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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.74!       DO 2921       Comp.4/94


Wars & Rumours of Wars
       1. THE WHOLE WORLD is filled with wars & rumours of war! There's violence in Israel, more threat of violence in Russia, danger of war in Korea, South Africa & Haiti, & in almost innumerable locations throughout the World there's war or the threat of war. (Note: Full-scale war is raging in more than 30 countries around the World this year, including Bosnia, Rwanda, Yemen, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Sudan, Angola, etc. There are also many "conflicts" smoldering, involving dozens of deaths: Algeria, Egypt, India & Pakistan's dispute over Kashmir, the Kurds & Turkey, Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, etc.) As the Lord said, "And ye shall hear of wars & rumours of wars ... but the End is not yet."--Mat.24:6.
       2. He said, "When this Gospel of the Kingdom is preached in all the nations, then shall the End come" (Mat.24:14), & it has now been preached in all nations, even if not to "every creature" yet! So the End is due & we await circumstances which will result in the rise of the Antichrist, for which the ACs are preparing so well, & which could come at any moment. Conditions throughout the World are building up to it. It'll take a little time to build up to the point that the ACs are ready to introduce their impostor or "messiah," but it will come quite soon, as we know by the Scripture.

U.S. Following the Anti-Christ Line!
       3. If the U.S. hadn't been trying to police the World, they wouldn't have shot down their own helicopters over Iraq. (Note: In mid-April, two American F-15C fighters accidentally shot down two American Black Hawk helicopters in Northern Iraq, killing all 26 crew members, United Nations observers & Kurdish passengers on board.) And if they hadn't been trying to please the ACs by continuing to persecute the Iraqis, a lot of bad things wouldn't be happening. But the U.S. is following the anti-Christ line with diligence to please the ACs. God help us!

Whitewater--Tempest in a Teapot!
       4. While those people in the U.S. Congress are fiddling, & the U.S. government is fiddling, the World is burning! Clinton let all those Christians be killed at Waco, & now the Lord is judging him. Americans are making such a tempest in a teapot about that Whitewater affair, while the World's going to pot! (Note: Whitewater was the name of a real estate investment company which the Clintons were involved in while he was governor of Arkansas. It has been linked to a Savings & Loan which went bankrupt as well as the suicide of a Clinton associate, David Foster, & has raised questions about Clinton's integrity.)
* * *

       5. The Lord sure is giving Clinton a lot of trouble right now. How they can trump up those scandals! The American media just loves it & really pushes it. It doesn't matter what's going on in Bosnia or the rest of the World, it's what's happening to the President of the U.S.A. that's the most important news!

No Hope for America
       6. This U.S. group called "Coalition for Money Reform" believes that if they can "kill the beast," as they put it, which they say is "the love of money," then all the other problems & situations in the U.S. will fall into place. I say, forget it! Just hate the Beast, fight against him, but I don't think you're going to kill him! We won't kill him until Armageddon!
       7. I'm just dumbfounded that these Christians--even those that are aware & awake to what is going on--can somehow think they're going to change & save America! People say, "God bless America!" I say God damn America, they're going to Hell! And there is nothing I am going to do to try to stop them except to try to get them saved. But if they won't accept Jesus, they ought to go to Hell, & they can go there as fast as they want as far as I'm concerned! I have no hopes for America at all! They're going straight to their own damnation! All we can try to do is save a few souls along the way.
       8. The encouraging thing is that we're having such phenomenal success in our witnessing & saving souls & being a testimony & Prophets of Doom & warning the people! We are being successful in what we are supposed to be doing in getting out the Message, & when the rejecters go to Hell, it will be their own fault!

Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren!
       9. In a million American homes today grandparents are caring for their grandchildren fulltime--in most cases because the parents are incapacitated by alcohol or drug abuse.

Six Million Muslims in U.S.!
       10. Islam is second to Christianity in number of converts, & there may be as many as six million Muslims in the U.S.

Americans & Lying!
       11. A study showed that 91% of Americans lie regularly.

Funeral for BATF Agents!
       12. The chaplain who held the funeral for the BATF agents who were killed in the initial raid on the Branch Davidians said, "These were the good guys just wanting to go in after the bad guys." Imagine, Government Agents massacring Christians are called "good guys"!

Mississippi Churches!
       13. They ought to make those White kids who burned down the Black churches in Mississippi get out & rebuild them! (Note: Two Mississippi churches were set afire by three white teenage arsonists who targeted the all-black congregations. The teens were caught & sentenced to three- or four-year sentences. Meanwhile, more than 130 volunteers, mostly white, are helping to rebuild the churches.)

Big Bully U.S.!
       14. Marcos was a good man, I liked him. But the Devil hated him, & the U.S. government literally kidnapped him! (Note: When the 1986 coup took place in Manila, the U.S. said they would fly Marcos to his home province in the northern Philippines. He was transported to Hawaii instead, & not allowed to return to the Philippines.) Boy oh boy, the crookedness that goes on in the U.S. government. It is the big bully of the World & getting more pushy & aggressive all the time.--Real bullies!

Encouraging Faith in the Government!
       15. Who knows if the stats that the U.S. government puts out are true or not when they say that employment's up & inflation's down. Only the government knows, & because the people need that reassurance psychologically, naturally the government would want to do something to encourage their faith in the government--even lie!

The Phoney Drug War!
       16. These supposed government anti-drug agencies don't really want to stop the drugs!--If they did, they'd be out of a job! The greater the danger of drugs, the greater the billions the government will spend on supposed anti-drug operations which want the money. And Congressmen want the employees & the jobs in their districts! So they don't want to stop the drugs! If you stop the drugs, then you stop the jobs, & they'll all be out of work!--And the Congressional districts would be out of money.
       17. It's so ridiculous the way the U.S. is treating the drug problem. They could cure a lot of it just by making drugs legal. (Mama: So the U.S. could do something about it, but they just don't want to?) Why should they want to when they're making so much money on it? (Mama: But could they do it?) Yes, of course. All they have to do is legalise drugs & the bottom falls out of the drug market.
       18. The Mafia doesn't want the government to stop the drugs either, because it's making billions on it!--And the government is making billions on it! As long as there's money in it, they're never going to stop it. Money corrupts, & very much money very much corrupts! Drug agents are making too much money off those drugs. I've told you before that the government is in cahoots with the drug dealers & drug producers.
       19. Britain jerked the money rug out from underneath the heroin trade for a while, & virtually destroyed it! Addicts could get heroin or methadone from the government at dirt-cheap prices! So there was no more money in it for the Mafia nor for the government agencies. They practically wiped out heroin for awhile except for legal doses, which any junkie could get cheap at any government drugstore.
       20. Both the Mafia & the government are making billions on drugs!--The Mafia by selling them, & the U.S. government by pretending to try to put a stop to them. Whereas if they did put a stop to it, thousands of people would lose their jobs, Congressional districts would lose millions, & the government would lose billions that they're getting now to supposedly try to wage the war on drugs.
       21. It's just like war! The Pentagon is really not interested in stopping wars, or they'd be out of business. Neither is the Government that interested in stopping wars, because that would be a big business loser. All the armaments manufacturers, the war industries--so-called "defense" industries--would lose money, & people would lose jobs. So they're not too interested in stopping the wars either.
       22. So because so many jobs are dependent on it, & so much money is involved, many people in the U.S. aren't really that interested in stopping drugs! Certainly the drug users are not interested in stopping the drugs. They don't realise that if drugs were legalised they could get their drugs anyhow, & cheap, instead of having to spend thousands of Dollars & having to kill & shoot & break in & rob in order to get their drug money, which increases crime & supports the Mafia with billions.
       23. While the U.S. is giving more & more billions of dollars to supposed drug prevention, it is literally supporting the drug trade! Because then the Mafia are making more & more money off of the drugs, the drug distributors & producers & growers are making more & more money, the drug users are getting more & more drugs, & the drug agencies are getting billions & billions more to fight drugs!
       24. Who in the drug agencies wants to fight their job? There are of course some idealists, but the majority do as little as possible & have just enough catches to make a big show of it & publicise how many pounds they seized this time to try to convince the public they're still in business & still doing their job.
       25. Government policy is encouraging drugs, & the policy is, the more money they spend on drugs to try to control it & stop it, the less people want to control it, the less people want to stop it, & the less even the drug agencies want to stop it, because they're getting billions to try & stop it! So why should they want to stop it? They just make a show of trying to seize a little here & a little there.
       26. They give every little seizure big ballyhoo & big publicity--when they admit themselves that ten times as much drugs are getting into the U.S. as they seize. Why? Because if they seize it all, the drug agencies & the war on drugs would be out of business! So they've got to let enough drugs get through to scare the American people & increase the crime rate so the drug agencies will still get their billions, & be able to employ thousands, until fighting drugs is becoming big business! It gets billions of Dollars from the Government!--Just like war.
       27. (Note: In 1991 alone, U.S. government agencies spent nearly 24 billion Dollars to fight the "war on drugs," & according to a Fortune news article, U.S. companies are cashing in. The U.S. Customs Service & the Coast Guard have spent millions on equipment to catch traffickers. Customs has built or bought a fleet of over 270 boats that can cut through the water at up to 70 mph [EDITED: "110 kph"]. Some cost $200,000 each. "This is a growth industry," said the article. Laments a Customs official: "Drug runners find out what our latest equipment is & either find a way to foil it or get something better.")
       28. The supposed World Wars have ceased. Now where are the people going to get their jobs & their money? "Well, let's fight a war on drugs! Then the government can pour billions into the drug war & we will make billions in our jobs & agencies to supposedly fight it!" But the government is no more fighting drugs than they have stopped fighting wars! They want this war to keep going in Yugoslavia because it's making money for the ACs, & the AC arms merchants, & it's allowing the AC takeover of Yugoslavia.
       29. Every time Clinton raises his head & says, "I'm going to shoot!" they say to him, "You'd better duck or we're going to shoot! We put you in power, now you do what we say. Don't you dare stop the war in Bosnia! You let those AC-backed Serbs have all they want, & we will then run Yugoslavia. We're creating a dictator there, & we'll set up more dictators other places, & we'll finally get them all to cooperate to elect our dictator, the Antichrist."
       30. The World is an evil place. Not even the governments really want to stop wars. Not even the governments really want to stop drugs. They make too much money off of both. So forget it. Where there's big money involved, nothing is going to stop it, & where there's big money involved, you-know-who is going to make it!--The guys who handle most of the money in their banks & businesses & industries, the ones who run the World, & you know who they are!--And they're soon going to totally control it through their Supreme Lord, the Antichrist, possessed by Satan himself in person!
       31. So all of this supposed fight against war, fight for peace, war against drugs--all of this is self-righteous hypocrisy & a fake false front, an absolute lie of the Devil & a pretense!--Because the Antichrist is encouraging it like mad from behind the scenes to help his followers, the ACs, to make money, gain power, & therefore put him in power to rule the World, so the Devil will be running it all! He's just about running most of it already except for a very little weak resistance from the churches & Christians--who are fighting their own people, of all things, & even supporting outfits like CAN & those who are crushing the tiny new religious movements, the churches thereby hoping to save themselves!
       32. But the churches are going to be the ones that our anti-Christ enemies are going to turn on next once they think they've crushed the little groups of sold-out Christians like us & others that are exposing them & fighting them. When they've got that out of the way, then they can start crushing the Christians in general, & that's what they've already begun by cracking down on the easiest targets, the television evangelists. Now they're starting on the smaller denominations. So it's begun.
       33. But thank God it's driving Christians together, showing the persecuted that they're all being persecuted by the same people, the same forces. It's driving them together to have to fight together instead of against each other, as some of them are actually confessing now. The persecution is driving Christians together as it has driven them together against baby-killing, abortion, & as it once drove them together against liquor--but they lost that fight.
       34. Now the World & worldly people are fighting drugs as the greatest menace of all. "Drugs are the worst! They cause crime, blah, blah, blah." But as long as it's making money--not only for the drugsters, who are probably paying off police & drug agents with billions--but as long as everybody is making money on drugs, who is going to stop it?--The government? Government agencies? The criminals? The drug pushers? The drug users? The Mafia? The drug distributors? The drug manufacturers? The growers?
       35. They're all making money on it! The Government is making money on it! It's persuading people to give their taxes in the billions to try to stop it. As long as people are giving billions to try to stop it, who wants to stop it?--Nobody! Forget it!
       36. {\i (Note: Activists & authors have been tracking the U.S. government's involvement in drug smuggling & sales for almost 20 years now. A book entitled "The Politics of Heroin in South East Asia" by Alfred McCoy documents the CIA's selling of narcotics to fund operations. The author has also written a sequel, "The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade." Other books include "The American Heroin Empire" & "Deep Cover" by Michael Levine [an exposé of the phony drug war by a former undercover operative].}
       37. (Many activists are concerned that the CIA & U.S. government not only engage in drug trafficking while pretending to crack down on it, but use the drug crackdown as an excuse to crack down on liberties & rights, virtually obliterating the Bill of Rights. As one writer said, "Under drug war laws, the government now has the right to pick up people off the street, based on the signature of a DEA officer saying that you're a drug distributor, with a judge rubber-stamping the arrest, & they can then take your house, your car, whatever you've got, as well as taking the money with which you would hire an attorney to defend yourself. The principle of 'innocent until proven guilty' no longer applies, as they work to establish their National Security State with what is evolving into a World Security State, instead of just a national system.")


ACs Publicising Serb Atrocities!
       38. (Family: I have a question about Bosnia & the Serbs, as well as some other things in the news. Why do the news agencies & the ACs publicize the atrocities that they & people like the Serbs have been committing in Bosnia & other places? What have they got to gain in spreading their dirty work abroad on the news? After all, hardly anything gets to the ears of the public without their having a hand in it. They must be up to something, & maybe it's because they want to see how far they can push it without anybody doing anything, & just see the general public's reaction.) Yes!--And also to cover their own dirty work by pretending to be fair & show both sides!

U.S. Yielding to the Aggressors
       39. (7/4/94) The new tack that the Serbs are taking is that they are granting free evacuation of the people they don't want in the areas that they are taking over. In other words, assistance for ethnic cleansing! "Yes, we'll let you take all these Muslims & Croats out of these areas that we want to occupy. We will not hinder the evacuation." Isn't that kind of them!
       40. They are going to allow people to be kicked out of their own country without hindrance! And the U.S. is promising not to interfere, isn't that kind of them? When asked if the United States was willing to let Bosnian towns fall to the Serbs, U.S. Secretary of Defence William Perry said they would not intervene, just stop the shelling, as they did in Sarajevo. In other words, "We're going to let the Serbs kill off the Muslims or deport them, & take their territory without interfering."
       41. It sounds like the ACs, doesn't it? They're back in operation. There was such a furor raised over Sarajevo that the Serbs had to stop their attacks. But now the U.S. is openly admitting that they are not going to intervene to help in any of these other cities that the Serbs are taking. Isn't that amazing how the U.S. can just purposely yield to these aggressors, these tyrants that are moving in on these people!--And the Serbs are nicely letting the U.N. evacuate their enemies so the Serbs can occupy their houses & land.
       42. The U.S. said it would not send any more of their air power into Bosnia despite new attacks by the Serbs, unless there's another big massacre or atrocity.--Such as the bombing of the Sarajevo market in February, which prompted the threat of NATO air strikes. In other words, "If they slaughter enough people & it's a bad enough atrocity, we might intervene."--If the World rises up in fury & insists that they do something about it!
       43. It's just infuriating! They're promising the Serbs they can have the country, & once they have it, the U.N. will kindly "evacuate" all the Muslims & Croats. They're assisting the aggression, in other words, the so-called "ethnic cleansing."--Gladly & willingly giving a poor little country to a tyrant invader without interference from the U.S. Clinton's Secretary of Defence--which amounts to the Secretary of War, although they now call it Defence--is just going to let the Serbs have Bosnia, as they originally planned.

Man Still a Vicious Monster!--The Serbs!
       44. (1/5/94) It's hard to imagine that men still use big guns to destroy people & their homes. Man is still a vicious monster, the worst on Earth--& the Serbs are it right now! You wonder how they've got the nerve to shoot & kill people by the thousands! (Maria: Yes, supposedly "civilised" Europeans. When things like that happen in places like Africa, it's a lot more common. Africans have been killing each other off in civil wars for years, like they are in Rwanda right now, as well as Angola, Sudan, Somalia, Liberia & other countries.) Yes, but these are civilised people. It's horrible! (Note: In a February 1994 article entitled "The Coming Anarchy," writer Robert Kaplan predicted the virtual breakdown of civilization as we know it in most of Africa. War, crime, corruption & disease are rampant. More than three million people may have died as a result of Africa's wars over the past decade. In Angola, it is estimated that more than 1,000 people die daily now as a result of the effects of the brutal civil war. In Rwanda, relief workers say up to 500,000 people have been killed since war broke out, & more than a million have been left homeless. Sub-Saharan Africa is on the verge of dropping into the abyss of famine again, with an estimated 20 million people at risk of starving. Besides widespread epidemics of malaria & other tropical diseases, some 8 million Africans are infected with AIDS, roughly two-thirds of the World's total.)
       45. Now as the Serbs are pulling out of Gorazde they're using a "scorched earth" policy & destroying the homes & the water works as they go. It's a good thing I'm not President of the United States or I'd be in there wiping them out! But he's not, & that's the power of AC pressure for you. (Maria: It's also resulting in the hardening of the worldwide Muslims' attitude toward the Christians, or toward the West.) It sure is doing that! It's certainly not going to make the Muslims any more receptive to Christianity.
       46. Man's inhumanity to Man, killing babies & children! I guess they just get hardened to it. Thank You, Lord, for at least bringing some semblance of peace to Sarajevo & answering prayer & forcing the Serbs to pull back in a few other places.

Serb Criminals!
       47. Think of what criminals can get away with if they call it war, like in Bosnia.

Birth & Death Rates in E. Europe!
       48. In Russia & the Eastern European countries the birth rate is nosediving, & the death rate is skyrocketing. You could probably say the birth rate dropping is affected by the rise in abortions, & the death rate rising might be affected by the rise of suicides, because they're in such a mess.
       49. (Note: The death rate in Russia could double in the next five years because infectious diseases & other illnesses are becoming rampant as the health system falls apart, Moscow newspapers said recently. Epidemics of diphtheria, typhoid, measles & other diseases are becoming common in parts of Russia due to falling living standards, lack of medical care & unsanitary conditions. Germany faces problems with its birth rate, among the lowest in the world. The trend is particularly acute in formerly Communist Eastern Germany, where the 190,000 births in 1989--the year the Berlin Wall fell--plummeted to only 80,000 last year. And suicide rates are skyrocketing. One person commits suicide every half hour in Germany. Nearby Hungary has the World's highest suicide rate. Some 60 Hungarian men & 20 women per 100,000 population killed themselves in 1992. Russia, Lithuania, Latvia & Kazakhstan are not far behind.)

       50. Italy is a mess, & it has been ever since the U.S. took it over.--The U.S. & the Mafia.

IRA Bombing at Heathrow Airport
       51. (Note: In early March, units of the IRA fired mortar shells on Heathrow Airport, conducting three attacks in five days on the World's busiest international airport. None of the 12 shells exploded & no one was killed or injured in the attacks. Heathrow handles more than 45 million passengers a year. Security at the Heathrow complex, where 60,000 people work on a 3,000-acre site, is tight, but mainly geared towards stopping hijacks, halting explosives, drugs or guns being smuggled onto a plane, & foiling attacks in its four terminals.)
       52. They say the IRA is threatening bigger things to put the pressure on the British, perhaps even the assassination of some members of Parliament. Imagine how a bombing scare like that must affect tourists & people landing at Heathrow Airport, the biggest in the World, with four major terminals & planes landing at the rate of one a minute.
       53. It must have been the Lord that kept the bombs from exploding, because if any of those bombs had exploded they would have blown up the very runway upon which the Concorde would have landed 25 minutes later, & on which planes were already landing & taking off at the rate of one a minute!
       54. The representative of the Airline Pilots Association complained that the government was not protecting the airport sufficiently. If those bombs had exploded, they could have destroyed airplanes, passengers, pilots & whatnot. He was really angry because the government had allowed such a thing to happen & didn't have enough security around the airport. The government answered that it is impossible to have such tight security because it is such a populated area.


Singapore's Strict Rules!
       55. The U.S. tried to lecture Singapore on discipline, when the U.S. has no discipline! The U.S. has horrible crime, whereas Singapore has almost no crime & enjoys perfectly safe streets. And here Clinton is trying to give Singapore a lesson in discipline, isn't that a scream? It's like the dirty pot calling the clean kettle black!
       56. This situation in Singapore with the discipline of the American boy, Michael Fay, is waking some people up & showing them where America is at, including some Americans. (Note: Ohio teenager Michael Fay, 18, pleaded guilty after he was caught vandalizing cars with spray paint & eggs & tearing down traffic signs over a 10-day period. Besides a four-month prison term & a fine of $2,215, Fay also was due to be flogged on his bare buttocks six times by a martial-arts expert, a punishment that sometimes leaves permanent scars. He appealed the sentence, & after personal intervention by President Clinton, Singapore reduced the number of lashes from six to four.)
       57. Imagine the U.S. President coming to this boy's rescue & trying to prevent his mere caning! (Maria: If you live in a country & enjoy its prosperity & benefits, you should be willing to live by the laws of the land.) Yes, & I agree with Singapore's laws about flushing the public toilets, not chewing gum, which was being left all over their public places, & a lot of their other laws that keep their city clean & free of crime. Boy, that's just what America needs! (Maria: I guess that's what they'll get under the Antichrist, won't they?) Yes. (Maria: They'll probably get all those very strict rules & discipline.) A cruel generation deserves a cruel dictator. This is a wicked generation that deserves a wicked king.
       58. I was sure glad Lee Kuan Yew stood his ground & talked back to Clinton, lecturing Clinton & the U.S.A. for a change! (Maria: Yes, that was good! It's really good to hear somebody publicly do that to the U.S. so the World can hear it.) Yes.
       59. Many of the Oriental societies are quite tough on discipline, particularly the Japanese, as well as the Indonesians, Malaysians, Chinese, etc. (Maria: Yes, & you can see how the Japanese also get it from the U.S. time after time for being so strict.) The U.S. is just horrified about how the Japanese discipline their students, & they obviously have been overly excessive sometimes. (Maria: But just because a few people step out of line, that doesn't mean that their whole system is wrong.) Right!


Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin
       60. God bless Rabin! He is one of the Jews who's genuinely trying to bring peace.

Godahfi Interview!
(Comments after reading a Leaders Magazine interview with Godahfi:)
       61. [DELETED] He's really got the World situation summed up right. There are a few things I might disagree with him on, but very few. I'm so thrilled with Godahfi's wisdom in this interview. (See WND 438, pg.2.). [DELETED]
       62. He says he retired in 1979, but he can no more retire than I can! We may not run the day-to-day business like we used to, but we still need to keep an eye on things to make sure that everything remains on an even keel & keeps going in the right direction.

White Homelands!
       64. I think it would be smart to have separate White homelands in South Africa. The Blacks & the Whites will never get along together. [DELETED]

South Africa & Zimbabwe!
       65. South Africa was somewhat of a steadying influence on Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, because Mugabe knew that Whites in Zimbabwe had the Whites of South Africa right behind them, & they knew their government had better behave. Amen, Lord, have Thy way in South Africa for the sake of all those Christians there. You could keep the peace. Have Thy way, You know what's best. (Note: Mugabe is starting to crack down on Whites with some of the toughest measures in the last 14 years. Within one month of South Africa's first all-race elections which put in a Black majority government, Zimbabwe's vice president Joshua Nkomo warned his country's Whites to "move out of the country now, before it is too late.")


Changing Styles!
       66. It's ridiculous how styles change! Women used to wear little wire frames under their skirts to make them look bigger. Now they've got diets & pills & gyms & do everything they can to look smaller. The fashion magazines tell you you're supposed to be slim like the models, & like those horribly grotesque mannequins in the stores! The clothes on those mannequins look like rags hanging on a clothes pole, it's ridiculous! And have you noticed how fierce the mannequins' faces have become in recent years? They used to have pleasant faces, smiles, pretty, but now they're becoming more like the people of today!

Machines Replacing People!
       67. What the historians predicted a hundred years ago is now happening on a vast scale. They said that if machines came into full use they would put humans out of work, and it's happening.

The Devil's Big Lies!
       68. It's amazing how the Devil can persuade the whole World of such big lies as evolution & paleontology, the Earth being millions of years old & all that. (Maria: Yes, it seems like people will believe anything.) Because they don't want to have the Truth. Well, they've had the Truth, but they've rejected it, so the Lord said He'll let them believe lies. (2Th.2:10-12.)

Catholic Priests & Celibacy!
       69. It's hard not to suspect every priest of paedophilia! What can you expect when the church denies them marriage? I don't blame the priests, I blame the church & their horrible doctrine of celibacy! It's a horrible misinterpretation of the Scriptures.

Sodomite Ghostwriter Mel White!
       70. This one "Larry King Live" Show we saw certainly shows how religion is being attacked, especially by the ACs. They couldn't get at Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham & Pat Robertson directly, so they're trying to get at them through their ex-ghostwriter, Mel White, who is an open homosexual.
       71. He's discrediting all these evangelists in his book. He is also discrediting the Bible & saying it's wrong, it's been misinterpreted etc. He's as good as saying that he doesn't believe the Bible. He has to say that, because what the Lord says about Sodomy is as clear as can be in the Scriptures.
       72. Just because evangelists are preaching against evil, it gets labelled as "hate" nowadays. This guy Mel White is a deceiver, an absolute liar! And of course the Gays have an agenda. What a slick, evil, slithering snake!
       73. Why don't these Christians who tried to answer this guy use the Bible, the power of the Word of God, instead of all these arguments! It's so ridiculous! I would just keep quoting the Scripture. What disappoints me & disgusts me is that they're not quoting the Scriptures enough. They need to quote the Bible, because it's powerful, & that will convict sinners, even homosexuals! The one time they stumped him was when they quoted the Bible & what it says about Sodomites. (Maria: Right, he didn't have any answer for it.)

Jimmy Bakker!
       74. (From Mama:) Jimmy Bakker's certainly a broken man in every way, having lost almost everything, including his wife. The Lord must have a wonderful plan for him. He's a very precious individual, & though he got a little bit sidetracked, the Lord was faithful to bring him back. I'm sure the Lord is going to release him soon & is probably keeping him in prison until he gets remade & fully on the right track.

Devil's Corruptions!
       75. The Devil is trying to corrupt everything beautiful! He's corrupted music, art, theatre. There used to be beautiful plays, & now they're sickening, with vile language. So much of modern ballet is now downright ugly & disgusting. You can hardly see a movie nowadays that doesn't contain all kinds of foul language.

Tower of Babel!
       76. God destroyed worldly unity at the Tower of Babel to make sure the World Government would not come too soon.

Stock Market Insanity!
       77. The stock market is absolute insanity--Babylon! It's just like betting--it is betting. You've got to put down so much money, your ante. (Note: Buyers of stocks or commodities have to put down a deposit, called margin, worth a certain percentage of the investment they're making.)

ACs' Control of Interest Rates!
       78. You can bet your boots any time you hear there's any change in interest rates it's the ACs who are doing it. They absolutely control the World's banking business, as well as most of the World's financial affairs. (Note: Germany has recently lowered its interest rates, while the U.S. has raised them. When the U.S. changes its interest rates, it usually makes worldwide news, because so much of the Third World's debt is tied to U.S. interest rates. When American interest rates go up, Third World debtor nations have to pay millions more in interest on their loans from American banks every year.)

Aerobics & Ears!
       79. Devotees of high-powered aerobics are likely to damage their inner ears due to their jumping & bouncing to music, as well as from the volume of the music itself.

Save the Rats!
       80. The environmentalists now have a "save the rat" campaign! There is no reason I can see for it except that it is diabolical, like the "save the wolves," "save the crocodiles," "save the alligators" & "save the rattlesnakes" campaigns!

Foetal Tissue Experimentation!
       81. Foetal tissue is now being used in medical experiments, & I'm sure people will use this as an excuse for abortion, that "the aborted babies are being used to help people." So far we've heard they've used the foetal tissue to repair the hearts of mice. Isn't that wonderful? What a worthy cause for a baby to die for, to repair the heart of a mouse!

Militant Anti-Abortionists!
       82. I think the anti-abortionists are getting a little too militant. I don't think that's wise. I can understand why they feel that way, but it's giving them a very bad reputation.

Slaughter of the Innocents!
       83. Psalm 22, verse 9 & 10 says, "But Thou art He that took me out of the womb. Thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts. I was cast upon Thee from the womb: Thou art my God from my mother's belly."
       84. There you are! That shows they're killing children! The abortionists try to get by with it by saying they're not children until they're born, but here David says he was God's baby while he was still in his mother's belly. In the U.S. alone they kill 1.5 million babies a year. That's a lot of killing & slaughter of the innocents!

Schindler's List!
       85. Spielberg won 7 Oscars for his Jewish movie "Schindler's List." It just shows you where the profits lie, where honour lies, where fame lies.--In making a Jewish movie!

Holocaust Museums!
       86. It's strange that when the Jews have been persecuted & bullied & oppressed so much themselves, that they'd turn around & become just like their oppressors. They're opening big "Holocaust" museums now in big cities the World over. The PLO ought to start putting up museums about the way they've been treated. Maybe we'll have some museums to us some day--in the Millennium! I'll be old enough by that time to be a real museum piece!

Righteousness Measured by Behaviour
       87. Here's a good quote from a news article: "A people's piety (or righteousness) can be measured only by their behaviour, not by their protestations of belief."

Michael Jackson Destroying Young People
(Comments on a Michael Jackson concert:)
       88. This adoration of rock stars is worship! Some of those guys are almost devils, & the way the kids worship them is a part of the worship of the Devil. You can see what the young people worship--it's the Devil!
       89. Imagine Michael Jackson getting away with a show like that in public & becoming the biggest paid star in history! I'm glad we were able to see it--so we could see how horrible he is! No wonder the Lord's putting a stop to him with all the bad publicity he's gotten lately. He's polluting every crowd he performs for. All these tens of thousands of young people are being totally destroyed. (Maria: They think if it's something from the U.S. it must be something wonderful & good for them.) He sounds exactly like a woman when he sings. He must be possessed by a female demon!
       90. I'm glad I saw that Michael Jackson show, it shows he's gone completely haywire, absolutely insane. I just can't imagine stuff like that going on for hours. It's definitely designed by the Devil to drive people insane! I wonder how many of those kids they carried out have been possessed with evil spirits?
       91. Poor fellow, he obviously sold his soul to the Devil, so the Devil gave him fame & money & greatness & popularity. The Devil sure is using him. It must be hard to be used by the Devil like that, he's really getting everything out of Michael Jackson. Poor boy.
* * *

       92. The Lord has certainly gotten a lot of victories & we've won a lot of battles, but we won't have won the war until we get to Armageddon. I don't think that's going to be far away at the rate the World's going right now.--Especially after seeing that Michael Jackson show last night!
       93. Those kids were getting possessed! There were tens of thousands of people at that concert. His World tour is called "Dangerous," & it certainly is dangerous for the young people. It was diabolical, Satanic! I believe those kids being carried out were getting demon-possessed right & left!

Hollywood Women!
       94. That CNN show on "Hollywood Women" is the silliest thing I've ever seen! How foolish & silly those women are, all they're interested in is money. Zsa Zsa Gabor, the famous Hungarian actress, was a star when I was young, so she must be at least in her 70s by now. But she's had face lifts & everything else & still looks beautiful--from a distance. She's got this gorgeous mansion like a palace, full of all this bric-a-brac & fancy gold souvenirs.--A huge big empty mansion without a child or a husband. She's had about eight husbands, but now she's living all alone in this huge mansion. Can you imagine? What joy is there in having a mansion that you can't share? It's pitiful!
       95. It was worth seeing that "Hollywood Women" show just to see how silly & shallow they are! They have nothing! Even though they're rich, they have nothing. All they can do is brag about their riches & their homes & their bric-a-brac. It's just ridiculous! They scream & laugh like silly women all the way through & talk about what kind of a husband they want, & "he must have so much money" & blah blah!
       96. It's all a matter of money & power. The Hollywood men keep changing women all the time, & the women keep changing men. Ugh! It's just disgusting! I think I almost want to throw up! It sure makes me thank the Lord for what we've got! We have the true riches, eternal riches, & we're engaged in a wonderful work of saving people & souls & storing eternal riches in Heaven; whereas all these women are concerned about is things. They're not even concerned about the man, they just want the man in order to get the things. And of course that's why they can never keep a man, because they don't know anything about love!
       97. It seems like neither the men nor the women know anything about real love--all they know about is sex. It's really pitiful! I was glad I was able to see that, just to see how bad it is. A lot of famous actresses were giving their stories. Some of the actresses express their contempt for the disgusting way the others act, but very few of them seem to have any men either.
       98. There doesn't seem to be any love involved at all, not at all. The men are thinking, "What kind of a sexy woman can I get?"--80-year-old men marrying 17-year-old girls! And the girls are wondering, "How much money can I get?", bragging about how, "I married an 80-year-old man when I was only 17 & now I'm rich." They married a guy with one foot in the grave & the other one on a banana peel!
       99. Mama married me when I was penniless, & stuck by me & helped me. I was talking to her last night about how she never drops a word. Whenever she thinks I'm going to say something--she has an intuition--she grabs a tape recorder & sticks it in my face. We have a mutual admiration society, she says nice things about me & I say nice things about her. We were saying good night to each other & I was thanking the Lord for Mama & she was thanking the Lord for me. We have got some love affair! She's been so faithful to me.--And so faithful especially to the Word. She always picks up the Words.
       100. That show certainly shows you the froth & shallowness of Hollywood. They're all out for nothing but money, power, glamour & sex. --And sex is just a tool whereby they can get a man & get money or get a job. There's no unselfish love at all. It's all for me, myself & I!
       101. Just think, these Hollywood people have everything--glamour, power, riches, palatial mansions, the admiration of the World--& it's all nothing, absolutely nothing! It gives them no joy or satisfaction, & of course no commendation of God, no riches in Heaven. It's all husks, husks, husks in the swine pen of Hollywood!
       102. I've got more right here than all of them have put together--reality, real love, & real work that is eternal!--Eternal values, eternal riches, riches in Heaven, eternal souls. We're in the business of winning souls to God's Kingdom--the greatest riches there are & the greatest satisfaction! There's nothing to equal saving people & making new people out of them to live in "a New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness."--2Pet.3:13. Praise the Lord! --A Heavenly Kingdom that has everything!--Most of all, love & eternal souls--riches that will last forever!
       103. The Hollywood life is here today & gone forever! It's not worth anything. We've got the richest Kingdom in the World & the most everlasting, with the most love & joy everlasting! That Hollywood life is all froth, scum, husks & sewage! You can hardly believe those women could actually be saying such things, that all they want is a rich husband for his money & not a word of concern about the man, nothing about love, nothing about helping others, except a little charity at the end where they take some street people off the street & fix up their hair! What good is that going to do them?--They'd rather have the money! But giving money doesn't create as big a splash. They put on stylist shows, hair shows, anything to show that they're giving, they're philanthropists, they're generous--when they're really degenerate.
       104. They've got such a guilty conscience that they've got to do something for the poor, but they do as little as they can. It's all scum, froth, dregs--sickening! You can hardly believe those women would be so blatant about confessing that that's all they want: A rich husband for money. And then they wonder why all those things don't satisfy? (Sings:)

              I have found no satisfaction
       In the fleeting joys of Earth;
       I have hewed me broken cisterns
       That have mocked me by their dearth;
       All the springs my soul had tested
       Failed to meet my deepest need.
       Christ alone has met my longing;
       He has satisfied indeed!

              Christ is not a disappointment,
       Ev'ry longing in my breast
       Finds in Him complete fulfillment;
       He has brought me into rest.
       I have tested Him & proved Him
       More than all I dreamed He'd be.
       Christ is not a disappointment;
       He is all in all to me!

       105. They don't even know what that means! Apparently they've never even known Him, or they've forsaken Him. Surely some of those women have had some background of the Gospel or the Truth. (Maria: But when people get so far away from it, like they have, He sends them strong delusion.) Well, they apparently made a choice. They resisted the Truth, & therefore He sent them strong delusion that they might believe a lie.--2Th.2:10-12.
       106. It's all lies, all delusion, all phonies, fakes & imitations. It's all sickening! Imagine people who just live for that.--Empty, empty, empty!--Zsa Zsa Gabor with her 70-year-old beauty obtained by cosmetic surgery, all that beauty & all those riches & that empty house! The thing that would've made the house most valuable, she didn't have. She had nothing but things & nobody.--Just an empty husk of a body left that can't even attract a husband, not even an old man. Well, she got what she was after, she's got her riches, & she must've thrown away several husbands on the way. Now it's all empty, empty, empty. Husks, husks, husks! They're showing all their beautiful husks--from beautiful bodies to beautiful mansions. Husks, husks, husks--all of them empty! Nothing! Horrible! What an empty life!
       107. We're the richest people on Earth because we're storing up treasures in Heaven, eternal souls! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord!--Saving lives, saving hearts, saving souls, saving people, saving children. That's why the Devil hates us & attacks us & raids us, even with guns! Imagine police & authorities coming into our Homes with guns--the absolutely most innocent, harmless people on Earth!--And calling us "the most dangerous & most destructive sect in the World!"--Because we're dangerous to the Devil's kingdom & destructive to his work!
       108. No wonder the Devil is after us--we're doing the most wonderful work in the World! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!--With the most wonderful rewards--eternal, heavenly, everlasting! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord for Your Love that gave all this to us, gave us all such love & such a wonderful work saving Your children! Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord!
       109. Just think, those women have got popularity, World acclaim, wealth, beauty, power, everything, yet they live in fear. (Maria: They're unhappy & lonely & make constant trips to the therapist.) One husband after another, no man satisfies. My Mother used to like to drive along Miami Beach & look at all the beautiful homes, & Dr. Koger used to say, "Don't envy them! I have my city practice in Coloured town amongst the poorest, & then I have my private practice over here. And do you know who the happiest people are?--The poorest.--And the most unhappy with the most diseases are the rich!"
       110. Those rich people who have all that money live in constant fear of violence & AIDS & getting old. Like the Bible says, they can't sleep for worrying about their riches (Ecc.5:12), & now they're even worrying about themselves. They know the schools are awful, they know the gangs are bad, crimes, drugs, everything's bad --except for us & a few other Christians.
       111. (Maria: And the Christians who are so caught up in the System have the same problems. It's really sad!) Why don't those people go to their pastor instead of their therapist? He's the one that's supposed to know how to help them with the Word. The answers are all in the Bible! Why can't they consult their pastors if they have problems they can't solve?--Or just read the Bible? It's all there. God's Word is the answer to everything, & they can read it for themselves, or they can go to their preacher. (Maria: Yes, but the Word doesn't work unless it's obeyed & unless it's in the right context. If they're not willing to live like the Lord tells them to & instead they make themselves a part of the worldly System, they can't help but have the same problems as the worldly people do.)
       112. They're afraid to go to the Bible! They know the answers are there, but they want the psychiatrist to tell them something else. "It was your mother's fault" or "your father's fault" or "your guilt feelings," blah, blah! "It was the way you were treated when you were a child," "it was child abuse." Many psychiatrists try to blame everything on your parents now.
       113. Thank You Lord for the answers to everything! It's all in the Bible. They just ought to read the New Testament, especially the Gospels, starting with the Gospel of John. It's so simple, as simple as can be. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee. Perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment."--Isa.26:3; 1Jn.4:18. All those rich people are living in fear & they can't even enjoy their riches. For one thing, it gives them a guilty feeling when they hear about all the other people who are suffering. We live in luxury compared to millions in the World, but we don't have to feel guilty about it. The Lord supplies what we need & want, & I don't think we waste money; in fact, we're pretty frugal.

Audrey Hepburn--Happy in Heaven!
(After watching a documentary on Audrey Hepburn's life:)
       114. (Dad weeping:) "She is with Me now & she is now happy, & that makes your father happy." Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! I think the Lord had to take her out of all that suffering to give her a rest. She couldn't bear it any more.
       115. It's amazing the things that little frail girl was able to go through. She reminds me of you, Honey, so little & tiny & frail, but you have such strength! (Maria: It's the Lord for sure.) She was the greatest actress that ever lived, & the way she ended her life shows how great she was--humble & loving & kind & sacrificial & suffering. She lived it, she lived the love of Jesus. I'm sure that those Jewish producers & directors never wanted to give the Lord the credit, but I'm sure it was there somewhere. She suffered through the end of the war in Nazi-occupied Holland & said she & her mom never had enough to eat.
       116. She had real love. It must've been the Lord. The Lord must've given her an angelic helper. She had such love & compassion & humility. She was God's actress, His angel, to make so many great movies before the total corruption of Hollywood. They haven't made any recent movies like those truly great movies, & they haven't had any great actresses. There's hardly anything now but violence & sex.--Not that there's anything wrong with sex, but it's all lust nowadays. People just don't have the character for making good movies nowadays. There aren't any more of those great male actors, either. There just aren't the moral principles any more, there's not the idealism, there's not the spiritual soul for it in these modern actors & actresses.
       117. Hollywood now is like the "Hollywood Women"--full of covetousness for money & power & lust for sex. There's no beauty of idealism. It's just as though God has left Hollywood. Just think, I lived there 50 years ago & it was still a pretty idealistic place in those days. Those were the days that produced Audrey Hepburn. She must've had a very good mother to have produced such an angelic child. She was practically an angel, everybody marvelled at her--directors, co-actors, musicians.
       118. I believe she's wearing a crown. She's greater now than she ever was. And just think what a ministry she must have with children There! Think of all those dying babies who are now in the huge childcare centers of Heaven. They have to take in all these dying children. She just went from one big ministry to a greater ministry in a place where she could really help them.
       119. (Note: Audrey Hepburn, the Oscar-winning screen & stage actress who devoted her later life to the World's children as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, died in January of 1993. UNICEF Director General James Grant said, "Audrey Hepburn's passing is a painful and irreplaceable loss for her family & friends, for children everywhere & for UNICEF, the organization to which she devoted so much time in the last four years of her life. She truly became our 'fair lady.' The children of the World have lost a true friend, & an important & eloquent advocate.")
       120. Her heart must've been aching & broken here to feel that she had so little she could do for them. But There she has all the powers & forces of Heaven to heal them & comfort them & care for them & do all that she wanted to do. She was a saint, I believe it! She was always my favourite actress, the greatest actress of my day as I grew up. That little show about her life was like watching the history of an Angel, & she must've had an Angel helping her, that's for sure.

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