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LIBBY'S HOMEGOING!--And a Lesson in Love & Call to Compassion!       Maria #226       DO 2936       9/94
--By Maria

       (Liberty [EDITED: "Libby"] was one of our first Eastern European disciples, who faithfully served the Lord with the Family for the past 20 years. Libby was born & raised in Yugoslavia, & at the age of 12 moved to Holland. At the age of 20 she dedicated her life to Jesus. She always expressed a deep love & concern to reach the people of Eastern Europe & Yugoslavia with the Gospel. She worked in Yugoslavia & other parts of Eastern Europe, as well as parts of the former Soviet Union.
       (On September 7, the Lord took her Home to be with Him. She had fallen ill with a prolonged migraine headache, accompanied by some periods of incoherence & personality changes. During this time she was under the care of a doctor, who she saw more than once in his office & also in a visit to her Home. However, upon the first visits, the doctor was not alarmed & dismissed her ailment as nothing serious. Two days before her death she again visited him, at which time he realised she was seriously ill & ordered blood tests & x-rays. The problem was later diagnosed as a brain haemorrhage, although the test results had not arrived by the time she died. She was found dead by her Home's members early one morning. We know she is now delivered from all her suffering, & has gone on to a glorious reward for her faithfulness to Jesus. Following is Mama's response to the news of Libby's graduation.)

       1. When I heard about Libby's Homegoing, I didn't cry; I was so glad to know that she was freed from the pain & weights of this World, & was now so happy in her wonderful Heavenly Home. But do you know when I did cry?--When I heard she had died alone & lonely & in pain, feeling misunderstood & misjudged. I felt so sad when I heard how our folks, as well meaning as they were, hadn't had compassion on her when she was sick, but instead belittled what she was going through & sort of chided her for being so weak, & had a rather self-righteous attitude toward her.--And then she died.
       2. I suppose that's a lesson that those folks there will never forget. They said they were influenced by the doctor's diagnosis, where he generally took the attitude that there was nothing seriously wrong with her & that she should just get out of bed & start working & not let it become such a big deal. In the report we received from the local Family about Libby's death they said, "It was the doctor who originally misdiagnosed her, & was actually quite hard on her in his assessment of her state of mind, feeling that she was more or less imagining her ailments. He told her to go back home & get up & about."
       3. You know, I'd rather err on the side of being too lenient with people & even letting them get away with things than to be too hard on them & too critical & too self-righteous, possibly accusing them falsely & making the very difficult time they are already going through even harder by my criticism & my accusations that they are not doing enough or they are not working hard enough or they are not fighting hard enough.
       4. This message about Libby says: "I think we all got somewhat duped by the doctor's diagnosis that it was just a 'normal migraine headache' that she had to put up a little fight against in order to pull out of." I wonder if those who felt this way have ever experienced a so-called "normal migraine headache," let alone an abnormal migraine headache?
       5. I'll tell you, dear folks, when someone tells us they are sick, or starts acting that way, we'd better take it seriously. If you later find out they weren't sick after all & they were just using this as an excuse for getting out of something, that's their problem & the Lord will teach them their lessons in whatever loving way He knows is best. But at least you will have shown them love & consideration & compassion, even if they didn't deserve it. Isn't that what God does with us on a daily basis?--Continually showing unmerited mercy & Love toward each of us, His undeserving & often wayward children. If every time we tried to get around the "rules" or tried to avoid doing His Will He slapped us flat on our backs & lambasted & berated us for our failures, we couldn't have stood it. If God had thrown the whole weight of the law at us when we broke it, we wouldn't be around today.
       6. Don't you believe what God's Word says?--That Love is the most important thing? If we have learned to pray, if we have learned to witness, if we have learned to organise a Home, but we have not learned to have Love, it is a shame & a reproach to us!
       7. Don't worry about Libby now!--Everything is wonderful for her! Praise the Lord! The Lord took her quickly & the excruciating physical pain that she felt is all gone now, & her "light affliction which was but for a moment" is forgotten & erased by the most beautiful experience imaginable, as she has inherited a "far more exceeding & eternal weight of glory."--2Cor.4:17. And the equally great pain that she felt at being misunderstood & misjudged by those of her Family, who should have been weeping with her, sleeping with her, waking with her & helping to bear her burdens with understanding & compassion is also all gone & forgiven & forgotten in the joy that she feels at being with Jesus in her Heavenly Home. She doesn't want to make her loved ones feel badly, but she hopes that through her experience, others can be spared unjust criticism, misunderstanding & misinterpretation.
       8. I don't think those who knew about Libby's situation in her last days need this chiding, I think they have already learned their lesson.--And Jesus--& Libby--have forgiven them.
       9. But what about you? How often do you critically & self-righteously point a finger of condemnation at someone without knowing all the facts, or without stopping to "put yourself in their place," or "walk a mile in their shoes"? What if you knew that tomorrow would be their last day on Earth & they would leave this life with your condemning words ringing in their ears? You'd do all you could to be good to them, wouldn't you? Or what if you knew that tomorrow would be their last day in the Family & they'd leave with your unloving behaviour etched vividly in their minds? You wouldn't let that happen, would you? In both cases, your unloving attitude would be just as stinging & hurtful--except that the effects of the one would have lasted for only a short time until the Lord wipes all the tears away!--While the effects of the other would remain to haunt them, the memory of how their loved ones failed them when they needed their support the most. Only God knows how responsible you may have been & how great an influence your unloving attitudes had on their leaving the Lord's Work.
       10. This lesson is not for any of our folks who made mistakes in their attitude toward Libby, they don't need this. I'm sure they have learned their lesson, they have been forgiven, & for their sakes, I wish I didn't have to bring it up. I feel very bad having to add to their sorrow by this public highlighting of this situation. I love these dear ones & I would not want to do anything to hurt them.
       11. However, in order to teach all of you others a lesson, & to perhaps save you from having to learn it by your own sad experience, we are allowing you to learn through the sad experiences of these. Therefore, "throwing stones" should be the last thing you do, & pointing the finger of condemnation should be the furthest thing from your mind. Instead, you should thank these folks for learning this lesson so that you may learn it, too. And you should pray for any who misjudged Libby--that they will be freed from their pain & their condemnation, & that out of this breaking & the ashes of failure, the beautiful lilies will grow, & they will be strengthened to serve in love & newness of life.
       12. Pray also for yourselves who have often been just as guilty, but without seeing so clearly the fruit. Weep for your lack of love, often displayed in criticism, impatience, condemnation, coldness, lack of understanding or selfishness. Pray that God will forgive us & heal our land!--And that Libby will not have died in vain.--And that these precious ones will not have suffered needlessly by this public sample.
       13. And lest you self-righteously point the finger at these folks in disapproval, thinking, "How could they be that way?" think of the times you've been less than loving yourself! Think of the times you've been harsh with people, unjustly accused them, criticised them, bawled them out & left them in a pool of tears. Would you have acted differently if you had known that they would not be with you the next day? And how about those you treated with a lack of concern & lack of understanding, those who did die the next day?--Died in hope, died in faith & left our fellowship because they felt that Love was gone.
       14. We hate to think of these things, dear ones, it hurts a lot, but perhaps if we are reminded, we won't let it happen again. If we can learn from our mistakes, hopefully we won't repeat them.
       15. So I want to ask you, will you commit yourself right now to make a sincere & wholehearted effort to love others as Jesus has loved you, to love them because "the love of Christ constraineth you" (2Cor.5:14), to let Jesus shine through you to show each member of your Family His compassion & His concern & His understanding that they so desperately need for the big job that they have to do?
       16. Will you make it your prayer daily to say, "Jesus, please help me to have Love today for those I work with, for those I teach, for those I talk to. If I don't accomplish another thing today, help me to have shown Love to each person I encounter--a hug & touch for those who need affection; compassion for those who need to know I understand; patience for those who are confused & doubting; wisdom for those who need to share their heart but don't know how; tolerance with those who seem not to be trying hard enough; prayer for those who are burdened; loving care & understanding for those who are sick; a helping hand to those who are struggling with some task."
       17. And one more thing: If you can't figure out what someone's problem is, & you are tempted to criticise or harshly judge them for their physical, emotional or spiritual problems--or whatever kind of problems they may be--don't lean to your own understanding. You young people, talk to & pray with your Shepherds about it. You Teamworks, ask the Lord about it. Everyone, please try to have the Lord's merciful point of view & understanding of the problem. You have a great God Who loves & cares & delights in answering your questions. Ask Him to show you what the real problem is & its solution, & He will!
       18. I received a report one time about someone who was seriously ill. I told the writer of the report, "Don't wait until she dies, ask the Lord for specific words for her now. Why learn about the situation after the fact? Let's give her 'roses' now while she is still alive. Give her God's instruction now while she can do something about it. Give her His comfort & encouragement that can be His healing touch." And they did ask the Lord!--And they learned a lot when He spoke!--And one of the most important things He said was to love. To love that weaker member, to care for her. To spend time with her, to help her. "Now abideth faith, hope & love, these three. But the greatest of these is Love."--1Cor.13:13.
       19. If you want to know what Dad's & my greatest wish for each of you would be, it would be that you all have fervent love one for another, that you love one another as Jesus has loved you. By this shall all men know that you are His disciples, if you have love one to another--love not for an hour nor just for a day, but always.--Love that never stops, love that never lets go, love that holds on. Love that pulls others through, carries over, looks beyond. Love that bears, that carries, that heals. Love that never runs out, that knows no boundaries.
       20. Will you commit yourself to praying daily for Jesus to fill you with His Love today so that you can pour His healing balm upon all you meet & do unto others as you would want them to do unto you?--That, in place of misunderstanding & self-righteousness, a critical spirit, an insensitive attitude, a selfish outlook, a murmuring spirit, a belittling & disrespectful air, a harsh judgemental viewpoint, & unprayerful opinion, He will give you His mind & His heart, which are loving, caring, compassionate, understanding, concerned, giving, sacrificing, full of faith, wanting to see others happy.
       21. Jesus said, "I came to seek & save that which is lost ... even as My Father hath sent Me, so send I you."--Luk.19:10; Jn.20:21.
       22. The little sheep that is lost in the brambles may be any one of your brothers & sisters, any one of your Family who may be lost in discouragement, lost in confusion, lost in condemnation, lost in doubts, lost in weariness, lost in pain.
       23. Can you not take up Jesus' commission to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils?--Heal the sick in body & spirit by your loving words, cast out the devils of doubt & condemnation through your understanding love, raise the dead whose hope has died by expressing faith & confidence in them. Cleanse the "lepers" who feel unclean, undeserving, unrecognised, unwhole, by your unconditional love & acceptance. "Freely ye have received, freely give."--Mat.10:8.
       24. Remember the old proverb, which is just as true as always, "Love begins at home."
       25. There are so many right there in your Home who need your love right now. Tomorrow may be too late. Please don't fail them!

       26. P.S. After I wrote the above, I received the following prophecies from the Family in Europe, which I thought appropriate to include here. I hope each of you will try to apply these words of wisdom & instruction to your own life, not trying to see how it fits somebody else, but asking the Lord what lessons He has in it for you.



       Prophecies Received by Local Leadership, and Lessons Learned
       1. He was with her in the quiet of the night. He was with her in the loneliness of the fight. For He is the Man who went about everywhere healing all manner of sickness & all manner of disease. And many brought unto Him their lame & their halt & their sick, & He healed them all. As many as touched Him were made perfectly whole. He gave an example for all to see, that the job of a Shepherd is also to visit the sick. For when they were sick He visited them. And did He not say unto you, "When I was sick ye visited Me, when I was hungry ye fed Me, when I was naked ye clothed Me"? For this is the Shepherd who passed through the Earth, the Shepherd who cared for the sick & the lame & the halt & the blind & had compassion on the multitude & rested not.
* * *
       2. The Lord gave me the song, "Love your brothers while they're still around." We used to put our arms around each other & look at each other & pay attention to who sat beside us. I know I need to have a lot more love for other people. Shepherding can become like a job with all of its organising & counselling; but just to love people is the most important thing. When I was visiting the Home that Libby was in, I didn't know she was sick. When she opened the door & asked if someone could get something for her, I asked the Teamwork what was wrong with her & they said she'd had a migraine headache for about a week. But I didn't go in to see her or talk to her. I feel I'm becoming more & more of a "herder" than a Shepherd.
* * *
       3. I got the verse from the Letter "Stand in the Gap": "And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, & stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it!"--Eze.22:30. Maybe the Lord took her home to help in the Spirit because of the problems & battles in England & in Europe.
* * *
       4. I saw a picture of Libby standing in a uniform like a Valkyrie queen with wings on her hat & on her shoulders & on her breastplate. She had a very tall spear & she was standing in the gap. I felt that there are so many people in our Homes who need care, & that the Lord was taking Libby in order to help us have more care & love so that no one would have to be alone going through a battle like that again. Then I got, "Love thy neighbour as thyself."--Mat. 22:39.
       5. I also saw a vision of Florence Nightingale carrying a lamp around to every bed, & she'd read the Scriptures to everyone as she sat beside them. As they passed away she was reading them Scriptures. I felt like she was communicating with me & shaking her head like a reproof, trying to get through to me to care more & take more time with others, to burn the night oil in my caring. "This ye ought to have done & not to have left the other undone."--Mat.23:23.
       6. It seems like it was a test, & the Lord was testing those who knew that Libby was sick. Everybody was very busy, but there are always things that slow you down, & they happen for a reason & a purpose. When these things come up, the Lord expects us to divert our attention to those things that are slowing us down & to tune into them, because there's a reason for them & He wants us to get on a particular channel with Him.
* * *
       7. We talked so much about her situation with each other, counselling about checks we were getting & so on, but not really taking time to wait & hear from God, not really praying & seeking the Lord & being open to what He had to say. I heard that Libby was not fighting like the doctor had told her to do, & thought, "Oh yes, that's the problem, that's what's wrong."--But I didn't take time to pray & have more concern & get desperate for my sister & really take it seriously & have compassion.
       8. Because we couldn't explain it physically, we were trying to explain it in the spiritual. It's not that we were being intentionally harsh or unloving, but because no one knew medically what was wrong--even the doctor didn't give any alarm--we tried to come up with some kind of explanation for the way Libby was acting. We asked, "What has come over her? Why isn't she fighting? What's happening?"
* * *
       9. The Lord wants to break us.--Break our coldness & hardness of heart & get us to live up to the Letter "Prayer for Love & Mercy."

       Prophecies Received by the European Leadership
       10. Whether we live we are the Lord's, & whether we die we are the Lord's; so whether therefore we live or die, we are the Lord's. There is but a fine line between this World & the Spirit World, & now she is in the real World where she sees things clearly. It is not because of this man's sin nor his parents', but that My works might be manifest. And if I choose to manifest My works in this way, why do ye question? I am accomplishing My purpose.
       11. I have given you many illustrations in My Word of the reality of the Spirit World & how the battle is just as real Up Here, even more so. She is still fighting the good fight of faith, & from her vantage point she can help even more because she can see so much clearer now.
       12. Do not mourn or weep, but rejoice!--For this My daughter of David is free! She is helping now from the Spirit World. Even now she is looking down, smiling, understanding it all, happy that you seek My face, happy that ye seek My Will in this!--Happy that ye are concerned to know! Have I not said, "Ye shall seek Me & find Me when ye shall search for Me with all your heart"? (Jer.29:13.) I am pleased that ye seek Me! And I am pleased to tell you that she is happy, for she is with Me & she is accomplishing My Will. Therefore rejoice & be exceeding glad, for great is her reward in Heaven.
* * *
       13. During the above prophecy about the vantage point, I had a vision of the Lord picking Libby up & taking her into His arms. I don't exactly know what Liberty went through in the last few years, but I know she did go through some breakings, & when the Lord was picking her up she had a real questioning or puzzled look on her face. But He picked her up & was holding her in His arms & He turned her around & helped her to look down, & then her face had such a sweet glow of rest & peace. It was as though the Lord had helped her to understand the things that had happened. She had such a beautiful look on her face, like peace at last!
       14. While I was having this vision, in the background I could hear the tune of the song, "Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee? And there is none upon Earth that I desire besides Thee. My heart & my flesh faileth, but God is the strength of my life & my portion forever."
* * *
       15. I saw a picture of Libby dressed in white in Heaven. And I got the verse, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him."--1Cor.2:9.
* * *
       16. The good Shepherd giveth her life for the sheep. Even as I gave My life for her, she gave her life for My people. Now I have gathered her unto Me. Weep not, but rejoice! For I have gathered her unto My bosom. She rejoices to know Me closer than ever before, & she rejoices to help you in a greater way than ever before. As the hart panteth after the water brook, so her soul pants after Me. Behold, I fulfil her thirst. For I see not as Man sees. My ways are not your ways. For the path of the just shineth as the light, shining more & more unto the perfect day. And her path is now bright. Comfort ye My people. (I got this especially for her former Home.)
* * *
       17. I saw a picture of the Lord carrying a candle on a candlestick, & it seemed like Liberty was the candle. The Lord was using her because she knows us, to help us search our hearts & influence us to make the right decisions in our lives so we can be used of the Lord as He would like us to be. I first only saw the candle on a candlestick & it was just standing there. It was like it had a special gift, a special light, but at that point that was all it could do, just stand there. But then when the Lord came & picked it up & there was a connection, the Lord could lead the candle wherever He wanted to & it could be used much better. He picked it up & moved the candle around, shining it on different things.
       18. I got this verse in connection with it: "These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth. These were redeemed from among men, being the firstfruits unto God & to the Lamb."--Rev.14:4.
* * *
       19. The candle of the Lord searches the inward parts of the belly. My Spirit shall try the minds & hearts of men. Therefore stand fast & doubt not. Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be added unto you.
       20. Let not the flame flicker low, but fan the flame with faith! Fan the flame with faith in My Word! Faith in My Prophet David! Faith in his Words that the end is nigh! Faith to tell others! Faith to live that which ye believe! Faith that I shall accomplish My purpose through you! Faith that the next life is real! Faith that ye are in My hands, & I am your Lord, & ye are My children! Faith that I have a plan for you! Faith that ye are not forgotten or forsaken! Faith that My eyes can see you wherever you go! Faith in the Words that I have spoken of old, faith in the Words that I have spoken today, & faith for the Words that I shall speak tomorrow that shall lead you in the paths of righteousness!
       21. For the flame hath flickered low with many. Faith hath wavered! Doubt has risen! Look to the true light, the light of My Spirit, & I shall encourage you with more faith in your heart. Doubt not, but be believing! For this is what overcometh the World, even your faith! And without faith it is impossible to please Me. For He that cometh to Me must believe that I am, & that I am a rewarder of those who diligently seek Me.
       22. I have prayed for you that your faith fail not. I have shown you the path of faith & trust by taking this little one who is dear to many hearts. And this shall cause many to ponder the path of life that lies before them & to count the cost, whether they have sufficient to finish the task which I have called them to. And that is the life of faith!--That ye must believe the Words that I have spoken, that ye must keep your eyes fixed upon Me & My Words, that ye look not to the right nor to the left, that ye fear not when ye are called to walk upon the water, but ye will keep your face turned to Me.
       23. Therefore, forsake the foolish & live! Flee youthful lusts, that ye might find the realities of your God. For the days of this flesh shall pass, & the lusts of this flesh shall fade away, & that which ye have done in your body shall be burned up with wood, hay & stubble. But that which ye shall do in faith shall remain! Therefore, cast not away your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward.
       24. For I am the Lord your God & I have done this. I have called this little one that she might be an ensign unto the nations, that it might bring about a searching & cause a great revolution in the hearts of My children. For she hath loved you, & though she was oft tossed to & fro & confused & beaten about as a weary vessel in the raging storms, yet have I reached down & rescued her in her greatest hour of trial. I have reached down & pulled her out of the miry clay which she had fallen into. I have loved her with an everlasting love.
       25. Have I not said that one sparrow shall not fall on the ground but your Father knoweth it? Have not I a heart of love for even the lowly sparrow? And shall I not reach down & rescue this little one in her time of trial & need & anguish? She hath suffered much, more than eye hath seen, but I know her heart & I have called her unto Me that she might be freed from the bondage of this flesh.
       26. Each of you have that which has been given unto you, whether it be strong or whether it be weak. Each of you have been given gifts from your Heavenly Father. Think not that it is ye yourselves that have gained these things, but they have been gifts unto you, whether they be for strength or whether they be for weakness. Whether ye be strong or whether ye be weak is only for Me to determine. It is given unto you to have faith, to cling & hold on to that which I have given unto you.
       27. Take heed, My little ones, & ye shall be strengthened. Lay aside those things which have no worth. Set aside that which profiteth nothing, & fix your eyes upon Me & My riches & My glories, that ye shall have by faith. For the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul.
* * *
       28. I got a paraphrase of the verse: "For Thou hast delivered My soul from death; wilt not Thou deliver my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of the living?"--Psa.56:13. The way I got it was, "For Thou hast delivered her soul through death, & she will help to deliver our feet from falling that we may walk before God in the light of the living."
* * *
       29. The Lord gave me, "Weep not for the dead, but weep for the living." It's good for us to be reminded of our transitory life here on Earth.

       More Prophecies Received by European Leadership in a Further Prayer Session
       30. Ye do well that ye ask these things of Me this day, for I shall open unto you the oracles of God & I shall share with you the secrets of hidden places. I shall reveal My innermost thoughts if ye will ask Me. Yea, if I will give unto you the heathen for your inheritance, will I not answer you regarding the death of My little one? Seek ye first the Kingdom of God & His righteousness, & all these things shall be revealed unto you.
       31. She hath been very dear & precious unto your Father's heart, & I have called her unto Me for a time such as this. For ye have each received an unction from the Lord. I have given each one their several abilities & their anointing, & I have given unto her My anointing for a special task. Therefore think it not strange that I should call her unto Me at such a time as this.
       32. For the days of this Earth wax worse & worse & the hearts of men grow colder & colder. As the dark days approach, My light shall shine brighter; therefore have I gathered her unto Me that she may fulfil the purpose that I have ordained for her. Ye have your calling & she has her calling. I have My plan, & My ways are above your ways. Therefore think it not strange that I should call her unto Me, for she shall fulfil that for which I have called her.
       33. Know ye not that I am the God of all flesh? Shall I not do with My Own as I will? Therefore stumble not at the death of this little one, for she hath loved Me & I have loved her; yea, ye have loved her also. So trouble not yourselves at the death of this little one. For have I not had My hand upon her life all this time? Therefore, fear not, but only believe; for in believing ye shall find rest & peace & comfort unto your hearts & souls. Not one sparrow falleth to the ground but that thy Father knoweth it. All things that come of the Master's Hand are planned, & she hath fulfilled My plan. Therefore stumble not at these things nor think it strange, for I have need of her.
* * *
       34. Behold My daughter of peace, for I have called her unto Me to make peace. For know ye not that I know the thoughts & intents of the heart & that I have heard her cry? Lo these many months she hath cried unto Me for peace, for she has longed to bring peace unto Man. She has so desired to be used of Me in many ways, & the cry of her heart was the cry of peace; therefore I have called her My daughter of peace.
       35. For she has seen the war all about her & she has longed to fight for Me--not in the physical, but in the Spirit; for she desired to be a mediator. She so longed to heal her people of the turmoil in their troubled hearts & to resolve in their minds & hearts the differences, to appease their heartcry & to answer their questions. For her desire was not to meddle with matters of this World, but to touch the hearts of those who were filled with frustration, anger, impatience, & to all these ills she desired to bring peace.
       36. She had longed to help bring the young people closer to the older generation in My Family, & she also longed to bring the older folks to understand the younger ones better. For in her heart was peace, but little could she do. But I knew I could use her in an even greater manner, therefore fear not for her, for I have called her to a ministry of peace. I have given her greater understanding, & in these days she sees the intents of the hearts of men to heal & to bless & to woo. So worry not about what might have happened to her, for she is this day in My Kingdom for that purpose, & at work to fulfil that which I have called her for. And in this I have called her My daughter of peace.
* * *
       37. Man looketh on the outward appearance, yet I look on the heart. I know the heart of this little one. She has the mind to heal the hearts of men. For she is a daughter of peace & she hath a great love for her people. Some speak haltingly in this World, with broken speech & measured words, yet I look on the heart & the love that she hath for My people. I have a purpose for all of this according to My plan.
       38. This day she standeth before Me, a knight in armour shining brightly to bring peace unto her land, to bring peace to her people, to be a mother unto many that have none, to be a comfort unto those that need it. I have called her Home to receive My people unto Me. I have a great calling & mission for her, one that is greater than ye can imagine. Therefore, rejoice in that I have fulfilled My purpose in her life. Rejoice in that I have accomplished in this World what I would through her, that she hath completed her mission, that she hath run the race & is now with Me, having completed the course.
       39. She hath learned the lessons that I had for her in this life, & though it might seem she had a humbling & a hard time, it was according to My purpose to prepare her, to break her heart, to give her greater love, that she may have more to give. For My ways are higher than your ways, & My thoughts higher than your thoughts. Therefore, rejoice with Me that she is My daughter & that I have called her unto Me.
       40. I saw a picture of Libby kneeling before the Lord. The Lord was knighting her & she was in bright, shining armour. The impression I got was that all she went through & the rather rough times that she had before were just to bring her to this stage so she could be knighted to be the soldier He'd called her to be. She was beautiful, really vibrant, & had such a beautiful glow about her.
       41. I also saw the Poster "Her Healing Touch," where the girl picks the leaf from the Tree of Life with healing for the hearts of people. I got the impression that that's not just for the future, but it's for right now & that that's what Libby's doing with people. Though they may not see her or feel her physically, she has spiritual healing & she can heal people's hearts from the Spirit World, like she's a nurse that's going around healing people.
* * *
       42. That's exactly what I was getting as well!--That she is a Heavenly nurse bringing leaves from the Tree of Life to touch people's hearts & lives to heal them. The first aid course she was taking recently may have been like a first step that the Lord was using to prepare her heart for her Heavenly ministry. She was able to experience here on Earth more about human frailties & human needs so she could better minister to them in the Spirit World with the supernatural means that she has There.
* * *
       43. Many times when we were in Bosnia & Croatia we'd hear horrific stories that showed that the hearts of the people there were totally destroyed by the things they went through. On the outside they looked fine, but inside there was terrible pain, & you just wondered if there was some way to heal them. Using the normal healing process it would take years & years, & no one in this World can really do it. Yet it's like that's what she's doing now. She's healing those broken hearts.
* * *
       44. I kept getting the same picture that I saw the first time we prayed for her. When I first prayed for her I got a picture of Florence Nightingale, & just now I got the same picture with your prophecies, only it was broadened in that Florence Nightingale asked for her. It seemed like Florence is helping these people herself & Libby is with her on her team. I had the exact same picture you mentioned, that they were going from person to person, from bed to bed. They had the oil of the Spirit in their little lamps & that was what was touching their wounded hearts & the wounded people.
       45. When I first met Libby, I had somewhat of a spiritual communication with her. There was something about her hands that impressed me. She was always touching me & those around her. It was just one of those little things that I thought was a real gift from the Lord. I thought she had a gift of love & understanding & warmth. I was moved by it at the time because I felt it was something the Lord wanted to impress upon me.
       46. Even though her death was definitely in the Lord's plan, I just don't believe it was the Lord's Will for her to go like that--without those around her helping her go with more loving care, more attention, more specific prayer, more understanding. I just feel the need to share that again, that with all of our evaluations of people & where they're at with the Lord, we may be misjudging them a lot of the time. There are a lot of people who are suffering.
       47. I also feel I need to look at people more from the angle of bearing their infirmities, being more desperate for people & weeping with those who weep & understanding more what people are going through, to be able to help them to see the Lord moving in their lives. We need to be careful to care for those who are suffering, whether physically or spiritually.
* * *
       48. It seems like the Lord wants to speak to us & help us to see the overall picture to encourage us about our human frailties & weaknesses. Libby sometimes had a hard time expressing herself, but her heart for people was obvious. The Lord wants to encourage us that He sees all of our hearts & He wants to use us accordingly, & He doesn't just get hung up on our basic human frailties as we have sometimes.

       Encouragement from the Lord for YA Teamwork by European Leadership!
(The following are some beautiful words of encouragement from the Lord for the YA leadership in Libby's Home, her son & daughter-in-law:)
       49. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. A mother's love would see you suffering only for a moment. So let the suffering pass, for she would not let you see her lying upon the bed of languishing & further suffering. Hear her, for she knows your heart & understands your tears. And know this, that even now she prays for you & tries to reach you & touch you with a mother's love & understanding. For as she comforted you as a child, even now she is trying to comfort you & encourage you to go on & become the man of God that He wants you to be. For you too have a great calling if ye would but stay close to the voice of your Father.
       50. Reach out & give & follow her sample. Give to those who need & ye shall rejoice together one day in the courts of Heaven. For her arms will enfold you once again, & she will wipe away your tears. She'll be standing beside you many times throughout the battle to encourage you on. Doubt not your Father's calling & mission in your life. Heed not the voice of the Enemy & give no place to the Devil. For your mother was like a lamp & a light unto the path of many, even more so now in My Kingdom, as I have said. She tried to bring you the Words of David, so heed them & follow them in full faith, & ye shall wax stronger & stronger.
       51. And this broken heart that has been placed upon you is to give you the faith & the courage to go on & fight the battle that is ahead. For her mantle can fall upon you now. Uphold the Words of David, & carry them through to victory. For this thy mother would see you come before Jesus with a crown. Come with gifts & the crown of the Lord & the crown of blessings, & thy mother will be pleased. For she hath no greater joy than to see that ye walk in truth & that ye fight as a true soldier of David.
* * *
       52. She hath reached down with the leaves of healing to touch you, her children. Let her comfort you now, let her be your succourer. Doubt not, but rejoice with Me! Your path is as a shining light which shineth more & more unto the perfect day. Take this healing unto you. Let it cleanse you & many others. As ye receive this grace & this healing, ye shall release her so she can go on to others.
       53. Lift up thy hands which hang down & make straight paths for thy feet. Rejoice, for this is a day of celebration! Hang not thy head, for has she not forgiven thee for many things for many years? Has she not been thy succourer, thy mother? And in her hour of perfectness, is not her love for thee made perfect? All is past & forgiven. Therefore rejoice, turn thy mourning into joy. Weep not for thyself, but receive this healing & it shall flow through thee to many others also.
* * *
       54. While there was a silence & no one was saying anything for a long time, I got the verse, "Be still & know that I am God."--Psa.46:10. I didn't feel I was supposed to give it & break the silence, yet the whole impression was that we're coming into another stage of hearing from the Lord or another stage of the importance of prayer. I don't know if it was because we hadn't been doing it enough before, but my feeling was that now we need to be sure that we really enter into the presence of the Lord & take entering into His presence seriously. Libby went all the way into His presence, literally, & we need to go into His presence here in that same way. It's as though we need to turn up the volume of our listening to the Lord & our presence before Him needs to be more reverent than it used to be.
* * *
       55. I had the same impression the first time we prayed for her. During that time of silence I also got the feeling that each one of us needs to be mindful that we have a personal calling, & if we want to have the Lord's blessing on our life we need to be true to that. Every man is accountable for himself before God; that was the feeling I had. I can't quite explain it, but that's just how her death impressed me, that He was working so specifically in her life & He wants to do the same in everyone's life. We're each required to come before the Lord as individuals & to work out our own salvation with fear & trembling.
* * *
       56. What I got about "the daughter of peace" (see paragraphs 34-37) didn't seem to be only about Bosnia & the turmoil in the hearts of the people in Yugoslavia. She had an intense burden in the spirit for her people & the situation there. However, she was as pressed in the spirit for our dear folks in the Family. She felt the turmoil & she wanted to bring peace to people's minds & hearts & to lift their burdens. While the "daughter of peace" is applicable to the whole war situation in Bosnia & Croatia, there also is a war in the spirit in the hearts of our young people that she lived with, & she wanted to fight to bring peace of mind to both.
       57. Everything that the Lord said about healing seemed to also go along with peace. A healing of peace almost, that she was bringing peace of mind & greater understanding, & peoples' hearts were healed. What seemed to be the greatest turmoil was not in the flesh as much as it was in the Spirit. The healing they need is a healing of peace of mind, & ever since Libby went to be with the Lord, we in our Home have felt a real big breakthrough.

       From Willing, Libby's former mate:

       I was quite touched by the beautiful prophecies the Lord gave for Liberty. The ones about Florence Nightingale & Liberty's ministry as a nurse & comforter were especially striking & meaningful.
       Some years ago when Liberty & I were shepherding the EE Work & first started making trips into Russia, we had quite a remarkable spiritual experience, that seems especially significant at this time.
       One afternoon we had just finished a beautiful lovemaking session & Liberty stood up & stepped out of bed. As I was looking at her, it was as if Liberty was transformed or became someone else, or as if someone actually entered into her body. I was looking at her more from behind & slightly to the side, as she stepped out of bed, & suddenly I was viewing the backside of a lovely woman in one of these beautiful old-fashioned dresses, with a bit of a bustle on the back, & I suddenly received the words "Florence Nightingale!" I was awed, & when Liberty returned, I shared what had just happened. Liberty's eyes filled with tears as she said she'd never told anyone, but that she'd always felt that Florence Nightingale was her spirit helper & was somehow helping her in the Spirit World!
       This personal experience was something we both have always cherished as very special & dear, & it's quite beautiful to see how the Lord now confirmed & revealed its deeper meaning & significance.
       Libby & I both loved each other very much, & I feel as if I've lost someone who was very close & very dear to me. Nevertheless, I feel the Lord's used it all to bring me closer to Him. The workings of the Spirit World are suddenly much closer & I feel a deeper closeness to Liberty than before.
       Even though we've been apart for some time now, I thought it was so sweet that the Lord recently let us have some time together. When I phoned her that I was coming during our last trip, she said she had recently been reading "Intramuros" (see Christian Digest 14.) & had been thinking so much about Heaven. She kept telling me she loved me & was really looking forward to being together in Heaven. When we were together, she told me several times that she had recently dreamed about us being together in Heaven & she couldn't get it out of her mind & said she was really looking forward to that. She had never said anything like that before. It seems the Lord was sweetly preparing her for her flight & place There. Praise the Lord!

       P.S. The following is a poem Ellie YA gave Bruni & I. She said she had never gotten anything like this before, & didn't feel it was her writing it, but Liberty somehow speaking through her:

       Wind Beneath Wings!
       Hush, 'tis the angelic whisper
         Beckoning, guiding to worlds unknown.
       Such peace & serenity encompassing
         As their hands reach out to my own;

       Feeling of warmth, of love
         Replacing all past sorrow & pain,
       Through the gilt-covered clouds
         An eternal rainbow, as after rain.

       Invigorating my soul for eternity,
         Strength to my former earthly frame,
       Beauties beyond my fondest dream
         Seraphim rejoice, calling my name.

       Never such a joyous day I'd known,
         Then at last to be joined with my Savior;
       But as I approach His throne of love
         I have one request to ask of His favour:

       That He may send angels of comfort
         To you, my loved ones below.
       For I would that thou couldest joy,
         Even as I leave, & that you might know,

       How near I am to this heart of thine.
         Oh, how I wish you could hear me say,
       That as you progress on life's road
         Know this, thou art but a prayer away.

       Then one day, at last we'll unite forever
         In the splendour of His wondrous love,
       Where there will no more sorrow be
         In the eternal world awaiting Above.

       But 'til then I pray, being ever near,
         Be the wind that blows 'neath my wings
       As I soar the heavenly angelic sky
         Awaiting you in the arms of our King.

       Florence Nightingale (1820-1910) was the founder of the nursing profession as we know it today. British soldiers who were wounded in the Crimean War called her the "Lady with the Lamp" when she walked the halls of their hospital at night. The light that she carried has come to mean care for the sick, & concern for the welfare of the ordinary person. She was called a "saintly woman."
       At the age of 16, Florence thought she heard the voice of God telling her she had a special mission in life. She suspected this mission had something to do with helping other people. She turned down suitors, declined many parties, & spent much of her time studying health & reforms for the poor & suffering. She became a nurse, & at 33, superintendent of a women's hospital in London.
       When Great Britain & France went to war with Russia in the Crimea (an area of Southern Russia jutting into the Black Sea) in 1854, the secretary of war asked Florence Nightingale to take charge of nursing. She sailed for the Crimea with 38 nurses. The hospital was an old Turkish barracks, rat-infested, dirty, & poorly furnished. Many of the wounded lay on floors, bleeding & uncared-for. There were not enough cots, mattresses, or bandages, & no washbasins, soap, or towels. Florence found a few men well enough to clean the place, & she put them to work at once. She set up a nursing schedule for care, kitchen work, & diets.
       At night, her lamp burned as she walked the 4 miles (6 kilometers) of corridors & as she later wrote countless reports & letters demanding supplies from British military officials. When the hospital was running better, she started classes to teach convalescent soldiers to read & write. She was later given charge of all the army hospitals in the Crimea. By the end of the war, she had saved many lives & brought about worldwide reforms in hospital administration & nursing. (From the World Book Encyclopedia.)
       Florence Nightingale at thirty wrote in her diary, "I am thirty years of age, the age at which Christ began His mission. Now no more childish things, no more vain things. Now, Lord, let me think only of Thy Will." Years later, near the end of her illustrious, heroic life she was asked for her life's secret, & she replied, "Well, I can only give one explanation. That is, I have kept nothing back from God." (From Thots 1, page 507.)

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