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RUSSIA & THE COMING CRASH!--How the Antichrist May Uproot Three Horns!       DFO 2924       3/94

       1. YOU KNOW MY THEORY about the Beast's "deadly wound" being healed, don't you? (See Rev.13:3,12,14 & ML# 2596 & 2597.) Russia has been wounded unto death now, but I can see a distinct possibility of somebody arising who could unite Russia, pick up the pieces, turn it into a new Soviet Union, & become powerful enough to overthrow Germany, France & England.
       2. However, I don't see anybody yet on the World stage who looks like he could, much less is about to, overthrow Germany, France & England, do you? What exactly are the words used there? (Family: "He shall subdue three kings."--Dan.7:24.) And in another place I think it says "uproot & overthrow." (Peter: Yes, in Daniel 7:8 it says, "I considered the horns, & behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots.") There you are, "plucked up by the roots." In other words, he uproots them so they no longer have any power. They were nations of power, but he uproots them.
       3. With the mess that Russia is in at the moment, how could the Antichrist quickly get powerful enough to overthrow Germany, France & England? It would sure take a miracle like rising from the dead, "wounded unto death & did live."
       4. (Gabe: Could those three nations--England, France & Germany--be uprooted economically or monetarily by the big money boys? Could that make them slaves like the IMF does with little countries? Could that be one way of overpowering them?) Why, yes! I hadn't thought of that! He could pluck them up by destroying them economically!--In other words, without a war. The Crash could do it, & of course the ACs would be the engineers of the Crash. If anybody's going to engineer the Crash it'll be them, because they are the ones who control the money, World finances, the whole economic world. They've got it & they could do it.
       5. They're just waiting for their chance when they think it would be to their best advantage to do it, when they can get everybody in the hole, weeping & crying & wailing & gnashing their teeth that they can't solve their problems. That would be one of the quickest ways to gain control. So it's possible. I agree with your theory there.
       6. The World's made a slight recovery since some of those guys wrote those books about the Crash & said it could happen as early as the late '70s. (See "The Crash of '79!", ML#762.) Well, it could've, but it didn't. So their calculations & mine were both wrong. It was just my thinking anyhow. It wasn't the ACs' time for it, but it sure looks like it's getting there now!
       7. The ACs could bring about the Crash any time they wanted to, & then with the power that they wield in World economy, they could do their best to resurrect Russia. They're the ones that could do it, they've got the money. And Russia's still got all those missile silos, atom bombs & huge factories that can make tanks, guns, ammunition & all the rest.
       8. You say, "Oh, Dad, you've been predicting the Crash for 20-some years!" (Family: And it has happened little by little every year.) Well, the ACs have been getting more control of the finances. They've loaned so much money to so many nations that now they're slaves! Every country is complaining about what particular form of finances that the ACs get control of, & is their biggest problem? (Family: Taxes?) Taxes, of course, are always a problem, but they can never raise enough taxes to pay this off. (Family: The deficit?) Yes, the deficit!
       9. Who is that owed to? (Family: The big money boys.) Yes, the ACs. I would imagine almost every country in the World has such a big deficit & such a big national debt that they will never get it paid. But when those boys that control the money call in the debts, they're going to have a lot of power & a lot of control. The nations of the World will be their slaves then--including Germany, France & England! I think those are some pretty good guesses.
       10. The Crash is one thing that could happen real fast & put the Antichrist & his forces on top real quick! And instead of helping Germany, France & England to recover, what if they just suddenly take a funny turn & decide to help Russia recover?
       11. Daniel Chapter 8 talks about the little horn & the way it waxed great. (Dan.8:9.) Could that be Russia? I think I've taught all along that the "King of the North" was pretty obviously Russia. And in spite of the fact that Russia is now "wounded unto death," the billions that the ACs have could resurrect it, to where she could "wax great" again, & do so in a hurry!
       12. Germany, France & England are the main economic powers of Europe, & if the ACs decide to pull the rug out from under them & build up Russia instead, that could happen pretty fast! The fall of the Soviet Union & Communism "wounded unto death" could've already happened, but it wouldn't take the ACs long to resurrect it, brother, with all that money they've got!--Especially all the money that's owed them.
       13. It'd be a surprise if the ACs decided to turn around & revive Russia, which they could do at a moment's notice. Russia probably won't have any choice but to make the Antichrist their king. What the ACs say will go, nobody will have any choice but them, because they've got control of everything--the money & most governments & all the rest. They have undoubtedly allowed Russia to fall, to be wounded with a deadly wound, & then it heals.--A miracle! Russia should've died, the wound was deadly, but instead of that it comes back to life!
       14. Boy, can't you see that picture as a possibility? Here comes the Crash, the ACs pull the rug out from under all these other World powers, & suddenly they're putting all their eggs in one basket in Russia instead! Considering how many trillions & quadrillions the ACs have, they could raise Russia from the dead in nothing flat! (Family: The Russians are pretty desperate for a saviour.) And the ACs backing them would have what it takes to overthrow the other horns. They could pull the rug out from underneath France, Germany & England financially, & Russia's still got enough atom bombs & missiles to threaten Europe, that's for sure!
       15. As far as I'm concerned, the ten kings is a symbolic number. Some say, "Oh well, Europe couldn't be the ten kings now, because now there are almost 15 members of the European Union." Well, I don't think the Lord was necessarily taking that as a specific number ten, but that they represent the toes of the Image, which is a remnant of Rome, & later it says those ten kings turn on the Whore, Babylon, & destroy her. We can't prove it, but my theory has always been that the Great Whore is the U.S. Who else would the merchants of the Earth lament more over than the U.S.? (Rev. 18:11.) They all hope to have the U.S. as their biggest customer.
       16. After Germany, France & England are fallen, who else would be the main threat to the new Antichrist World power? (Family: The U.S.) Right! So he'll get the "ten kings" to turn all their guns--his & all theirs--on the U.S., & wipe her out. (Rev.17:16.) So there's something for you to think about!
       17. Maybe the Crash is going to happen sooner than we thought, & that would sure put the ACs in power! That would pull the rug out from under those Three Horns & raise up a Little Horn. And it sure would be almost out of nowhere--the one that has died being revived with AC money. That certainly is one thing that could happen at a moment's notice. Whenever they want it to happen, they could pull the rug out from under all of Europe, & have them fall--at least the three main powers--& the rest of them, forget it, they couldn't do anything about it. But Russia could, & then they would really be in power! And the Beast having been healed from his deadly wound would certainly then be in power.
       18. Something like that could happen virtually overnight! The Antichrist doesn't have to become a great war hero & leader like a Napoleon, or a Caesar who could suddenly overthrow Germany, France & England, all three. The ACs have the power to completely destroy those nations financially. And if they'd give the power to Russia, it would certainly fulfil the Biblical description of how the King of the North--the Russians--could suddenly overthrow those three main powers of Europe!
       19. When I've thought before about those three powers of Europe being overthrown by Russia & the Antichrist, it never dawned on me that that could be done by anything else but war, or that it could mean anything but violence. I've never thought that instead of a major military conflagration of some kind that would overthrow those countries & revive Russia, it could be financial!
       20. And boy, I mean to tell you, that could sure turn out the lights--not our lights, but the physical lights--if the ACs suddenly jerk the money carpet out from underneath those main powers of Europe & give it to Russia to revive Communism. That is one thing that could happen at any time! And that's one way they could revive the Beast & let his deadly wound be healed! Can you imagine the ACs suddenly pouring their money into Russia? They could do it by the trillions to revive the Beast, while at the same time destroy Germany, France & England.
       21. So that's a pretty wild prediction, but it could happen! The ACs could pull the purse strings & cause the collapse of Europe, & revive Russia through the Beast instead!
* * * * * * *

(Following are excerpts from recent articles confirming the perilous state of the Dollar:)

       (Forbes, June 20) For half a century the U.S. dollar has been the safe haven for the world. But for many foreign investors it's starting to look dangerous.
       The dollar should have rallied this year. Instead it has faltered badly. There is a growing loss of confidence in the dollar and dollar assets.
       The dollar has continued its agonizing, slow-motion descent against the German mark and other European currencies. The dollar falls steadily against the DM even as the Bundesbank repeatedly cuts German interest rates and the Fed simultaneously pushes U.S. rates higher. This unusual behavior is shocking to currency analysts.
       What ails the dollar? Why are people losing confidence in it? The most important point to bear in mind is that the U.S. runs a huge current account deficit--over $100 billion in 1993. The deficit will be even larger this year. So unless there is a net capital inflow into dollar assets in excess of $8.5 billion every month, the dollar will depreciate under the weight of the deficit.
       The current account deficit can be funded two ways: either by foreign private investors or central bankers. But there are important constraints that limit both investors and bankers. For the central bankers, there are limitations on the level of dollar reserves that they are willing to hold.
       As for private investors, they must first be persuaded that the U.S. is an attractive place to invest capital. These days the U.S. isn't so attractive, with both stock and bond markets extremely volatile. Returns on most U.S. financial assets are low, after adjusting for inflation and taxes. President Clinton's appointments to the Federal Reserve Board have cost the central bank credibility. And the Clinton Administration's glaring political problems have weakened the government's ability to make policy.
       Any one of these factors could discourage foreigners. Collectively they add up to a real turnoff.
       Thus far, foreign investors have shifted out of dollars and back into their domestic currencies only in a very modest way, but the danger is that this trickle could become a flood--and there is nothing the central banks could do to stop it.
       If investors around the world start [EDITED: "withdrawing their money from U.S. investments"], the dollar could be in even worse trouble. That's because the potential supply of dollars is far greater than the demand. U.S. economic output accounts for only about 22% of global production, yet 65% of the world's currency reserves are held in dollars. This is a carryover from the dominant role in world trade that the U.S. held after World War II, but the dollar's role as a reserve currency has not sufficiently been adjusted to reflect the changing economic status of Germany and Japan. Put more simply, too many people hold too many dollars, given the relative size and condition of the U.S. economy.
       All of this poses an enormous risk to the smooth functioning of the global financial system. Currently, foreigners hold approximately $2.5 trillion worth of U.S. assets. Imagine the chaos that would ensue if private investors reallocated 10%, say, of their dollar assets to alternative currencies. The flood of capital flowing out of dollars would overwhelm the central banks' ability to intervene. No telling how low the dollar could go. Whatever you do, exercise extreme caution in holding dollars.
* * *

       (AP, July 2) Leaders of the world's seven richest industrial countries will gather in Naples for their annual summit searching for solutions to record global unemployment and trying to figure out what, if anything, they can do to halt the downward spiral of the dollar ... that has unsettled financial markets around the world.
       The dollar's weakness has been blamed in part on the trade gap. With the United States unable to narrow a $59.3 billion trade deficit with Japan, currency traders have been bidding the dollar lower on the belief that a weaker U.S. currency is the only way out of America's trade problems.
       A weaker dollar makes U.S. products more competitive overseas but it also raises serious risks of destabilizing American financial markets if worried foreigners start cashing in their dollar-denominated stocks and bonds.
       Unemployment in the industrial world, even with growth picking up, is forecast to hit a record 35.3 million this year.
* * *

       (U.S.News and World Report, July 4) "A strong dollar means a strong America," Ronald Reagan proclaimed in the 1980s when the greenback was riding high. But last week, the dollar sank against the German mark and hit a postwar low against the Japanese yen. Some traders crowed that the slide reflected American weakness--everything from doubts about Bill Clinton's competence to fears about renewed inflation.
       If the U.S. Federal Reserve fails to act, the risk is that the dollar could break into a dangerous free fall that could further undermine investors' confidence, curb recoveries in Europe and Japan and disrupt world economic growth. Both U.S. policy makers and currency market players clearly face some tension-ridden days ahead.
* * *

       (UPI, July 5) The Japan Times commented editorially on the weakening of the U.S. dollar against the Japanese yen, saying in part: "The underlying weakness of the dollar is again coming to the fore. The weak dollar reflects the long-term decline of relative U.S. economic strength. The greenback has been losing ground not only against the yen but also against other major currencies. It has experienced recurring crises against a backdrop of both ballooning U.S. trade and budget deficits.
       "The latest dollar crisis can be seen as an investors' no-confidence vote in the long-term health of the U.S. economy. It also seems to manifest a lack of their trust in the economic policy of the administration of President Bill Clinton."
* * *

       (Reuters, July 7) "We have a slow-motion train wreck on our markets," said Christopher Potts, an economist with Banque Indosuez in Paris. Describing the situation as quite dangerous, he added: "The dollar is teetering on the verge of a real crisis. If nothing is done by Sunday night, it's going to get sold off in a big way."
       "If no concerted action is taken, it is possible that the haemorrhage in bonds will continue," said Malcolm Roberts of Union Bank of Switzerland in London.
       He estimates that global investors have sold the equivalent of $600 billion worth of bonds already this year and said the possibility of a re-run of 1987, when a market crash panicked central banks into slashing interest rates, cannot be ruled out.
* * *

       (Reuters, July 8) The dollar has slumped to 50-year lows against the Japanese yen and there are fears currency turbulence could eventually precipitate the industrial world back into recession.
       Hastening the dollar's slide were comments from President Clinton, at a meeting in Naples, Italy, with other Group of Seven leaders, suggesting its current level against the mark was not low by historical standards. The remarks led traders to believe the Clinton administration would not act to prevent the dollar's slide.
* * *

       (Reuters, July 10) The dollar will continue to skim the treetops and is in danger of crashing, with comments from the G7 giving the impression that the authorities are not exactly wrestling with the joystick, financial analysts said.
       The Group of Seven summit has ended with the same old platitudes being trotted out and with no apparent change to the existing stance.
       "The dollar is going to continue to be in trouble on the back of this," said David Brown, economist at Tokai Bank. "It's a case of all words and no action, and they are not even strong words," he added.
       The last bout of visible concerted intervention was on June 24 when the central banks tossed the dollar a two to three billion dollar lifeline. But it was a dismal failure. Within 30 minutes, the dollar was lower than before the central banks intervened.
       The main problem is that any central bank action is dwarfed by the trillion dollar a day foreign exchange market. But perhaps more seriously, the market believes the G7 are not united.
* * *

       (Reuters, July 11) The dollar resumed its relentless downward spiral on Monday, hitting another post-World-War-Two low against the yen after world leaders failed to put active support behind it. The U.S. currency plummeted in Europe to its latest trough at 97.33 yen, new 20-month lows on the mark and Swiss franc, and a 13-month nadir against sterling. Analysts said currently the issue was not whether President Bill Clinton has a dollar policy or not, it was the simple fact that there are simply no dollar denominated assets worth buying.
* * *

       (Reuters, July 12) Central banks are standing idly by as the foreign exchange markets beat up the dollar, and there is a chance they will simply walk away and leave traders to it, financial analysts said.
       If there is no move by the bank to stop the rot, the dollar will undoubtedly continue to slide throughout the summer. (--So what do we do?--It could be!--Dad)

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