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       Maria #264 DO 2983 11/94

       (Johane and Lydia are a Japanese couple who have been patrons and faithful supporters of the work for years.)

From Mama:
Dear Johane and Lydia,
       1. God bless you! I really love you and pray that this letter finds you healthy despite the change of weather in Japan. The Lord has so miraculously blessed both of you with amazing physical strength and stamina, and I am sure that the reason for this is due to your continually seeking Him and looking to Him and depending on Him for your strength. "Blessed is the man whose strength is in Thee; in whose heart are the ways of them. They go from strength to strength" (Psa.84:5,7a).
       2. I have been keeping you in my prayers, especially as you go into the cold winter weather, but I trust that the Lord is going to keep you both, as you've been such a tremendous blessing to the Family in Japan as well as to the Family worldwide.
       3. I've had the opportunity to listen to witnessing reports about some of the recent work that you have been doing with the IEC project, as well as all of the effort that you have put into helping prepare for the upcoming Christmas season! (The IEC, which stands for "International Educational Correspondence," is an experimental program developed by the Family in Japan. It is a course which parents can subscribe to and receive a monthly magazine full of childcare tips and counsel taken from the Family pubs, majoring on the care of newborns to pre-schoolers, along with a KV or TA video monthly.)
       4. It's clear to see that the Lord has been leading you step by step, and you have both grown in many ways over the years. Both Marianne and Ezra have commented how they are so very thankful to be working with you; that they depend upon you as wise counselors in the important work that you have in reaching Japan, both in Tokyo and in your local area. The Lord has made you important parts of a vital team, and obviously the Word has done the work to strengthen you and make you what you are today! The tests, trials and tribulations along the way have certainly been worth it, and you've truly come through with flying colors! "That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ" (1 Peter 1:7).
       5. I was also greatly encouraged about your burden for the "other sheep" of David's fold when I read how you have taken time to help and encourage our different friends, contacts and catacombers through your personal witnessing and testimony--even traveling long distances to do this at great risk to your health. The Lord has made you a very special team for Him, and I understand that your witnessing has borne tremendous fruit. I'm looking forward to hearing more testimonies about how this important ministry is progressing, as I feel that the Family as a whole needs as much encouragement as possible in learning how to minister to those who are just outside of the inner circle of our discipleship.
       6. Johane and Lydia, you are in the unique position of being full-time disciples in the Family, serving Him with all of your hearts, and yet outsiders relate to you as supporters and benefactors, offering opinions and guidance to those who want to find ways to help the Family. It's one of God's amazing set-ups, and you've truly "come to the kingdom for such a time as this!" (Est.4:14).
       7. I would especially like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous giving. Marianne has informed us of your generous help to the work, which is making it possible to minister His message to the lost. We know that you shrink from receiving acknowledgment for your sacrifices, and that of course is commendable, but I feel that it is appropriate for us to let you know how thankful we are, and to tell you how much you have helped the work.
       8. The assistance that you so freely gave during recent persecutions has helped the Family survive some of the most perilous times in our history, and our enemies have miraculously been dumbfounded and confused at every step. The Lord has certainly supplied in many wonderful ways to keep us going during this Endtime, and we want to sincerely thank you for all that you've done to help the Family.
       9. We recently asked some of our WS Family if they would take some time to ask the Lord for special words of encouragement for you.--And He spoke beautifully! We're sure you will be thrilled and greatly touched as you read what He had to say about you both. The Word clearly states, "honor to whom honor is due" (Rom.13:7). As we believe the Lord wants to honor you before all, we would like to print these beautiful messages from Heaven in a GN, along with this letter to you.
       10. Johane and Lydia, you have been faithful and have passed some very difficult tests through the years, so it is certainly a privilege for us to share with the entire Family what the Lord gave us for you. We understand that you may shrink a little at the thought of so much public recognition, but we know that the Family would be missing something very precious if they were not able to share in this beautiful experience.
       11. With Dad's departure from this life and his entry into the next one, Heaven seems much closer and more real. We look forward to the time when we will be together with Jesus our Savior, and David His servant. There we will see the fruit of our labors. The sacrifice, tests and trials will be worth it all, as everything will come clearly into focus. We are so thankful to have such strong and willing sacrificial co-workers as you, dear Johane and Lydia.
       12. May God bless and keep you healthy and fruitful in His service. We love you and are praying for you.
       With love, prayers and admiration,

       Prophecies for Johane and Lydia:
       13. "Behold how your Father David looks down from the halls of Heaven with great love and gratitude on these, his Japanese children. It is his desire to reach down from the very halls of Heaven to put forth his hands upon their weary heads and to embrace them with thanksgiving, to kiss them, and to hold them, for they are his children whom he greatly loves. He does even now bow before them saying, `Domo arigato, domo arigato!' (Thank you!) He is moved with compassion and understanding for their weaknesses, and he is proud of them for their courage and their dedication and their loyalty.
       14. "For these who were once babes have now come into the inner circle of full discipleship. These who were once proud and men-pleasers and concerned about the opinions of men and their place in the System, seeking honor from those round about, have now left these worldly ambitions and given their all for Jesus. For this their Father David is well pleased and he looks upon them with great gratitude and thanksgiving.
       15. "These are jewels in My sight! These are precious ones whom I love and care for, who have a unique place in My Kingdom. These are ones who have taken great strides, who have made great progress. They are jewels in My sight.
       16. "But I say unto them now, be not weary in well doing. Forsake not your crown and do not leave your plow, for there is yet much to do. There are many Japanese children yet to hear the Words of David. There are many countries for you to visit, and there are many people yet for you to minister unto. There are many catacombers and live-out disciples who look to your sample for encouragement and strength. Therefore, do not fail these many ones who look to you to be fed and strengthened and to have faith, that they too can make it, and they too can serve Me, and they too can be free from the traditions that would bind them.
       17. "Hold fast to your crown, and let no man steal it! Your reward shall be great in Heaven, and any sacrifice that you make on this earth will be rewarded an hundred-fold.
       18. "Therefore, be not weary in well doing, but stand fast, stand strong, continue on your loyal, dedicated path that you have chosen, and be not distracted. Do not look back, but look ahead, and take these words into your heart with thanksgiving. And in the day when I raise you to your heavenly reward, I shall say unto you, `Well done, thou good and faithful servants! Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!'"
       19. (Right before this prophecy, I had a vision of Dad in Heaven concerned about Johane and Lydia. He had a beautiful smile, and he was so happy to see all that they had done, and how they were doing. Then in the vision Dad was meeting Lydia and Johane and bowing before them. Usually when you think of bowing in a heavenly vision, you think of bowing on your knees; but in this case, it was Japanese bowing. In the Japanese tradition, the person who is honoring the other person bows deeper, lower and more times, and they just keep bowing. Even though Dad is the king, in this vision he was humbly bowing before Johane and Lydia, so low, and so many times, that they were awestruck at this honor he was bestowing upon them in their Japanese tradition. That's when he was saying, "Domo arigato. Domo arigato gosaimashita!" [EDITED: ""Thank you. Thank you very much!""] Then it was enough tradition, and he just embraced them! It was a beautiful, strong hug, and they were weeping. It was a very emotional picture.)
       * * *
       20. "When a tree is planted in the ground and doth sprout up as a little sprout, it is cared for and tenderly sheltered and put in a pot and kept from any wind or strong rain. But when it doth grow up into a tree, it is planted outside because it is strong enough to bear the wind and the rain. Even so is it with you, My little children. For I know that ye are strong now, and ye are like trees planted by the rivers of water that bring forth fruit in your season. For ye have drawn close to Me, and in this I am very well pleased.
       21. "I do love you greatly. Ye have remained faithful to My name and ye have forsaken those things which are behind, and ye are pressing forward toward the things which are ahead, for the mark of the prize, and ye shall receive your reward.
       22. "For in you I am well pleased, and I shall continue to strengthen you and use you more than ever before to reach My children, My lost sheep. For I love your love for the lost sheep, for those who hunger for My Word and for the Words of David. Ye have been My instruments to bring the Word to many, in many countries, and I would continue to play upon you, to play your instruments to soothe the sheep. I would play on you the music of My Word, and the music of My message.
       23. "For ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you, that ye should bear much fruit, and indeed ye have borne much fruit. Therefore, I am well pleased in you and I have confidence in you, for ye have become firmly rooted in Me. Look not behind, but look ahead at all that is before you, and all that is yet to be done, for ye have a wonderful ministry ahead of you!
       24. "I am proud of you for all the progress that you have made, proud for all that you have forsaken for Me, proud for how you have taken up your cross daily and followed Me. And verily I say unto you, I shall reward you, and even now have you received your reward. For those who take up the cross and follow Me, I have reserved a special reward in the time to come.
       25. "For though your cross may have seemed heavy at times, and though this present cross may seem heavy, when you come to the other side, the reward that you receive will so far surpass it that it will make the cross look insignificant. The cross will appear to be a tiny little object, like a pin on the floor in comparison with your great reward. For have I not promised in My Word that everyone that hath forsaken houses and brethren and sisters and lands and countries shall receive an hundred-fold?
       26. "Ye have forsaken even your own selves in following after Me, and in this I am well pleased, and I do esteem you among My mighty men. For while others may have had little to forsake, ye did have much to forsake, not only in material things, but in the forsaking of yourselves. But this you have forsaken. Therefore do I esteem you among My great and mighty men! For he that hath given much, shall also receive much; and he that gives of himself shall receive abundantly of Me and of My Spirit. And I long to draw you even closer to Me and to My Spirit, to fill you with My love, and to strengthen you as the mighty men of David, to accomplish My task on this earth.
       27. "Beloved are ye in the sight of the Lord, and in the sight of His children. They also do love you with a great love. For he that overcometh is respected by many. And to him that overcometh will I give a crown of life, and he shall go in and out of the courts of the Lord. In him shall the people rejoice, and in him shall the people delight, and in him shall the Lord delight.
       28. "For your sample has helped many people, and ye have been the forerunners for many other kings and queens that I have raised up, and will raise up for My Family. And the things that ye have learned are like jewels that will help the Family to know how to help other kings and queens to come closer to Me and to fulfill the mission that I have for them. Therefore in this I am well pleased, and in this My Family--your Family--is well pleased.
       29. "Therefore I say unto you, rejoice, and look at all that I have done for you, and all that you have done for Me, and all the progress, at how high you have climbed this mountain that was before you. For in you am I well pleased!"
       * * *
       30. "Dear Johane, My precious Lydia, oh how I love you! And how I am pleased with your faithfulness unto Me over these years. For ye have been faithful with a few things, and now I count you worthy to be faithful over many things. Ye have been faithful with the little, and now I count you to be faithful with the big.
       31. "I know the road has not been easy, and I know the way of the Japanese and the traditions that you have had to battle against, and I understand. But ye have endured hardness as good soldiers, and ye have persevered and ye have grown. Now I look upon you and I see two strong and faithful soldiers that I can depend on, and I am well pleased.
       32. "There are many in your Family throughout the world who admire your sample. So take no heed to the doubts that the Enemy may try to throw your way, but stand strong. Continue ye in My Word, and ye shall bear more fruit, and ye shall know the truth--more truth--and ye shall be more free.
       33. "For there is yet much more to do in the future to reach My lost sheep. I have been preparing you and grooming you for the mighty harvest which is to come. Stand by Me and reap this mighty harvest in your land, for I have need of you. And behold, we will reach the goal together when we will all be reunited together at that glorious day. And then will your Father David greet you in the halls of Heaven, arms outstretched to personally thank you, as he even now desires to thank you for all that you have done to help further the truth. But until that time, hold that fast which thou hast, the crown which I have laid up for you. Be not weary in well doing; go forth in the power of My Spirit, in the strength of My Word, and know that I am with you."
       34. (I saw a vision of Dad right inside the gates of Heaven giving Johane and Lydia a hearty hug and thanking them. He was so happy to meet them and to say thank you!)
       * * *
       35. "Ye have been called and chosen, and with My help, have been faithful. I remember the many times when you felt alone, with only Me beside you, and you thought, `How can I go on? How can I find the strength to continue to obey and to change?' And behold, I have done the miracle, and I continue to do the miracle in your life!
       36. "You will teach many, many people--I know this is hard for you to understand--but you will teach many people by your lessons, how you became free. You will say to them many things that will be hard for them to even accept about themselves, but they will see you, and they will hear your testimony, and you will tell them how you became a new creature and became renewed in the spirit of your mind. You will share with them how you became free from those traditions which held you back. And you will comfort them with the comfort wherewith I have comforted you.
       37. "Therefore, continue onward and upward, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before us, to the high calling of Christ Jesus in your life which will stand as a monument to many."
       38. (I had a vision in which I was going through a museum in Heaven, and it was all about the Family! I thought, "Wow! I'm in the Family museum!" It was so real to me! I was trying to figure out where to go first. It just went on and on, and I didn't know how big it was. I wondered how they got all those photos and artifacts up there in Heaven. There was the Road room, the TSC room, the RNR room, rooms on how the Family pioneered this country and that country. It was so fascinating! Then we were in the Japan room, and there was an exhibit about Johane and Lydia. There was a monument and people were learning from it, and it was fascinating--this chapter on Johane and Lydia and the wonderful ways that the Lord used them. It just made me cry, it was so beautiful! People were learning so much from it!)
       * * *
       39. "Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain. In your years of growth and training, you were buffeted and tossed and turned. As ye climbed the ladder of spiritual growth I was at your side, as I am at your sides now. Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God, your rock and your fortress. I am that still small voice that speaks to you, that comforts you.
       40. "So hold fast that which thou hast, let no man steal thy crown. For I have prepared a place for you, that where I am, there you may be also. Count it a privilege that ye have been chastised, for whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son and daughter whom He receiveth. And I have received you, you have received Me, and we are as one, as I and My Father are one.
       41. "Continue to stand strong, therefore, for I am your strength. Stand not in your own strength, for your strength faileth, but Mine endureth forever. For My strength is made perfect in your weakness, and when ye are weak, then I am strong. My desire is to be strong in you, as ye give yourselves to Me as vessels, filled with My Spirit, filled to overflowing so others can benefit thereby.
       42. "For ye are both beautiful in My sight, and I treasure your presence in My realm. Ye are the children of light, and have fought the good fight. Ye are running the race, and I shall be the author and finisher of your faith."
       * * *
       43. "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, and he that soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. I long to sit with you, and I would sit beside you and hold your hands, and say to you, `Well done, My good and faithful servants. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!' For inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me. Great is your reward in Heaven. For I have seen your tears and I have heard your prayers, and I will strengthen you and keep you; I am He that holds your hand.
       44. "Look ahead to the glories that are before you, for freely ye have received, also freely give. And ye have much to give, for lo, these many years I have poured forth into you, and I have kept you close as My special jewels. I would that ye pour out unto others. Freely ye have received, also freely give. Looking unto Me, the author and finisher of your faith. For the joy that was set before Me, I endured the cross, as I would have you to do. Enter thou into the joy of your Lord!"
       45. (I saw a beautiful picture of Jesus talking to Johane and Lydia, and it was so sweet. Jesus was looking on them with such love and tenderness and sweetness, holding both of their hands. They were very very close, and it was clear that He was saying, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.")

       Verses and Visions:
       46. I saw a picture of a staircase going up a hill, and Johane and Lydia were the staircase. I was thinking about them in the context of Japan and how they've helped the Family. Instead of us having a rough climb up the hill, they were like a staircase that made the climb nice and smooth.
       * * *
       47. I got a beautiful picture in which I was in a very beautiful, exotic Japanese garden. I could see every little plant and all the Japanese shrubs. I went to the edge of this beautiful stream which was covered with little water lilies. Jesus was standing there spiritually communicating without words, and He bent down and picked up two beautiful little water lilies, and was looking at them very tenderly and lovingly. Then He took them over to the corner of the garden, which was a special part of the garden, and He set the two lilies right at the very top of this many-layered fountain where the water was coming down.
       48. As soon as He set them there, they merged into one beautiful big flower. It was a supernatural flower, because it turned into something like a huge shell or retaining receptacle, and the petals, though the shape of a flower, were like mother of pearl. They weren't hard and brittle like a shell, but the petals were able to bend and move like a real flower. It was amazing!
       49. Then the rains were coming down, beautiful showers, and this flower was receiving all the water, filling the pool below. The petals would bend so that the water could flow out very easily. But then the storms came and a rush of water poured into this flower, and I remember thinking, "This flower is not going to make it!" I looked at the Lord and said, "Is the flower going to be able to take this?" I looked back and as the water came pouring down the heart of the flower, it just exploded and became even more beautiful, and it was able to pour out without harm.
       50. This time the water wasn't water, it was tears, flowing from the heart of the flower, watering the rest of the garden. I said, "How is the flower able to take that?" and Jesus said, "Because its heart is pure with Me." It was beautiful the way the water was flowing down like tears. It was a breaking, a testing time. It had such a unique quality, in that it could receive the water, and yet pour forth so easily.
       * * *
       51. During the prophecy about Johane and Lydia's reward, I had a picture of them receiving their crown, getting a tour of Heaven, and seeing their heavenly mansion. They were awestruck! It was overwhelming, the reward the Lord has for them in Heaven when they get there!

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