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VIEWS ON THE NEWS! --World Currents No.79!       Comp.11/94       DO 2954


The U.S. Making a Mess Out of Cuba!
       1. This is not the first time the U.S. has been the big bully of Latin America!--And now it's again proving itself to be the big bully of the Caribbean. The U.S. is the one that's making a mess out of Cuba.--It's not the fault of the Cubans or Castro. Castro has made his mistakes, but the U.S. is the main one to blame.
       2. The U.S. is trying to blame Cuba's poverty and troubles and everything else on Castro, when for 30 years the U.S. has devastated Cuba through American sanctions and embargoes, etc. Before Castro took over, the U.S. was Cuba's closest and biggest trading partner, and they used to supply the U.S. with sugar, coffee, tourism and a lot of things, including a lot of their whores! It was notorious that American men would go to Cuba to visit the prostitutes there. But Castro got rid of them and got rid of Batista, who was the dictator and a bad guy.
       3. And now a big rich Cuban capitalist in exile is organising all the rich capitalists to take back their properties in Cuba, because under Batista, rich Americans owned nearly everything in Cuba.--The sugar plantations, the utilities, all the chain stores, everything! They owned Cuba! But Castro kicked out the Cuban rich, who were mostly operating under America, and he kicked out the American owners of all these big properties and businesses. This is what they call "nationalisation," and it was all for the benefit of the poor.
       4. Before that, the U.S. was very happy to recognise Castro. They said, "Yes, he's gotten rid of Batista, a bad man, and he made Cuba better for the Cubans."--Until he started nationalising all the industries, businesses and plantations of the rich. That was too much! So then the U.S. government began to fight Cuba, and they helped some Cuban exiles stage the Bay of Pigs invasion under John F. Kennedy--which became a laughingstock because they lost so badly.
       5. The whole thing has blown up in the faces of the U.S. and the rich former owners of Cuba, and they're the ones who want the U.S. to kick out Castro and take over Cuba! They'd have another invasion of Cuba if they thought they could.
       6. (Note: In Miami, the organisation Americas Watch has said that wealthy businessman Jorge Mas Canosa, who runs the right-wing Cuban American National Foundation, has been guilty of both verbal and--although no one can prove it--physical attacks on Cuba. A few months ago, seven members of Alpha 66, the anti-Castro terrorist group, were seized on a boat carrying "a few thousand dollars" in cash, 25,000 rounds of ammunition and 50 weapons, including assault weapons. "We were going to infiltrate a command in Cuba," one member told the Miami Herald. Deterred by choppy waters and heavy Cuban security, they turned back. They were released in Miami without being charged. Anti-Castro groups regularly train commandos in South Florida, financed by businessmen like Canosa.)
       7. They thought the embargoes and the sanctions would work, that they'd starve Castro and his supporters out. But they've tried, and after 30 years they haven't starved them out yet, and it's all the more credit to Castro that they're still alive. But it's those embargoes that have made it so hard on the Cubans, just like the sanctions did to the Haitians and are doing to the Iraqis.
       8. It's hurting the poor of Cuba more than anybody, whom they claim they want to help! And they claim they want to help Cuba to have its own free democratic government. Well, at least the Cubans have finally forced the U.S. to talk with them. They're having to discuss the flood of Cuban refugees, and it's being brought out clearly now by a lot of people that it's the U.S. that's causing all the trouble in Cuba. The U.S. is causing the difficulties in the Cuban economy, and the exodus of rafters, and all the rest by these embargoes. (Note: Many Cubans attempted to escape to the U.S. by building rafts on the beaches and setting sail for Florida, only about 100 miles away.)
       9. If the U.S. would just drop the embargoes, Cuba would thrive and prosper even under Castro; but the U.S. doesn't want to. They want Cuba to starve to death. Those rich men don't care if they starve those poor people to death as long as they finally get ahold of Cuba, and they're planning to do it under this Cuban who is already organising his government in exile.
       10. They may have to wait till Castro dies, but we've all been praying for him for the past 30 or more years, and he's still fighting and going strong. Godahfi is another one of the "bad boys" the U.S. would love to squash, because he has defied them. The U.S. is a big bully, and big bullies have a lot of pride and cannot stand to be defied, opposed or challenged! They are the big boss and you'd better toe the line! They don't mind bullying everybody else, but don't you dare defy them or you're going to get it from the big bully! That's the way it is, and one of these days they're going to have the biggest bully of all--the Antichrist!

The Monster & the Flea--the U.S. & Haiti!
(Note: The following comments were all made prior to the U.S. troops arriving in Haiti:)
       11. Clinton is making the biggest mess of things I ever saw! He doesn't know what to do with the Haitians, he doesn't know what to do with the Cubans. He doesn't do any of the right things. Well, if the Americans are going to go in and invade Haiti, which it looks like they're planning, let's hope it's for the betterment of the Haitians, because right now the Haitians are in a terrible state, living in abject poverty, filth and sewage, horrible!--And they have brought it on themselves, because they worship the Devil.
       12. The most practiced religion in Haiti is voodoo, which is witchcraft and Devil worship!--Although the "official" religion of Haiti is Catholicism, to make them appear more acceptable to the outside World, no doubt. Many Haitians have been devils and demons ever since they slaughtered and murdered every white person on their side of the island. In the early 1800s, they spent one week killing every French man, woman and baby, and wiped out the Whites!
       13. (Note: The Washington Post recently reported: Haiti's founding father was an unschooled slave named Toussaint L'Ouverture, whose military genius came to rival that of Napoleon. Yet Haitians have always embraced with greater fervor L'Ouverture's successor, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, whose idea of amusement was skinning and roasting his victims alive. Dessalines, who seized power in 1804, particularly relished massacring whites. It was his secretary who said that writing the nation's declaration of independence properly would require "the skin of a white man for parchment, his skull as an inkhorn, his blood for ink and a bayonet for a pen." Haiti's national anthem is "La Dessalienne."
       14. (While every nation has its horror stories, even an oversimplified tour through Haitian history confronts one with more than the usual catalogue of nightmares. When Haiti began struggling for its independence in the 1790s and early 1800s, so widespread were the atrocities that roads were routinely hedged with bodiless heads. Whites, Blacks and Mulattoes fought each other savagely. When Dessalines took power, he massacred every white he could find on the island. Dessalines evicted the French, proclaimed himself emperor of an independent Haiti, and set about tyrannizing his people with the whip and bayonet. He was ambushed and shot to death in 1806, but Haiti's leaders have largely marched to his spirit ever since.)
       15. The U.S. is not going to establish democracy in Haiti now any more than they did during the 19 years that they occupied Haiti before (from 1915-1934)! They will never have democracy in that evil country! But have you noticed Clinton's attitude since he's drummed up this war of the monster U.S. on this little flea? He swaggers, he struts, he laughs, he grins! He's going to make himself famous! "Bush did it with his wars, and I can do it with this war!"
       16. Aristide is not going to make Haiti any better, he's just another dictator. I think Aristide has been happy to be in the U.S., where he's being treated like a king! And now that it's getting closer to the time that they're going to put him back in power, many people question his mental competency! And they're saying he's just as cruel as the present government and has done a lot of horrible things in Haiti. Aristide failed to do much when he was in charge before in Haiti, so a lot of people really don't think he can do it now.
       17. Aristide is trying to make himself sound like an angel, but in the months he was president he advocated that his people "necklace" his opponents, like Winnie Mandela and others did to their enemies in South Africa. They put rubber tires around their enemies' necks, set them on fire and burned them to death. This was Aristide's own advice to his followers!--And they think he's going to make a better ruler? General Cedras looks like an angel compared to Aristide! He looks like he's really trying to do the right thing.
       18. Even the CIA said Aristide wasn't mentally capable of being president of Haiti! But oh, Clinton, the big liar, the murderer of Waco, he knows that Aristide will be a better president of Haiti! And he's going to go in there and kill as many Haitians as he can, even if some U.S. soldiers die in the process; it doesn't matter to him. He can't have this little Haitian flea biting him and opposing him, it injures his pride, so he's got to go through with this now. I don't think there's any kind of an offer those generals could make or that Carter and the guys who went with him could make that would satisfy Clinton. I think he's determined to go to war! (Update 10/94: In last-minute negotiations, former President Carter and other U.S. negotiators worked out a deal for a peaceful U.S. occupation of Haiti. Clinton had already sent planeloads of invasion troops towards Haiti, which were turned back at news of the deal.)
       19. Clinton is enjoying this so much--just strutting and swaggering around with a big grin on his face, happy as can be! "I'm going to start a war! I'm going to be one of the war presidents!--Famous for my war!" Nearly every president that has gone to war during U.S. history has become famous. You don't hear much about presidents for anything else but their wars.--From George Washington on down through FDR, Bush, and now Clinton. I should think he'd be ashamed to go to all the trouble of using tens of thousands of heavily armed forces to attack that tiny little bunch of people.
       20. Why didn't the U.S. take care of the poor garbage-laden Haitians, with sewers running down the middle of their streets and the horrible poverty that existed when they occupied Haiti for 19 years? Why the Hell didn't they improve Haiti? Why didn't they make it a better place to live? Why didn't they put in sewers and build schools and give the Haitians everything they needed? They claim they did, but it sure doesn't look like it now!
       21. The Americans had Haiti for 19 years, why didn't they help them then? No, no, they're going to help them now by putting this guy Aristide back in as president so they can rule over him and have another American colony. The U.S. has got the means to change that Hell into a Heaven! All the money spent on this invasion of Haiti would have probably taken care of all the problems in Haiti for quite a few years to come, but that wouldn't minister to Clinton's pride.
       22. You need to know all these things and see this silly strutter, swaggerer, braggart Clinton for what he is--a proud, pompous politician and a murderer as well! God's going to hold him responsible for the deaths at Waco and the butchery of babies through his abortion policies and the deaths he's going to cause by the invasion of Haiti. He wants to have a war, he wants to show that he was another president who fought a war and won over the "mighty Haitians." I would be ashamed to conquer a people like that. They haven't got a chance!
       23. Clinton's still trying to sell the U.S. public on the idea, because 75% of the people don't want to invade Haiti and don't agree with it. But he's depending on the fact that with every other war, even when the people hadn't wanted it, the president's ratings rose. So that shows you what the American people like, they like war! They say they don't like to get into them, but once they're in they're "red, white and blue" for the flag!
       24. History has proven that after a president goes to war, the people unite together for the country and all. And this is how stupid the Americans are, they love wars! They have had nothing but wars ever since they started their country with violence.
       25. So the big bully U.S. is going to Haiti to crush a flea, and Clinton must be thrilled. He refused to fight a war before, in Vietnam, but now he's safely in the White House and he wants a war. The U.S. ought to be ashamed that they have to amass such a great force to crush this little bug! But the big bully is really good at it, like they were in Grenada and Panama and Iraq, and they usually end up killing a lot more people than would be hurt otherwise. The big bully loves to show his big bullishness, how he can fight a great war against this little tiny country which hasn't got much of an army and certainly not enough arms to oppose him.
       26. But the leaders of almost every super power the World has ever known have delighted in going to war. It gives them some kind of power high, and you can just see it on Clinton now. He's all pumped up and exhilarated, the closer he gets to starting his war with Haiti.
       27. That's no war! It's ridiculous! I should think he'd be ashamed to even go to war with such a little country with no power at all.--The poorest in the Western Hemisphere, and with only seven million people.--Another little flea he wants to crush like they did Grenada and Panama, and God knows how many others.
       28. The U.S. has been doing it in Latin America, too. In Nicaragua and other countries it has been fighting wars with paid soldiers, paid terrorists or guerrillas. The U.S. government illegally financed the so-called Contras in Nicaragua and then lied about it.
       29. Well, the U.S. has been up to such trickery and chicanery for so long it's pitiful. When the Sandinistas took power in Nicaragua, overthrowing the pro-U.S. Somoza regime, the U.S. financed the Contras and fought a bloody civil war there for years. This has been the story of American operations in Latin America for centuries. They've invaded Mexico and fought wars with one Latin country after the other. There's hardly a country in South America that the U.S. hasn't had war with at some time or another, whether it was openly or through undercover subversion.--Just like a big bully wanting to run the whole Western Hemisphere. Like the man that spilled the apples, I just can't do the subject justice. It's just one horror story after another of U.S. operations in Latin America!
       30. So now Clinton is swaggering and strutting around with a big grin on his face, because he's about to conquer another country. "I'm going to conquer another country that has defied me!" And he'll probably do it, and the Americans who voted him in are to blame, they share the responsibility.
       31. But I wouldn't call it a war--it's just a tiny little police action. The U.S.A. has been the big bully of the Americas for centuries and they're about to make another fool of themselves--crushing the little bug of Haiti with a huge armoured force that they say cannot fail. They're going to find out it will not establish democracy in Haiti, or at least not for very long.

Clinton's Propagandists!
       32. Clinton has expert propagandists behind him now--the ACs.

Spreading Crime to the World!
       33. The U.S. is not only spreading everything else abhorrent to the World, but now they're spreading their crime.--Even their gangs. El Salvador has gangs that have learned the "how-to's" in the U.S. These gangs are responsible for a huge upsurge of crime in El Salvador, just when El Salvador is struggling to recover from its civil war.

Comments on David Koresh
       34. I think the Lord was certainly warning David Koresh of what was going to happen. He mistimed nearly all the prophecies he got, but much of what he predicted would happen, happened in some way or another. So in that sense, he was a true prophet. He thought the end of the World was here--and it was the end of his world, all right. So in that sense you could say that he was a true prophet, even if he didn't understand the Book of Revelation. We don't really know what he was going to predict about the Seven Seals because he never had a chance to finish writing it, so we don't know whether he was right or wrong.
       35. Well, now he knows the truth of the matter, and his followers who are with him know. At least those who died in the fire were spared years of jail and unfair trials and all kinds of persecution.--Whereas the ones that escaped were marched off in chains and handcuffs to jail, and they kept them in jail nearly a year before the trial. Think of that! Talk about persecution! The Constitution supposedly guarantees a speedy trial. You're not supposed to have to wait too long, but they kept the Davidians in jail for nearly a year before the trial, persecuted them all they could and made them suffer.
       36. And even though they were all declared not guilty of murder and the willful killing of all those people, several were declared guilty of manslaughter and weapons charges and sentenced to up to 40 years in prison.
       37. We just watched a documentary on Waco and it was horrible! At least on this one program they let some of the Branch Davidians speak for themselves. It looked to me like the documentary was pretty well condemning the actions that were taken against the Davidians, and even a few government officials expressed their regrets.--But that didn't include Janet Reno. She has not apologised. What could she say? The government was virtually declared guilty of making a terrible mistake. She's the one that ordered it, so she's the one that made the terrible mistake that resulted in all those deaths, and she's the one that's guilty. She ordered it, Clinton okayed the order and the FBI went in as executioners to do the damn dirty work!
       38. One consoling thought regarding the 80 or so Davidians who were burned to death by their enemies is that they didn't have to face trial, and their children didn't have to endure being separated from their parents and put in institutions or foster homes.--God knows what that would've done to them. Imagine having nearly a hundred people or more on trial instead of 11!--And they probably would have had to spend years in jail and suffer persecution. Their murder was fiery and difficult, but they joined hundreds of thousands of Christians who have suffered such a death in the past, burning at the stake, etc.
       39. The commentator on the documentary didn't say a word against David Koresh, he just let others speak for or against him. The one guy who condemned him the most was the Cult Awareness Network man who gave the final "sic'm" to the FBI!--Rick Ross. He was really of the Devil and gave the worst condemnation of anybody in the whole program.
       40. So thank the Lord, the Davidians who died have gone to be with the Lord. Regarding their mistakes, they know better now. David Koresh was certainly a true prophet when it came to predicting what was going to happen to him and his followers. That's exactly what he expected and that's exactly what he got. And his people believed him and they stuck with him on it. Most of those who survived are still as loyal to him as ever, except for one woman who turned on him to make a deal on her sentence.
       41. The judge cautioned the court, "Now remember, it's not the government that's on trial here."--Big joke! Everybody knew the government was accused and at fault and guilty of making a mistake. But Janet Reno has never confessed, and neither has Clinton. That's the only time I ever saw Clinton get mad. People with a guilty conscience really get mad. Clinton said with every air of a guilty conscience, "Koresh was a madman! He had them commit suicide. He led them astray and led them to their deaths! He's the guilty one!"
       42. People never get so defensive as when they have a guilty conscience. Somebody wanted that outfit wiped out, and they had their way and they're not sorry. They don't even admit they made a mistake. That's the way things are today, and the fires are going to get hotter as evil men wax worse and worse. But praise the Lord, He's promised to keep us!

U.S. Run by Demons and Devils!
       43. It's amazing to think that the U.S. Government would go to such extremes as to burn alive all those innocent people at Waco! It was another case of pride; they hated to be defeated. The authorities were determined to get the Davidians somehow, and then they jailed the survivors. How vicious! Janet Reno is full of the Devil, and so, of course, are Clinton and his wife.
       44. The U.S. is now run by demons and devils! You wonder how Clinton could go so far astray, with the good upbringing he had in the Southern Baptist church. It must be his lust for power.


The IRA!
       45. The U.S. has notoriously been backing the IRA and furnishing it with weapons.

Ministering in War-Torn Yugoslavia!
       46. The governmental groups who are sponsored by the U.N. get paid good money to do almost nothing except get the foodstuffs and supplies and then just dump it on one of the refugee camps in the former Yugoslavia, leaving them to sort out how to distribute it. So the Family has had to get in there and actually organise distribution, feeding, clean-ups, all kinds of things! We're getting known as real "hands on" people who can get in there and accomplish something.
       47. They're looking to us for leadership! They don't know what to do with things. How can they know? Only the Lord knows what's best through His children, and we're getting in there and doing a great job! And we receive many commendations for our work from other organisations. Praise the Lord!

The Thrilling Russian Army Chorus!
       48. I got a real outburst in tongues the other night when I was watching the video of that big Russian army chorus! It used to be all men, but now they've added a few women. I used to love to listen to them whenever they were recorded. Of course, during FDR's administration, he was quite favourable to the Russians so that sort of thing got on the radio a lot. And it is thrilling when you hear a big chorus of men with their big booming voices! It just thrills you to pieces!--At least it does me! I don't go to pieces but I come together!
       49. They also had an orchestra and a dancing troupe. Some of it was mighty music and some of it was just light, happy dance music. I'll tell you, when the Russian chorus and orchestra played one of their mighty, majestic numbers, that really sounded like praise to God to me! I wasn't even expecting anything like that, but I couldn't withhold it, the tongues just suddenly came out in a big outburst! I didn't get any particular message, so I presume it must've just been praise to the Lord in thanks for that music. I just couldn't hold it in. I was praising the Lord. Hallelujah!
       50. Think of how powerfully those Russians can sing and play and dance! Some of those were extremely difficult dances, especially the one they're famous for--the dance where you squat and kick out your legs. Just try it! You usually wind up on your you-know-what because your legs are not strong enough to do that. But those Russians can do it!
       51. It's a good thing the U.S. never got into a war with Russia--but they may yet, according to Bible prophecy. I don't think the U.S. is even going to have much chance to fight, they're just going to be wiped out! And to see the way the U.S. is going now, you can understand why the Lord is furious with them and ready to wreak His vengeance on them! They kill one-and-a-half million babies through abortion every year, think of that! And they're legalising sodomy and virtually promoting it throughout the country. More and more sodomites are marching down the streets with what they call "gay pride," being proud of their sodomy! Sickening! How horrible!--Proud of being sodomites. The U.S. is becoming famous as a promoter of sodomy. It's probably the biggest, most powerful country in the World, and yet it kills babies and promotes sodomy. How long do you think the Lord's going to let that go on?

The Pope and the Muslims!
       52. I think the Pope, in planning that trip to Sarajevo, was really trying to make a move to show that he's a friend of the Muslims.--And also to encourage the Croatian Catholics there, of course. Bless and keep him and have Thy way, he's for so many of the right things. Bless him for his stand against abortion and sodomy! And he's against that population conference in Cairo. (Maria: Yes, they said the Cairo conference was a conflict between the religious and the secular. That's where the lines were drawn, not between Communists and Capitalists, rich and poor, but between religious and secular forces.) The Muslims have joined forces with the Pope, in this case, both fighting on the same side against abortion, sodomy, etc., which is good.
       53. (Note: In September, the Pope had to cancel a planned visit to Sarajevo after Serbs besieging the city refused to guarantee his safety. He did, however, travel to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where he made an impassioned plea for peace: "How much innocent blood has been spilled? How many tears have streaked the faces of mothers and children? ... However difficult, the peace effort is a sacred duty for every believer.")


Tribal Warfare
       54. There are lots of civil wars still going on in Africa--not against their former colonial rulers, but between different African tribes. That's what causes the trouble. These African tribes are like a lot of different countries that speak different languages and have different cultures, so they fight being controlled by other tribes.
       55. That's what happened in Rwanda with the Tutsis and the Hutus. The Hutus were in the majority, and they didn't like the Tutsis. So when the president, who was a Hutu, died in a plane crash, the Hutus blamed it on the Tutsis and began slaughtering them all. But the Tutsis fought back and won control of Rwanda. So the Hutus fled and even the Tutsis fled to get out of Rwanda, where everybody was massacring each other. They're still massacring each other there, and most of the refugees are afraid to go home for fear they're going to be massacred by the other tribe.
       56. So it's tribal warfare throughout Africa that still causes trouble even after the Whites are gone. That's what's happening right now in South Africa. The ANC, the African National Congress, is what you could call Mandela's tribe. They were working with the Communists and pledged to overthrow the White government with violence, if they could. Most of the Zulus, on the other hand, belong to what's called the Inkatha Freedom Party. They were a lot more moderate and more Christian and believed in cooperating more with the Whites. So the ANC hated them, and they hated the ANC, and there's another tribal war.
       57. There was constant war between the Zulus and the ANC until finally President De Klerk came along, who released Mandela from jail and surrendered the country to the ANC, supposedly to all the Blacks, including the Zulus. Now Mandela is President. But the Zulus and the ANC are still fighting and the story isn't over yet.
       58. De Klerk seems like a good man who wanted to make peace rather than war. He figured that if he could make peace and surrender to the Blacks without a war, that would be a great victory for peace and they could work together.--And so far they've worked together pretty well. The wrath of the ANC has not been as much toward the Whites who surrendered as toward the Inkatha, the Zulus, who have not yet fully surrendered. The Zulus participated in the election but they're still angry because very few of them were included in Mandela's government. So the tribal war isn't over yet!


Hindu Rat Worship
       59. Did you know that part of the Hindu religion is to "Save the rats"? They've even got a big temple built to the rats, where the rats just cover the floor, scurrying in and out to get well fed by their worshippers. The Hindus won't normally kill a rat, and the Indians who don't want the rats in their house have to catch them in traps alive, and then carry them out of the house and let them loose again. Well, you know how fast rats and rabbits multiply, they can have a new litter every couple of months!
       60. So they've been feeding them and just increasing the rat population of India horribly! It's no wonder a plague has finally broken out, carried by the rat fleas. So every time you kill a flea, you're doing a service, because there are several deadly diseases which are spread by fleas.
       61. The Indian rat-worshippers are beginning to reap what they've sown and the Lord is allowing the rats to carry the pneumonic plague. Can you imagine having a huge temple dedicated to the worship of rats? No wonder the Lord's allowing this plague!

"Save the Bogs
       62. It's so amazing how perverted modern science is. Think of how many millions of Dollars they spend to keep one little plant or animal alive when millions and millions of children worldwide are starving!
       63. "Save the bogs, save the insects, save the poisonous plants!" These environmentalists are just almost insane! They're perverted! They're taking all these things that used to be associated with evil and glorifying them as something which should be preserved instead of Man. Now the latest is "Save the bogs!"--The wetlands, marshes and swamps, which used to be considered very evil and treacherous and useless, even dangerous. I'm telling you, it's almost unbelievable the perversion of some of the environmentalists!
       64. (Maria: You forgot "Save the rats!") Yes, that's a big one! (Maria: Those homes in California which burned couldn't be saved in the fires because if they had cleared the fields around the houses first to make a fire break, it would have killed the rats.) Yes. However, I did read a story we're pubbing about a rat who brought a man food every day.--Which just shows how the Lord can use anything. (See "Power and Protection in Persecution!--Part 2," CLTP #21.) But I still don't go for "Save the rats! Save the alligators! Save the rattlesnakes! Save the bogs! Save the wolves!"--Everything that is considered evil, both in the Bible and out! (Maria: Birds of prey like condors, too.)

ACs' Enemies
       65. The ACs probably have more enemies than anyone on Earth.--They've stepped on a lot of people in their climb to power.

Sleepy Drivers!
       66. Of the six million car accidents a year in the U.S., half-a-million of them involve sleepy drivers.

Robert Tilton Driven Off the Air!
       67. Televangelist Robert Tilton has been driven off the air because of a woman's million-Dollar lawsuit against him. She said she gave him thousands of Dollars to build a crisis center which he promised to build, but then he never built it.
       68. In his preaching, Tilton was always promising, "If you'll give so much to God, I'll guarantee you God will answer your prayer."--And I believe he was sincere. I believe he was right. If you make a vow to the Lord and give so much and say, "Lord, help me out," I believe the Lord will usually do it. But I don't think that kind of motivation is the best--to give God so much money so that He'll do so much for you. But there is a certain principle there that's right in the Scriptures, that if you keep your vows to the Lord, He will help you. (See Gen.28:20-22; Num.21:2,3; Deut.7:9-15; 1Kg.8:23,24; Psa. 50:14,15, 76:11-12, 111:5.)
       69. But it looks like poor Tilton must've missed some vow or something, because when he didn't build that center for which this woman donated her money, she sued him! And of course anybody who sues a televangelist nowadays is going to win! It cost him so much money he had to get off the air, because he could no longer afford to pay for his broadcasts etc.
       70. Well, I don't think you should serve the Lord just because He's going to give you something in return. We don't serve Him just because He's giving us something, but we serve Him because we love Him and we love people and we love the World and we're trying to get them saved. But at the same time, we know that if we obey Him and keep our vows that He will take care of us!--And He has! Praise the Lord!

Sports Worship and Roseanne!
       71. It's politically correct today not to mention anything religious in any public meeting or sports event in the huge sports arenas that are literally temples for worshipping sports. And what's the first little bit of a ceremony they go through before every game opens in the U.S.? (Fam: They play the national anthem?) Right, and sing it.
       72. And I don't blame Roseanne Arnold for doing what she did! She's that famous, very critical, defiant and rebellious little TV idol who herself admits she's got 20 personalities! When they invited her to sing the national anthem for some big sports event, she got up and sang, and right after she finished singing she spit, like she was disgusted with the whole thing!--And she was terribly criticised by the U.S.
       73. Frankly, I was inclined to agree with her, I was real proud of her! Although she compromised and sang the anthem, she spit like that--phooey--afterwards. That was one of her better personalities coming out!

Duped Christians!
       74. Most Christians may go to church and study a little bit of Bible, but they don't know much about it, and they sure don't know what's going on in the rest of the World! They just believe what they see on AC television.

Accusing King James!
       75. In the days of King James, who authorised the English translation of the Bible, sodomy was considered a horrible sin that was sometimes punished by death.--And now they are spreading the rumours that King James and a lot of the members of his court were sodomites.--Can you imagine? But it is to the advantage of the sodomite movement to give "credibility" to their sodomy by labelling many prominent figures in history as sodomites.

The Welfare System!
       76. The welfare system has become almost a curse to America because it's straining the economy. The Puerto Ricans learned at an early date that if you could just get air fare to New York City you had it made, because you could go there and live on welfare. The government would give you money for rent, utilities and food stamps, and you hardly had to lift a finger! And the more children you had the more money you got! This is the system that exists in the U.S. to this day, only with more and more money being spent all the time.
       77. This sort of thing is what is breaking and bankrupting governments! It's been a big problem in Europe, with what they called the welfare governments. Sweden was one of the first European countries where the government took care of you from the cradle to the grave.--But also where the taxes are so high on the rest of the people that they're almost going bankrupt and howling about it and almost giving up. The few people that make money have to pay high taxes to support the people that don't work and don't do anything for it, and from what we've read and heard, the Swedes have been complaining about it in recent years.--And the same is true in a number of governments in Europe.
       78. (Note: Sweden's cradle-to-grave welfare state is sagging under a mountain of debt and some independent economists predict it will eventually collapse. "The welfare state's time is over. In a couple of years it will collapse like an inflatable mattress," wrote Bo Sodersten, economics professor at Lund University, in the daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter. "When you have a society where it makes more sense to stay home sick than to go to work, then you have benefits Sweden just cannot afford," private consultant Johan Lybeck said. The outlays have buried Sweden in a mountain of debt. National debt is now at $125 billion. In 1970, it was about $4 billion. Tax levels are already at breaking point, and economic growth has stalled with Sweden in the midst of its worst economic recession since the end of World War II.)
       79. Britain was also a welfare state. If you could just get enough money to buy a ticket to make it to Britain from one of the former colonies of the British Empire--which is now called the British Commonwealth--you were immediately put on welfare if you had no other means of support.--Just like the Puerto Ricans who came to New York--as long as they had money for their plane ticket to get there, they had it made! They could live in style compared to the pitiful way they had been living. The Haitians also found that if they could get into the U.S. they had it made, just like the Puerto Ricans.
       80. When we first arrived in Britain we lived in Mrs. Seiben's house, an old Jewish lady in her 60s, and we noticed she had a man living there who seemed to be a regular customer. She rented rooms, room-and-board, in this great big three-story mansion with a beautiful rose garden out back, right across from a huge park. They've got the most beautiful parks in London! I never saw a city with such beautiful big parks. Every place you went, there were parks and all kinds of greenery. Wonderful!
       81. It appeared rather strange to us that this very nice old gentleman about Mrs. Seiben's age was living there and didn't seem to have a job, he just sort of puttered around doing handyman jobs etc. It seemed like he should have been her husband, but we were told he wasn't. She said, "No, no, we're not married." Well, some of the permanent boarders who lived there told us, "They live together, but the reason they're not married officially is they would lose a great deal of their pension. If they're single they get more pension money than they would if they were married."
       82. The system is crazy! It encourages unemployment and welfare fraud! The welfare state is this sort of a fatherly attitude of governments that, "You don't have to work and we'll just take care of you." Well, somebody's footing the bills, so it means the taxes are heavier on the people that do work and who do make money. It's a form of socialism, and in a way it's almost the worst form.
       83. The way some Western governments have worked out socialism means that those who work and make money pay heavy taxes to pay for the living of those who don't work. If you have a job and a wife and children and enough money to send them to school, etc., then you pay the heaviest taxes, because there's nobody else with any money to pay taxes; everybody else is living on welfare.--Until it's gotten to be such a heavy burden that some European countries have almost sunk under the weight of it and are having a real struggle to pay their welfare bills and to support all the people who don't work.

Health Care Bureaucracy!
       84. That's the way the welfare system works, and now it has spread out beyond that to where if you have the slightest little ailment of any kind, your relatives no longer take care of you, you're no longer taken care of by some beneficial insurance that you had, but the government will support you. If you're disabled, you'll often get a pension from the government. They call it workman's compensation and disability payments.
       85. Since there's not much love in families any longer and the relatives don't want to take care of you, they vote in laws so that the government will take care of you. Then you're either stuck with a little pension on which you live alone, or if you're in really bad shape you're stuck in a hospital or clinic and the government pays all the bills.--Or if you had an insurance policy beforehand, some insurance company has to pay all the bills.
       86. Of course, in the long run it means that insurance costs more for people who can afford it. But the government has gotten to where you don't really have to have any health insurance of your own any more. This is what the Clintons are advocating, especially Hillary--that just the fact that you are an American should entitle you to health care of any kind, for virtually any amount of money, any length of time, anybody, everybody throughout the United States.
       87. They're trying to persuade U.S. lawmakers to make the employers pay for their workers' health insurance from the cradle to the grave, more or less. And the employers are refusing and they're arguing with their legislators, saying they can't afford it. So Clinton and Hillary haven't been able to persuade enough of them to vote for their health care bill.
       88. There are a lot of freedom fighters in the United States now--people fighting for their freedom from so much government control--and the freedom fighters say that this health care plan would create the biggest bureaucracy in the U.S. and would control more Americans than any other government agency, practically from the cradle to the grave.--And it will raise taxes so high that it'll bankrupt the middle class, if not the rich.--And of course this is what Hillary is for. She's a socialist and probably would have been called a Communist in the old days. She wants to take government away from the people and put it in the hands of a bureaucracy--a big government, in other words, a U.S. dictatorship--all of it preparing the way for the Antichrist, of course.
       89. The U.S. Congress is battling over it now and they feel they've got to pass something. They hold up Europe as an example and say, "Look at what good care they take of their poor." Well, that kind of socialism and welfare state has practically bankrupted Britain and a few other Western European countries, and they're scaling back their benefits. Of course it would please the ACs if they can bankrupt these other rich people and the governments that oppose them. Then they'd be getting everything their way. So this is the biggest issue they've ever used to try to take control of the U.S. government, by controlling its health system, and thereby controlling the people.
       90. This is something you need to know about, because it's a worldwide issue now!--And it began with Russia going Communist. Russia was a supposedly totally socialistic, welfare state, and they convinced the worker that he was the owner of the government and therefore he deserved this, that and the other. The fact of the matter was, it wound up with the workers becoming slaves of the government and turned out that the government owned everything!
       91. The Communists claimed that the people owned everything, that they were taking it away from the rich and giving it to the poor, etc., but somehow or another it wound up that the government soon owned everything and the people were merely its employees, or more specifically, slaves of the government, and had literally no rights and lived in a police state in which they did what they were told. So Russia wound up as a severe dictatorship, very cruel, and murdered many of its enemies, especially Christians.

Deporting Christians to Siberia!
       92. One of Communist Russia's favourite sports was to deport Christians to Siberia and just let them die out there of the freezing cold or starvation. They were some of the smartest people of Russia, and the people who were refusing to give in to this dictatorial government. So they got sent to Siberia and developed their own culture. You want to know why the Family is having such good results in Siberia and winning so many friends? Well, they're not Christians in name, but many are descendants of Christian parents and grandparents who were exiled to Siberia.
       93. I'm full of facts that you don't know and that I love to tell you about! Siberia got to be almost a Christian state in itself as tens of thousands of Russian Christians were exiled there in the early days of Communism. The Communists, especially under Stalin, just saved the prisons for real criminals or political prisoners and sent all these other people who refused to give up their religion to Siberia. A lot of them died of the cold, a lot of them died of starvation, but there were quite a few who were tough enough and hardy enough and worked hard enough to survive.
       94. They were given certain plots of land to work, because Russia wanted to develop Siberia, and many were forced to work as labourers building factories, mines and railroads. It was a cold, frozen, desolate country with hardly anybody there.--That's before they found oil, gas and minerals out there. So they figured, "If any of these people survive, we're colonising Siberia."
       95. And some of them developed good farms and prospered. The Lord was blessing them and they developed whole villages that became towns and then cities, until parts of Siberia were flourishing more than the rest of Russia. And of course the Communists didn't like that, so they started trying harder to put the squeeze on Siberia.
       96. (Note: Siberia has an abundance of natural resources. Many minerals, including diamonds, gold, platinum, tin, and tungsten, are mined in harsh, isolated areas. Vast oil fields along the Ob River began operating in 1965. By the mid-1980s, the fields produced half of the Soviet Union's oil. About a third of the country's coal comes from deposits in Siberia, and there are extensive natural gas reserves near the Arctic coast in western Siberia. Siberian forests produce about a third of the nation's timber. About a fifth of Russia's electric power comes from hydroelectric dams on Siberia's rivers.)
       97. They wanted to muscle in on some of that prosperity and they began laying heavy taxes on the Siberians and made it harder and harder on them. And any rebellious leaders who were not Communists and refused to be Communists were not allowed to be officials in the villages that they had established. They would insist that the mayor and the other officials of the town be Communists.
       98. If you've read the book or seen the movie "Doctor Zhivago," it shows you how the Russians packed the people into unheated cattle cars with no food and shipped them out to Siberia--of course hoping they would die on the way, because they were trying to get rid of them. But through miracles and prayer and some people actually helping them, shoving food through the car doors and some people getting inventive enough to figure out how to build a fire in a cattle car without burning up the car and keeping themselves warm, they managed to get out there still alive. And if they didn't have anything else, they built little shacks and gathered firewood to keep warm, and went hunting. It was still virgin territory and there were lots of animals, so they went hunting and ate wildlife. Oh my, that would be terrible today, wouldn't it? It's not politically correct to kill an animal! "And don't destroy this little bug or this little fish! Don't build that dam because it could hinder the fish and destroy the ecology.--And don't chop down a tree even if you need firewood or shelter, because you might harm some little bird." God help us!

Freedom Fighters!
       99. So now you've heard the history of welfare. But there are more and more people especially in the United States today who are beginning to oppose its dictatorial government.--And it has become a dictatorship! They control you every way there is and nothing is your own any more. It's either taxed or you're controlled somehow or another through your property or whatever. But there are beginning to be some real freedom fighters, some of them even advocating violence, which of course we do not agree with. Some of them are even being accused of trying to topple the U.S. government, as though they ever could the way the ACs have got things sewn up!
       100. But anyway, we're freedom fighters too, spiritually, and we're telling the Truth and getting it out to the people.--And of course the Truth is dangerous and not all of us get away with it. We're getting more and more persecution all the time. We've won a lot of court cases, and we still have some cases open, but we have really fought a battle. We're a real army, and if you want to join an army that's really battling for something worthwhile and that is going to win in the long run, thank the Lord, we're it! Praise the Lord!

The Time of the End!
       101. I heard that some of our own teenagers have said, "Well, we're not so sure this is the Endtime. It looks like we're going to last a lot longer than we thought." Brother, they must not watch the news! They must not see how bad the World is! It can't go on much longer!--It would be completely turned over to the Devil!--Which it will be, and it won't take long! I see signs of the End in every way. Even the environmentalists will tell you the Earth can't last much longer.

As It Was in the Days of Noah
       102. The Bible says that it will be "as it was in the days of Noah" when the Lord comes again.--Mat.24:37. In other words, it'll be so wicked and so vile and so horrible. It hasn't gotten quite that bad yet, but it's getting that bad. Some of it is already that bad, with the sodomites and the killing of babies through abortion and persecution of Christians and all the rest of the horrors of this World.
       103. How was it in the days of Noah? Well, the Bible doesn't say much about it, but we do know that several hundred years after the Flood in which God wiped out the whole human race for its evil, except for 8 people--several hundred years after this, women were killing their children by putting them in the hands of the god Moloch and casting them into the fire!--Lev. 18:21; Psa.106:36-40. It was a little more vividly horrible and wicked then, whereas now they can do it with impunity in a nice "civilised" medical way. They just go to a doctor and get him to tear the baby apart limb by limb in the womb, and tear out the body and hope the mother will live.
       104. For all we know, it may have been far worse in the days of Noah before the Flood. The Bible says that "the wickedness of man was great in the Earth," and every thought of his heart was only evil continually. The Lord also says the Earth was "corrupt" and "filled with violence!" (See Genesis 6:5-13.)
       105. The unbelievers scoffed at Noah and his family who were building the Ark, just like they scoff at us who are also building the Ark of Salvation and trying to persuade souls to enter with us. We're having more success than poor Noah did!--He didn't persuade any of them to join him, just his own family! He may have tried to persuade others to join him, but he didn't have any success. It wasn't until after the rains came and the door was shut that the people outside began banging on the door and wanted to get on board, but it was too late.
       106. The people in Noah's day kept on scoffing and eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, building and planting, and life continued on as usual, until the flood came and swept them all away!--Which the Lord will do again when He's taken His Own out. Then He'll pour out His judgements, the horrors of His Wrath, on the World that poured horrors on His children!
       107. And finally He'll lead us to the Battle of Armageddon to wipe them all out--all of the wicked, that is, who follow the Antichrist--and he and the False Prophet will be cast into the Lake of Fire, while his followers will be slain. Then we'll try to win the rest who didn't have a chance to believe. That's what the Millennium is for--to give people a chance who didn't have a chance before.--Not a second chance, but those who didn't have a first chance. Because all of those who had their chance either accepted it and were raptured, or rejected it and became followers of the Antichrist and died at the Battle of Armageddon.
       108. Then when the Millennium is over and we've won all we can, the Devil will be turned loose with his mob of demons again! And just about the time the forces of Satan surround the camp of the saints, God will pour down fire out of Heaven to burn up all the evildoers! Of course, He has to rescue His Own out of that, so I'm convinced it'll be another Rapture. And He'll not only burn up the evil, but He'll burn off the whole surface of the World and the atmosphere, because everything needs to be cleaned up! And then He'll restore it and there will be "a new Heaven and a new Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness" for ever and ever!--2Pet.3:10-13. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!

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