bush went a little too far, despite his stand for traditional Christian values. He sure didn't live up to them when it came to invading these other little countries. He didn't uphold the ethic of "right over might," but instead used the Satanic policy of "might over right"!
       14. Frankly, I felt that not only did Noriega have a right to defy the U.S., but Saddam Hussein also had a right to defy the U.S.! So I think Bush's justification of both wars was totally wrong & horrible! The U.S. has not only done all those terrible things to Panama, but even worse to Iraq! Whereas they killed thousands in Panama, they killed between 120,000 & 300,000 in Iraq, & the U.S. still hasn't given up trying to destroy Iraq, literally starving the whole country to death, crushing it economically & physically & in every way they can.--Of course, to please Israel & the Zionists & the AC leaders. (UNICEF has estimated that 80,000 to 100,000 Iraqi children died in 1993 from malnutrition & related diseases as a result of the Allied bombing & UN sanctions.)
       15. The U.S. is capable of doing anything evil. It is evil, horribly evil! What do they care if other countries are persecuting us? How can they expect any other countries to be decent & democratic & tolerate the tiny little religious organisation they abhor? They've done almost nothing to help us in the countries where we're being persecuted, because the people who run the U.S. are the ones who are running our persecutions, the same ACs who are running the World! And to run the World, they've got to run the drug business & the Mafia & every poor little country that can't fight them. They've just got to run everything, & that's what they're doing.
       16. And since they are receiving some opposition from the Christians, they're going to try their best to crush Christianity, which is why they're supporting the Antichrist.--Except their surprise is going to come when he turns on them & crushes them too! But the day is coming, praise the Lord, when the Lord is going to crush them all--all those who are against Him & us. He's going to wipe them out in the Battle of Armageddon with our help, & then run the World with our help!
       17. It's nothing to the U.S. to wipe out a little Christian commune like they did in Waco, when they've wiped out a whole country--Panama!--And Iraq! And God knows how many other countries they've wiped out in one way or another. The U.S. has a long history of attacking & taking over Latin American countries, & God only knows how many more they're going to devastate, whether militarily or economically. That's why God confused all the languages at Babel, hoping Mankind wouldn't develop to where any one language would dominate the Earth. But the Devil managed to get around that & think up another way to do it, & World domination is coming under the Antichrist, with the ACs, who speak all the languages! How clever. But the Lord will defeat them anyhow, thank You Lord!
       18. That disclosure of how the CIA is now being exposed as helping to run the drug business only shows that certainly the U.S. government would not be cheated out of running one of the most profitable businesses in the World. After all, they control all the other businesses, why not drugs? (A CIA "anti-drug program" in Venezuela shipped a ton of nearly pure cocaine to the U.S. in 1990, where it wound up being sold on the streets.)
* * *

       19. The U.S. is not really fighting drugs--the U.S. has too big a stake in drugs. There are billions of Dollars being spent on the so-called "drug war," so why would they want to stop that? There'd be thousands & thousands of officials & police who would go hungry if it weren't for the money they make fighting the drug war. That's why they're not stopping it. They can't stop it, because the U.S. government itself is involved in the drug war!--And I don't mean fighting it. Look what they did to Noriega!--They used him to oversee the drug trade, & then they blamed it all on him.
       20. Government officials are always trying to act like they're stopping drugs, & the Colombian government finally shot Escobar. But who do you suppose particularly wanted him shot?--The competing drug cartel, Cali, among others! There's too much money involved in drugs. They will never be able to stop it! It's getting worse all the time & people are making more money on it all the time, including U.S. officials. The U.S. government puts billions of Dollars into various parts of the drug war. Where do you suppose all that money is going? Well, part of it is allocated to the drug war within the U.S., government money to government officials, who turn around & import the drugs themselves to sell them for more billions!
       21. They're never going to get rid of drugs as long as they don't have the Lord. People want to take them & are willing to pay billions for them in the biggest market in the World--the U.S.A. I mean, that country is going crazy! Tremendous amounts of money are involved. If they really wanted to cut down on drugs they would legalise them, like they did with heroin in Britain for awhile, or marijuana in the Netherlands. By doing so, they practically killed off part of the drug trade. Because when drugs are legal, do you know what that means? (Family: It cuts off the middle man & crime.) It cuts him off, & cuts what way down? (Family: The prices.) Yes.
       22. We were in London not more than two or three years after they virtually legalised heroin for a time, & if you could prove you were an addict, you could go to a doctor & get a legal prescription for heroin or methadone (a chemical substitute). One of the dealers told me about this.--At least, he had been a dealer--that guy I met in Picadilly Circus, remember? (See ML#2799-4:20-23.) I was taking pictures & he wanted to know what I was taking pictures of & what for, etc. It turns out he had been a drug dealer making big money, & he said, "I'm having a hard time now just trying to support my wife & baby. I can't make enough money at it any more."
       23. In the same way, Britain practically eliminated kidnapping. You almost never hear about a kidnapping in Britain. (Family: Because it's illegal to pay the ransom money?) Yes, they passed laws forbidding paying ransoms. The minute somebody in a rich family gets kidnapped, the police monitor the family to prevent them from paying the ransom money! The criminals know they can't get the money, so they quit kidnapping!
       24. They've done the biggest thing in Russia recently to encourage kidnapping in that case where the Russian government paid the kidnappers of some school children 10 million Dollars right off the bat! (Update: The kidnappers & most of the money were seized while trying to flee to Iran, & the hostages were released unharmed.)

U.S. Hit Squads!
       25. The U.S. has been training the rightist hit squads in Latin America in how to kill their enemies. The U.S. considers Latin America their possession, & they use them like that too. They always have. It's the same way Europe considers Africa theirs, & always has.--Only the European countries actually called parts of Africa their "colonies," & they were named by the country to whom they belonged. (Such as the former colony of French Equatorial Africa, which was split into the independent nations of the Central African Republic, Chad, Congo & Gabon.) Finally after World War 2, Russia put the squeeze on & the colonial powers had to let their colonies go & give them their freedom & independence--to their own downfall!

The U.S. Doesn't Listen to Advice!
       26. The U.S. usually doesn't listen to reasonable advice. They just get blustery & tough with countries & adopt a "don't push us around" type of attitude.

NATO Membership!
       27. The West wanted all those Eastern European countries to be free, but now they're not willing to take them into their "club." Just think, these countries which Russia once controlled want to join NATO now & be a part of it. Here the West was trying to get them out of Communism for so many years, & now they won't let them join the Western Alliance!

Russian Economy Worse Off Now!
       28. The economy Russia had under the Communists was better than what they've got now. Of course, their repressive government & the lack of liberty & all the rest was not so good, but it seems that at least their economy worked better than the chaos they've got now. At least everyone had enough to eat, or something to eat, even though the store shelves were pretty empty most of the time. But they're sure in a greater mess now! Communism is bad, but Capitalism has turned out even worse for the poor Russians!

Arab/Israeli Situation!
       29. The Israelis deserve to live with fear, having done the same to Palestine & the Arabs that Germany did to the Jews! There will never be peace there until Jesus comes. Only the Lord can solve the Mideast crisis, & He's going to. The Antichrist will finally turn on the Jews & avenge the Arabs & take over the World--for neither Jews nor Arabs nor Christians, but for himself & the Devil--until he's destroyed, & then we & the Lord take over!

Computers, Vaccinations & the Mark of the Beast!
       30. This whole computer craze is the final result of Man picking the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. It's finally getting to its extremes & the Lord's got to stop it soon. (Mama: I guess the AC is getting prepared to do something really major with it, right?) I'm sure they're already doing something through these video games, virtual reality & TV! (Mama: I know people are influenced now, but the ultimate, the finale, will be to control people through it.) Of course!--With the computer chip in their forehead or their right hand!--The Mark of the Beast, which is designed to control everybody, except we who refuse to take it.
       31. Now they're even able to sneak it in by vaccinations, so if you take vaccinations you're not apt to know whether you've got a chip or not! Scientists are making the chips small enough to insert with a hypodermic needle, & at the same time they're urging everybody to get inoculations! (Mama: In fact, they're making it a crime in the U.S. not to get your children inoculated. They say it's already that way in a lot of states, that they won't let your children go to school without it & they can even arrest you if you refuse.) Vaccinations have been a threat for years! When Mother Eve & I were living mobile in the trailer, rather than have our kids vaccinated we'd move to some other school where they didn't require it. But now governments are even requiring it.

Violent Weather & People!
       32. The weather is getting more violent, like the people. I think the Lord is allowing it to get that way.

Generation of Hell!
       33. The generation of Hell, that's what this generation is! "The generation that shall see these signs (of the End) shall not pass away till all these things shall be fulfilled." (See Mat.24:33,34.) I'll tell you, the last generation is going to deserve the Antichrist, & that's the way it's getting to be.

Church & Children!
       34. A lot of people don't go to church until they have children, & then they feel the need for church or something to teach their children, so they take them back to church. So the children bring a lot of their parents back to religion.

Death--A Release from Suffering!
       35. It seems like a lot of Christians don't have a very clear concept of Heaven, & they don't realise that those poor starving sick children who die are being taken straight to Paradise. They're being taken out of this wicked World. When people ask, "How could a God of Love allow these horrible things to happen to these poor people & little children," I would answer, "He doesn't! He takes them straight to Paradise. He gets them out of all their misery. Death is release, it's not necessarily a horrible fate."
       36. I believe like the Muslims on that, that they'll go straight to some sort of Paradise. That's the only thing that can help me stand it when I see millions of people starving & the horrors of war! The ones who get killed & die are the blessed ones. It's only those who have to remain here & suffer that are practically cursed! (Mama: But unfortunately, it seems the majority of people don't get killed, they do have to remain & suffer.) Well, then I'm sure the Lord allows this to try to teach them something. We've heard plenty of testimonies from people of how suffering taught them something. Some became Christians & testified for the Lord, & the Lord made them a great inspiration & a blessing to others.--Like this athlete, Dennis Byrd, who recently got healed & now goes around testifying & trying to encourage others. (U.S. football player Dennis Byrd, who was left paralysed from the neck down after an accident during a game which broke his neck, says his faith in God helped him recover. He is now able to walk & function normally, & constantly testifies of God's power to heal!) (Amen! God bless him!--And you! We love you! It won't be long now!--D.)

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