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Temporary Peace in Sarajevo
1. THANK GOD there's peace now in Sarajevo--at least temporary peace. But the Serbs have not complied with all of the terms of the U.N. ultimatum that they were supposed to. They have withdrawn a lot of their guns around Sarajevo & given some of their artillery into the care of the U.N. officers, but there are still plenty of guns left to stir up shooting again that they have refused to give up or said they couldn't move. They said they were stuck in the snow or some of them were already disabled guns & couldn't fire, all kinds of excuses!
2. I guess you heard the latest, that six Serb planes went on a bombing run in the no-fly zone. There are supposed to be no planes of either side flying, & the air space over Bosnia is monitored by NATO planes to keep them from using aircraft. But these six Serb planes thought they were going to get away with it, & they flew out & successfully bombed a Bosnian munitions factory before they were caught!--And NATO planes came then & shot down four of them!
3. This is the first time NATO has taken any actual military action since it was formed over 40 years ago at the end of World War II to supposedly keep the peace, & most of all protect the West. Even Russia has agreed that the action taken by NATO was justified, because the Serbs shouldn't have flown & bombed that factory. Just about everybody agreed that NATO did the right thing, & they feel it's going to help increase the peace & show that NATO really means business & they're not just bluffing, as they've often been accused. According to U.N. orders, they're supposed to shoot down any planes flying in the no-fly zone, & especially these that they watched bomb! They could hardly believe it! They watched those six planes bomb this Bosnian munitions factory!

Croats Siding with Bosnian Muslims!
4. And the latest good news is that the Croats seem to be back on the Bosnian Muslims' side! Muslims & Croats were relatively friendly before the war, even during most of the Serb invasion. But I think when the Croats saw that the Serbs were winning, they decided to switch sides & join the Serbs. The Croatians are North & West of Bosnia, adjoining the Adriatic & extending to Hungary. But now that the U.N. has enforced peace on the Serbs, & they see that the Serbs look like they may lose, they've decided they'll go back again & join the Bosnian Muslims. They've signed a peace treaty between them of joint operation & coalition.
5. It's considered a great diplomatic victory for the U.S. to get the Bosnian Muslims & Croats together. Serbia is of course furious about it, & Russia is protesting, but so far Russia has agreed that what the U.N. & NATO are doing is right. Karadzic, the head of the Bosnian Serbs--the one who speaks English & has the big bushy hair--has been complaining & saying, "Let the Russians monitor things around Sarajevo," & blah, blah! But the Russians disappointed him by agreeing with NATO & the U.N.
6. So there's been a lot of good happening ever since we really prayed that God would do something & stop the fighting. I really prayed the week before that. I really really prayed! I said, "Lord, You've got to do something!" (See ML# 2911:71-83; 2917:38-49.)

Great Harvest Ahead!
7. And did you read the Birthday Prophecies that came in today from one of our Units? Weren't they terrific? (See GN 589.) (Fam: Oh yes! Wonderful!) They predict a wonderful, glorious, victorious harvesting time ahead for us! I think most of the prophecies were not just for me, but for the whole Family, & were promising tremendous victory over seeming defeats!--And a great harvest in spite of great wickedness & growing darkness in the World! According to those prophecies, the darkness is going to drive a lot of people towards our Light, & there is a tremendous harvest coming!
8. The prophecies also gave me a lot of personal encouragement & a lot of glory that I don't think I deserve, of which I think I am unworthy. But as Mama said, "Well, the Lord said it, so you'll have to blame it on the Lord!" (Fam: If you weren't here, we wouldn't be here, any of us.) Well, I trust that when I go you won't say that, but that you'll keep right on going, & I'm sure you will. I expect some of you to be here to the very End.
9. So there's going to be a time of great harvest ahead, but also a time of great darkness. There's going to be more wickedness, more opposition, probably more persecution. But as the World, & particularly the churches, see that, it's going to bring many more of them to us, because they will see that we are leading the fight!
10. So they were glorious prophecies, terrific!--And they were nearly all positive, except that the wickedness of the World will grow greater & darkness will cover the land, etc. By the time I got done reading them I was shouting glory & thanking the Lord that He was promising us such a wonderful harvest in spite of tremendous opposition, persecution & darkness getting greater in the World.--And that He was going to use it to drive people to us. He called it "a great harvest" several times. It sounds almost like the greatest harvest we've ever had! At the end of every year I think, "Well, that surely must be the last good year," but every year it gets better! So that's tremendous! And the Lord gave me something else while I was reading those prophecies.

Bosnia Revelation!
11. I'll tell you something I got that I haven't told anybody yet, not even Mama, because she was asleep. I just almost burst out with it, but I was afraid I would wake her up. As you know, I had a very great burden for the Bosnians & had pleaded with the Lord, "Now You stop that war, Lord! Do something to stop it!" Well, the Lord put me on the spot today & said, "I stopped it, now what are you going to do about it? Are you willing to send people in there now?" The Lord said in those prophecies that there was great darkness & great need, & that people were going to be very hungry. Well, they're already in that shape in Bosnia, & throughout Yugoslavia. Who is willing to go? Who is willing to volunteer? (Dad cries & breaks out in tongues:) "Who is willing indeed to go through this appeal that I have made through their father, even if they die." Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! It would be worth it. Whoever goes has got to be willing to be a martyr.
12. I'm making this appeal now, Lord, to whoever You give the burden to & the spirit of martyrdom to go in to that dangerous field. Many other people have gone there. Reporters, journalists & news gatherers are broadcasting from there, risking their lives every day, & did so even when it was more dangerous. Now You've brought peace there at our request, our demand! I said, "Lord, You've got to stop it!"--And You did. Then You turned it on us & You said to me, "Are you willing to go there now that I've stopped it? Are you willing to go & feed those people with the Love & the hope & the Message that we have while they're now hungry spiritually, more hungry spiritually than they've ever been?" They're in great suffering, both physically & spiritually.
13. It's a dangerous area & there's not much food or water or even electricity, but Lord, You can take care of it & You can take care of us, even if we'd just have a couple, two people, who volunteer to go there. We would completely support them as missionaries, of course, because they couldn't expect support from the poor Bosnians, who don't even have enough food to eat themselves. So Lord, raise up the volunteers & select the right ones who must be willing to even die to minister to those poor people. We know You'll support them, Lord, & help us to support them, to send them in with all expenses paid, in Jesus' name. Amen. Thank You Lord!
14. The Lord put me on the spot & said, "I brought peace, now what are you willing to do about it? Go in & minister!" He wouldn't tell us that if He couldn't get us in. So praise the Lord, isn't that wonderful? (Fam: Yes! That's encouraging!)
15. We have to be willing to go in, & whoever goes must be willing to lay down their life, because it's still very dangerous. There's still sniping & shooting & occasional shells in Sarajevo, as well as full-scale war in much of the rest of Bosnia. It was a mortar shell that killed those 68 people in that massacre that finally brought some resolve to Europe & America to do something about it. That's when the U.N. gave the Serbs the ultimatum to "either pull back your guns & shut them up, or we're going to start bombing you!"--And I think the Serbs finally were convinced they meant business this time.
16. The U.N. gave them a 10-day ultimatum to either move their heavy weapons 12 miles from Sarajevo, or place them under U.N. control--or else face air strikes. Well, the Serbs haven't done it all yet, but NATO & the U.N. are satisfied with as much as they did. They've stopped shelling Sarajevo & they've pulled out a lot of their guns. The rest of the guns they've given over to the U.N. peacekeepers to keep. They've sent in thousands of observers now, & the U.N. & NATO have been satisfied that the Serbs are complying, at least as much as they can be expected to. They're not complying fully, however, & are still leaving enough guns there to restart the war if they get a chance.
17. But the Lord is saying, "Who is willing to go for Me? I stopped the fighting, now you go in & minister to those people. But you must be willing to risk your life to do it."
18. I remember the last time the Lord gave us a challenge like this, it was to take the Gospel into Russia & Eastern Europe. (See ML#2602, given 12/89.)--And we did & we succeeded & we have distributed millions of pieces of literature, New Testaments, Gospels, Posters & whatnot!--And won thousands of souls & even hundreds of disciples! Now because of pressure & changes in the laws & so on, & because of a great need in our Western European Homes, who sacrificed a great deal of personnel to reach Russia, we've had to withdraw a lot of our people from Russia to strengthen the Family in Western Europe. So we have had to retire a bit from Russia & some of those Eastern countries. And now the Lord is telling us where to send them back in again--to the Balkans, the most dangerous part of Europe, where there is great danger & risk of life.
19. The Lord answered our prayer, & now we're going to answer His! Praise the Lord! He wants us to go in there & minister to the needy even at the risk of our lives, & I'm sure the Lord will make it possible. I expect to get volunteers & I expect to hear that they are recruiting teams. I'm expecting the Lord to hold that situation long enough to get them in. Why else would He ask us to go in? I expect Him to hold it long enough for us to minister & give our Message of hope--Posters & all--as long as the Lord wants, before any more trouble starts up again.
20. So the Lord answered my prayer, & yours too, because I'm sure you were praying for the poor Bosnians. It looks like a lot of people were praying! No doubt the whole Christian World has been praying. The Lord let that last horrible massacre happen in order to wake up the World & bring some action! And of course those who died just went on to the Other Side. They're better off dead than to have to endure that suffering.
21. It's much harder for the living than the dead. It's harder for the wounded & the crippled & the disabled, who have to keep on suffering. That's what that soldier told my Mother when she came down to meet a boatload of disabled soldiers who were coming home from WWII. She was head of a mother's prayer group, the American League of Praying Mothers or something like that, & they told her there was a boatload of disabled soldiers coming in. They asked her if she'd be willing to meet them & encourage them. She was talking to one seriously crippled boy in a wheelchair, & said, "Well, at least you didn't get killed." And he replied, "The dead are the lucky ones! This is worse! We're the living dead! I wish I had gotten killed!"
22. So that will be one of our ministries there. In a way, those poor wounded destitute folks are almost the living dead. They've had no lights or heat or water or food or sanitation, & have been tortured & wounded by the hundreds of thousands, not to speak of the hundreds of thousands who have been killed! (Fam: They've also gotten lost & separated from their families.) Yes, separated families. Some have managed to get out as refugees. Some have been charitably flown to other countries, especially children, to receive better medical care.
23. The U.N. has been feeding them whenever they could get food in, but it has just been a drop in the bucket to what was needed. One of the Bosnian recipients of some of that food said before the peace came, "What's the use of going to all this trouble to try to feed us? Do you want us to be well-fed corpses, fattened for the kill? We're dying & you're feeding us! Why don't you just stop the killing?!"--And finally God has done it, at least in Sarajevo, thank the Lord, & even used a worse massacre to raise the World's consciousness & conscience to the point that they were willing to take action.
24. So they've done it, & God's behind it. God's answered prayer, & now we've got to do what the Lord has asked us to do. Are you willing to go in there now & minister to those people at the risk of your life? I believe we had some people in Yugoslavia before the war began. But then the war broke out, with the Serbs trying to grab the whole country, the former Yugoslavia that Tito, as a dictator, had been able to keep together & force all these different nationalities & religions to live in peace with each other.
25. The Catholics are very strong in the areas surrounding Bosnia.--On the Serb side, many belong to the Serbian Apostolic Church, which is the Eastern Orthodox Church; & on the Croatian side, most are Roman Catholics. Then in the middle in Bosnia are all of the Muslims left over from the Turkish invasion of ages gone by. So it's quite a situation, & those who go in will have to be people who especially understand Islam & the Muslims, & truly love them & Mohammed!

The Five Pillars of Islam!
26. "Islam" literally means "to surrender to the Will or Law of God," & one who practices Islam is a Muslim. The first requirement is the profession of faith that "there is no God but Allah, & Mohammed is His Prophet." Well, we believe in only one God, Allah--which is just Arabic for "God"--& we believe Mohammed was His prophet.
27. The second duty of every Muslim is to pray five times a day. We pray more than that! We don't go to the mosque & kneel down, but wherever they are, Muslims are supposed to pray, facing Mecca, & their first prayer starts before sunrise.
28. The third requirement is almsgiving, giving charity, & our Family certainly does that all the time. We help the poor, & we especially give them the Gospel!--What could you give them that's better than that? That's the best you can do for them!
29. The fourth requirement is to observe the one-month fast of Ramadan. During this month of Ramadan, the Muslims refrain from eating from dawn until sunset & they just eat at night. We believe in fasting & we just did it for three days before my birthday!
30. And the final requirement for being a Muslim, if you can--if you're not too poor & if it's possible--is you're supposed to take a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime. So that's still possible.--Although we might have to wait until the Millennium for that. So in many ways we are very similar to the Muslims in our beliefs, & Mohammed loved Jesus! (See page 7 for some verses from the Koran on Jesus.)
31. That was an amazing revelation the Lord gave me. (Dad bursts out quietly in tongues:) "Hear ye the Words of thy father!" That was one of the most remarkable revelations that I've had, the one about how Mohammed had the spirit of Elijah! (See "The Muslim Ministry," ML #2856.) That was a tremendous revelation!--And should cause every one of us to truly love the Muslims & to agree with them on all the points that we can. We can't say we can agree with them on everything. We may not necessarily be able to agree with them especially on their violence. But from the looks of things & from the things the Lord has said to us before, we may be helping them in their opposition to both the AC & his forces. At least we sympathise with them, empathise with them, & hope to make friends of them & show them that we love them.
32. So now we're being asked to go into a Muslim country with that message that we believe. We do! We're Christians, but also Muslims at heart, & I believe we can understand them & help them. You know we can, or the Lord wouldn't ask us to go to them at great personal sacrifice. Doesn't that inspire you? The Lord still speaks! I'm not dead yet, thank the Lord! Thank the Lord, He's still leading & guiding us.
33. The ball is in our court now & the Lord is putting us on the spot. He answered our prayer & stopped the fighting, now are you willing to go there & help & encourage those poor folks with the Love of God? Are you willing to say that you believe in the Five Pillars of Islam? One is to believe in God, Allah, which of course we do, & to believe in Mohammed as His prophet. That doesn't necessarily mean we believe in everything Mohammed said, & especially not the way some of his followers interpret it. The Koran itself is very favourable to Christians & to Mary & Jesus. The Muslims believe there's going to be a terrible time of trouble, just like we do, & that Jesus is going to come back. But a lot of the Muslims ignore some of those passages from the Koran & misinterpret them to turn'm against Christians.
34. So we believe in God, right? (Fam: Yes!) Do you believe Mohammed was God's prophet? (Fam: Amen!) I believe it. I believe Islam helped save the World from Catholicism & took the pressure off the Protestants in the 1500s & 1600s. Turkish Muslim invasions of Europe kept the Catholics busy fighting the Muslims & gave the Protestants a chance to get established. Do you believe in prayer? (Fam: Yes!) And we pray not only five times a day, but all day! Do you believe in fasting & giving to the poor? (Fam: Yes!) And the last requirement, if you can, is to take a trip to Mecca. I'd love to take a trip to Mecca, amen? (Fam: Amen.) Very good! Let's see: God & Mohammed, prayer, fasting, Mecca & giving alms. OK?
35. So do you love the Muslims? (Fam: Amen!) I'm not asking any of you here to go--please don't go, we need you--but maybe you could pray that the Lord will raise up martyrs who will be able to go. I don't know of anybody who can speak the language there, but a lot of the Bosnians speak English. So would you pray? Let's pray again for the Muslims, & especially the Bosnians, whom the Lord has now asked us to go to. Of course, we want to minister to any of the needy who the Lord brings across our path, whether they're a Muslim, Croat, Serb or some other nationality. He stopped the fighting, now let us stop the suffering by giving them hope in Jesus. Praise the Lord!
36. (Fam: Thank You Jesus for faithfully answering Dad's prayer, & all of our prayers. As You promised, You have heard the cry of the poor. And You have heard them & are delivering them. We pray unitedly for these precious souls, Your children in Bosnia--the precious Muslims--those who truly love You in spirit though they may not know Your name. Thank You for Dad's revelation that You've given him. Lay it on the hearts of those whom You want to go into this war-torn country to give your Words to these precious, hungry starving people. We pray Thy Will be done, that You'll lead & guide the right ones that can fill the role that You want them to play.) Give them the call, Lord. (Fam: We pray they'll have a real heart for the Bosnians, a great desire to give their all for them. Thank You Jesus.) Amen, Lord, supply the needs & supply the people, & help them to get in.
37. You promised me, Lord, in some of our earlier prophecies, that we'd have children of every nation. So this is another nation we need to get into. You've asked us to go, so we know You'll make it possible & finance it. Thy Will be done, have Thy way. Thank You Jesus! I love you! God bless you! God bless you all!
* * *

More Comments on the War in Bosnia!
(Weeks later, after the Serbs began their attack on Gorazde:)
38. (4/94) Lord, put a stop to it! You can stop the war & bring peace so we can witness there. I think it's a trick of the Devil to keep us out. That's what the Devil is afraid of the most.--Witnesses of the Truth!
39. Clinton backs off every time. Now he is saying diplomacy is better than military attacks. Immediately after the Serbs released a bunch of U.N. peacekeepers who were under house arrest, the Peace Talks continued but the Serbs kept attacking & were more defiant than ever! They even released pictures of a British military plane they shot down.
40. The various factions are still fighting despite the so-called Peace Talks, & Clinton continues to maintain that, "The U.S.' primary role is a diplomatic one." Even the media is hitting Clinton hard about how wishy-washy he is & how he says one thing, & then he says another, & keeps changing his mind.
41. The Serbs are betting that the West, NATO & the U.S., are unwilling to up the military ante, & the news media is saying that in President Clinton's case they are probably right. He reads the polls which show that voters are not willing to shed one drop of American blood for Bosnia. Some members of Congress, however, are saying they should escalate the war, but others in Congress are taking the opposite side.
42. The Devil is just defying the Lord! Just after the Lord helped to make peace in Sarajevo, the Devil is determined not to be defeated. Well, we'll see. Lord, You've got to do it, we can't. If it's Thy Will, You'll have to do it, You'll have to stop them somehow, in Jesus' name.
* * *

His Ways Are Not Our Ways!
43. I'm discouraged about the Lord letting the Serbs win. When I prayed about it, I saw a picture of a Serbian Orthodox priest swinging his incense. It seemed to me to signify that the Lord was letting the Christians win. Even though they are Serbian Orthodox, still, they do profess Christ. It certainly isn't very Christian the way they're slaughtering the Bosnians, but that's been the way of Christians throughout history. It's been the way of virtually all religions.--Christians slaughtering Muslims, Muslims slaughtering Christians, & Christians slaughtering each other in the name of religion. What a job it must be to have a reception center in Heaven to receive all those that are passing on.--And it must be an even tougher job inside the "Green Door," downstairs!
44. Anyhow, it looks like the Lord is letting the Serbs win. (Maria: Maybe He's got to let it happen this way to shame the rest of the World who are not willing to do anything, so they can fill up their cups of iniquity.) Yes, the rest of the World is so indecisive & so influenced by the ACs, & the ACs are doing their best to make the World give the Serbs the victory. It seems discouraging.
45. Then I saw a picture of the Bosnian refugee camps & the sad condition they're in. It seems He is letting this happen to them so they'll be more receptive to the Gospel. If He'd let up on them & give them the victory, maybe they wouldn't be as receptive.
46. I just hate to see the ACs being able to stop the whole World from defending the poor Bosnians. And Clinton is so wishy-washy! He can't seem to make up his mind about the situation, & neither can the U.N. It looks like with the ACs' persuasion & help they would prefer to just go ahead & let the Serbs win & get it over with, no matter what.
47. I feel like Jeremiah must have felt when the Lord told him that the enemy was going to win. He had even told the Jews to surrender to the yoke of Babylon & they'd be saved. (See Jer.27.) It must have been a crushing experience for the Prophet. That's the way I felt this morning when it looked like I was wrong about the Lord bringing peace to that area. But then it came to me that maybe that is the way He is going to bring peace, by letting the Serbs win. And that way He is going to keep the Bosnians humble & willing to receive the Truth.
48. It sure isn't the way I wanted it, & it wasn't the way Jeremiah wanted it either. Jeremiah's own people rejected his message & refused to believe or obey, so the Lord let them lose & let the enemy rescue Jeremiah. He delivered the Jews by letting them be defeated by their enemies & made to flee into all parts of the World so they could [EDITED: "spread throughout"] the whole World over, as they have.
49. It seemed like a real defeat. [DELETED] The Lord let Nebuchadnezzar win so that He could drive the Jews into all the World. [DELETED] God [EDITED: "is"] judging the whole World [EDITED: "to see"] whether they'll follow the Lord or the Antichrist. And it looks like that's what He's doing in Bosnia. He's letting the AC-backed Christian Serbs win so He can have mercy on the poor Muslims in their defeat & try to turn them to Him. So I guess it's all working together for good, but it has sure been a disappointment to me & has not turned out the way I expected it to. It shows how wrong I can be in my initial assessment of the situation. (Maria: We all can be wrong, that's part of being human.)
50. It shows how wrong I can be when the Lord has other plans that are not mine. I wanted the U.N. to stop the war so the Bosnians could at least keep their cities & defeat the God-damned AC-backed Serbs. But that doesn't look like the way the Lord is going to bring peace--not my way, but His way. So, not my will but His be done. I have to just resign myself to what the Lord's plans are. Many times in the Bible the prophets were disappointed by what the Lord allowed in the defeats of Israel because of their sins. It looks like the Lord may send the peace that we have hoped for in Bosnia, even if the Devil does bring it.
51. But I was really discouraged this morning about how the Lord is letting the Serbs & the ACs win, seemingly against the whole World! And the World is letting them win, so the Lord is going to judge them for that.
52. I felt like quitting & giving up because the Lord wasn't doing it my way. How often we do that. We get discouraged because His ways are not our ways, & His thoughts are not our thoughts. "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, & My thoughts than your thoughts."--Isa.55:8,9. How often we're wrong, it seems, in what we want, because God is not doing it our way, or in the way we think He should do it. But we have to come to the conclusion that He knows best & resign ourselves to His Will.
53. So praise the Lord anyhow! God's Will be done! Have Your way, Lord. You know what's best. I quit trying to push my will in this war. Have it Your way, Lord. Thy Will be done. Whatever You do, help us to save the poor Bosnians. The Serbs have already had the Gospel & are supposed to be Christians, even if the ACs are backing them. So we just have to believe that the Lord sent it even if the Devil brought it. I guess if the Bosnians won, they wouldn't be as receptive to the Gospel.
54. Lord, I'm trying to do what is right, even when I make mistakes. At least that temporary peace got us to send some of our folks there to help, & that certainly wasn't a mistake. The Bosnians need the Gospel & they need our help. To people who are desperate for help, it doesn't matter what your reputation is. I think that U.N. supervisor was right in directing our people to the refugee camps where the Bosnian people are thankful for anything. Help us to know Thy Will & how else we can do it.
55. I feel so unworthy. Lord help me. I don't know how the Lord can use me, but at least I do try. I was sure discouraged when I saw all those Serbs on the news marching into Gorazde.
56. Thank You, Lord, for our Posters! May our pictures cheer their hearts, & our Message save their souls. Thank You Jesus! Bless the little team that is going in there now, Lord, & make them a blessing. Help them to find open, receptive, responsive hearts as they preach Thee & Thy Love.
57. We must just go in to give them Love, for God is Love.--Not like we're trying to convert them to some other religion. (Maria: How do you comfort people without telling them that Jesus will help them?) They've got to learn how to quote some of those verses from the Koran that talk about Jesus in a favourable way.
58. (Maria: What would you say to them if you went into a refugee camp? What would you tell them?) God is Love, God loves you, & hear what the Koran has to say about Jesus. We need to compile all the good quotes about Jesus from the Koran.
59. Okay, Lord, have it Your way, if that's the way You want it, & apparently it is. The whole World seems to be backing the Serbs, or, by the same effect, refusing to back the Bosnians & just letting the Serbs have it. It was hard for me to yield to that, but perhaps that's the way You want it.

Fact box:
Verses from the Koran on Jesus!
(Pickthall's translation)

Sura 2.87 And verily We gave unto Moses the Scripture and We caused a train of messengers to follow after him, and We gave unto Jesus, son of Mary, clear proofs (of Allah's sovereignty), and We supported him with the Holy Spirit.
Sura 2.253 Of those messengers, some of whom We have caused to excel others, and of whom there are some unto whom Allah spake, while some of them He exalted (above others) in degree; and We gave Jesus, son of Mary, clear proofs (of Allah's Sovereignty) and We supported him with the Holy Spirit.
Sura 3.45-47 (And remember) when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a word from him, whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of Mary, illustrious in the world and the Hereafter, and one of those brought near (unto Allah). He will speak unto mankind in his cradle and in his manhood, and he is of the righteous. She said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (it will be). Allah createth what He will. If He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! And it is.
Sura 5.44, 46 Lo! We did reveal the Torah, wherein is guidance and a light, by which the prophets who surrendered (unto Allah) judged the Jews. ... And We caused Jesus, son of Mary, to follow in their footsteps, confirming that which was (revealed) before him in the Torah, and We bestowed on him the Gospel wherein is guidance and a light, confirming that which was (revealed) before it in the Torah--a guidance and an admonition unto those who ward off (evil).

* * *

Answer To Prayer: U.N. Threat to Bomb the Serbs!
60. It looks like the West might have to do some battling & bombing to make the Serbs live up to their lying promises & at least get out of those "safe haven" cities of Bosnia. (Note: About one year ago, the U.N. declared six Bosnian cities to be safe havens, including both Sarajevo & Gorazde.) The pitiful part about it is they ought to drive them plumb out of Bosnia completely, but they're not! Because the North of Bosnia is predominantly inhabited by Serbs, the Serbs want to take the whole thing as a part of their new "greater Serbia." And the Croats have wanted their part of Bosnia too, of course.
61. Since the Serbs gained control of the so-called Yugoslav government a few years ago, they've had all the armaments that were left in Yugoslavia after Tito's death. Therefore this new tyrant Milosevic decided it was an ideal time to take over the rest of Yugoslavia, including Bosnia, where a lot of Serbs lived already, & Croatia & Slovenia.
62. To try to stop him, the U.N. & the Western nations recognised Croatia, Slovenia & Bosnia as free democratic governments, & recognised their independence from Yugoslavia. But because the Serbs were now in charge of Yugoslavia, or what was left of it, they refused to recognise their independence, & under the excuse of overcoming these "rebels," as they considered them--Bosnians, Croatians & Slovenians--they began to invade Northern Yugoslavia. This is what the Serbs wanted to do anyhow, but they could then do it under the guise of trying to wipe out those who were rebelling against the Yugoslav government, which they had become.
63. So that's the situation in Yugoslavia, what remains of it, with the Serbs trying to take it all, & Europe & North America & the U.N. being so ... I called it wishy-washy last time, because I couldn't think of the right word. Vacillating is a good one.--Wavering, indecisive.--Never being able to make up their minds as to what they're going to do about it.
64. They've let the war & the Serbian invasion go on for two years without stopping them, & now the Serbs have taken over half of Bosnia & the Western powers are just trying to preserve a few little so-called "safe haven" cities for the Bosnians & letting the Serbs have the rest of the country. That's what the U.N. position has been, & so far what the Allied & NATO positions have been--led by the British coward Lord Owen, who wants to surrender it all & let the Serbs have it so the West won't be worried about it any more!
65. He proposes an impossible type of surrender of the Bosnians to the Serbs that lets the Serbs have virtually the whole country except for a few cities, which the U.N. is still trying to defend. And as you can see, it hasn't been very successful except when NATO got tough, the U.S. too, & refused to let them go any further with Sarajevo. So they backed off from there & instead began to march into Gorazde!
66. Now President Clinton is beginning to show a little gumption & guts & bravery & is leading the World & NATO & the U.N. to oppose the Serbs & is threatening again, like they did with Sarajevo, to bomb the Serbs if they don't stop & back up--at least around Gorazde & hopefully around all those "safe haven" cities. They're not telling them they've got to get out of Bosnia entirely, or even out of half of Bosnia, but just get out of those cities. That was Lord Owen's solution, to give the Bosnians just certain cities to be "safe havens" for them--which in reality are more like concentration camps in which they would virtually be prisoners of the Serbs!
67. It was a surrender! The whole thing that damn Lord Owen proposed was just complete surrender by the Bosnians, & they refused it & they keep refusing it. They said, "That's just surrender, we're going to keep on fighting!"
68. I believe the Lord may do the same thing for Gorazde that He did for Sarajevo. Because if the Lord doesn't make peace, how can we go in? So I've been praying, "Lord, the deal was that You make peace & we'll evangelise, but now there's more fighting! If You want us to evangelise there, You're going to have to stop them! How are we going to evangelise if You don't enforce the peace?" So now He's doing it, thank the Lord! He listens when we pray, & I'm sure a lot of us have been praying for that & were disappointed when it looked like the Serbs were just going to attack somewhere else.
69. Dear Clinton finally got the guts to tell them to back down or he's going to bomb them! We shall see now whether he sticks to his guns or backs off like he usually does. He finally did really do it in Sarajevo, & that stopped the invasion there & the Serbs had to back off.
70. So thank the Lord, it looks like He's going to drive them back again! Maybe that Serbian Orthodox priest I saw when I was praying about it was just to show me that that's the reason the Christian West is letting them get away with it. The Serbian Orthodox Church hasn't wanted to stop the war, of course, because if the Serbs take over, they'll take over! And of course nobody in the World today loves the Muslims except other Muslims & a few others like us.
71. So praise the Lord, it looks like the Lord's answering prayer & is going to stop the fighting again. We'll see. Praise the Lord! Let's hope so, amen? Lord, let there be peace as You promised, so that we can send in our Family. That was Your indication, Lord, of a promise to keep the peace so we could evangelise, so we can tell them about Your Love & show them Your Love. Do it, Lord, for the sake of Thy children. Help our new pioneers in Bosnia. You promised to bring peace if we'd send missionaries. We're sending the Family to help, so now You give them peace so they can minister, in Jesus' name. Amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family