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MORE ON THE IMPORTANCE OF MAKING YOUR NEEDS KNOWN!       Maria #220       DO 2930       6/94
--By Maria

       (This message was originally sent to an Area where Family Members have met & regularly minister to many well-to-do individuals, while at the same time conducting a well-established "Consider the Poor" ministry. However, when asked about the financial state of the Homes in this Area, the Shepherds reported that some of the Homes still lacked the funds they need. Upon hearing this, Mama wrote the Shepherds the following counsel:)

Dear Ones,
       1. GOD BLESS YOU! I love you! Thanks for your message outlining the financial situation in the Homes in your Area. I'm still a bit troubled by the fact that your Homes are financially lacking when you have such a thriving ministry to people in positions of influence in several countries.
       2. I have an idea that upon seeing our outreachers & our singing teams & our folks ministering to the poor, people assume that certainly these foreigners who are able to live in foreign countries on a permanent basis & spend their full time ministering to the local people must obviously be well-funded from the outside. And if you don't tell them otherwise, how will they ever know that that is not the case? Yet offers for you to participate in social service work will continue, & as the DF Home representatives have found out, the wealthy women that they have met were quite taken with them, & each of them would probably love to have these beautiful foreign children participating as part of one of their charities.
       3. What these women probably thought is that you were there as their colleagues, doing exactly the same thing they're doing: charity work. They are all wealthy & all used to financing service organisations, & they probably felt that, coming from wealthy America & other wealthy nations, you were doing the same thing, & were from a similar background as themselves. After all, you had all been invited to the same party with the same interests, so why not? They probably never dreamed that here you are trying to give your lives to help others, when some of your own families are barely getting their rent collected on time, the proper food on the table, & the kids may not even have money for various needs.
       4. I just think it's about time that our Homes start doing something about this situation! You meet these people of importance, of influence & of wealth, but you give no indication as to your desperate financial needs. You offer yourselves freely to help their poor without letting the rich know that you are poor, too, & that in order to help them you need help too.
       5. Some of your friends may not be very wealthy themselves, but can't you get one of them to put in a plug for you with all these women who love to do charity work & have so much money to spend, as even part of their "good works" religion? It seems like they would be thrilled to help such a beautiful, unique organisation who can in turn help them with their special charity by bringing encouragement & hope & comfort to many.
       6. These women know that much more than even physical help, the spiritual is needed. They can offer material help, but you have the Spirit, & you have what they don't have. You have every right to ask them to help you. You are there to help their poor spiritually, so they should be willing to help you physically in order that you can do the job. You have had so much good publicity. You have so many friends. They could even do a fundraiser for you to help you to help their poor & needy.
       7. You have so many friends who would probably be more than willing to write a recommendation for you, a sort of "To Whom it May Concern" letter, saying, "These are good people & they are helping our country. They are doing much to bring hope & encouragement & comfort to the lame, the deaf & the blind. Please do all you can to help & support them."
       8. They could give you names of the wealthy, & even address letters specifically to them asking them to help you. You have so many people who now appreciate your Work; it seems that you could certainly use their help to raise needed finances.
       9. I'll bet if you would even let them know, they could help considerably. After all, it seems that their religion more or less trains them to give to the poor, & it certainly seems that you should be on their list. You're not just the poor, you're the poor who are helping the poor. Of course, you don't look as poor as most of the poor that they give to, & you're not, thank the Lord. But it is even more important that they give to you than the other poor. They should understand that by having seen the results of your work & all you have to contribute to their society.
       10. Well, I'm not there & I don't know your situation in detail, but what I do know is that somebody or a lot of somebodies should be willing to help donate to what you are doing to help the folks in those countries. You're giving them the best thing in the World, & what they can get from no others, & they should be willing to give financially to gain what is much more valuable--your spiritual help & ministry.
       11. It seems like no one is asking. I'd like to have a report on how many folks have asked for funds & how it is being done. Our preference & the ideal is that everyone should be involved in raising support. Since everyone has a part in these important ministries, everyone should be asking. You certainly have enough appeal projects. You should also consider appointing some folks whose specific ministry & main job will be fundraising.
       12. God bless you! I love you! Let's make it pay! Why should you be hampered & hindered & inconvenienced in your ministry to others when the Lord's coffers are full & the "wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just."--Pro.13:22. The Lord said, "Ask & ye shall receive."--Mat.7:7. We deserve it! We're living our lives unselfishly for others & the Lord, & anyone who wants our spiritual help for their people & their country should be willing to give us their financial help.
       Love, Mama

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