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WORKING TOGETHER WITH MUSLIM GROUPS       Maria #218       DO 2926       8/93
--By Maria

       ({\ul \i Editor's note}: If any opportunities come up to witness to Muslim groups [EDITED: "as opposed to individual Muslims you may meet during your normal outreach"], please counsel & coordinate such ventures with your Area Shepherds. If your Home receives any offers to work alongside any Muslim groups, please explain, "We think there are some ways in which we could work with you, but we'll need to counsel with our leadership first," before committing yourself.)

From a Discussion on "The Muslim Ministry"
       1. There is a need to have a clear explanation of why we feel that we Christians & Muslims should work together. It seems that we could explain that we believe at this time in World history, God is calling the Muslims & the Christians to work together against the anti-God forces that are trying to take over the World. Not only are they trying to de-Christianise the World, they're trying to de-religionise the World, & they're making a lot of progress! Yet virtually no one is doing anything to stop it.
       2. The Family is being attacked by these anti-God forces' minions, ADFI, CAN, etc., but they're just like the frontline troops. Behind these groups are those with an even greater agenda, those who are actively attempting to de-religionise the World. These anti-God forces are against the Muslims, but it's not just because they're generally against Arabs, or Iranians or Pakistanis, but because Muslims are Godly.
       3. These anti-God forces fight us & other NRMs, & are even fighting against some of the mainline religions. In other words, in trying to explain why we're calling for the Christians & Muslims to work together, we need to take the tack that we all need to work together to fight against "anti-Godism."
       4. We should explain to the members of the various Islamic groups that we hope to work with, that we believe that God is calling all Godly people everywhere to work together, especially the Muslims & the Christians. We need to show them that there is common ground that we can work together on. We should point out that we believe that all Godly people should work together against the anti-God forces. Right now part of the problem is that even though the Muslims are Godly & the Christians are Godly, their differences are so great that they can't work together. But we believe that God wants us to work together; in fact, we feel that God wants us to respect each other, etc.
       5. We've got to find the common ground, & a good general call to arms is "The Holy War" (ML#335A), the war for the minds & hearts of people to stay Godly. In this case we're not even going to say to become Christian or to become Muslim, just to be Godly & to fight against the forces that are against God. That much we can certainly agree on. Whether they like Christianity or whether we like Islam is irrelevant. We'll work with almost anyone in this fight without squabbling about doctrine or belief, etc.

Points on Explaining Ourselves & Our Ministry to Muslims
       6. To help them understand our way of thinking & doing things & our goals, etc., we could give them our Statements, other appropriate literature, open our Homes to them so they can visit & see us in action for themselves. Answer any questions they may have. (Say, "We are Christians who love you!"--D.)

Our Common Goals
       7. If they express an interest in working together with us, obviously you'll need to find out from them exactly what their goals are, & how they intend to reach these goals. Even though we have many major things in common, are they still prepared to work with us knowing that we do have some differences because of culture, religion, etc.? For example, can they accept that we have strong female leadership who help in the decision-making, etc.? Can they tolerate knowing that we have some fairly controversial beliefs, just as we tolerate their differences? They don't have to accept any of these controversial beliefs or doctrines as their own. And we certainly don't flaunt them, particularly our sexual freedoms, but are they prepared to accept us as we are if we can accept them as they are?
       8. Before we offer suggestions on the ways that we think we could help them, you should ask them for their ideas on what we can do to help. We need to get their ideas of what they are expecting, & then if we can fulfil those things & help them in the ways they are suggesting, they will be more obligated to us, since they are asking for certain things & we are agreeing to do them. If we can come back & say, "Yes, we can help you with the things you are suggesting," it will be much better than if we just offer to do all kinds of things without their even asking us to do them.
       9. It would probably be beneficial to show them that our sympathies have long been with the Arabs & Muslims, but ... [EDITED: "remember that"] the Muslim world is quite divided. [DELETED]
       10. You should show your interest in the Muslim world, & perhaps point out that we want to start learning more about it & the politics behind it, & the interaction between Muslim countries, etc.
       11. Point out that while we have a practical ministry in some respects, our major ministry is more spiritual, & we fight with spiritual weapons. "The Holy War" explains this quite well. (See ML#335A, or the Mountain Streams version.)

Fighting a Common Foe!
       12. (Family: We don't need to go to great lengths to convince them that we think Islam is wonderful, etc. It's enough to concentrate on fighting the common foe. After all, the more they get to know us, they're going to know that we very strongly believe in Jesus, etc., and that there are many aspects of Islam that we just plain don't agree with. The thing that unites us, that has brought us together, is our common desire to expose the ACs. So maybe we should just major on that.)

Explaining that We're a Persecuted Group
       13. We could explain that we're a persecuted group just like the Muslims are, and particularly the Arabs. We too have been lied about & have had bad press just like they have. We've been maligned like they have, & actually for the same reasons, because we have a common enemy & we've stood up against them. I think persecuted groups have something in common with other persecuted groups, so they should be willing to work with us.

Approaching Muslim Groups
       14. You have to be careful when approaching people who head Muslim organisations, as there are probably AC spies near or at the head of many of these organisations. You never know.
       15. When approaching these organisations, I think one of the best things to do to get their sympathy & help them relate to us better would be to explain that we are accused of being anti-Semitic [DELETED] which we aren't! [DELETED] If they say, "Well, are you?" we could say, "No, we're not anti-Semitic. We're not racist, but we do believe that there are some folks in control of the World nowadays who are trying to put their ruler in place to completely take over the World, & this is what we preach. We are also pro-Palestinian & anti-Zionist."
       16. This should give us a good link with them right at the start. Then we could go on to explain that this is why we are fighting for our survival, because we've been vocal about these things, & as a result, have been getting a lot of backlash. We could also explain that we need help to survive in order to carry on the fight, as these people who control the World are trying to destroy us, take our organisation apart & put our kids in public schools where they'll be stripped of their values & beliefs & become "politically correct." In order to keep our children out of public schools, we need financial help for their education. Education is very expensive, & we don't have taxpayer Dollars to help fund our schools, nor do we have church backing, because most of the churches are on the side of the Zionists & the politically correct. Consequently, we need money for alternative Scriptural, moral & Biblical education.
       17. As well, we are training our children to be leaders & role models, & we don't want to have to wait until the future to show the results of their good training. In fact, they're available now to do performances. Many have actually done professional performances, which are incorporated into our professional Videos which we would like to have as wide a coverage as possible. Just by looking at our Videos you can see what our children are like, what they are capable of, & the kind of good role models they are for the World--pro-Muslim!
       18. We are also in the forefront of the battle for religious freedom for all. If we win our fight, it makes it that much longer that other religions can remain free!


       20. We need to try to convince the Muslims that we, of all people in the World, can do the most to help their cause. [DELETED]
       21. [DELETED]we are going to be a very important force in the Muslims' fight, because many of us are Westerners & are scattered worldwide, & we are not afraid to raise our voices & speak out for the Muslims & for the cause of the Truth. We will be listened to because we are a very newsworthy group. People are interested in us, & they want to hear what we have to say, even if they don't agree with it.
       22. Let them know that the ones who are fighting us are the same ones who fight them, that the ACs are fighting us all from behind the scenes. Through various court cases, the anti-Christ forces are trying to smear us & destroy us, just as they have done with the Muslims, so that people won't listen to what we have to say because we will have been discredited.
       23. We are fighting for God, but we need God-fearing people who will get behind us. [DELETED]


       25. We can't be seen as siding with any particular Arab or Muslim group, but just with Islam in general, & of course the Palestinian cause.--Which gives us more credibility. We've been working with Muslims in several different countries--Muslim countries as well as other countries, like the U.S.--and we believe that when the time comes, God will help to unite the many different factions & divisions in the Arab world. Show you have conviction & belief in what you're doing, and you will convince and convict others! God bless you! I love you!

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