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       Maria #263         DO 2982         3/95

              1. (From Mama:) While Peter and I were having communion, we were praising the Lord for His great sacrifice of love for us in His death on the cross, and were telling Him how much we wanted the Family to be able to share His wonderful gift of salvation with others who had never known His love. We were praising the Lord in tongues and the Lord unexpectedly gave the following prophecy:

              2. "Behold, I hear the cries of the lonely and of the lost, of the suffering and of the hurt, of the war-torn and of the desperate. I see the self-satisfied and the full. I also see the simple and the believing. And I send you unto the lost sheep that dwell in the hills and the far places who need My Words, who need My love, who are crying out in desperation for the Words of David, for the gospel of My truth, that they too may partake of the communion of My blood and the salvation that I have for them. For I have shed My blood for them. So seek them out, I say, seek them out.
       3. "There are those in lands that are simple who love Me and who know Me and who know of Me, and who worship My pictures and worship My Mother. These are a simple people, but they do know Me." {\b \i (Mama: It was our impression that, when the Lord was speaking of the "simple people," He was speaking of Catholic Latin America.)}
       4. "But there are so many lost and desperately lonely people who need My message, and you must reach them while there is time. For I will open great, great doors in these days, the doors of desperation, where whole governments are desperate for answers, for they are war-torn and broken and they know not what to do and where to turn. They have no more strength in themselves, and no more hope in their own glory." {\b \i (Mama: It was our definite impression that here the Lord is speaking of the countries of the former Soviet Union. These people He describes as "desperate" and "broken" and "lost," unlike the "simple people" of Latin America who already have "a measure of My love and My grace," and who do "know Me" and "love Me.")}
       5. "They need My message, and they will turn unto you, if you will just be there, if you will show love and concern, and if you will do all you can to reach them and to supply the needs that they have--the need of love, the need of salvation, the gospel for their people, and the simple words for their children.
       6. "So go from the simple lands to the desperate lands. Go unto the fearful, go unto the hungry, go unto these small and new nations that are lost and who do not know Me, and who would receive you with open arms and with gladness and with rejoicing, and would receive My message, My love, My gospel, My pictures, My music. For I died for these, and I freed them that they may be able to receive My message." {\b \i (Mama: Many of the countries of the former Soviet Union, which had such great hope and ambitions when they were freed just a few years ago, are now broken and desperate. Their governments and people are searching for answers. They have little or no knowledge of the Lord, but the Lord says they will readily welcome us with gladness and rejoicing.--In fact, some have }already{\b \i welcomed our pioneer teams and their witness. These doors will not be open for long, so we need to go through them }now{\b \i .)}
       7. "But how shall they hear the gospel unless the preacher comes? And how will the preacher come unless the missionaries go? So come ye, come ye to the lands of the desperate, the lands of the small, the lands of the weary, the lands of the war-torn. For they know that their time is short.
       8. "The doors are open now! Will you come? Will you minister? Will ye leave behind your present lands, your homes, your people, your language? For yours are a simple people, and they know Me, and they have a measure of My love and of My grace. But these are desperate and so needy. So, come! Come help fill the need, that these may be blessed, that these may rejoice, and that these may live with Me forever. For this door will not be open forever. It is for a time, and I have done this thing that they may receive My message." {\b \i (Mama: The Lord is giving a call to you in Latin America to go to these needy, desperate and war-torn nations of the former Soviet Union, forsaking your present Homes and your language and your ministry to these simple, believing people in order to reach those who are "desperate" and "dying" and only have a short time to hear God's message of salvation. There is a great need to do it now while there is still time, so that these hungry, desperate and lost people may have the great blessing, as we do, of living with Jesus forever! Jesus repeats this call again in the moving poem below, which came as part of the above prophecy.)}

              9. "So come ye, come ye, one and all!
       Come and heed My gospel call!
       Preach My Word to the ill at ease.
       Oh, won't you come? Oh, won't you please?
       For they are dying, and hunger and thirst.
       Oh, won't you come and feed them first?
       Come and give them My good grain,
       And each will then eternity gain.
       Heed My call, come one and all,
       And souls will fill My heavenly hall.
       And I will joy and shout and sing,
       As you these new souls to Me bring!
       So do not fail Me, the time is now.
       Put your hand to the gospel plow.
       Preach My gospel, do it now.
       For time is short, and the time is now!"

              10. (Mama:) The Lord is issuing an urgent call for you in Latin America to go to these needy fields. He is saying that you must go now while the doors are open, in order for you to gain these hearts for all eternity. He is asking you to please not fail Him. He says He will "joy and shout" when He sees the hearts that you win for Him and bring into His heavenly halls. He obviously considers it more of a priority to reach the multitudes of empty, hungry and desperate people who have never heard the message of salvation even once, than it is for so many of you Latin Americans to stay in an area where most people have at least a measure of faith in Him, and love for Him.
       11. He is saying that at this point in time it's more important to win souls in the former Soviet Union than to put so much emphasis on our ministries in Latin America. The important thing is that as many as possible receive Jesus so that they can live with Him forever in Heaven.
       12. This doesn't mean that the Lord is expecting us to entirely abandon the work in Latin America. However, He is calling those of you who can be freed and would be willing to go to such a difficult field.--Most likely you young people, who have the physical strength and stamina to live under the austere and harsh circumstances within these countries.
       13. The door is open. The Lord has given the call. Who will respond? Will you? If you wish to heed this call and reach these lost and dying people, please send a request for clearance to the EURCRO team via your reporting office and begin working on raising your fare and support now. (Please see clearance forms on pages 170-171 of the Charter.)
       14. God bless you! We love you and are praying that those of you who He is calling will respond to His plea.

              15. PS: And one final note for your consideration: In 1983, twelve years ago, in "Latins Go East," Dad wrote the following, more true today than ever:

       "Why should we be so burdened for only 350 million people that are already nominal Christians who we've been preaching the gospel to already for ten years {\b \i (now 22!)} and saturated them by radio and in person and had revival after revival and several harvests already in Latin America, when in the East we're not hardly scratching the surface, we're only getting started!
       "They've had 500 years of Christianity and about ten years (now 22) of us! There's hardly anybody on that whole continent that hasn't heard about us or even heard us or gotten our lit! {\b \i (Especially after all the persecution and media coverage!)}
       "It looks kind of ridiculous for so many of us to be in South America when you're so desperately needed in the East. Don't you think so?" (ML #1690:3,17,4; GN Book 18).

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