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PERSONAL LETTERS!--No.4!       Maria #249       DO 2966       Comp.12/94

Dearest Family,
       God bless you! I love you! Here are a few more answers to some of the letters you have written me. I pray that these will be a blessing to each of you and will help you in some way to do a better job for Jesus.
With much love and prayers,

Letter to Michael Wheelchair in Australia
(Michael, a TSer, has been in a wheelchair for the last several years after a diving accident, and only has the use of one of his hands. You can read his testimony in "Testimony Tract" T7 - T7d, "Where There's a Will, There's a Way!--With God's Help!" Despite his handicap, Michael has been a faithful witness for the Lord--which should be a sample to all of us and convict each one of us to do more. God bless him!)

From Mama, 9/94:

Dear Michael,
       1. God bless you. We love you! We always look forward to hearing news of the members of our wonderful Family!--And you are no exception! Quite some time ago, after someone had written us mentioning with admiration your faithfulness and love for the Lord in the face of some pretty big obstacles, we too were touched by your dedication and we had a burden to do something extra meaningful for you.
       2. We thought the thing that you would value the most would be to hear something special from the Lord for your encouragement and comfort. Therefore, we asked the members of our Home if they would have special prayer for you and ask the Lord what He wanted to say to you personally. He spoke beautifully of His love for you and your love for Him, and the reward He has in store for you.
       3. When I found out the other day, to my dismay, that these prophecies had never been passed on to you through "human error" at the time of a move, we wanted to get them off to you right away; and I realized that since "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord," this must be one of those delays which are not denials. I felt very bad at first that these had not been sent to you, because I know what an encouragement they could have been to you all this time. However, perhaps the Lord knows that you need them more now and that this is an even better time for you to receive them.
       4. A few days ago we asked some of the Family in Australia how you were doing, and we received word back that the Lord had indeed been good to you and had given you a sweet companion who also loves the Family and who is a real blessing and a help to you--the Lord's wonderful love gift!
       5. The reason I am mentioning this is because, months ago, when the Lord gave the prophecies, He promised that if you would "seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, all these things would be added unto you" (Mat.6:33)--and along with that verse, the person who got it had the impression that the Lord was going to give you a companion and partner, as you will read below. So to hear that He had fulfilled that promise was thrilling! We are so happy for you--and for her, because she has found a real jewel in you! God bless you, dear Marianne, for loving Michael and helping him in his ministry. We'd love to hear how the Lord led you to each other and how you started working together.
       6. Michael, as you know, your testimony was published in a GP Testimony Tract several years ago, and we're sure it has been a blessing to many. Thank you for your sacrifice in writing it. We'd be happy to hear any updates--how the Lord has been working in your life recently, as well as your witnessing adventures and the people you have been reaching with Jesus' love. You may not always see the fruit, but the Lord has said that in Heaven there will be many who will thank you for your faithfulness to share your wonderful Lord with them.
       7. We love you, Michael, and you are a great inspiration to us all. Please keep fighting as a good soldier in God's great army, and being a good leader through your sample of endurance, perseverance, patience, sacrifice and love for the lost.

       P.S. I hope you won't mind if we print this some time for the encouragement of the entire Family. This way, you can continue to be a real role model for them, and have a ministry not only to outsiders, but also to your Family.

       Prophecies Received for Michael by the Members of Dad and Mama's Home--10/92.

       (Home member prays:)
       8. We thank You, Lord, for our faithful brother, Michael. Thank You for all You've done in his life, how he's seen Your hand and it's been Your love and mercy that has rescued him from his former life and given him a new life with You. Thank You so much for his faithfulness. We pray that You will bless him, encourage him and inspire him. Help him to continue to be faithful, to continue to be a witness and to get out Your Words. Continue to use him to lead many to You. We also pray in this time as we unite together in prayer that You will give us special words straight from You that will encourage his heart.

       9. He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much. He truly hath been faithful with the talents that he has, like the wise man with ten talents. Michael hath not buried his talents, but used them and given and let his light shine for others, that they might glorify the Father which is in Heaven. He shall be rewarded for his faithfulness and for his diligence and his love and his sacrifice and dedication.
       10. Many have fallen by the wayside, but this one hath persevered and hath continued to fight in spite of hardships and difficulties, and hath been a testimony of My love and My faithfulness. Blessed is the man that endureth temptation, for when he is tried he shall receive a crown of life which I have laid up for all those that love Me, that are faithful to the End, that faint not, neither are weary, but are diligent and continue to fight in spite of persecution, in spite of the faces of their foes, in spite of all odds. Even so, fight on!
* * *

       11. This affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.
* * *

       12. I will even make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you. Thou art beloved of God.
* * *

       13. The vessel that was marred in the hand of the Potter, He made it again a better vessel, fit for the Master's use. For though our outward man perish, our inward man is renewed day by day. The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. For thou must decrease and I must increase.
       14. Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which hath tried thee, as though some strange thing hath happened unto thee. But rejoice, inasmuch as thou hast been a partaker of Christ's sufferings. Though He was reviled, He reviled not again; though He suffered, He learned obedience through the things which He suffered. And with the comfort by which thou hast been comforted, comfort others that they may know the comfort that I have given thee.
       15. Lovest thou Me? Feed My sheep. Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in. For when they see that thou canst come to Me, they will receive the faith that they can do it too. For it is according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not. Because thou hast been little in thine own sight, I have highly exalted thee.
* * *

       16. Because thou hast kept the Word of My patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world. For thou hast had a little strength and hast kept My Word and has not denied My Name. Thou hast been a faithful servant unto Me and hast done the things which I have commanded thee. Thou hast been a faithful witness. If ye suffer with Me, ye shall also reign with Me. These things which I have let come upon thee in thy life have been for thy good. I will be with thee, even unto the end of the world. I have many things yet in store for thee, so stay close to Me and listen to My Word and be thou faithful, for I have a great reward for thee in Heaven.
* * *

       17. Little is much if God is in it. Therefore never belittle the tasks which I have given thee. For thou art My hands, My eyes and My mouth. Therefore let thy light so shine before men, that they may see thy good works and glorify thy Father which is in Heaven. Only one life, 'twill soon be past, only what's done for Me will last.
       18. I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in you. Therefore hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown. And when thou hast completed thy work, I shall raise thee up and give thee a glorious Heavenly body, and I shall free thee from this handicap. For I am the Lord that healeth thee. Therefore give unto others as I have given unto thee. Do not withhold, for I the Lord thy God love a cheerful giver.
* * *

       19. Many shall come and sit before Me in My Kingdom. They shall come from the east and from the west and shall sit before Me and shall look to Me and look to thee and thank thee for all that thou hast done for them. And thou shalt say, "Wherein have I done this, wherein have I done that?" And I shall say to thee, "Because thou hast done it unto the least of all of these, thy new brethren, thou hast done it unto Me; therefore enter into the joy of thy Lord." For many shall come and sit before Me and shall thank Me for thy life, for thy love and thy faithfulness and the joy thou hast made possible for them.
* * *

       20. Though thou hast lain among the pots, yet shalt thou be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with gold. Wherefore seeing thou art compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, run with patience the race that is set before thee, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of thy faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross. For thou art a pearl of great price, chosen of Me and precious unto Me.

       (Verses and Visions:)
       21. I had a little picture of the verse, "The angels in Heaven rejoice when they see a soul saved"--referring to when Michael wins souls. It was as though they were doubly rejoicing because he has to make more of an effort than most, but his reward is great in Heaven.
* * *

       22. I got the verse "Despise not the day of small things," and that Michael should not be discouraged thinking that he's not doing or accomplishing much in his ministry. Because it's not a small thing, it's a big thing, and I'm sure the Lord is very pleased with it.
* * *

       23. I saw a picture of the Marriage Supper, and there was a big array of people coming and sitting down before the Lord, thanking the Lord. And then they turned to Michael and they thanked him. The Lord was blessing Michael and saying, "They've come to Me and they thank Me for you."
       24. I also got, "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Also the verse, "It's better for thee that one member be lost than that thy whole body be cast into Hell" (Mat.5:29-30). And the little song from the Scripture tape, "All that I have, all that I have, I will give Jesus all that I have."
* * *

       25. I got that Michael is a jewel of great price, that the Lord has fashioned him with His hand and he was a vessel fit for the Master's use. It came with the poem from "Good Thots" about the earthen vessel the Master used to water His garden. (See "Commitment" #416, pg.559, Good Thots 1.)
* * *

       26. I don't know if he has someone to help him, like a girlfriend or someone, but I got the verse, "My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory" (Phil.4:19). I felt the Lord is going to bless him for pouring out and maybe give him someone to take care of him.
* * *

       27. When I got the verse about "thou hast lain among the pots," I had a picture of his metal wheelchair being like the "pots" that he is bound to physically right now, but he's going to be free like a dove. Now he can be free in the Spirit, but when the Lord resurrects him he will fly like a dove. I also got the following poem:

       A little bird am I,
       Shut in from fields of air;
       Yet in my cage I sit and sing
       To Him who placed me there;
       Well pleased His prisoner to be
       Because, my God, it pleaseth Thee.

       My cage confines me round;
       Abroad I cannot fly;
       But though my wing is closely bound,
       My heart's at liberty.
       My prison walls cannot control,
       The flight, the freedom of the soul.
(--By Madam de la Mothe Guyon, "Tests and Trials," #156, pg.1607, Good Thots 2.)

       Response from Michael Wheelchair!

Dear Mama Maria,       12/94
       28. Hi, God bless you, I really love you! Thank you so much for your letter of encouragement. You just don't know how much it meant to me. When I first looked at it and saw, "Letter from Mama," I just couldn't believe it! And when I read where you said that the Lord had spoken of His love for me, I was overwhelmed with joy. I also felt a sense of unworthiness, and I still don't feel deserving of the beautiful Words that the Lord spoke in those prophecies. But I am so thankful to Him for them, and to you for all your prayers and words of encouragement. The Lord already has done so much in my life which I will never be able to repay Him for. He has taught me so much since being a part of the Family. I just don't know where I'd be without Him and the Family. I love you so much! I just pray that He can use me as much as He can and however He sees fit. TYL!
       29. You said in your letter that the Words that the Family had gotten from the Lord had been misplaced for a while and that "God's delays are not denials," and that the letter might be more of an encouragement to me now. Well, Mama, you were right, for Marianne and I have been in a lot of prayer for quite awhile about our living situations and service for the Lord. Your letter came after praying for some confirmation on some real amazing answers to prayer which both Marianne and I would love to share with you. (See testimony in upcoming Hope mag.)
       30. The Lord has been so good to us and we are so thankful, thank You Jesus!--And thanks to you too, Maria, Dad, and everyone for all your prayers, support and making it possible for us to have so much of the Word. Please pray for us, as we really want this Home to abide under a good standard with His blessings and to be used for His glory. GBAKY! We really love you and you are always in our prayers.
       Love, Michael

* * *

Our Children Are Our Future
(Letter to a mother who was asked to forsake her ministry as a CRO secretary, a ministry she was very happy in, and return to take care of her children, who needed her attention.)

From Mama, 4/94:

Dear J.,
       31. God bless you! I love you. Thank you for your sweet letter sharing your recent lessons, and thank you, too, for your love, faithfulness and dedication to the Lord and His Family over the past years. You must be a fruitful branch, because the Word says, "Every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit" (Jn.15:2). So the Lord must know that you're going to bring forth even more fruit as a result of these testings and breakings. He also says He dwells with those of a humble and contrite spirit (Isa.57:15).
       32. As you know, one of the most important battles being fought in the Family, and in Europe in particular right now, is for the spiritual lives of our young people, who very much need our love and care, plus the investment of our time and shepherding. So all that you can do to pour into and strengthen your children will reap eternal dividends, for they are our future and the Lord has great things in store for them.
       33. Thank you for being yielded and willing to give up your own desires for their sakes, which the Lord will certainly reward and bless.--And for your attitude of faith in trusting Him for your future. "He has begun a good work in you and He's going to complete it to the end. He never fails, and if you truly trust Him, He'll see you through the way He wants you to go." (DM#1, 286.)
       34. I love you, and am praying for you as you step out by faith to follow Him in this new situation.
       Love and prayers,

       Reply from J., 7/94:
Dearest Mama,
       35. God bless you! I love you. Thank you so much for all your continued love and care for us all!

       For the memory of a kindly word
       For long gone by,
       The fragrance of a fading flower
       Sent lovingly.
       The warm pressure of the hand,
       The tone of cheer,
       The note that only bears a verse
       From God's Own Word.
       Such tiny things we hardly count
       As ministry.
       But when the heart is over-wrought
       Oh, who can tell
       The power of such tiny things
       To make it well.
(--Good Thots, pg.1278, #241)

       36. This note is meant as a "thank you" for the encouraging message I received from you some time back when I left my office job to help my two younger children who weren't doing so well. The fact that you'd take your precious time to write me really showed me the Lord's love in the midst of all the changes. God bless you.
       37. Now, three months after that move, I can clearly see that "God meant it unto good" (Gen.50:20), which at first was so much by faith. F. (9) and J. (6) have made a lot of progress and are a blessing (though of course still learning lessons), and my oldest, S. (15), just moved to the Ministry Home. It's been so inspiring to see the Lord work in each of their lives, and to realize how many lessons and how much experience I personally am gaining through this time. Thank You Jesus.
       38. In your note to me you said, "All that you can do to pour into and strengthen your children will reap eternal dividends, for they are our future and the Lord has great things in store for them."--I know this is so true, and the other day the Lord let something happen which was such an encouragement along these lines.
       39. I was spending some time with my daughter J. looking through a picture book about India (where she was born), and some pictures of temples and idols led to a talk about Hinduism and its multitude of gods and subsequent confusion and darkness. Then suddenly this little 6-year-old girl started weeping and telling me, "Mommy, we only have a little bit of time and there are so many people who don't know Jesus, and I'm not winning any souls. Mommy, I have to go out and witness!" She could hardly stop crying, but they were tears for others. This led into a talk about witnessing in which we prayed for the Holy Spirit to give her boldness, and read from the Good Thots on Mark 16:15. Then yesterday it worked out for the 4 YCs in this Home to go out on outreach, and they won 80 souls! When J. came home I could hardly get her to bed--she was just bubbling over with testimonies! Thank You Jesus, that's really the pay-off! "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth" (3Jn.4).
       I love you, Mama. Thank you again for everything!
       With much love and prayers,

Letter to the Young People in Peru

From Mama, 9/94:

Dear young people in Peru,
       40. God bless you! Grandpa and I love you, and are very thankful for each of you.
       41. Some of your shepherds were so impressed with your dedication that they recently wrote us about it. They said that all the Homes in Peru are working together exceptionally well on all fronts and are accomplishing much more unitedly--winning more souls and getting out more message--than could have been done by each Home working separately. They mentioned that you have some inspiring and fruitful ministries, such as weekly meaningful meetings where you are ministering the Word to other young people, a fruitful ministry visiting different drug rehabilitation centers, regular Bible classes at the DF Home where you are witnessing to and feeding other young people, a ministry with the Civil Defense, and now an opening to witness and perform in Miraflores, one of the better sections of Lima. Praise the Lord! We were impressed to hear of your zeal to witness and win souls, as well as your enthusiasm to get out the tools and raise support for your Homes. God bless you for your love for the Lord and the lost that motivates you to go out into your neighborhoods seeking out His sheep!
       42. Grandpa and I are aware of the intensive investigation of the Family that was conducted there some months back, and the less-than-loving and inconsiderate way the many tests were carried out on you and your younger brothers and sisters, but how you endured and stood firm in defending the faith and continued to witness. You stood strong and wielded the weapon of the Word, publicly defending your beliefs when questioned about your parents and training.
       43. We also heard how the Family was under constant bombardment by the TV and press, and how some of you young people were even mocked and called names by others when out witnessing because of it, but you still kept going out witnessing and it bore very good fruit. We greatly admire you for passing the test and courageously defending your faith.
       44. We are also proud of those of you who recently came from Argentina for being such strong soldiers and standing strong through all kinds of traumatic experiences, in spite of the evil attacks of our enemies there.
       45. We heard how one of you flew to Argentina to help out during the time of the raids, and bravely faced the authorities and demanded the release of your brothers and sisters, then flew back to Peru with them after visiting and encouraging your parents who were in jail. God bless you, Carmen!
       46. In their reports, your shepherds have also mentioned that you young people had received correction for some weak areas that you needed to change and grow in, and that you might have been a little discouraged afterward. We know you're not perfect, and we know there are a lot of areas you can improve in, but you've already been told about these.
       47. So here in this letter we just want to encourage you about all the good you have done and all the tests you have passed, and all the progress that you've made--how you've been good soldiers and you've endured hardness and you've been survivors. All these things are much more important to the Lord--and to us--than your NWOs and your weaknesses and imperfections and failures. In fact, it's an even greater testimony that the Lord has been able to do such marvelous things, in spite of any of your weaknesses, to show His strength through you! Praise the Lord!
       48. So please don't feel discouraged or condemn yourself for your failures!--Just praise Him for all your successes! It's God's plan that we all fail sometimes to accomplish His purpose of keeping us humble and desperate and close to Him and able to partake of His comfort and mercy and forgiveness. Just don't let the Devil, through condemnation, put a negative interpretation on your mistakes and faults to the point that you become discouraged and stop fighting.
       49. The very things that the Lord wants to use to make you stronger, the Devil would like to use to defeat you, so don't let him have the satisfaction of seeing any surrender on your part. Don't give in to discouragement for one moment, or let the Devil and his evil imps have any territory. Resist him and he'll flee from you!
       50. As long as you are really desiring to do your best for Jesus, your successes will always be greater than your failures, even if you can't see it. No matter how bad you are or think you are, just the fact that you want to serve Jesus shows that you are still fighting and the Devil hasn't won; therefore, you and the Lord are winning, and that is a great success and outweighs anything else, thank You Jesus!
       51. If you have questions and don't understand some things, even after you've asked, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over, if your NWOs keep cropping up again and again, if you don't like some of the people you work with and you don't agree with them, don't be discouraged! Just do the best you can and don't condemn yourself for what you can't do. "For if there be first a willing mind, it is accepted according to that a man hath, and not according to that he hath not" (2Cor.8:12).
       52. It's good to fight being critical, it's good to be full of faith. It's important to work on your weaknesses, and it's good to like the people you work with; but the point is, if you miss it sometimes--or even a lot of times--don't take it too hard, and don't give up! If you love Jesus and are trying, He will give you credit for that. We pray you are each able to shine for the Lord and use your gifts to the fullest for His glory. Let's all try to see each other with eyes of love and do all we can to help each other along so that together we can make a good team that can fight together to win the battle and change our part of the world. Grandpa and I love you and pray for you!
       Love and prayers,

       Excerpts of Letters from the Young People in Peru after Reading Mama's Letter:
From Carmen (21)

Dearest Mama,
       53. No matter how I try, I'm not finding a way to aptly communicate to you how very thankful I am for your letter to us. Even though all your words to us are precious, knowing that you took your time to write to us specifically has made me treasure every word, and helped me feel so much closer to you. It was an extra special reward! Thank you, Mama, for your love!
       54. Since we got your letter I've read it at least once every two days, and if I could use one word to describe it, that word would be: Liberating! Without completely realizing it, I've put myself under the pressure of striving hard to be "something" for the Lord. I felt I had to acquire the capability of carrying a big responsibility or title, and if I didn't, then I wasn't living up to my full potential and would be failing the Lord. Being under the weight of trying to fulfill the duty of the law without the spirit or correct motivation was discouraging.
       55. Thank the Lord, your words helped pull me out from under the cloud of puzzlement and confusion that hung overhead, making me feel that the goal was unattainable and the mark was too far off. You've clarified that the goal is to love Jesus and to desire to please and serve Him. I'm almost embarrassed to see how I've complicated things by straying from that simple principle. So that's why I now feel liberated to just love Jesus! Though I know that's what matters most to Him, it was relieving and also wonderful to know that you love us unconditionally in spite of our weakness, and you have faith for us! You've given me the faith and conviction to continue fighting, knowing that if my goal is to love Jesus more, all the other requirements will have a reason and a purpose, and I'll be motivated to keep them out of appreciation for the privilege of being secure in His love.
       56. Each point you touched on was exactly what I needed: Not to worry about unanswered questions, to look at each other through the eyes of love, don't be discouraged, etc. Those little phrases have been going through my head almost continually, and each time I'd get hit with a battle, something from your letter would come to mind and I would stand on that and it would bring the victory. Thank You Jesus! Grandpa said that you have a victory in cheerfulness because you sing or hum praises continually, and since I read that I've been trying to make that a habit in my life! Thank you for your beautiful sample!
       57. Thank you once again for your love and encouragement! It's made me want to fight all the harder, to be more faithful to our Family standard, be more dedicated and committed, be closer to you and Dad, and to love Jesus more! I pray for you daily! May He shower you richly with blessings! I love you forever!
       Love, your daughter, Carmen

From Elise (formerly Miracle, 27)

Dearest Mama,
       58. The day we read your letter I was feeling at the end of my rope as far as discouragement, and had prayed, committing it to the Lord, that He was going to have to do something to help me, as I felt there wasn't anything more I could do! Discouragement has been one of my greatest NWOs, mainly in getting down about myself and comparing myself with others, especially along the lines of being able to communicate better and easier with others. This day in particular I felt that I had gone from a spiral to a nose dive--I was just discouraged about the fact that I was discouraged, on the verge of tears for a couple of days, and didn't know how I could even bring myself to tell someone about it again as I felt I was just a hopeless case!
       59. Your letter was short and simple, yet so powerful and has been a key in helping me to fight! TYJ! It has not only made it clear what I was going through and why, but what I had to do about it!--Don't do it! It was like the lightning bolt that took the scales from my eyes in helping me to see that when I'm hit with these trials, I shouldn't stop to "try and analyze them" like I have done so many times, thinking that this will help me in fighting and getting the victory. All I have to know and see now is that it is not of the Lord and dangerous, and I have to fight it with all I'm worth! Now I have been able to see discouragement as a red flashing warning light, saying, "Danger, get away, fight!" which is helping me to nip it in the bud and get some real victories! TYJ!
       60. In being able to see this better, I am also seeing how much some of these things are related: Discouragement, negative thinking, condemnation, comparing, etc., which are all "unfruitful activities." For the first time in my life, I feel that the Lord can truly help me in fighting and gaining real victories in these areas to the point where some of these "weaknesses" can even become "strengths." Hallelujah! With this letter goes much, much love and prayers! I love you!--Elise

From Solomon (21)
Dear Shepherds,
       61. Mama's Letter was like warm morning sun dispelling the nebulous uncertainties and doubts that had clouded my mind, and I was so encouraged by her tenderness and understanding of our situation.--Such a precious Queen Mother who is so concerned about each Family individual.
       62. What really stood out to me is how she makes it so easy for us to be good! When we get so down and discouraged about our sins and shortcomings, she simply comes along and lifts us up with sweet words of encouragement and shows us how much progress we've made and are making! She completely pulls the rug out from under the "poor me" attitude we can so easily get into by addressing each of the excuses we often use and giving us simple, Word-based answers.
       63. One of my NWOs and a frequent cause of discouragement is when I start comparing myself with others, and of course it's all downhill from there! But when Mama said, "Don't worry about it, just do your best for the Lord," that really struck me as the key to victory with my bout of discouragement and I felt an immediate relief, as the Enemy's lies were eliminated by that simple truth!
       64. I was particularly touched by her compassionate Letter to Mark Elder. (See GN 600.) It conveyed such understanding and sensitivity that I was moved to tears. It's hard to express the warmth I felt as her Letter to him was being read. Maybe it's because I'm naturally somewhat of an insecure person and it gave me such a feeling of comfort and peace that I could just imagine the wonderful encouragement her Letter is going to be to all those who, like myself, have a certain degree of inferiority complex. I simply can't verbalize the beautiful feeling that came over me through hearing Mama's tremendous compassion and feeling toward a wayward son. It's so heartening to know that no matter how low I may stoop or how far I may stray, even when I think I'm at the point of no return, when the coarseness of my sins buffets and mocks past virtue; there will always be a gentle outstretched hand and a mother's soft cry for her forlorn yet unforsaken son. I know there are many, many teens who will be tremendously lifted and encouraged by this beautiful Letter.
       Love, Solo

From Heidi (15)
Dear Grandpa and Mama,
       65. I love you! I wanted to thank you for the letter you sent us teens here in Peru, it was so encouraging. Lately I've been hit with discouragement and negative thoughts, and like it says in "Standing at Heaven's Gate" (Christian Digest 13), the Devil was trying to put out my light and make my job and service for the Lord look very boring. I was asked to go and record a few songs in the studio, but instead of leaving my battles and negative thoughts, I took them with me.
       66. I poured out my heart to one of my shepherds and told her that I had taken my eyes off the Lord, and instead of putting my all into the singing I would get sidetracked and think of myself and the way I was feeling. Then she prayed for me, and by faith I have the victory. I almost got discouraged, but I thought: "I'm not going to get discouraged, because Mama said in her Letter to us, 'If you have questions and don't understand some things, even after you've asked, if you keep making the same mistakes over and over ... if you don't like some of the people you work with and you don't agree with them, don't be discouraged!'" It was such a comfort to know that there was still hope. I'm really thankful that you took your time to write us and for being a real mommy to me.
       With much love, your daughter in the Lord, Heidi

From Olivia (14)
Dear Grandpa and Mama,
       67. It was so encouraging to read the Letter you sent us, especially since the night it came I was feeling discouraged about one of the points mentioned in your Letter--that I was making the same mistakes over and over and not making much progress with my NWOs. But when we read your Letter, it showed me how I was just listening to the Devil instead of going on the attack to fight discouragement.
       68. I also thought that since everybody here knows my problems really well, it was impossible for me to change, since I'll always be labeled, and I keep falling into the same old things again. But I was encouraged to hear that as long as I love the Lord and I know that I'm trying to please Him, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, because the Lord knows my heart.
       69. I was really touched when I found out that you took the time to write a letter specifically for us. It really cheered me up and gave me the vision to keep on fighting! I really love you!--Love, Oli

From Rejoice (17)
Dearest Grandpa and Mama,
       70. I love you so much! I've read your letter to us three times already, and I just feel like reading it over and over again, because it's so encouraging and gives me the faith that I need to keep fighting.--Much, much love, Rejoice

From Daniela (YA)
Dear Mama,
       71. I love you! Your letter gave me instant victory, like coming out of a dark cell. The phrase that stuck with me the most was when you said something like "No matter what your mistakes are, if you fall in love with Jesus your victories will always be greater," and also that "It is the Lord's plan that you fail sometimes to help keep you humble." Every part of that letter touched me personally and moved me to tears, knowing that you care about us even way out here in Peru. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. Just the other day I was feeling a little down, but when I remembered that you said you were praying for us, it changed my whole outlook, thank You Lord!--Love, your daughter in the Lord, Daniela

* * *

Just Say "No!" to Condemnation
       72. (Intro: After hearing the news of Dad's graduation, dear Paula (Bithia) became extremely despondent, feeling that the hurt she had caused Dad through her involvement in the persecution of the Family had contributed to his death. Paula's shepherds had asked for desperate prayer for her, as no amount of counselling, talking, reading or explaining had been able to help her shake this feeling of despair and condemnation that she was suffering. After hearing this request for Paula, Mama wrote her the following letter:)

From Mama, 12/94:
Dear Paula,
       73. God bless you! I love you! I heard you were having some big battles and I wanted to write you right away. I've been real happy for you and just thrilled with what the Lord is doing in your life. The Lord has so wonderfully helped you!--Please don't let the Enemy steal away your victories now. Not only is he trying to steal away your victories, but he's trying to steal your life!
       74. You're fighting for your life, you know, so don't just give up and let the Devil have it. Just stop it! Right now! The Lord has given you a will, and you can use it. I've had to tell that to four people in the last few days, starting with myself. But it's so very true. If we'll just say "No!" to the Enemy and "No!" to the Enemy's darkness, his doubts, his fears and his condemnation, and "Yes!" to the Lord's light and truth and freedom, we can overcome.
       75. Every time I would think about Dad, no matter what the memory of him, I would get hit with a condemning thought. If I'd think about him sitting out in his little work area, the Enemy would immediately attack me with: "You didn't spend enough time there with him." If I'd think of him climbing the stairs and what an effort it was for him, immediately the Enemy would say, "You didn't sympathize enough with him!" If I'd think about sharing the television news together--he watching and I listening--immediately the thought came: "You didn't record enough of his commentaries on it for the Family," and on and on and on!
       76. No matter what sweet picture I would remember of Dad, there was an immediate attack of the Enemy to make me feel guilty. I'm sure it was all true, but what can I do about it now?--Nothing but do my very best for Jesus and for Dad to carry on with the work that they have assigned me to do.
       77. So I realized I had a will and I could choose not to think about Dad--if in so doing, I was getting so attacked. So I just decided to do what the Word says and "forget those things that are behind and look forward to the things that are before" (Phil.3:13). After all, those are just memories of Dad. Right now I have Dad with me just as much as ever, in Spirit, and I am conscious of his presence all the time, and it makes me happy, not sad. So why think back on past memories when I can look forward with Dad to glorious possibilities? I don't need the memories of the man when I've got the man! The memories will be nice some time when the Devil stops attacking me on them and trying to make very sweet, positive experiences so negative.
       78. So, Paula, no matter what you did in the past, the Lord has forgiven you, Dad has forgiven you, I have forgiven you, and the Family has forgiven you. The Lord never allowed one thing more than He knew the Family needed, nor one thing more than we could take. You suffered enough just through the natural consequences of your actions. But you have been forgiven, so who is it that condemns you?--It's the Devil, of course. The Lord spoke to someone the other day and said that any discouraging thoughts were of the Enemy and not of Him. So if you feel discouraged or worried or fearful or guilty, this is not of the Lord; it is of the Enemy. You must resist him and give no place to him!
       79. The following is something I sent to someone the other day, which I would like to say personally to you as well:

       80. So cheer up if you make mistakes!--You should be thankful! The Lord loves your broken and contrite heart. "Contrite" means "repentant." How can you be "repentant" unless you've done something wrong? How can you say, "God be merciful to me a sinner" if you never make any mistakes and you don't believe you are a sinner?
       81. So why don't we try thanking God for our mistakes instead of beating ourselves up for them? Why don't we try to see all the Romans 8:28 in them instead of sinking down in despair and bemoaning our failures and all of the problems they've caused us and everybody else?
       82. Even if we can believe that Jesus doesn't condemn us and that others don't condemn us, we have a hard time not condemning ourselves. We figure that if the Lord isn't going to punish us, and no one else is going to punish us, we have to punish ourselves. After all, we're bad and that means we need to keep paying the consequences. But this is not the case. Jesus has already paid the price for our sins--not just our sins before salvation, but when He died on the cross He took all our sins--past, present and future--on Himself, and was punished for those sins so that we would not have to be punished.
       83. But we still try to punish ourselves--we still try to do penance. Penance is self-punishment, suffered willingly to show that one is sorry for having done wrong in an effort to obtain forgiveness. But penance won't gain us forgiveness--not one iota of it! We can only be forgiven through Jesus' blood that He shed on the cross, not through our own works.
       84. What the heathen do for penance in the flesh, we often try to do in the spirit. They whip themselves, nail themselves to crosses, walk on hot coals, etc. We torture ourselves the same way in the spirit as they do in the flesh. We can no more help ourselves by this torture of our spirits than they can by their torture of their flesh. We just can't do it ourselves; only Jesus' salvation is able to save us from our sins and mistakes.--And since we're already saved by His blood, why are we trying to save ourselves again by our own efforts?
       85. If we try to punish ourselves when Jesus already paid the price so that we wouldn't have to be punished, we are literally slapping the Lord in the face and telling Him that His sacrifice didn't amount to anything. We are despising it, we are belittling it and we are saying that it wasn't enough, and that we have to pay for our own sins. What a terrible thing to do to the Lord, Who has sacrificed His life that we could be free from the bondage and punishment of sin and death!--And thus free to serve Him joyfully without the heavy weights of condemnation.
       86. He says very clearly, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus" (Rom.8:1). Are you in Christ Jesus? Have you accepted His death on the cross as your salvation? Does He live in your heart? Then you also have to accept that that punishment that He paid for your sins means all of your sins--every one of them--and that there is absolutely no need for you to pay for them yourself or to punish yourself through condemnation. Not only is there no need, but you have no right to try to do it. You have no right to try to usurp Jesus' place. You have no right to tell Him that He didn't do a good enough job, that you still need to punish yourself, because He didn't do the job well enough.
       87. He is saying to you, "There is now no condemnation, because I have paid the price. You are no longer condemned for your sins--any of your sins--because I paid for them all by giving My life. I was condemned for you so that you don't have to be condemned." The Devil will try to condemn you, but his condemnation is a lie, and if you accept it, you're letting yourself be punished for something that you don't need to be punished for--that you shouldn't be punished for!--Because Someone was already punished in your place.
       88. Not only are you making the Lord feel bad because you didn't accept His sacrifice for you--the gift of His life that He paid for you--but you're torturing and immobilizing yourself for nothing. It's not necessary and it has no value, and it's not going to do you any good. It makes you feel very bad and it saddens the Lord, who paid so much to keep you from having to pay because He knew that you could never pay enough, and that any payment you would pay would be worthless. It would do absolutely no good.

       89. So, dear Paula, think on these things and let them take root in your heart. You can be sorry, yes. You can be convicted, yes. You can decide that you won't do what you did again, and you can learn lessons from the mistakes you have made. But you cannot sink into the depths of despair, flagellating yourself, refusing to be comforted and constantly thinking negative thoughts that the Devil wants you to think. Be sorry for any damage caused and get it over with, and then be thankful for your mistakes and count your blessings, and see what God has done through your mistakes to make you a better person for Him. Get up right away and go on and try again.
       90. Jesus knows how much you love Him and how greatly you are dedicated to His work and His Family, and His heart breaks to see you in such a state of despondency and overwhelming grief. Not only does it torture you, but it immobilizes you, and gets you right where the Enemy wants you. Jesus wants to take you in His arms and comfort you, if you'll just look up and reach out.
       91. Dear Paula, as that beautiful song goes:

       When you have exhausted your store of endurance,
       When your strength has failed 'ere the day is half done.
       When you've reached the end of your hoarded resources,
       Your Father's full giving has only begun.

* * *

       He'll fight for you when you cannot fight,
       He'll comfort you in the gloom of night,
       He'll lift the burden, for He is strong,
       He'll still the sigh and awaken the song.
       The burdens that bow you down He'll bear,
       And love and pity, because He cares!

       92. --All you have to do is let Him. Please do!--Right now! You've come so far, don't disappoint the Lord! Don't fail His Family. Don't hurt Dad. What you will do now if you give up will be worse than what you did before, and will have just as grievous consequences. Satan has desired to have you, but Jesus--and Dad--are praying for you that your faith does not fail. With God's love, nothing is impossible--if you'll just put your will on His side! Just say "Yes!" to Jesus!
       93. We love you very much and are upholding you in our prayers.

       P.S. Dear Family, please pray earnestly for Paula, as the Enemy is attacking her viciously--not only with condemnation, but with problems with her children, etc.

       Excerpts of Response from Paula (Bithia), 12/94:
Dearest Mama,
       94. I love you and am deeply grateful for the time, energy and concern you put into your words of encouragement and prayer that have helped to lift me out of this quagmire of guilt, condemnation and negative thinking that I had been flooded with and was ruminating on.
       95. Amazingly, your perceptions were right on target. I had spent many days and hours praying for the Lord to take my life, as I had felt so emotionally bankrupt and my spiritual state was overpowered by my guilt, remorse and condemnation. I have sadly discovered that by embracing such deadly negative emotions I sabotaged my own attempts to come boldly before the throne of grace. What a precarious and risky position in which to place myself. In retrospect, though I had purposed not to take my own life, I can recall any number of times when I was reckless and subconsciously setting myself up for disaster and a tragic end.
       96. How true in your assessment when you said that my quitting now would have more grievous effects and cause more damage than my actions before. This is what the Lord had also shown me.--That my very acceptance of the guilt and condemnation was to nullify the power of the Lord's forgiveness and mercy. Certainly, the manifestation of this love and forgiveness is what Jesus died for, and what Dad lived for!
       97. In view of my own righteousness (or lack thereof), I didn't want to be the one that was to be sacrificed for--to have one die for. I'm sure each of us can say that we do not feel worthy of the mercy and forgiveness that has been bestowed upon us.
       98. It was actually in one of my desperate moments of prayer, as I was driving home from work on a rainy night, that my view became quite obstructed--I didn't know what had obstructed my view more--the rain, or my tears for Dad. I was praying desperately for the Lord to show me what some of Dad's personal Romans 8:28s had been in the many persecutions he had suffered. I was desperate to know of something good that had come from the sufferings he endured. And then it was as if he were actually sitting next to me in the car, and he leaned over and said in a loud, clear voice, "You are!"
       99. Needless to say, a profusion of mixed feelings engulfed me. First, I had to look next to me to be sure I was alone; second, I had to keep my hands on the wheel and the car on the road despite the unnerving impact of Dad's presence. Once I recovered from that, I reminded myself not to share this special experience with any of those that I work with, lest they think I am hallucinating and they re-evaluate my work competence. The opportunity to savor this personal moment with Dad was very important to me. And yet, I knew I was not worthy to be a part of Dad's Romans 8:28, and in my self-loathing I cried out, "No! I don't want my beauty to come from his ashes!" I knew in my soul that this is what Dad wanted. This is what Dad lived for. This was the victory that overcame death. "I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death" (Hos.13:14).
       100. I have discovered that my resistance and unyieldedness to the Lord's grace and mercy has been as destructive as my submergence in the guilt and condemnation. Not only was it torturous and immobilizing, but by the very act of resistance and unyieldedness I negated my power to come boldly to the throne of grace.
       101. So yes! Yes, I gladly yield my will to His and welcome the comfort of His loving arms. And I pray for continued submission to His will, that by the manifestation of His and Dad's continued love and mercy towards me, it will echo far and wide the unfailing healing elixir of Jesus' love and Dad's commitment and living desire (and dying desire) to share the love of Jesus with any and all. "For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of His Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by His life" (Rom.5:10).
       102. My prayer is to now lay aside every weight (of guilt and condemnation), and the sin which doth so easily beset me; to be delivered of this bloodguiltiness, that my tongue may sing aloud of God's righteousness; to have the joy of my salvation restored unto me so that I may teach transgressors His ways; and convert sinners unto Him (Psa.51:12-14; Heb.12:1). "Let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear" (Heb.12:28b).
       103. Yet even in the throes of my despondency, the Lord gave me a beautiful promise to cling to, Zechariah 12:10: "And I will pour upon the House of David ... the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn." I perceive this to be a mourning that many ex-members and even detractors may encounter upon the realization of Dad's gift to us, and I take comfort and hope in the promise of the Lord to pour out the spirit of grace and supplications upon the House of David. Hallelujah!
       104. (Later:) Mama, this has been one of my restless nights, and as I lay in bed I continued to think of the many things I wanted to share with you, so I decided to seize this quiet moment to finish this letter to you.
       105. My desire was to not burden you with my feelings of grief for Dad as I strongly desire to be a support to you.--To lift you up, encourage, strengthen and comfort you in your own losses and the transition you are making; but instead, you came to my rescue. See what a good Mama you are?--Ever so conscientious of the needs of her children; laying aside her own needs and desires to ensure the safety and consolation of her loved ones. Thank you! God bless you!
       106. The night I received your letter, in the twilight of my sleep, I had a dream. It was war time, and we were engaged in battle. I lay in a trench, grievously wounded, surrounded by corpses. I, in my weakened state, was preparing to surrender to my piercing wounds. From my position I could not see the battle around me, but only hear of its continued presence. Then I heard a cry to rally the forces. It was you, Mama, and you had lifted a banner. From the depths of my trench I could only see the tip of this banner. But to hear your passionate cry and to behold even the tip of this illuminating banner infused me with the strength and courage to pull myself to a standing position. This enabled me to see out over the battlefield. I perceived a great battle had been waged. Skirmishes continued in select areas, and the wounded and casualties were scattered about.
       107. Then I was drawn back to the power of the banner (standard) and what it represented and the resolve of the one who held it. You were surrounded by loyal and tenacious soldiers, who even then continued to willingly protect you with their lives and fight off the forces that were campaigning to destroy you. Amazingly, you held this banner high and straight. Though you had fought the battle with us and sustained numerous wounds, you did not waver in strength as would have been manifested by holding the banner at a tilt. And though I cannot remember the words of your call to arms, in essence it was similar to what General Foch said: "My right has been rolled up, my left has been driven back, and my center has been smashed!--I have ordered an advance from all directions!"
       108. The phenomenon that followed was truly miraculous. Out of the trenches and up from the battlefield came the reinforcements. Incredibly, this heavenly host was comprised of the wounded. And though their physical strength may have appeared compromised, their resurgence of allegiance and tenacity provided the impetus to fuel their valor and determination. The injuries from such a battle were irrelevant alongside the victory won that day. I was thrilled to have been counted worthy to once again participate in this atypical warfare. What a powerful dream--could it also be prophetic? (From Mama: Yes, but I believe the Lord is talking about right now and a present fulfilment, with our many precious Family members rallying to the battle cry even though wounded, weak and barely hanging on. God bless their dear hearts. They are willing to give their lives in sacrificial service even though they've been hit on all sides and many are bleeding and torn, but they are still hanging on, determined not to give up and not to give in and to fight till the last breath. But as they continue to fight, they will receive renewed strength and will be miraculously and powerfully healed from their wounds.)
       109. Also, just as a note, I received your strengthening letter on 12/12/94. Twenty-four years earlier on 12/12/70 I had attended the Feast of the Prophets and got saved and decided to serve the Lord and joined the Family. A year ago on 12/12/93 I wrote Dad and you for the first time in 12 years, asking for forgiveness and attesting to the reconciliation between the Family and myself. None of the above dates nor the victorious events that occurred on those dates were pre-arranged--except by the Lord. It is so exciting to see how the Lord engineers things. He certainly is in control and I am ever so thankful that He is!
       110. One other thing, Mama. About a week before we received news of Dad's passing, I had made the decision to refer to you as Mama. During one of my sleepless nights, I had been praying for you and about you and I began to examine why I didn't call you Mama. As I contemplated this, I began to explore what it signified to me to refer to you as Mama. Dad was the embodiment of a parental figure to me, not only in a physical sense but also in a spiritual sense.
       111. My own biological parents were quite far from such a role, and I can honestly say they never functioned nor desired to operate in this realm. Dad met this need in my life and fulfilled it beyond my wildest expectations. "When my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will take me up" (Psa.27:10). And He did, and Dad did and so did you!
       112. In your letters, your mother's heart rings clear. You are compassionate, nurturing, instructive and comforting. I could liken it to an incarnate form of the Holy Spirit. What better mother could a person ask for or desire? I count myself privileged and honored to have you as my "Mama." Thank you for being willing to have me as your daughter! I truly hope I can make you proud of your offspring. (From Mama: I am proud of you, my dear daughter.)
       Much love and prayers, your thankful daughter,

* * *

Keep Faithful and Be Content!--Don't Compare
(The following letter was written to a group of young people attending a leadership training seminar:)

From Mama, 2/94:
Dear YAs and Teens,
       113. We love you and are thrilled that you are able to attend this leadership meeting. We are proud of you. Each of you is important to the Lord and to us. You may be washing dishes now or doing laundry, or some other "little" task, and you may be looking enviously at others whom you think are doing more "important" things. You may think that some of your peers have gotten ahead of you in training and opportunities and responsibilities, but the Lord doesn't treat us all the same. He doesn't promote all of us at the same time. He has different lessons for each one of us, and a personal timetable just for you. If you'll be faithful, no matter how long it takes, in due time (His time) He will highly exalt you. Don't be discouraged and don't give up. Just keep faithful in the place that He has called you to. He knows that you are there and He hasn't forgotten you, and He has great things in store for you.
       114. Remember Sophie the washerwoman, and the little crippled boy, Tommy, dropping messages out of his window. Don't you think their reward from the Lord has been great? Even if they never got a chance to do anything else in this life, what greater thing could they have done, anyway? Man seeth not as God seeth, and to the Lord these little jobs done with your whole heart for Him are just as glorious as the ones which you often consider greater.
       115. I truly believe that for each one of you who may now be doing dishes and scrubbing floors and cleaning the house, there is coming a day when there will be other jobs which you will feel more fulfilled in, and in which you will feel your talents are being more greatly used. These future jobs may make you happier and more fulfilled, and the Lord is interested in giving you the desires of your heart. But for Him, your job of washing dishes faithfully and out of love for Him and the Family will count just as much as the greater jobs that He will give you in the future as your reward for being faithful and doing well in what you consider the little ones.
       116. So continue to be faithful in whatever the Lord has given you to do. Keep letting your little light shine, and don't let the Devil snuff it out through discontent and envy and impatience for something "better." "Let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing." "Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward. For ye have need of patience, that after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise" (Jam.1:4; Heb.10:35,36).
       117. We love you very much and are praying for you that the Lord will keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
       Love and prayers,

Your Music Cheered My Heart
(Following is Dad's thank you note to Barry, our dear friend and lawyer, who sent Dad the tape of music mentioned in the Letter "Explorers, Pioneers and the Family!", ML #2959:44.)

       118. (Intro Note:) Dear Barry, Dad received the tape you sent him and listened to it for the first time recently when he was very seriously sick in bed with the flu. Following is his enthusiastic personal thanks to you, which he expressed after hearing the beautiful and inspiring music on this tape.

From Dad, 9/94:
       119. Thank you, Barry. God bless you, Son! Your music has cheered the heart of an old, sick, dying prophet. I was right in there with you. You've got talent, boy! You've got terrific music!--It gives me the chills! It's thrilling! It's emotional music, from the heart! God bless you! Thank you so much! I've been lying here on my sick bed, an old man with not long to go, but you have helped revive me.
       120. I think your music may make me want to live a little longer to hear that tape again. It's terrific! Beautiful! Wonderful! Some day God is going to use all this talent in His Kingdom. I'm sure there are going to be a lot of concerts in Heaven. This is my kind of music--happy music--the kind I love to dance to! My Gypsy spirit helper says, "This is the music that your father loves. This music is the heart and soul of your father. This is what God has given him, the music I love to dance to." He certainly gets excited when he hears your music. God bless you, Barry! Keep up the good work, keep following your heart, keep feeling the music!
       With love,

       121. P.S. Our dear friend Albert* is now where he can do all that he ever dreamed of doing in his fight for freedom! What a great time he must be having!--Exploring that great Space City in his spare time, and helping us during the rest of it. You've got a good buddy up There now, boy!--Where he can do more than ever. That's probably why God took him, because he can do more from Up There than he could here. We're praying for his wife, though, that she'll be comforted in her time of sadness and that she'll feel God's love upholding her, and that she will feel Albert's presence near her. Heaven is a happy, exciting place where we will all be able to meet together and continue what we love most. We're looking forward to seeing you There some day. Thanks for all your help.

       (*Note: Where Dad says "Albert" above, he is referring to Constitutional lawyer and civil rights advocate Albert Blaustein, who recently went to be with the Lord.)

* * *

       Libby's Dream Come True!

From Will of Libby, 12/94:
       122. I'm so thankful Libby and our other precious heavenly helpers can be working closely together with Dad now. I know being close to Dad is her dream come true, and it makes me feel closer to you both too. TYL! When going through Libby's things I found a letter that Libby sent to you and Dad from us some years ago that was returned with his comments.
       123. Libby wrote: "It's so wonderful, all the things you are and mean to us, our dearest Dad and Mommy. You're our lovers too, and we are both looking forward to having 'time' with you, knowing it's going to be a long waiting list/line, ha! But thank You Jesus, we have eternity! Just wanted you to know already! I'm looking forward to being able to hug you one day. I've always been dreaming and desiring to make love with you, Dad, even though I feel really unworthy of it. I love you so much and wanted to thank you for using us in your Kingdom! We are so happy in His service, serving Him and you, our precious king and queen! We need you very much!--Now, more than ever!"
       124. Dad sweetly replied, "Ur already making love to me and bearing my children!--And can look long into my eyes and feel me inside of you in the spirit! Visit me in your dreams! I'll make love to you forever! God bless and keep you!--I love you!--D." Thank the Lord, her dreams have finally come true!
       Your son in love,
* * *

       Our Mistakes Work for Good!

From Mama, 12/94:

Dear R.,
       125. Thank you for your very sweet note of love and loyalty. We have just received your Home's reactions to Dad's Homegoing, and it's very precious to know how much this time has meant to our dear Family.
       126. I was a little sad to hear about the prophecies you received during your victory celebration being accidentally erased, but the Lord may very well have said the same thing, or something very similar, through those in other Homes, so please don't feel too badly about it.
       127. Please tell your dear YA secretary that I know she must feel terrible about this, and may still be under condemnation for her mistake. However, perhaps it is just what the Lord knew she needed for some reason or another, to draw her close to Him and make her desperate, and also to help her receive His loving forgiveness. I can imagine how devastated she must have felt. Please tell her that I feel much worse for her than I do even about the loss of the prophecies. I want her to know that she is forgiven and that the Lord must have wanted her mistake to accomplish something real special in her life, so to please not feel condemned but to just be strengthened and learn and grow and be more prayerful than ever before.
       128. The Lord not only allows mistakes in our lives, but sometimes He plans them and actually wants us to make them because He knows that by comparison, the great good that it will do in our lives is much more than the hurt that it will cause. He knows best, so we need to trust Him and know that "He doeth all things well," and "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord" (Mark 7:37; Rom.8:28).
       Much love,

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family