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DAD'S GLORIOUS GRADUATION!        DFO 2946 Comp.10/94
--And How We'll Carry On!
(Compiled from the MO Letters by Apollos.)

       (This Letter is a compilation of quotations from Dad's Letters on the subject of his Heavenly Homegoing.)

       1. IT'S DONE! It's finished! I've fought a good fight, I've kept the faith. I finished the course. Thank the Lord for the treasures laid up for me! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       2. (Prophecy:) "For all these [EDITED: "trying & sorrowful"] things shall pass away & shall seem like a dream in the night seasons, when I have received [EDITED: "David"] into the glories of the everlasting Kingdom & the joys that shall be forever! I shall recompense unto him all of this pain & all of these sorrows, & the things that he hath lost shall be preserved forever in the Heavenly Kingdom that I have laid up in store for him where he shall rejoice forever!
       3. "And the former things shall be no more & forgotten. The pain, the sorrow, the death, the dying, the tears shall all be wiped away, & there shall be no more pain nor crying nor sorrow, for all these things shall be forgotten in the glories that are to come!" Thank You Jesus!
       4. "If thou couldst see that which is in store for thee, the things I have prepared for thee, if thou couldst feel that which I feel for thee, the joy thou shouldst know in time to come, thou shouldst be overjoyed for that which is to come! For thou shalt experience joys which thou hast never known! This shall be a compensation unto thee & a recompense, & thou shalt be rewarded!--For it hath not entered into thy mind, neither hath thine eye seen, nor hath thine ear heard, the glories that shall be, that I have laid up for thee, My Own, My beloved, My beloved one!" Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

"Death"?--Or Eternal
       5. For us who love the Lord, death is our relief, release, freedom, promotion, graduation & passing on to a better realm, the next step, the next grade! Our spirits are immediately freed to go to be with the Lord, so it's not really death for us in the same way it is for those who aren't saved. We don't die in the sense that they die.
       6. That's why I don't even like to call it "dying" or "death!" I prefer to call it graduation, passing on, or promotion. It's our graduation!--And just like the World celebrates when someone graduates from school or college, so we should rejoice when someone we love graduates from this old life. They've finished their schooling in this earthly grade & are passing on to the next grade!--The Heavenly grade!
       7. It's just like passing from one room to another, or simply going upstairs, & as you have read in testimonies from those who passed on & were allowed to come back, it's a very beautiful experience for those who know & love the Lord. So I don't even like that word "die" because He Himself said we don't really die! It's not death, we don't die! The Lord said it! "Whosoever liveth & believeth in Me shall never die!" (Jn.11:26). In other words, if you're really alive in the Spirit, "he that liveth & believeth in Me shall never die!" And the Lord also says, "If a man keep My saying, he shall never see death" (Jn.8:51).
       8. So why should we call it death? It's not dying! That's contrary to the Word! Let's call it graduation, glorification, exhilaration, exaltation, ecstasy, when we will explode into the terrific pleasure of the Heavenly World, the World of the Spirit! That's going to be our final great tremendous explosion of the Spirit into the Next World, our graduation! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah!
       9. The Lord delivers us out of the very jaws of death. "O grave, where is thy victory? Death, where is thy sting?" (1Cor.15:55). We pass through it, but without sting--through the grave with victory for us, not the grave! Thank You Lord! Our death will be a victory over the grave & a victory over sin & a victory over the Devil!--A glorious victory & a glorious entry into the heavenlies! Thank You Jesus!
       10. It's our Homegoing, our graduation day, our promotion day! It's when the Lord releases you & relieves you of your present responsibilities, & when you go Home to your reward. Sudden death, sudden glory! Like my Grandmother said when she died, it's your Coronation Day!
       11. She had a beautiful death, really a graduation! She turned to my Grandfather, slipped off her rings & she put them in his hand, as though she didn't want anything that tied her to this World anymore. Everyone around her was weeping, & she said, "Why are you crying? Don't cry! This is my graduation day! Earth recedes, Heaven opens! This is my Coronation Day!" Hallelujah! Praise You Lord!
       12. (Tongues & weeping:) "So shall I kiss your father in his day!" Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! So don't be sorry for me when I go. If anything, I'll be sorry for you!
       13. The minute I die, beloved, that is my promotion! For a Christian, I believe it's the happiest event in your whole life!--The end! Finito!--At last, out of this fleshly carnal body with all of its woes & aches & pains & troubles & problems & weariness & sicknesses & disease & concerns, problems, hard work & sufferings! It's all over!
       14. You've done it, you've made it! Thank God! It's behind you. That's it! Never again! Heaven forever! Happiness eternally! Total glory! Sudden death, sudden glory! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       15. It's like the spiritual climax, the orgasm of our life! I'm not going to die, I'm going to have an orgasm, a spiritual explosion, that'll explode me into the Next World, out of this World!--A genuine out-of-the-body experience! So praise God!
       16. When we die we are going to have a wonderful spiritual orgasm as we enter the Spirit World, & we are going to explode, really explode! Death & our union with the Lord is going to be an explosive ending to this life & the exciting beginning of another! That's what death is going to be for us!
       17. "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"--1Cor.15:55. Death has no sting for us! It'll be glorious! All the deaths of the great saints of the Bible were glorious, & some saw Heaven open! (Acts 7:56.) It was a tremendous release & explosion! Thank You Jesus! That's your Coronation Day, when you explode into the Next World!
       18. (Prophecy:) "Oh what a day that shall be when thou shalt join with Me in My Kingdom to reign with Me for evermore! Thou shalt have such joy that thou hast never known & thou shalt see such glories that thou hast never seen, & thou shalt know that it has been worth it all, all that thou hast suffered & all that thou shalt yet go through!" Praise the Lord!

"The Happiest Day of My Life!"--Rejoice with Dad!
       19. (To Maria:) It will be beautiful, Honey, don't worry! It will be beautiful, the death of your father! It will be a great day, a wonderful day, a day to rejoice & to glorify God for His faithfulness to deliver your King! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah!
       20. That'll be the happiest day of my life! I know it might be a little bit sad for some of you, at least at first, but you'll get over it. The moment of death for a Christian is a joyful relief of release, a graduation & promotion. School is out & all over & you finally made it!
       21. Of course, in the World they don't even like to think about it. It's supposed to be very sad; funerals are so sad. They sing dirges, sad songs, they cry, they weep. My Lord, don't ever do that for me, please!
       22. I've told you the story about when my childhood friend Lamont got killed in World War II, & my Mother had a dream of him walking up this long avenue of beautiful trees where he met his sister. He said, "How come everybody else is crying, & you guys aren't crying?" And his sister said, "We look at things differently Up Here." (See ML #818:22-38.) So don't look at my death in the worldly, sorrowful, unHeavenly way; try to see it as I'll see it! I'll be free at last, hallelujah!
       23. Why should you cry, why be sad, why play sad music? When my uncle died I had such a funeral as I think Miami, Florida, has never seen! They thought I was crazy! We clapped & we sang & we practically danced & we just had a great time, we had testimonies & everybody was happy!
       24. Afterwards the funeral director shook his head & said, "I have never in my life seen a funeral like that!--Everybody happy & singing lively songs & acting like you're happy that he's gone!" I said, "Well, we are! He's gone to Heaven! Why be sad? All his troubles are over! We ought to all be happy, right?" So, please do that for me, will you?
       25. I think for a Christian, the time of death should be a happy time. You should have rejoicing, sing happy songs, be happy, amen? Please, talk about the good things, & praise & thank God that I once lived, & that I still live, amen?
       26. Don't feel sorry for those who go on. I know we do feel a little sorry for ourselves sometimes because we have lost them from here & we miss them & we miss their smiling, shining, encouraging faces & help, fellowship & love. But surely you wouldn't feel so sorry for yourself that you'd want them to have to come back to this old World & all of its troubles & sorrows & hardships & hard work just to please you & cheer you up a bit, would you? That would be pretty selfish, wouldn't it, to want them to leave those marvellous Heavenly places?
       27. You can't feel sorry for anybody that goes There! "We sorrow not as those who have no hope" (1Th.4:13). In the World's funerals, people are crying for themselves, not for the departed!--We ought to be rejoicing for them! I kind of go along with the concept that some Muslims have: They cry when a baby's born, & they laugh & dance when people die!--Ha!
       28. So when it happens, please don't cry for me. Of course, I wouldn't blame those of you who've lived with me all these years if you weep a little bit because I'm gone & I'm not with you personally in body anymore. But who knows?--Maybe you'd get more on the ball if I'd get behind you spiritually & haunt you a little bit! Ha!

Dad's Having a
Time! Praise the Lord!
       29. So I sure hope you don't cry too much, because I'm going to be having a great time where I'm going! It's a beautiful place to be, full of beautiful people having a beautiful time! And they're trying to help you all they can with their prayers & with all the help they can, thank the Lord!
       30. Everything in Heaven is as wonderful as all of our delightful experiences & fellowship & love on Earth, only it's much more magnified, multiplied, amplified! The life hereafter for us, God's saved children, is like an extension or an amplification, a multiplication of the joy & the thrilling, exciting lives we lead on Earth! Our present happiness is multiplied many times over!
       31. And just think, I'll never be sick again! I won't hurt anymore, I won't have any more troubles! That's the best healing of all! When you die, that's the final healing!--Permanent healing forever! Thank You Jesus!
       32. I will have gone on to be with the Lord & all of our Family & friends who have gone on before. I'll be rid of this old body, & I'll be absolutely free!--Out of our enemies' reach forever! Praise the Lord! So how can you cry or be sad? I won't have to be sick anymore! I won't have to hurt anymore & I won't have the threat of being killed anymore. Our enemies can't bother me anymore & nobody can hurt me anymore because I'll be in my spiritual body, my new model!
       33. And of course, I'm sure looking forward to actually seeing the Lord & meeting Him visibly firsthand! I shall see Him as He is, & be literally like Him, face to face (1Jn.3:2), actually experiencing the fullness of the realities of God & the World to come! Hallelujah! Although, because I've known Him & had His Spirit in my heart & felt His presence for all these years, I don't think it's going to be too much different. I think I'm going to feel pretty much at home with Him when we meet, just like old friends, as we have already been friends for many years, thank the Lord!
       34. I'll try to find out all I can & let you know all I can. I've got so many questions. I've been storing them up in my head, a lot of things I want to ask when I get There.--Questions that the Lord didn't answer here, perhaps because we didn't really need to know the answers here, but I think He's going to satisfy our curiosity. That's going to be the next grade in our education, so I'm looking forward to it!
       35. I know I'm going to be spending a whole lot of my time asking questions of all those guys Up There, "Well, what about this? Now Paul, why did you say that? I don't agree with that. Now Moses, how come you did that? David, how could you do such a thing!" We're going to have a lot of time to get acquainted, hallelujah! So I'll be having a good time!
       36. And I'll be praying for you & working for you all I can in the Halls of Heaven to promote your cause, the Lord's cause, amen? I believe it! I know it! And I hope God lets me stick around & help you like Abrahim helps me, thank the Lord, because he's been a big help. I hope to be able to haunt you! Ha, ha! Hallelujah! We'll become ghosts like the Angels of God & we'll be more powerful & able to accomplish even more than ever!
       37. I also hope to help'm get our part of the City ready for you! I've got to make sure He's got plenty of room Up There for all of you! Now that I know what kind of a place you like, I'll fix it up right! I think He loves you enough He's going to be willing to give me just about anything I want There just like He does down here! Thank You Lord!

The Lord's Perfect Timing!
       38. The Lord told me a long time ago that He would not suffer me to be cut off before my time. Way back when I only had four children, when I was around 30 years old, it was explicitly prophesied over me that I would not be cut off before my time. So I've always felt very reassured that "my times are in His hands" (Psa. 31:15), & that I'll be here as long as the Lord wants me to be & as long as you really need me. But I know the day's coming when the Lord will want you to stand on your own feet.
       39. My prayer has always been that the Lord would keep me here as long as you really need me. Of course, when I finally go you may think, "Well, Lord, You didn't keep him here long enough, we needed him longer!" Well, I'm sure they felt the same when Paul went & Jesus went & every other Prophet or Patriarch or leader went.
       40. There's a time for everything, & because He promised me, "I'll not suffer thee to be cut off before thy time," I know that I won't go until then. Of course, the Devil has tried to cut me off a lot of times, but he couldn't touch me, thank God! So when I go, you can be encouraged that it was the Lord's perfect time, when He knew I was ready, & when He knew you were ready. Praise the Lord!

Who Will Lead the Family?
       41. Of course, the big question a lot of people wonder about is, "Who is going to lead us after you're gone?" Well, after Jesus died, what did they do? Who became & who was always the true leader of the Church?--The Holy Spirit, right? So there's no problem. Praise the Lord!
       42. Jesus will still lead you after I'm gone. Don't worry about it. The same One that's at the Head of us right now is still going to be the Head of you, & that's Jesus! If you've got your eyes on me as being the only head, God help you, you are in a hell of a mess, because when I die you're going to flunk out like some of the disciples did after Jesus was crucified!
       43. "Yeah, yeah," some may say, "sure, Jesus is going to be the leader.--But through whom?" Well, who is the most logical instrument that God is going to use when I am gone? Who of all our people around the World would you naturally, normally & spiritually expect & look to for guidance when I'm gone?--Maria, of course! The Lord has even said so several times, that she is going to become a great Prophetess of the Lord!
       44. Besides Jesus, she has always been the power behind the throne! She's the one who got me started, she's the one who got me rolling, she's the one who had the faith in me to get going in the first place!
       45. She's the one who had the faith in me in the beginning, that I could do whatever I was supposed to do. So if it was her faith to begin with, what do you have to worry about even after I leave? She has worried about it sometimes & told me, "I can't even remember anything, I don't know any Scripture."--And I've replied, "Listen, every time something comes up, God gives you a Scripture!"
       46. Let me tell you, she knows the Word!--She thinks she doesn't know it because she hasn't consciously memorised a lot of it, but she has sat in church all her life & listened to all those sermons & read the Bible all her life & taught Bible School, etc.--As well as been with me all these years. So don't worry!--She knows the Word!
       47. (Prophecy:) "And the Word will come to her & be quickened to her ...(Tongues)... in greater power & with greater signs & greater wonders than even under her Father!" Isn't that beautiful? You ought to be praising the Lord!
       48. She will seek the Lord, & God will manifest Himself! Do you realise what God said just now? Do you realise that? God is going to do greater & mightier works under her than He has under me!

David's Mantle Falls upon Maria
       49. When I'm gone, the Lord's going to cast His mantle & the anointing on her, & she's going to be able to continue to give you the Word. I'm sure that my mantle will fall on her & she'll continue to lead & guide & counsel you right on through until you all join me, praise the Lord!
       50. My mantle & His Spirit will fall on Maria then. She's a Prophetess of God, she has been since the beginning. It was her messages in tongues that I first interpreted that got us started. She's kind of squelched now because I'm still around & I kind of outshine her, because the anointing is on me & the mantle is on me, but when I go, like Elijah, I'll cast it on her.
       51. She's my Elisha, & she'll carry on right where I left off, there won't be any difference! You'll still be getting the Words, you'll still be hearing the Words of the Prophet. We've got enough stacked up to last you till the Lord comes, & it's all still good stuff! You haven't heard it all yet! And she'll get new things from the Lord too, because she's in touch with the Lord. She loves to hear from the Lord, & if she can't hear through me, I'm sure she'll get it straight from the Lord.
       52. (To Maria:) You'll be very close to Jesus then, like you were before you found me. You didn't have me & you wanted Jesus--& He gave you me because I was like Jesus to you, in a sense. It had to be that way for the Words. But you'll get it back again. When I'm gone you'll have Him closer again.
       53. You'll get the Words, Honey Baby, when I'm gone. You're going to be the Prophetess, & you'll get the Words. Jesus will anoint you, Honey Baby.--You have the background & the experience, & when I'm gone, the Holy Spirit will quicken it to you & "bring all things to your remembrance" (John 14:26).
       54. You have the power of God that He has given you from me, because of me, & because of your relationship with me, & because of the need that you have to carry on after me. So don't ever neglect it or ever despise it, don't ever minimise it, don't ever belittle it, amen?
       55. Jesus will be so close, Baby. He will be so close & so real. You won't worry. You'll have the anointing, so don't worry about it. He'll be so close & so real.
       56. You'll have the anointing & Spirit of God, Honey Baby. It's not of yourself. It comes from God, because you're yielded & you love Jesus. You'll accept it, & it'll be so beautiful! Just like me, Honey, even more beautiful!
       57. You're the candleholder of their light. You bear the Flame! You show the Light, & you give them Words to feed them & encourage them. When I'm gone they will be so hungry, they'll look to you for help. They will receive the Words you speak, because they know they come from Jesus.
       58. (Prophecy:) "The anointing of the Lord will fall upon you, & the mantle of David shall drape about thy shoulders, & thou shalt speak the Words of the Lord to My people, & they shall listen unto thee & heed thee & know that thou art the Word of the Lord.
       59. "And you will give them food & you will feed My sheep as a good Shepherdess. For I will put the Words of the Lord in thy mouth, & thou shalt speak them unto My people, & they shall heed thy voice & they shall listen unto thee, & they shall devour every Word that thou shalt speak unto them, & thou shalt shade My sheep & lead them & guide them unto a New World till I shall come!
       60. "It shall be a day for women, & they shall rule my people with a kind hand & gentle staff & such Words of love, so precious, so beautiful! They shall love thee even more than they have loved David, for thou shalt be a light & their staff & their food of sustenance, & thou shalt be a guide to them in darkness!
       61. "Thou shalt be the Shepherdess of the sheep, to encourage them & guide them & lead them in the way, when they are so puzzled & they are so confused. You shall remind them of the Words of David, & you shall give them the Words & feed them, because you bind up the Words of God's Prophet."

The Same Anointing, but a Unique Ministry--"Greater Works!"
       62. When the time comes, she'll have the same anointing & the same Lord & you'll get the same messages, probably telling you to do the same things I'm telling you to do now, & you'll still be having to do'm! Praise the Lord!
       63. God is no respecter of persons in that sense. There's no male or female in Christ Jesus, & there's no reason why she shouldn't hear from the Lord when I'm out of the way, just like I do now. Well, maybe not exactly the same way, because I think the character, nature & personality of the Prophet in a sense colours his ministry. Mine's been quite colourful, ha! And you'll notice each of the different Prophets in the Bible had a different style, a different beauty of expression.
       64. So she'll have her ministry then, & it'll be her ministry, not my ministry! She will be anointed for that hour, & she will have the victory & the anointing & the power & the leading & the guidance & the revelations that will be hers, uniquely hers, but the same Spirit, same God, same Family! And God will use her probably in a way that He wasn't able to use me.
       65. What did Jesus tell His disciples just before His departure?--"Greater works than these shall ye do, because I go unto My Father" (Jn.14:12). When they first heard that, do you suppose they believed it? They probably thought, "The Lord doesn't know what He's talking about! He may know other things, but He doesn't know us very well! You know, He's our Crazy Prophet, & on a few things He could be wrong, & that's one thing He must be wrong about!"
       66. But what happened? His disciples went to more countries, they won more souls, they preached more Gospel, they healed more people, they did far more than Jesus ever did in that one little rinky-dink country of Israel!
       67. So I'm convinced that Maria is going to do far more than I have ever done!--And that you will too! The Lord said that the Word would "come to her in greater power & with greater signs & greater wonders than even under her father!" I believe it!
       68. What happened when Elijah left on that chariot & went straight up? Elisha inherited Elijah's mantle, which meant his anointing of power! He asked for a double portion. He said, "Let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me!" (2Ki.2:9). He wanted a double anointing of Elijah's power! And he got it! It says that "the sons of the prophets said, `The spirit of Elijah doth rest on Elisha!'" (2Ki.2:15). And do you know what happened as a result of that double anointing?
       69. Elisha did exactly twice as many miracles as Elijah! Yet he was just an ignorant bald-headed dumb old farmer who was out plowing his field when Elijah called him. But he was dumb enough to believe God when Elijah called him to come!
       70. So I'm convinced that you're going to accomplish more for the Lord, you're going to do more miracles--because you're going to have to in the Last Days, for there's going to be such opposition. In fact, the Lord told me that we're going to be like those last Two Witnesses (Rev.11), able to call down fire out of Heaven to devour our enemies & work all kinds of miracles!
       71. So don't worry, God will be in control, just like He is now! Jesus is still going to be the Head of this outfit, & Maria is still going to run things just like she does now, so you don't have to worry about that. She's the manager already.
       72. Maria is already my manager & tells me what to do. Of course, I get the inspiration & the anointing & I get the Words because I happen to be the channel right now. But when I'm gone, she will inherit that power & that mantle & she will be the channel.
       73. After all, she was the one who first got me rolling! All she did was begin to speak in tongues & pray in tongues, & it literally gave me a spiritual kick in the pants which got me rolling! In a way, all I became was the voice, the interpreter. She drove me to God, she made me get ahold of the Lord.
       74. Her faith & her push made me get ahold of God, & I knew I had to hear from God, because she was back there pushing & kicking, spiritually. That's the truth! When she kicked me in the pants spiritually like that, I knew I had to get ahold of God & hear from God. I didn't dare fail her, because I loved her so much!
       75. She's going to do the same thing with you, with every one of you when I'm gone, the same thing she did with me! She's no doubt going to give you a kick in the pants spiritually & get you really rolling, & we will probably do better than we have ever done before!
       76. So don't think that my death is going to kill the Movement! That's what the poor ignorant early disciples thought too. You're not going to be worse off by any means. You are going to do better than ever, because you're still going to have the same spiritual leadership that you had before: Jesus Christ & dear little Maria, my little spark!

Spiritual Communication Between Dad & Maria
       77. After I'm gone, I'm sure I'll be getting plenty more from the Lord Up There, & I wouldn't be surprised if I'll be the one who's passing it on to Mama! Why not?! We've made a good team thus far, haven't we? Why shouldn't we continue to be a team after I'm gone? I think the Lord's indicated quite a few times that I'm going to continue to minister to her, whisper in her ear, continue to help her take care of you.
       78. I know I've told you something about spiritual difficulties & communication, etc. (see ML# 1846), & it may not be too easy to come back. But I'm hoping & praying the Lord will give me my wish & my heart's desire to be near you as long as I can, to help you all I can. If there is one request I would make of the Lord, it is that I can stay here to help you & be with you or at least near you, & that you will know it.
       79. Even when this old body is too tired & can't take it any more & can't make it any more, & I am freed & in the spirit, I hope to be able to still help you, if the Lord will let me. And from some of the things I've received & we've gotten about it, it sounds like He is going to let me, praise the Lord! But I may have to go Up There a while to learn a few things & maybe get a few instructions before I come back so I'll know what I'm supposed to do. Praise the Lord?
       80. Of course, Mama, you don't want to communicate with the dead.--You want to communicate with the living! "God is not the God of the dead, but of the living!" (Mat. 22:32). But, thank God, I'll still be living & talking to you & loving you. Hallelujah! Thank the Lord, you're my forever love! XXX!
       81. I believe the Lord's going to let me come back here & work with you & help you all that I can, like other ministering spirits help us now. So I'm going to be very near to you & very dear to you, & as the Lord has revealed to us time & again, if you'll just listen to that still small soft voice, I'll be whispering in your ear! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       82. I'll be nearby, right at your elbow, right on your shoulder, an angel on your shoulder, whispering in your ear! I believe Jesus will let me, because He knows I love you, & that you love me & you need me. So I'm going to be there. Praise the Lord!
       83. (Prophecy:) "When thy David is taken from thee, thou shalt be known as a Prophetess, & thou shalt be heeded as the oracles of God, for thou shalt speak that which I shall speak unto thee in that day when he shall be gone from thee, & they shall listen to thy Words. They shall heed My Spirit, & thou shalt become as another one--as the Prophetess of God!
       84. "They shall look unto thee for the Words of Moses & of David. They shall look unto thee for the Words of God. For they shall be more precious than gold, yea, more precious than fine silver, for thou shalt hear the voice of My Spirit & speak the Words of My Mouth & lead My sheep as a shepherdess, & feed them in green pastures!
       85. "For thy David shall watch over thee & commune with thee in spirit, & thy Moses shall speak unto thee the Words of God, & thou shalt hearken unto Me & give all the sheep the Words that I have given unto thee--for thou shalt give unto them the Words of Jesus--the Words of God. For they shall look upon thee as the oracles of God, for the Words of David & the Words of Moses & the Words of Jesus & the Words of God!
       86. "For the flesh of David shall be taken from thee & thou shalt no longer feel him with thy body, but thy spirit shall know he is nigh unto thee. And ye shall be one in the spirit--& the Spirit & the power of David & of Moses & of David of old & of Jesus shall rest upon thee & thou shalt speak as the voice of God, as the Prophetess of old, to these My people & My sheep! All shall hearken unto thee & follow thee & thou shalt lead them whithersoever I go. For thou art the Prophetess of God!"

The Lord & Maria Will See Us Through to the End!
       87. When I'm gone, you couldn't have a better Queen than Maria, & I'm expecting her to be a terrific Prophetess for the Lord! She doesn't see how she's ever going to do it, but I know it! God said so, so I know it! I'm not the slightest bit worried about it. And I'm not worried about your love either, because I know you love her & I know that you'll take good care of her & you'll continue to follow God as He speaks through her, which I know He will. Praise the Lord?
       88. And of course, she's got oodles & oodles of things God has already given us, still in the pipeline, in her grainbags, which she has yet to get to you, because the Lord always promised that He'd give us more than we were able to contain, & that's what He's done.
       89. Maybe when I'm gone, that will be the one chance she'll have to get out the rest of it!--Ha! God bless Maria & her helpers who are going to carry on & continue to feed the World!--Not only what I have already received but what they will receive, & the World's going to listen to them!
       90. I'm also assured that she is going to be a real flame of fire to light your way in the dark days ahead when I'm gone! The Lord has told us this numerous times.
       91. (Prophecy to Maria:) "Fear not, Little One, for I the Lord thy God shall be with thee whithersoever thou goest, & I will lead thee into the pastures of the mountains. I shall lead thy flock unto the valleys of the mountains that they may find pure water & green pastures that shall sustain them until the hour of My Coming. And thou shalt go with them & lead them & they will follow thee, for they will remember that thou wast the voice of Moses & David--but thou shalt become My voice unto them!
       92. "Be not afraid, but be strong in the courage of My might! For when thou art weak, then thou shalt be strong, & My strength shall be made perfect in thy weakness. Be not afraid to speak the words of Moses & of David & of My Spirit. For I, Jesus, have led thee, & I, Jesus, have spoken unto thee, & I, Jesus, have ordained thee for this task, & thou shalt be strong like Deborah of old. Thou art but a weak woman, but the World shall hear thee, for thou shalt speak the Words of the Lord thy God & thou shalt lead the Children of Israel into great victory, because thou shalt commune with My Spirit & thou shalt speak the Words of God unto them. And they will follow thee even unto the uttermost parts of the Earth because thou dost believe & thou hast faith & thou dost obey & thou dost speak all the Words that I give unto thee to feed My Children, to sustain My Sheep.
       93. "For thou shalt become the spirit of David, the voice of Moses, the Shepherdess of Israel, the Leader of My People in that day! For thy Jesus shall empower thee, & shall make thee as another one, more than thyself, when the flesh of David is gone from thee, & his audible voice thou shalt hear no more, but thou shalt hear Me as David hears Me!
       94. "The Words shall be nigh unto thee, even in thy very mouth. In the days of thy bereavement thou shalt hear a voice within thee saying, `This is the way, walk ye in it.' For thy steps in righteousness shall be ordered by the Lord. Thou shalt not falter, neither shalt thou go astray, & His hand shall keep thee & His eye shall guide thee in that day." Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Isn't that beautiful?
       95. I have to depend on the Lord & Maria now.--And like the Lord, she never fails! God bless her!--And she'll never fail you either! She's your faithful Shepherdess, always concerned about her sheep--you! God bless you! I love you!--And I know she'll take good care of you when I'm gone! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Jesus never fails!--And He won't fail you then, just as He hasn't failed you now! Hallelujah!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       96. Please remember to pray for her!--She carries the weight of the World on her tiny shoulders!--She's concerned about you! Thanks, I love you!

Dad's Gone?--
So What
       97. When I go, I know you'll miss me in some ways, but in some ways I'll still be with you. You'll have the Words & you have the Spirit & you have the Lord, so you've still got everything you need. Praise the Lord? And thank the Lord you've got Mama! She'll be a big blessing, I know.
       98. So if & when I die, so what! It doesn't really matter! If you say it matters that I die, then it means that you're not really saying that this Work is of God.
       99. So what if my old flesh is no longer around! God's still here! Who do you think is running this thing, anyway? (Fam: The Lord.) Exactly! No matter what happens, so what! God's running this Family! This is God's Kingdom! This is God's Work. This is God's Will! Praise God?
       100. No matter what happens, even if I'm in Heaven, I want you to say, "So what!"--Which shows that you believe that God's Work is going to go on anyhow! God hasn't failed! God's still in Heaven! "God is still on the throne, & He will care for His Own."
       101. So when I die, so what! You're going to go right ahead doing what you're doing, & the Family will continue their great work, winning souls by the hundreds of thousands! Praise the Lord!

"Stand by the Principles of David!"
       102. I don't know exactly what He's going to let me do yet, but I hope I can stick around a while. And I know Jesus will be here & I know His Spirit will be helping you if you keep on working hard for Him & giving others love, His Love, & telling folks about Jesus. Amen?
       103. Jesus will be here with you to the End. He says, "I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the World!" (Heb.13:5; Mat.28:20.) Amen? Praise God!
       104. And I'm never going to leave you nor forsake you either, if I can help it, even if I have to haunt you afterwards!--Ha! I hope the Lord will let me stick around & see what you're doing & see if you're still obeying & doing what He wants you to do, telling folks about the Lord, about Jesus, & showing them God's Love, amen?
       105. And I'll certainly still be with you through the words I've given you! Just as Jesus said, "The words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit & they are Life" (Jn.6:63), so I am also with you in spirit through the words that I have spoken unto you. They are my spirit & my life, by His Spirit & His Life. And if you will continue to read them, study them, prayerfully, diligently, like you do His Word, you will have more of me than you've ever had before. You will understand me better, know me more intimately, & enjoy my fellowship more purely than ever before.--By His Spirit through these words! And the record will be there to remain for posterity--our spiritual children--to encourage, inspire, edify, instruct, rebuke, exhort, feed, comfort, lead & guide in a way that would be impossible in person.
       106. So you don't have to worry, because the Lord is still here & Mama's here & I'll try to be here, & you still have the Words & the Spirit & all that you really need. So praise the Lord! And we've still got lots of work to do & lots of people to feed, lots of the Lord's sheep who need your help & feeding--some of you even feeding others physically--& all of us are working together to feed them the Word, to give them the encouragement & the inspiration & the spiritual strength that they need. So thank the Lord!
       107. Even though I've gone on, you'll just keep right on going & you'll keep right on working & things will hardly be changed at all! Because it's still the Lord's Work & we've still got lots to do & lots of people to help & lots of Word still to get out. I'm so thankful that we have at least prepared some of you for carrying on. So praise the Lord! There'll hardly be a hitch, because you've got each other & you've got lots of Word & you've been fed a lot & you have the Lord. Praise the Lord!
       108. (Prophecy:) "You are going to have to stand with your father in the heat of that day & stand by the principles of David when that time comes!"--Even if I'm not here! Do you understand that? Do you understand that when I'm gone you'll have to carry on? And you're going to carry on, because you're soldiers, you're fighters, you're revolutionaries, & you've got guts & stubbornness & fight & you're going to do it! Hallelujah!
       109. Even when you lose me, you will be strong & you will stand in my words & in God's Word. You will be strong! Nothing shall deter you! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name! Thank God for those who remain steadfast, immovable, loyal, faithful! The faithful are so wonderful, so precious!--The mighty ones, the faithful & the strong shall shine in the Judgement as the stars in the Heavens! Hallelujah!--They who win many to righteousness, the wise who shall shine as the stars!

There's No Stopping Us Now!
       110. I know the Lord will take care of His children, His Kingdom, & you & Maria & your leadership & your guidance & food & revelation & whatever you need! You know the Lord's going to give it to you, you know the Lord's going to inspire her & anoint her--He said so! The Lord's promised that a lot of times!
       111. So when I'm gone, you're going to carry on with Him & my spirit & God's Words in those books. (The ML Volumes, Daily Breads, etc.) Praise the Lord! Our enemies can't stop us now! There are too many of us in too many countries--it would be impossible! Besides, God wouldn't let them. It's like the prophecy:
       112. "They can't stop our rain!" We're like the rain coming down from Heaven, & our enemies are so foolish! They're running out here & they're trying to hold up the rain to keep it from raining! That's how silly it is to try to stop us! Thank You Lord! Because it's the Truth, it's God's Word, it's God's Love, it's Jesus!--And Jesus is the Great Conqueror! Nothing can stop Him!
       113. Love is the greatest force in the World & the Word of God the most powerful Truth on Earth! The Spirit of God's Love is the most powerful force in all the World, thank God! So we don't have to worry, nobody can stop us! Not even after I'm dead, because I'm going to keep on going & they can't touch me, ha, ha! Whee! That'll be great, huh?
       114. Our foolish foes don't realise that God's Word & Family will go on with or without me, because it's God's Word & it's His Family! It's going to boom more than ever, praise the Lord! "If God be for us, who can be against us?" The Lord is with you, & it's His work, & He's going to prosper it & continue to make it a great blessing!
       115. So no matter what happens to me, you guys keep going, amen? Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Cheer up! God's Work will carry on, you'll carry it on, & the Lord will be just as real as ever. He'll be just the same, maybe even closer in a way, & feel closer.

A Commission from Heaven!
(From the "Heaven's Children" Letters:)

       116. So keep the faith, children! Never stop loving Him & others, & lead as many as you can into His wonderful, glorious Love, so that He will rejoice to see you when you come, & say unto you, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mat.25:21.)--If you think you've entered into a lot of joy in the Lord down there, wait until you get Here! There's more to come!
       117. That's one privilege you still have on Earth which we do not have Up Here yet, & that is the wonderful, glorious, thrilling experience of witnessing the Love of Jesus to others & winning their hearts to Christ for their Salvation to Heaven! We know it's hard, it's difficult, sometimes trying, with many tests & trials, but it's wonderful! It's the most wonderful work in the World, & we hope that you're doing a good job of it, for you'll be glad you did when you see all the millions of happy, shining faces here in Heaven, thanking you for loving them & wooing them & winning them to Jesus, to become members of His glorious Kingdom of Heaven! Hallelujah! Are you doing your best?--I hope so!
       118. God bless you! I love you & am praying for you, & I'm going to visit you & whisper in your ear how much I love you & how much I care for you & how I'm going to help you all I can!--In Jesus' name, amen! Praise the Lord!
       119. Please be happy & come soon!--When you've finished the great work of love He's given us to do! Bring them all with you when you come! I'll be waiting for you! I love you! Hold me tight!--ILY!--Dad.


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