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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.75!         DO 2927       Comp.6/94


U.S. Weapons Leaked to Terrorists!
       1. ONE of the most powerful individual weapons is the shoulder-held bazooka, which is a rocket launcher that can destroy a tank. Just one individual soldier can hold it on his shoulder & fire it at a tank & blow it up. And now the U.S. has made one that will even shoot down airplanes. It's a shoulder-held anti-aircraft missile called the Stinger, a heat-seeking rocket that will follow the plane's exhaust till it hits it.
       2. The U.S. invented it & the terrorism experts warned them not to sell them to anybody. They said, "If you sell them they'll get leaked out to terrorists & then anybody can fire one & hit military planes, passenger planes, anything that flies!"--And that's what they've been used for now.
       3. The U.S. gave out 1,000 of them during the Afghanistan war in the 1980s. Russia had invaded Afghanistan & set up a puppet government, & the U.S. was furnishing arms to the Mujaheddin, the rebels who were fighting the Communist government. When the rebels were getting the worst of the war, the U.S. decided they were going to let them have these shoulder-fired missiles that could bring down the Russian planes & helicopters that were bombing them.
       4. It was that one little weapon that helped turn the tide of the war & drive the Russians out, because they couldn't avoid those shoulder-fired missiles. It was an anti-aircraft bazooka & the Afghanis could shoot down those big Russian bombers from miles away, just from the shoulder, & they couldn't fight back. The Russians couldn't bomb one little guy standing there with a rocket launcher. The guy fires it & then he runs. And sure enough, that turned the tide of the war in favour of the Americans & their protégés, the rebels, the Mujaheddin, & drove the Russians out.
       5. But 300 of the Stingers were never accounted for, & now these same weapons are leaking out to terrorists all over the World & are being used against civilians. They'll probably be used against the American military someday too. All of these things that the Americans have invented--everything from fighter planes on up, bombers & everything--have eventually been turned on them by their enemies. That's what they deserve. You can be sure your sins will find you out, & "whatsoever a man soweth, that will he also reap."--Gal.6:7. The Americans are reaping what they have sowed.
       6. (Note: Over the past 13 years, more than 50,000 of the 4-foot-plus Stingers have been produced for the U.S. armed forces and 16 other governments. They are kept under tight security, but hundreds of other Stingers, shipped by the CIA to anti-Communist rebels in Afghanistan and Angola, are believed to be feeding a multimillion-dollar black market. The weapons are believed to have been deployed in at least five of the World's small wars already, and may have brought down aircraft in each. They have turned up in Iran, Qatar and North Korea. Military leaders in Tajikistan's civil war say they recently bought Stingers from contacts in Afghanistan.)

Defying the ACs!
       7. The American presidents & officials who back down & oblige the ACs [DELETED] are either ignorant of the Word of God or just plain liars!--Compromisers who are persuaded by the ACs to lie rather than lose their votes & jobs & the backing of the ACs.--Which is so important to the World, because you don't get anywhere in this World unless the ACs are behind you.--Just like the Serbs today, who are getting everywhere they want to go because the ACs are backing them. The ACs are even controlling the UN, & pretty soon they're going to offer their own great "Supreme Lord" as emperor or World dictator, the Antichrist!
       8. The Devil doesn't let you get any place in this World without the ACs' help--except God's children & God's Own Spirit-filled sons & daughters. We're the only ones--except for a very few other Christians--who have power over them & defy them face-to-face in court & can speak against them & get away with it. Of course, we'll often get thrown in jail & eventually they'll be killing us, but at least we don't have to yield & obey them.
       9. Everybody from presidents of the United States to the UN has knuckled down to the ACs & has obeyed them, & when the ACs have said back off, they've backed off. They've [DELETED] allowed the Serbs to keep right on fighting despite everything anybody tries to do to stop it. The World can't stop even one little war--neither in Bosnia nor Rwanda nor Somalia nor Armenia nor Angola or half a dozen other places.


UN Blocking NATO Intervention in Yugoslavia!
       10. (5/94) NATO wants to do something in Yugoslavia to stop the war, but the UN won't let them. Woerner, who is the head of NATO, has been furious because the UN wouldn't let him go ahead & bomb when he wanted to, even to protect UN troops! (Maria: They won't let Clinton do anything either. We saw a news article that said the U.S. can't do anything in its foreign policy that goes against the UN) The AC-controlled UN is deliberately trying to let Serbia win.

Famous Serb Paintings!
       11. There is a very famous picture that they say hangs in the home of almost every Serb. It's a picture of a maiden of Kosovo (another of the former Yugoslav provinces) sitting there giving a drink of water on the battlefield to this wounded Serbian soldier after a battle with the Turks. He's lying there on the battlefield & there are all kinds of dead lying around, especially the Serbs.
       12. The other famous one is a picture of an Orthodox Bishop leading 35,000 Serb families on an exodus from Turkish-controlled Bosnia with women, children, babies & soldiers on horses to protect them.--As a constant reminder that they were mistreated by the Turks for almost 500 years. The Serbs call the Bosnian Muslims "Turks" because they're Muslims, like the Turkish invaders who ruled parts of Yugoslavia for nearly 500 years.

The Cantankerous British!
       13. (4/94) The British can sometimes just be absolutely cantankerous. They seem to be a very sweet, mild people, but not when it comes to a showdown & push comes to shove!
       14. It was Britain that started World War 2, & it was more or less Britain that started World War 1, believe it or not! You say, "I thought the Kaiser started World War 1, & Hitler started World War 2." Well, in World War 2 when Hitler attacked Poland, he just could not believe that the British would come to its rescue. But Britain did, or tried to, & it nearly ruined them. Britain responded by attacking Hitler--& they had a real good reason, because Hitler was actually invading Poland.
       15. They had excused all the rest of Hitler's moves & thought it wasn't worth opposing him when he marched into other Central European countries--Austria & Czechoslovakia. But they had this little flimsy treaty with Poland, that either one would come to the other's assistance if they were attacked. Why England consented to signing such a treaty, I don't know, because it wasn't likely that England would have been attacked first, or if so, it wouldn't have done much good to have Poland's assistance.

Dry Plague!
       16. This article says that there's a dry plague that is spreading across Southern Europe causing famine, erosion & the degradation of fertile farmland. "Years of low rainfall have reduced large areas of Spain, Portugal, Italy & Greece to near desert-like conditions. A UN environmental program describes this phenomenon as one of the most serious global environmental problems. Livelihoods of 900 million people around the World are under threat because their land is turning to desert." This is happening all around the World, & 10% of Europe's land is affected. Spain suffers the most, where half of the country has serious erosion problems. (Nostradamus' Famine?)


South African Celebration
(Comments while watching the celebration of Nelson Mandela's inauguration as South Africa's first Black President:)
       17. Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison & now has the World at his feet! When you get that much credit here on Earth, you're probably not going to get much in Heaven. They should give De Klerk a lot of credit, too, because apartheid never could have ended without him. They're giving Mandela & the ANC all the glory for getting the victory over the Whites, but it would have been impossible without De Klerk's surrender. I think Mandela & De Klerk are both idealists, sincere men.
       18. Even though the U.S. has millions of its own homeless people living on the sidewalks, they've committed themselves to giving millions of Dollars of aid to South Africa. It's purely political & backed by the ACs. This is one of the ACs' greatest victories, they finally made it! They've been fighting White South Africa for years with the excuse that apartheid was wrong & they had to make South Africa more democratic. Well, the White South Africans were mistreating the Blacks in many ways & things probably did need to change. But I'm sure the ACs had ulterior motives in mind!
       19. The commentator said, "It's an accepted fact of life that the terrorists of yesterday become the accepted politicians of today." Murderers become heads of government. That's the way the World is run--by murderers.
       20. The only way the ACs could get power in South Africa was through the Blacks. I'm sure the ACs are sitting there thinking, "This is the way we're going to do it in the U.S. some day! Yes sir, if we can do it here, we can do it all over the World!" Some of those Whites who are on the ANC side & dancing around in celebration are going to rue this day!
       21. It's been significant that there's been such an exodus of Jews from there to Israel in the last few weeks. Israeli airlines put on two extra flights a day. They know trouble is coming.
       22. All these people at the South African ceremony were getting up & saying prayers from all these different religions, & I was just about to say, "It's wonderful that they're at least recognising God." But the Lord rebuked me & said, "These people honour Me with their mouths, but their hearts are far from Me." Those guys who said the first prayers of the celebration & were praising Nelson Mandela in their native language, dancing around wildly & snarling & growling, were just like little demons! His so-called "praise singers" were raving maniacs, raving with insane hatred! Those guys were demon-possessed, & they're trying to pass it off as "prayers of praise." Oh, that's a scream!
       23. I think Mandela is sincere & means well, but "there is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof is the way of death."--Pro.14:12. They are declaring Heaven on Earth! To listen to them it sounds like Heaven must've arrived--at least in South Africa. Maybe we miscalculated when the Millennium was going to come!--Ha!
       24. South Africa, the greatest African nation, is now ruled by the Blacks over the Whites. Nearly all the other African nations were solid brown or Black anyhow with a few exceptions, like Rhodesia.
       25. They say the Blacks brought about majority rule without too much influence or involvement from the outside World. Ho, ho, ho! The whole World did everything they could to defeat the Whites! The whole World boycotted South Africa!
       26. We'll see how long Mandela lasts & how long they can keep the peace, especially since his party was working hand in hand with the violent Communist Party, which was officially dedicated to tearing down the White government with violence.
       27. If the Blacks don't try to get vengeance on the Whites, I'll be surprised! Think of the bitterness some of those people must have.
       28. They said they're giving a tribute to the dead who didn't get to see this. I said, "They're seeing it, all right!--Probably most of them not from an altitude, but from a depth."
       29. (Maria: I guess the Whites brought it on themselves because of the way they treated the Blacks. Although the Lord may have wanted them to run things there, they should have treated the Blacks better. Because they didn't take care of the poor like they should have and like the Lord probably wanted them to, they lost the privilege of running the country. Their lack of concern for the Blacks gave the Blacks some righteousness in their cause, and was used by the ACs to turn the rest of the World against the Whites. So the new Black government could be sort of a judgement on the Whites for not sharing more.--Although the ACs have helped engineer the situation because it brings them closer to their goal of World domination.)
       30. They're exalting this as a sample, "Look what we've done here--we can do it all over the World!"--Which they will do. I never thought about the Antichrist being a Black man before, but it's a possibility. The Devil's own faithful propagandists, the ACs, are persuading the Blacks that the World should be theirs & that they can run it!
       31. The World doesn't know it, but this is a great victory for the ACs. They've been working towards this for years, & I'm sure they hope to do it in other countries, if not the whole World. Who could they get the World's Blacks to follow better than a Black man?--Promoted by the ACs, as they have in South Africa.
       32. South Africa is rich in diamonds, gold & other natural resources. You can bet your boots all those World leaders attending that ceremony wouldn't be there today if it weren't for that. (Maria: Yes, White South Africa pretty much controlled a lot of important minerals & resources, as well as the Cape of Good Hope.) Now the ACs can control all that through the Blacks. They're all going in for the kill, to see how much they can get out of it, to see what their cut can be. (Maria: I'm sure all these countries that are donating to South Africa are going to want to get something for it in return.) Yes, they definitely expect to be rewarded by the Blacks, who are either going to have to tax the Whites to get that reward, or give these countries some sort of share in South Africa's economy.
       33. (Note: South Africa is the richest and most highly developed country in Africa. It occupies only about 4 per cent of the continent's area and has only about 6 per cent of its people. Yet the country produces two-fifths of Africa's manufactured goods, nearly half its minerals, and a fifth of its farm products. South Africa generates more than half the continent's electricity and has about two-fifths of its automobiles and half of its telephones. South Africa produces more gold than any other country in the World. It is also a leading producer of asbestos, chromium, coal, chromite, copper, iron ore, manganese, platinum, and uranium, not to mention fabulous deposits of diamonds. South African miners also dig dozens of other minerals. Many of these minerals are rare, and in great demand. Its position at the tip of Africa, controlling the sea lanes rounding the Cape of Good Hope, gives it strategic importance.)
       34. I believe the World is going to rue this day! Some day all the heads of state are probably going to be ashamed that they were ever there, but they've all got to show the Blacks that they love them & that they're for them. Even an inauguration of a U.S. president has never had such tremendous glory & so many delegations of heads of state as this South African celebration has. There's something very significant about it. It must be another step in the AC's program. (Note: Representatives of more than 200 governments & organisations were in attendance at Nelson Mandela's inauguration ceremony, including Vice President Al Gore, who called the event "a celebration for the entire World." He was accompanied by Hillary Clinton. Also attending were UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, & Cuban leader Fidel Castro.)
       35. Lord, we know You're working out Your plan & purpose. Have Thy way. Thank You for this nice peaceful beginning. You can please all the people part of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. Somebody's going to get upset.
       36. It's amazing how the thin veneer of civilisation & modernity & progressiveness that Africa has can become so quickly obliterated, like in Rwanda where the natives are carrying out a completely demonic, barbaric, slaughterous, savage massacre! Just at the time when South Africa is showing how great the Blacks can be, Rwanda is showing how fiendish they can be.--Absolute devils!--Chopping off little kids' arms & legs & killing their mothers & fathers. Apparently it's the government of Rwanda who are the main villains & who are doing most of the slaughtering, but the rebels are doing their share too. So while South Africa's Blacks are priding themselves on how civilised they can be, Rwanda is showing how horribly barbaric they can be. Rwanda isn't the only horrific war going on in Africa right now, it's just the worst. The Lord didn't fail to give the World a warning. It won't be long now!

Rwanda & Bosnia!
       37. Just when the Devil was showing how wonderful his world is, Rwanda is showing how horrible it is. [DELETED] Well, you can't blame it all on the Blacks--the same kind of ethnic massacre is happening in Bosnia! The educated, intelligent, supposed-to-be-civilised, Christian Whites--the Serbs--are massacring their poor Muslim & Croat countrymen with much more horrible weapons than machetes. My God, what a Hell on Earth! I think the Lord's giving Man a chance to see what a Hell Man's Earth is before He stops it all. He's letting Man see why He has to stop it, & He's also showing Man that he can't stop it himself.


Background on Korea!
       38. I don't know whether you know the history of the Korean War, but it occurred in the aftermath of the Second World War to stop the North Koreans & China from taking over all of Korea. (Note: After the defeat of Japan, the Allies occupied Korea, which Japan had been controlling. The Soviets occupied the Northern half, which became Communist, & the Americans occupied the Southern half. In early 1950, the Communist North attacked the South & almost overran it, supported by Communist Chinese troops. The UN & the U.S. sent troops to stop the invasion, but they were almost forced out of Korea at first. Then Truman asked General Douglas MacArthur to take personal command of the UN Forces there & stage a counterattack.)
       39. After taking over Japan & the Philippines, MacArthur was determined to take Korea away from the Chinese. It was considered one of the first wars fought under the UN flag. There were contingents from other UN nations besides the U.S., but everybody knew it was really the Americans who were leading the fight under General MacArthur. Korea is right across from Japan, so MacArthur felt that there was only one way to make sure that Japan stayed conquered, & that was to neutralise North Korea, which was being backed by the Communist Chinese.
       40. The Americans who had been helping the South Koreans had virtually been driven out, so MacArthur had to conduct an actual invasion--almost miraculously, supernaturally invading a country already held by the North Koreans. This was almost a super-human task, to invade a country which was a peninsula, almost like an island, almost totally controlled by the North Koreans, who had driven the so-called Allied forces of the UN to the southern tip of Korea. It was a big job, but he did it.
       41. The North Koreans knew he was going to attack & they expected him to attack some place in lower South Korea. Instead of that he attacked much further north at Inchon & cut the Korean forces in two, gaining complete domination of South Korea. Then he fought northward clear to the Yalu River, which is the border of China. From there he wanted to go in & stop the Chinese reinforcement of the North Koreans, because the Communists were conducting bombing raids on Allied forces. Russia supplied North Korea & the Chinese with planes, & it began to turn into a war with China. The Chinese were conducting bombing raids into Korea to help the North Koreans, & then they would fly safely back over the Yalu River, which Truman had forbidden MacArthur to cross.
       42. As long as these Communist planes & squadrons could come over & just literally bomb to death the American, Korean & Allied forces in Korea, there was no chance of stopping them. But Truman forbade the invasion of China by MacArthur, because Truman was scared to death it would mean war with Communist China & its hundreds of millions, or even World War 3 with both Russia & China. The result was that the Chinese were able to invade Korea. More than 300,000 Chinese troops finally invaded Korea from the North & they pushed the Allied forces further & further South, with much superior forces. The Americans soon found out they were not just fighting North Koreans, but actual Chinese soldiers in North Korea. They were already fighting a war with the Chinese, but in North Korea.
       43. So MacArthur was getting fed up with this, & I think that's when he made a trip back to Washington to argue with Truman that they could not win the war unless he'd let them cross the Yalu River to bomb bases in China. But Truman refused to let him go across the Yalu, & was so fed up with MacArthur's open disagreement that he relieved him of command--fired him!
       44. After a few more years of fighting, the U.S. finally negotiated a truce by which they established a line across Korea dividing the North from the South, the so-called demilitarized zone, which the now war-weary North Koreans & even Chinese were finally willing to settle for, figuring that as soon as the U.S. pulled out, they'd take it over anyhow. And for that reason the Americans refused to pull out of South Korea, because South Korea's very existence was totally dependent on American forces staying there.--And they're still there to this day! Tens of thousands of American troops are there to hold South Korea, & if they pull out, that would be the end of South Korea.
       45. North Korea now blames the U.S. for dividing the country, when it was really the North Koreans who divided the country by agreeing to the demilitarized zone, the line that divides it, which is only about 30 miles (50 km.) from Seoul, the capital of South Korea.
       46. So the whole Korean War came to a standstill then in what's called a stalemate. China helped North Korea hold on to North Korea, & the U.S. helped South Korea hold on to South Korea, & that's the way it's been for the last 40 years.
       47. The Americans practically run South Korea. They financed it, protected it & backed its early governments. When its first president Syngman Rhee began to rebel against America bossing him around & telling him what to do, he fell. He was president of South Korea for years & had a lot of problems with the U.S. & they finally got rid of him. And every president since then that has won the elections for the presidency has been a friend of the U.S. & backed by the U.S. So South Korea is virtually a puppet state, a U.S. colony preserved by 38,000 American soldiers stationed there ready to resist any North Korean invasion, which is undoubtedly why they've had none.
       48. But the North Koreans are still screaming about it & blaming all their troubles on the U.S., & of course they're probably right. They could've gone ahead & taken the whole Korean peninsula if it hadn't been for the U.S., so they're furious about that & blame everything now on the U.S. North Korea says they don't want any war, it's only the U.S. & South Korea that want a war; they don't have any nuclear bombs, it's only the U.S. & South Korea that have bombs; they have no evil intentions against South Korea, it's only the U.S. & South Korea that have evil intentions against them.
       49. And of course their leader, Kim Il Sung, has kept a vice grip on North Korea & its population & its military since 1948, & has become an absolute dictator. According to some reports, he's been a rather benevolent tyrant who has been good to the people, & therefore earned their love & loyalty. Whatever the case, there's no other authority there but his.
       50. Recently when the U.S. got wind that North Korea might be developing a nuclear bomb, they demanded that they permit inspection by the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, as North Korea had signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. This was supposed to ensure the fact that the UN could send in its investigators or spies to see if they were making nuclear weapons. When North Korea refused to allow the UN inspectors to come in & snoop around, North Korea reneged on their pledge to the non-proliferation treaty, which is a treaty against any other countries getting the atom bomb besides the ones that already have it.--Very convenient for the ones that already have it!
       51. North Korea's pride was hurt that U.S. inspectors should be allowed to come in & spy on whatever it was doing, & this of course convinced the Americans that North Korea did have the bomb or was making one, & they almost came to blows a short time ago. The U.S. began to pour in troops supposedly just for war games or their yearly maneuvers with South Korean troops, & North Korea called this a threat of invasion & began to deploy their troops along the border. It looked like they were really going to have a war there for awhile, until President Kim Il Sung backed down a little bit, with the pacifying attitude that, "We're no threat, we don't want a war," & the North Koreans pulled back.--Undoubtedly because of the threat of war from South Korea & the U.S.
       52. Now they're willing to settle somehow--or so they say. Of course, you can never believe the lies of the Communists. You can only trust the Communists to be Communists.--But you can't trust the Capitalists very far either! So that's where things stand now. The U.S. almost went to war there recently, & it looks like they may have to go to war under the auspices of the UN--which, by the way, was the flag that they fought under in the Korean War. (Note: Kim Il Sung, 82, suddenly died of a heart attack in early July. His death came amid preparations for North Korea's first summit with South Korea & the same day that high-level talks began with the United States about resolving the dispute over North Korea's nuclear program. The talks have been suspended.)

China Will Control Hong Kong!
       53. One thing you can be sure of is that China is going to control Hong Kong & only have people loyal to China in positions of power there.


Catholics, the Pope & Celibacy
       54. I've made a special effort to avoid offending the Catholics. I've always been complimentary about the Pope & his true doctrines, his faith in the Bible & his efforts to evangelize. This Pope has travelled more & gone to more countries than any other Pope in history, & I believe he has a genuine love for the World, for lost people, & he's worked hard at winning them. (Prays:) So Lord, You help him now & teach him whatever lesson You're trying to teach him by allowing him to break his leg. Maybe You're trying to show him not to keep on going so hard at his age. (Note: Pope John Paul II, 73, was operated on after he broke his right femur, or thigh bone, in a fall in his bathroom at the Vatican. The operation was the sixth time the Pope has been to the hospital since he was shot by Turkish gunman Mehmet Ali Agca on May 13, 1981, and nearly died.)
       55. (Mama: He's telling the Catholics in Italy to get out on the streets & go door-to-door like the Jehovah's Witnesses do. He said, "The Jehovah's Witnesses do it, you guys ought to be doing it too!" [EDITED: "See WND 435, page 8."] He's borrowing from what he sees is successful in other religions & he doesn't mind changing.) I think he's a very good & sincere man.
       56. Of course, I think the Catholic Church is very sincerely wrong about celibacy, but the Pope couldn't expect to change the church on that. He didn't start it. Maybe a man like him can be so dedicated & sincere & devoted to his work that he doesn't need a wife, but there are very few Pauls. I think the Apostle Paul would probably be disgusted with the fact that the Catholics took a little bit of what Jesus said & what he himself said about women, & turned it into this doctrine of celibacy!--A real twisted "doctrine of devils," using the very Words of Jesus & Paul to support it.--Mat.19:10-12; 1Cor.7. Jesus made it very clear, & so did Paul, that celibacy is not for everybody, but Catholics insist it's for all the priests.
       57. "Forbidding to marry" is a doctrine of devils!--1Tim.4:1-3. Paul himself wrote that. Insisting on this requirement of celibacy has turned many Catholic priests into homos & child abusers.

Jimmy Swaggart Sued!
       58. Jimmy Swaggart has been in a legal battle with Marvin Gorman, a fellow TV evangelist. He sued Swaggart for 90 million Dollars, saying Swaggart defamed him by accusing him of adultery on his TV show. (Note: Gorman also retaliated by taking pictures of Swaggart with a prostitute outside a seedy motel, which led to the virtual collapse of Swaggart's ministry.) Now Gorman has won the suit & Swaggart has to pay almost two million Dollars.

Tilton's Downfall!
       59. They say this has been a large & perhaps fatal blow to one of the last big-time television evangelists, Robert Tilton, when a married couple sued him for fraud & got a million & a half dollars in damages.
       60. The ACs are getting these evangelists one by one, knocking them off. I told you that was going to happen. (See MLs #2315, 2328, etc.) They say Tilton was one of the last big evangelists to fall. The woman who sued him is going to be sorry for what she did. The Bible says "touch not the Lord's anointed" (Psa.105:14-15), & that jury is going to be sorry too.
       61. A lot of church people are rejoicing because now the people who used to follow Tilton will come back to church & put their money in the church instead of giving it to Tilton. This is exactly the same reason the scribes & Pharisees crucified Jesus. Everybody was running after Jesus instead of them & their religion, so they decided the only thing to do was to kill Him. These guys, out of jealousy, would like to kill people like Tilton, & they're sure killing their ministries!
       62. Those people who have fought those who preach God's Message are going to be sorry one of these days when they see the damage they've done!--When they come to the Judgment & see how many souls were lost because they drove these televangelists off the air & they touched God's prophets. They're going to be sorry, just like all of our enemies are going to be sorry for what they did to us. (Maria: They use anything they can as an excuse to discredit these men--their lifestyle, their marital status, their sexual escapades.) If they make one little slip, then they're out! Their enemies will use anything they can to defame them & undermine their work.
       63. We heard recently of some prophet in the U.S. whose ministry it is to warn religious leaders when they were getting off track in some way, & Tilton was one of the ones he went to warn. I guess Tilton didn't heed the warning. This prophet had warned each one of those who had fallen.
       64. I believe Robert Tilton really had something, but he must've gone a little too far financially, just like Jimmy Bakker did. Swaggart went a little too far sexually. He was down to picking up whores & taking them to motels & taking nude pictures of them. The other two, Bakker & Tilton, went a little too far financially. (Maria: Bakker got involved sexually, also.) Yes, that was the first thing they tried to get him with, but that didn't stop him. His people didn't leave him for that, so then his enemies had to go further & charge him with a criminal charge & put him in prison.
       65. They put Bakker in chains, imagine!--Like a common dangerous criminal. They had him walking around in chains just to humiliate him. Boy, the Devil hates those fellows! The Devil's people are going to be sorry one of these days that they did what they did. The couple that won the suit against Tilton are already suffering a guilty conscience & they're never going to enjoy that million & a half. Lord, don't let them enjoy it, let it be their downfall, their nemesis, their curse! That was Thy money, Lord, money given by people who were donating to Thy work! Let it be their curse! Don't let them enjoy a penny of it, Lord! Curse them with that money, in Jesus' name, for what they did to Thy prophet, Robert Tilton!
       66. You seldom hear what happens to some of these people who persecute God's prophets, because the Devil doesn't like to advertise that. He loves to advertise the end of God's prophets, but you don't hear about the judgments of God upon their enemies.--Not very often at least.

Prayer for Jimmy Bakker & More on Tilton!
       67. Lord help Jimmy Bakker, in Jesus' name. We believe he loves You, & we believe he loved the people, & he really tried to preach the Gospel. That whole attack on him was a case of spite, probably on the part of the Jews, as well as competitor Christians--Jews who didn't like other Jews being converted, & Christians who were jealous of Bakker's popularity.
       68. They even had a movie made to denigrate him & run him down. Of course, a lot of it may be true; nevertheless, that was like heaping insult upon injury. They must have been afraid he'd come out of prison & rise again, & they wanted to make sure his coffin was nailed tight. (Note: Jimmy Bakker was released to a Salvation Army "halfway house" on July 1, after spending four-&-a-half years in prison.)
       69. Those that touched the Lord's anointed & brought all that grief upon him certainly will reap it. Boy oh boy! They attacked the Lord's anointed, & are they going to get it! Whatever their faults, both Jimmy Bakker & Robert Tilton were preaching the Gospel & winning souls, but they just got a little too greedy. It seems like such a big temptation for these televangelists when they find out they can really make money at it. But they were both getting souls saved--both Robert Tilton & Jimmy Bakker.
       70. The people do want their leaders to be gods & make no mistakes, & if they make the slightest error, all of a sudden they've got clay feet. They make idols out of them themselves. Lord deliver me from that! (Maria: I guess it's good that our Family has had such a bad reputation, because we can't go much further down; we can just go up, ha! They already know we have clay feet.) Yes, including me! I know myself so well, & the Lord knows me so well, & I don't think adulation could ever go to my head. I even wonder why people think so much of me. (Maria: Because you've shown them the way to the Lord & then how to live for Him according to the Word, you've given them challenging new lives of love & service.--Better than anything they could have imagined! What more important & valuable gift could you give them than that!) It's all the Lord. You know me, Honey. If there's anybody in this World who knows me, you do, & how little I am. I'm nothing. It was all the Lord. (Maria: Amen, Honey, the same with me.) I just told them the Truth!

Blasphemous Lubavitchers!
       71. What blasphemy! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey're claiming to have their own Messiah! The Lubavitchers, a Hasidic Jewish group, are claiming that their leader, Rabbi Schneerson, is the Messiah! He's 92 years old & is on a life support system in the hospital right now. They say he's already brain dead & that they're just keeping his body alive. (Note: After being hospitalised for three months, Schneerson died in a New York hospital in mid-June. At first, many of his followers refused to believe he was dead. Some now insist he will return to Earth as the Messiah.)


Wars Have Put the ACs in Power!
       72. It's these wars that have put the ACs in power, because wars cause the governments to borrow huge sums of money. So the ACs are probably behind the wars too. When the U.S. government knew it might need money for World War 1, they passed the Federal Reserve Act. Congressman Lindbergh (the famous aviator's father) fought it & warned them that "the Federal Reserve Act establishes the most gigantic trust on Earth." In other words, the most gigantic bank. He said, "When the president signs this Act, the invisible government by the money power will be legalised."
       73. Just think, Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve Bank simply makes a statement & he can lower money or increase interest rates, or control the money supply, & all the rest. The ACs have had a lot of practice at that for many hundreds of years, financing governments in Europe, & almost always it's because some king had to have a war & needed money before, during & after.--Before, to build up armaments, then money to fight the war, & then money to try to rebuild the economy afterwards.

Environmentalist Attitudes!
       74. Today's attitude seems to be, "Don't let Man have it, let the birds keep it!"--Just the opposite of what the Bible says, that Man should have dominion over creation. (Gen.1:26,28; Psa.8:6-8.) I like birds, but I certainly don't think they should displace Man. It's almost impossible to believe how people's minds are being screwed around. Environmentalists don't want people to upset the ecosystem & inconvenience the birds. But they needn't worry, because the birds will find other places. The Lord will provide for His birds!
       75. You can hardly believe the propaganda that's going out: "Move out & let the wild beasts & birds have it." Those environmentalists worship the creation more than the Creator.--Rom.1:21-25. They certainly do worship the creations, & they obviously don't worship the Creator! (Of course, in some cases Man is wrongfully destroying God's creation & the animals' natural habitat not out of necessity but out of greed.)

Serial Killers!
       76. Imagine letting some of those serial murderers live so long. It shows the government has gone crazy! They're crazier than the serial killers! The killers themselves know they ought to be executed!

Jacqueline Onassis!
(After Jacqueline Onassis' death in mid-May of cancer of the lymph system:)
       77. I never thought much of Jacqueline Onassis. I thought she was selfish, proud & conceited. I think her "closest rival" was the Queen of England, without the looks. Just think, America is supposed to be the country of classless society, & now they worship Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis because of her "class."

Courtroom Medical Experts!
       78. An article I was reading says that medical experts who testify in court are almost as numerous as lawyers. This columnist asked a courtroom medical expert, "How long did you practice medicine before you became a medical expert?" He replied, "I never actually practiced medicine. When I graduated from medical school I discovered that the really big money in doctoring was in the courtroom--$600 an hour for testifying, $750 for a second opinion. I have given testimony in almost 2,000 lawsuits." He then asked him, "What makes a good expert witness?" And this man replied, "It's someone who swears to tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth, but then spends the rest of his time on the stand lying through his teeth, as long as he looks believable." He said, "I have the reputation for being one of the most knowledgeable experts & for telling the court exactly what my client wants to hear."

       79. Guess where they have the largest numbers of death & injuries by avalanches?--New Zealand!

Unnecessary C-Sections!
       80. They say half the nearly one million C-sections performed each year in the U.S. are unnecessary. Many are performed because they're either more convenient or more profitable. Nearly 40,000 women get infections from them. Caesarean sections account for nearly a quarter of all births in the U.S. (Note: Researcher Dr. Sidney Wolfe, publisher of a long-term study on C-sections in the U.S., called Caesareans "a form of doctor-induced violence against women." Consumer advocates say only 12 percent of births should be by C-section, & the federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention advocates a 15 percent limit. If the 12 percent level is correct, about 420,000 unnecessary C-sections were performed at a cost of $1.3 billion in 1992, Wolfe said. He said greed is partly to blame for unnecessary Caesareans. A Caesarean costs about $3,100 more than a vaginal delivery & helps fill empty hospital beds. Previous studies have found that poor or uninsured women are less likely to receive Caesareans--with no adverse effects.)

Baseball a Religion!
       81. One news article said, "Baseball, like other religions, has a knack for survival."

The Best Education!
       82. Our kids who have travelled the World are getting a terrific education! Getting to know people, languages, lands & cultures is one of the best educations you can get! That's the real World, not just a lot of book learning. However, book learning isn't all bad. I enjoyed my studies when I was in school, especially in those days when most of what they taught was true, & they didn't teach evolution & they still admired the famous heroes. Today's education is more apt to denigrate every famous hero of the past & make villains out of them, including Christopher Columbus, of all people! Those Americans wouldn't even be Americans if it hadn't been for him!--Ha!

Watching for Signs of the Times!
       83. The World is such a mess & watching the news is such an ordeal!--But I guess we have to do it so we can see how bad the mess is & to watch for signs of the Antichrist. (--Do you?--You should! God bless you! We love you!--D.)

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