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       Maria #255 DO 2972

              1. Dear Lord, please give Thy Family a beautiful, special outpouring of Thy Spirit this year. Please help each one to make a firm commitment to the task of the new year; a real dedication and renewing of their love for You, and their desire to do Your will and to go through this new year for You with whatever it brings. Help them to keep going and stay convinced of their calling. Regardless of the obstacles they may encounter, help them to be so convinced of their connection with You and their faith in You that they'll just keep going no matter what. Please be very close to them in a real special way in the days to come. Renew in each of their hearts a burning desire to see this battle through to the end.
       2. Help them to start seeing a restoration of any things that have been broken down and the repair of any spiritual breaches or problems. May they just know by Your Spirit that You're going to bring a great renewal of any things that are now in disarray and disrupted and disoriented. Show them by Your Spirit that great victories are ahead, that great things are coming if they can just hold on, if they can just look to You for the answers that are there--the answers that have always been there. But in some cases, because their connection with You has been interrupted, they haven't been able to see or grasp these solutions. Help them to get rewired and reconnected to You so they can forge ahead in obedience to the vision You've given. Help us to help them.
       3. Lord, we know that as they look to You, You are going to strengthen and inspire them. Help those going through battles to hang on, even if it seems like they can only hold up one trembling finger to show they're still alive and they are still there, Lord, and in a position where You can recreate them and help them recover their shield of faith and rebuild a loving relationship with You and others. Bring a wonderful, wonderful victory out of any seeming great defeats, and let us see the phoenix rising from the ashes in glorious new beauty. Hold each dear one close in Your arms, Jesus, and comfort and encourage them with Your Words of love. Amen.

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