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\qr DO 2943 10/92

1. Thank You, Lord, for bringing us to the end of another wonderful day, & for all that was accomplished. Bless & keep us & help us to sleep well again. Thank You for how quiet it's been here & how well we've slept, with no more real bad coughing spells. We're sure it's been as a result of the Family's prayers, because we don't know what it is about this place that's any quieter or better than where we were before. You know best, Lord, that changes & a challenge are good for me & they help to keep me going.
2. Thank You for all the good exercise we've been getting here. Thank You for keeping us safe & secure here in spite of all the possible dangers. Help us to get this task done of building Mama's little closet room where she can have quiet & do whatever she needs to do. Give her continued strength & faith & joy in her work, Lord. She's so courageous, has so much faith & is so cheerful in spite of her afflictions. She works so hard & is so brave. Help us all to be a greater encouragement to her & a help so she can do this wonderful work she's doing for Thee. Thank You Jesus!
3. Although she's been squeezed by this affliction, drops of honey flow out of her mouth, wonderful Letters & advice & instruction for Thy children. You've really inspired her, Lord! Her ministry has been greater since this affliction than it was before. We realise that suffering makes us sweeter & squeezes us a little bit, Lord, to be what You want us to be when we cry to Thee for help. But Lord, when it is Thy Will, please deliver her so she won't have to suffer so much. Thank You Lord!
4. Bless & keep us all strong & well & able to serve in all of our very needed capacities. Thank You Jesus! Bless this little cat that comes by to visit us. He must feel a good spirit of love here or he surely wouldn't keep coming back. Bless & keep him safely & help him to have a good home. Help his owners to be good to him.
5. Thank You, Lord, that You've been able to keep us safely here so we can enjoy this change & relaxation & better sleep. Please help the folks we left behind not to feel we've deserted them, but to know that we still love them, we still need them, & they are still a great blessing to us. We're just on the move, always changing, Lord, & liking change. We're profiting from it, benefitting, because it keeps us adaptable & able to take changes, whereby we can learn many things.
6. Without changes we would be too self-confident & too sure of ourselves & our environment. If everything was the same & never changed, we would feel perfectly secure, as many people do, & even feel they can do without You! They are products of their environment. They seem to think their environment made them & that they are perfectly secure because they are in the same home, same school, with the same teachers, same jobs or whatever, Lord, so they don't look to You as we do. The only thing we've had to look to for years has been You, the only thing that doesn't change. "All things change but Jesus never, glory to Your name!" Thank You Jesus!
7. We believe this has strengthened us spiritually, that You have been the only unchangeable thing in our lives! Our homes, our cities, our jobs, everything has always been constantly changing, but we're thankful, Lord, that You never change! You've always been the same stabilising influence in our lives, the One Who has never changed & is always the same & always there to be counted on to remain the same & be our stabiliser. You are the only thing we really need to cling to, & You remain stable, unchanging, always reliable, & we can always count on You. Thank You Lord!
8. Thank You, Lord, that these changes have taught us to rely on You as our only security. We know something about change must do us good or You wouldn't let us keep changing!--Especially me, Lord, I seem to have a need for it, a yen for it, more than some people. But thank You for the dear people who humour me & go along with me & are willing to adapt to these changes themselves in order to help me & please me, like You've helped Mama to do so much. It's been hard on her, but she's always borne it & come through shining, courageous, brave, cheerful, strong & faithful, such an inspiration! Thank You that even for her, for whom changes are difficult, You have turned these burdens into blessings & she's always come through & come around to liking our new situations.
9. It seems like all the changes You've given us have always been changes for the better! You've never taken away one Home unless You've given us another that was better in some way. You've never taken away one job unless You've given us something better, always improving & always making things better for us, giving us the desires of our hearts because we delight ourselves in Thee. (Psa.37:4.) You've cast our lines in pleasant places & kept us safe & secure, no matter what the conditions are.
10. Help us to be safe & secure here, & to be careful & prayerful & cautious under these new circumstances. We know that You'll protect us & keep us. Make us a blessing to the people we have contact with.
11. Thank You Jesus for the marvellous success You've given our Family! Thank You for the tremendous witness they've been & for the millions of souls won to Thee! Thank You Jesus! We know that's why the Devil's so mad & is attacking us, because You're causing even the wrath of Man to praise Thee, & causing these attacks to make us even stronger soldiers & greater witnesses as we let our light so shine before men that they may glorify Thee, Our Father in Heaven! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
12. In Jesus' name, bless us here, keep us & make us a blessing as we continue to produce the food that feeds Thy sheep! Thank You Lord! Out of that little cubicle that Mama is going to work in shall pour forth rivers of living water, as her Letters have become more & more, to feed thousands around the World. Nobody could dream that so much could come from so little! These boys have set up a little "grainery" for Mama that's going to grind the grain that will feed thousands, yea, millions, around the World! And thank You for the nice little corner You've given me too, Lord, to do Thy work. Bless all the things that go through our hands & make them a blessing to Thy Work.
13. Help us, Lord, to just live each day, one day at a time, & not fret ourselves for tomorrow. Each day is enough, & we know not what the morrow will bring forth. You said, "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof."--Mat. 6:34. We know that every day has a little evil, a few problems, but we thank Thee there are so few & that our victories are so numerous, our joys are so numerous, our pleasures are so numerous, our health is so good & You're blessing us all. Thank You Jesus!
14. Help Mama's eyes, Lord. We know how through this squeezing of the fruit You've gotten sweeter juice & she's written better Letters than ever, & through this trial she's been a greater blessing to others in holding up the standard of courage & faith & love for all the rest of the Family! Thank You Jesus!--In spite of her affliction. When many others have afflictions too, she's demonstrating how to get the victory over them & how to be an even greater blessing.
15. Thank You for helping us get this area ready for her to work in where she can be assured of privacy & quiet & be alone with You. You said to "enter into thy closet & shut the door & pray to thy Father which heareth in secret, that He may reward thee openly."--Mat.6:6. May that be true of this Home, Lord, as we go in each time & shut the door, to realise there are great things going on in here that are going to affect the whole World, that people don't realise. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
16. Thank You for this wonderful little family we have right here to care for us & encourage us & inspire us & make it possible for us to live here. Work out whatever You're working out through this change & through our living here, Lord, & do work & do with us accordingly so that we will do even better than we have before & accomplish more, in Jesus' name, amen!

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