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PRAY FOR MARIA!       DO 2988 4/95        Maria #269
--Mama's Prayer Request for Strength, and the Lord's Admonition to Pray for Her.

Dear Precious Family,
       1. God bless you! I love you so much! I know that many of you are battling in various ways, both physically and spiritually. In addition, perhaps you are feeling incapable of making the changes required of all of us in order to live the "Love Charter." But I'm so proud of you for hanging on, for trying your best, and trusting that the Lord will help you to grow and progress!
       2. Recently I've been battling too. I've been battling a number of physical afflictions and I want to ask for your help in prayer. I've been very weak of late, weaker than I've ever been before. My eyes have been extremely sore, which in itself drains my energy. On top of that, I am already quite anemic and have been for some time. And now, my last two periods have each lasted several weeks, and were much heavier than normal, which has seriously sapped my strength.--And yesterday, just a week after my last period, I began to bleed again. Whenever I changed positions, I felt a bit faint, but, thank the Lord, I'm doing better with that. Right now I am barely able to do five minutes of exercise at a time, slowly walking back and forth, as the strain on my heart is too great to do any more, and over-exerting myself usually results in headaches and exhaustion. I have a bad cough, almost no energy and can only work for short periods of time and then need to sleep. I'm constantly tired and achy due to lack of exercise.
       3. When praying with Peter about this feeling of constant exhaustion, the Lord spoke some comforting words which were a help to me and I believe will be a help to those of you who are also battling physical or spiritual afflictions:

              4. (Prophecy:) This affliction is not a chastisement. It is a lesson, an illustration of carrying on in spite of weakness, an illustration that My voice can still be heard in the midst of weakness; an illustration of being faithful to do that which thou must do in spite of thy weakness; an illustration of how weak so many of thy children feel when it looks like there is so much to do and so many changes ahead, and they feel they have no strength for the task. But I say they do have strength--strength that they know not of.
       5. "And as in thy weakness thou canst tap into My strength and hear My voice and receive My directions, so can these. And as thy weakness is only for a time, so is their weakness. Even as thou dost wonder if thou wilt have the strength, so do they wonder and worry. But even as I will heal thee and strengthen thee, so will I heal and strengthen them. Even as thou must carry on in faith though feeling weak, so must these. Even as thou hast faith to know that I will heal thee and I will make it better and I will strengthen thee, so must these have faith that even though it all seems so insurmountable and even though they worry and feel as if they are nothing and have no strength of their own, I will heal and strengthen them and I will make all things right.
       6. "Thou wishest to be strengthened now, but thou must understand that I work this work. They wish to be strengthened now and to have all of their problems sorted out and all of their answers now, but I test and I purge and I wait to see if they will hold on and trust.--And as they do, the sunrise of My strength shall rise upon them and they shall be filled with warmth, with comfort, with strength and with great satisfaction. For they will feel the healing power of My Spirit as it moveth upon the weak and the weary bones and raiseth them up, newly strengthened for the battles ahead.
       7. "For even as a sickness passeth, My children do also pass through a short time of weakness and confusion before I bring them into My Promised Land of the spirit." (End of prophecy.)

              8. Thank You Jesus for Thy wonderful strengthening words. I pray, dear Family, that this will encourage you to hold on and keep trusting, just as it has helped me.
       9. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for praying for me during the Family Birthday Celebration. I greatly appreciate it. It was wonderful to know you were uniting together to seek the Lord on my behalf. I also very much appreciate your taking time to hear from the Lord for me and sending me the beautiful prophecies you received. While listening to them, it surprised me how many times the Lord pointed out the importance of your prayers for me, not just for my anointing, but for my protection and health as well. I've selected a few quotes from those prophecies to share with you:

              10. (Prophecy:) Therefore uphold her in your prayers. As ye did pray for My David, pray now for My Maria, for she is in desperate need of your prayers. Therefore sin not in ceasing to pray for My Maria.
* * *

       11. To whom much hath been given, of the same much shall be required. And it shall be required of you to uphold the arms of your queen through prayer... It is required of you, her children, to daily pray fervently for her, for she is but a weak vessel and she has great need of your prayers.... It is your duty to uphold your queen and to protect her and keep her from any evil thing. It is required of you, her children, to pray fervently for her daily.
* * *

       12. Unto this one who fears My name shall the Son of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings. But ye must pray and seek My face for her as ye did for David in the past.
* * *

       13. Pray for her, for she depends upon your prayers. She needs your prayers, she needs you to do your part.
* * *

       14. Do you love My Maria? Then pray for her, keep her in your prayers. Uphold her in your prayers.... If ye wish to hear My Words, ye must pray. If ye desire things from Me, ye must pray and do your part. Ye must not let her fall. I would not that anything should touch her, because I love her, but ye must help Me with your prayers, because the Enemy goeth about as a roaring lion, seeking to devour her, to discourage her, to hinder her. I have hosts of angels that will be loosed by your prayers. So pray for these to surround her and help her. If ye will do your part, I will do My part.
* * *

       15. Treasure her, love her, and pray for her always, for she needs you. She needs you to uphold her hands. She cannot do without you, just as you cannot do without her. (End of prophecies.)

              16. Aren't those beautiful? I sometimes battle about asking you to pray for me, because I know you have so much to do and so much to pray for. But I know I need your prayers just as these prophecies say. Sometimes when those in my Home suggest that I ask you to pray for my afflictions, I hesitate to do so because my afflictions, though seriously affecting me, seem minor compared to those of some of you. It's humbling for me to have to ask you to pray for me, but not only has the Lord made it quite clear that I need your prayers, and that you are supposed to pray for me, but that I am supposed to ask you and that I should not compare my afflictions with those of others. The following prophecy was received by Gabe when I was praying with him during our April 1st Pentecost Prayer day:

              17. (Prophecy:) The Enemy is angry! There is a war in the heavenlies, as the demons are fighting My children and fighting My Queen Maria and trying to hinder as I pour forth My Spirit of love upon My children. The angels are rejoicing as My Spirit pours forth, but the Enemy and his demons of Hell are fighting. The Enemy is angry because of the Spirit of love that is being poured upon My children.
       18. So ye must pray and fight all the harder and not give up! Be not weary in well doing. And ye, My Family, must pray for My Queen Maria. It is your job to pray for her, for she can't make it without your prayers. She has no strength of her own, so you must petition Me for My help. That is your job, to pray for her. And it is the job of the queen to ask for her people to pray for her, to express her needs so that they can pray for her. For this is My will and this is My plan, to use her afflictions to draw you close to Me so ye can feel united as one body in prayer and in spirit. For though ye cannot all be together in the physical, ye can be together in spirit.
       19. As she petitions her people to pray for her and to call upon Me for her, they feel one with her. They feel part of her in spirit as they call upon Me to help her in her afflictions. So she should ask and make her requests known, and fear not and worry not and compare not her afflictions to others. For she needs the prayers of her children and the prayers of My people around the world.
       20. Ye must pray for her, especially in these last days, for the Enemy is trying to hinder this new revolution of love, this day of changes in My Family. Do continually pray for your queen, for she needs your prayers, and she will need them even more greatly as the darkness comes and the Enemy continues to fight.
       21. What can you do?--Ye can pray! Ye can petition Me, ye can pray to Me and thank Me for My answers. And what can your queen do?--She can make her requests known and make them clear so ye know her needs, and so ye know that she cannot make it without your prayers. Your prayers will win the battle as ye overcome the Enemy in these Last Days. (End of prophecy.)

              22. Well, I don't want to fail the Lord by not asking you for prayer, and I know you don't want to fail the Lord in not praying for me. So let's both please the Lord, OK? I'm sharing my prayer request with you and asking you to please pray for my strength and healing. Please also pray for our Home members, most of whom are presently fighting physical afflictions, including migraine headaches, bad colds, stomach problems and general fatigue.
       23. You're such a wonderful Family and I'm very proud of each one of you and your love for the Lord. Please know that we are praying for you too, for your physical and spiritual strength, and that the Lord will give to you as you have given me: "Pressed down, shaken together and running over" (Luke 6:38) with love, joy, fruitfulness, victory, supply, and many lives changed and souls won for the Lord's eternal kingdom! I love you! Thank you also for your faithfulness, your love for the Lord and His Word, and your dedication to Him and His Family. You are a great joy and inspiration to me! God bless each of you.
       Much love,

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