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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.77!       DO 2933       Comp.7/94


Rise of the Radical Religious Right!
       1. THERE'S BEEN A RISE of the Religious Right of conservative Christians into U.S. politics--to the dismay of a number of Republicans who are agitating against them & accusing them of trying to take over the Republican Party. And the media who are on the radical AC left (and mostly Democrats) are waving the red flag of warning to the public: "The Christians are taking over! Watch out for the radical Religious Right!"
       2. Well, they're sure radical nowadays, & they are rising. At last the church is waking up to the fact that they do have some power & they can stop, or at least slow down, this Clinton crowd who are all for the wrong things. Clinton is pretending to be such a good Christian, but he's for all the wrong things & he's got all the wrong kind of people & is backed by the ACs. (Maria: Even Clinton's Surgeon General, Joceyln Elders, spoke before a group of homosexuals & warned them about the Religious Right & said they had to do something to stop them.)
       3. So it's finally becoming a religious war! It's coming out in the open between the Christians & the AC media plus the AC-backed Democrats & Clintonites. It's breaking out, thank God, into open war in which the Christians are at least standing up to be counted, whether they win or not. This battle is arousing the church & the Christians & showing them what's going on.
       4. It's a little late, of course, when they've already almost lost the battle, but they're trying to rise again! It reminds me of the old slogan after the Civil War, "The South shall rise again!"--But it never did. Well, the church is trying to rise again, & it remains to be seen whether it'll do anything to stop the ACs. The way I see it, the U.S. Christians are rising a little too late & they are already defeated. But at least they're trying, give them credit for that. Thank the Lord!

Clinton Professing to Be a Christian!
       5. The U.S. administration is getting scared of the rise of the Religious Right, so they're trying to woo them by showing how "religious" Clinton is. Clinton is a clever liar, a real politician, & he is contorting the Bible. He's a liar, just like the scribes & Pharisees whom Jesus called liars.--Jn.8:44,55.
       6. He's trying to convince the evangelicals he's a real Christian, while at the same time supporting abortion, which kills a million-&-a-half U.S. babies every year, & liberating all the Sodomites. Real Christians who know the Lord are not going to be deceived. He's a baby killer, he's a liar & he promotes sodomy. He sure is led astray!
       7. (Note: A recent Washington Post article commented: Bill Clinton is emerging as a canny practitioner of public religion. Some are impressed, finding in Clinton's words evidence of personal faith & a desire to reclaim religious discourse from conservatives. But others are wary, suspecting a gambit to win religious voters. A few say questions about Clinton's character outweigh the allure of his rhetoric. One outspoken Clinton critic, the Rev. Jerry Falwell, said that as he travels the country speaking at various churches, "It's very seldom I do not meet someone or several persons after a meeting who ask, 'Is Mr. Clinton really a Christian or is he just talking the language well?'" Falwell called Clinton "a master manipulator." "I believe his handlers are quite willing to have him talk this way, because they've got to neutralise the Republicans' religious advantage," said David C. Leege, professor of government & international relations at the University of Notre Dame. Gary Bauer, director of the conservative Family Research Council, said he doubted many evangelicals would be swayed, if only because they are reminded in newsletters "passed around the churches" about the administration's stand on abortion and the latest news in the Whitewater affair.)

Randall Terry's "Loyal Opposition"!
       8. One of the most militant Christians in the U.S. today is Randall Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group "Operation Rescue." He's formed a new group now called "Loyal Opposition" that stages noisy demonstrations against the President. He says the Bible commands us to expose the wicked, & that Bill Clinton is a tyrant & a monster! He says the President has violated his marriage & promotes baby killing & sodomy. Clinton provokes particular outrage from the Religious Right because he claims to be a Southern Baptist. The U.S. political scene is getting more vicious & violent all the time.

Clinton's Scapegoats!
       9. The Clintons prefer to blame their political troubles on right-wing troublemakers who are spreading scandals about them--meaning mostly the Christian Right--rather than on genuine concern about their own policies & legal inquiries into their past behaviour. It gives them a scapegoat, someone to blame for their own sins & mistakes.

Good Friday Unconstitutional
       10. No more religious holidays for Christians! Protestors are saying that the Good Friday holiday is an endorsement of Christianity, in that it violates the separation of church & state. They say Christmas is still all right because it has secular as well as religious connotations.

The U.S.--A Debtor Nation!
       11. Foreign investors are still pulling their money out of the U.S.--Which is something that has long been predicted would destroy the U.S. The U.S. is now the World's largest debtor nation, it owes so much money to foreigners. Clinton is saying, "Don't over-react." Maybe the Crash is going to be a slow, controlled slide so the public won't panic.
       12. (Note: The United States has gone from being the World's largest creditor country to being its largest debtor--all within a decade. A Swiss investment consultant, Jean-Antoine Cramer, has noted, "It took 150 years for the U.S. government to create a debt of $1 trillion, & only 10 years to quadruple this debt. With a Gross National Product of $5.6 trillion, the situation is beyond repair. American consumers owe $7 trillion, corporations $5 trillion & the government $5 trillion.")
       13. Most U.S. news is nothing but propaganda in favour of the government. They'll talk about anything to take the attention of the American people off the fall of the Dollar & unemployment, etc.

Deadly Radioactive Weapons Used in Gulf War!
       14. The U.S. used horrific weapons in the Gulf war that bored into the armour of Iraqi tanks with such great heat that it burned the armour & started fires inside, as well as killing the men, of course. It turned out that 10% of the shell was radioactive on the outside & small particles of radioactive material were thrown into the air. Now the U.S. troops who used them are suffering from all kinds of strange & horrible illnesses as a result. The U.S. troops were not told about the dust & the harm that it might do them, even though the Army knew about it.
       15. (Note: In the Gulf war, U.S. & British forces fired over 50,000 rockets & shells made with Depleted Uranium. These special shells are made with Uranium 238. They're designed to cut through tank armour & then explode the diesel fumes inside, burning the crew alive. The tank then remains a heap of radioactive rubble. According to a Food & Drug Administration assessment, U.S. tanks loaded with DU shells exposed the troops inside to the equivalent of a chest X-ray every 20 to 30 hours. During the Gulf war, U.S. soldiers spent months in these vehicles. They only crawled out to go to the bathroom. In addition, some GIs were ordered to crawl into Iraqi tanks after they were hit by DU shells--to make sure no one was left alive. The Defense Department denies the DU shells are hazardous. But because the Albany, N.Y., plant where the shells were made was badly contaminated, Washington was forced to close it. The Pentagon has also spent over $4 million trying to decontaminate 22 vehicles hit by DU "friendly fire." Contaminated parts from some of them have been buried in a radioactive waste dump in South Carolina. Also, few reports on Desert Storm mention the over 40 tons of radioactive rubble DU shells left in Iraq & northern Kuwait. Iraq has reported thousands of cases of radiation sickness.)

U.S. Is Biggest Arms Supplier!
       16. The U.S. is the biggest arms supplier in the World! If you want to know who's supplying the arms for all these guerrilla wars, it's the U.S.A.! U.S. arms merchants are profiteering on dozens of little wars around the World.

Big Bully U.S.!
       17. It's a matter of pride with the U.S. A big bully nation like the U.S. can't have a little squirt like either Panama or Haiti defying them, so the U.S. invaded Panama & could very likely invade Haiti. They'll do anything they can to satisfy their pride. So here comes the big U.S. bully again!

Shameful Stats!
       18. The U.S. is supposed to be the most Christian country in the World, yet it has the highest divorce rate, the most abortions, the highest percent of children raised in single parent homes, the highest rate of violent deaths, & a male homicide rate five times greater than any other developed country except Mexico!--And half of their married couples are childless.--Out of selfishness either preventing or killing their babies before they can be born. (--And rampant Sodomy!)

Clinton & His Young Advisors!
       19. Young folks are usually more hard-line than the older ones. In the Bible, the older, wiser men usually recommended having patience, taking less drastic action & imposing fewer taxes when they advised the king. But when the king turned to the younger men & they said, "More taxes, more burdens, get tough," it resulted in the split of Israel into two countries. The ten northern tribes formed Northern Israel & became known as "Israel of the Israelites," & the two southern tribes, Judah & Benjamin, formed what then became known as "Judah of the Jews."--Because instead of relieving the burdens of the people, the young men had advised making them tougher because they wanted more money, more taxes. (See 1Ki.12:1-17.)
       20. It reminds me of the way the U.S. is today. Clinton & his young counsellors have been advising "spend more money, raise more taxes," & the people are just getting to the point of frustration, which will probably bring down the U.S., as it did Israel. So the advice of youth is not always the best. In the case of Israel, the advice of the older & wiser men could have saved the country, but the advice of the more liberal, naturally wilder young men destroyed it. That's what's going on in the U.S. now. However, I think our Family young people will be exceptions to this, & will be wiser & more loving & more mature in their judgements.

New York Times
       21. The {\ul \i New York Times} newspaper is a totally pro-Clinton & anti-Christian publication. (Note: The New York Times is the unofficial social, fashion, entertainment, political, & cultural guide of the U.S. Its influence & ideas reach into every stratum of American life. See the WNDex, page 199.)

Promises of the Machine Age Coming to Pass!
       22. This news item reminds me of the propaganda that used to be put out in the days when some prophets & predictors of the future began to warn that machines were going to replace men in the labour market, & that industrialisation, particularly automation, would create great unemployment. The advocates of the machines, on the other hand, predicted that it would not cause great unemployment, but it would cause less work for the workers & they wouldn't have to work as much or as long.--There would be shorter work days & shorter work weeks, not less employment. Well, so far it's meant less jobs & more people out of work!
       23. Now at last they're beginning to bring in the only possible solution, which was actually the prediction of the promoters of automation: They're cutting down on work days & the work week so that instead of having to work five or six days in a week, now people are only going to have to work 4 or 5 days a week. They'll still have work & a job by working less & having more free time. The glorious promises of the machine age--to cut down work days & give the worker more free time--are coming to pass.
       24. Instead of firing so many employees by the tens of thousands, a lot of big companies are just slowing down their production by shortening the work week, slowing down the amount of labour instead of cutting the number of labourers. And this of course is the only possible solution--to have the worker work less instead of not at all. Of course, this is going to require a sacrifice on the part of the worker. The so-called prophets didn't predict that the worker was going to have to sacrifice wages & that the shorter working hours were going to mean less money, but of course that's what it's come to.
       25. Instead of firing tens of thousands of workers, companies such as Volkswagen in Europe are simply going to cut down their working time & give them less pay. And most people would rather do that than get fired, because at least they'd still have some job. That's better than no job, & they won't have to work so long & so hard. One mother said, "I get to spend more time with my children."
       26. It's the only solution to the machine age in which machines have robbed millions of workers of employment--the solution being to just cut down the amount of work but not the number of workers. Having the workers simply work less time for less money creates a new kind of depression & ameliorates the Crash by keeping up employment & cutting down time & wages. (Maria: Everybody just learns to get a little poorer gradually, & that way they don't have such a terrible drastic Crash.) Right.
       27. Just slow down the crash! Everybody just sacrifice a little more for a little less. (Maria: It's much fairer that way, because otherwise you have the haves & the have-nots--the ones who still have fulltime jobs, & all the rest who don't have any jobs.) Yes, some with fulltime jobs & high pay, & the others with no job & no pay!
       28. This was one of the causes of the last Great Depression--overproduction. Industry was producing more products than unemployed workers were able to buy, so it was a vicious cycle. Industry fired workers & there were less jobs, less pay, less money. People couldn't buy the products, so the industry had to cut down the number of products as well as cut down the number of workers, & the spiral went down down down. No work, no buying, no producing, until it went way down & there were a tremendous amount of people out of work all around the World, terrible unemployment & almost starvation.
       29. Now they're going to try to solve it, & instead of firing millions of workers, they're going to keep them on but have them work less time for less money just to have something. It means a 20% cut in wages in Volkswagen in Germany, but it also means a big cut in working time. They only have to work four days a week instead of five or six. That way they can keep their jobs & they have some money instead of no job & no money!

Fallen Idol--O.J. Simpson!
       30. Former football star O.J. Simpson is accused of killing his ex-wife & stabbing her lover, a waiter, 17 times--but he hasn't fessed up & they haven't found the weapon yet. It was a horrible crime, & it just shows you how horrible the U.S. has gotten. Of course we don't know if he's guilty or not, but he had apparently warned his ex-wife that if she didn't quit seeing other men, he was going to kill her.--And you can imagine how someone, without the Lord, could just practically go wild with jealousy & get demon-possessed enough to commit murder.
       31. He's a fine looking fellow, & he's been a star in football & movies & always been a real "god" to the public, as you can tell by the way they're still worshipping him even though he's fallen. The sad thing about the World is that their gods are human--rock stars, football stars, movie stars. In the World, one day you're an idol worshipped like a god, & the next day you've fallen because of your clay feet--& his feet are worse than clay, they may be blood-soaked!
       32. He certainly is getting a lot more sympathy from the public than anybody else would've had! The U.S. public hardly has a bad word to say about him. They come out to his home & put up signs saying, "We love you, O.J.!" & all that sort of thing. It's amazing how they worship their idols, & even in his fall they still love & worship him & are loyal & faithful to him.
       33. Even the police handled him so carelessly at first that he got away when they went to arrest him, & that was a real embarrassment to the police. Imagine, he was running around Los Angeles, even after they'd found a lot of evidence to show he might have committed such a horrible crime! Whereas in our case, with no proof & no evidence & nothing but the accusations of our enemies, they put us in jail in some countries!--And kept us there, & our children!--Took our children away from us & put them in institutions! But because O.J. Simpson is a great star, they let him have liberty & freedom & let him go back to his house & everything else.
       34. They just won't believe that he did such a horrible thing!--And he might not have done it, of course. But that's what can happen when people get possessed of the Devil & lose their temper; they can do terrible things. Thank God we don't have to worry about that.
       35. I'm sorry some of these things aren't so pleasant to talk about, but we've got to know how bad the World is getting. Thank God their idols are falling! The Lord lets them fall so people will take their eyes off of Man. The trouble with this World is that people think they can do everything themselves & save themselves & lift themselves up by their own bootstraps. And they're going to really worship a man one of these days--they'll have to worship him or get killed--& that's the Antichrist!

Heavy Sentencing of Davidians!
       36. It's amazing to think that that judge could shed tears & cry over the death of those four U.S. agents who got killed in the Davidian situation, but not shed one tear over the 80 or 90 people they massacred! It shows the terrible condition of the Americans that they gave the Davidians such heavy sentences for trying to defend themselves. If that isn't something! It's like what they did to Jimmy Bakker, only worse! Jimmy Bakker did do some things that were wrong, it seems, but the Davidians were just trying to protect themselves.
       37. That judge in the Davidian case is a Federal judge appointed by the government & he had to do what the government wanted him to do, & he had to sock it to them to vindicate the government.
       38. (Note: In mid-June, Federal judge Walter Smith sentenced five Branch Davidians to the maximum 40 years in prison. Three other Davidians received sentences ranging from five to 20 years. The Davidians continued to claim their innocence & blamed the government for the 51-day siege. Smith said that mistakes by government officers were not questions before his court. One defense attorney, Douglas Tinker, made a parallel to Hitler's Germany, where the judges said they were "just following the law" as they sentenced people to die. Clive Doyle, a Davidian acquitted in February said, "We knew the way it was going to go before the trial." Koresh's mother said that the Davidians were "railroaded." "That judge & those people are going to have fire & brimstone raining down on their heads one day. They'll have to face God," she said.)

The World Is a Mess!
       39. The World is in such a mess! They're trying to make the best of a bad situation, but it's a hopeless case. I'll be surprised if the World lasts until the 1996 U.S. elections without some kind of giant disaster or calamity.


News Coverage of the Serb War!
       40. (6/94) Have you noticed how little news is being shown about the Serb War in Bosnia? They must have decided that people get too stirred up when they see those pictures of the war & the slaughter & want to stop them, & the ACs don't want to stop them.

Serb War--Broken Embargo!
       41. (6/94) The arms embargo has been broken to a certain extent & the Muslims are now getting arms into Bosnia so they can fight the Serbs. So they've got a lot better chance fighting the Serbs now & maybe driving them out of the country.
       42. The main advantage the Serbs had was that they had inherited all the forces & arms from the former state of Yugoslavia, therefore they overwhelmed the poor little Muslims who weren't allowed to import arms.
       43. There's been so much AC politics going on. They've been stalling everything, any kind of solution to stop the war. The only proposal the U.S. & Europe have agreed to is one that divides up Bosnia & gives half to the Serbs--which is rewarding the criminals & the invaders.
       44. Now the Bosnians are going to have a chance to fight back on more equal terms, & there is not a thing in the World that the U.N. can do about it. The Bosnians are breaking the embargoes by importing arms via Croatia, & the latest good news is that they are pushing the Serbs back. The Serbs are going to get a little bit of their own medicine!
       45. The Russians are warning that this could start World War 3 because everybody is going to jump in on the side of their friends. For example, Germany wants to help Bosnia & Croatia & Slovenia. They recognised them right away & they were wanting to help them in some way, but the UN forbade them. And the Russians have generally backed the Serbs.
       46. Something Clinton wanted to do a long time ago was to bomb the daylights out of the Serbs with American planes, but not send American ground troops.--And he could have done it & he would have if the UN & his allies hadn't said no. But now it looks like the Bosnians are going to have to save themselves, because the rest of the World wouldn't do anything for them. (Maria: The rest of the West wouldn't do anything for them, so now they're having to call on the Muslims.) Yes! Saudi Arabia is paying for arms & Iran is sending in its Revolutionary Guards, terrorist teams!
       47. So this is why our man on the warfront has said it looks like the war is going to get hotter. (Maria: Yes, the warring parties wouldn't want all those nice new weapons to just be wasted that they went to such trouble to get in!) And now they're getting soldiers in to use them.
       48. The Serbs are refusing to sign the peace treaty because it doesn't give them the 70% of Bosnia that they conquered. They want the whole thing! They want their cake & to eat it, too!
       49. Bless those poor people in Bosnia, Lord, have mercy on them. You had mercy on them, but they still need more. Help their suffering to turn them to Thee. And bless our Family Members who went in there. Bless & keep them & make them a blessing.

Russia & Poland's Organised Crime!
       50. Russia & Poland have all kinds of organised crime & gangs operating. That's what happens when you take away strong leadership.


King Hussein of Jordan
       51. I'm reading a book about King Hussein of Jordan. I figured since we're admirers of his & are praying for him, I should know more about him. I'm learning lots of things about kings & how they operate. One of the biggest dangers he had was with traitors & betrayers & people who were disloyal--although most of the people were very loyal. He did have a few enemies who wanted to steal his throne, but he was very wise, very patient, & very merciful. He forgave them & won their hearts.
       52. By great mercy & I'm sure the Lord, King Hussein was able to overcome all his enemies. He had a wife & four children at that time. His first wife was older than he & had a better education. I think she even sided with some of the plotters, & he finally divorced her. They didn't get along very well. This present wife, American-born Queen Noor, is his fourth wife & he's had four children by her too.
       53. I feel that King Hussein is a man of great integrity & righteousness, & a just & merciful & compassionate ruler--one of the World's truly great leaders of today--great in God's eyes & according to God's standards.

Jewish Settlement in Jericho!
       54. It's ridiculous that the Israelis are continuing to allow a Jewish settlement in Jericho, which just became Palestinian territory! It's nothing but a challenge to the possibility of ever fully returning any land to the Palestinians. The first Jewish settlements in the Occupied Territories were one of Menachem Begin's tricks, & now there are dozens of them. In Jericho they've got 3,000 Israeli soldiers protecting a settlement of 300 Jews on Palestinian soil. So you know that's going to be a sore spot!--Especially because these settlers are crazy, hard-line religious fanatics, many of them American Jews. At least the Palestinians have a foothold in their own country at last!

Where Are the Friends of the Palestinians?
       55. It must be terribly disappointing for Arafat now that he's gotten a little of his land back & made peace with Israel, & yet all the promises of support that he was supposed to have gotten from his friends have fallen through.--Including the millions that he's supposed to get from the U.S. Of course, I knew he would never get anything from the Jews, or the Jewish U.S. I was expecting this very thing, that if they couldn't keep them out they'd try to starve them out. The Palestinians can't pay their police, their teachers, their doctors, workers or anything! So how are they supposed to run a country without any money? It's pitiful!
       56. The U.S. is giving billions of Dollars to Israel every year, but they're hardly willing to give anything to poor little pitiful struggling Palestine. They figure if they don't let them get any money they're bound to go broke & collapse. You'd think the Arab countries would at least give them some money. Some of those countries are very rich, like Saudi Arabia, whom the U.S. saved from destruction. Now why don't they give to poor Arafat & his poor Palestinians?
       57. It seems like about the only friends the Palestinians had were Jordan & Iraq, & the U.S. ACs destroyed Iraq & they almost destroyed Jordan. It's pitiful! It seems like now that they've finally got a little land back that their friends would help them, but where are they? Egypt has been training their police & helping a little, but it's very little. Where are the friends of the Palestinians? Godahfi was a good friend, I hope he's helping them. (Maria: There are a lot of Arabs that despise Arafat for making peace with Israel, & I think he's one of them.)
       58. Arafat finally made a little peace & got back a little land for the poor Palestinians, & now the rest of the Arabs won't even support him because they want him to remain at war with Israel! They haven't done anything to conquer Israel, so he had to finally make peace with them. He waited for years for them to help him take back Palestine from the Israelis, but they never did. So he finally just made peace with the Israelis to at least get back some land for his Palestinians. Now even his friends won't support him.
       59. The Arabs are sadly unreliable, as the man who wrote the book on King Hussein brings out. They can't even rely on each other. It's a miracle King Hussein ever survived. He had both Egypt & Syria against him, & then the U.S. destroyed Iraq, virtually the only country that was for him & trying to help him. Boy, the crimes the U.S. is going to have to pay for in the judgements of God! They destroyed that poor little country of Iraq just to save two very rich little countries for their oil. They destroyed scores of Christian churches & thousands of Christians in Iraq, as well as tens of thousands of Muslims. The Devil is not fair & his people are not fair, that's for sure. Just watch & see if they're not going to try to starve out poor Arafat.
       60. The way Arafat opens his eyes & glares at people, poor fellow, it makes him look like a madman.--And I guess he is mad, very angry at the way people have failed him. He as good as said the only one who has kept his promises is the leader of Israel, Prime Minister Rabin. That makes at least some of the Jews look good, like they're the ones that kept their promises, but his friends didn't. Poor Arafat & the poor Palestinians!
       61. (Prays:) Well, Lord, You'll have to help them. You love them, now help them, somehow. Thank You Lord! Encourage Arafat & protect him. He stayed true to his people & has done everything he can for them, made peace for them & got them back at least some of their homeland, & now he needs money to run it. Raise up supporters, Lord, & protect him. Help him to make it work.
       62. Some of the Jews are doing everything they can to defeat him, even threatening to kill him. Now they're no doubt trying to starve him out, but You can help him, Lord. You can raise up helpers. At least he got a little land & got a start, which is more than all the other Arab countries put together got with all their threats of war. At least Arafat's offer of peace got something, & now he needs support, he needs money. So help him, Lord. You could help him somehow if he's the right man for the job, & he sure has worked hard to get it. Now he's got a little of his country back, & even though Rabin has kept his promises, all the other Arab leaders that ought to be supporting him are not.
       63. It's going to take a miracle to keep him alive, & will take a miracle to keep that little bit of Palestine alive. But if You want it to stay alive, You'll do it. Lord, we believe he deserves it & the Palestinians deserve it, many of whom are Christians. Please give those people a break & help them. Little is much if God is in it, so we leave it in Your hands. Thank You Jesus!


Nice, Clean, Crime-Free Singapore!
       64. In many ways I liked Singapore!--It was nice & clean & had no crime. Singapore is prospering like mad & booming, so God must be blessing them.
       65. Thank God they thrashed that American kid, Michael Fay--they just didn't thrash him quite hard enough! The U.S. made a hero out of him, but he knows what a rotter he was, as well as the guys who were running around vandalising things with him. They got their full measure of jail, a fine & a caning, but it shows you how the rich can buy their kids off. Fay's Jewish father even got the President of the United States to try to get him off the hook. Boy oh boy, money talks & he was obviously a typically spoiled rich kid.
       66. I'll admit Singapore is a police state, but it's a good police state. Lee Kuan Yew was a good dictator & that's why the Lord let him run things for over 30 years. He was virtually the dictator of Singapore & they prospered under him. Under him, they built huge urban housing projects so everybody can have their own apartment & good housing.
       67. Singapore is just one little island off the Southern tip of Malaysia. A lot of the people who work in dirty jobs & tough jobs & service jobs come across a little bridge by the thousands every morning from Malaysia & go back home there at night. And even with all those people coming in, there's still hardly any crime.
       68. Even chewing gum is forbidden in Singapore! When I heard that, I knew I was hooked on Singapore, because I hate chewing gum! I think it's one of the most sickening habits anybody can have! When people are done with it, they usually stick it under the table. Have you ever tried moving a table in a restaurant and discovering there's all this gum underneath it? Ugh! Go into any U.S. restaurant & you'll find it's just loaded with chewing gum underneath the tables. It's a filthy habit!--Terrible! So a few years ago Singapore passed a law that you couldn't have chewing gum in your possession or sell it!
       69. And another good law they have is the one about flushing toilets. You've gone into a lot of public toilets, & haven't you usually found them to be one stinking hell of a mess? Well, they're clean in Singapore, & they've got a monitor right there checking to make sure you flush your toilet, & they'll actually fine you if you don't! They're really tough & clean & flush the toilets & don't allow chewing gum & they whipped that big spoiled brat!
       70. (Note: In Singapore, such severe crimes as murder or dealing in drugs bring the death penalty, and no social activity is too minor for government concern. Tipping, jaywalking, littering & discourtesy are officially denounced. The sale of chewing gum was banned two years ago because the government said gum wads were jamming subway doors. Singaporeans are also fined up to S$1,000 [EDITED: "US$600"] for spitting, smoking in indoor public places & not flushing public toilets. Since February, when it began enforcing a new law aimed at keeping the country clean, the government has ordered 126 litterbugs to don neon green vests & clean rubbish under supervision for up to three hours at beaches, parks & housing estates. Those litterbugs who fail to perform the compulsory community service face a fine of up to S$5,000 [EDITED: "US$3,000"] or a jail term of up to two months.)

Warmongering Americans!
       71. When polled by the media in the U.S.A., guess what percentage said they thought it was worth Clinton going to war in Korea?--51%! Another question was how many thought that Clinton was right about the way he was handling it--51% again. It wasn't much more than that that got Bush to go to war in the Gulf, & they figured that would be just a small war.

China's Future
       72. My, what is God's future for China? It's going to be a big job in the Millennium!

Trade Agreements with China!
       73. I told you Dollar diplomacy would win & Clinton would give China that "most favored nation" trading status. The commercial interests just don't want to face the fact that there's such horrible human rights abuse in China. They refuse to believe the facts, because refusal to believe the facts makes money.

Southern China the Most Christian!
       74. Mandarin is the language spoken by the rulers of China in the North, & those who were the most bitter against Christians, the most anti-Christian. They are the government. Whereas the South, Canton & the area around there, has long been notoriously Christian. Cantonese was the language my Grandmother learned, & she established her Cantonese mission in St. Louis. The Chinese in the South have long been the most friendly to Christians & the West. The missionaries there long ago warned that the tall strong Mandarin-speaking Northerners were going to take over, which they did under the Communists. Taiwan is also in the South & has many Christians--has ever since Chiang Kai Shek & his followers fled there in 1949.

MacArthur & Japan!
       75. MacArthur was a great man--too great for the U.S. The Communists would have never won anything if the U.S. had let MacArthur have his way, because he knew he was right & knew what he was doing. He only knew how to win wars; he didn't know how to lose them. But the politicians forced him to lose the Korean war, & that's why they have a divided Korea today.--And that's why they have a Communist China, & that's why they had a Cold War with Russia for over 40 years.--Because the U.S. wouldn't let MacArthur lick China & they wouldn't let Patton lick Russia. So they had to fight & haggle with Russia for decades & they don't know yet just what's going to happen.
       76. We know what it says in the Bible, but just exactly how it will happen & who it will be, we have yet to see. But if Russia rises again, that will certainly mean the coming of the Antichrist. And if China remains strong, that'll mean there will still be half the World Communist between Russia & China--big enough to back up the Antichrist.
       77. That was one of the saddest days of my life when I heard MacArthur was fired by Truman. He could beat every force & every enemy & win every war--except the politicians. He was not a politician, he only knew how to fight. Politicians compromise & haggle & surrender & do all kinds of things that he didn't know how to do.
       78. He was probably the greatest military leader the U.S. has ever known, & it's mainly due to him that Japan has become such a great nation today without war. With their commercialism & ingenuity to invent & manufacture things, they have won supremacy in the World without war. He helped make Japan into one of the most powerful nations on Earth commercially--not militarily--& he gave it freedom & a good constitution. He made Japan what it is today, a great nation, probably the greatest nation on Earth, without being a superpower like the U.S., & with some of what I think are the greatest people on Earth. The Japanese are good people & clean & smart & have very little crime. You can walk the streets of Japan at night in safety, which you can't do in the damned U.S.A.
       79. Japan is a good country with strict discipline & hard-working people--& they have received us. We have enemies, but the Lord has won the victory & we're still carrying on! It's a wonderful country! But they're tough about immigration, & you can't blame them or they'd have a mob of rats & rascals like the U.S. has. Japan has become great without war, & has defeated the great Capitalist nations on their own playing field--manufacturing & commerce.
       80. Just think of it, there are now only about 98 Yen per Dollar! The Yen has become a stronger currency than the Dollar. That ought to be enough to humble the U.S.A. But you don't hear a word of humility from the U.S. about the fall of the Dollar. I predicted that a long time ago & it's happening now--the diving Dollar & the rising Yen.
       81. I believe God has blessed Japan because of its righteousness, its goodness, cleanliness, crimelessness, tough educational system & strong discipline. It's probably the most righteous nation on the face of the Earth, even though it's not Christian, & they owe most of that to MacArthur. He liberated the Japanese from their enemies, & especially their enemies within, & made it a free & democratic country.
       82. Japan is a hard-working, efficient country which has outdone, outmanufactured & outsold all the rest of the Capitalist countries, & today they're the richest, strongest, most powerful economically of any nation on Earth.--Whereas both the U.S. & Britain & possibly even the rest of Europe are going down the drain economically.
       83. The U.S. has never confessed that, & neither has Europe, but they have to face it every time they have one of those economic conferences, like the one they held in Naples not long ago. They're scared to death & trying to figure out how to stop the fall of the Dollar. Clinton is saying nothing but encouraging words, "Don't worry, the Dollar won't fall. The U.S. won't fall. No, no, there'll be no crash, no fall." Ha! Jes' wait 'til they shakes their heads!
       84. What made Japan great was MacArthur. It's too bad he couldn't have done the same for his own country.--But his own country wouldn't have him & the politicians were jealous of him & literally had him fired.--One of the greatest tragedies the U.S. ever suffered. I told people then that when they put MacArthur out, the U.S. was definitely doomed, because he was about the only real righteous leader they had. He would've run the U.S. like he ran Japan, if they'd have let him. He also saved the Philippines, but ugh, there are so many crooks in the Philippines! They claim to be a free country, but the Family found out they only let you be free so far & then we had to run. We found out it was Cardinal Sinful Pig who really runs the country.
       85. But MacArthur was probably one of the greatest men this World has ever known, certainly the greatest one the U.S. has ever known, or Japan has ever known, or even the Philippines has ever known. He literally saved the whole Orient & he even saved the Japanese from themselves. So he was a great man. Praise the Lord! He won every battle & conquered every foe except the American politicians. I still think he's the greatest. He's one of my ideals!
       86. God bless you, General! He's there at God's right hand still helping to direct the greatest battle that's going on in the World today, & that's between the Lord & the Devil, between true Christians & their enemies. No one's going to stop him now but God, & the Lord is probably letting him help us in our spiritual warfare. Thank the Lord! He's one of our generals, he's one of our leaders, helping & directing things from Heaven! (See ML #2200 & 2203, Vol.17.)

Benazir Bhutto
       87. We prayed for Benazir Bhutto & she got back in as Prime Minister of Pakistan.


Sports Linked to Violence
       88. They have fights on the field, fans who become fanatics, athletes accused of robbing people, etc. Sports are always linked to violence, on as well as off the field. Aggression in the games bleeds over into their lives in general.

Crime Prevention Tips!
       89. Some people in the United States are beginning to learn their lesson & not just open their front door to anybody that knocks. We were watching an old movie last night from way back in the '30s or '40s, & in those days nobody asked who was outside when they went to the door! It was just not the common custom. You figured that anybody knocking at your door of course must be a friend or a neighbour or a relative, & you just opened the door!
       90. But nowadays you'd better have several locks on the door & a peephole & make sure you find out who's out there before you open it! If you have a peephole you can find out who's out there without the embarrassment of having to yell through the door. And if you don't see anybody you know who should be there, then you can yell & ask them who they are & what they want. Don't open the door till you're sure it's safe.--In which case you also need a door chain so you don't have to open the door all the way. Because even if you open the door after looking through the peephole & their answer seems to be all right, the chain is another deterrent to keep intruders from just pushing open the door like criminals often do.
       91. Some people are so dumb they don't realise how bad things are getting! Two gunmen knocked at the door of a palatial home, & the young lady of the house just threw open the door & was faced with two pistols. They tied her & her husband up, got all their money & took off.
       92. Many places have a crime wave going on now, so you'd better be careful when you go out. If you're out at night, you'd better stick to nice, well-lit sections of town.--And don't go down to the poor neighbourhoods, because the poor are just naturally the ones who usually do the robbing, etc. I heard about one elderly couple out for an evening walk who were knocked down & beaten & left almost to die right on the sidewalk, till a passing motorist found them. I don't know whether they resisted the men who attacked them or not, but for goodness sake, if anybody ever holds you up or asks you for money, just give it to them, don't resist!
       93. I used to advise our girls not to resist in cases of rape, but to just give in & then they probably won't hurt you. If you even pretend you like it, they may hope to keep you for a girlfriend & not harm you. Most importantly, try not to get caught in situations where it's easy for such things to happen. The hotel policeman in Tenerife tried to rape Mama when they were alone on the elevator late at night. He was in the process of trying to when they got to her floor & the door opened & she ran to the room.
       94. Don't look too rich, & don't go out after dark looking rich. Watch out where you go, especially at night; but more & more, robberies are happening in broad daylight. If people are desperate enough & need money bad enough, which some do, they'll rob for it openly.
       95. That was about the dumbest thing that girl could've done, open that door without finding out ahead of time who was out there, but it's happened time & again.--And of all things, in America, the so-called "land of the free"! Well, it's also free for criminals, just like every other country. I've warned you before about foolishly opening the door without asking & checking who is there. Good security has been our policy for years, wherever we've been, & I've often advised that it pays to have a peephole & a chain. (See MLs #1267:21-24 & 2244:121-144.) Like the old saying, "It's better to have it & not need it, than need it & not have it." Praise the Lord!
       96. The Lord said "evil men & seducers would wax worse & worse."--2Tim.3:13.--And they're the worst in the one country that is supposed to be the greatest, the most Christian, the freest, the best, & blah blah. And now it's gotten to be the most wicked & most crime-ridden country of any in the World! No other country has as much crime & daily killings & shoot-outs & all kinds of crazy things happening as the U.S. Irrational people just get mad & walk in with a gun & mow down everybody in the office or the pizza place, or just drive around shooting people for the fun of it.--Completely insane!
       97. They took God & the Bible out of the schools & took the rules away. If you've got no God, you've got no Ruler & you've got no rules; so they're without values, they're without knowledge of the Truth. Their parents & public officials have rejected the knowledge of the Truth for them, so it's not really the poor kids' fault. And now God is sending them strong delusion--& the Antichrist will be the greatest delusion of all. And many will believe him, that they might be damned.--2Th.2:10-12.
       98. The World will think he's great & that he's got the solutions to all the problems. Wicked people deserve a wicked ruler. Evil people get an evil king because that's what they need, & they have to have strict rules & a tough dictator. That's what they're saying about Russia now, that at least under Communism they didn't have so much crime because they had tough dictatorship & secret police. Now because there's so much freedom, they've also got freedom to commit iniquity, & criminals are running wild in Russia. They didn't have anything like that under Stalin--the people were afraid to do anything wrong--but now they feel free to do anything.
       99. In the average American city today there are kids who have probably never even heard about God or Jesus or the Ten Commandments! And the ACs are fighting even putting the Ten Commandments up on the wall of the Justice Building in some places! They don't want any rules, they think that's an intrusion of the church into the state. That was not the idea of the fellows who originated the Constitution, to separate church & state in that sense. The ACs always use the first part of that quote that says the government is not to make any laws for the institution of any religion. But it goes on to say, the part they don't quote, "Nor prohibit the free exercise thereof."
       100. And now they're even making laws against their own Bill of Rights. The right of the people to carry arms is the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Founding Fathers knew what had happened in countries where they were kept like slaves & not allowed arms, so they gave Americans absolute freedom to bear arms.--And the criminals have the same right, of course, which is why they're trying to clamp down on this freedom a little.
       101. I agree with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, that people need the right to bear their own weapons for self-protection. But some people carry that to the extreme, even some religious groups. But I believe if we had to, if somebody broke in the door, that we would try to protect ourselves. That's one reason we usually have bats or clubs of some sort standing near our doors. Of course, I don't know how much good they'd do. I'd sooner trust the Lord than put our trust in horses or chariots. (Psa. 20:7.) It's still better to trust the Lord, & that's why we always pray. Praise the Lord? Well, these little things come to mind & I think it's good to remind you of them, & I think it's a good safety precaution to have a peephole & a chain.

Freemasons & the Antichrist!
       102. One of our boys, David Gypsy, recently wrote me a very interesting letter about the origin of the Freemasons. He said there are three different kinds of Masons. One is the Scottish Rite, which is the one my Grandfather was a member of. It only has 33 degrees & the 33rd level is all the leaders. He got up to 32nd degree Mason & used to have the ring, knew the handshake & even tried it out on me. They call themselves Freemasons, & what they mean is they're supposedly free from the Catholic Church. And that's one reason my Grandfather joined, I'm sorry to say, because he was a real fighter against the Catholic Church. They were pretty antagonistic in his day & even tried to kill him.
       103. I always thought the Freemasons were not too bad if my Grandfather was one, but boy oh boy, this study that David Gypsy did shows how Satanic some Masons are. He said he'd always been wondering how in the world the Antichrist could come out of both Russia & Memphis, Egypt. Then he discovered that everything about the Memphis Rite is related to Satanic worship & the worship of a coming dictator, & the headquarters of that religion--which is what it is--was in the Memphis, Egypt area. And although the whole city has vanished & there's nothing but a little tourist village there, it's still greatly revered by Egyptians--especially by members of the Memphis Rite Masons.
       104. So David Gypsy said in his letter, "Could it be that this is the significance of Grandmother's prophecy, 'Turn your eyes toward Memphis, for out of it shall come the great confusion'? Could it be that the 'author of confusion' is the leader of Masonry in general, & of the Memphis Rite of Masonry in particular?" And that really clicked with me, because it is the worst of the organisations of the ACs whose various ceremonies literally worship Satan & look forward to having a man, this false god, who will lead them, & are working toward a World government. That group is absolutely anti-Christian & it is mostly for the ACs. So God bless dear David Gypsy for writing me about this. I sure get a lot of interesting mail!

The Anti-Christ A.C.L.U.!
       105. The A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberties Union) are aggressive! Fiendish! (Maria: They can't file lawsuits themselves against high schools they consider too religious, so they have to find a student who will be willing to sue the high school for a picture of Jesus or for a prayer that somebody said or for a teacher who put a Bible on their desk. They're going on an all-out attack in the high schools to do that. I keep hearing one thing after the other about it.) Of course! It's an AC organisation.
       106. I phoned them up once when we were in Huntington Beach. They were supposed to be advocating civil liberties, & since the educational system was persecuting us, I asked them if they could help. They said, "Well, we don't get involved in those situations." (Maria: I guess they've done good in certain cases.) Very little. They usually only have one ideal, & that's the destruction of religion!

No Stability Without the Lord!
       107. If you throw God & the Bible out, you won't have any stability.--All you'll have is barbarism & chaos & ugliness. Man is trying to show how self-righteous he can be, but he's failing. (Prays:) You made such a beautiful wonderful World, Lord, but Man has made such a mess out of it. The Devil's doing everything he can to destroy it, but You'll stop it one of these days. Thank You for revealing Yourself to us through Your Words!

We're Dangerous to the Devil's Work!
       108. What makes a group "dangerous" is how dangerous they are to the Devil's plans, to his work, to his people. That's why they consider us so dangerous. (Maria: And that's why nobody says a word about the Lubavitcher Jews, for example.) It has nothing to do with weirdness or inconsistency or isolationism or spanking or sex or anything. It's how dangerous you are to the Devil's work & how much of a threat you are to his kingdom. That's what counts!
       109. The Truth is what's dangerous! They don't attack the Devil's people or his lies, no matter how crazy they are or how wicked.--Unless they can use their attack in some way to hurt God's people. They just hate the Truth. Help our folks to just stick to the Truth! As Jesus said, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me."--Jn.12:32. It's the lifting up of Jesus that draws the real sheep--& draws fire from the Devil! (Praise the Lord! God bless you! Keep it up! We love you!--D.)

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