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--Prophecies with Comments by Mama, Peter and the CROs
\qr DO 2956 10/94

Introduction from Mama
1. ALL OF US have been wrestling with the question of our children's education. There's so much to teach them, but so little time to do it. We have such an ambitious program that it's impossible to cover it all, yet we feel like there's got to be a way, because it's all so important.
2. We've got what amounts to an education program with four major areas of learning: 1) Word Studies, 2) Witnessing, 3) Scholastics, 4) Practical Life Skills or Vocational Training. Our goal has been to see that all of these are covered properly. However, the reality of the situation is that we have fallen far short of that goal and we just haven't been able to find a way to fit everything in. In many cases, our children's witnessing has been almost non-existent, Word training has been weak, and the time spent on scholastics has not always been quality time. In our children's practical skills and their vocational training--childcare, maintenance, cooking, secretarial work, etc.--although the time is being spent on the job, the practical training is often sadly lacking.
3. It's not because of our lack of desire to give our children what we consider a good education, but because we've just tackled a monumental job!--Much more than the System would ever attempt. They have failed at the little that they have attempted, and here we are trying to do four times as much! A lot of kids in the System can barely manage to put in their hours of schooling and do their homework, and then they hardly have time for anything else. But for our kids, we not only want them to keep up their scholastic studies, but also pack in three other major areas of education as well.
4. I remember when I was a teen, all I could manage to do was to spend my day in school and come home and do hours of homework. I had to beg off any household duties because I was so swamped with homework. So we are trying to tackle a monumental job.
* * *

5. The above was the problem that I presented to our leadership. We were facing a major problem, one that no one could find any solutions to. It was a task too big for us, so if the Lord wanted us to do it, He had to have a solution! "Give me a task too big, too hard for human hands, then shall I come at length to lean on Thee, and leaning find my strength."
6. I asked some of our folks if they would be willing to bring the problem before the Lord to ask Him for some very specific answers to what seemed like such a monumental problem to us--to cry out to Him for some supernatural solutions. The need was there, and the Lord had said that He would supply our every need.
7. --And the Lord spoke wonderfully! I'm so excited about what He said! He very specifically showed us the solutions for fitting everything necessary into our kids' lives and what the proper balance is supposed to be. The whole question is really even larger than our children: It is one of how we, as Family Homes, can get everything done that we need to do.
8. I was praying desperately for the prophecy session and telling the Lord that He had to give us something specific, some real answers that we could understand, something definite that would say in black-and-white what the answer was, and not something that we had to interpret.
9. This has been such a big question and big problem and we have all been discussing it for so long that I was just desperate for the Lord to show us the answers clearly so there would be no mistake, and to give us real detailed instruction. And needless to say, when I heard a tape of the prophecies I was very very thankful and happy for the Lord's wonderful answers!
10. I was so glad that we had asked Him to speak to us! I'm so thankful that our dear folks were willing and were all such wonderful channels. I felt convicted that I had looked upon this as such a difficult situation that was so hard to find the answers to, when the Lord was very willing to give them to us in specific detail, and all we had to do was ask! I guess the reason I hadn't called for prayer earlier was because of my lack of faith, wondering if even the Lord had a workable solution for this one!--Ha! I felt like we were trying to accomplish too much, even though all of it was needed, and I thought we were just going to have to let some of it go undone.--And now I see that, in a way, that was true.
11. I was starting off with the wrong basic assumption, that all of our young people had to be trained equally in witnessing, in the Word, in their vocational subjects and also in their scholastics. But the Lord showed us in these prophecies that we don't have to think that each of them has to get the same amount of training in every area; that where we see some being stronger in one area and wanting more training in it, we should give it to them, and not demand that they fill up their time with other things that perhaps they don't need so much or even want. This, of course, is after they get the basic training that they need.
12. I guess the point is that we just have to relax a little more and realize that the Lord knows that our kids can't be perfect and they can't do everything. We'll have to go along with their interests as much as possible and not demand that they have a high standard in every single thing.
13. Of course, our younger ones do very much need a good foundation in the 3 R's in order to help them in their spiritual training with reading and writing the Word, but if we're faithful in that, we can expect He can easily bring them through System scrutiny, as He has done so many times before.
14. If you would seek Him more for help in your monumental tasks, He would dissolve the obstacles and multiply your efforts and make it possible for you to do everything you need to do!--And He will bring in the finances and give you the time for all of your important duties. Everything that He wants you to do and everything you need to do, you can do, if you will look to Him and seek His guidance in prayer and in the Word.
15. Everything the Lord had to say is already there in the Word, and if you Homes were obeying it, we wouldn't be having to ask the Lord these questions. There wouldn't be such serious dilemmas if Homes had followed what the Lord has already given. These prophecies are like a confirmation or a reminder of what the Lord has been saying all along. But He has had to tell us, "You are not listening to what I've been saying. I've supplied everything you need, but you are not reaching out, you're not taking it. You're not taking advantage of all of the resources that I have put across your path--the instruction and counsel I've already given you, the people that I bring to you and the opportunities that I give you."
16. So the Lord is being merciful and saying it once again. The people desire a new thing, so the Lord has said it a different way this time--through some of our dear folks that God has given a marvellous gift of prophecy to help in our ministry--confirming what He has already said.--Not really anything new, but just a new way of saying it.
17. Personally, I think we are on our last chance in more ways than one, and if we as a Family don't start looking to the Lord and the Word for His answers, He is going to pass us by and go to someone else to do His job. He has pled and He has begged and He has called, and we haven't been listening. Recently He has gotten even more insistent that we must take time with Him. We must stop and search His Word and hear from Him or we are not going to make it; things are getting too difficult. The Enemy's forces are gaining strength, and if we don't avail ourselves of God's great spiritual forces we are going to fail, because we cannot do it in the arm of the flesh.
18. There was a fitting picture in one prophecy of our large unwieldy Homes as Goliaths lumbering along with their heavy armor, so regimented and bound by the law that there is no room for the Spirit to work. But God is calling us to be little Davids who will fight the battles by His Spirit!
19. Lately in Letter after Letter and prophecy after prophecy the Lord is reminding us of the importance of love, that no matter what else we may think we have, it's all nothing if we don't have love--love for the lost, love for our brothers and sisters, love for our children. I noticed that because we haven't gotten the point about how to put love into practice, He has been very specific lately in pointing out how to do it--how to have a "Love Revolution."--For example, in what He said about Libby's homegoing, what He has given about single moms, what He has given about the need for our Family-raised young people to love the YA nationals, what He is saying very specifically in these prophecies about how and when and where to love! Look at what He has given for the TSers and for our backslidden teens.
20. Over and over in every way He is telling us that we must love, and that we must do it not in word only, but in deed! He has gone to great lengths to show us step by step how to do it, because we have been very dull in our understanding of how to practically apply His love in every situation. And as much as we have been instructed on prayer, it seems people still have a hard time fulfilling that ministry.
21. One picture the Lord gave of a collage of Family members each doing their jobs while at the same time praying for someone else's was a beautiful illustration of how to put more prayer power into our lives! (See para. 170.) It was so simple and graphic. I wonder if one of our artists could do a poster that our folks could put up in every room of their house to remind them of what the Lord wants and expects them to do--and what is going to bring the needed victories in their lives! We could use the poster as a two-page spread in this pub, with the prophecies! (See pg.12-13.)--And later we could send either the black-and-white poster or a colored one to our Homes for their walls, God willing. How much more specific could the Lord get about how and when we should pray?
22. There is so much in these prophecies! I just pray that our people are going to really study them and take them to heart and follow their instruction. The Lord has blessed us all by the ministry He has given these folks who get these prophecies--such beautiful things from Him. I feel so greatly blessed, and so privileged and in such awe that He has given me the opportunity to ask Him these great questions, and He uses frail men and women as His mouthpieces--just one of the wonderful ways He has of speaking to us--something that I can't get over! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
23. You're so wonderful, Lord, that You love us, Your little children, so much and are willing to do these great things for us. Thank You for Your answers, and that You are willing to keep giving them over and over so patiently, waiting for us to get the point. Help us now not to waste any more of Your precious time in going the wrong direction and doing the wrong things, but to get back on track and start doing what You've been telling us to do all the time through the Words of David.--So that You will be able to pour out Your blessings in every way, to give us not only what we need and want, but to accomplish Your purpose of reaching others with Your love.

Prophecies--With Comments from Mama, Peter and the CROs!
(After one of our WS Units prayed about the situation concerning our children and their education, the prophecies they received were sent to Peter, who was holding a meeting with the CROs, and in a united meeting Peter and the CROs read and commented on the prophecies. Mama later added her comments and interpretations of the prophecies as well. In the pages which follow we've arranged the prophecies with relevant interpretations and comments from Mama, Peter and the CROs following each section of prophecies.)
24. (Prayer:) Lord, we are so thankful that You are always there to help us find the solutions to our problems, and we thank You for Mama's guidance and counsel. She's asked us to come to You for the specific answers and solutions needed concerning our children's care and training. You have promised that if we seek, we shall find, and if we ask, it shall be given, and we are claiming those promises as we come before You now. We know that we can trust You and depend on You to help and lead us.
25. We pray that as we commit our thoughts to You, that You will establish every word in our mouths and every thought that comes to our minds, and give us Your leading. It seems an impossible situation for us to care for and train our children properly, but the need is there and You have promised that You would supply our needs. We are desperately crying out to You now to give us supernatural solutions as to how we can do this.
26. In each Home there are so many factors to be considered that we don't even know, we don't understand, and each child has their needs. But Lord, we pray that You will override our own thoughts and ideas and what we think we can do and the arm of the flesh, and supernaturally pour through us now and show us what needs to be done. Thank You Jesus!

Care for the Sheep Within And Without Our Folds!
27. (Prophecy:) "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven. Train up a child in the way he should go, and it shall go well with your house, and your way shall prosper and your thoughts shall be established.
28. "Lift up your eyes and look upon the fields, for they are white already to harvest. Pray ye, therefore, the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest. For if ye shall seek My children first--both My children within My fold and those without who are lost in the world--then it shall go well with you and your way shall prosper.
29. "For I have led and guided you in the way that you should go. I have spoken through you and through My Prophet and Prophetess, that the reason that you are here in the world is to be a witness and to reap the souls of those who are lost; to be as the good shepherd who left the ninety and nine and went out and sought that which was lost and brought them safely back into the fold, and there watched over the whole fold of one hundred. For he was not always gone, searching for the lost sheep, but his job as the shepherd was to watch the hundred and to care for them.
30. "I send you forth as My shepherds to go and do likewise. When one is lost, go seek and search them out, and tell them of My Words and of My Truth and compel them to come into the Kingdom. But neglect not to care for those that are within the fold. For if ye shall care for those that are within the fold, then they shall in turn go forth and bring many into My Kingdom; for they are your investment in the future.
31. "Have I not said in My Word that if ye do these things, that all these other things shall be added unto you? For I have brought you to this crisis to show that it is not `business as usual,' but to restore unto you the desire to win the world and to be a witness. And happy are those who will do these things. So I say unto you, neglect not to care for that which is in your hand, for that is your witness. And neglect not to go forth as missionaries to the lost, for that is also your job. The one ye ought to do and not to leave the other undone."
* * *

32. (Comment from Mama:) The Lord is saying that our harvest, our mission field is not just the world outside our gates, but it is also our children within our walls. He's saying to pray for laborers to help win the world, and to also help win our children. He's saying if we'll seek His children outside (lost souls) and His children inside (our own children who we have raised in the Family, and also our brethren who need love), then the Lord will bless and prosper us.
33. Our whole reason for existence here on this Earth is to be good shepherds of the ones lost in despair outside the fold, and of the ones who are already in the fold but who also need our care. He says not to neglect them, because they are our investment in the future and they will help to win many others if we will train them up in the way they should go. They are the Kingdom of God and we must make them a priority. "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven" (Mark 10:14; Mat.6:33). If we will witness to our children and to lost souls, we will be seeking first the Kingdom of God, and then all of the other things that we need will be added on to us.
34. He says He has brought us to this crisis in order to restore unto us the desire to win the world and be a witness. What is "this crisis" that He has brought us to? We have a financial crisis and we have a crisis with our children, and He's saying the answer for both of these crises is the same: To get back to our main job of witnessing, both to the world and to our children, and to set the example for our children so that they will want to do likewise. Not only is witnessing, both to the world and to our children, the answer for us, but witnessing is the answer for our children as well. Dad pointed this out clearly in "The School Vision" when he said that the whole reason for teaching our children is to make them witnesses. (See ML #2430.)
* * *

35. (Comment from CRO:) During this prophecy when the Lord said, "Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven," I had a picture of many little children being herded around in our Homes, so many of which have gotten to be so institutional. But the Lord was saying that He wants each of the children to come to Him individually and that He will take personal time with each one. Each one can have a personal relationship with Him instead of just being part of a large group without enough personal care and attention.

Show'm Jesus!
36. (Prophecy:) "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. Ye ask, `How can we do it? How can we do the one and not neglect the other? How can we care for our children and also care for those outside our walls?' I say unto you, lift Me up and I will draw all men unto Me. Put Me first. Raise Me up. Make Me the center and I will not fail you. Show them Jesus--not only those that you witness to outside, but those little ones right there before you. If ye lift Me up, I will draw all men unto Me, and I will lead and guide you and provide abundantly for you. For will I not care for My Own? Think ye not that I love them and will provide for them and for you?
37. "Ye have but to lift Me up! Lean not to your own understanding, lean not to the arm of the flesh, but lift Me up. Seek Me every day in prayer, for it is all there before you in My Word. If ye will but abide in that Word and let it abide in you, it will bring forth fruit, and that fruit shall remain, that fruit that ye desire, the fruit of your children that will never leave you, brought up in the nurture and the admonition of My Word.
38. "For I care for these. I love these little ones. I know that the task looks great, and yea, it is, and the time is short and there are so many things to do. But that is why you must look unto Me and lean hard on Me and seek Me. Ask and it shall be given. For I long to give you the solutions and the help that you need. Just turn to Me and ask, lift Me up. I can make the mountains melt away in a moment."
39. (I had a vision with this prophecy of a Home gathering together in the morning, seeking the Lord's guidance.--Signifying that that is how we can get help in finding the solutions, by seeking His face daily.)
* * *

40. (Comment from CRO:) In order to lift up Jesus, we can't just give a class on prayer, but we have to show desperation in prayer ourselves. Perhaps we adults have been a little lazy, thinking that if we just read the Word to the kids, they'll be okay. But we actually have to live the Word for them to see, otherwise it doesn't touch their lives as much.
* * *

41. (Comment from Peter:) The Lord repeated a number of times, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. Show'm Jesus." How do you show'm Jesus?--You give them the Word. But it's also having the life of the Spirit within your Home. If you seek the Lord every day in prayer through communion with Him and time in His Word, then you'll have real excitement of the Spirit.--Of hearing from the Lord and being on the move with the Lord in the direction and place that He wants you to go.
42. The Homes that do seek and follow are exciting--you see miracles! And your kids are excited, too, because you're praying and talking about the Word, and they're seeing answers to prayer.
43. The Lord also said, "If you lift Me up, I will lead you and guide you and provide abundantly for you."--So it's part of the financial solution as well. You'll have the Spirit, you'll be led of the Lord, and you'll do the right things. You'll be in the right place at the right time talking to the right people, and you'll find the financial solutions as well.

Pray Over Each Situation!
44. (Prophecy:) "As the wind bloweth where it listeth, so is My Spirit. As you so well know, each situation is different, but look to My Spirit and it will guide you into all Truth. In each situation, look to My Spirit. Stop, look and listen. I will give you the specific solution to each situation if you will stop and look and hear from Me. For My Spirit will bless you and lead and guide you and will melt your problems away."
* * *

45. (Comment from Peter:) This is a major point: You can't apply every word of every Letter to every situation. You can take the principles and guidelines and the Truth from the Word, but each situation is different and you've got to pray. Dad brought this out clearly from the very beginning when he wrote "For God's Sake Follow God!" (ML #4.) I would venture to say that many Homes are a little weak in the area of praying over each situation--looking to the Lord for what to do each day, what to do about this sheep or that contact or that child.
46. The down side of trying to operate in such large Homes is that the children all have to conform to a certain way, we have to deal with all our sheep this way, we have to all go witnessing that way. But in smaller situations there's more freedom to try the new ways and new things the Lord shows us.
47. We would hope that in smaller Homes it would be easier to follow through on what the Lord shows, and easier to change your plans for His plans at a moment's notice. But small Homes alone will not assure success; it is only through seeking the Lord and being dependent upon Him for His direction that we can be guaranteed the needed victories. The key is that dependence upon the Lord and seeking Him for the answers through the Word, and not expecting others to tell us all the answers. This is where our attitudes are going to have to change. The Lord says He will give them the specific solutions if they will ask Him and look to His Word.
* * *

48. (Comment from CRO:) It seems the Lord wants to change the mode of operation in our Homes. He would like for them to come together unitedly as a Home and pray desperately and hear from Him, and not just the teamwork praying together and then telling the Home what the Lord showed them or had to say.
* * *

49. (Comment from Peter:) When only the teamwork prays together, the kids never see God at work through our requests, nor His answers.--Even the other adults in the Home don't see it. The Home members have no involvement if the teamwork just comes down from the mountain with the oracles and says, "This is it!" But if everyone is involved, they all see that when you pray and follow what the Lord shows, it works.
* * *

50. (Comment from CRO:) It reminds me of Esther David's class in Heavenly Helpers #2. Her whole approach to teaching the children about witnessing is that there needs to be a lot of the Spirit in the Homes, and that because the children are witnessing and pouring out, they see the need. Then they come back in from the field and get more from the Lord and go back out and pour that out.
* * *

51. (Comment from CRO:) It's important when the Homes are praying that it is mixed with faith so that the children will be able to benefit from it, because if it's prayer without faith, it only leads to frustration. The faith comes through obedience on the part of the parents and adults in the Home. Obedience is as important as getting together and praying, because when they are obeying, the Lord is going to answer.

Be Happy and Challenged and Shine for Jesus in Your Own Unique Way
52. (Prophecy:) "Behold, I have raised up a mighty army and each one is precious in My sight--every man, woman and child. Each one has their gift and their place, and each one has their strengths and their weaknesses. It is My desire to supply the needs of each one, and I pour forth according to the faith and the desire of each one.
53. "For I have put before you a task that is so great and so monumental that it will force you to your knees to call upon Me and to lean and depend upon Me, that you might realize in your hearts and minds that without Me you can do nothing, and without Me it is an impossibility. And then in that moment, in realizing your own lacks and your own weaknesses and your own inability, I shall be able to come through and show My strength and My power through you.
54. "This is My design and My plan and I have prepared the way. I have brought upon you this crisis, this emergency, this monumental task, that I might be glorified. And with what measure you seek Me and look to Me, with the same measure I shall pour forth solutions and finances and all that you need. As you obey and do the wenting and do the things that you already know you should do, I will provide and make a way where there is no way, that I may be glorified.
55. "For each one is precious in My sight, and I would that each person, both small and great, would be fulfilled and satisfied and challenged. And I have already provided the means for you to be fulfilled and satisfied and challenged if ye would but seek and open your eyes to the vast treasures that I have already set at your fingertips, if ye would just seek in My Word for that which I have already provided. Diligently and aggressively seek for the answers which are there for you.
56. "For I place this responsibility upon each person. Each person has their place, and all of you work together and all of you bear the responsibility, and all must feel the weight and carry their part to move the mighty mountain, to move the monumental task and accomplish My will. It is not possible to place the weight upon the shoulders of only a few, but all must get behind this giant boulder to push and to make progress and to reach the destination. For if this great weight be placed upon the shoulders of only a few, those few will not be able to bear it, and they will weaken and they will crumble under the weight.
57. "Therefore I call upon all My faithful children, both great and small, to feel the weight and bear the responsibility according to their strength, according to their maturity and according to their faith. Let each person bear the weight. Let each person bear the burdens of others. Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill My Law of Love. Each person must aggressively reach out to those around them to fulfill the need and to lift the burden. Each person must play their role in witnessing, in Home life, in childcare, in prayer, in all spheres of the revolutionary lifestyle that I have given you. And none can say, `That is not my job, that is not my ministry, that is not my responsibility.'
58. "For I place this burden of reaching the world, and of raising the little ones, and of being a good sample upon the shoulders of all. But there are those who are more gifted in certain areas. Each person is different--some have gifts that lie in one area, and others have gifts which lie in another area--and these shine according to their strengths and according to their gifts.
59. "Likewise with your young people, they will not all be the same. There will be those who will be strong in scholastics, who have the desire and the mind for it and the intellect, who have a burden and a hunger for that area; and there will be those who will be your great and mighty Word warriors, your best teachers, those who know the Word and who have memorized the most; and there will be those who will shine in vocational areas, for that is their burden and their strength which I have given unto them; and there will be those who will be your shining witnesses, those who will be especially burdened for lost souls and gifted in winning them.
60. "For as I have raised up the adults in different areas and ministries, so will I raise up young people likewise, and they will not all be the same. And as they grow and their gifts and burdens mature, take heed to their desires that they may grow and be fed and challenged according to their specific gifts and burdens which I have given them.
61. "For it is a rare person who can be gifted and strong in all areas. Therefore, give everyone your basic training and then let them grow according to their specific burdens and gifts. In doing this, My Family shall be well balanced; you will have what you need and you will be a body fitly joined together.
62. "Not all are the same, for I have given the gifts according to My plan and My wisdom. Each one is valuable, and one cannot say to the other, `I have no need of thee.' For every ministry, every sphere of influence, every department is absolutely necessary to the running of My Kingdom. Therefore, despise not the day of small things nor think too highly of yourselves, but let each person shine in the way that I have created him, that My diamonds of dust may grow and progress and mature into the princes and princesses that I have prepared them to be.
63. "Do not fret or worry about lacks or the seeming impossibilities, or about your own weaknesses. Do not throw up your hands in despair or be weary in well doing. If you look to Me and trust in Me and pray and read My Word and be as faithful as you can, then I will answer your prayers and I will make a way, and I will raise and train your children according to My plan, and great shall be your reward."
* * *

64. (Comment from Mama:) In this prophecy the Lord is repeatedly trying to get the point across that every person is different. He has made everyone unique, with different gifts and different talents and different strengths and different weaknesses. Each one is unique, different from any other person that He has ever created, and they cannot all fit into the same slot; they cannot all do the same job; they will not all think the same way; they will not all have the same ideas; they will not all understand things exactly the same.
65. Some will be slow, some will be faster, some will be weak in some areas and strong in others, while others will be strong in someone else's weak areas but weak in their strong areas. But God is the One Who has made us this way, and each one is precious to the Lord just the way he is, and therefore each one should be precious to us just the way they are.
66. Each one should have the freedom to be happy and challenged and to shine for Jesus in their own unique way. He specifically says about our young people that some will be strong in scholastics--those whom the Lord has given the desire, the burden and the hunger for it, as well as the mind and the intellect for it. Others will be great and mighty Word warriors, some of our best teachers, those who know the Word and have memorized it the most.
67. Others will shine in vocational areas, for that is their burden and their strength that the Lord has given them. And there will be those who will be our shining witnesses, who will be especially burdened for lost souls and gifted in winning them, for the Lord has given them that special gift. "According to their faith be it done unto them" (Mat.9:29). According to their desires and their burdens be it done unto them. According to the gifts that God has given be it done unto them.
68. So He says let them grow in the areas that they are interested in, give them opportunities for challenge in those areas. After we have given them their basic training, then we must let them follow their leading. And for God's sake, and their sake, don't compare them and say one is better than another, or one is more capable than another, because God has done this work and He doeth all things well.
* * *

69. (Comment from Peter:) The Lord says the task is so big that it is driving us to our knees. He said that He brought this crisis and emergency to force us to realize--and here's the key--"that with what measure you seek Me and look to Me, with the same measure I shall pour forth solutions and finances and all that you need." A measly prayer gets a measly answer. I think right now the responsibility of seeking the Lord is resting on only a few people. But the Lord now wants to spread out that responsibility.
70. The Lord said, "I place this responsibility on each person." And it seems the responsibility that He's talking about is in just about every area of our lives. The education of the children is not just the teachers' responsibility; the shepherding of the Home is not just the shepherds' responsibility; the bringing in of finances or the witnessing is not just the responsibility of a few.--We're all responsible!
* * *

71. (Comment from CRO:) It's the cares of this world that choke out the Word. If you have a trial, the solution is to go to the Word and prayer until you find the peace of God. And even if you don't have the rent or you don't have the solution to every problem, you can have a peace in your heart because you have taken time in the Word and prayer. But I know a lot of our people aren't walking in faith right now, they're walking in worry.
* * *

72. (Comment from Peter:) The responsibility the Lord is referring to is the responsibility to bear one another's burdens--that we all must bear them together. It's all of our responsibility to educate and take care of the kids in our Homes. The Lord says each person must play their role--in witnessing, in home life, in childcare, in prayer, in all spheres. It is no longer, "Behold, I am only a provisioner, I don't do anything else," or "I am the expert in this thing, I don't do anything else." It can't be that way. We all have to be in it together, or it's not going to work.
73. Each person must pray diligently for the answers, and we must aggressively reach out to others. That doesn't just mean strolling along, it means assertively, boldly.
* * *

74. (Comment from CRO:) In the Homes there are experts on numerous subjects, but they don't usually have an opportunity to get involved with the children. In our area an inspiring rotational program has been initiated in which other adults take the teachers' place for a time, and the teachers are freed to go out witnessing. It's one way of fulfilling this vision of the responsibility for the children being on everyone's shoulders.
* * *

75. (Comment from CRO:) This prophecy reminded me of Dad, and what he has taught us about dedication, no matter how weak or small you feel. There is a lot of commitment in this prophecy--just giving everything you have, even though you're weak, and the need for everyone to participate. Dad was totally involved; he gave everything. There are some people who don't even know what they're good for any more or what they're supposed to do, but if they'll just get down to the basics of life and pouring out and giving, they'll find the solution.
* * *

76. (Comment from CRO:) Part of this prophecy talks about the weak and the strong, and that we should not play down the role of the people who seem weak. There are some brethren who don't have so many talents, but of the little they do have, they give 100%; however, they tend to get pushed to the side. But this prophecy shows that we all play a very important role, and that each person is very special.
* * *

77. (Comment from CRO:) We, as leaders, may not have emphasized enough what has always been Dad and Mama's sample, and that is of encouraging individual initiative. When launching into something different or new, Dad and Mama would always encourage us, "God bless you for trying something new!" But initiative doesn't seem to be encouraged so much in our Homes.

You Must Give Them the Spirit
78. (Prophecy:) "Behold the small sparrows who care for the young of their nest. They fly to and fro to gather the seeds that I have given them for their young. They toil and gather to feed their young, and I provide for them. Their labors are not unrewarded, they are seeking first My Kingdom and the lives of these young ones that I have put in their nest. Therefore I have honored their faith, and so shall I honor you as you care for your children, and as you care for the lost.
79. "What have you done today to save a soul? Have you asked yourself this question today? This is the question that ye must ask. Have ye carried your part of the responsibilities to save a soul today? Not in the works of the flesh and in obedience to your schedules, but in prayer and supplication, have ye carried your part of the load? Have you carried your part in caring for the children? Have you carried them to My bosom in prayer? Have you fought by their side? Have you seen their needs and their lacks and have you fought for these in prayer? Ask yourself, because this too is what you must do to save a soul.
80. "If your children lack, have you wrestled in the Spirit for them? These burdens that I lay upon your heart, have ye acted upon them? If ye have not come unto Me in prayer and wrestled in prayer for the needs of your children and the needs of your flock, ye have not done what you can do today to save a soul. If ye have not poured out your soul today unto Me for your children, ye are failing My children.
81. "This Revolution was built in the Spirit!--Not on schedules, not on rules, but the Spirit. It is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing. It is the Spirit that maketh alive! Are ye burdened to see the joy sparkle in your children's hearts? Are ye burdened to see them carry on the Revolution? Then you must give them the Spirit! They must see it burn within you, the love of Christ that constraineth you.
82. "Above all else, they must see you give your hearts to Me. They must not see you looking upon the fleshly pleasures of this world, but looking unto Me, caring for Me above all else! If they have not seen this in you, then they greatly lack. If they have not seen you pour out your heart for their needs, they shall go astray; for they shall be stunted and will not grow into the men and women that I have designed them to be.
83. "What have you done today to save a soul?--To save this soul, this child that is before you?--The one that sweeps the floors, that makes the bed, that empties the potty, that washes the dishes, that dusts the banisters. Have ye carried this child before Me in desperate prayer?--Or have ye looked upon this child as a burden and a care?
84. "Turn around and take this burden and care to Me in prayer, for I shall lift them up and I shall raise them up. If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. I will draw your converts unto Me. I will draw your children unto Me. I will draw those who are on the outside watching unto Me, if ye will but lift Me up.
85. "Are ye drinking from the Word? Are ye daily partaking of My Spirit, delving into My Words and drinking and finding Me? Are ye doing this? Are ye living in the Spirit? Cry out to Me and I shall bring these wonderful solutions! Cry out to Me and I shall open the riches of My Spirit, the riches of My Word, and this world I will lay at your feet. Ye have not because ye ask not.
86. "Ye have not the direction of My Word that ye need to bring the solutions to these problems because ye seek Me not. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and My righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Seeking Me first means pouring out your heart to Me in prayer and supplication, carrying your little ones to Me in prayer, carrying the needs of this world to Me in prayer.
87. "This is a high and mighty calling, and as ye fulfill this vision, ye shall come to the end of the day and know what you have done to save a soul. This is a question that I want you to ask yourselves daily. Weigh up the books at the end of the day and ask yourself, `What have I done today to save a soul?' And when ye enter the next day, strive for a higher peak on the mountain, so that at the end of that day, when you ask yourself, `What have I done today to save a soul?', there will be great joy in your heart, for ye shall know that I am well pleased with you, and I shall pour great joy and great pleasure into your soul that will carry you through.
88. "For this is the key: `What have I done today to save a soul?' This attitude shall lift you above the mountains and the obstacles of life, because then ye shall be seeking Me first, and then ye shall be carrying your all to Me and allowing Me to carry the burden.
89. "I love each one of you very very much, and I have nurtured you and cared for you every day of your life to bring you along the road to this beautiful point; and now I want you to spring forth in greater beauty than you have ever imagined. Cry out to Me daily and love Me first and see the wonders that I shall do through you, that shall inspire your souls, and all these things shall be added unto you."
* * *

90. (Comment from Peter:) The importance of prayer and supplication is being made quite evident in this prophecy. The Lord is trying to get across to us with a 2x4 that we're supposed to pray. But as someone was saying earlier, we're so busy we can't even stop to pray. We're so busy taking care of kids, getting the Home organized, doing our phone messages, and so on and so forth--all of us! At every level of Family life--everybody's just too busy! And because of that, we postpone prayer and the Word. It's so basic, "Stop, Look and Listen"--the story of Melancthon and Luther--if we have so much to do, we need to spend even more time in prayer.
* * *

91. (Comment from CRO:) In this prophecy the Lord is begging us to get stirred up for our children. Two key Letters that I'm reminded of are "Hearts Aflame" and "The `Teaching the Children' Dream." (See ML#s 2703 and 2845.) Both of them are appeals to the Family to get stirred up.
* * *

92. (Comment from Peter:) As Mama brought out after hearing these prophecies, they not only cover education and children, but the whole spectrum of our lives. I think every Home member, when they read this, is going to be convicted and feel, "I haven't been wrestling in the Spirit for the children in this Home, I haven't poured out my soul today for the children."
93. And not just for the children.--What about your converts? What about the souls that you're trying to lead to the Lord? What about your contacts? What about each other? When somebody's having a problem or struggling through, are we praying for them and asking the Lord to work?--Or do we just go talk to them and try to make them get the victory in the flesh? How much better to let the Lord and the Holy Spirit do some of the work. And what about our young people who have problems? We put them on reading courses, which is good, but how much are we wrestling for them in prayer?
94. The Lord says, "This Revolution was built in the Spirit!--Not on schedules, not on rules, but the Spirit. Are you burdened to see the joy sparkle in your children's hearts?"--Not just the children, either, but the whole Family, everybody! "Are you burdened to see them carry on the Revolution?--Then you must give them the Spirit!" And it's not enough just to give them the Word. If they don't see the Word alive in you, and if you're not giving them the Spirit, then the Word will just become dead to the kids.--And not just to the kids, the Lord is speaking to all of us!
95. Our kids and adults--our Homes--have got to have the Spirit! They've got to see the Spirit burning in their shepherds' hearts, and the kids have got to see it burning in the adults of the Home. Otherwise, as one child said, "Does God really answer prayer?--We pray, but nothing ever happens!" If you don't have faith and you're not obeying, you're not going to get answers to your prayers. And if you're not, then the kids are going to think, "What are you doing? Why are you praying? What a waste of time!" I wonder how much the Homes involve their kids in their prayers?--Hopefully a lot! The kids have got to see it happen!
96. The Lord also says, "The children must not see you looking upon the fleshly pleasures of this world, but looking unto Me, caring for Me above all else!" They've got to see our fervent love for the Lord. For our kids, in a sense, it is just a way of life, they were born into it. The fire has to be lit in them, and that only happens through the Word and the Spirit. But if they see that you have the fire burning, then they'll want to burn too!
97. There have been testimonies about teens and JETTs in our Combos who weren't getting along well with their parents. They didn't even know what their father did. They knew he did this or that, but they never really saw him much throughout the day. But when they went out on a SWIFT team with their parents, all of a sudden they saw their father witnessing, and the Lord using him in provisioning, etc. They saw how they all had to get desperate for the Lord to answer their prayers. And then all of a sudden, "Wow! Now I can see that my father has the Spirit!" That's what our families and Homes need. The Spirit is what we all need.
* * *

98. (Comment from Mama:) Again, in this prophecy, the Lord mentions that He will honor us for caring for our children and caring for the lost, and He says if we want our children to be happy, we're going to have to give them the Spirit. And what does that mean? He says it means that we have to give our hearts to Him above all else, not looking on or lusting after fleshly pleasures but doing the opposite, "caring for Me above all else."
99. He says it's important that they see you pour out your hearts for them.--Not only that you do it, but that sometimes you do it with them, so they can see and hear you do it and so they can learn to do it themselves, so that when they see the answers, they will know it is because you prayed. He says it is a high and mighty calling for you to daily seek Him in His Word and prayer, and that "ye have not because ye ask not and you seek not."

Use the Children More
100. (Prophecy:) "I shall supply all of your need according to My riches in glory. But you say to Me, `You have not supplied.' Yet I say, My Word says I have supplied. For each of your situations I have supplied all of your need according to My riches in glory. But you have not asked, you have not knocked, you have not sought to find it. You say, `How shall my children learn to read?' I say to you, how many of you read? Each one must teach one, and even a little child can lead. How many children have ye taught to lead? How many children have you encouraged to shine and do their best? Or have you pushed them back and not developed them, not let the sunshine of their accomplishments burst forth?
101. "Have they sprung up as seed in a fresh garden? Have you tended them like precious little plants? Each one contains so much talent, so much ability. Have you invested your talents wisely in your children and in those around you? Have you poured forth what knowledge you have? Has each child, each teen, each person in your Home shared with somebody else the skills and the talents they have?
102. "Have you shared your ability to spell? Have you shared your ability to read? Have you shared your ability to memorize? Have you shared your verse today? Have you shared with somebody else what you have learned from My Spirit? How much are you sharing? Or are you selfish? Are you sitting on your talents? Are you burying them in yourselves and not letting them burst forth in your children?
103. "You can increase your talents by pouring them into children, for they multiply quickly! There is so much children can do, but you do not see it that way. You often see children as a burden, and yet I said unto you a little child shall lead them. Let the little children lead them! Encourage them to lead.--To lead in witnessing, lead in learning, lead in all the things that they need to do. Free the children to do these things, and great blessings will be upon you. Share what you have, and you will have more than enough to go around.
104. "I have supplied all your needs if you will only have the faith for it. It is there! Seek it out, believe it is there. Your finances, your education, every need your heart desires, and more, is there. I have provided, ye just must find it. Seek Me and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened, and a blessing will be poured forth that ye cannot hold.--Good measure, shaken down and pressed together for each of you.
105. "I am not a stingy God! I have provided, I will make a way. My burden is light, it is not heavy. I will not lay a yoke upon you that you cannot bear. You say, `Oh no, a greater weight, we must raise finances. We must cast aside everything else.' Oh children, children, have ye no balance? Where is your wisdom? Look unto Me and be enlightened. Turn to Me and I will teach you the way. Listen and pour out. Give and it shall be given unto you, with good measure, pressed down and shaken together."
106. (I had a vision of people with a lot of children and they seemed to be trying to herd them and contain them in dark little corners, but there were so many children and they kept bursting forth. The few adults that were there were trying to do all the work themselves and not really involving the children in everything as much as they should have been, and it was just impossible to try and keep the lid on all these kids.
107. (They were trying to push them into these little corners and keep them there, but the kids kept running around the person who was trying to hold them in, and they kept getting out of the confines of these places. So finally they just let the children lead the way more in a lot of things, since there were so many more of them than there were people to look after them. The main thing was to use the children more and to let them lead.)
* * *

108. (Comment from Mama:) The Lord is saying that we have been blaming Him for things that are our fault. We are the ones to blame. He says we're complaining about His stinginess and that He isn't keeping His promises, but He's saying that we haven't done our part. He's saying that His supply is right there waiting for us if we will just reach out for it.
109. He says, "You have not asked, you have not knocked, you have not sought to find it." You'll notice that the seeking and knocking usually go along with the asking. It's not enough to just sit there and ask. When the Lord says that we aren't asking, the asking He is talking about encompasses far more than just saying, "Lord, please give me such-and-such." If we really want something, we will be determined to get it, to scout it out, to seek wholeheartedly, to knock on every door. It will be a wholehearted active search that will refuse to give up without seeing the needed results.
110. Let's face it, most of us haven't been that desperate. Instead, we have been content to tolerate the lacks, to live with the insufficiencies, to murmur about the needs but not to do anything about them. We haven't wanted to pay the high price of stirring ourselves up enough to get desperate with the Lord in prayer and make the sacrifices to search the Word daily for the answers. We've been selfish and lackadaisical--not only not wanting to stir ourselves up to seek the Lord desperately, but unwilling to "invest our talents wisely in our children and those around us."
111. The Lord says, "How much are you sharing of all of the precious gems of wisdom from your store of treasures? There is so much that children can do, but you do not see it that way. You often see children as a burden, and yet I say unto you, `A little child shall lead them.'" He says if we all share with one another what we know, and then let them lead the way in every area, great blessings will be upon us. And there is the promise again: "Give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over."--Giving of our time to seek the Lord, giving of our witness to the world, giving of our finances to the Lord's work, giving of our love and diverse gifts to our children and each other.
112. This is a message for each one of us! The Lord is giving a special commission to each of you: "Each one teach one." You are to look for opportunities all day long where you can be sharing what you know with someone. The Lord is trying to tell you that even if you feel like you don't have anything else to share, you can read, can't you? You can memorize a verse or two, can't you? You can pray, can't you? Then you can teach by reading, memorising or praying with one of the children in your Home. If you adults use your talents--whatever talents you may have, big or small--to pour into your children, then the Lord promises He will multiply those talents in their lives, and you will reap great dividends. You will see the children becoming the leaders that the Lord has promised.
* * *

113. (Comment from CRO:) We herd the kids around, and they end up doing nothing. They're idle, and they waste time. During the last Fast when Mama encouraged the JETTs to help in the prayer sessions it caused a big revolution in the Homes, and we found that there are anointed teachers among our JETTs. We can give our JETTs Word classes and scholastics and vocational training all day, but if we never give them the opportunity to use it or pour it out or teach it to someone else, then it's just learning. Perhaps if they are able to pass on some of the things that they have learned, they'll see the usefulness of their education and that it's not just head stuffing.

Be Little Davids!
114. (Prophecy:) "I would that you would be as David, but many of your Homes are like Goliath. You are cumbered about with heavy armor, and your shield bearer and armor bearer must go before you to bear all the armor and the heavy shields. You are so weighed down with all these obstacles, with all these things, that you are not free to do the work that I would that you would do. Be like David, who did not have these cumbersome things--this armor, these great shields--but who could simply take a few little pebbles that I had given him to accomplish My will.
115. "Some of your Homes are like Goliath, they move so slowly, and they are so weighed down that they cannot move. You must break out into little Davids! Out of each Goliath I would make many little Davids who can run speedily here and there to accomplish My will. And I will free the armor bearers and the shield bearers so that they may also accomplish My will of witnessing, of teaching and of instructing the children. But they are so burdened with carrying armor and carrying shields and the duties of the Home and the organization and the business and the problems, that they are not able to devote themselves to what I would that they would do. They are not able to go when I would that they go, or to come when I would that they would come.
116. "So be as My little Davids, not encumbered with the cares of this world, but devoted simply to obeying My will for the moment. Go forth as little Davids in the power of My Spirit and ye shall overcome! You do not need to be like a huge Goliath to overcome the Enemy, or to make progress, or to have accomplishments. Simply go forth as My little Davids and ye shall accomplish My will, and ye shall accomplish even more. Ye shall save souls and reach the lost and push back the Enemy's forces and rescue them that are captured by the Enemy's armies.
117. "For even as David had no strength of his own, but sought his strength from Me, and even as he had no heavy armor, but simply the smooth little pebbles of My Word which he did use as I instructed him to, even so did he accomplish that which I wanted him to do.
118. "But ye say, `Oh, we are strong and mighty, we are Goliath--look how many we are!' But ye are weighed down and ye depend not on Me like ye should, because ye are strong in yourselves and in the fact that you have a large Home with so much organization, so many people to get the task done, so that it takes away from your dependence on Me.
119. "Be ye as little Davids and I will strengthen you, and ye shall accomplish all these things that I would have you do. For they that wait upon Me shall renew their strength, and ye shall mount up with wings as eagles; ye shall walk and not be weary, ye shall run and not faint."
* * *

120. (Comment from Mama:) It sounds like the Lord is trying to tell us something about our large Homes. The Lord chose a comparison that He knew we would clearly understand. When He compares our large Homes to Goliath, it is clearly symbolic of the arm of the flesh. He's saying that some of our large Homes are unwieldy, so encumbered by burdens and so slow-moving that they can't accomplish anything. People are so weighed down with the administration and organization, business and maintenance and problems that they can't spend the time doing what the Lord wants them to do: They can't witness to the world or the children, and can't teach what they know.
121. He says we have so many people in our large Homes to do the job that we depend on them and not on Him, and because of this, even though we have so many people, they fail, and they don't accomplish the job. And the more people we have, the more people we need to take care of them, whose job would be better spent out winning the world.
122. He wants us to start being little Davids who can go when He says to go and come when He says to come, who can move at His command, and who don't insist on carrying along a lot of paraphernalia, but whose strength is in the Lord.--Little Davids who don't have anything else to depend on, just Jesus and His Word.
123. This should certainly be an encouragement to our small pioneer Homes of just five or six adults with a handful of children who don't have any fancy singing team or any fancy sample Home or any school with all of the latest equipment, but who are just out there with a little team and the pebbles of God's Word.

Give, Pour Out and Hold Back Nothing!
124. (Prophecy:) "With Man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible. Many are called but few are chosen, and ye have been chosen.--My special Endtime army, hand-picked by Me. And do ye not know that I will give you the anointing for the task?--Yea, over and above your natural ability, or even what your natural mind can conceive that ye can do. For the abilities and the talents and the skill are each multiplied as they are empowered by Me and strengthened by Me, and as I touch the life of each one and My Spirit doth flow through you as rivers of living water. For ye must not look at the hours in the day or the task that is before you, or the huge mountains there are to climb, but ye must look to Me and to My limitless power which will work through you.
125. "For as ye give and give and give again of your time and your energy and your love in every way, I will multiply your efforts. As you each do your best and do all you can, I will bring in much more than you ever thought or imagined, and there will be such an abundance. There will be an abundance of finances, there will be an abundance of time to teach your children, and there will be My blessing if you give and give and give again, looking not at the impossibility of the situation, but looking to Me for strength and for power. For each one of these are very real needs of My children.
126. "This is their time to be educated, to be trained, to be taught in My Word, but the teaching doth include the witnessing. They must be taken out, they must be allowed to pour out.--Not as one that vainly scatters the seed without rhyme or reason on the ground, but as one that is guided and taught how to sow. For this is part of their education and this is their time for learning the Word.
127. "The Word is also part of witnessing. But they must learn to wield the Word, how to answer with the Word and how to understand people with the Word and how to understand the events of the world with the Word. Each thing that happens to them can be an occasion for them to learn and grow and be trained. But it depends on you giving out.--Not only to your children, but to all whom you come in contact with.
128. "Do you witness to the man that makes deliveries to your house? Do you witness to the man that you see on your way, in the bus, or on your street? I have put these people in your path, I have sent them to you and you have not heeded. I have sent you people, I have sent you funds and you have not heeded it. You have not heeded the blessings that I have put in your way because you have been too busy with a little here and a little there, and the man was gone. But if ye go out and start each day looking for how you can pour out and how you can give, you will be faithful trainers of the children and you will be faithful witnessers, and I will bless you above and beyond anything you can imagine.
129. "But it must start with your attitude of giving, for as you give I will give unto you, and I will bless mightily and abundantly. But as you withhold, it tendeth to poverty, and it is not the training that you should give to your children. But if they see you giving and pouring out, they will learn, and they will be inspired to follow your example.
130. "For ye are called and chosen as a special people, a peculiar people, My Endtime army picked to follow David, and this has given you a specialness that they know, and that the world knows; but you must be true to this. For David held back nothing from Me and he forsook all--not once, but again and again and again, that he might be faithful to Me. And as you continue to do this, I will continue to bless, and to pour out, and your needs will be met in every way, even the time to give to your children--and you will have showers of blessing as I have promised."
* * *

131. (Comment from Mama:) When the Lord says, "Share what you have and you will have more than enough to go around," it sounds like what we need is already all there. He says you'll have enough to teach your children, to support yourselves and to supply every need. In other words, if everybody gets busy using the talents that the Lord has given them, the Lord will multiply our efforts. It sounds like the loaves and the fishes, doesn't it? Just give what little you have, and the Lord will multiply it to feed many, both educationally and financially.
132. Do you see the tremendous things that God is promising here if we meet His conditions? It's the answer to all of our prayers, the fulfilment of all of our dreams, it's the miracle that God has to do in an impossible situation. We're God's special Endtime army, each member of whom He has hand-picked. He's waiting to breathe His life into us--His anointing--but He's waiting for us to take the steps to show we're ready for the battle. He's waiting for us to step out by faith and not just look at our situations and groan in despair.
133. He's saying that as we take the steps of faith to obey and do the job that He has set before us, that He will empower the little stones, that He will multiply the bread and fishes, that He will do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think. He says He's going to multiply our efforts, and that as we give and give in every way, He will give back to us many times more than what we have given.
134. Listen, Family!--Wake up! He says there's going to be an abundance--an abundance of finances, an abundance of time to teach your children, and more than enough provision for every need! As we take our children and do the job of witnessing that He has set before us, we will win the lost, gain supporters, renew our fire, train our children in the Word, get them turned on to the Spirit and have a wonderful time!
135. But as you witness, you must teach your children how to use the Word and how to understand people with the Word, and how to look at events from the perspective of the Word. It says you must take every opportunity to explain things to them that they don't understand or are unfamiliar with. We must be instant in season and out of season, ready to give an answer to every man and woman that not only asks us, but that comes across our path. We must give them the Answer--Jesus--and not let one opportunity slip by for witnessing Jesus' love.
136. Just think!--The Lord says He's sent people to us, even with finances, and we have been so busy that we've failed the people and missed the blessings. He says that we must begin and go through each day looking for ways that we can pour out and give to hungry hearts.--That if we do, we will not only reach the lost, but we will be the samples that our children need to see. He says He will bless us beyond anything we can imagine. We must give and give and sacrifice and sacrifice like Dad did, so that we will be true to the Words of David.
* * *

137. (Comment from CRO:) While we were reading the prophecies, I saw two little pictures. One was a scene of Dad sitting with a small group of people giving a Bible study before they were going to go out witnessing. The next one was of Dad in the car teaching them as they went witnessing, showing them all the historical sites, etc. It was a continual involvement.
* * *

138. (Comment from Peter:) As Mama admonished, we had better change or the Lord is going to give the job to somebody else. People have got to have a change of heart and a change of desire, a desire to witness. It's great that we have wonderful Homes, and that the sociologists love us, and that they write books about us, and that we have singing groups, and we're on TV, and we're on the radio, and that we can have a leadership structure--but we're here to witness! Not that all those other things aren't witnessing, but the bottom line is that everybody is to be a witness. That's our message! That's what we are! But we've been losing that because everybody isn't a witnesser anymore.
139. Now some people do have other needed gifts, and they should abide in that calling; but they should have the spirit of witnessing and they should still witness whenever and wherever and to whomever they can. Maybe they can't go out that much, but they can certainly witness to our children, as the Lord has said. They can certainly pray for the lost, they can certainly pray for those who can go out. In all this, they can be a very vital part of our witnessing ministry.
* * *

140. (Comment from CRO:) I visited a blob when it had 80 people, and when I asked who the teachers were, one or two people raised their hands. And it was the same response when I asked about the witnessers. Then I visited the same Home again after it reduced to 30 people, and when I asked, "Who are the witnessers?" everybody raised their hand. I said, "Oh, you all go witnessing now?" And they said, "Oh yes, we have to. We really depend on everyone now." They seemed so much more alive and happy because they were doing the job the Lord was most pleased with.

Be a Vessel of His Love!
141. (Prophecy:) "I have given enough love to go around. I can give you enough love to go around if you will yield more to Me. For I see the need in this area and in that area and I desire to give you more. But I say, look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others. For there be some who are strong who could support many more of the weak, and I say, please look on the things of others. For some desire and are covetous of a ministry or of a position, but ye do limit yourselves and ye make yourselves smaller than you need to be, for such is unyieldedness.
142. "I have desired for every man to have many gifts of love, many talents of caring. I desire to pour forth through every man a great abundance of love--love enough to go around, love enough to minister not only at your desk in your coveted ministry, but in every possible way around you. There are so many more ways that ye could be a vessel of My glory.
143. "Please do not limit yourselves! Do not become stuck in a rut of a ministry or a job, a calling that will limit Me in any way. And this you do if you do not call upon Me and cast yourselves on Me in complete yieldedness. For no matter what great ministry or calling I have for you, there is a greater ministry, and that is to love and to be a vessel of My love at all times, and to be yielded to Me at all times.
144. "For I would have My Body as a team of horses, each horse yielded to Me as the master, pulling unitedly and in yieldedness to Me.--Not each pulling in his own direction, at his own time, by his own will.
145. "There is so much love to go around, much more than ye know of! For I would open unto you many more pathways of love, if you would be open to it, if you would yield your hearts and your minds to be My vessel of love to all around you at all times. As you stand and wait for your food, as you sit and relax, as you walk from place to place, there are so many more ways that you can be vessels of My love!
146. "Do not limit yourselves by such unyieldedness or covetousness, to only look upon your own things. For I would make you much more mighty than that. I would make each of you a much more well-rounded vessel, a much fuller vessel, flowing much more fully with My power of love. And there shall be room enough in your life and there shall be love enough to go around."
* * *

147. (Comment from Mama:) This is another whole aspect of having happy, fruitful Homes.--There must be love, and lots of it! Each member must feel warm and secure and cared about, with all of their needs fulfilled. He or she must know they are loved the way they are, for who they are--the unique personality that God has created them to be, with the special job He has created them for, whether it be to clean the house, do the laundry, do the cooking, singing, provisioning or follow-up. No one should feel left out or looked down on. No one should have to compare, if we will all look not on our own needs but on the needs of others.
148. The Lord says when we're covetous of someone else's job, we make ourselves smaller than we need to be. In His eyes, when we're in the center of His will, the job He has given us is the greatest job that we could be doing, and we belittle ourselves when we desire someone else's job. No matter how "glorious" it may seem to us, to Him it would be a poor trade. His job for us is very special and is great in His eyes.
149. He says that when we covet another's position, we are unyielded, because we are unyielded to what He has already given us and what He knows is the best for us, and what He knows in the long run will make us the happiest and what He knows is the very greatest job for us.
150. And on top of that, He says the greatest ministry is to be a vessel of His love. No matter what wonderful ministry you may think you have, they all pale by comparison to the greatest ministry that He offers each of us!--That of loving one another, of loving our children, of loving the lost. In order to fulfill this ministry, we must be yielded to Him so He is able to use us at any moment and be able to know we will be listening and tuned in to Him, to hear His whisper that someone needs us.
* * *

151. (Comment from CRO:) I'm reminded of the movie "The Fourth Wise Man." He had some jewels he wanted to give to Jesus, and he wanted to do something special for the Lord. But all along his journey to see Jesus he kept meeting people in need, and by the time he finally met up with Jesus he had spent his health, his life, and his gift of jewels. But the Lord said to him, "You did well in helping this person and helping that person; your giving was the best gift you could have given Me." Maybe that's part of the problem: We're on a big crusade to reach a goal, but maybe the goal is not the only important thing, but also all the steps along the way.
* * *

152. (Comment from Peter:) A lot of people in the Family think leadership is the goal. "Well, I've been in the Family for 15 or 20 years, and I don't have a leadership title. I could say, `I'm a failure, I haven't attained.'" But that's not it at all. You attain when you're doing the Lord's will. Some people aren't called to be in the leadership structure, but to be witnessers or teachers or one of the many other ministries needed. But we're all leaders if we're pouring out the Spirit.
153. We should build confidence in people when we see that the Lord has put them where their talents are being used, and where they are shining. There are a lot of people who shine in a certain ministry, but if you put them in the leadership structure they would flunk because they're not gifted that way.--That's not what the Lord has called them to do. If everyone was a leader, there would be no one to do all the other jobs, and we would collapse.
154. When we visit Homes we often spend nearly 100% of our time with the teamwork. But perhaps if we would invest a little more time in encouraging Home members they would see, "Oh, I can also interact with my leadership, they feel I'm important too." Otherwise, just by inference, what we are saying is, "The important ones are the teamwork.--They are the ones we are interested in being around." So, of course, then other Family members want to be in that kind of position also.
155. If we pour out more to everyone, leadership may become a less coveted position, and working in the Spirit and witnessing will become the most coveted.

The Lord Is Offering Us Everything!--The Keys Are in His Word!
156. (Comment from Mama:) The following prophecies were received in another prophecy meeting. As you will see, He is saying basically the same things over and over in order to help our eyes to be opened to His message. He is offering us everything, if we will just do what He asks of us and what He has said for years through Dad in His Word. But how merciful of the Lord to continue to say it time after time, in one way after the other, through Dad, through me, through your leadership, and now in direct prophecy:
* * *

157. (Prophecy:) "Ye must not only look at the gifts, but also at the Giver. Look at the heart that I send your way, that I have given unto you to care for. For this is the most important thing. And when your eyes shall be turned more toward the Giver, then shall the gifts come in, in full measure. Then shall they flow in plentifully, as never before.
158. "You ask for a key, but the keys are in My Word. It is not a new thing that I say unto you, but it has been said of old. If you would but study the things that I have already given, the things that I have already said, then you would know the truth of the things that I speak of. For it is just My love, plain and simple.--This outgoing love that would reach out to all those that are around, and these ones would see and would give.
159. "This is what sets you apart from the rest of the world. This is what differentiates you from the other charities, that these people would choose between you and them. They will see your love. When they wonder who they should help, and who is most needy of their favors, then shall they look upon you and they shall say, `These people have the love of Jesus. These are the ones that are the most needy, for the work that they do is like unto no other. Therefore will I give them my time, therefore will I give them my funding, therefore shall I supply their every need, because they have the love of Jesus in their hearts and in their eyes and in their hands and in their mouths. Everything they do is a reflection of the love of Jesus.' This will they say in their hearts, when they see your sample.
160. "And though you may not even know it, or think that your encounter is important, yet are they measuring you in every little thing that you do. Ye must never be off guard, for you are never off stage. There are always eyes that watch you, even when you know not.
161. "Therefore, fear not and worry not, for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. How can anything else come out if your hearts are full of Me and My Words? Even the way you live is a sample and a testimony; therefore, be yourselves, be happy, be joyful, but most of all, be loving. Be full of My love.
162. "Be a vessel of My compassion to pour out upon the needy, to help where there is a need, to volunteer above and beyond the call of duty. For they shall be won over by your love and they shall be changed by your sample. For when your enemy hungers, feed him; when he is weak, strengthen him. For if we only love them which love us, what profit have we? So love, and I will give unto you more than ever before."
* * *

163. (Prophecy:) "You need to spend more time with the Master, to sit at My feet and learn of Me, that I may teach you the doors to go through. For in your own efforts, you shall fail. You shall knock, but it shall not be opened; you shall ask, but you shall not receive if you ask at the wrong doors and knock at the wrong doors. You must spend more time with Me. Love one another, feed My sheep. I will open an effectual door, and if you will walk through it, you will receive My blessings. You know the door, for I have showed you before. You know the things that I would have you do. Continue in the way that I have shown unto you.
164. "Continue being desperate, showing love, giving out. Continue in the things that you have heard, and I will continue to bless and let you receive My blessings. For there is no higher calling in My Kingdom than to feed My sheep, and this is most precious unto Me. Therefore, if you feed My sheep, I shall feed you and I shall pay you higher dividends for your investment than you can imagine. For this is My pleasure, that you care for My little ones, raise them up, show them the full counsel of God and deliver unto them that which was delivered unto you. Freely you have received, so freely give out.
165. "As you minister to those that are outside, you should also minister to your own, and to your own young ones. Minister unto them the most important thing, which is a love for the sheep. For this is what My servant David ministered unto his children, and in them was born a fire which grew into this Revolution for Jesus. And I say that as you witness, and as your young ones witness, you shall find depth and conviction and a broken heart and all the things you need to be My servants.
166. "Give, for there are people that you can reach, people for whom you can pray, people to whom you can write. Do not say, `This is my ministry,' and hide behind it. You can pray for them, you can call them. And if you do not minister publicly, you can minister in prayer and you can minister in the Spirit. Even you, My small children, can bring them before Me."

More Visions and Verses!
167. (Vision:) I had two visions that were quite amazing. First I had a vision of the Body of Jesus, and it looked exactly like that huge statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro. Within this body there was a collage of different people in the Family doing different things. There was a provisioner going provisioning, a teen teaching the children, the cook in the kitchen, the handyman fixing something, a mechanic fixing the car, a secretary at her desk, the witnessers were witnessing and so on. It just went on and on with all the different people in the Family, showing them busy at their jobs.
168. Then I got the verse about the body being fitly joined together and that the head cannot say it does not need the foot and so on, and how all the parts of the body are needed. Along with that came the verse about "abide in the calling wherein ye are called of God" (1Cor.7:20) and how the Lord has chosen and ordained each of us for the job that we have, and no one else can do your job.
169. There was one scene in particular in this body that really stuck out to me, and that was a person on the phone who was calling to make appointments for the children's singing group to sing in some institutes. I don't know why this particularly stuck out to me, as there was so much in this picture. Maybe the Lord was emphasising that this is a good way for our children to witness. The vision showed a real oneness, everyone was so together and a part of each other.
170. Then I saw another picture and it was a giant panorama. It was similar to the first one as there were all these different things going on, showing all the different facets of our life. The picture was like those collage posters we have, and it was showing different people doing their jobs. There were speech bubbles in each one and the bubble was the person's prayers. There was a childcare worker, teaching the kids, and in the bubble above her was her prayer for the witnessers on the bus.
171. This mammoth picture was amazing, with about 20 different pictures within it. There was a provisioner waiting in an office to see somebody, and he was praying for the children back home who were having school, and I could see his prayer in the bubble above his head. It went on with the cook in the kitchen busy at her work, and she was praying for the provisioners who were out at the market getting the food. There was a secretary at a desk and she was praying for another team out on business. The Shepherd in his room was praying for the teens who were out on outreach. There were a few Home members gathered around the table about to eat lunch and they were stopping to pray for all the teams out.
172. A mother was hanging up laundry and she was praying for a person the Home was witnessing to. A group of JETTs was having school and they stopped to pray for the media people who were out at an appointment. Somebody else was in their room doing paperwork and they were praying for a PG mommy, and it went on with more pictures along this line. Then I got the verse, "Bear ye one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ" (Gal.6:2). The whole impression was that everyone was bearing the others' burdens through continual prayer.
173. Then under this big picture I saw a picture of the Home eating dinner together. It was a big dining table, and what impressed me was that they were all there sitting down eating at one table together. It was not a "rush rush, busy, grab your food and run" scene, but they were all there nicely and calmly sitting around the dinner table and telling the victories of the day, and each one was intently listening to what the other one had to say. The spirit of it was that they were all giving the Lord the praise.
174. It seemed like this was the fruit of what I saw in the picture above, that they were all praising the Lord for the victories of the day as they had all been upholding each other in prayer and bearing one another's burdens through prayer during the day. It was all so calm and I had the impression that they all very much felt a part of what each one was doing throughout the day.--A body fitly joined together. They were all in it together and shared in the victories together.
175. Before I saw all this I also saw a trunk that turned into a treasure chest, and it opened and was a Home library. The feeling I had was that we have all the answers to what we need right there in the Word--we just need to take the time and dig it out!
* * *

176. (Comment from CRO:) I saw a picture of the white prayer bubbles and they all touched each other to become a golden chain, signifying that therein lies our strength and unity.
* * *

177. (Comment from CRO:) The reason many of our kids and teens are bored with Home life is because the Spirit is not moving. But hopefully this vision will help our younger generation to see that if everybody is unified and praying, the Lord will answer, which will bring real excitement in their lives.
* * *

178. (Comment from CRO:) It's so easy to behold our face in a glass and then walk away and forget what manner of man we are. But maybe our Homes, after reading these prophecies, should be encouraged to take some quiet time, so that each individual can search their heart to see how the Lord wants them personally to change. And then maybe even have each Home member ask for prayer in whatever areas they want to have a change in and a renewed commitment for. It would help bring the Home together to fight for the needed changes.
* * *

179. (Comment from Peter:) It would be helpful for the Homes to do what we've done here, to get together and discuss each of these prophecies and see how they can apply them in their particular situation.
180. It's serious business, and the Lord has given us a great deal in these prophecies on how He expects change from every Family member. We need the individual commitment, as well as the Home's commitment, because if we don't change we will solidify and die. But if we do change and obey the counsel that God has given us, there is an absolutely wonderful reward awaiting us--more than we can ask or think! The Lord has promised to shower us with so many blessings that we won't be able to contain it all!
* * *

181. I got the song, "Have You Done Your Best for Jesus?" Also in the beginning I had an unusual picture of the different members of a Home. Each one had a little circle around him. From this circle you could tell not only what his own personal need was, as far as how much goods, provisions or finances were needed to support him, but you could also tell how much he could bring in, as far as provisions and finances. And the circle that each person had around him showed that what he could bring in was more than what his personal need was. So these circles represented what each person brought in over and above his own personal need. What the person brought in was much more than just for him. As the Home was all together, everyone's circles overlapped. They got bigger and grew into little mounds, and then with everyone's mounds joined together, they grew into a pile. There was a lot more money and time and resources than each person needed, and it was because each person was getting out and bringing in income, and together there was much more than what was needed.
* * *

182. I got very clearly the way Dad taught his kids spiritual and physical things through every incident when they were young. He would point out things, teach practical things, scientific things, things about the radio, things about animal care, and use every situation to teach and pour out to his kids.
* * *

183. The Lord gave me the quote, "You cannot do the Master's work without the Master's power." I saw a vision of someone in the early morning studying and reading the pubs and getting in the Word. It seems that each person and each Home has so much to do that they really need the time to study and to prepare for the many different responsibilities and burdens ahead of them, and when they do that, things go much smoother.
* * *

184. I got the verse, "Is not this the fast that I have chosen?" (Isa.58:6.)--That we're not just to do all these good works, but to feed the hungry, free the bound, and "hide not thyself from thine own flesh." Then I got a line from the song by George Matheson, "From the ground there blossoms red, life that shall endless be."--Like there is going to be a dying to oneself, but that it will bring forth fruit and that there is enough love to go around if we don't withhold it. There is enough love to love the lost, and there is enough love to feed our own children, and the problem is not so much lack of time or whatever, but lack of love.
185. It was as though the Lord was saying that He had given us what we needed, that the love we needed was freely available to us, but the fault was that we were not reaching out to use it, to take it and apply it. It was unused, not being realized and not being received by us as individuals, because we weren't interested. We weren't seeing the need that others had for it, so we weren't tuned in to it and grabbing it and using it and channeling it to others.
186. Then I saw a picture of a team of horses working unitedly, with each horse yielded to his master and going in the same direction, in contrast to the picture of the team being in total disarray because the horses each wanted to move at their own pace or go their own direction. And I got that yieldedness is not a small matter, it is a great matter.
* * *

187. Right at the beginning of the prayer I saw what looked like a super highway of many lanes with a very large group of our children walking down it. Slowly the highway divided into four separate roads, each one bearing off at a slight angle. In the beginning, even after the road separated, you couldn't quite see the differentiation, but as the children travelled down these roads, then it became real obvious that they were on a specific or a specialized road going in these four different directions.
188. I couldn't quite figure out what it meant, but I feel that it had something to do with the prophecy I gave about how our children are gifted in certain areas, or they have burdens or talents. As our children grow and progress, they will naturally fall into one of these four categories, and that will be their specialization and they will naturally be stronger in some areas than others. They will specialize, rather than thinking that each child has to be so strong in every single one of those four areas. They traveled down the road together at first, and I imagined that to mean that they get training in all areas until a certain point, at which time they begin to branch off, each on their own road, so to speak.
* * *

189. (Comment from CRO:) We need to give our children the basic training and then let them choose. It's like an artery, it branches off, and then it gives nutrition to all different parts of the body. The Lord is saying that among all of us we have all that we need.
* * *

190. (Comment from Peter:) The Lord is trying to make our Homes happy and help us to slow down and trust Him. Maybe not even necessarily to slow down, but not to be under such pressure, and in that rush, rush, rush spirit where we can't even stop and take the time for Him. Hopefully moving towards smaller Homes will be a pressure valve. If we move towards smaller Homes, as the Lord says we must, we should be able to better accomplish this.
* * *

191. I got the verse, "But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ" (2Cor.11:3). Then I saw a picture of an old-fashioned, one-room school house. There were kids and teachers in simple old-fashioned clothing just really enjoying themselves, coming out the front door, down the stairs into the front yard.
192. Then I got the song "Heavenly Homes," the one from one of the DO Family Fun Videos, where Paul (Pethuel) is sitting in a rocking chair, singing, "Heavenly Homes, Heavenly Homes!" The idea was that the spirit was really relaxed and happy and wonderful and everyone was very very happy! It was kind of old-fashioned, so they didn't have too much, just enough, but the whole scene was very homey and they were very happy! So beautiful!

Discussion and Prayer!--Make a List of Key Prophecy Points!
193. (Mama:) Now, I suggest, as was mentioned above in paragraphs 178 and 179, that you might want to get together as a Home and discuss each of these prophecies to see how you can apply them in your particular situation. You could also ask each Home member if they would like specific prayer for any areas in their lives that they want to have a change or renewed commitment in.
194. Furthermore, another fun exercise to help you get all the points from the prophecies clearly is to individually or unitedly or in small groups go through the prophecies sentence by sentence and write down the key phrases. This will provide a good review. You can either use the exact wording from the prophecies, or summarize it in your own words. I'll do the first ones for you so you can see how to do it:

1. Seek first God's Kingdom.
2. If you do that, everything you need will be given you.
3. Don't stop the children from coming to the Lord.
4. The children and those with childlike spirits, pure and full of faith, are the ones who make up the Kingdom of Heaven.
5. If you train your children right, you'll prosper in every way.
6. The fields are ready to harvest and we must pray for laborers.
7. If we will put the children first--both the ones in our Homes and the lost children in the world--things will go well for us.
8. We're here to take care of all the sheep--to rescue the lost ones outside and to care for all those in the fold.
9. If we'll care for those in the fold, they will bring many to Jesus.
10. When we properly care for our children, we're investing in the future.
11. The Lord has already told us in His Word that if we will put the children first, He'll take care of us and supply all of our needs.
12. The Lord has allowed this crisis with our children and our finances to force us to want to reach the world.
13. We will be happy if we obey.
14. Our job is to do both: To care for our children and to reach the lost.
15. Lift up Jesus and He will draw folks to Him.
16. Lift up Jesus and put Him first by making Him the center of all our activities, and the Lord won't fail us and will provide abundantly for us.
17. Don't you believe that the Lord will provide for His Own?
18. Lift up Jesus.
19. Don't lean to your own understanding.
20. Don't lean to the arm of the flesh.
21. Lift up Jesus every day by seeking Him in prayer.
22. All the answers are already in the Word.
23. If you will stay in the Word and absorb it, it will bring forth fruit that will remain.
24. The Lord loves our little ones.
25. The fruit that will remain are your children who will stay with you.
26. The task is great, the time is short.
27. That's why you must seek the Lord for His help.
28. Just ask, so that He can provide you with the help that He longs to give you.
29. He can make the mountains melt away in a moment.
30. Seeking the Lord daily will bring the solutions!

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