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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.73!       Comp.3/94       DO 2917


Hebron Massacre!
(Following the massacre of 30 to 50 Muslims praying in a Hebron mosque, by a Jewish settler with an automatic weapon:)
       1. Years ago, when I first heard about the Israelis letting those Jewish settlers move into the all-Arab city of Hebron, I thought, "Uh-oh, they're really trying to cause trouble!" They pioneered a Jewish settlement right in the heart of Hebron, Abraham's city. (Note: Nearly 400 militant Jewish settlers live among the 80,000 Arabs of Hebron. Their settlements are illegal under international law. The Geneva Conventions prohibit moving civilians into occupied territories, & even the United States has warned that establishing these settlements is illegal and that they would be an obstacle to peace.)
       2. They wanted to reclaim it for the Jews, so they went in there with the help of the Israeli army. They'd claim a house, & pretty soon the army would have to come to defend them. They had to have army guards & high fences around the settlement, & all of the settlers were allowed to carry Uzis. (Fam: They're still carrying them.) Yes, like the Jewish settler who shot all of those Muslims in the mosque! He just walked right in with his gun, with no opposition from the guards who were supposed to be guarding the Arabs worshipping in the mosque.
       3. The Arabs are complaining that there must have been some kind of conspiracy there, because the guards didn't stop the guy from walking in with his machine gun under his arm. Well, he got what was coming to him--he got beaten to death by an angry mob! Now they're claiming that this other shooting of the vanload of Hasidic Jews in New York City was in retaliation for that, because a girl on the bus said the guy yelled out in Arabic, "Kill the Jews!" (Note: Four days after the Hebron attack, a gunman in Brooklyn fired on a van of Hasidic students, killing two & wounding two others. A Lebanese man was arrested & charged for it.) It sounds like they caught the guy who did it, but you never know. Police often try to grab the first person that is suspicious. They're trying to quash the idea that it was in retaliation for the massacre in Hebron, but there are bound to be retaliations & reactions like that.

Settlers Shot by Israeli Police!
       4. In another incident, a Jewish settler couple who were riding in their car through Hebron & were ordered by the Israeli police to stop, were shot. Since they didn't stop, the police thought they must be Arabs--apparently they didn't understand each other or something--so they shot them. They killed the man, & the woman is still alive. There are all kinds of terrible things going on.

King Hussein, a Good Man!
       5. King Hussein of Jordan is a good man, a man of peace. I think he's a very wise man. He's probably absorbed a lot of Christian qualities from his wife, Queen Noor.

Full Scale War in Egypt!
       6. There's a full scale war going on between Fundamentalist Muslim extremists & the Egyptian government. They say one policeman is killed every four days. They're trying to keep it out of the news so they won't scare the tourists away, because even tourists are getting attacked. (Note: At least three foreign tourists have been killed & dozens wounded in the last two years of political violence. Tourism to Egypt has reportedly dropped by 70% in that period.) Militants are deliberately attacking tourists to get the attention of the Western World. But if even Bosnia can't get the attention of the Western World, I don't know what will! Clinton has been distracted with everything else but Bosnia. The ACs & the media are so clever. They're leading & governing everything that's happening. There's not a thing Clinton can do without the ACs having a hand in it.


Russian Parliament & Yeltsin!
       7. The Russian Parliament released Yeltsin's worst enemies, the ones who led the armed rebellion against him. The Parliament just let them go! (Fam: How could they do that if Yeltsin is in charge?) Well, the Parliament overruled him & granted them amnesty. But then Yeltsin fired some of the guys who were involved in letting them go!
       8. There's a lot of trouble there, & I don't know whether Yeltsin's government is going to survive or not, or whether Russia is going to survive or not. It had already fallen, but it could have received "the wound unto death" that in the end was healed.--Rev.13:3. So it could rise again, & this time with a dictator who will probably turn out to be the Antichrist. According to the Bible, he definitely comes from the North. Of course, there are a lot of Northern countries.


Jewish Chinese!
       9. I'm persuaded that China is being led by Jewish Chinese.

U.S. Soldiers Staying in Vietnam
       10. Some U.S. soldiers who fought in Vietnam just decided to stay there & live with their Vietnamese wives. If I had been a Vietnam War veteran, after peace was declared & there was a chance of getting out of the army by disappearing into the jungle, I might've done it too. They claim there are 2,200 missing Vietnam vets, that's the latest statistic. I'll tell you, with freedom, wives, families, drugs & the fact that they could do as they please & live in the jungle, no wonder so many of them disappeared. They don't want to be found, & I don't think the Vietnamese are going to force any of them to be found if they don't want to be. They've literally become Vietnamese.


Shootings & Traffic Accidents!
       11. Shootings could soon surpass traffic accidents as the leading cause of death by injury in the U.S.! It's already happened in seven states, plus the District of Columbia.

A Crime Every 22 Seconds!
       12. Every 22 seconds a crime is committed in the state of Florida.

Stock Market Climbing!
       13. When are people going to wake up to the fact that what's happening now is the same thing that happened in the Great Depression? The stock market went higher & higher, luring more & more people into investing in it. Then when it crashed, they crashed too.

Dollar Always Comes First!
       14. Any time the U.S. has to decide between human rights & U.S. Dollar commercial concerns, you can imagine which way they'll go!--The Dollar always comes first!

Los Angeles Quake!
       15. The Lord obviously wanted the World's media to cover the Los Angeles earthquake, so He kept the airport from being damaged.

Judgements of God!
       16. (Family: A Muslim cleric in Egypt was quoted as saying that the Los Angeles earthquake was a judgement of God on Clinton & his administration for not stopping the killing of Muslims in Bosnia.) Yes. Well, it was a judgement of God for a lot of reasons.
       17. First they had drought for six years! Then they suddenly had big floods, drenching rain. Then after the floods, everything dried up again & they had all those fires. And after the fires, the earthquake. Drought, flood, fire, earthquake! And now it's raining again, so they're having mudslides. And do you know what community is being hardest hit in these mudslides?--Malibu, known as the home of the rich & the famous. Their big palatial homes are sliding into the sea. (Family: Maybe they'll learn to share.) Well, they're sharing the judgements of God right now, & they deserve it! Like my Dad said in the midst of an earthquake, "Shake'm up, Lord!"

Save the Rats
       18. In California they put rodents before human beings! (Note: In the midst of the wildfires, some 29 homes near Los Angeles were destroyed--homes that residents said might have been saved if they had been allowed to clear the tinder-dry brush from around their houses. But a federal law protecting the Stephens' Kangaroo Rat prohibits clearing brush because it is the small rodent's habitat. One resident, whose home was destroyed by the blaze, blamed it on the fact that, "We are in a Kangaroo Rat habitat study area." Another added: "To them [EDITED: "the government"], that rat is more important than any of us.")
       19. I'll tell you, the environmentalists have gone nuts!--Insane! They're more willing to protect animals than they are people. The Fish & Wildlife Service is willing to spend millions of Dollars to preserve 6,000 species of plants, animals & insects. It's all part of the AC Conspiracy to destroy civilization!

World Trade Center Bombing!
       20. They've got to nail somebody quick in such a big horrendous case as the World Trade Center bombing, with so many people killed & injured & so much destroyed. For all we know, the government could just be framing those people. I don't doubt they often frame people. I don't trust the U.S. government at all. I trust them almost least of all! (Noted defense attorney Gerry Spence said that he had never been involved in a case with the federal government in which the government had not lied & manufactured evidence to gain a conviction. "These are not the good guys," he said. "These are people who do what they believe is necessary to do to bring about a conviction.")

Saving the World from Democracy
       21. There's a publisher in the U.S. named Gary Lauck who is saturating Germany with Nazi materials. He publishes in the U.S., where there is freedom of speech & he can get away with it, & then ships it into Germany. Because in Germany it's forbidden & they have a lot of laws against publishing any of that kind of propaganda, or even printing Hitler's book or selling it. So this guy does it all from the U.S.
       22. They asked him what he was trying to do, & he said, "We're trying to make the World unsafe for democracy!" That's paralleling the usual phrase of "free for democracy." Democracy is the rule of Man, & he sure hasn't had very good success with that in this World. The Devil's trying to persuade the World to practice democracy, because he knows that's his own government--to get the people to rule when the majority are usually wrong. (See Mat.7:13,14.)
       23. Frankly, I'm sold on Socialism.--That's the way we live, sharing & caring. So we're not against all the principles of communism. You could say we are Christian communists.

The Devil Having a Field Day with Abortion!
       24. The Devil hates sex. He is portrayed as liking sex, but actually he hates it because procreation is one of his greatest enemies. It creates more people, more babies, & he hates that. He's having a field day in the U.S. & the World with all the abortion that's going on. He loves to kill babies!

Anti-Abortion Restrictions!
       25. The Supreme Court ruling about protestors outside abortion clinics is another nail in the U.S.' coffin. The anti-abortion demonstrators can now be prosecuted under the "Anti-Racketeering Law," RICO, placing them in the same category as gangs & criminals! It was a unanimous Supreme Court decision, think of it! (Note: A spokeswoman for Operation Rescue called the decision "a complete travesty of justice. The Supreme Court justices obviously do not understand how far-reaching this case is. This opens the floodgates for RICO to be used against anybody who uses free speech in a way that offends somebody else, or freedom of religion or freedom of assembly," she said.)

The "Don't Blame Me" Generation!
(While watching a documentary:)
       26. The U.S. is a nation of "victims," a nation of people who won't take responsibility for their own lives, but are constantly multiplying their excuses & always looking for somebody else to blame. That's what the psychologists & teachers have taught them. It's the "don't blame me" culture. Their expectation of normal life is that it ought to be perfect, & if something goes wrong, then it's somebody else's fault. The "don't blame me" response has been infecting just about everybody & is becoming a dangerous national epidemic. They're taught: "It's not your fault, it's your mother & father's fault. It's your teacher's fault. It's society's fault. It's your sibling's fault. It's the child abuser's fault. It's your heredity's fault. Your environment's fault, your neighborhood's fault. The fault of your social standing."


Selfish Queen!
       27. How can the Queen of England keep all that wealth? (Note: Estimates of the Queen's wealth range from $76 million to over $10 billion.) It's so selfish. She's probably keeping it for a rainy day when they kick her out. Well, the monarchy is so traditional, I doubt that they'll get rid of her until the Lord comes!--Or the Antichrist!

Nations Held Responsible!
       28. God is going to hold the nations responsible for what they spend on wars, just like He's going to hold them responsible for letting Bosnia suffer.

Serbian Denials!
(2/94, before the Sarajevo ceasefire:)
       29. It's a new wrinkle where the aggressors even deny that they have anything to do with the situation in Sarajevo. How horrible! God damn those Serbs! Lord, when are You going to stop them? While the World is staying in fine homes & hotels, the Bosnians are being bombed out of their homes.--And the Serbs even deny doing it, it's ridiculous! While the talks drag on, the Serbs continue to slaughter the Bosnians. How can they persuade Clinton not to intervene? It shows you how persuasive the ACs are.

War Against the Muslims!
       30. (2/94) The Bosnians perceive this as a war against the Muslims!--That the Christian West wants them destroyed & that they're not welcome in Europe. But the Serbs have other motivations too. One of the main reasons they attacked Bosnia is that they wanted the Muslims' land, & they got it, not just because they were ethnically different. What God is going to do to those Serbs! (Maria: Do the Muslims worldwide perceive this as a war against the Muslims to try to destroy them & run them out?) Yes, they figure that's why no one will help them or rescue them. They say the Europeans want to see Europe purged of Muslims. (Maria: Do you think that's really the reason?) I think that's one reason the World hasn't taken any action. Another reason is AC propaganda, influence & pressure.
       31. (Maria: Is it because the Jews are against the Muslims?) It's because the Jews are against the Muslims & for the Serbs, & they're trying to get revenge for what Hitler did to the Jews there during the war. (Maria: Was it the Bosnian Muslims who were against the Serbs under Hitler?) The Croats & the Muslims cooperated with Hitler's forces against the Serbs, killing hundreds of thousands of them, & now the Serbs & the Jews are determined that they really suffer for it. (Note: The Bosnians were also allied with the Turks, who ruled the Balkan area for hundreds of years under the Ottoman Empire, & they often persecuted & exploited the Serbs.) The Jews have a vicious sense of vengeance.--Absolutely ruthless, unmerciful & cruel! They chase old men in their 80s all over the World, so-called Nazi war criminals, even kidnapping them to bring them back to Israel.
       32. The Jews are getting their revenge & the World doesn't even seem to realise it. And then the Jews keep talking about the terrible Holocaust so that the World will sympathise with them & let them get away with it. The World doesn't care if the Serbian war is run by ACs. They couldn't care less if every Bosnian in Bosnia was wiped out. In fact, some commentators have said that they wish the Bosnians would just give up & the Serbians would win so they could get it over with. Well, those who ignore their plight are going to suffer for it some day, the way they refuse to help the poor Bosnians. Some day somebody is going to refuse to help them. There's not going to be any America to rescue them next time, because America will have been destroyed.
       33. The Lord's allowing it. I don't know why, but I guess the Bosnians are suffering for their sins. God says that the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the children, even unto the third & fourth generation.--Exo.20:5. What a condemnation!

A Horrible Way to Conquer a Country!
       34. (2/94) I've written some pretty strong things against Zaire & its dictator (Mobutu) whom I didn't like. He's ruled with an iron hand for over 25 years now, exiling his enemies. But I would say that Milosevic, the dictator of Serbia, is even worse! He's killing his enemies off little by little. Isn't that a horrible way to conquer a country, just deliberately terrifying them & slaughtering them? Only this last time it wasn't so little.--A Serb mortar shell killed 68 people & wounded about 200 in Sarajevo! Think of it! And they're still letting him get away with it. All Europe knows! The whole World knows. Clinton knows, & he's even wanted to go there & bomb the gun sites of those damn Serbs, but the ACs talk him out of it every time.
       35. For two years now the ACs have blocked any attempts to stop that war by the UN, NATO, the U.S. or anybody. The Serbs just keep bombing away, or rather gunning away. They're not allowed to use airplanes in their slaughter. Isn't that nice of the U.S. to forbid airplanes to fly over Bosnia?--So they just have to use big guns instead. Well, if you're shot & dismembered, it doesn't really make much difference whether it came from a plane or a big gun!

Serbian Ultimatum!
       36. (2/94) The U.N. & NATO have given the Serbs a 10-day deadline, an ultimatum, to pull back their guns around Sarajevo, or get bombed! It shouldn't be too hard to find the big guns, but the mortars will be more difficult. It was a mortar that did the most damage in that bad massacre in the marketplace. Mortars are not more than a couple of meters long & just a tube, so you can hide them & set them up almost anywhere. They use a fairly small shell. You just drop it down the tube & it goes off automatically & can shoot quite a ways.
       37. That must have been a pretty big one that killed 68 people & injured over 200. Think of it! It was a real massacre! And then the Serbs tried to say, "Oh, that was just the Bosnians shooting themselves in the foot to get sympathy." What a bunch of liars! I mean, nobody in his right mind would have shot & killed 68 of their own people & injured 200 of them just to get sympathy!
       38. I was really praying last week, "Lord, You've got to do something! Stop this killing!" Of course, I didn't expect Him to do it that way, through that marketplace massacre, but that's about the only way the Bosnians could've gotten World sympathy & finally seen some action. They've been pleading for help for two years while the Serbs just kept right on marching & taking over more territory all the time, trying to create their "greater Serbia" out of Yugoslavia.
       39. The Serbs were well equipped for this war. They were in control of the majority of the Yugoslav army & its arms, they had it all. Whereas the Bosnians & the Croats were just little nobodies who hardly had anything in the way of arms. Then on top of that, the UN clamped down with a general embargo. It was good to have an embargo on Serbia so that nobody could ship them any more arms, but they didn't need the arms anyway. But they clamped the embargo on Croatia & Bosnia too, so they haven't been able to get arms even to defend themselves. They've said, "Just lift this stupid embargo so we can defend ourselves!" But since the ACs back the Serbs, they haven't been able to get anywhere with their complaints for about two years.
       40. The Serbs have some big friends in high places that kept talking everyone out of taking any action. If Clinton or Western Europe would say anything about bombing, the Serbs would temporarily stop & back down a little & talk talk talk. Boy, the ACs are great on talking. And in the media they even tried to influence the public to feel sorry for the Serbs: "They're being hurt just as much by the embargo & blah blah blah. They can't buy a toaster or enough gasoline unless they go over to Hungary. Isn't that sad? Such a sacrifice! They're really suffering."--While Serb forces are blowing the legs & the arms & the heads off of the poor Bosnians, who can't even go out to get food or water & are without lights & heat! Whew!
       41. The World saw their plight on TV every day & did nothing about it. The God damned ACs talked them out of it every time they were just about ready to take action. But this last massacre was the worst! The Serbs really shot themselves in the foot this time by killing so many. It was a huge slaughter, 68 dead & over 200 injured. I was really praying last week that the Lord would do something about it, & I think I told you guys to pray about it too. I didn't expect Him to do it that way, but at least it got the World's attention!--At last!
       42. The Serbs have got to stop shelling immediately, which they have done; there's been very little shelling & activity. There are some independent snipers holed up in buildings that are still taking potshots every now & then, but no more big shells are coming in like they were before. And within ten days they've got to not only cease all firing of big guns, but pull them back to 12 miles from the city--beyond gun range, in other words--& then somehow try to bring about a peace.
       43. The Serbs have been trying to talk them into accepting the division of Bosnia into three countries--one for the Serbs, one for the Croats & very little left for the Bosnians--a peace plan drawn up by Britain's Lord Owen. He's been trying to talk the poor Bosnians into this peace plan that'll give the aggressors each a big hunk of Bosnia & leave very little for the Bosnians.
       44. It seems like the French have been more sympathetic to the Bosnians. Mitterrand even went there & marched through the streets once (6/92) to show his sympathy. The French have got something like 6,000 soldiers there supposedly to try to keep the peace, & Britain has also got several thousand peacekeepers there under the U.N. The U.S. has no troops in there, or haven't had, but now they may send in some people.
       45. So it finally got the attention of the World! It's had their attention a long time, but nobody would do anything about it. Every time they were ready to do something against the Serbs, the ACs would talk them out of it.--Mostly Lord Owen. Boutros-Ghali, the UN Secretary General, wouldn't do anything either--all he'd do was send in food. One of the Bosnians said, "What do they want to do, just bury fat corpses? What's the use of fattening us up for the kill?" The poor Bosnians. And the sad thing is, they figure it's the Christians that are trying to exterminate them--the Catholic Church & the Serbian Orthodox Church. (Family: Because they're Muslims?) Yes. The Orthodox Church is on the Serbian side & the Catholic Church is on the Croat side, & they're both trying to exterminate the Muslims. Boy, what a dirty business!
       46. Well, this last massacre really got the World stirred up & insisting that Europe & America stop them! France has wanted to use force--give them credit for that--& Germany wanted action too. Clinton has also said he wanted to use force, but every time he decides to do it, they talk him out of it.--Europe talks him out of it mostly, especially Britain. NATO wouldn't do anything until the UN gave the word, & the UN refused to give the word until now. Thank God they're finally doing something!

God Stopped the War!--An Answer to Prayer!
       47. Just a week before this NATO ultimatum was issued I was praying, "Lord, You've got to stop it somehow!" It's terrible!--Indiscriminate slaughter of men, women, children, babies shot by the damn snipers right while they're in their mothers' arms! Snipers should know better, because they know what they're shooting. It's just horrible!
       48. The Serbs have got enough forces, they could've marched right in & taken over Sarajevo. But I think they wanted to just terrorise them & use their siege like torture, deliberately torturing them until they'd surrender. The Serbs have all the advantages--the big guns, the ammunition & the hilltops all around the city, it's pitiful!
       49. So I was really praying God would do something. I said, "Lord, You've got to do something." I was thinking of all kinds of things & asking the Lord what I could do. And it came to me that the only thing I can do is pray, & that God can stop it. And almost right away the UN & NATO issued the threat that they were going to bomb the Serbs if they didn't pull back from Sarajevo. Of course, it remains to be seen if they'll go ahead with that or not. They've said that a lot of times & the Serbs usually didn't pay a bit of attention to it, because they knew the UN wouldn't do anything. They knew the ACs in power in the World could always talk them out of it. Thank God some progress has been made on that now! (So now they're taking Gorazde instead!)


Muslims & the Koran!
       50. It seems that Muslims have been told not to revere Jesus as the Koran teaches. Many Muslims apparently don't know their Korans & have just listened to what their imams (Muslim religious leaders) have told them. It's pitiful!--Just like the way the churches have misled Christians about the Bible.

Today's Schools!
       51. Any time you need to go to the bathroom during one of my classes you can just raise your hand. You don't have to raise one finger or two fingers like we used to have to do in school. Well, nowadays if you raise your hand in System school it might even mean "I just want to go out for a smoke" or "I need to go check my gun" or "have a little card game" or something! School is not like it used to be, but that's what they get for taking God & the Bible away from their children.

Child Abuse Issue!
       52. The ACs sure have been clever in choosing the child abuse issue to use against their enemies, because that gives you the right to arrest people merely on suspicion without proof. They have done it the World over now.

Handprint Locks!
       53. They're using locks for security doors now that are sensitive to handprints. Only your handprint will open the door.

Demeaning Heroes!
       54. What they won't do to demean heroes, especially if they're Christians, & particularly if they're anti the ACs. Now someone has published a book trying to make out that Charles Lindbergh's boy wasn't kidnapped after all, but that he or his sister-in-law killed the baby. Lindbergh was so fed-up with the U.S. that he moved to England, where he lived for the rest of his life. What won't the ACs do to cover up & demean their enemies?--Even after the poor people are dead!

TV--Knowledge of Good & Evil!
       55. I sure can understand why the Lord didn't want Adam & Eve to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil! Now they've got it on every TV set.--A Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. A curse to Mankind!

Kids Living in Fear!
       56. Kids today live in a dangerous generation. They have to live in fear.

Fighting Sodomy!
       57. It's really a shame that most Christians don't use the Word of God when fighting against Sodomy.

Divorce Predictors!
       58. That was an interesting documentary about the danger signs in a marriage that signal that you may be heading for divorce: Criticism, defensiveness, contempt & withdrawal from interaction. (Maria: They said that anger & arguments don't necessarily signal the same, although constant outbursts of anger or regular arguing certainly wouldn't contribute much to a harmonious relationship.)

Disintegration of the Family!
       59. One of the main problems in society today is the disintegration of the family. Either the husband is not there any more because the woman couldn't get along with him & they've gotten a separation or divorce, or the mother is not willing to stay home. And often both of them are working in order to get more money, so they neglect the children. It's caused the disintegration of the family. The Bible says in the Last Days people would be lacking in affection, "without natural affection."--2Tim.3:3; Rom.1:31.

Sex, Love & Marriage!
       60. People today use so much coarse & vulgar language, it's disgusting! They should treat sex with more respect. I guess I'm too much of an old romanticist.
       61. People today hardly ever mention the word "love," it seems like love doesn't even come into it! It's a selfishness--a selfish carnalism rather than real love or romanticism. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned romantic. (Family: That's wonderful! I think that must be the way the Lord intended it to be.) Of course.
       62. Real love is concern for the needs & happiness of someone else. That's love. But how many people today are looking for somebody that needs them or because they want to help somebody? It's pitiful! They don't know anything about love. If you're looking for somebody who needs you & somebody you'd like to make happy, or want to protect or to keep, take care of & provide for, now that's love. It's kind of like mother love.
       63. Every woman has to be a mother, a sister & a lover to her husband. And a man needs to be a father, provider, protector & lover to his wife. I may be old-fashioned, but I think that's what's best & that's what works best. As someone has said, "Sex is only two percent of marriage!" There's a lot more to marriage than just sex. We have a lot more!--Plus the sex! Thank You Lord!
       64. Anyhow, that's my position on sex & love & marriage! If you're trying to make somebody else happy, not only be happy yourself, it works better that way. I enjoy making you happy just as much as you enjoy making me happy. It works both ways. No wonder so many couples today can't get along. No wonder their marriages break up & their love affairs don't last--they're so selfish! They're not really trying to give, they're just trying to get, & that doesn't work.

Schuller's "Self-Esteem" Theology!
       65. Have you heard Robert Schuller's latest saying? He's now preaching, "I'm not free until I believe in me." Isn't that horrible? The World loves this sort of philosophy. He doesn't hesitate to brag about himself! He says he wrote the first book on "Self-Esteem" theology. Can you beat that? When you raise self-esteem to a theology or a form of worship, that's a theology of the Devil!
       66. He said "We can't choose the event, but we can choose how to react to the event." (Maria: He's right about that one. Along with a lot of the wrong ideas, he seems to take a lot of principles straight from Scripture, & then take the credit for thinking them up himself.) I'll be surprised if that guy goes to Heaven. I think he is almost demon-possessed with ego & self-worship! (See ML #2773.)

Doctors & Euthanasia!
       67. You talk about euthanasia--it's practised by nearly all doctors in the end. They wait till you're dying & in such agony that you can't stand it, & then they knock you out with some kind of drug or dope so you won't feel it.

Cancer Epidemic!
       68. There's a major epidemic, an alarming rise in new cancers--like the "noisome sores" of Revelation. "And there fell a noisome & grievous sore upon the men which had the Mark of the Beast, & upon them which worshipped his image."--Rev.16:2. They say there's been a dramatic rise of cancers in the "baby boom" generation, & they can't understand why. It's the result of sin. Men of the "baby boom" generation have three times as much cancer not related to cigarettes as occurred in their grandfathers.
       69. Of course, not all cancer is a result of somebody's personal sin, as evidenced by some very Godly folks who have been afflicted with cancer in & out of the Family. Our dear Jonadab was one such example. The Lord obviously used this affliction as a means to take him Home to be with Him, & the Lord indicated beautifully in those prophecies that He was pleased with him. So don't any of you folks who are going through very difficult battles with cancer get condemned. The Lord can use it wonderfully in your life even if the Devil did bring it.

Soya Milk & Cow's Milk!
       70. Children who are allergic to the lactose in cow's milk are changing to soya milk. The only problem is that soya milk has glucose syrup in it, which can be very injurious to a child's teeth, while lactose doesn't seem to bother the teeth. Children can get a bad case of tooth decay if they're on soya milk. The nipple of the bottle resting near the teeth & acting as a pacifier is what causes the damage.

New Names for Old Diseases!
       71. Boy, the doctors & scientists just love to use new terminology & change horses. If the old name gets too stale & worn out, they just give it a new name. I'm just amused at all the new names they've got for all these old diseases--some as old as the Bible! You never hear them talk about palsy any more--that's now called Parkinson's Disease, named after a British doctor. They like to give the doctors some credit. Well, at least they don't blame it on the Lord. They call leprosy by another name now too, Hansen's Disease, named after another doctor. You rarely hear of leprosy any more. They want to change the names of these diseases, especially those that are in the Bible, so that you won't think you have anything that ancient. (Family: Also, having the old names reminds you of the different diseases that Jesus healed, or is able to heal.) Yes.
       72. They've got so many different kinds of cancer now, it's pitiful. Leukemia, or blood cancer, is not new at all. They used to call it "pernicious anemia" when I was a kid, because it was usually fatal. "Pernicious" means deadly, fatal or destructive.
       73. It is amazing how many new names they've concocted for these old diseases. What used to be called "consumption" in the Bible is thought now to be the disease which they call tuberculosis. (See Deut.28:22.) They wasted away just like these AIDS patients do, only they didn't have so many fancy microscopes that could tell you exactly what virus you had. I guess they are somewhat distinct. However, they say that with AIDS you die of two or three different diseases, because you lose the protection of your immune system. You die of tuberculosis or pneumonia or almost anything serious you catch.

River Phoenix & Drugs!
       74. Poor River Phoenix, the coroner's autopsy said that he had a mixture of cocaine, heroin, marijuana & valium in his body! I just wonder if maybe that rascally crowd he was with had literally doped him up, because he was not known for taking drugs. (Family: They say an experienced drug user would have never taken that combination of drugs, they would have known better.) Yes. I think those Satanic people in Hollywood were deliberately trying to corrupt him, & they kept making him do worse pictures & worse pictures & worse pictures. Finally he made "My Own Private Idaho," which was all about Sodomite male prostitutes & just made you want to puke! The World says that was his greatest picture, can you imagine? That's just like the Devil's people to say that was his greatest picture, the one in which he played a Sodomite!

Abraham Lincoln--A Monster!
       75. Abraham Lincoln is no hero in my book! He was a vicious monster who slaughtered the Southerners. Boy, how these guys can rewrite history & make heroes out of villains! [DELETED] John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln while he was sitting in his theatre box. Booth jumped from a balcony clear down on to the stage & broke his leg while doing it, & he shouted "Sic semper tyrannis" in Latin, "Thus always to tyrants!" Then they hounded the poor guy, following his trail of blood until he was caught in a barn, where he was being sheltered by a Doctor Mudd. Doctor Mudd had nothing to do with him & didn't even know how the guy broke his leg, but had put a splint on it & fixed it. The Northerners followed his trail & caught Booth, & they also imprisoned Mudd for helping him. Booth was shot, but they sent Mudd to prison, where he stayed for years.
       76. The Southerners just wanted to get out of the Union. They didn't like what the Union was doing, & they figured if they'd joined the club of their own free will, then they could leave the club if they wanted to.--But the Northerners wouldn't let them go. The Northerners had the men, the arms & the money too, & the backing of France. Britain was backing the South.
       77. The Southerners had much more in common with Britain in trade & culture than with the North. Britain bought much of its cotton from the South, & the South bought all of its cotton machinery from Britain. The rich Southerners sent their kids to school in Britain. The South had big plantations with gorgeous big manor houses & mansions. You've probably seen pictures of some of those big white-columned mansions they had. And of course they had slaves who helped to work their plantations. But most of them took good care of their slaves. Most of the slaves were well housed & fed & clothed & cared for when they were sick. It was to the master's advantage to take good care of his slaves, & many of them really loved each other.
       78. There were a few bad masters, of course, like the story of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," written by a Northerner. They made the slave owners look like vicious monsters because of this one story about this one Uncle Tom & his little niece & this monster owner named Simon Legree who chased them across the ice & beat them & all kinds of stuff. So that's the picture the North got. Talk about propaganda! I'll bet the ACs were behind that, because they're superior propagandists.
       79. Lincoln was horrible! It's amazing how they can screw up history & brag about him & make him sound like a hero. Whew! He freed the slaves & enslaved the free. The U.S. wouldn't be such a monstrous, aggressive, vicious country as it is today if it hadn't been for Lincoln. Boy, I'll bet he's burning in Hell! I think the Civil War had the biggest loss of life proportionately of any war that the U.S. ever fought. Horrible! And if you've seen some of those paintings of that war, a lot of it was hand-to-hand combat. Horrible!
       80. The World hasn't changed any. Serbia is slaughtering the poor Bosnians & nobody's got the guts to stop them. Several times Clinton said he wanted to, but he doesn't want to do it without an agreement together with his "allies."--And his allies are a bunch of stinking cowards!

Tonya Harding & the AC Media!
(Note: Skater Nancy Kerrigan was bashed on the leg with a metal bar at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit in January, several weeks before the Olympics. She recovered from her injuries to qualify for the Olympics, & the attack was linked to the entourage of her rival, Tonya Harding. After pleading guilty to one charge over the Kerrigan attack, Harding's ex-husband said Harding was also involved in the plot to attack the skater. Harding's bodyguard & two other men were also charged in the assault, while Harding continued to maintain her innocence.)
       81. I'm just waiting, Lord, for You to give Tonya Harding a real smash that will topple her from her self-esteem pedestal & ruin her for the Olympics! It's amazing how victory & popularity can wipe away many sins. Some of the media are doing everything they can to promote her & play up the controversy, because that makes news. They're not giving Kerrigan a chance at all to tell her side of the story--all the sympathy is being built up for Tonya Harding, constantly reminding viewers of what a terrible upbringing she had & how mean her mother was. They're trying to make the viewers sympathise with Harding & excuse her for her dastardly deeds, rather than playing up the fact that she committed such a terrible crime against Kerrigan.
       82. Just think, her husband & the other members of her team that plotted to injure Kerrigan all testified that Harding was in on the planning & the plotting. They testified, & she just denies it. She's the only one that denies it. The prosecution lawyer just as good as said she's as guilty as can be, that they've got all kinds of proof. But the media is really playing her up, it's amazing! They think they're picking a winner, but the Lord could soon bring that to an end. (He did!--She lost & was guilty!)
       83. The AC media are co-conspirators to the crime! They're obviously backing Harding & just ignoring Kerrigan, hardly giving her any time at all.--When it was Harding's team that tried to injure Kerrigan! Don't tell me she wasn't in on it.--Of course she was! They wouldn't have thought of doing such a thing without conferring with her. Maybe it was even her own idea!
       84. Lord, You know the truth, You know what's best, & You handle it & let's see You be the Victor! You could make the whole thing turn about in Kerrigan's favour. It would certainly be a real embarrassment to all the media who are backing Harding if she loses. All of this glory has gone to her head, & pride cometh before a fall. We'll see how the Lord decides it. He's going to be the Judge!
       85. I think the U.S. is deliberately delaying her case from going to court, or even announcing the grand jury's decision that it should go to court. They could've speeded all of that up long ago. What a clever thing for Harding to sue the American Olympic Commission if they denied her participating in the Olympics. She threatened to sue them for 25 million Dollars! She's got smart lawyers. They obviously knew that would intimidate the Commission.
       86. She's got quite a team fighting on her side, the AC media & probably some good AC lawyers. They think they're going to back their little star to glory. Well, Man proposes, but You dispose, Lord. Thank You Lord! Boy, there is sure a lot of crookedness going on. When millions of Dollars are at stake, people will do anything. She's apparently got the backing of the millions & the people that have the money--& that's the ACs!
* * *

       87. (Later:) Tonya Harding has gone to the Olympics now. She threatened to sue the Olympic Committee for 25 million Dollars if they didn't let her go. Money talks, I'll tell you, & intimidates. Somebody powerful is backing her & it must be the U.S. government itself. Hillary Clinton & her daughter Chelsea were there too. And the dear girl that almost got her knee broken, Nancy Kerrigan, is there & has been practicing. They said that she & Tonya Harding may have to practice in the same skating rink together. Wouldn't that be a horrible thing for Kerrigan to have to practice with the very woman who was behind her injury?
       88. It's just practically proven now that Harding was to blame, & to think that money can get you out of it! She's got money behind her. They say the commercial endorsements for one star that's a gold medal winner can go up into the millions. No wonder she played it dirty with her team to try to knock Kerrigan out of the race entirely.
       89. They've found all kinds of proof that she had something to do with it & she was right in on the planning of it, so it's really given a bad taste to the whole thing. I think the Olympic Committee just wanted to get rid of the affair so they could open the Olympics without any problems, because that was stealing all the publicity. I hope when Harding comes on the ice that the audience will give her one gigantic "boo"!
       90. But I'll bet that a lot of the audience is going to just raise their hands in praise, because that's the way the Americans are. They like a fight, for one thing, they like violence, & they probably think it was very clever of Harding to try to put Kerrigan out of the running. Throughout the media coverage of all of this, I've been amazed at how many people have been favouring Harding after knowing what she did! Practically everybody & everything pointed to her being in on the whole affair from the beginning, even scraps of paper with her handwriting on it, etc. But it's just like the U.S.A. & the commercial interests that are backing her to insist that she go. Well, that's an unpleasant subject to get on, but I'm praying against her. Let's see what God does. (Note: Tonya Harding finished eighth in the Olympics, & had a very rough time on the ice. Nancy Kerrigan finished second, winning the silver medal, & returned to the U.S. a national hero. Harding returned to face criminal charges, & pleaded guilty to one charge in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan. She resigned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association, was fined $100,000, given three years' probation, ordered to donate $50,000 to the Special Olympics, pay $10,000 for prosecution costs & perform 500 hours of community service. So Kerrigan is a hero & Harding is now a felon.)

Opening Ceremony of the Olympics!
       91. I always feel like it's important to see a bit of the Olympics, because it's the World showing itself off at its best, supposedly. Here's the first great international organisation that represents all nations, this great lovey-dovey cooperation. I think it's probably going to be one of the first things the Antichrist is going to use, part of the Antichrist government.
       92. Their opening ceremonies were all about gremlins & weird spirits of the past! I guess that was as close as they could come to religion. They wouldn't dare have anything religious in a Godly way, it's just not "politically correct" for anything international like the Olympics. And since they don't want to represent any true religion, they end up representing demonism, Satanism. The Devil's made sure that they won't have anything religious except his religion, worshipping his little devils!
       93. They did exactly the same thing at the Summer Olympics in Spain, that opening ceremony was all about the Devil & demons too! I was shocked that the Catholic church in Spain would even allow such a thing. That whole big extravaganza was strictly fiendish devils & demons, Satanic! And they did the same thing at this year's opening of the Olympics in Norway. All these gremlins were popping out of the ground--out of the snow, actually.
       94. An old grandmother was sitting there reading from an old fairy tale book to some children about how in the early days the Norwegians believed that gremlins were the inhabitants of the land, & that they had gone underground. When the humans came, the gremlins didn't know whether they were safe, so they stayed pretty much out of sight most of the time. But gradually their curiosity got the best of them & they began popping out of the snow. And all the time they were telling this story, it was being acted out on the Olympic floor. These obviously evil elfish figures would be coming out of the snow, head first or feet first or all kinds of crazy things.
       95. It was the grand finale of the opening ceremonies & there were hundreds & hundreds of them popping out of the ground, from the earth! It was like a slow ballet, a very unbeautiful ballet. It was all meant to be rather ugly because they were supposed to be elves & dwarfs & trolls & gremlins & whatnot, & were dressed ugly. The nearest thing I can think of was that they were dressed the way the kings' jesters used to dress back in the old days, with the three-belled hats & all that kind of stuff to make them look like devils.--And they did!
       96. And the grand finale was the part where it was finally all going to be explained. They said, "Here is the essence of life, the secret of life!" This huge big egg about half the size of this room was buried in the snow, & they started pulling it out of the snow & pulled it clear across that big circle where they march around. It's a stadium, & that's where they have all the different countries march in with their flags & participants. So they're pulling this huge egg & saying it's going to show you the "secret & the source of life."
       97. "Oh, it's beginning to hatch! It's beginning to hatch!" It started opening in four sections. "Now you're going to see the secret of life!" And just as we were about to see what that "source of life" was, the videotape started rewinding! It came to the end of the tape! (Fam: I wonder if they changed the schedule.) Oh, yes, they'll do anything for sports! Sports is the common denominator, the religion of the World!
       98. Even the commentators sometimes joke about it & say, "Don't touch our religion! Don't change schedules! Don't you fool with it! This is our religion!" And they build huge amphitheaters & colosseums for it. They can have poor, hungry people on the streets, & they can close up hospitals & everything else, but what are they doing?--They're building new 100 million Dollar sports stadiums! I mean, sports is it! What other religion has at least two, three or four pages in every newspaper completely filled with nothing but their religious activities & the worship of their religion, their gods. The closest to it, of course, is the movie & music industry & their gods. They all have their gods & their fans scream, "I adore them!" Those are the religions of the World--the worship of their actors & actresses & rock stars & sports heroes. Horrible!
       99. Well, that was one of the biggest letdowns I ever had! I'm wondering what I'm going to see as the "source of life," & boom!--The tape began to rewind. Well, let's watch out for any recaps, because I want to see what was in that egg! (Note: It turned out that the egg was full of thousands of helium balloons in the form of white doves that floated up into the sky.) (Well, that wasn't so bad after all!--Like the good spirits won! Thank God!)
       100. I'll give the head of the Olympic Committee credit, who was reading some of the introductory material & schedule. They didn't dare call it a minute of prayer, but he said, "We're going to stand & have a minute of silence for the Bosnians." Pretty good, don't you think? They talked quite a bit about Sarajevo & how sad it was that the very place that they thought had been such a good setting for the 1984 Winter Olympics because of its mixture of nationalities & faiths, had now deteriorated to what it is today. I thought it was a pretty good example to show them how this ideal community that they felt was the best place to have the Olympics had, as he said, "deteriorated to that," to where it was now nothing but destruction & death & a junk pile! So he said, "Let's all rise & have a minute of silence"--he didn't dare say prayer--"for Bosnia."
       101. At least, thank God, they did that, they didn't completely forget them. He talked quite a bit about Sarajevo & the Winter Olympics of '84--& how it was now totally devastated, all the Olympic ski runs & stadiums wrecked. And I thought to myself, "Well, the World's salvation didn't work. The Lord let it be totally destroyed to show that the Olympics isn't going to save them."
       102. They brag about the Olympics & say, "It's the one place where the World can finally get together in peace." They even had a team there from Bosnia, & one from Yugoslavia. They don't like to say Serbia, so they say Yugoslavia. The Serbs have been blamed for the whole thing--& rightly so--so they're ashamed of the name Serbia now because it's in World approbation & condemned. I think the Croats had a team too. There were maybe three countries that only had one "contender," as they call them. It's all about "contention," in other words, ha! They said the Bosnians had wanted to go so bad that they got out & sold T-shirts or something to raise the money to get them there! (God bless'm!--God's gotta help'm somehow! PRAY!--God bless you, in Jesus' name. Amen.)

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