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IT COULD BE THE CRASH!       7/94       DFO 2923
--A "Be Prepared" Talk with Maria & Peter

       1. I have something on my heart that I need to warn you about. I suppose you've been following the news lately & have seen how the Dollar has been drastically dropping against the Japanese Yen & other currencies. (See excerpts of recent news articles on page 6.) I believe this is quite significant & could possibly be the beginning of the complete crash of the Dollar which will bring on a total economic crash worldwide. Do you remember eight or nine years ago when we were formulating contingency plans in case of a financial emergency? That's when we were talking about getting our WS reserves into Yen & Swiss Francs & out of the Dollar, & that was when the Dollar was worth 258 Yen. (See "Dump Your Dollars," ML #1893, 3/85.) Do you know where it is now? It's just fallen to less than 100 Yen! That means that the value of the Dollar against the Yen is less than half of what it was eight or nine years ago!
       2. Back when the Dollar was worth 258 Yen, the Lord showed me that we needed to dump our Dollars & we did, thank God! Within a few months the Dollar dropped to about 165 Yen! Over the next few years it continued to slowly but regularly decline, leveling out for a while at about 135 Yen. More recently, though, it began to pick up speed in its decline, dropping to below 120 Yen, & now it's gone below the 100 mark! Now that may not sound like a crash to you in that the bottom didn't just fall out in one day, but it certainly has been a slow crash. Think of it, in under 10 years the Dollar has lost over half its value against the Yen.--And it's still falling! They don't know how to stop it! I don't think the financial scare has ever been as great as it is right now.
       3. Who do you think is engineering this incredible fall of the Dollar? (Peter: The ACs.) Of course. The Dollar is crashing & investors are losing confidence in it. Of course, the peace prophets are trying to say all kinds of optimistic things about it. "Don't get excited, calm the people, don't tell them what's really happening, don't let them panic." Otherwise they would have panicked, but they're trying to let them down slowly & easily & not remind them of how far the Dollar has fallen.
       4. I think these latest facts on the fall of the Dollar are an important indicator, & if it doesn't bring on the complete economic crash it's at least one more significant step towards it. Of course, they keep talking about the "recovery" & "the recession is over," but we know that it's not over! Every time they have a little bit of a slight recovery they're all proclaiming, "Oh, this is wonderful! The recession is over," & then the next time it goes down worse than it was before. The Dollar's dropped from 258 Yen to less than 100! That's what I would call crashing!
       5. In the news they're constantly talking about how to stop the Dollar from crashing. And the Americans keep bragging about how their friends & the bankers in Europe are going to chip in & they're going to start buying Dollars to help keep the Dollar from crashing. But they haven't done it yet. Clinton says, "Oh, my friends in Europe & the banks of Europe are all going to pitch in & buy Dollars." Well, they haven't yet.
       6. He's going to try & convince them to help more at the upcoming G7 meeting, but I'm not so sure they will. ("G7" stands for the so-called "Group of Seven," the seven industrial nations that are supposed to be the main engines of the World's economy. They are the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy & Japan. The heads of these countries meet annually to discuss the World economy.) If they do, it's just going to be delaying the final death of the Dollar, & therefore the worldwide economic crash, for a little longer. But when the worldwide Crash happens, I believe that could be the key to the Antichrist taking power. The World will be in such dire straits that they will welcome his rule & hail him as a hero.

How the Antichrist Could Come to Power

       7. I've always felt that in order for the Antichrist to have enough power to destroy his enemies he would have to come to great military power in Russia, seeing that he's the King of the North who wages war against the Kings of the South (Dan.11:40). I pictured him becoming great & powerful in the World first. As of yet he has no great tangible power, really, he's not even recognised or revealed. He hasn't got a great army or a great nation at his command.
       8. In a recent class I said, "I don't see how he could marshal enough military power to overthrow Britain, Germany & France any time soon." (See ML #2924 on page 4 of this GN.) That's when Gabe piped up & said, "But what about financial power?--Could he do it by bringing on the Great Crash?" And that struck me immediately as inspired!--The idea that the Antichrist, with the help of the ACs, could take over economically, thus overthrowing the leading financial powers of Europe.
       9. So that's something to think about. Maybe it won't happen immediately, but that certainly could be a way for him to quickly seize power in Europe, by plucking up those three countries by the roots economically. Communism has not yet been resurrected from its deadly wound in Russia, although you can sure see how it could happen in a hurry. I had a real jolt when Gabe said that, it really clicked with me. What a way for the Antichrist to uproot those nations, by bringing on the Great Crash!
       10. The Lord said in His Word that the Little Horn, the Antichrist, would overthrow three of the other horns of Europe & then take over. And that all the horns would then unite together & "give their power & strength unto the Beast."--Rev.17:12-13. I believe that when the Bible refers to the ten horns it doesn't necessarily mean a specific number of countries, but that it's representative of the nations in the European Union.
       11. The Word indicates pretty strongly that they're all going to unite under the Antichrist, & eventually they will turn with him against the Great Whore & burn her with fire so that she is destroyed in one hour. (Rev.18.) And you know that I've always believed that the U.S. is the Great Whore, because the description there in Revelation 17 & 18 is so specific about the merchants who stand afar off at sea, who weep & wail over her destruction because trading with her was the source of their riches.
       12. That's the ideal of almost every country in the World, to make money from selling their products in the U.S. This interpretation seems to fit all the rest of the prophecies too, such as those in Dan.11 where it says that the ships of Chittim will fight against the Antichrist. And Ezekiel says that Tarshish & the "young lions thereof" would resist him, etc. (Dan.11:30; Eze. 38:13.) A lot of Bible scholars have said that these are symbolic of various places, particularly Britain. Of course, America wasn't even discovered yet when the prophets wrote these things, but America is certainly a "young lion" or offspring of Britain. And, as I've brought out before, the "ships of Chittim" could even be airships, meaning modern airplanes & missiles. And who else but the U.S. would be antagonistic enough against Europe & her upcoming leader, the Antichrist, to fight them?
       13. Things are already moving in that direction, with the U.S. opposing the European Union (EU). The EU is combating the U.S. & turning Europe against the U.S., & the U.S. is turning itself against Europe, & they're getting more antagonistic towards each other all the time. So it's not too difficult to see the two eventually turning completely against each other, especially when the Antichrist & all the kings of Europe who join with him unite to destroy her & burn her with fire! That's my theory, at least, you don't have to believe it. But the more things go on, the more it looks like it's heading in that direction.
* * * * * * *

       (Next day, when talking with the Family:)
       14. You may recall not too long ago we were discussing how the Antichrist might come to power. For many years we've assumed that he'd have to become a great World leader of some kind, with sufficient military power to conquer nations, etc. And we know from Daniel that he's going to overthrow three principal nations of Europe, plucking them up by the roots. (See Dan.7:8,24.)
       15. Anyway, in that meeting I was asking you about the Antichrist & how he could possibly get into power, & I said that I didn't see how he could possibly quickly arise to overthrow the three leading nations of Europe militarily, Britain, France & Germany. So I was asking, if the AC forces were to decide that the time has come, what would be the quickest way for them to do it? And Gabe spoke up & said "the Crash!" That struck me as possibly being very significant. By manipulating the financial world, something that they have been doing for a long time, for centuries, they could bring about the Crash. That would be the quickest way to topple the leading nations of Europe.
       16. Besides the Dollar's recent crash against the Yen, it's fallen drastically against the German Mark. Of course, they're not calling it a crash. All of the news commentators & government officials have suddenly become great peace prophets. There's hardly anybody in times of catastrophe who will ever admit that it is a catastrophe or a depression, or that it's a crash. They don't want to excite the people. "Shhh! Don't panic the people! You've got to tell them how good everything is. The recession is over, we're having a recovery, employment is going up & blah blah blah." Most of it is probably lies. One of the easiest things governments can do is lie about stats when it suits their purpose to encourage people that no ill is happening & that no ill will come to them, to their nation, to the World. "God's not judging us, we'll make it, we'll pull out of it, blah blah."
       17. Even Clinton came out with a statement that his partner nations in the G7 have all seemed to indicate they're going to help & their banks are going to buy up Dollars & raise the price & blah blah blah. Well, just about every day you hear that this great support for the Dollar is supposed to happen, but almost every day the Dollar sinks lower. Oh, it takes a few little steps up, but lately it's been one step up, two steps down.

Animosity Between the U.S. & Europe!

       18. So maybe this is it. It sure could be. So please pray God's Will will be done. I was talking to Peter last night about how this could be the beginning of the Crash. It's already crashed a lot. Of course, the U.S. thinks they're going to last forever, & the British like to think that there will always be an England. Well, maybe so, but it will be under the Antichrist! And I believe the U.S. is going to be blasted almost out of existence.
       19. That won't mean that everybody in the U.S. is going to be killed, but it'll be knocked off its pedestal & it certainly will not be the great super power it once was. The prophecies about the Beast having its deadly wound healed sound like they could be talking about the death & resurrection of Russian Communism. That's one of my theories, but sometimes these things that come to me are revelations from the Lord. So I think we should be prepared.
       20. The U.S. & Europe were quite close before, particularly when the U.S. was saving Europe's Jews & helping to put a stop to Hitler. But they've grown quite far apart since World War II, & I can see how it wouldn't be too difficult for the Antichrist--once all of Europe has become his kingdom--to get the kings of Europe together to wipe out the non-subservient U.S., the Great Whore!
       21. So what I'm saying to you now is: Is this it? Or could this be the beginning of it? It could be. And if so, what are you going to do about it? Are you properly prepared if the Crash should occur soon, even this year? I'm asking you, are you prepared? Or what do you think you should do to get prepared?
       22. Well, you know the old Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared," & it definitely pays to be ready. That's really the sum & substance of what I wanted to talk to you about. So please think about it, pray about it & see what you think, & if there's anything you can think of that we need to do about it to be more prepared. Think about it. I hope the Family isn't holding their reserves in Dollars if they can possibly avoid it. If so, I'd get rid of them, if possible. We'd better warn them about what could be happening right now & how they'd better get prepared for it. (Note: Our Family in Latin America may have to continue keeping some of their funds in Dollars, since it's at least more stable than many {\ul \i local} currencies. And our Family in the U.S. has no choice but to use Dollars, of course.)
       23. Even if this isn't the final crash, think of it like a fire drill. Those are still necessary & good practice for when the real thing strikes. Some day it's going to happen, if not this year, maybe next year, & certainly some year! I just don't think we have many years left! So, Lord, Thy Will be done, You know what's best. Have Thy way. Give us great wisdom as we get a Letter out to warn the people that it could be--"What If?" It could happen. So be prepared the best you can.
       24. (Commenting on Mama, who is getting another tape for the recorder.) See, she's always getting prepared, she anticipates things before they happen, so she gets ready ahead of time. And she does it because she's looking out for us. That's a good lesson for you. (Maria: I do like to know what's going to happen in the future. That's why I'm happy to be married to a Prophet!) Well, Honey, that does help! And when Mama knows what's going to happen, she prepares accordingly. She does a great job in preparing for the future! I don't have to worry about anything anymore!--She does it for me! She does all the work & all the worrying both. (Maria: I was just telling Peter how you never worry anymore.)
       25. She's the Queen & she handles the administration, along with Peter, & that's why I'm perfectly happy & free. You guys are doing a good job & I don't have to do it anymore, thank the Lord! I don't like to be bothered with all those little details anyway. All I have to do is hear from the Lord & pass it on. I still read a lot of different reports & letters & messages that you need help on, & I give my opinions & I make notations on whatever I read, & I hope you notice them. (Maria: Yes, it's very welcome counsel & we pass them on to whoever wrote the report.)

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