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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.76!       DO 2932       Comp.8/94


Playground Becomes Prayground!
       1. I HATE TO WATCH THE NEWS because I know it's just propaganda. It's mostly bad news, & if there's anything good about it, it's usually because they're lying. But we have to know what's going on, & I'm telling you, there are so many different wars going on right now we can hardly keep up with them! There are wars all over the place, & the one in the Balkans could escalate into a very big one if that little dictator Milosevic (president of Serbia) has anything to do with it. He's the one who started the war in the first place just for the sake of conquest, power & money!
       2. The reports we're getting from our team in Croatia right now say that there are all kinds of new weapons flooding in & that somebody is making billions on arms sales--profits made on the broken bodies of the poor. Isn't that pitiful? But "all things work together for good," because when people are so broken & in despair & sorrow, then guess what? (Fam: They're more receptive.) Yes, they're receptive, desperate & responsive. Our folks who have gone in there say they've never seen such hungry, responsive people!
       3. The soldiers come to the Family's little campsite in Makarska requesting literature & teaching, as well as just companionship, fellowship, encouragement & Truth, & they're just eating it up, begging for more! The people crowd around their camper until late at night, until finally they just have to send them away so they can go to sleep. Even Jesus had to send the multitudes away on a few occasions. (Mat.13:36; 14:22-23; 15:39.) In His day the people even started coming down through the roof to get to see Him! (Mark 2:3-4.) So our little team there is able to feed a lot of hungry sheep. There are wounded soldiers, refugees, lots of people who know they really need the Lord.
       4. The coastline of Croatia where they're staying was a great playground before the war. It's the beautiful area along the Adriatic that used to be full of resorts, & tourists packed the beaches. But now there are almost no tourists, just lots of refugees & wounded soldiers--UN soldiers, Croatian soldiers, Muslim soldiers.
       5. Our folks there say it's really a hungry situation & they are begging for more help. They've got a team of eight there now & they want four more right away & all the lit we can give them, because the people are just eating it up! Praise the Lord! So "all things work together for good." If those poor soldiers they're meeting hadn't been wounded & had their arms & legs shot off & whatnot, they wouldn't be as receptive & responsive as they are now. Some are wounded, & some have lost everything--families destroyed, lives destroyed!
       6. Away from the warfront in the camps & rehab centers, etc., they say the hatred is a little less obvious. But right up at the front the hatred is so strong that you hardly dare say anything lest it might be construed to be in favour of the other side! If they've got a gun they're just apt to shoot you if they think you might be sympathising with the other side, so it's a very sensitive situation. They've found that the people at the front, who are mostly just soldiers fighting each other, are very hard & very hateful & unreceptive. They can't believe in love when all they can think of is hate. But back out of the actual war zones they've had time to think & even pray, & they are much more responsive & receptive.
       7. So God gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat sometimes! Praise the Lord! What was once a playground is becoming a prayground, & they're praying now instead of playing. Thank You Jesus!

More War!
       8. It looks like they're going to have all-out war in Bosnia pretty soon since the Muslims & Croats are beginning to sneak in large quantities of arms! Up until now the Serbs have had all the advantages & almost all the arms & captured all the territory. The Muslims & Croats have been at a constant disadvantage because the embargo kept them from getting any arms. So thank the Lord He's turning the tide--but that may mean more & bigger war. (Note: The arms embargo has not been officially lifted, because it's enforced by NATO & the Western European powers, who have been very opposed to arming the Bosnians. The weapons are apparently sneaked in by boat along Croatia's long coastline, or fly in to small airports in Northern Croatia, or come in via trucks along Croatia's border with Hungary. Croatian profiteers get to keep up to one-third of the arms, & the rest makes its way to the Bosnians. The Croatians have even managed to sneak in a few Russian MiG-21 fighter jets & now have a tiny air force. They imported the pieces & assembled them in Croatia, much to NATO's embarrassment.)
       9. Our team there is begging for prayer that they will be able to do as much for these precious people as they can before further war breaks out. We've counselled them not to get close to the war front, but to only go where the Lord has made peace.

Proposed UN Peace Deal!
       10. We've been getting better reports from the battlefront in Bosnia, Serbia & Croatia than you can hear on the news or read in the paper! We know more about it than the reporters are reporting, because the ACs control the media & they leave out what they don't want you to hear.
       11. The UN is trying to make a peace deal in which the Serbs get more than half of Bosnia, but a lot less than they want. They've got 70% of it, but in this peace settlement the UN only wants to let them keep 51%, & give the Bosnian Muslims & Croats 49%. Now what does that sound like to you? Have you ever heard of that 51/49 proportion before? It's very very common in business. And what is it that the ones we know are controlling the World are mostly involved in? (Fam: Banking?) Business!
       12. This sounds like a business settlement! And why do they make business settlements like that, where one guy just gets a couple of percentage points more than the other guy? Who usually gets the slightly larger share, & why? (Fam: The one with the larger share gets the final say.) Yes, the one who has 51% is considered the owner & the boss & he is the one who really controls the business. In some countries like the Philippines, it doesn't matter who the investor is, any investors from outside the Philippines are not supposed to get more than 49%, so that the Filipinos & the Philippine government can be the boss. Even though the other guy owns 49% of the stock or the investment, the guy who has over half--even if it's only 51%--gets to run things & gets the last word.
       13. Doesn't that sound like the situation in Bosnia? So why would the UN be trying to put that kind of a settlement across? (Fam: Because they want to give the Serbs control.) Yes. They want to pacify the Serbs & make them feel like they are getting the lion's share, & they will be able to be the boss. But the Serbs don't want that sort of deal, & they're refusing. They're probably thinking, "Why should we settle for 51% when we've already got 70%?" And even if they did settle for 51%, it wouldn't be long before they'd come along gobbling up more again.
       14. So the Serbs have rejected the deal, walked out on them & said, "Nothing doing! Why should we only have 51% when we've already got 70%?" They've wrecked most of it anyhow & chased out the Muslims & Croats.

AC Deceptions & Cover-ups!
       15. I'll tell you, the ACs are clever! They're insidious! They are like snakes, like the Serpent himself the way they deceive, saying one thing & making you think they're meaning another. This war in Bosnia is one major example.
       16. I think the Devil started that war in Rwanda in order to get the World's mind off of Bosnia. And I think the reason the Lord allowed the horrible slaughter in Rwanda is to show the World how horrible their "New World Order" is.--That they haven't solved anything, they can't solve one little tiny war. The rebels in Rwanda have already captured the whole country & are setting up their own government. How the hell is the UN going to settle that? The Tutsi rebels have already chased out all the Hutus who ran the government & were in charge of things & were supported by France. Did you know that?
       17. The AC media tries to make the news comfortable & appealing & cheerful so you won't think the World is so bad after all. It's a little hard to dress up Rwanda right now, but they've pretty well distracted folks from Bosnia & gotten people's minds off of it, & even deceived them into thinking that peace has been made in Bosnia. You say, "Oh, there's still a war going on in Bosnia? Didn't you say they'd made peace there?" Well, that was only in Sarajevo, & they're back at it again even there! They can't use their big guns, but their little ones can be just as deadly.
       18. Serb snipers are shooting the poor UN soldiers. They're getting shot up & wounded & dismembered just as bad as the civilians. The Serbs consider the UN soldiers their enemies because they're there to keep the peace, prevent aggression & help civilians.--And since most of the civilians are Muslim & Croat, & the Serbs have been the main disturbers of the peace & aggressors, the Serbs regard them as their opponents. It's a very complicated subject. Actually, it would be very simple if it weren't for the way the media interprets things to suit the ACs. Because it's their news, they own it, they run it, they speak it & they want to fool you as much as they can!

A Little Geography!
       19. Most people think the war's just going on in Bosnia, but it's not all in Bosnia. (Points to map:) The Croatian coastline here has been totally destroyed all the way from Makarska down to Dubrovnik, & they say it's just desolate. The buildings have been destroyed & there are hardly any people left, just a rare farmer here or there.
       20. To the east of Bosnia is Serbia, or New Serbia--Serb-controlled territory. The trouble with these conquerors & tyrants is that just like the rich, they're never satisfied. The riches they have are not enough, & they want more & more & more. But what does it profit a man if he gains the whole World & loses his own soul? (Mark 8:36.)
       21. This is Macedonia down here right above Greece, & the Greeks don't like it because Macedonia has the same name as a Greek province, & uses a Greek symbol on its flag. Macedonia was even around in Paul's day. (Acts 16:9.) Alexander the Great's father was king of Macedonia, & Alexander spread out from there. Macedonia wasn't enough, so he conquered all of Greece & he went across the Bosporus, which is this little neck of water which splits Turkey, the only access to the Black Sea. They've got a bridge over it now, by the way, & it's really something. There was no bridge there in the days my Mother sailed through.
       22. Aggressors, dictators, tyrants & conquerors are never satisfied. Alexander thought he'd conquered the whole World after he conquered the Medes & the Persians. He even went as far as India & he thought, "Boy, I've conquered the World." And do you know what he said when he was drunk & dying? Remember his famous last words? He wept because of what? (Fam: No more worlds to conquer.) He didn't realise he hadn't even begun to conquer the whole World. But the World as he saw it in those days was everything they considered important. My goodness, just look, he didn't even conquer all of India & its millions of people. He didn't conquer China, another empire, which now has a billion people. He certainly didn't conquer Japan, a modern-day economic empire.

Tito's Yugoslavia!
       23. So anyhow, there's Serbia for you, but the Serbs are not happy with just that--they want more! These republics were all a part of Yugoslavia when it was under Tito. He was supposedly a Communist & Russia sympathised with him, but he was very pro-West & a Communist in name only. Some of these diplomats & leaders very cleverly deceive the public. So Tito was getting volumes of armaments, tanks, guns & munitions from the Allies & was fighting the Communists who were actually trying to take over his country. The Allies, of course, didn't mind him calling himself & his people Communists as long as he didn't let the real Communists into his country, because they didn't want the Russians in there.
       24. So the Allies first of all began pouring munitions into Yugoslavia to help Tito fight the Germans in World War II. Then after the Cold War began, they poured in ammunition, arms, guns & planes to help them hold off the Russians, if necessary. And Tito was a pretty strong guy--he managed to hold the country together & to beat off these enemies both from the West & the North, & after the war, he was doing pretty well. But there's one thing that always catches up with all these guys--they die. That's one thing they haven't been able to beat yet.
       25. So Tito died in 1980, & there was nobody like him to run Yugoslavia. There was absolutely no strongman, no strong personality that could beat the Serbs' & the Bosnians' & the Croats' heads together & make them be good & keep the peace. Under Tito they lived next door to each other, married each other, did business with each other--no problems. Tito was like a father to them & they were like a bunch of rowdy little kids. He just shook his finger at them & they'd behave, or he gave them a swat or two now & then.
       26. But when Tito died they began fighting over who was going to run Yugoslavia. For a while they ran things with a nine-man council, with each council member getting a year in charge. The old Romans tried a council too, a three-man body called the triumvirate, & it didn't work.
       27. But finally this guy Milosevic came along--another dictator, tough guy, strongman--and he managed to take over what's left of Yugoslavia, the biggest remaining portion, which he now calls Serbia. As Alexander the Great said, "To the strongest," & he turned out to be the strongest. So then all these big guns, tanks, armaments & munitions that the Allies had been pouring into Yugoslavia belonged to Milosevic!
       28. Who do you suppose engineered that & was planning that all along? The ACs have got long-range vision, they look ahead! They don't care if it takes centuries, which it has; they keep working, nibbling a little here & there & pulling the blinders over your eyes, if not altogether, then partially, till they've gotten where they're at today, which is controlling the whole World. But they still make you think that they don't control it, because how could they control the World when there's so much trouble & all these horrible things going on?

Man Can't Control Himself!
       29. Do you know why all these horrible things are going on?--Because Man cannot control Man. It's impossible! They've tried it down through the centuries--Caesars, czars, dictators, all kinds of strongmen have tried to run the World & create great empires, etc., but it didn't do any good, & nobody has been able to control the whole World. And the last one to try it is going to be who? (Fam: The Antichrist.) And God's going to let him arise.
       30. Why does God let all these wars go on & why does He let all these horrors go on, which are getting worse & worse all the time? It shows Man that he can't save himself, & in the end, even the Antichrist won't be able to save him. They can't control crime, they can't control drugs, they can't control anything, because Man can't control himself. They've tried it for centuries, for thousands of years now, but nobody's been able to do it. There have always been wars going on, but it's getting worse & worse all the time. And now the Bosnian war is one of the worst because they're supposed to be civilised people!

Milosevic's "Greater Serbia
       31. So Slobodan Milosevic got power over what was left of Yugoslavia & called it Serbia, but it was still not big enough for him.--Especially since Slovenia, Croatia & Bosnia declared their independence from him. So once he grabbed what was left of Yugoslavia, he said, "What am I going to do with all these guns & planes & armaments?"--Big guns that can throw big shells miles into poor little civilian towns & cities. He wanted what the Serbs called "Greater Serbia." Serbia wasn't great enough! These dictators, these aggressors, these fiends who want to conquer the World are not going to be satisfied even when they do conquer the World!
       32. So Milosevic had this little piece of Europe & that wasn't enough, he wanted to conquer more. He couldn't grab Slovenia, & the Croats fought him to a standstill. So he looked around, "Let's see, who would be the easiest to conquer? Oh, these Bosnians over here, & Muslims. The Christian World won't sympathise with them very much & they have no armaments to speak of, hardly anything. They've got their little rifles & shotguns & personal arms & that's about all they've got. And I've got an army loaded with guns & armaments. So why am I sitting here doing nothing? I'm going to insist that the Bosnians & Muslims surrender their land to me, & if they won't, then I'm going to shoot them to pieces!" But they didn't surrender. They said, "Nuts to you!" & thumbed their noses at him. So he began marching on them.
       33. There's one way to keep peace, & that's to surrender.--But of course then you're a slave, & that's not too pleasant. You're not independent in any way. You're obeying the dictator & keeping the peace--his peace--but your life isn't very peaceful, as in Russia, etc. So they refused to surrender & they got out their shotguns & rifles & the little that they had at home & whatever they could get somebody to slip them across the border, & started to fight an impossible war against this big bad boy aggressor with all of his weapons. So naturally he just marched right in & took them over! It's a miracle that they even managed to keep any of their country, 30% of it, just by sheer doggedness & fighting with their own little weapons.
       34. And the AC-controlled UN said, "We're going to be fair & declare an embargo on all warring participants." Isn't that the fair way to do it?--That none of them can have any more weapons? Well, the ACs who run the UN knew that gave the advantage to their Serbs, because they had plenty of weapons from the former Yugoslav army.

How the Big Wars Start!
       35. So Milosevic said, "Why shouldn't I have all of what was left of Yugoslavia? Why shouldn't I have all of this neck of the woods too?" And that's what has started almost every single big war--some little punk deciding he wanted to wage his own little war. And then he kept pushing until friends of these little countries he was invading couldn't take any more, & they barged in.
       36. In World War I, the Austro-Hungarian empire & its friends barged in just after the Emperor's nephew got shot by a Serb while travelling down in Sarajevo. He should've known better. Serbia has caused a lot of wars. The Emperor didn't like his nephew getting shot, so he invaded Serbia with an army. And then France, Great Britain & Russia didn't like him taking over Serbia, so they started fighting Austro-Hungary, & it built on up from there.
       37. Friends of these guys came in, & friends of their enemies came in & so on, until it was called World War I & involved all of Europe & even the Americas.--Although the Americas weren't invaded, they went over & invaded Europe. And they did it again in World War II--probably both times to save the Jews. We know that was the case in World War II, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were building up to that in World War I, seeing it coming. The Devil knew it was coming & he's the ACs' closest advisor, like the Lord is ours. So he was getting them ready even with World War I. But they didn't get enough out of that one, so they had to fight another one.
       38. They always need some excuse to fight a war, & of course in this last big one it was Hitler & the "Holocaust!" "Look what he's doing to us Jews!" The worst kind of cruel behaviour of an enemy is called "an atrocity." When your side does it, they're heroes, but when the other side does it, they're villains. But if we really look at history & know the Truth, it turns out they're all villains, all bad guys; it's just that some are a little worse than the others. The supposed "good guys" were trying to "make the World free for democracy" by waging the "war to end all wars." Well, you can see how much they've ended all wars!--And you can see how much democracy there is!

Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia!
       39. So there's Serbia for you, but like I said, the Serbs weren't satisfied with their part of Yugoslavia. They wanted all the rest of it too. (Points to map:) Here's Bosnia in the middle, & then we have Croatia to the West along this beautiful Adriatic coast, which Serbia wants, of course. If they're going to be money-making resorts, the Serbs want them. All of this area along the Croatian coast was great resort country, & a lot of Europeans went there to spend their holidays on those beautiful beaches.
       40. So there are three former Yugoslav provinces, now independent countries, which oppose Serbia: Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia. Slovenia has not yet been involved in the war, mostly because Germany is its good friend & told Serbia, "If you touch our little friend Slovenia, we're going to come in & get you!"
       41. So have you at least got the geography of the situation? This is Serbia to the East, & what is this here in the middle? (Fam: Bosnia-Herzegovina.) Bosnia, we'll call it for short. And this area to the West & North? (Fam: Croatia.) This is where they have the refugee camps full of all the people fleeing or who got shot up by the Serbs. There are even a few Serbs in the camps, but mostly they're Croats & Muslims.
       42. For a while the Bosnians & the Croats were fighting each other, one side Muslim & the other side so-called Christian. I think Clinton was the one who finally knocked their heads together & said, "You guys have got to get it together if you're going to stand any chance of fighting Serbia." So they declared peace with each other & now they're working together as friends & allies, but not too friendly from what our folks at the warfront tell us.
       43. They all hate each other! Even in the camps where they are refugees they still hate each other. The Croats hate the Bosnians, the Bosnians hate the Croats & they both hate the Serbs. And the Serbs, of course, hate both of them. The Croats & the Bosnians are only working together because they hate the Serbs even more than they hate each other, & they don't want to be overrun by the Serbs. But the Serbs have already overrun 70% of Bosnia, think of it! Nearly all of Northern Bosnia is now in the hands of the Serbs, & it's mostly this part here, Sarajevo, Mostar & this little bit down here, about 30% of it, that the Bosnians still hold.

A Briefing Session!
       44. Do you know what this kind of a session is? Do you know what it's called in the military? (Fam: A strategy meeting?) Well, yes, it's about strategy, but they have a nice little word that's very short called briefing.
       45. Almost every night while I was in the army they'd gather us all in after a hard day's work, a hard day in the field, & expect us to sit there for an hour to two & be briefed on how the war was going.--And usually most of us just fell asleep. About the only time we stayed awake was when they showed those sex films on how to take care of yourself & how to keep from catching diseases from the whores & stuff like that. Well, this is a briefing session, but this is not on sex, it's on the situation in Bosnia where that war is now.

Arms Pouring into Bosnia!
       46. One thing I started to tell you earlier was how the UN--of course controlled by the ACs--pretended to want fairness, so they said, "Embargo all the warring parties, don't let any arms in to any of them."--Knowing that the Serbs would benefit, of course, because they already had all the arms they needed to crush Bosnia, Croatia & Slovenia. And every time the U.S. wanted to barge in & help the Bosnians, the UN raised a big howl, "No, no, no! Nobody is to help either party!"--While of course the ACs were madly helping the Serbs.
       47. But the ACs don't care about the rules, they help the party they want to help. If it's to their advantage to keep their enemies from helping their opponents, they'll do it--& legally of course, through the UN issuing rules that the World is supposed to agree to.
       48. But several weeks ago our man on the battlefront reported, "Our friends among the UN soldiers said they'd never seen such modern weaponry as the Muslims are getting now to fight the Serbs. Now that the arms embargo has been lifted & they're getting all these weapons, if diplomacy doesn't settle it, they're planning to fight it out."--Because they have some hopes of at least saving their own country, if nothing else. They're not trying to conquer Serbia, it's Serbia that's trying to conquer them, & they're just trying to drive the Serbs out. And they seem to think that they've got a much better chance of doing it now that the arms are pouring in to Bosnia.
       49. I thought, "That's funny! I hadn't heard that the arms embargo in Bosnia had been lifted." Had you? Has it been lifted yet? Well, it has not!--Not officially, anyhow, but the Muslims' friends have been sneaking weapons in wherever they can, the best they can.
       50. So our man thought the embargo must've already been lifted because of the way the arms are pouring into Bosnia from several sources, principally from Iran, but also from Kuwait, Turkey & Saudi Arabia. The bloomin' Saudi Arabians never seem to fight their own wars--they pay other people to fight their wars for them--& they've been pouring in the money to buy arms for the Bosnians to fight their own war.
       51. Their friends are finally waking up! I've often wondered, "Why don't the rest of the Muslims help the Bosnian Muslims?" I'll tell you, people are slow to move unless they think it's in their own interest. But when they saw that Bosnia was being conquered & not much of it was left, they must've figured, "This isn't a very good sample to the whole World of how we Muslims stick together & fight for each other. If we don't help these poor little guys out, we're going to be put to shame!"--And they started helping.
       52. Our brethren on the battlefront say that it's generally agreed that they're going to resume all-out war about September 30th.--But I don't think the Serbs are going to wait for September 30th! It's not very likely that they're going to wait till the Muslims are fully armed & equipped enough to really overcome them. So the Serbs are now beefing up their attacks on Sarajevo & Gorazde. The Serbs are getting hot & apparently deciding that they're going to strike first. They're not going to let the Bosnian Muslims get so well-armed & strengthened that they can take back any of their country.
       53. So that's why things are heating up again in the once pacified areas where God said, "I've made peace, now are you willing to go in?" Well, we showed we were willing to go in, & we have, but it's a very sensitive situation & I warned our team not to go into any parts that are still at war, where there's still danger & shooting & all that sort of thing. I said, "You're only supposed to go where there is peace, & if there's no peace there, if they've started shooting again in Sarajevo or Gorazde, etc., then get out!"--And the very first invitation they had from the UN was to go to a refugee camp.--The refugee camps of both Bosnian Muslims & Croats because they've both been driven out of some of their territory.
       54. And that sounds to me like that's the best place to minister, among the already crippled & injured in the refugee camps of Croatia. Even a lot of Croatia is dangerous! Makarska, where the team is now, is where the desolation begins. The Serbs had come that far when they were overrunning Croatia, but now they've pulled back clear beyond Dubrovnik because they wanted to concentrate their forces on getting the bigger cities & conquering all of Bosnia, not just Croatia.
       55. So that's the way the war has gone. The arms have been pouring into Bosnia at such a rate that the common rumor was that they must've lifted the arms embargo. But the UN has not, & they're not going to if they can help it.--Although Clinton has been agitating for it. But it looks like the Muslims' friends finally just gave up waiting for the UN to lift the embargo, because if the ACs have anything to do with it, they never will. So they're just lifting it themselves & getting arms & men in. And that's where it stands now.

The Real
       56. Now why did I get on to telling you all of that?--Probably because you don't know enough about what's going on there, that's why! And the Lord wants you to understand the situation, the real history. That's what we teach you here--not the history that's in the textbooks, but the real history, what really happened, what they're really doing & what the ACs don't want you to know. That's not what they put on TV, & that's not what they're writing history books about.
       57. I'm briefing you on real history, the real news! These are things that are important for you to know. We're not here only to get the Bible, that's the answer; today we're talking about the problems!

Karadzic & Milosevic!
       58. I was just reading a news article about how not all the Serbs of Bosnia agree with Karadzic. He's that big bushy-haired leader of the Bosnian Serbs who speaks such good English & is so charming a personality. Well, obviously he's an AC & he's charmed the World leaders into letting the Serbs have their way, calling himself president of Serbian Bosnia when he was never even elected & more or less just chose himself. He's been a very smart leader, & I think his charming personality & the fact that he can speak English has helped to persuade the U.S. & a lot of other people to leave the Serbs alone & let them have what they want.
       59. But this article said that there are a whole bunch of Serbs in Bosnia who don't agree with him, don't even like him, & don't like him joining the other Serbs in the war--the ones who grabbed all the arms & power & dictatorship of Serbia when the rest of the government flopped & are now being led by the dictator Milosevic, the cruel slaughterer who's slaughtered & massacred the Bosnians & other nationalities right & left. Milosevic doesn't look very fierce, he's a kind of a chubby guy with a round face, but looks can be deceiving. He's a murderer & a slaughterer & a massacrer, a devil!--No doubt inspired, if not possessed, by the Devil.
       60. I think Milosevic tried to buy time, that's all he's done, & he's tried to get Karadzic & the Serbs in Bosnia to agree to the peace plan which the Bosnian Muslims had previously refused to accept. (Note: Of course, Milosevic's motives are unclear & his actions could easily change if it suits his interests.)--But then recently the Muslims suddenly changed their minds & accepted it, figuring that it wouldn't make any difference because the Serbs in Bosnia would not accept it anyway.
       61. So now Milosevic is advising the Serbs in Bosnia to accept the peace plan & to be content with most of the country they've conquered.--Probably stalling for time till they have a better chance to keep on invading, "speaking lies at one table."--Dan.11:27. They're saying, "Accept it. Say you will.--Of course, you don't have to mean it & it doesn't mean you can't go on fighting the war later. We can continue our invasion later when it's more convenient. We're sort of outnumbered right now."
       62. He's a very clever guy, this Milosevic, because he knows the treaty won't last anyhow & they'll be able to regroup, replenish their supplies & get reinforcements. The enemy usually only wants to make peace if it's to his advantage. So that's where the war stands right now. The poor Bosnian Muslims are between the Devil & the deep blue sea. And the Serbs in Bosnia are also between the Devil, Milosevic, & the deep blue sea of the UN Boy, these things are so dirty politically it's pitiful!
       63. (Update: After Bosnian Serbs refused for the third time to accept an international plan to end Bosnia's 28-month-old war, Serbia cut off its support & sealed its borders with them. Serbia, the largest component in what remains of Yugoslavia, is the chief instigator of the war in Bosnia, but has sought recently to convince Bosnian Serbs to accept peace in hopes of having economic sanctions against Serbia eased. Bosnian Serbs have vowed to fight on. In a desperate move, they seized a tank & other heavy weapons from a UN-guarded site near Sarajevo, in violation of a NATO-mandated weapons exclusion zone. NATO responded with an air strike, & the Serbs returned the weapons, but have stepped up sniping in Sarajevo & are harassing UN peacekeepers elsewhere.)

We Did Our Part!
       64. I'm getting pretty fed up with the World's problems! At least we did our part, Lord, we sent in a team like You asked us to, & they're doing a great job of comforting the refugees & the wounded & the broken, which is where You wanted them to be. They've done a real good job there. It's a battlefront in more ways than one, but we're winning great victories there! Praise the Lord!

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