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FORGET YOURSELF & THINK ABOUT JESUS!--Grandpa's Talk to Techi!       DO 2938       7/90

       1. Don't sell yourself short! Don't underestimate yourself or what the Lord can do in you. Look at me!--I was only one little person, but look what the Lord did with me. Now we have a Family of thousands around the World who have won millions to the Lord! I was defeated & discouraged & had an inferiority complex, but I just went ahead & did what the Lord told me to do anyway. Isn't that wonderful? "By one man's obedience, many were made righteous!"--Rom.5:19.
       2. So just do what the Lord tells you to do!--Forget about worrying whether you're good or bad or best or better or perfect or whatever! Just obey the Lord! That's all! You'll never be perfect. Look at me!--I'm still not perfect, I'm still struggling! I'm still having a hard time being better, but look at what the Lord has done through me! (Referring to the "Acts of the Revolution" videos they'd been watching of our Early Days!) All those people you see on video of our wonderful Family--they're serving the Lord in the Family because they listened to God's Message through me. I'm just a delivery boy, a telegram boy. They just received it & believed it, acted on it, obeyed it, & look what they did!--They've reached the World!
       3. That's all you have to do! Just believe, receive & obey! Don't worry about how good you are or how bad you are! I'm terrible! You know that! Amen? (Maria: No, Grandpa, we don't know you're terrible, but we do understand that you're not perfect!) I'm certainly not perfect. (Techi: Well, the fleshly man is terrible in everybody, but your heart isn't terrible & your mind isn't terrible.) Yes, I just obey the Lord because I love Him.
       4. Just love the Lord! That's the secret of it all!--Just love the Lord! (Techi: That's easy enough.) And be willing to do or die for Him! Don't worry about whether you're good enough! Don't worry about whether you're perfect. Don't worry about whether you conquer every sin or not, just love Jesus & love others & try to help them. And if you will really love Him & love others, He will channel His Love through you to them. Praise the Lord?
       5. It's wonderful! You just relax & let the Lord do it! Just let Him do it, okay? Let go & let God! If you let go & really let Him do it, then He will do it! All He really needs is a channel. My job is the easiest one in the whole Family. I just let the Lord talk. You heard Him tonight, right? The Holy Spirit was praising the Lord through me, thanking Him.
       6. Don't worry about being perfect! My goodness!--Sometimes I think I'm the worst one in the whole Family, but I just relax & let the Lord do it! I just love Him & ask Him to work through me & help me to love others. And look at the tens of thousands of people who've joined the Family because of that, & the millions of people who have been saved through that! What did I do?--Almost nothing! I just let the Lord talk through me, that's all. He's said so much through me they'll never have time to read it all! You'll never even have time to read it all, but read as much as you can, because it's what the Lord said & it's good for you! Praise the Lord! I love you! I really love you!
       7. Honey! Just don't worry about it! Just relax & yield to the Lord! Just relax & yield, that's your job, & let Him do it through you. Praise the Lord? I love you, Honey! Don't worry about it! My goodness! No matter how bad I am, the Lord still loves me & uses me because He knows I love Him & I love the Family & I would do anything for them, even die for them! Praise the Lord? Amen! I love you! (Techi: I love you, Grandpa!)
       8. Don't worry about these things! The worst thing in the World you can do is worry! Just trust the Lord! That was the greatest relief, when I finally realised that I couldn't do anything, the Lord had to do it! All I had to do was just do what He told me to do. And look what He's done! I look at those videos in amazement & I know it wasn't me, it was the Lord! It was the Lord's Letters that spoke to them & kept them together & inspired them & helped them to do it. Think of that!
       9. So just love your Grandpa & believe in him & do what he says!--And you'll be obeying the Lord.--Even if you think you're bad & you're not good enough & all that baloney that the Devil feeds you. You Pisces--& some others as well--are so much alike! Almost every one of you has a terrible inferiority complex. You're always apologising for everything, & you think you're no good & so bad.--Like our sweet secretary, she's always saying, "Excuse me for living," when she's a wonderful instrument of the Lord, wonderfully guided by the Lord, terrificly helpful, just like you! (Maria: That's right, Honey!)
       10. Forget the Devil's voice that tries to tell you all those bad things: "Oh, you're so bad, you could never be good. Look at all the mistakes you made today. Look at all your NWOs & blah blah blah!" Think on those things which are good!--Phil.4:8.
       11. You'll get the victory if you keep your mind on the Lord! Just think about Jesus! Forget yourself & think about Jesus! (Maria: That's what we need to do!) Forget yourself! You're a hell-of-a-mess & I'm a hell-of-a-mess, but when we think about Jesus, He can turn hells-of-messes into wonderful instruments of love for others, to love others who are also hells-of-messes! We can sympathise with them. We know how it feels to be a hell-of-a-mess! Look at me! You know I'm a hell-of-a-mess! (Maria: Well, Grandpa, that's debatable.)
       12. But look what the Lord can do! He can take a hell-of-a-mess & turn him or her into a Heaven-of-a-blessing! Praise the Lord? So I don't like you spending too much time concentrating on all of your NWOs & troubles! I think you ought to be thinking about Jesus & reading His Word, thinking positive & good things! (Maria: That's what Techi & I have been talking about.) (Techi: Yes, I tell Mommy the negative things that I have trials about, & she gives me the positive!) (Maria: Yes. We talk about the positive & the Lord & His answer to it all.) Well, that's good.
       13. If I had dwelt upon my mistakes & all my weaknesses & the things that I am not able to do, I would have given up years ago! But I just trusted the Lord, looked to Him & said, "Well, Lord, You did it! I just did what You told me to do, that's all. I know I'm a mess, but You love me! And You're loving others through me. So that's that!" Keep your eyes on Jesus! (Sings:)

       Keep your eyes on Jesus.
       Do not watch the waves!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus,
       It's faith in Him that saves!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus,
       His Promises avail!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus!
       Praise God, He cannot fail!

       14. All He wants is you!--Your heart, your mind, your thoughts & your soul. That's all He wants, you. Just yield yourself to Him & He will flow through you & you don't have to worry about yourself & all your faults & all your weaknesses, all your NWOs! What you ought to be doing is getting up & praising the Lord & thanking Jesus & asking Him to help you! Forget about yourself! Get your eyes off of yourself!
       15. (Techi: It helps me to talk to someone when I have problems sometimes.) (Maria: With someone's help, we can often better see the Lord's positive solution & what He can do for a situation.) Well, yes, that's one time you do need to think about your NWOs, when you discuss them with your Shepherd. But you shouldn't always be thinking about them! I would have given up a long time ago if I had just been an introvert, continually looking at myself & all my problems & NWOs!
       16. I just keep my eyes on Jesus, that's all! I know only He can do it, & I let Him do it through me, & that's all! Just yield! Just be a yielded wire carrying His electrical current. That's all! Don't worry about the kinks & knots in the wire, & the problems with the wire & blah blah blah! Just be yielded to Jesus, that's all! (Maria: Very good counsel!)
       17. Forget about yourself! Think about Jesus! Amen? (Maria: Yes, that's what we've been talking about.) Don't condemn or belittle yourself, not for a minute! Forget yourself, just think about Jesus & let Him work through you, that's all. Just throw the switch & turn on the current & let Him flow!--Because if you keep worrying about yourself & your problems, your NWOs, that causes a whole bunch of resistance to the steady flow of the current of God. Just relax, just release & let Him flow! That's all.
       18. I'm nothing! You're nothing! Just say, "Jesus, You do it! I can't do it but You can!" Amen? Praise the Lord? Get your eyes off yourself. Get your eyes on Jesus! (Sings:)

       Get your eyes on Jesus,
       Do not watch the waves!
       Get your eyes on Jesus,
       'Tis faith in {\ul \i Him} that saves!
       Get your eyes on Jesus,
       His Promises avail!
       Get your eyes on Jesus!
       Praise God, He cannot fail!

       19. It doesn't matter how much you fail, the Lord will never fail! So just keep your eyes on Jesus! You ought to sing that song often! Your Great Grandfather wrote it! Praise the Lord? (Sings:) "Get your eyes on Jesus, do not watch the waves! Get your eyes on Jesus, it's faith in Him that saves!"--You can't do anything by yourself! "Get your eyes on Jesus, His Promises avail!" Just say, "God damn the Devil & his doubts! To Hell with you, Satan! I believe in the Promises of Jesus! They avail! They conquer! They win!" (Continues song:) "Get your eyes on Jesus! Praise God, He cannot fail!"
       20. I would have quit a long time ago, Mama knows, if I had just worried about myself & my problems & my sins & my NWOs & blah blah blah! I just keep my eyes on Jesus & I know that He will win no matter what I do! No matter what I do, God will win! I've done a lot of crazy things, a lot of stupid things, made a lot of mistakes, but the Lord won! (Maria: Because your heart was in the right place & you're yielded.) Yes, I'm yielded to Him. I love Him & I want to serve Him & obey Him & help others--other messes just like me. Praise the Lord? Hallelujah!
       21. You're going to be a real winner, Honey! Thank You Jesus! (Techi: What you just said is like a combination of the Letters "Let's Talk about Jesus!" & "Sex Works!") (Maria: Yes, that's good! It's really good, just what we need!)
       22. Just let the Lord do it! Don't worry about it! Just remember He will do it, He never fails! He cannot fail!--As long as you love Him & yield to Him & try your best to serve Him & obey Him. No matter how many mistakes you make, He will correct them & He will do it. Praise the Lord? Hallelujah!
       23. I love you, Honey! You're wonderful! You're going to be tremendous! Because you've been one hell-of-a-mess, you're going to be one Heaven-of-a-blessing! That's the way it is! The Lord has to do that to show the whole World that nobody can do it, but He can do it through them! Praise the Lord?
       24. Now, let me see you smile & cheer up! (Techi: I love you, Grandpa!) The minute the Devil tries to get you discouraged & to doubt & worry, just look at Jesus. That's why I put that big picture of Jesus in your bedroom, because I knew it would help you.--To show you that He loves you all the time, He'll never fail. Just forget your God-damned self!
       25. The worst thing you can do is to just keep worrying about yourself & looking at yourself & being introverted--that means to look inside. My God, what a hell! Be extroverted, look outside at the Lord & He will do it all! Don't worry about it. Say, "Of course, Lord, I'm one hell-of-a-mess! Of course I don't do anything right, You know that. But I love You, so help me! Help me! You know I can't do it, Lord, so You do it through me! I'm just a yielded vessel!" (Techi: I'm trying to be!) Yes, you will be, just do it! Do it! Just do it! Just tell the Lord, "Lord, I can't do it, You do it!" And that's what He loves! He'll do it! Thank You Lord! Amen!
       26. Quit trying so hard! Don't be the Christian Endeavour Union, the Christian Triers Union! Just let go & let God! That's the secret! Let go! Quit trying to hang on to yourself & trying to do it. Let go & let God! Praise the Lord? Get out & get in there & fight! OK! (Techi giggling!) I love you, Sweetheart! Good night. Thank You Jesus!
       27. I'm proud of you, Honey, & I know you're going to make it, because the Lord is going to do it through you. You can't do it yourself. Just forget that. Quit trying & start letting! OK? Got the idea? All right, God bless you! I love you! Good night, Honey! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!

* * * * * * *

       (Later, with Mama:)
       28. (Techi: While Grandpa was talking I started daydreaming & looking around the room, & then I got discouraged about it because I wanted to be able to listen to the whole talk. Then I caught myself & thought, "Well, I can't be perfect!"--I thought of what Grandpa was saying.) (Maria: That's good, Honey! You remembered that Grandpa was telling you not to get discouraged if you can't be perfect or if you make mistakes.
       29. (We're having a real good balance in our talks together! You've learned to express your problems so we can talk about them & show that it's only Jesus, & that you've got to let go & let the Lord do it! See, that's the difference. You & your old self can't do it, but then we lift up Jesus & show that only He can do it!)
       30. (Techi: Sometimes I think, "Oh, I wonder if the Lord doesn't want me to lie on the bed exactly like this or if He wants me to sit up." Sometimes I just imagine things & then I feel bad about them if I don't do them.) (Maria: Well, when that happens, just say, "Lord, if it's not important, don't let me worry about it." OK? Those things don't make any difference, you don't have to worry about them. Like I told you tonight, & Grandpa told you, don't worry!)

* * * * * * *

       (The next day, Grandpa talking to Techi:)
       31. Don't think less of yourself than you should! You're a princess & a daughter of the King & Queen, & you're a daughter of Jesus, the King of kings! As I told you last night, the best thing to do is forget about yourself & think about Jesus! (Maria: She did, Grandpa! She didn't get discouraged today & she really got some good victories!) "Keep Your Eyes on Jesus!" should be your theme song, you should always sing it! (Sings:)

       Keep your eyes on Jesus,
       Do not watch the waves.
       Get your eyes on Jesus,
       'Tis faith in {\ul \i Him} that saves!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus,
       His Promises avail!
       Keep your eyes on Jesus.
       Praise God, {\ul \i He} cannot fail!

       32. It doesn't matter if you fail--He cannot fail! You just need to look to Him & hang on to Him! The Bible says the Lord grabbed Peter's hand to keep him from sinking.--Mat.14:31. The Lord has to do it! Amen? Praise the Lord! My goodness, you're a daughter of the King of kings! Don't you think He's going to take care of you? Here's a good verse for you: "The Lord Who hath begun a good work in you shall perform it to the end."--Phil.1:6. That's a Promise! "He that hath begun a good work in you shall complete it until the end." Can you quote that? "Who hath delivered, Who doth deliver, & Who will yet deliver!"--2Cor.1:10.
       33. It's the Lord Who does it! Don't worry about your trying to do it. Of course you're a mess!--I'm a mess, Mama's a mess, we're all a mess, but the Lord does it! Right? I heard a poem once, something about, "I looked to myself & saw how horrible I was. I was such a failure & the sight was so bad I couldn't stand it! But then I looked to Jesus, & He was so beautiful, I knew He could do it!" Praise the Lord? So quit worrying about yourself. Quit thinking about yourself! Think about Jesus! I mean it!
       34. I don't go for this stuff of worrying about yourself all the time--introversion, looking inside & seeing how horrible you are. My goodness! If I spent all my time looking at myself & how bad I am & how much of a failure I am & all of the things that I do that don't live up to what I would like to do, I would get so discouraged I'd want to just go get lost! I mean it!
       35. But if I keep my eyes on Jesus, praise God, He cannot fail! Amen? So I don't like this business of looking into yourself & at yourself all of the time, & at all of your mistakes & NWOs! I just don't go for it! I mean it! The only thing that can save any of us is to keep our eyes on Jesus! Keep thinking about Jesus! Look at Jesus! He can do it! Just keep your eyes on Jesus! That's why I had that beautiful Poster of Jesus put up in your room, to help you keep your eyes on Jesus!
       36. Honey, I'm proud of you! I know what Jesus can do through you. You're just a tool in His hand, that's all! The Lord can do for you like He did with me, "By one man's obedience, many were made righteous."--Rom.5:19. All I did was obey. I just kept my eyes on Jesus & said, "OK, Lord, what should I do next?" You know I couldn't have done all of that! You saw all those radicals & revolutionaries for Jesus on those videos! I couldn't have done that! I just look in amazement at what the Lord has done!
       37. I just woke'm up & gave'm the Word & Jesus!--And He did all the rest. When I look at how much the Family has accomplished, how much they have done, I feel inferior, really, because of what He has done through them & what He has done through you! But I try not to moan about it & say, "Oh Lord, look how much better they are than I am," & I try not to compare myself. I'm just so happy that you've all turned out so well. But just give all the credit to the Lord.
       38. You're wonderful, Honey! So don't worry about yourself & your problems. He is going to make you one of the most wonderful girls in the whole World! (Techi: Everybody can be just as good as me!) Yes, but you're very special to me because I prayed & asked the Lord for you! You're a miracle, so I know the Lord is going to complete what He's begun! (Techi: The Lord could have picked anybody in this World.) (Maria: Well, He could have, but He didn't! He picked you!) He couldn't have picked just anybody because I asked Him to pick you! You're the answer to my prayer! And you're a very special & important little girl whose name is Techi! Before you were even born, you came into my room & you said, "I'm Techi! I'm Davidito's little Sister!"
       39. (Techi: I wonder what happens?--Whether people have babies in Heaven & then they go down to be other people's human babies, or does the Lord just go "poof" & they're created?) I believe the Lord creates souls in Heaven & that He gives them a choice of where to go & who to go to. (See MLs #794, 795.)--And you heard my prayer & my appeal for the Lord to send me a daughter, & you chose to come to me & Mama. Praise the Lord! God bless & keep you always!--And He will! Thank You Jesus!--Amen!

Pow-wow Questions

       1. Discuss the good fruit of forgetting yourself & your NWOs & talking about Jesus. Have you had any specific experiences recently that you can remember where doing this has helped to pull you out of the dumps? Please explain.

       2. Discuss the times or circumstances when you feel it may be beneficial or even necessary to talk about your NWOs, & why. (For example, on OHRs, during Personal Time, during heart-sharing or open forum discussions, when giving correction to others, etc.)

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