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Maria #270 DO 2989 15/2/95
--"Behold, I [EDITED: "the Lord"] Will Do a New Thing!" (Isa.43:19).--Day One of the Family Feast!

              1. (Gabe prays: Jesus, we thank You so much that we can be gathered together at Your feet. We thank You for these special days of feast and celebration, of victory and applying the Love Charter. Thank You that we in the Family have this special, special place of service for You. Thank You for calling us to the Kingdom for such a time as this, to publish Your message in these Last Days. We pray that You'll bless this time together. Bless the songs we're going to sing, and bless Mama as she gives us Your Words. We thank You so much for this time together, Jesus. Thank You also for Your safekeeping for the past year, for Your abundant supply for us, for the wonderful people we live with, for our housing--a nice place to live, good beds, cheerful surroundings--we could just go on and on thanking You, we have so much to be thankful for!
       2. (Help us to set aside any cares or concerns or worries or burdens or problems right now as we unite together to give praise to You and show our thankfulness to You, and put our whole hearts into this meeting. Thank You so much for this special time together and this special Family, as we all celebrate the birthday of Your Family and Dad's recent graduation. We pray it's a real happy, inspiring event for the whole Family, in Jesus' name! Amen. David has a few songs to lead us in now, and you all have the words.) (David plays the guitar and leads in "Open My Eyes," then everyone praises!)
       3. (Mama:) Thank You Lord! Do it, Lord!--Open our hearts, our ears, our eyes and our minds this evening, and help us to receive what You have for us. I was asking the Lord what we should sing tonight and I thought about the song, "I Surrender All." I said, "Well, Lord, I don't know if that's the right song. I'm going to ask Peter and see if he gets the same thing." So I asked him what he thought we should sing, and he said, "I was thinking about `I Surrender All.'" So I said, "That must be what the Lord wants!" Tell them what you said then, Peter. (Peter: I said, "I think it's the song that we should sing every morning.") Yes, like we who were brought up in the States used to say the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag" every morning in school! Now we can all pledge our allegiance and our yieldedness to the Lord each day. Whether we sing "I Surrender All" or not, we should make a fresh commitment daily to do what He wants us to do and be what He wants us be. (Family sings "I Surrender All," and then praises the Lord!)
       4. (Mama:) Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord! We love You, Jesus! We need You! Lord, we're gathered together here to love You and to feel Your love. Come and be with us, Lord, and be in us and make love to us tonight with Your precious Words. Help us to surrender fully to You, to Your lovemaking, Your beautiful, wonderful Words, those golden seeds. Help them to bear fruit in our lives. Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! (More praises!)
       5. Thank You Jesus! This is exciting, isn't it? (Fam: Amen!) This is a special occasion, the first of its kind! Since Dad's gone to be with the Lord, now we don't have to have a fast, we can celebrate instead and rejoice together that Dad is healed, healthy, safe, happy, challenged and invigorated, renewed and young again, and with Jesus and his loved ones in our wonderful heavenly home. We don't have to fast, we can feast! Thank You Jesus! The Lord certainly means it to be a feast, as He's giving us lots of goodies this year.--Lots of presents and new things! Remember when you adults were little how you looked forward with such anticipation and eagerness to get all your presents and new things that were under the Christmas tree? (Fam: Yes!) Well, this is sort of like Christmas with all these goodies that the Lord is giving us, that we're about to unwrap and find out what they actually are and what they can do. Thank You Jesus! We have lots of good things to share with you tonight that the Lord has said, lots of His good presents for us, His gifts of love. Thank You Jesus!
       6. And thanks to each one of you for helping us and being a wonderful part of the team. We sure couldn't do it without you. Each one of you is so important to us, I don't think we could ever have a better team. Each one of you is so wonderful and such a blessing. And besides being sweet and humble and obedient and good followers and good helpers, you're sure good prayer warriors for us too, and that's what we need the most, thank the Lord!
       7. We've sure appreciated your prayers over the last few days for dear Peter, and I'm sure that's why he's able to sit here tonight and be relatively free of the afflictions that he's had for the last week or so. Thank You Jesus! And thanks for your prayers for me too. I don't have any sniffles and I don't have any headaches and my bleeding has all stopped and I am feeling so much stronger. I am so thankful that the Lord has intervened and done miracles to keep me going! Praise the Lord!--And we know that a lot of it is due to your and our worldwide Family's prayers.

       All Things New!
       8. So without further ado, we want to read you some of the things that the Lord has said over the past few months since Dad has gone to be with the Lord. The Lord has spoken a lot in direct prophecy--one reason being because of the Summit Meeting when our leadership were all gathered together in serious business to finalize the Charter. There were many, many things that they had to seriously and desperately pray about and get the Lord's confirmations on, so they took a lot of time asking the Lord and seeking the Lord, and He spoke wonderfully, thank the Lord! When you seek Him, you'll find Him, and when you ask Him, you'll receive and He'll speak, and He did--beautifully! And besides that, our WS units were also praying about different subjects in relation to some of the same things that the folks at the Summit Meeting were praying about, as well as praying for many individuals, including some of us here.
       9. So in the last few months since Dad went to be with the Lord, we've had many prophecy sessions with some of our top prophets of the Family in different places praying about different subjects and different people. And the amazing and very significant thing about it is, that in practically all these prophecy sessions given at various times and places, there were numerous mentions of the Lord doing "a new thing" and this being "a new day." It didn't seem to matter what the subject was or who was giving the prophecy or where it was being given, but at least some time during the prophecy session itself there was some mention of the Lord doing a new thing. And often there were many mentions of it by a number of different prophets during the session.
       10. I touched on this in my talk, "Serve One Another in Love" (GN 623), that the Lord is moving the Family into a new era, and a "new day"! We went through all those prophecies--and this is as accurate a count as we could make--there are 436 mentions of "new"!--How this is a new day, a new way, a new approach, and this has not happened before. It's quite significant, as it's just been since Dad went to be with the Lord that we've had this very major emphasis on newness and new things and the Lord bringing about a new way and a new anointing and a new love, etc.
       11. So tonight we would like to read you some excerpts of these prophecies, but before we do, we'll just go down the list and let you hear some of the things that the Lord said are new now, since Dad has gone to be with the Lord. Dad going to be with the Lord was certainly the signaling of this new time, and the beginning of a new era. The Lord started it from that point, and this was apparently His plan, that this whole new era would kick in when Dad went to be with Him, and that Dad was to help usher it in. So, Peter, would you like to read all the new things that the Lord said He is bringing about right now? (Peter reads the list:)

       new anointing
       new approach
       new armor
       new army
       new age
       new air
       new battle/battles
       new beginning
       new blood
       new body
       new book
       new bottles
       new Bride
       new challenge
       new chance
       new chapter
       new children
       new church
       new command
       new commission
       new confidence
       new course
       new creature
       new current
       new dawn
       new day
       new day of David
       new day of love
       new dimensions
       new direction
       new disciples
       new era
       new experience
       new faith
       new Family
       new fields
       new fighters
       new folds
       new freedom
       new fruit
       new garment
       new general
       new generation
       new gifts of fellowship
       new gifts of love
       new gladness
       new grass
       new group
       new habits
       new heart/hearts
       new heights
       new hinges
       new hope
       new horizons
       new ideas
       new inspiration
       new journey
       new joy
       new knight
       new land
       new leading
       new leaves
       new lessons
       new liberties
       new life
       new light
       new look
       new and deeper love
       new man
       new measure
       new ministry/ministries
       new mission/missions
       new morning
       new motives
       new move
       new nation
       new open doors
       new outlook
       new paint
       new path
       new people
       new person
       new pipe
       new places
       new plan
       new position
       new power
       new Promised Land
       new purpose
       new realms
       new revelations
       new revolution
       new robe
       new sacrifice
       new scepter
       new sheep
       new solution
       new song
       new speed
       new spirit
       new staff
       new stand
       new start
       new strategy
       new strength
       new sunshine
       new thing/things
       new time of mercy
       new tongues
       new training
       new tree
       new uniform
       new vessel
       new vigor
       new voice
       new walls
       new wave
       new way/ways
       new will
       new windows
       new wine
       new wonders
       new words
       new worlds

              12. (Mama:) "Behold, I make all things new!" (Rev.21:5). (Fam: That doesn't leave much that's not new!) Yes, what else could be new? The whole Revolution, the whole Family, the whole building and the whole outlook--everything is new! It's beautiful! Wonderful! Thank You Jesus!--New robes for the new man to walk in newness of life and newness of love and new ministries and everything you can think of. It's everything we could possibly need, "new creatures in Christ Jesus" with new motives and new goals and new ways to do things. It's just overwhelming, isn't it?
       13. And the amazing thing is that these prophecies were given over a period of more than three months by different people in different places on totally different subjects. In some cases they were asking if someone should come to a unit, or what should we do about the teens, what are we going to do about the marriages or the separations, asking the Lord about all sorts of things on a wide variety of subjects and prayers for different people. But the Lord was confirming over and over again: "Haven't I told you time after time that I'm making everything new?"
       14. So now we're going to hear some of the excerpts of those prophecies that will give you a little more detail and a little better understanding of what He means when He says that there's a "new day" or a "new approach" or a "new way" or a "new man." Would you like to hear them? (Fam: Yes!) So Peter and Gary are going to be reading some of these now, thank the Lord! And if we have anything to explain or amplify on or anything the Lord leads us to say about them, we'll speak up. Thank You Jesus!

       Becoming New Creatures!
       15. (Peter reads first prophecy: "All things are possible to him that believeth. Believe ye not that I can make you into a new man? Have I not said all things are new? Lean not to your own understanding, My child. For if you have the faith of a little mustard seed and you desire the change and you would put your will on My side, I will make you into a new creature, I will make you into a new man.")
       16. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! We can do that at any time, of course. The Lord is very willing, and whenever we yield completely to Him and surrender everything to Him, He has promised He can make us new creatures. But He's giving us some special "umph" and some special help right now for that, even greater power than before to become new. So if we want it and we'll just receive it, it's going to be even easier than before to become the new creatures in Jesus that we want to be and we need to be!

       New Ways to Witness!
       17. (Gary reads: "For the old ways have been fruitful, and some of these ways shall continue, and shall continue to bear great fruit and reap mighty harvests of souls. But I have a new thing to do in each of these lands, a new and wonderful way of carrying forth the truth.")
       18. (Mama:) The Lord is saying that in all of these countries that we're in, He has new ministries and new ways to approach things. We're not supposed to completely get rid of the old ways if they are still fruitful and if they're still working, but we're supposed to seek for His will in what new things He has, because He has new ministries for us.

       A New Day of Abundance!
       19. (Peter reads: "For behold, I proclaim a new day. Yesterday's faith is no longer sufficient unto today. Yesterday you were poor missionaries, scraping for nickels and dimes, eking out a living each day as it came by. But now I have called you to greater things, and to be a greater witness. For ye have learned to abase, and now I must teach you to also abound.... I do a new thing, I bring a day of abundance, a day of abounding, but this abounding and this abundance depends upon you and your obedience, and your willingness to ask, and your willingness to receive.")
       20. (Mama:) Now that the Family has begun to obey, they're seeing the fruit of what the Lord has said here, the new thing that He's going to do! (Peter: Our finance man wrote and said that the month of December was the greatest month financially that the Family had ever had, and that the year of '94 in itself was the greatest year so far. He said the beginning of the year wasn't very good, but over the last four or five months it's just skyrocketed as everybody got the Finance FSMs and obeyed and really got desperate. They started working at it and praying and doing what the Lord said, and the Lord blessed just like He said He would.)
       21. (Mama:) He gave all those beautiful prophecies and promises that we published for the Family, that it was going to be a new day of abundance, and it didn't take very long for Him to start fulfilling His Word, did it? When everybody started working on it and started obeying, the Lord started fulfilling the promise right away. Thank You Jesus!

       New Children!
       22. (Gary reads: "There are many beautiful days ahead, glorious days ahead that will thrill your souls and thrill the souls of your people and help your people to break forth into new realms and not be discouraged. There are wonderful, wonderful days ahead, and My people shall bear fruit. And the old and the tired and the discouraged, many of these shall break forth into new fruit and shall become new children again, little ones under My hand.")
       23. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! This is a promise to all of our folks--especially the older folks, and even the younger folks too, who have been so discouraged and disheartened--that there's new hope and that you can arise from the ashes of defeat to a new spirit and a new spiritual awakening, new ministries and new fulfillment in the Lord. It's wonderful that no matter how old you are, how tired you are, how despairing you've been, now the Lord is promising He's going to make you into new children with a child's spirit of faith and hope and anticipation and excitement and challenge. It's wonderful! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! And that no matter what condition you are in and how difficult it's been and how disheartened you are, things will be different for you now and there are happy new days ahead. Thank You Jesus!
       24. (Gary: This particular prophecy was originally given for the European field, which of course has had its share of big battles and where many people have perhaps been more discouraged than in other fields. But I thought it was significant that, like in the first prophecy Peter read, which was given for an entirely different situation, the Lord was asking, "Believe ye not that I can make you into a new man?" Sometimes that's one of the hardest things to believe. You may believe that the Lord is doing something, but doubt that you personally can be a part of it. Maybe you feel discouraged or you feel you're too old or whatever. In that first prophecy the Lord said He would do it, but a few things were necessary: First of all, that you lean not to your own understanding; secondly, desire the change; and third, put your will on His side. And I guess that's a fairly easy thing to do under the circumstances.)
       25. (Mama:) Yes. The Lord's saying He's making all the conditions right for us to just yield. We don't have to do anything but say "yes," because everything's in place, everything's new. It's not that we have to make it new, God has made it new already. He put these things into place and it became a new day and a new era when Dad went home to be with the Lord. It's not that we have to strive to make something new, it's new already, and all we have to do is accept it and say yes and surrender and take that mantle and that anointing and wear it. The conditions are all there, it's already new, so we just have to flow with it. Thank You Lord!

       Forget the Past and Say Yes to the New!
       26. (Peter reads: "Let go of the past, forget the things which are behind. Forget past bitternesses and divisions, and be yoked together in newness of life and fresh love, fresh appreciation one for another.... Be not distracted with these things of the past that burden you. For as I have wiped the slate clean, wipe ye the slate clean, and begin anew, for it is a new day, and I have created in each of you a new heart that ye may be new creatures for Me.--A new day, a new heart, a new creature, for this, My new way and My new Family.... And I say once again, wipe the slate clean, for it is a new day, and I have given you new hearts and new spirits and a new approach and a new outlook. All I have created new, if ye would but drop these garments of the past and take upon you My garments of newness of life.")
       27. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! That makes it even clearer. The Lord is saying, "You don't have to strive to become new, it is new! It's a new day. I've made it new, it's there. All you have to do is forget the past, drop the old, let go of it and say yes to the new and it's there for you." He's going to make you new creatures--all you have to do is say yes.
       28. It's different than before, see? Before, you could become a new creature in the Lord. You could always submit to the Lord and the Lord would make you a new creature. But this is a time where everything is new, and all we have to do is just accept what He's doing, so to speak, to say "yes," without as much striving and without as much work. It's because of the anointing and because of Dad going to be with the Lord to help make things easier and help us to overcome these obstacles that have been in our way, and to release us from some of the problems of the past. This is what has happened with me!--It's just amazing! I haven't had any huge struggles and the changes have come much more easily than I would have ever expected. All I've had to do on a daily basis is keep saying "yes," and the Lord has made it so easy! I've just had to follow along with what He showed me, step by step, and everything is changing so wonderfully. Hallelujah!

       New Fighters--Our Kids!
       29. (Gary: This next prophecy was given when some folks were praying about what our teens' and our YAs' inter-relations should be with some major opponents of the Family.--Was their effect damaging to our young people, or what leading did the Lord want to give? The prophecy says: "And as the lies of other enemies have been spread abroad and your people have seen them and have read them, so eventually they will hear and see of this. Therefore, ye must lift up a standard and stand back and see Me fight through My new fighters of the Kingdom, your hope of the future, your children!")
       30. (Mama:) He's even making our kids new! Thank You Jesus!

       The New Promised Land of the Spirit!
       31. (Mama:) This next prophecy was given for Peter when he was going through some very difficult things. (Peter reads: "For every soldier must be tried in the fire seven times, as pure gold. And thou must be one of the very first to cross over Jordan into the new promised land of the spirit. For behold, My Family is on the verge of a new revolution, a new wave which shall carry them into lands that they have not yet set foot upon.")
       32. (Mama:) This prophecy talks about crossing over Jordan. There's a hymn that goes, "I don't have to cross Jordan alone, Jesus died for my sins to atone. When the darkness I see, He'll be waiting there for me. I don't have to cross Jordan alone." Jordan is apparently significant of death, and in this case I think the Lord was signifying a death to yourself. "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" (Psa.116:15). We usually think of this as meaning physical death, but the Lord uses it just as appropriately for death to self, which is just as difficult and sometimes more so. And in this case, perhaps the "new lands" that the Lord is talking about that we have not yet set foot on are not literal lands, but spiritual realities that we've not yet experienced.
       33. (Peter continues reading: "Give thy heart to thy God, and thy God will carry it above the waters, holding it above the waters that it shall not sink; but it shall walk above the waters and it shall sprout wings and fly like a gull doth fly above the waters and is not taken down. It shall soar into the air and thou shalt be a new man. For behold, I make a new man; I make a new general for a new army. Therefore, I will bring it to pass, and thy moments of sadness shall be gone as a night that is no more seen because the day has come. As the night doth flee before the day, these trials of darkness shall flee before the light of My love and My warmth, as thou dost walk in the newness of life which I will give thee through My words, and as thou dost walk as her helper, her knight who doth fight her battles, who doth bear her colors, who doth go forth into the fray to fight for her, to bear her words, to bear the example of her spirit, and who doth return to rest in her arms, to receive the reward of battles well fought.")
       34. (Mama:) The Lord alludes to a beautiful, beautiful verse here: "And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel" (Isa.45:3). Also, Peter, would you like to explain a little about that heart prophecy? That was given before you had any problem with your heart, but when you were having problems with jealousy. (Peter: Yes, and at the time that's what I basically thought it was talking about, that even though I'd go through the rushing waters of jealousy battles, the trials, that the Lord would hold my heart above them, so that it wouldn't sink, I wouldn't cave in. I'd have to go through the waters, but the Lord would carry my heart above it and let it fly.
       35. (But then I also had actual physical problems with my heart, and it's sort of the same thing: I had to go through the waters, the affliction, but it was so reassuring to know that the Lord was carrying my heart and there wasn't anything that was going to happen. That made it a lot easier and gave me a real peace. It was sort of like, "Okay, you have to go through this, you have to fight the battle, but don't worry. It's not going to kill you, you're not going to die over it, even though it may seem like it. I'm holding your heart above the waters." That was real sweet and comforting.)
       36. (Mama:) Yes, and it said you'd be one of the first to go over Jordan into the promised land, the new land of the spirit--of peace and plenty and rest and greater fruitfulness and happiness.--Getting there by simply saying "yes" in complete and utter faith and trust in Jesus, no matter what the circumstances seem to be. (Peter: Thank You Lord! Somebody's got to go.) Thank You Lord! (Peter: I'll let you guys know what it's like when I get over there and call you over!) (Fam: Maybe you can build a bridge! Ha!) No, I don't think we can go over it, I think we have to go through it. (Peter: Come on in, you won't drown!)

       Let Love Lead!
       37. (Gary: The next prophecy was given for one of our leaders: "It is a new day and there is to be a new way. It is not a time for tightening the grip, but a time of training. The old ways, the military ways, the forceful ways of an army are having to give way to the birth of the Family--families and children growing, and people following the Spirit of God, following the Words of David according to their heart and according to their faith. It is not a time for military control, strictness and harshness and commanding people.
       38. ("This one is in need of daily retooling, daily counseling, a time to come in and to be retooled and to be refitted to the new will of My new revolution. It is a day to learn how to roll according to a new speed, a day to learn to let the Queen of Love [EDITED: "the Holy Spirit"] be the leader, a day to let the Queen of Love come forth in his own heart and to lead the way. It is a time to learn new things, a time to learn the new way, a time to learn to let the humble and the lowly lead. For My Spirit seeks the humble and the lowly, and it dwells there with them.")
       39. (Mama:) So what would you say the main point of that prophecy is? What is the Lord saying is new? (Gary: That in order for it to be a new day and a new way, we've got to let love lead.) Yes, let love lead and let the humble lead. What's the relationship between love and humility? (Gary: They're pretty synonymous.) (Fam: It says the truly humble are truly loving.) Yes, and you cannot greatly love without being greatly humble. I think that phrase was also used in a prophecy to one of our leaders just recently; in fact, I think those were more or less the words. (Gary: It talks about letting the Queen of Love be the leader and how the Holy Spirit seeks the humble and the lowly.--Obviously meaning we should let the Lord do it more and not try to do it in our own might.) (Peter: And as opposed to the military way and the army way. An army is an army, but a family operates a lot differently, in love and more understanding.)
       40. (Mama:) We've had to be an army for an appointed time, but now the Lord wants us to be more of a family. We still remain an army in the sense that we are soldiers of the Lord and we fight His battles and wear His armor, but He wants even His army to be one of love. But now the priority and the emphasis is on the family--a loving family in which each member is important, each member is respected, each one is working in unity together. Like the body, each member is needed just as much as the other; each one is important and their opinions are important.
       41. (Fam: Could it also be that before it was more like a father's strict discipline, but now it's more like a mother's loving comfort to us?) I think there was something brought out about that before, that with the army and the military, usually you think of men in those military positions; but with a family you think a lot about the mother and taking care of the children. What's a family without a mother? Also, the Lord did say this was a day of women. (Peter: He said it a long time ago, that after Dad was gone it would be a day of women.) Yes, and He also said it's a day of the weak, and women are usually synonymous with the weaker things. The Word says they're the weaker vessel (1Pet.3:7).
       42. But in this case the "day of women" is symbolic, and it's not just for females, but for you men too. It's symbolic of the weaker vessel. Women are generally known to be more tender and loving, but this is not a weakness, this is a spiritual strength, often manifested more by the weaker vessel. The Lord wants us all to be that way. He's not saying that He's going to run this whole Family and Revolution with the females, He just means we all need to have the qualities of godly women more than the qualities that are generally attributed to men.
       43. What are the qualities that usually come to mind when you think of men? (Peter: Most men are strong and like to get things done.) (Fam: With a lot of men it can be more like a show of the flesh and leaning on the arm of the flesh.) (Peter: They're more forceful.) (Gary: Macho!) I wanted you men to say it!--Ha! (Peter: But women in general are often more humble and sweet, as well as intuitive and in touch with the Lord.) Well, Lord help us!
       44. Help us all to be that way, Lord, and to realize how much we need You. We can't just go by our natural characteristics or our gender, but it has to be You in us and You putting these things in the hearts of each of us to be more like You and more like You want Your bride to be. That's probably why You used the illustration of the bride, the woman, because those are the qualities that You want to come out in the care of Your children.--The love and the tenderness and the gentleness and the submission and the obedience that You want us to show to You and to each other. Thank You Lord! (See 1Thes.2:7.)

       A New Battle!
       45. (Peter reads: "Your Father David has not left you defeated. Your Father David has gone before you to order yet a new battle. This is not a day of retreat, but it is a day of great advancing! So be thrilled and load your muskets and load your bullet belts and load your powder well, and fill to overflowing. I shall give you strength to carry it.")
       46. (Mama:) Though we may be de-emphasizing the army aspect of our Family life now, the Lord is saying that spiritually we are still fighting a battle against the Enemy and his evil forces. So it's not that we're no longer an army, we are an army and we must fight just as militantly as before, in the spirit. However, in our treatment of our Family, the militaristic attitudes have to go, and love and kindness and compassion must rule instead. That doesn't mean we throw out all firm discipline, but we must even discipline in love. He says to get prepared for new ground and greater victories than ever before.

       The Day of the Weak!
       47. (Gary reads: "The only thing that limits My using you is your lack of faith, your lack of looking to Me, and your leaning upon others and hiding behind the gifts of others. Let go of these weaknesses, for it is a new day. It is a new time of greater power and greater anointing.")
       48. (Mama:) Greater power and greater anointing. Do you have a comment to make on that? (Gary: I think this goes along a little bit with the woman being symbolic of the weaker vessel, but as a weaker vessel you can have a lack of faith and lean too heavily on others that seem to be stronger, or hide behind the gifts of others. This particular prophecy was for a woman leader, but perhaps its greater significance for the whole Family is to let go of the habit of leaning on others' faith or their stronger personalities, because it's a new day now and the Lord is going to pour out a greater power and a greater anointing on us; but we have to come out from behind the shadows of others and lean wholly on the Lord.)
       49. (Mama:) It can be a battle comparing the weaker with the stronger, and you can get genuinely discouraged seeing the stronger members seeming to be used more of the Lord and accomplishing more. But also, the weaker ones can use it as an excuse to just say, "I don't have to do anything, they're going to do it all. The Lord uses them and He's blessing them and they can accomplish more, so I'll just sit back and not do anything." So the Lord is saying we can't hide behind that as an excuse any more. And He's also trying to show us weaker ones that it's not a handicap to be weak. (Peter: It's the day of the weak! It's a handicap to be strong in the natural. I think that's the point--at least that's the point for me!)

       It's Already Done!
       50. (Peter reads: "Behold, it is the dawning of a new day. And there is to be a new way. Old things are passed away and new things are brought upon you, and changes will be upon the whole Family.")
       51. (Mama:) It certainly sounds like the Lord's done it, right? It's done! It's a done deal--signed, sealed and delivered--and all we have to do is yield to it and realize that that's what He's done and what He wants to do. There's nothing we have to strive for, or think "we're going to have to make it all new now." We don't have to make it new, it's already made new, we just have to flow with it and yield to it.

       Retooled Vessels--More Humble and Yielded!
       52. (Gary reads: "This is a new day and your father is with Me. You must rally around the queen and support the queen and show the people your loyalty to My queen; you must not let people look upon you. Lift Me up and I will draw all men unto Me. Show your fealty, your loyalty to your queen, the one whom I have anointed. For this is a new day, this is a day where My tools must be retooled and made into new vessels. This is a new day and I require you to yield yourselves more to Me and more to those that you work with.")
       53. (Mama:) The lesson is in not lifting yourself up so much, but in yielding to others and working with them in humility, deferring to others' leadership, and also to the Lord and His leadership. It's the proud versus the humble, and the Lord's trying to get us all to be more humble. Ohhhh, He has a hard time with me! (Peter: I think He has a hard time with all of us!) So that's a message for all of us, that the Lord's trying to get us all to be more humble. We may be humble in varying stages and degrees, but I think we all have a long way to go in that department.
       54. (Peter: The Lord says in the same prophecy that "it's a new day, this is a day where My tools must be retooled and made into new vessels." Retooling is changing from what you were into something else, to produce something that you didn't produce before. You're retooled. The factory that used to make tanks now makes trucks, or it's retooled to do something different. The Lord's saying that we have to be retooled and made into new vessels--more humble, yielded, weak vessels.) (Mama:) So the vessel can be used differently now, with a greater anointing, to be used in a greater way by the Lord for whatever purpose He has. Thank you for explaining that word "retooled." That's a good illustration and we need to know what it means in order to understand what the Lord's saying.

       Just Say Yes!
       55. (Peter reads: "I am an ever-changing God, and I am not locked into the old ways of doing things. But behold, I do a new thing in a new age and a new day.")
       56. (Mama:) He's saying that He keeps changing from the old ways to new ways. So get ready, folks! "All things new" means quite a shake-up for us all! At the same time He's saying it's not going to be grievous, but it's going to be wonderful! And you're going to love it if you accept it and if you yield to it, if you just say "Yes!" Dad has said of me in prophecy, "Now she just says yes!" Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Help me to keep doing it, Lord! Help me, sweetheart. I'm going to keep doing it, keep saying yes now. Now I'm on the right track and I don't want to turn back. Thank You Lord!

       A New Vessel!
       57. (Gary reads: "And as My prophet hath told you, My times change and it is an ever-revoluting revolution; therefore My pottery must be malleable and capable of changing. And as a car must go into the garage for a tune-up, so My pottery must be changed.--Not that it wasn't fit for the purpose that it was made, but it must change in order that it may be fit for a new purpose, for a new revolution.")
       58. (Mama:) A good verse to go with that is, "The vessel that he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter: so he made it again another vessel, as seemed good to the potter to make it" (Jer.18:4). (Gary: Also, the vessel should not say unto the potter, "Why hast thou made me thus?" Or, "What are You doing, Lord?") (Rom.9:20.) (Peter: Another encouraging thing about this prophecy is that it says the pottery must be changed--not that it wasn't fit for the purpose that it was made for, but now it has to be changed for the new revolution. In other words, everything wasn't wrong, but now the Lord's doing a new thing and He wants to retool us for His new revolution and His new purpose.)

       Time to Grow Up!
       59. (Peter reads: "I have a new way and a new plan. For these, My children, must now grow up. It is a new day, and they must be no longer children, because in the days to come they will have no mothers and fathers, and I would have them grow up.")
       60. (Mama:) I hope no one has a problem with the phrase "no longer children" just because the Zees have appropriated it and that's what they call themselves! It's amazing how people can spoil a beautiful word. It's like the sodomites calling themselves gays. "Gay" used to be a very sweet word, sort of happy and merry, but now you can't use it any more. It's sad how people can just take over a beautiful word like "gay" and make it into something sullied and perverted and negative.
       61. Anyway, Lord, this is the way You said it in prophecy, that we must be no longer children, that we need to grow up (Eph.4:14,15; 1Cor.14:20). We need to connect with You more and we need to be able to have that direct heart-to-heart communication with You, where we can hear from You and You can speak to us. Because like You said, there's going to be a time when we're not going to be able to have mothers, fathers and shepherds to call on. We're just going to have to get our orders straight from You, so we need to get used to it. We need to get in the habit of hearing from You and searching Your Word and finding out what it says for ourselves, really deeply searching in those mines with You. Thank You Lord!
       62. In an earlier prophecy, the Lord talked about making us into new children, but the sense in which He used it there was different than the way He uses it above when He says to be "no longer children." When He talks about making us into "new children" (see paragraph 22), He means that He will renew our spirits and give us new faith, new challenge, new enthusiasm, new enjoyment of life. So there is a sense in which we are to be children, but another sense in which we must grow up and be "no longer children."

       Prediction of Mama's New Anointing!
       63. (Gary: This next prophecy is quite significant for Mama in that it was given months before Dad went to be with the Lord. It's from the prophecies given on Mama's birthday in July, and it says: "For she is My queen who doth rule this hour, this time, this era. It is a new anointing, a new day, and I am well pleased.")
       64. (Mama:) I didn't really know what it was talking about at the time, because I didn't feel anything different. And in those same prophecies somebody got that "the time of Mama's training is over." I don't know if they got that in words, but they got a definite impression that my training was over. I guess I should've gotten the point then that the Lord was probably going to take Dad pretty soon. Of course, our training is never over in the sense that we're constantly learning from the Lord, but He meant the training from Dad in this life. So thank the Lord. It was quite a prediction, wasn't it?

       Dad's New Missions!
       65. (Peter reads: "Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for I do give unto you a fresh and new approach. For your Family is My Family, and it hath been weary, and it hath been tired, and it hath been worn. But I will call My David and pour through him to give a refreshing. For behold, the time of the latter rain is at hand, and I do pour upon you showers of blessing that flow from the fountain of David.... He doth rejoice as a strong man that loves to run a race! He's rejoicing, he's jumping up and down, for new missions have been given into his care, new missions that are thrilling his heart and causing him to jump till he is nearly out of sight! He is abounding with joy for all that has been given him!")
       66. (Mama:) New missions! (Peter: Yes, and a new approach!) Oh my, what is Dad doing?--Watch out!--Ha! If he was doing the things he did when he was here, imagine what he's doing now!--Ha!

       Serve One Another in Love!
       67. (Gary reads: "So open up your hearts, for this is a new day, and David shall pour down upon you large measures of love. For with greater love there shall be no boundary and there shall be no bondage. But this is a great commission, this is a great request, and I can ask this of no other children. I can really ask no other upon the earth but you to experience My love to the full. This is a new day and I will hold you responsible in whatever situation you're in to pour large measures of love on one another, to serve one another in love.")
       68. (Mama:) Whoa! Do you realize what the Lord is saying there? That's a pretty heavy thing! The Lord's saying that we're the only ones that He can count on to experience His love to the full. And what does that mean? Why are we the only ones that He can count on to experience His love to the full? (Gary: For one thing, we are the only Christians that are sexually liberated and can practice the Lord's Law of Love with our members in full assurance of faith, being married to each other and loving each other with His love.) (Fam: We're the only ones that are spiritually strong enough.) Yes. He's talking about His Law of Love, "in whatever situation you're in, to pour large measures of love on one another, to serve one another in love."
       69. "To serve one another in love" (Gal. 5:13)--that's an interesting phrase that I never thought a lot about until just before I had to work on the Epilogue GN (GN 623). How do you serve one another in love? First of all, what is a servant? What does a servant do? (Fam: He does the will of another person.) Right. And what is our usual terminology for that? Obeying, right? If you do the will of someone, you're obeying or yielding. So to serve one another in love is to obey one another in love--to do what someone tells you in love. That's a pretty tall order! You don't really like to be thought of as a servant, do you? Maybe you don't mind serving some people, but if you're serving each other, your peers, isn't it a little hard to think of yourself as a servant? In other words, they're going to tell you what to do, they're your master, your boss, and you're their slave. The Greek word for "serve" in this verse means "to be a slave to," and like Dad used to point out, in the Bible "servant" literally means "slave."
       70. So you're each other's slaves! How does it make you feel to be your co-worker's slave? (Fam: That's okay, as long as he's mine too! Ha!) Well, that's what it says, "serve one another in love." But it's still a little difficult, because even if the other person is willing to be your servant, you have to be theirs too, and a servant just does the bidding of his master, he doesn't have any will of his own. A servant is not going to talk back to his master; if he does, he'll get fired right away and the master will get a new servant. A servant has just got to serve. So to "serve one another in love" or because of love is a pretty heavy duty, because we don't like to think about complete obedience to another person. It's another thing to think about serving the Lord, that's a little bit easier. (Gary: It's sort of lofty.) Yes, the Lord's way up there and it's a lot easier to say, "Oh Lord, we serve You."
       71. (Fam: Another good verse about serving one another is, "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves" [EDITED: "Phil.2:3"].) (Fam: Also, "Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another" [EDITED: "Rom.12:10"]. And, "Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God" [EDITED: "Eph.5:21"].) Yes, submit yourself one to another, that's the same thing. (Fam: "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ" [EDITED: "Gal.6:2"].) (Fam: Also, if you have the right kind of perspective, Jesus did say, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me" [EDITED: "Mat.25:40"]. So as we serve one another, we're serving Jesus; but we don't always see it that way.) Yes.
       72. If it's voluntary, our own idea, and we, for example, decide to go serve someone their meal, it's a little easier. We're serving, but the person we're serving hasn't asked us to do it. The idea of "serve one another in love" is more like being a slave or an employee and doing the bidding of another. When it comes to that, then we have to have quite a bit more grace and humility and yieldedness to do what other people want us to do.
       73. And if we're bearing in mind this "serve one another in love" principle, we're of course not going to ask others to do anything that is hurtful or harmful. It's like the Law of Love. In fact, serving one another in love is the Law of Love. If we're living the Law of Love, whether we're doing the serving or others are serving us, it's all going to be loving and we're all going to benefit. And what we ask of others is certainly not going to be something that the Lord wouldn't be pleased with. Sometimes, what we ask of others or what we may need may be a sacrifice for them, but by the same token, we will be serving them too, and sacrificing sometimes for them, so it will be a two-way street.
       74. Jesus said, "I came not to be ministered unto, but to minister" (Mark 10:45). So what does that make Jesus? (Fam: A servant.) Yes, and didn't He even say He was a servant? (Fam: "He made himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant" [EDITED: "Phil. 2:7"].) That's a good one. (Gary: He also said to His disciples, "He that is greatest among you shall be your servant" [EDITED: "Mat.23:11"].) Yes.
       75. So Jesus was a servant, our servant, and He is still our servant. He is there waiting to do our bidding. He says, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you" (Mat.7:7). Jesus is our servant all the time, and He says, "Ask of Me and I will give you the heathen for thine inheritance. I'll do your bidding. What do you want? I'm your servant and I will do whatever you want." So if Jesus was a servant and is our servant right now, how much more should we serve each other in His love and follow His example?
       76. The Bible says that "Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow in His steps" (1Pet.2:21). He also said, "As My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you" (John 20:21). Obviously His Father sent Him as a servant, and a servant has to sacrifice. That sometimes means suffering for others. But Jesus did it for us, and He asks that we follow His example. Thank You Jesus! But that takes a lot of humility and getting rid of our pride--and even that hurts and causes us to suffer sometimes. Lord, please help us! Please work on our pride. Work on my pride, Lord.

       Sit Still and Listen! Fear Not the Opinions of Men!
       77. (Peter reads: "It is time for you to cease from striving when I call you to come in and to sit still and listen, that you might hear a new voice, a new song and take new direction and fresh courage. For I give you new things, but you must listen and be attentive, sit still. And be not afraid of the opinions of others when you take your precious time to spend with Me.")
       78. (Mama:) Beautiful! The Lord has all these new things for us, and we've just got to listen to receive them. We've got to yield, accept, but we've got to listen too, in order to get the new song and the new direction and the new things.
       79. (Gary: This particular prophecy was given when we were praying about how to get more time with the Lord in light of all the things we have to do, especially as leaders, but the principle applies to anyone. The Lord just said, "Sit still and listen, and that's how you'll get the most done." He also says in here not to be afraid of the opinions of others when we take time with Him, so that is something we have to keep in mind too. It's not a question of just sitting still and listening, but also not letting the Enemy rob you of that time just because of your pride and worrying about what others might think.)
       80. (Mama:) What kind of things do you fear others might think? (Gary: When you're taking quiet time and you put up your "do not disturb" sign, you may worry that people might think you're just being lazy. Or perhaps you put up your arms to praise the Lord and you worry that people think you're just trying to act ultra-spiritual, or whatever the case may be.)
       81. Well, you shouldn't think that, because that's just the Devil telling you that! That's what Peter said he was thinking the other day when he was lifting his arms to pray. He thought, "Oh, Mama's going to think I'm trying to be so spiritual." And that was one of the battles you had too. I have those battles too, by the way. But I said, "To the contrary! Do you know what I thought when I saw you with your arms raised? For one thing, it was convicting, it's a good sample. And for another thing, it's beautiful to know that you really love the Lord, and to see that you're taking that time with the Lord is very encouraging."
       82. I suppose that's why the Enemy fights it so much and tells you all these lies about what people are going to think about it, because it's so important. The Bible says to do it, to "lift up your hands in the sanctuary and bless the Lord" (Psa.134:2). (Fam: It also says, "Let us lift up our heart with our hands unto God in the heavens" [EDITED: "Lam.3:41"].) (Fam: In another verse Paul specifically said that he wished that "men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or doubting" [EDITED: "1Tim.2:8"].) That's interesting. The Bible says to do that, so there must be something significant and important about it. It's not that we have to do it all the time, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's something that the Lord really honors about that, something special about it, and maybe that's why the Enemy fights it so much. Maybe later somebody could look up a few more verses about raising your hands or your arms to praise the Lord. (See Psa.28:2; 63:4; 119:48; Lam.2:19.)
       83. Lifting your arms up to the Lord is a sign of total surrender. Also it's a sign of desire. You know how you do when you haven't seen someone for a long time and they're running to greet you and you put your arms out to them, wanting them? In like manner, lifting your hands to the Lord is a sign of desire and wanting the Lord. So there's a lot to that, and that's probably why the Devil fights it so much. And you're right, there are a lot of things that the Enemy can tell us, most of which aren't even true. So when we fear the opinions of men, most of those fears are not even valid. And even if they are, the Lord says not to fear or worry about what others think about us, but to just go ahead and do what we know pleases Him. Thank You Lord!

       Be Prepared for Change!
       84. (Gary: This next prophecy was given when we asked the Lord whether the name David Berg or David Brandt Berg should now be used on our lit, instead of Father David. The Lord said, "Have I not said unto you time and again that it is a new day? For behold, I make all things new, and that which hath been whispered in the corner of the house shall now be broadcast and shouted upon the housetops! For the name of David is a strong tower, and they that seek the Lord run into it and are safe. And I would that those who read his words know and understand that this is he who is despised and rejected of man, even as I was despised and rejected of man.")
       85. (Mama:) We're using this as another illustration to show that everything's new. The Lord is saying, "Haven't I said everything is new? I've told you time and time again." He's confirming what He's said in all these prophecies for the last few months. "I've told you time and time again in all these prophecies that everything is new, even this is new." So don't be surprised if everything you look at has changed!--Ha! Just be prepared for change and anticipate change. Don't look on things as remaining the same, but be prepared to change!

       New Hearts and New Motives!
       86. (Peter reads: "Those that are discouraged and battle-weary will look to you, and they will realize that this is truly a new day. They will see that your leaders have new hearts and new motives, that ye have been renewed and born again. They will see this love personified in your actions. They will see the love revolution in your very samples as ye not only speak of love and preach of love, but live love as ye go out into the streets to give of your riches unto those who are hungry.")
       87. (Mama:) In this prophecy the Lord is talking specifically about our leadership getting out of their leadership positions and going out to the lost and sharing Jesus' love with them. But in the general sense it's talking about all of us leaders having more of the Lord's love and showing it, with new hearts and new motives. So the Lord's doing a pretty clean sweep on everybody all across the board. He's given us all new anointings and new love and new motives and new direction, and all we have to do is accept it.--Just say yes to Jesus!

       A New Thing in a New Age!
       88. (Gary reads: "I am an ever-changing God, and I am not locked in to the old ways of doing things. But behold, I do a new thing in a new age and a new day.")
       89. (Mama:) There again, get prepared! All things will be different--except our foundation, of course. The Lord Himself doesn't change, neither does His Word, but He can change us and our methods and our circumstances and our ministries and our habits and attitudes and our outlook. He can give us new hearts, new minds, new garments, new blessings, new challenges, new people to work with, new loves, new everything!

       A New Ministry!
       90. (Gary: This next prophecy is speaking about the blacks: "Now I show you a new thing, for the time is right to show you this new thing. I have spoken to David and I have encouraged him in this new way.")
       91. (Mama:) That prophecy was given before Dad even went to be with the Lord, but it was for the future, it was for what we are starting to do now in our ministry in some areas of the world with the blacks. This is just one sample of the new thing that the Lord is doing in one of our ministries.
       92. (Gary continues reading: "For this new thing that I have revealed unto him shall come as an encouragement to many, and shall win the hearts of those concerned and establish a strong link with them.")

       It's Time to Work Together!
       93. (Peter: This next prophecy was given when we were praying about what our stance should be with our TSers and TS teens. The Lord said, "Now there is a new day, a new dawn, and it must needs be that all My children join together and unite to accomplish the great task that is before them.")
       94. (Mama:) There was a time when we needed to be more separate from the ex-members and the backsliders who didn't agree with us, and even somewhat separate from the TSers, in order to keep our ranks pure and to accomplish what the Lord wanted us to do. In order to be apart and separate, we had to have those walls and those definitions and boundaries. But now the Lord is saying that regardless of persuasions or minor differences, it's time for us all to come together and work together for the good of His Kingdom. We're not to be bound by who people are or where they are or what group they're in or whether they're in the Family or out of the Family or what their degree of discipleship is. We need to just take everyone where they're at and work together with them to accomplish God's purpose to bring others into His Kingdom.

       Dad's Help from the Spirit World!
       95. (Peter: This is a prophecy in which Dad is speaking: "I have been given the power and the authority to help lead and guide you in a new way, of new strength and new direction. And I can lead you with my words and with my kisses and with my whispers, and I can lead you with the thoughts that I put into your heart, into the mind and into the spirit of my beloved queen, my Maria, my Mama, whom I love so dearly.")
       96. (Mama:) Dad decided he had to do it from the spirit world, that he could work on me better that way, and it worked! And not only is Dad working on me, which is the major thing, of course, but now that Dad's gone there's also an element of wanting to make up for my lacks and the things I did wrong and the ways I should have been. And a lot of people in the Family feel the same way and have written in and said, "Oh, now that Dad's gone we really want to do what he wants. We didn't do it before, Lord forgive us, but now we want to do our best!" I guess it's something that the Lord's put in everyone's heart the world over. People honor the deceased and they want to repent of the things they should have done but didn't do. They want to do better for the sake of the person who has departed. So I suppose it's something the Lord's put in people's hearts.
       97. I think the whole Family feels that way: "Oh, dear Dad, we didn't do it when you were telling us to, so now we repent and we're going to make sure we do those things, as a commitment to you, now that you're not here with us in the physical." So there is some influence from that, too. That's the way I feel, but of course that's not all of it. The main thing is that there's simply greater power and spirit now that Dad has gone to be with the Lord, and now he can help me to be more obedient and more yielded.--Ha! Thank You Lord!

       A New Anointing and a New Day!
       98. (Peter: Most of these next prophecies are from the "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" GN [EDITED: "GN 609"]: "Oh, look not for him here! He is gone over! Look there, by the eastern gate! He's there. His mother runs to greet him, at the dawning of the morning, a new morning, your new morning. This is a new day! It's the new day of David. He will comfort his Family, he will strengthen you. Rejoice, children, rejoice, for you have a personal king! It was not sufficient to call away this one or that one, for the time is evil and I must call away even your king to stand in the gap for you.--Your king, who knows you all.
       99. ("This is a new anointing and a new day! Therefore, do not hesitate or draw back, for you will feel My power flowing through you as never before. And the anointing that I have for you will not fail, as you stay close to Me and close to the words of your father and close to your queen. I will anoint and I will do it through you, and I will not fail you, for I am always there with you.
       100. ("Fear not who shall teach you or who shall lead you or who shall guide you. Look to Me, look to My Word, look at what I have written already. There is more there than ye can either receive or absorb. So as ye look to My Word ye shall be strengthened and ye shall be empowered, for it is a new day. Ye shall go forth and fight My battles with a new strength and with a new vigor, and I shall lead you and guide you.
       101. ("I have many things to say unto you, but ye are not able to bear it. Ye are in the tenderness of the parting, and in the delicacy of this new moment. But I know your frame and I remember that you are but dust, and I will carry you in My arms. I will dry your tears and will comfort your hearts and assuage your grief." And someone got a phrase, "The Day of Pentecost," that this is like a second Pentecost, a second outpouring of the Spirit now that Dad's gone on. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!)

       Dad's Mantle and Anointing!
       102. (Mama:) The Lord talks a lot about a new anointing there in the "Safe in the Arms of Jesus" prophecies, and those prophecies also talked a lot about the mantle coming down and Dad giving me his mantle. Can you remember what else it said about the mantle? (Fam: That it would be an anointing in double measure.) Yes, but what was significant about the mantle? (Fam: That you'd grow into it?) I would, but what else? Was it just for me? (Fam: The prophecies said it would flow down from you onto others.) Yes, it flowed down from Dad onto not only me, but onto others. Do you remember that? And in these prophecies we just read, it's talking about a new anointing for each one of us.
       103. The anointing is synonymous with the mantle, and the mantle with the anointing. What is the mantle that Dad took off and let drop on me and on to the Family? What would you say Dad's anointing was that he passed on to us? What was Dad's most significant trait or characteristic? (Fam: His love for the lost.) Yes, his love for the lost, his love for us. (Fam: His love for the Lord.) (Fam: Unending dedication for his work.) (Fam: Obedience to the Lord.) Yes, and why did he obey the Lord? (Fam: Because he loved the Lord.) He loved the Lord.
       104. Somebody said that one of Dad's most outstanding traits was change, and that's also very true. That's one of the things you think about the most when you think about Dad. But why was change so characteristic of Dad? (Fam: Because he was so yielded to the Lord.) And why was he so yielded? (Fam: He was always trying to find a better way to serve the Lord and to do more for Him.) Yes.
       105. It was because he loved the Lord that he was willing to enact those changes that the Lord gave him. Dad liked change, but it wasn't always easy and he didn't just go around looking for things to change or enact changes just to be changing things. He did it because he heard from the Lord to change something, and he was willing to make the changes because of his love for the Lord and his obedience. So he did it in obedience to the Lord because he loved the Lord.
       106. So Dad's major trait or characteristic was his love for the Lord, and that was his anointing and his mantle that he has passed on to me and to us. And the Lord says it's not just for me, but it's for all of us. He says He's given us all a greater love in this day, and that it's a new day of love.

       A New Day of Love!
       107. We have one more prophecy to read you that is particularly about this day, and that ties up and summarizes all the things we have just been listening to. This is a thrilling, beautiful prophecy that the Lord gave particularly about today, which is the first day of our birthday commemoration, our birthday feast day on the 15th of February. The Lord gave this prophecy to Peter and me when we were in prayer early this morning:
       108. "There is great anticipation in the halls of Heaven this day for My children who are about to embark on a new journey, a new path, a new path of love, a new path of caring one for another, the path of My new anointing of love. For they shall learn to know and love Me in a new and greater way, and this love shall bring forth a new spirit within their hearts. They shall have a new strength, a greater strength and empowerment of My Spirit that shall shake the foundations of the world! For never before has the world seen the power of God that is able to be manifested in the love of the children of David! And, lo, it shall reverberate throughout the halls of Heaven, throughout the fountains of the deep, throughout the high places and the low places.
       109. "And people shall hear and shall marvel, for I say unto you this is a new day, this is a new way. And behold, you are new creatures--new creatures of love, new creatures of the love of David, new creatures of love one for another, new creatures of love for My lost children. And this new anointing will be manifested in deeds of love and in deeds of kindness one to another and to the lost and to Me.
       110. "For, lo, I pour forth My Spirit upon the children of David in great, great, great measure! And they shall rejoice and they shall be glad. For they shall hear Me in a new way and they shall feel Me in a new way, and they shall love Me in a new way. And I will love them in a new way.
       111. "And My manifestation of love upon them will be this: They shall be blessed. They shall prosper. They shall feel loved. They shall know and understand the Words of David in a new way. They shall be empowered with My Spirit to pour forth great measures of love upon those that are lost and those that are weary, those that are worn, those that are hungry. For they shall be as the Good Samaritan who has the time to care for the lost and for the needy and for the unloved. For they shall be as Mary instead of Martha. They shall be as Lazarus, raised from the dead with new life and new joy and new gladness.
       112. "For, lo, this is a day that I have planned and I have prepared for. This is a day that we here have worked to engineer to bring forth, for we have worked in the hearts of the queen, of the leadership, and of the Family. We have created the need and we have filled the need. And now they shall pour forth and it shall fill the hearts of all the children of David. And they will pour forth and fill the empty hearts and the empty vessels of the lost.
       113. "Oh, what rejoicing! What rejoicing! What rejoicing there is in the halls of Heaven this day, for the Family embarks upon a new and precious anointing, and we wait with anticipation. And the children of David shall rejoice; yea, I say, they shall rejoice! They shall rejoice in the freedoms that are granted unto them! They shall rejoice in a new heart that I will put into them! And they shall rejoice in the love that I will pour forth upon them! And I will rejoice in the love that they will give unto Me, and I will rejoice in the time that they will take with Me. And I will rejoice in the way that they love souls and bear children unto Me. For I am pouring forth upon them the desires of their heart, and they will pour forth unto Me the love that I desire, and we all together shall be one."
       114. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! What marvelous, wonderful words and beautiful promises! We love You, Jesus! We thank You, Lord! We praise You for Your wonderful works unto the children of David! I guess that really wraps it up, doesn't it? That puts everything the Lord's been saying into perspective, that He will pour wonderful love upon us and blessings of every kind as we love others and love the lost and love Him. Thank You Jesus! And He makes it very clear that His anointing is an anointing of love, and that's what He's giving us. He's engineered it and He's worked in our hearts, and this is His new day of love. Thank You Jesus! Amen. Hallelujah!

       Prayer for Overflowing Love!
       115. Okay! Are you happy? (Everybody: Yes!) Amen. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You for Your love words to us, Jesus.--Beautiful, beautiful words of wonder and love and blessing and supply and all that we need. How good You are to us to show us these things and show us what You're doing as You do it, and helping us to be ready and be prepared. You've not called us servants but friends, and You've told us all the things You're doing so that we can be prepared and we can be yielded to the changes. You told us of the great things that You have in store for us, and wonderful things that are ahead and how beautiful it's going to be, and how much is going to be accomplished by Your love being poured down upon us.
       116. Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! You're so wonderful to us in the way You love us. We want to love You, Jesus. We can't pay You back, so we want to do what we can to love You, because You've given Your love for us, You've given Your life for us, and You continue to give Your life for us. You continue to pour out Your blessings, You continue to answer our requests and do whatever we ask of You, as our servant. And because of that, Jesus, we want to be servants and serve each other in love and serve Your people and serve the world.
       117. You died for us and came to serve us and to love us, and we want to do the same for You. You said, "As My Father hath sent Me, even so send I you." And Your Father sent You to love us so much that You would even die for us, and that You would not stop with Your death on the cross, but You would continue to give Your love and pour forth Your love again and again for us. And that's what You said we should do for others.
       118. So give us that love, Lord. Help us just to accept it with open hearts and open arms and to be filled to overflowing with Your Spirit of love, Your anointing of love, so that we'll overflow on others and our love will pour forth on them so that they in turn can pour forth on others. It'll be a chain reaction, like You said, that will reverberate around the world. And we believe it, Lord, as we accept this new anointing of love. Thank You Jesus!
       119. Thank You for pouring out to us in such abundance, and loving us so much! We want to love You, Jesus. We want to give ourselves to You in full surrender. We want to lie there and let You make love to us and give us Your love words and Your seeds, Your kisses, Your caresses. And we want to give them back to You, Lord, and kiss You and caress You. Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! You've given us so much tonight, You've already said so much, but if You have anything else to say, we ask You to say it. We wait for You, if You want to speak to us. Thank You Jesus!

       Confirming Prophecies!
       120. (Gary:) "Would a builder not give bricks unto him whom he has asked to build a house? Would a fisherman not give a net to those he has asked to fish with him? Yea, would I not give unto you the anointing that you need if I have asked you to do a job that none other hath done? I have called you the children of David, the children of My Endtime prophet. Thus have I formed you, and thus have I purposed you. From the foundation of the world ye have been predestined for this time. If I have done all these things well, would I not have also prepared for you an anointing for these end times--for these days and weeks and months that lie ahead? Yea, I will pour out in double measure, and your young men shall dream dreams and they shall fulfill those dreams, for I shall give them the power to do so! And your young women shall see visions and they shall fulfill those visions, for I shall give them the power to do so! For it is within My hand to give unto them that which they ask, and it is yours for the asking.
       121. "All you must do is to move under the beam of light that I beam down upon you, and the anointing shall be upon you and ye shall do great and mighty things which ye know not of. Ask of Me and ye shall receive of Me. Hold not back. Cling not to the shadows of your past, but reach forward and I shall be unto you a mighty benefactor that shall give and give and give and shall never stop giving if you will but ask. For such is My anointing. My anointing and My desire is to give unto you if ye would but ask."
       * * *
       122. (Fam:) "Lift up your hands and receive of the love that I have to give you, for the supply is endless. It is limitless, above and beyond all that you could ask or think. Receive My Spirit. For ye are My humble children and ye have been broken, and ye have given of yourselves and have denied yourselves and yielded yourselves unto Me. Now I wish to give unto you of My power and My Spirit and My love, that ye may pour it out on a wounded and needy world. Hold not back; be not fearful, but believing. Take all that I can give unto you and I will make of you a mighty nation, and all people shall call you blessed. For ye are truly yielded to My Spirit if you will lift up your arms and take My love unto yourselves and give it unto your children, and unto your children's children."
       * * *
       123. (Mama:) Beautiful, beautiful words! Thank You Jesus for speaking to us. We're nothing, Lord. We thank You for speaking, thank You for loving us.
       * * *
       124. (Fam:) "For ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a peculiar people. But I have chosen you, ye have not chosen Me. I have chosen each and every one of you and ordained you from the foundation of the world to perform My bidding, to do what I want done. Ye shall be like a city set on a hill, the City of Love, the City Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Others will know that ye are My disciples because ye have love one for another. I will set My mark upon you, My special seal of love, that others may know that ye are the children of David. Therefore hold not back, but pour forth the anointing, the love that I give. Pour forth in double measure and I shall give you more. For My capacity to give is only limited by your capacity to receive. Therefore do not set boundaries for this love, but love freely and abundantly and ye shall win the world!"
       * * *
       125. (Mama:) Thank You Jesus for the marvelous works You have done for us, Your children. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord!
       * * *
       126. (Gabe:) "Have I not given you this special name for My Family of Love because of your love, because of your love for Me, because of your love for the lost? Proclaim the name that I have given! Be not ashamed of it. I have much much much more love to give unto you, and ye must give it to others, share it with everyone. Give it in words, give it in kisses, give it in touch. Give My love to others. And as ye pour out, I will pour in, for I have much much more. Are ye amazed at My love? Oh, it's unceasing! You can't imagine how much love I have for you, and for the lost, and for the world.
       127. "I depend on you and need you to give and to show that love. I will pour forth more as you pour forth to others, as you give to others and share with others. It will be a sacrifice, and it may hurt, but the time is short and ye must give and give, whatever the sacrifice and whatever the hurt. For ye have a great reward in store. I will receive you into My arms of love and hold you and caress you and heal all of your hurts. But give now, for the time will come when the lost and the lonely will not have any more time to receive My love. So you must give it now while you have time, while you have an opportunity, while they are alive and while they are in your presence. Give My love, for I have much more to give to you as you give to others."
       * * *
       128. (Fam:) "For it is My pleasure to give you My Kingdom. Wonder not and worry not, `How can I fit in this new wave of love? How can I be more loving? I'm so incapable, so unable!' That is good, ye must feel like this. But worry not, fear not, for I will give you all that you need. All you need to do is say yes! All you need to do is say, `I want Your love, Jesus. I want to be more like You.' All you need is to put your will on My side, and I will fill you to overflowing and I will use you in a new and greater way.
       129. "All these things that ye have heard tonight will come to pass. Encourage yourselves, therefore. Trust Me and know that I will perform all these wonderful things I have said and promised. But fear not, worry not that you can't make it, you can't do this, you can't do that. Because you can't. It is only of My doing. All you have to do is say yes and yield to Me. Like a little child, you wonder, `What can I give You? How can I please You, Lord?' All I want of you, My children, is your heart. I love you."
       * * *
       130. (Mama praises the Lord and cries softly.)
       * * *
       131. (Peter:) "Receive this anointing that I would pour upon you! Receive it, reach out, raise your arms and grasp it! Desire it and want it! For it is a great anointing, a new anointing, My anointing of love. And how do you receive it?--Just as you would receive any gift from Me. You ask, you accept and you believe. How do you enact it?--One step at a time in one deed of love followed by another, followed by another. The raindrops on their own are small, falling from the air, but they reach the ground and bring forth flowers and trees and life; and as these raindrops are absorbed into the earth, so will your love be absorbed into the earth of this world and those that are so lost.
       132. "As each drop of rain continues its work and gathers momentum to become a small creek, and a small river, and a raging torrent, and into the sea, so will My love multiply! For each deed of love seems only a raindrop, but they shall grow and they shall grow and they shall multiply, and My love shall fill the earth through My children.
       133. "So receive this, My anointing, and enact it day by day, step by step, deed by deed, word by word, action by action, love by love. And as you put forth an effort to give and to share and to love, I will match you abundantly, and I will pour into you a greater love and a new love and a strengthening love. Therefore be not afraid, just receive. Open up and say `yes.' Open up and say `I want it.' Open up and receive, and it shall bring forth fruit in your life and in the lives of those about you, and in the lives that you see and touch and that hear the words that you give unto them. For this love, though seemingly small, is of great power and of great strength, and it will greatly change the world. And the children of David shall be known as the children of love."
       * * *
       134. (Gary:) I had a vision that culminated in us becoming children of light. It was like a processing station. I guess the way I would describe it would be when you sometimes come into certain buildings and you're issued a little ticket or number, and you have to wait around until your number is called and then you go up for your turn. But it wasn't exactly like a counter, nor were there people there. It was more like a gate that you went through, like you'd go through immigrations or something, and there were beams of light there.
       135. The impression I got was that you had to get one of these coupons, called "redemption coupons." Different people were passing through and getting their anointing, but there was a certain order to it. It seemed like there was a certain time established when different people would get theirs. It wasn't all just simultaneously, but people were being processed very quickly. People were going through and becoming light, like children of light.
       136. But it seemed there were some people who were hesitating for different reasons. They weren't going because either they didn't want to face the light or approach the light. Others seemed like they thought their number was too far down the line, and they kind of milled to the back of the room or left. It seemed to bog things down a little bit. Anyway, the impression I had was that it wasn't necessarily simultaneous, it was kind of an individual process, but everyone was issued the anointing. They just had to claim it.
       * * *
       137. (Mama:) Hallelujah! Like the theme, "Just say yes!" The Lord keeps saying that, "Just say yes." Thank You Jesus!
       * * *
       138. (Fam:) Right when Peter was beginning to give his prophecy, almost at the same time as he said rain or raindrops, the words came to me: "A rain of love," and I saw a picture of these little raindrops. The first part of the picture was a small piece of parched and dry earth, and where every raindrop fell, a little tree started springing up. And all of a sudden the picture changed from the one little spot to the whole world. It was like these dark and troublous times, everyone was starving and parched for love. The whole earth was parched. But then all these little raindrops of love covered the whole earth and the earth became refurbished with pretty little green trees. It was so sweet, like a rain of love.
       * * *
       139. (Fam:) I saw a vision of Mama standing with her arms out, and we were all in a beautiful pasture. There were Family members behind her also lifting up their hands, and all of a sudden a golden mist came down from Heaven and started passing through everybody. And as it did, everybody started to glow with this golden glow. It seemed the longer you stood there, the more you would glow. But for some reason it seemed it was very humbling and it made you feel somewhat weak, so after a while people started filing away. They were glowing, but the ones that stayed, the longer they stayed the more they glowed. There were also lots of sheep in the pasture just looking up and waiting, like they were waiting for the Family to come help.
       140. (Mama:) You usually think of being out in a pasture as something humbling. (Fam: When you're no good for anything else they use the term "put out to pasture" to describe you.) Well, just when you know you're no good for anything else, that's when the Lord can really start working through you.
       * * *
       141. (Fam:) Dad mentioned a couple of times that in the Last Days people will seek us out because they know we have love and godly counsel. I had the feeling that because we obey the Lord and apply these things, people are going to come to us for help more than ever before, and I had a picture of the people coming. You could see multitudes of people asking each other, "Where is the Family? How can I find them?" People were coming to us, it wasn't only us going to them.
       142. (Mama:) Thank You Lord! Help us to get ready for them!--To just say "yes" to You. Thank You Jesus! Beautiful!
       * * *
       143. (Fam:) I got the verse, "I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh" (Joel 2:28), with the impression that this anointing the Lord is giving is like a direct fulfillment of that prophecy, because that prophecy was actually for the Endtime.
       * * *
       144. (Fam:) I got the verse, "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again" (Luke 6:38).
       145. (Mama:) That goes along with what the Lord said in one of the prophecies, that whatever we do to give or to share or to love, He will match it. Thank You Lord! But He does even more, thank the Lord. He gives more blessings than we can even hold or contain. Thank You Jesus!

       Closing Prayers!
       146. (Mama:) Isn't it wonderful? The Lord is so ready to give. If we keep asking, He'll keep giving. Those were beautiful things! Thank you for your faith. Thank you for your faith, Gary, to start and to yield to the Lord, and all of you. It takes faith a lot of times. But God bless you, the Lord really will bless you for it. Thank You Jesus. And thank you girls who have manned the tape recorders, and everyone who gave such close attention to what the Lord wanted to tell us tonight. Thank You Lord. Beautiful!
       147. I shared a prophecy with Gabe earlier, and afterwards he said, "Boy, I feel like I've been fucked!" Hallelujah! That is sort of the way you feel, don't you? Thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Make love to us, Jesus! Hallelujah! That's what we want, Lord! Keep it up! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!
       148. Amen, thank You Jesus! Thank You for this wonderful feast we've had with You, a lovemaking session. Hallelujah! (Everyone praises the Lord!) Give us all a good sleep tonight, Lord, and rest from our labors and a real sweet time of fellowship with You tonight and tomorrow. Lead and guide us, You know what's best in each of our lives. Help us to take our anointing from You and claim it the way You want. Thank You Lord!
       149. We pray especially for Peter tonight, Lord. (Peter: I was just going to ask for prayer--I feel kind of run down because I'm real tired.) He's very very tired and he hasn't been getting much sleep. All of those afflictions have taken a real toll on his health, so maybe you could pray for him.
       150. (Gabe prays: Lord, we thank You for Peter and his willingness to go forth and accept that anointing. It's been at some cost, it's been a testing and purging and purifying, and it's been quite a battle, and we thank You that he's been so trusting and full of faith concerning every test, and You've brought him through. But Lord, we pray that You will honor his faith tonight with a good night's rest and peaceful sleep. He does really need it, and You promised You'd supply all our needs according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. So please do give Your beloved Peter rest tonight, deep sleep without any headaches, any attacks on his body, any pains in his heart or in his side or his back or anywhere. We also pray that You will give him strength to do Your work. He's Your child and You said, "Will I not care for My own?" He needs an extra shot of Your power and Your anointing and Spirit and strength. So please give him good rest and strength, and help him to recover from all these tests and battles and trials. Thank You Lord! We love You, Lord!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family