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VIEWS ON THE NEWS!--World Currents No.78       DO 2940       Comp.9/94


The U.S. Can't Control the Problems
       1. I think the Lord is trying to show the U.S. that they can't control their own problems, much less the World's problems! They can't control drugs, they can't control crime, they can't control a massacre of a nation either in Europe or in Africa. They've got themselves convinced that "the World is getting better" & "we can control all of these problems," so the Lord's letting them get bigger & bigger problems, & letting them get more & more out of control to show them that they cannot control the problems!
       2. The horrors of this World are being spread abroad through television to rub their noses in it, so people will be without excuse. God is showing them how wicked the World is & how they are unable to control it. They've tried everything but God, & all of their solutions have failed. Their next solution is going to be the Antichrist government, which they think is finally going to save them, but it's going to fail them worst of all!
       3. The Lord is certainly patient, trying to show people what's wrong, but they won't really wake up to it till the Antichrist government takes over & they see that Man's supposedly "greatest" government becomes its worst. And when God's finally taught them a lesson & those who have received it are saved & those who have rejected it are damned, the Lord will end it all & He will come back to put the World under His government, which is the only solution!

The U.S. & Cuba!
       4. The U.S. has brought the influx of Cubans on themselves because of the way they treated Cuba. If they'd lifted the embargo against Cuba, the Cubans would have thrived in Cuba & been happy there.
* * *

       5. The U.S. used to receive fleeing Cubans with open arms as a testimony against Castro, thousands of them. Now the U.S. is accusing boat owners carrying Cubans of smuggling aliens into the country. Can you imagine? It shows you the way the U.S. government changes its policies.
* * *

       6. Everything Clinton is doing is hurting the poor in Cuba. The U.S. government is determined to hurt Castro.
* * *

       7. Most people think the way to get the few remaining Communist countries to open up more is not to isolate them, but to engage them in conversation, to have interaction with them. That's the way they've treated North Korea & other former Communist countries. But they're doing exactly the opposite with Cuba!--Mainly due to the Cuban-American lobby, which is very strong in Washington. It's a '60s policy toward Castro in a '90s World.
* * *

       8. The Lord has blessed Castro with long life in spite of all the attempts to kill him.--We've prayed for this good man.
* * *

       9. Look how they're treating China in comparison to how they're treating Cuba.--Money talks! Political dissidents still live in fear & still disappear in China. There's tremendous religious & political persecution. China has a far worse human rights record than Cuba could ever think of having! But the U.S. stands to make money out of China, so they're overlooking human rights & everything else. But there's no money to be made on poor Cuba, which has a much better human rights record.
       10. Cuban & American businessmen who lost their businesses in Cuba because of Castro are still furious and have never forgiven him, even after 30 or 35 years. They want to force him out, so they're lobbying the U.S. Congress & Clinton to get tough with Cuba, even tougher, when it's too tough already! It's pitiful!
       11. I believe Castro's a good man who is trying to do his best for the Cubans, but of course there's not much he can do because the U.S. is being so hard on Cuba & has virtually boycotted it so they can't sell their sugar, cigars & some other major products that the U.S. used to buy nearly all of. Now the U.S. is refusing to buy anything, & refusing to let Cuba buy anything from the U.S. or even import anything except medicines.
       12. The Cubans in the U.S. used to be able to send financial help to their poor relatives in Cuba, but now the U.S. has even cut that off & refuses to let them send in money. So it's the U.S. that's causing all the trouble for Cuba, not Castro. Castro's doing the best he can under very adverse conditions. No wonder he wants to let the Cubans go who want to go--he has enough problems with those he's got & those who want to stay!
       13. (Note: The United States and Cuba broke off full diplomatic relations in 1961, and the U.S. imposed an economic embargo against the island nation in 1962 that is still in place. Russia and the East Bloc supplied aid and trade for decades, but the breakup of the Soviet Union and the tightening of the U.S. economic embargo has led to the breakdown of the Cuban economy. Cuba is converting its farms from tractor power to oxen, has bought thousands of Chinese bicycles and taken other measures to cope with a two-thirds cut in oil supplies from the former Soviet Union. All basic goods are rationed, fuel and food are in short supply, and there are constant electrical blackouts. Public transportation has been drastically curtailed. Cubans have been urged to supplement their diets by experimenting with wild plants or by using grapefruit as steak. The economic embargo was intensified shortly before the last U.S. presidential election, when President Bush signed the so-called Torricelli Bill into law. The law prohibits U.S. subsidiaries in other countries from doing business with Cuba. It also bans foreign ships that visit Cuba from entering any U.S. port for six months.)

The Dollar!
       14. Clinton went into the last G-7 conference hoping his trading partners were going to take measures to stop the decline of the Dollar. But they told him, "We don't think there's anything wrong with the Dollar, that's where it belongs--way down."--And they're right! The U.S. has quite an inflated & exalted idea of how important & how powerful it is, when actually it keeps losing all the time. The Dollar goes up a little & comes down more; up a little, down more, until it has fallen from 268 yen several years ago, to 99 or 100 yen now. Think of that!

Celibacy & Abortion!
       15. I admire the Catholics, & I think most of what they teach along the lines of things that are important are correct. But I think the worst thing they ever taught was the doctrine of celibacy. They may have thought they were doing the right thing, but it sure has had sad results, because it wasn't Scriptural. They use two verses to back it up--something said by Paul & something by Jesus (1Cor.7:32,37; Mat.19:12).--But Jesus and Paul both made it very clear that not every man can be a celibate & it's only for certain people who are called to that ministry, & both they & other prophets made it sound like it's very rare. (See Heb.13:4; 1Cor.7:9, 28,36; Mark 10:6-8; Gen.2:18; 1Tim.4:1-3.) If the Catholics had looked at the Biblical examples, they would have seen that the priests in the Bible were not celibate, & that most of them had wives.
       16. Paul was certainly rare, & he as good as admitted he was rare. He advocated very few to stay unmarried & he urged the others to get married. Can you remember a good verse from Paul? (Fam: "It's better to marry than to burn."--1Cor.7:9.) That's a good one. How come you remembered that one? (Everyone laughs!) You would've really burned, wouldn't you? Ha! Well, let's face it, we all would've. Science has even proven that you need sex.--Why else would God have made it if you didn't need it? And He made it in such a way that when you needed it bad enough & had sex, you'd have babies, fulfilling His commandment to "be fruitful & multiply."
       17. Well, it's now a day lacking in natural affection, & many slaughter their unborn children by abortion.--One-&-a-half million babies a year in the U.S. alone. Think of it!--Slaughter! And yet Clinton, who promotes that & who wants to have the Sodomites take over, claims to be a Christian!--Ha!

Clinton Pretending to Be Such a Good Christian!
       18. Clinton's putting on a big campaign now to try to prove that he's a good Christian. He says, "Why are you religious rightists criticising me & fighting me, when look how good I am!"--The big hypocrite! When I heard him talking like that I said, "You liar!" The anger of the Lord just rose up in me when I saw that interview where he was trying to persuade this pretty little girl reporter that he was a good Christian.
       19. He's a clever politician, & politicians are almost the best liars there are! They're so used to not telling the truth, it gets to be a habit with them until they've even deceived themselves into thinking it's the truth. He probably thinks he's leading a righteous life because he goes to a Southern Baptist church on Sunday. He probably thinks he loves the Lord because he talks about God, but he doesn't sound to me like a man who really knows the Lord. And of course he doesn't or he wouldn't advocate some of the policies he does.
       20. He may have received Jesus in his heart when he was young, but he sure doesn't obey Him & he certainly hasn't been serving Him. And he definitely hasn't been doing God's Will. Jesus said, "If ye love Me, keep My commandments." Most of his attitudes & actions are directly contrary to those of a real Christian. He actively promotes baby murder, Sodomy, wars, the beating down of the poor & helpless, as in Cuba & Haiti, the merciless treatment of the Branch Davidians, & a host of other things in which he almost always takes the wrong side. So he's a liar! And I have a good reason to call him a liar!
       21. He's putting on a campaign now to try to convince the American public that he's a good Christian, because the Religious Right is rising up against him & blasting him on every hand. Rush Limbaugh, Jerry Falwell, & a whole bunch of others are really blasting him, & they're making progress. According to the polls, his popularity has fallen. A lot of people also criticise him politically because they say he has no foreign policy, & whatever he does have doesn't make sense.--And besides, he doesn't do anything about it even when he has it!
       22. He has never done anything substantial about Bosnia. He's said several times what he's wanted to do & what ought to be done, & then he lets the AC-controlled United Nations stop him every time. Even the head of NATO was furious & wanted to go ahead & blast the Serbs in Bosnia, but the U.N. wouldn't let him. And every time Clinton has threatened to do the same thing, the U.N. has stopped him, "No, no, no!" Boy, I'll tell you, those ACs really have influence over the World today & its governments.

The U.S. Got What It Deserved in Clinton!
       23. The U.S. government is trying to cut down on some necessary programs so they can spend more money on what they want, unnecessary things like the phony drug war & all of Clinton's crazy programs & expensive weapons systems, as well as mistreating the poor of both Haiti & Cuba & Panama & everywhere else while pretending he's trying to help the poor. He's just about the worst president the U.S. ever had, pretending to be a good Christian when he is a blasphemous hypocrite!
       24. He supports killing babies & is cruel to the poor while pretending to be good to them! He is a mess, I'll tell you, just about the worst president the U.S. ever had.--But he's the kind they deserve. That's what they wanted & that's who they voted for. The Devil's people figured they were going to get everything they wanted, & that's just about what they're getting--plus a lot they didn't want. Well, it's time for the U.S. to get what it deserves!

Haiti Situation!
       25. Clinton wants to invade Haiti, & if he can find enough excuses for it, he probably will. (Note: He now {\ul \i has}, although American troops occupied the country peacefully after making an agreement with the Haitian military.) But the big problem--& the fact that Congress has to face--is what then? The U.S. has invaded Haiti before, but every time the strong governments pull out, the Haitians manage to set up a strong government of their own.
       26. In the new {\ul \i Illustrated WND}, the CIA is standing there saying, "Ten years we've been working here, and look around!--Everywhere, tyranny, dread, chaos!" And the other guy says, "Nice to know we haven't lost our touch."--Ha! The U.S. invaded Haiti once before, and occupied it from 1915 to 1934, but they didn't do much of anything for it. They never piped the sewage & they never gave them clean water. All the things that are wrong with Haiti right now were wrong when the U.S. had it. They favoured the rich in the hills & didn't do anything for the poor people below. So Haiti has been a mess for a long time.
       27. (Note: The U.S. troops who landed in Haiti in 1915 set in motion a 19-year occupation widely viewed as a brutal, racist operation, which virtually restored slavery, and set the stage for the military leaders now challenging the United States. "In a very real sense the mess in Haiti today is a direct result of that prior intervention," said political scientist John Peeler, coordinator of Bucknell University's Latin American Studies program in Pennsylvania. Among a thousand smaller indignities of the U.S. presence, the only Blacks allowed into the capital's American Club were waiters, according to Hans Schmidt in "The United States Occupation of Haiti, 1915 to 1934." Even the president of the U.S.-installed puppet government was excluded. "One of the main legacies of the occupation was the creation of the modern army that is now at the root of the crisis in Haiti," Alex Dupuy, author of "Haiti in the World Economy," said. Quickly disarming the decentralized Haitian forces, the United States created and trained a professional army that helped military occupation turn into military rule.)
       28. What can you expect from a country where the vast majority of the people worship Satan? Although Catholicism is the official religion, in practice the majority of the Haitian people follow Voodooism & African religions. So what do you expect God to let them have? If they want the Devil, if they want his way, He'll let them have the Devil! (Update: In mid-September thousands of American troops occupied Haiti, stripped the Haitian army of its weapons, took over several government ministries, & in many cases took over the functions of the police. Haiti's two top military men left for Panama, which offered them asylum, & at the moment U.S. forces are the de facto government of Haiti.)

The American Idea of Democracy!
       29. The American idea of democracy is, "You take it, like it or not!" They're saying, "We're going to give Haiti democracy whether they like it or not! We'll do it by dictatorial force of arms to give them democracy! We'll bring democracy by U.S. dictatorship, invading their country, telling them they have to have democracy!"


Israel Stealing Arab Lands
       30. Syria is offering Israel a peace treaty if they'll give up the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights are really quite a prize. For one thing, they overlook Northern Israel & are very important strategically; for another, they're very productive. They've got orchards & vineyards & irrigation, & of course Israel has greatly improved it since it took it from Syria in 1967. The Israelis are very good farmers & use modern agricultural methods, & think they're a lot better at it than the poor Arab farmers.--So Israel uses that as an excuse for grabbing more Arab lands in Palestine all the time. The Israelis say, "They're not using it to full capacity! We can irrigate it and we can make it produce!"
       31. (Note: Of course, if Israel finds it can't hold on to Arab land, it usually asks the U.S. for "reimbursement" for returning them to their rightful owners. Israel has asked the United States for some 5 billion dollars as it forges peace with Syria and breaks its addiction to the Golan Heights. The aid package, consisting entirely of military equipment and services, would escalate a build-up of arms in an already highly militarized Middle East. The Israeli daily Ha'aretz reported in May that U.S. arms and ammunition would be transferred to Israeli sites, from which Israel's military could draw, and that Israel would gain access to previously unavailable weaponry and intelligence.)
       32. Well, that's not the way the Palestinians think! They still figure it's their land no matter how they till it & whether it's very productive or not. But the Israelis figure if they can do a better job of it, they'll just move in.--And that's what they've done in lots of territory there in so-called Palestine; they've gone in & grabbed the land & built settlements where they weren't supposed to. They've grabbed the land that Palestinians have had clear title to for hundreds of years. The Israeli judges just nullify the title & give it to some Jews. They steal it!--Or push the Palestinians to poverty & then buy their land for very low prices, which is the same as stealing it.
       33. The Jews stole Palestine & changed the name to Israel with the excuse that it had been theirs two thousand years ago. They just came in & took it back from the poor Arabs, who at that time didn't have the power or the strength or the arms to fight them off. In fact, the Arabs befriended them at first when they came in, even helped them with their settlements & showed them how to till the land & what would grow & how to grow it & helped the kibbutzes.
       34. The Israelis occupy nearly all the land on the west side of the Jordan. That's why they're always talking about the West what? (Fam: West Bank.) The only trouble is they not only took over the whole West Bank, but all the land attached to the West Bank. They're pretty good at "banks" & they took it all!

Peace Between Jordan & Israel!
       35. You begin to feel the necessity for making peace as you grow old, especially men who have been through so much war, like Rabin & King Hussein. We'll see how long this peace lasts between Jordan & Israel. It's a great day, a red-letter day! In his speech, King Hussein referred to the fact that Arabs & Israelis were both Semites, & said the World's three great faiths are all Children of Abraham. That's a fact that probably shocked a lot of people!

Jews Divided over Peace with Palestinians

       36. One thing the Jews haven't stuck together on is over making peace with the Palestinians. They have riots over it & violent demonstrations.

Israelis Conquering the Palestinians by Settlement!
       37. Israel is so unjust in everything they do with the Palestinians. In one area the Israelis have taken up four-fifths of the land for illegal settlements in the Occupied Territories, where the Arabs can't get a fair case at all because they're under Israeli military courts & judges.
       38. The Israelis are conquering the Palestinians just by settlement. They're thieves & liars & deceivers! And most Christians agree with it & the churches promote it. They say it's a fulfilment of prophecy promised by the Bible, & they stick up for the stealing thieves! The government gives the Israelis full control of the water, utilities, etc. They've taken it all at the point of a gun, financed by the U.S.
       39. (Prays:) Some day, Lord, we'll solve all these seemingly insolvable problems in Thy wonderful Kingdom, but they will never be solved until You take over.
       40. I don't know how the Lord is going to please everybody, but He'll do the best He can, I guess. And those who don't like it & are displeased will just have to lump it--& of course those will be mostly the people who are wrong & are unwilling to yield to His rule.
       41. It's almost funny when you think about us ruling over Israel & the Arabs, trying to straighten them out during the Millennium. I don't know if I'd like that job very much, but I have some pretty good ideas about how it should be done. In that day they will all be our guests & will be treated equally, fairly, justly & mercifully. And neither will be able to have all they want, they'll have to learn to share. It will then be the Kingdom of God, neither Israel nor Palestine, & the saved believers will be its rulers, & God its Supreme Lord.

Pakistani Book Exposes ACs!
       42. I've been reading a book called {\ul \i The Cobweb}, which is a real blast at the ACs! The author is a Pakistani, & he uses the ACs' own quotations, all the terrible things they've said about what they're going to do to the World & to the Gentiles. It's all right there in their own writings--he gives the quotes & references, the works! You can't expose the ACs much more than by quoting what they have to say!
       43. I wouldn't want to be in this guy's shoes! He can thank God he lives in Pakistan, because Pakistan is what kind of country? (Family: A Muslim country!) Yes, and many Pakistanis are openly, violently against the ACs. Benazir Bhutto is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Her enemies ousted her for awhile & then she got back in, thank the Lord. I think she's a good woman & is trying to do what's right.
       44. This book is hotter than a firecracker! It's more like a stick of dynamite to the ACs, & I'm sure it's probably never been published in any country controlled by the ACs. The author even describes how one newspaper in London came out with some of this stuff & it immediately went out of business. The ACs control the money, so they put that newspaper out of business. That's the way they work.
       45. This book shows how the ACs work & what they really think & what they really say about the goyim. It shows you all about how they work & their set-up & their organisation. It's really an exposé of the ACs & how they are determined to climb their way to control of the World over they don't care how many dead bodies, like in World War II. He quotes them speaking frankly about their "king of the earth," how he's going to be the king of the ACs, their universal king, etc.--And you know who that is! (Fam: The Antichrist.)


Dangerous for Christians in North Africa
       46. Fanatical Muslims are becoming such a danger in North Africa that the Pope is worried about the Christians there. It's so bad in Algeria that some have suggested having the Christians there evacuated to Tunisia.

Korean Nuclear Arms Agreement!
       47. It was U.S. money that helped make an agreement with North Korea over their nuclear weapons. The U.S. offered to get North Korea a different kind of nuclear reactor, have freer trade & talk about recognition. It really paid off well & North Korea is much the better for it. Very smart. They held out & they got their blackmail, for which I don't blame them. They look on the U.S. as a great rich country which can afford to finance some of their projects. North Korea really came out on top, with the U.S. footing the bill. They also promised to make the Korean peninsula a nuclear weapons free zone. North Korea gave the U.S. almost everything it wanted, & the U.S. gave North Korea almost everything it wanted, so now both sides are happy. (Maria: It's quite hypocritical. The U.S. doesn't mind Israel having nuclear weapons, but they don't want North Korea having nuclear weapons. They're rather particular about who has them & who doesn't.) (Update: Talks with North Korea hit a hitch in September when Pyongyang asked Washington to pay two billion dollars as compensation for it to halt the construction of two huge new nuclear reactors, on top of four billion dollars needed to change its {\ul \i present} reactors so that they produce less weapons-grade plutonium. The North Korean government recently changed its mind & withdrew the demand, & struck a new deal after much haggling.)


Paul Hill--Unjustly Accused of IRA Bombing
       48. (Prays:) Give that judge in Britain wisdom, Lord! Give him guts to even defy these Systemites & these enemies. The British haven't got too good a reputation for justice lately; they've gotten quite a reputation for injustice.
       49. This Irish man Paul Hill was in prison for almost 15 years for something he didn't even do, along with three of his friends. He was just a little hippie at the time, & the British police beat & tortured him into signing a confession that he'd had a part in the IRA bombing of a pub, when he had nothing to do with it. He finally was willing to do anything just to get out of all that beating & torture, so he signed the confession.
       50. It took him almost 15 years of appeals & fighting to clear himself. Even after they caught a bunch of IRA guys who confessed that they were the ones who had done the bombing, they still wouldn't release him, & it took years before a retrial was ordered & their convictions were overturned.
       51. When he was first arrested, the British police made Paul Hill confess to another murder he didn't do, & they said they were going to hold him for that one; & he had a hard time trying to get out of that. But they finally did declare him innocent of that too. He's married to one of the Kennedy girls, & it took almost the whole Kennedy family & all their pressure to get him off the hook. About a dozen of them went to Ireland to put their appeal in & put the pressure on to try to get the judge to make a decent decision.
       52. It takes a little persuasion sometimes, just like the Lord's shown us that we need to use more persuasion & a little more pressure & protests & demonstrations & letters to congressmen & all kinds of officials, to really get in there & fight, fight, fight! The only thing the System understands is a fight. The whole System is fighting & violence & pressure. We don't believe in using violence, but the System seems to consider pressure, thank the Lord!
       53. (Note: Paul Hill & three other people known as the "Guildford Four" were jailed in 1975 for IRA bombings of two pubs in Britain. Hill & the rest of the Guildford Four were freed 15 years later, after the police evidence against them was discredited. Their release marked the first of several IRA convictions dating from the 1970s that were later overturned due to doubtful evidence, blotting the once-lofty reputation of British justice. In April an appeals court also overturned Hill's second murder conviction. Hill, 39, now married to a daughter of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy, argued that mistreatment by police led him to confess to participating in the kidnapping & murder of a former British soldier in Belfast.)

AC Influence in Serb War!
       54. Just think, all those Yugoslavians of various ethnic groups lived peacefully together until this monster, this beast, Milosevic, decided, when they wouldn't all surrender to his will, to start a campaign to conquer them by force. Isn't it horrible that this monster can do this, & Europe & America are letting him get away with it?
       55. The ACs have fought tooth & toenail against any interference in the war by the UN or countries friendly toward these little nations. Germany & other powerful friends could have helped stop Milosevic dead in his tracks, but the UN declared they must be neutral.
       56. It's really almost frightening to think that strong, well-armed countries like the Serbs, with the help of the ACs, can have their way in this day & age, & can just trample right over the rights & lives of the weak & get what they want by force & slaughter & massacre & horrible atrocities & so-called "ethnic cleansing"--which simply means kicking everybody out of a city or a village or a home who's not of Serbian nationality. Think of it!--Just going in & shooting them all & having their bodies carted away for mass burial so the Serbs can move in & have their house! It's worse than anything Hitler ever did, but you don't hear much about it because the Serbs are doing it with AC help & the ACs control the media. With Hitler you heard plenty about it, too much, because the ACs controlled the media then as well.
       57. So even in this "enlightened" modern age, bullies & aggressors & conquering nations can still trample over little countries & grab territories without any interference, except from the poor little people who live there, who fight with poor armaments & poor organisation & little or no food. And all the UN does to help them is ship them in food to keep them alive so they can be killed instead of starving. Such is the influence of the ACs & their power over politics today.
       58. They criticise Hitler for what he did to them, but they're helping tyrants today to slaughter small nations worse than Hitler did. It came to me real strong during the night how evil, wicked men have not changed a bit, & they're still getting their way around the World wherever the ACs back them, whether it's in Palestine or Bosnia, the U.S., Europe or elsewhere. It's the same wicked World as ever, only worse, thanks to the ACs.

Arms Suppliers in Yugoslavia!
       59. One of the UN soldiers the Family met in Yugoslavia said, "I never saw such modern weapons--somebody's making billions on this war!"--And you know who that would be! Remember, the Lord told me who's behind it, who inspired the Serbs to march in. (See ML #2735.) It's hard to imagine that there are people so vicious & avaricious that they want to make money off bloodshed, & they're happy to supply the arms that are shooting off the heads & limbs of innocent people.

The Serb Split
       60. The situation in Bosnia is really remarkable now. The Lord has divided the Serbs & there's now a split between Karadzic & the Bosnian Serbs, & Milosevic & the Serbs back home in Belgrade. They're now involved in a big feud. Milosevic with his Serbs of course have the big advantage because they've got the arms from the former Yugoslav army, & they have told the Bosnian Serbs led by bushy-haired Karadzic to submit to the UN peace plan--that is, to give half of Bosnia back to the Bosnian Muslims, whereas the Bosnian Serbs now hold 70%.
       61. Karadzic, the bushy-haired fellow who leads the Bosnian Serbs, has flatly refused both the UN & Milosevic, so Milosevic imposed an embargo on Karadzic & the Bosnian Serbs. In other words, the Bosnian Serbs, under Karadzic, are rebelling against greater Serbia, under Milosevic, & as a result Milosevic has laid an embargo on the Bosnian Serbs, refusing to send them armaments or anything. So the Serbs are now feuding between themselves. Instead of yielding to the peace agreement--which is very unfair to the Bosnian Croats & Muslims, of course--the Serbs in Bosnia are preparing for a bigger fight. They're refusing to yield to Belgrade & Milosevic, refusing to settle, & they want to carry on the war to keep what they've got.
       62. And believe it or not, the Bosnian Muslims also want to carry on the war, because they're getting loaded with arms now & even recruits from various Muslim nations. Even the U.S. is insisting that if there's not a settlement, the UN should lift the embargo so that the Bosnian Muslims can have the arms to defend themselves, which certainly seems to be a fair settlement. But the UN has refused to do this--the UN, of course, being controlled by the ACs, who want the Serbs to win, so they don't want to let the Muslims have arms to defend themselves. They want Milosevic to take over with his greater Serbia & to conquer all of former Yugoslavia.
       63. But the fly in Milosevic's ointment now is that one of his own men, Karadzic, who is ruling the Serbs that live in Bosnia, is telling them they're not going to accept the UN peace agreement, but that they're going to keep on fighting.--Which will no doubt mean that even if not officially, the friends of the Bosnian Muslims are going to unofficially lift the embargoes against their receiving arms. They're already being armed by their Arab friends & Muslim friends abroad.
       64. So it's quite a situation, & at least it has weakened Milosevic. It's split the Serbs, & it'll probably result in strengthening the Bosnian Muslims, who want to go ahead & fight now that they have a better chance of winning back their country with more arms, more friends & more recruits.


The Lubavitchers
       65. Rabbi Menachem Schneerson, who some of the Lubavitchers thought was going to be the messiah, dropped dead! Well, he didn't exactly drop dead, but he dropped, & then he died a few months later. The doctors tried to keep him alive with life-support machinery for as long as they could, because as long as he was still alive his people could still claim he was the messiah. Now that he's dead, I guess they're waiting for his resurrection.
       66. His death was quite a shock to all those people who believed he was going to be the messiah. It's pitiful! The trouble with most of the Jews is that they don't even read their own Scriptures, the Books of Moses & the Prophets. They're going to have to wait for the resurrection now to get back their messiah, & they're going to wait a hell of a long time for that guy. [DELETED] The Lord talks about people who claim they are Christ. Well, they say he never personally claimed to be the messiah, but he let them claim that he was the messiah.
       67. He was born in Russia, immigrated with his family to the U.S. & lived the rest of his life in Brooklyn, of all places. He was apparently a go-getter [DELETED] because he was a terrific organiser, powerful speaker & wise teacher. He knew not just the Torah, but the Talmud. The Jews aren't as crazy about the Torah as they are the Talmud. Do you remember the difference? What's the Torah? (Fam: The five books of Moses.) Yes, also called the Law, the real Bible. But as Jesus said, "They do make the law of God of none effect by their tradition."--Mk.7:13. And their tradition is what? (Fam: The Talmud.) Yes, it's a compilation of their various rabbis' commentaries explaining every little word & verse & line of the Torah--explaining it all away!
       68. So they don't really love the Word of God at all, they don't receive it. They didn't receive Moses, & the Lord said if they wouldn't believe Moses, neither would they receive somebody coming back from the dead!--Luk.16:31.
       69. (Note: Rabbi Menachem Schneerson was the first Lubavitcher rebbe [EDITED: "rabbi"] to receive a secular education. Under his leadership, the sect became the most outward-looking of the ultra-religious Hasidic groups, constructing giant Hanukkah menorahs in public places, proselytizing among less-pious Jews, televising Schneerson's speeches by satellite. Within the sect, Schneerson was regarded with awe. Followers consulted him on whom to marry, what career to pursue, where to live. Pictures of Schneerson appeared in Lubavitcher schools, offices and homes. On Sundays, Schneerson would hand out crisp dollar bills to people who would line up for hours to see him. The bills were supposed to be given to charity, but many kept them as souvenirs, putting a picture of Schneerson over George Washington's. He was the author of numerous volumes of commentary and was fluent in 10 languages. When he spoke--often for six hours at a time--his speeches were broadcast to Lubavitchers around the World and every word was published.
       70. (Until his death, after a long illness and a series of paralysing strokes, many in the 300,000-strong movement had hoped that Schneerson would reveal himself as the Messiah that Judaism had long waited for. New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind, whose district includes the Lubavitch community, said special counselling would be needed for some followers as they coped with the reality of Schneerson's death. "There has been a tremendous buildup of expectations. Thousands of people believe with all their hearts that he is the Messiah," Hikind said. At the cemetery where Schneerson was buried, young Torah scholars slept on coats and lawn chairs amid the tombstones in faithful vigil, expecting to witness the Messiah's emergence.
       71. (Schneerson never claimed to be the Messiah. In fact, when Lubavitchers in Israel first published pamphlets making that claim, he is said to have ordered the entire batch destroyed. But with increasing frequency over four decades, the rebbe repeated that the Messiah's arrival was imminent. The deadline was approaching: Jewish law says the Messiah must come soon.)

Near-death Experiences!
       72. There are lots of people who come back from the dead nowadays, & so far the vast majority of them testify to the truths of Heaven. Imagine those scientists trying to prove that near-death experiences aren't spiritual.--Man with his peanut brain! The modern scribes & Pharisees don't want to believe, they don't want to see. There are none so blind as those who will not see, who don't want to see, who don't want to believe, in other words. Maybe the Lord only gives those near-death experiences to the people who need them & deserve them, because almost all the ones we've heard about seem to be good experiences, & virtually no bad ones. After all, why would God want to bring back anybody from Hell?--Except perhaps as a warning to the wicked. But it's as though the Lord knows they will not believe, so why try?
       73. Those who have realistic near-death experiences can't help but believe that there's life after death. But the skeptics don't want to believe, & most of all, skeptics don't want to believe there's anything spiritual. How dumb can Man be?
       74. The Lord is bringing many back from the dead to testify, yet at the same time knowing that the unbelieving still won't believe. They refuse to believe. They don't want the truth, they don't want to know what's on the other side because they're on the Devil's side. It reminds me of what Ralph Underwood, the former head of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism told me. He said, "All those years that I was fighting God as an atheist I knew there was a God, but I hated Him."
       75. The ones who have been through it say you're judged, in a sense, as you enter in, you're given a life review & that sort of thing. (See ML#850.) Why do you think you're shot through a tunnel? (Fam: According to what Howard Pittman said in his testimony, it's to protect you.) (See Christian Digest 13.) Yes, because the whole atmosphere & space between here & Heaven is infested with those germs of the Devil--his demons. Of course, we have our Angels to protect us too, thank the Lord, but the Lord has apparently created the "tunnel of death" to shoot you straight up to the heavenlies as fast as possible without interference from all the demons & devils that would otherwise be attacking you on the way.

Radical Fanatical Louis Farrakhan!
       76. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, is a real radical, fanatical extremist. He's refused to compromise with the moderate Blacks or to go along with the mainstream. He's come out & blatantly declared what he believes as a real rebel & fanatic, condemned by the System & the mainstream--even by many mainstream Blacks & the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) & all the rest of them. I just read a history of him, his whole life in one page. He was born in Boston, which is a city of culture & education, & he got quite a good education, university degrees, etc. He's no dumb bunny, he knows what the score is & he knows the System, having gone through some of their education.
       77. As soon as he heard Elijah Muhammad speak he knew that's where he belonged & that that's what he wanted! Elijah Muhammad was the head of the Black Muslim movement in the U.S., and Farrakhan was very loyal to him. When Malcolm X criticised Elijah Muhammad for having several wives & 21 children, Farrakhan condemned Malcolm X, not Elijah Muhammad. It shows that Elijah Muhammad was more of a rebel & nonconformist than Malcolm X. Although Malcolm X was supposed to be such a radical, it turned out that his leader was even more radical, at least sexually. We've had that experience quite a few times too, where it turned out that we were a little too radical for some of our followers.
       78. So dear Farrakhan stuck with the leader & defended him & didn't condemn him for it, whereas Malcolm X did.--And who won? (Fam: Malcolm X is no more.) He lost--he lost his life, in fact. Some people even blame Farrakhan for the death of Malcolm X, but he denies that he had anything to do with it. Well, when people know that somebody's criticising their leader, if they're loyal to the leader, naturally they're going to be against that & they're not going to appreciate it. So apparently somebody who didn't appreciate it decided that Malcolm X had better be gotten rid of. And from then on Farrakhan took his place & went on with Elijah Muhammad, refusing to compromise with the moderates & the mainstream.
       79. Elijah Muhammad's son, however, joined the ranks of the moderates, the compromisers like the NAACP & others. They're very Systemite, you know, & as a result they're losing out & going downhill. People think that by cooperating with the System & compromising it's going to help them get ahead. It sure didn't help us any; in fact, we didn't! We refused to!
       80. I'll never forget the time in Huntington Beach when that young girl reporter put us in the paper with a picture of me shaking my fist at the System & saying, "We're to the churches what the Communists are to the Capitalists!" Whew! She put that in headlines in the local paper! I've often been called a fanatic & a radical, & some of our people have even left us because I'm too much of a rebel, too fanatical, & I have refused to compromise my convictions to be accepted by the mainstream & the moderates, etc.
       81. It's a funny thing about the people who go along with the mainstream & the moderates, you don't hear much about them! Who are they? Can you name any? Do you know any famous men who did that? (Fam: No, you never hear about them.) No, you don't. It's like the evangelist at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, A. P. Gouthey, said when the two old ladies told him not to swear & cuss when he was preaching. He said, "Ladies, the World's heard about me, but who the Hell ever heard about you?" The church people would say I was cussing when I'd say things like, "What the hell?" & "God damn them" & "Devil" & whatnot. I use pretty strong language sometimes, but it's for a reason, & the Bible uses it too. It's a pretty radical book--very extremist, very fanatical. It's just the churches that have toned it down & tried to explain away all the radical things King David & others said. And they really are horrified!
       82. They've even given a theological name to all of the Psalms of David where he talks about what he's going to do to his enemies, how he hates them & God hates them & He's going to kill them, etc. They're called the Imprecatory* Psalms, & they don't exactly approve of those particular Psalms! David was too much of a fanatic, too radical, too extreme! "You shouldn't use that kind of language!" Yes, well, the World's heard about David, but who the Hell ever heard of them? *(invoking evil)
       83. If the Devil can't stop you, he's always trying to calm you down & say, "Be more careful. Don't be so extreme. Don't be such a fool & fanatic." It reminds me of those sandwich boards some of our folks used to wear while out witnessing & picketing in Huntington Beach. On one side it said, "I'm a fool for Christ's sake," & on the other side it said, "Whose fool are you?" So you've got your choice! There's no place in between, you're either a fool for the Lord or you're a fool for the Devil & the World & the System.
       84. Louis Farrakhan is uncompromising & he challenges the enemy & challenges the Jews! When Jesse Jackson was quoted by the New York Times as calling the Jews "hymies" & New York "Hymie Town," he kicked up a storm of protest, even though New York is full of Jews!--But they made him back down & apologise, something that Farrakhan would never do. So what do you hear about Jesse Jackson nowadays? (Fam: Not much.) But do you hear about Farrakhan? (Fam: Yes!)
       85. There are a lot of people who have criticised me down through the years too. Well, the World has now heard about me, but who the Hell ever heard of them? How many of you know the names of some of the authors & critics who wrote whole books against us? A recent report I read talked about Enroth, the first guy that ever wrote a book against us. He was an Evangelical, a professor at Westmont College & Seminary. I refuse to call them seminaries because they don't propagate the seed. They don't sow the seed & witness & propagate the Gospel. That's a seminary. The only real seminary is the disciples of Jesus of the past & present who go everywhere scattering the seed. The rest are a dead cemetery back in some Bible college.
       86. So this guy Enroth--he is enraged & in wrath against us, that's for sure--a leading evangelical theologian, outstanding professor with a string of degrees, wrote the first book against us when we were still in Huntington Beach. Well, for many years now while we've been making news & evangelising the World, everybody forgot about him. But now he's written a book attacking the Jesus People. The Jesus People was that part of the Jesus Revolution that compromised, joined the church & went along with the mainstream, & you almost never heard of them again. How long has it been since you've heard of the Jesus People, except historically? Well, we have heard of one guy who has begun reviving the Jesus People movement & joined the Evangelical Association. They say he has a group of about 500 people in Chicago called Jesus People USA. Some of them even live communally.
       87. But they don't live like us, they don't forsake all--all their things & jobs--& live together like we do. We're the only worldwide Protestant communal Christian society in the World today. The Catholics have been doing this for hundreds of years, forsaking all & living together communally in their convents & monasteries. The sad thing about it is that many of them separate themselves completely from the World & live totally separate, spending all their time in Bible study & prayer, & largely praying for the dead. Of course, if that meant church people, I would say that was a good cause! You can't find people much deader than church people! But that's not the kind of dead they're praying for--they're praying for dead Catholics, etc.
       88. So the Catholics got the right idea about forsaking all & living together & sharing all things, but they didn't do anything with it. Most of them haven't gone out & really tried to convert the heathen. About the only ones who did have been the Franciscans, the Dominicans, & the Jesuits. The Jesuits have been a very strong, active & militant order of Catholics who have become great missionaries. They started out as only local laymen. They were not clergy, they were not priests, they were originally militant Catholic laymen who took a very strong vow to evangelise the World & to try to make Catholics out of everybody. There are a few parts of the vow that I wouldn't even want to quote to you, a pretty violent oath against Protestants.
       89. It was a movement of Catholic laymen. The church was being defeated by the Protestants & these laymen were sick & tired of it, so they rose up & vowed to fight the Protestants in the 1500s & to go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature--their Gospel, anyhow--& they did! And they evangelised all the way across Europe to the New World. They evangelised the Indians of South America & Mexico & did a pretty good job of it, building churches everywhere. They'd have probably gotten a lot further if they hadn't built churches, but the Indians were used to having temples & places of worship, & it seems like people just insist on having some kind of a place to worship in & they wind up worshipping the place!
       90. I remember a Catholic church we visited in Washington, Pennsylvania, a big beautiful temple, & right over the door it had engraved in beautiful old English letters, carved into concrete to stay there forever, "This is the very gate of Heaven." Humph! They're going to be kind of ashamed of that & they may scrape it off in the Millennium when they find out that Heaven has other gates a lot more beautiful than theirs. But this is the idea, they want you to think that they're the only ones.
       91. I like the Catholic churches, I like a lot of things they do. I like their communal societies, if they'd only get out & do something. They have a few who do. There's some society of Sisters who wear modern clothing & get out in public & witness. It takes the women! And with the Jesuits it took the laymen. The church wasn't doing anything, the priests weren't doing anything, the monks weren't doing anything, the nuns weren't doing anything. They were all just supporting themselves & living alone & praying. It sounds very good, but if you don't get out & obey & try to change the World, what good does it do?
       92. I like this present Pope, he's really trying to change the World! God bless him! It may not be for all the right reasons, but I think he's a sincere man & he sounds like he really loves the Lord. I'm sorry he broke his leg & dislocated his shoulder & busted his hip, etc. He should've been a little more careful & prayerful & had people helping him. That's one reason I'm extra careful now, because if you fall & break a bone at my age, you may never get out of bed. He had quite a fall for a man his age--the same age as me.
       93. So anyway, back to Farrakhan. He worked his way up, but not by blending in with the mainstream or keeping his head down. He kept his head & his convictions up. You know the famous Japanese adage, "The nail that sticks its head up gets pounded down." That's a fact, they sure try to, but I just refuse to go down. Praise the Lord?--And Farrakhan has refused to go down too. He refuses to apologise to the Jews, & he especially refuses to apologise for what other people say, some of his spokesmen. Why should he apologise for them?
       94. And he's worked his way up & he is now the leader of the Nation of Islam. He's a radical & a fighter & a go-getter! Praise God! So Farrakhan is on the rise, & the Nation of Islam has now passed up the Black Muslims that were started by his spiritual father, Elijah Muhammad, & which has now almost gone into oblivion. So Farrakhan is going strong & is becoming the leader of the Blacks, & many Blacks love him!
       95. They like a man who speaks the truth! They like a man who speaks with conviction about what he believes & acts like it! I think that's what sold those hippies in California on me. They knew I meant it. They knew I believed it. They didn't believe me because I believed the Bible, they believed the Bible because they believed me! With the Church Christians I always had to prove to them that I believed the Bible--with the hippies I had to prove to them that I was the one to believe in & thereby they'd believe the Bible. They'd take my word for it. Well, Farrakhan is about the same kind of guy. He's got a lot of guts & a lot of fearlessness & he's a radical. And if he doesn't get shot next, he can be thankful, because he has a lot of enemies. The Whites hate him, but a lot of Blacks do too.
       96. The NAACP is going downhill & so is the former group that Elijah Muhammad started (which they now call the American Muslim Mission), because they all tried to compromise & be mediocre & go along with the mainstream. Some people think that's the way to get ahead, you know? Like my first wife said to me, "You're never going to get anywhere without the churches." Well, if I had to have the churches I never would've gotten anywhere! But we're now famous the World over & accomplishing a great worldwide work because we rebelled against the churches & churchianity & we condemned them for their sins & their failures & their big church buildings where they were bunched up not getting the job done.
       97. Farrakhan's doing sort of the same thing, & I admire him, I like him! He's really a charmer. When he started out, even though he had a degree, he went into music. His father made him learn classical violin. But when he was young he became a calypso singer. How you can play the violin to calypso, I don't know. But he was called the Charmer & he was really charming.
       98. Recently after all this hullabaloo over his attitude towards Jews & being accused by the Jews of being anti-Semitic, he put on a whole big symphonic concert with him playing a violin concerto by Mendelssohn--a Jew, whose grandfather was a Jew & whose father rebelled against his religion & became a Christian. So, of course, Mendelssohn was a Christian, and I'm sure his playing Mendelssohn's music didn't please the Jews too much! Farrakhan thought because Mendelssohn was originally a Jew that maybe that would make the Jews happy, but that made them even madder! They said he desecrated Mendelssohn. They don't like Mendelssohn anyhow because he was a Christian.
       99. (Note: Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, said "Playing the music of a dead convert [EDITED: "Mendelssohn's parents converted from Judaism to Christianity"] will not repair the depth of hurt, insult and damage that Rev. Farrakhan has spewed." Asked about his frequent criticisms of Jews, Farrakhan told Newsweek: "Look at me like a Jewish mother who may spank her child not because she hates the child. She wants the child to take a correct course. If I have spoken words that hurt, the question comes right down to this: Did I speak the {\ul \i truth}?") (God bless him!)
       100. Farrakhan has become a preacher, & boy, he's got the charm of some of those preachers. I've heard some charismatic preachers, but he's really got it! He's got a big smile, charm, he'll be so charming & smooth & then all of a sudden--boom--his words almost blow you to pieces! I like him! I'm that way. I used to be sweet & charming too, once upon a time, & then I'd suddenly drop a bomb & blow people away. But the hippies loved it! The madder I got, the more they loved it! I'd jump on the table & shake my fist & rant & rave, & they'd just laugh & applaud, & the more radical I was, the more they liked it. And that's the way it is with Farrakhan.
       101. I like him & I'd like to get closer to him & let him know that we love him & that we agree with him on a lot of things. (Prays:) Help dear brother Farrakhan, Lord. I can't blame him much for being hard on White people considering the way the Blacks have been treated, but help him not to be too hard & help him to realise that there are some that like him & appreciate him & love him & love them. Help us to get close to those who will recognise it & see it & know it & thank us for it. Praise the Lord!--In Jesus' name. Amen!

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