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"GO YE INTO ALL THE WORLD!"       4/95
--By Maria       Maria #271 DO 2990

       Ease their Pain!--And Heal His Heart!
       1. ({\ul \i Mama:)} A week before the Family birthday, Peter woke up during the night with severe heart pains which lasted about 20 minutes. Upon hearing this, I insisted that he spend the following night with me so there would be someone with him should he have any further problems. That night during a period of four hours he experienced three separate periods of excruciating heart pains. All he could do was sit on the couch and rock back and forth in pain, crying, because of the agonizing pain. I held him in my arms as we continually prayed, spoke in tongues and praised the Lord.
       2. After one time of crying out desperately to the Lord with intense tongues, I asked Peter if he thought maybe the Lord wanted to speak to us. I felt it was a lot to ask of him during such agonizing pain, but I thought that the Lord might want to say something to encourage him in his distress. Well, I was right about the Lord wanting to speak, but the message the Lord wanted to get through to us was to let us know of the far greater distress that He felt, and how His heart was pained many times over because of the millions who had never heard of His love. He wanted to make us understand the spiritual agony of those millions who sit in darkness, never having seen His light. So during the most acute pain, the Lord spoke through Peter the following words:

              3. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "So does My heart hurt!--For the lost! So does My heart pain!--For those who have pain and those who are lost and those who are brokenhearted! So does My heart hurt!--For the war-torn and the weary and those that thirst in the heat of the desert for My water, and those that freeze in the cold and seek for My warmth; and those that are lost and lonely and seek for My love. My heart aches and My heart breaks for these.
       4. "This is but a token of the pain that I suffer and the hurt that I feel for the lost and for the lonely, for the hurting and for the sick, for the dying and for those who do not know Me. For they seek and they die without Me. My heart aches for them, for I long for them to be with Me, but they must hear of Me. They must receive My Words. And how can they receive My Words unless you give them unto them?
       5. "For My Words are the leaves that heal, that warm, that quench the thirst, that give light in darkness. The world waits and they hurt and they suffer and their heart aches, and the void of their heart is not filled with Me because they need to hear My Words and My kisses, My message. They need My leaves that heal their wounds, that heal the suffering.
       6. "I wish to fill their bellies and fill their hearts and fill their spirits. And this is the pain that I suffer for them, for I know their hearts and I know that they suffer and they are lost and they are lonely and they are hungry and they need My Words. They need Me and they need My truth. So have I commissioned you to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.
       7. "Go forth, My children! Go forth to relieve the pain!--Relieve their pain and relieve My pain! For as their hearts are healed by Me, so is My heart healed. Give them My Words, yea, give them My Words. For this is the calling that I have given unto you, to preach the gospel, to go forth, to heal the broken-hearted, to bind up their wounds, to give them the oil of gladness. And this is the fast that I have chosen, that you pour forth your bread unto the hungry, and your water unto the thirsty; that you share your light and your love with the lost and the lonely; that you give them the direction that you have been given, that they may find the way.
       8. "It is the time to look outward and not inward. Look outward unto the fields, for they are ripe, they are ready to harvest. Go forth, I say, go forth! Succor their wounds! Succor their spirits! Give them My truth! Ease their pain! Ease their suffering with My Words and with your love.
       9. "As Pandita Ramabai went and gave her life, so go forth and give yours. Go to the lost, preach the gospel. Give and it shall be given unto you. Yea, give and it shall be given unto you. For I have poured forth so many blessings upon you. I have given abundantly unto you, My children. I have poured forth My love in abundance! I have poured forth My Word in abundance! There is no question that I love you, but you must take this love and you must share it. You must not become secluded in your blessings, looking inward only to yourselves and to your Home. You must look outward to those that suffer, to those that thirst and those that are hungry and that are desperate and in need and dying. They are dying without My Words, without My truth. You have an abundance!--In abundance give!
       10. "Give, and I say to you that it shall be given unto you. I will pour forth My love upon you and I will give you great strength and great anointing as you go forth to preach My gospel, to preach My Word, to preach My love. Thus you will heal their hearts! Thus you will relieve My suffering. Thus you will take away the hurt that I feel for them." (End of prophecy.)
       11. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Think of it, dear ones! The excruciating pain that Peter was feeling--and indeed, the very worst of man's agony in the flesh--the Lord says is only a token of what He feels as His heart breaks for the lost!--Those who He already died for in such torture and agony, but who still have not been able to benefit from that great sacrifice of love! And so He continues to weep and His heart continues to be broken for those who still do not know Him. Will you go to the aid of your Lord, who has given you so much and who stands with outstretched arms pleading for your help? Will you go to the rescue of His lost ones who are dying in anguish of spirit, with tortured hearts and minds because they do not know Him? Will you help to ease their pain and heal His heart? Or has His sacrifice on the cross been in vain? It's up to you. He can't reach them by Himself!--He needs you!

       * * *

       Launch Forth in Faith--Into All the World!
       12. As many of you, dear Family, are now making your plans to change fields and you are seeking the Lord for His will, I wanted to ask Him if He had any further direction to give us other than what He had already said in "Find Fertile Fields" (ML#2973, GN 620), in "Urgent Call to Our Latin American Family" (ML# 2982, GN 624), and the very specific prophecy He had given us for India (see paragraphs 34-43 below). So Peter and I prayed together and the following is what the Lord gave:

              13. {\ul \i (Prophecy:)} "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, for this is the commission that I have given unto you, the children of David. Go and make disciples of all nations, for the children of all nations cry out for the Words of David. I open the door of all nations of the world unto you, that ye may plant the seeds of the Words of David there, that ye may raise the banner of David, and that ye may feed them with the Words of David.
       14. "For the world lieth in confusion, and the darkness is great, and getting greater. Therefore send the light of My Word to the nations of the world, that those in gross darkness can see the light of My Word and can feel the warmth of that light.
       15. "I call you forth into a new day of faith--faith to launch out on My Word with faith in Me. Faith to launch out into the unknown. Faith to trust Me for My supply. Faith to do a new thing in a new land.
       16. "And when I place it upon your heart to reach a nation or a people or a city or a place, cast not those thoughts aside, but seek Me, seek My will. For I choose and call whom I will, to go forth to the place where I will. He that obeyeth the call and abideth in Me and doeth that which I have placed upon his heart will be blessed abundantly, and will bring forth much fruit into My Kingdom.
       17. "For it is a new day and ye must launch forth in faith.--Not bound by the methods of the past, nor the places of the past, but free. Free to pour forth, free to serve Me, free to preach the gospel, to share the message in the manner in which I show you, in the place where I have called you.
       18. "For I do a new thing in all places. One place is different from another. The people are different. The customs are different. The needs are different. Therefore be open unto that which I would do in each of these lands. Compare not one to another, for I will show you that which you must do in the lands to which you go. For in some places you can be open and in some places you must be closed. But in all places they do need the Words of David!
       19. "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me. Thus lift Me up in these lands, and lift Me up through the Words of David, that which has made you different. For the Words of David are as a strong beam of light that can be seen from afar and will attract many, saying, `What is this light? What is this beam that shineth so brightly?'
       20. "For I send out My call, but I call not all to the same place. I send My call forth to the hearts of man. And to some I say, `Stay! Stay where you are and minister and care for those in the place that I have put you.' And to others I say, `Come! Come to this land!' Or, `Come to that land! Come to these people!' And if you will follow this call, ye shall be blessed beyond measure, for ye shall have My blessing as you work within My will.
       21. "Some hear My call now and some will hear My call later. Thus have I freed you to follow My call, that when ye hear My voice in your heart saying, `Come ye unto this people,' you are free to go. For the nations of the world need the Words of David, and they need the children of David.
       22. "I will raise up those in these nations that will minister unto you, that will supply your needs and will help to propagate the Words of David throughout their nations. But be ye open and be ye ready to do new things in new ways, that I may bring forth My message in these new countries.
       23. "So hear My call, for I died for all, that they may believe and live with Me forever. When I call you, be not afraid, for there is nothing to fear when you are in the will of God. And when I say, `Launch out! Launch out into the deep!' have faith. And if I say unto you, `Stay where you are,' have faith. For the will of God is different for each. To some I say, `Stay.' To some I say `Go.' To some I say, `Go here.' To some I say, `Go there!' Judge not one another, for he that stayeth because of My will is as much in My will as he that goeth. Thus look not down one upon another, saying, `Oh, I go off and you remain.' But rejoice that each is in the will of God.
       24. "For I will do new things in this new day, and I will show you new ways, new avenues to pour forth My Words. I will open doors that did not seem possible in the past. And if you will but follow Me day by day, step by step, hearing My voice, preaching My gospel, having faith to follow Me in obedience, ye shall accomplish more than your wildest imaginations.
       25. "For it is I that wish to reach the nations of the world with the Words of David. It is I that desire to pour forth the water of My Words upon these dry and thirsty lands. But I need the conduits, I need those who are faithful and willing to be there, and who are willing to hear My voice and to do that which I say unto them, that they may bring forth the fruit that I wish to bring forth, that they may be the pipes that will allow Me to pour forth My water unto these dry and thirsty lands, yea, these lands parched for the Words of David.
       26. "So let Me pour forth through you, and be ye open and ready. Be ye listening, that ye may know what to do and where to go and when to go, and when you are there, that you will know how to reach these lands that I send you forth into.
       27. "Let Me pour forth through you. Let Me lead you to those who will also be conduits of My Word.--Who will take My Words with joy and with gladness, and who will pour them forth unto their people. For there are not enough of the children of David to go and to reach all those that need to be reached with the Words of David, but I will raise others up who will pour forth the Words. So fear not, but give, give, give unto them, that they may pour forth unto their people. But ye must be there to give unto these that I would raise up.
       28. "So heed My call, one and all, and fear not. Be not afraid, for I send you forth as My children into these lands that seek My Words. As ye go, I will bless you, I will keep you, and I will provide for you; for ye are My children, and I am a faithful Father. I will care for My own, and ye are My own."
       29. ({\ul \i Vision:)} I had a vision in which I could see Africa and Asia. I could see hands rising up from the various countries motioning us to come to their country, as if they were saying, "Come! Come to us!" There were hands coming from North Africa and other African countries, also from countries like Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and other eastern nations. Also from Russia and the smaller nations of the former Soviet Union. (End of prophecy and vision.)
       30. {\ul \i (Mama:)} I'm thrilled with this message that the Lord has given! Over and over He is telling us that we must stay in touch and in tune with Him, and if we will, He will do wonderful things. I'm encouraged how He said He sends His "call forth to the hearts of man," and that He calls some to one place and others to another, and some to stay where they are.--That some are called now and others later. It's so exciting to think that He wants us to go into all nations--to open new countries, new lands, and that He has people in those lands who will help us to reach their people with the Words of David.
       31. Isn't it wonderful how He's telling us not to be stuck in a rut?--That He has new ways to do things in each of these countries, and that if we will seek Him He will show us what to do in each situation. He's telling us not to be "old bottles" and that some of yesterday's methods won't work today; that the way it worked in one country might not work in the next; that in some places we must be more underground while in others we can be wide open.
       32. How do you find out what you're supposed to do? Listen to what Dad said 22 years ago in "New Bottles": "The greatest thing we can teach our new disciples and children--and each new generation has to learn it for itself--is to follow God and hear from Him fresh every day. Moment by moment learn something new every day, because only God is way out there in front and knows what's going to happen, and is able to lead you and guide you and show you what to do" (ML#251:39).
       33. Those of you who go to these new fields are going to have to be men and women of prayer and of faith!--Of listening to the voice of God. You are going to have to hear from the Lord and have faith to follow what He shows you. Our "Love Charter" gives the basic boundaries within which to operate, but within those boundaries there is a great deal that can be done. So please be prayerful. Listen to the voice of the Lord in the printed word, in your co-workers, in the small voice that is in your heart, in direct prophecy, and follow Him fresh day by day. "Follow God!"--Read it!--Do it!--And God will bless you!

       * * *

       A Desperate Plea for the Children of India!
       34. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Throughout the month of March, a team of Family musicians did a number of benefit concerts for the National Association for the Blind in India, during which they were able to reach thousands through our beautiful music, and millions through the media coverage the concerts received. (See FUN 29 for full story.) One day after the first concert was completed, Peter and I were lying in bed praying together in tongues when the following prophecy came:

              35. ({\ul \i Prophecy, goddesses speaking:)} "We've come to thank you. We come to thank you for sending your children to sing unto us and to our children. For we are they who plead for them, so we say unto you, thank you. Oh thank you for wooing our children, wooing them with the songs of David and the Words of David."
       36. ({\ul \i Departed missionary:)} "The goddesses of India come to say thank you for your love, thank you for sending the children of David to woo their children and the spirits of their children and to sing unto them these words, and to sing unto them this music and to pour forth unto them this love. And we thank you, those of us who toiled so many years and gave our lives in sacrifice for this people whom we loved so dearly, for they are a precious people and they are a tender people. They live in such darkness, but you have brought them such light. There are many, many, many, so many who live in darkness. They need the floodbeams of your light to break the darkness and to set them free. They need the fountains of David to spread the message to every corner of the land.
       37. "We are so pleased that you allowed these children to go so that we could work through them to reach our people, the people that we love, the people that we lived for, the people that we died for. And we wish to do a new thing in this land! For the old ways and the old methods, though good and though precious and though bringing light, did not bring enough light, for there are so so so so many in darkness.
       38. "We say unto you, publish glad tidings! Publish glad tidings, spread the Word, reach the people. Put it on the air waves, put it on the radio waves, put it on the TV waves. Flood our land with the Words of David, and with the children of David!"
       39. ({\ul \i Goddesses:)} "We need your seeds! We need many of your seeds! Our children need your seeds. We need rivers of your seeds, rivers of your seeds, rivers of your seeds! You have sent the singers, but this is just the foreplay. This makes us hungry, this makes us want you. Now give us your seeds, give us the rivers and rivers of your seeds!
       40. "For we are hungry and our children need your seeds that they may have the light of David, the Words of Jesus, that they may be saved. For there are many, many, many, yea, millions upon millions who seek and who need the seeds. You have played and you have prepared us and you have wooed us and we are ready. We need your seeds. We want your seeds. We're ready for them!"
       41. ({\ul \i Missionary:) }"Do not fret and be not afraid, for we are there and we will help the children to know what to do, and we will lead and guide them and we will help to open the doors. Even as ye did not plan for these concerts and ye did not know what would happen, so we helped to engineer and we are helping from behind the scenes to do a new thing in this new day. And so shall we help and guide and counsel, for we are there.
       42. "These precious precious children of India were our life's work, and they continue to be our work, through your children. We will help them to bring the seeds and to feed our people. They will feed the hungry with the Words of David and the Spirit of love, and together we will reap a harvest and we will rejoice, and they will rejoice! And those that plead for their children shall be satisfied." (End of prophecy.)
       43. ({\ul \i Mama:)} How can we resist a plea so intense and a heartcry so desperate that it has resulted in the goddesses and the departed spirits of the missionaries alike joining in, punching through the veil between the other world and this one to get their message to us? How can we fail them when they have given their lives and even now are doing all within their power to bring the message of Jesus and the Words of David to their desperate people who are starving for the truth? Is the Lord calling you to this difficult but fruitful field? Give of His love and He will give unto you--and great will be your reward!--Both here and in Heaven!
       * * *

       Time Is Short!--Reach the Nations!
       44. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Peter and I were praying for the Family around the world and we asked the Lord to speak. Just then our neighbor began some construction work with very loud drilling and pounding. We waited for quite some time, hoping the loud noise would stop, but it didn't and we decided to go ahead. The one who was speaking through Peter seemed to be someone from the former Yugoslavia, which has been fractured into a number of new countries which have been at war for the last few years.

              45. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) "}Lo, how ye have waited for me to speak, to come unto you with words of comfort and words of cheer. And instead, ye have had to hear the pounding and the drilling. But I say unto you, there are those of my country who hear nothing but the loud sounds of war, the pounding, pounding, pounding of the guns. The drilling, drilling, drilling of the bullets. And they have no comfort and no words of cheer. For my nation is divided because of the selfishness of man and because of the forces that fight against God.
       46. "Now my country is many, and divided; they fight and they fight and they kill, neighbor against neighbor. They that lived at peace one with another now shoot and kill one another, and the hatred is so deep that it can never be repaired, for the selfishness of man has destroyed the unity that we once had.
       47. "And this proves unto the world, unto the great nations and unto the weak, that there is none on this earth to save. For the great nations can do nothing and will do nothing, for they are weak and they are not great. There is none to save these of my country, these who are dying, these who are divided. And this is an ensample unto the world of the selfishness and the brutality of man, that neighbor should fight against neighbor, friend against friend--that the closeness and the camaraderie that they once had would turn into hatred and division, torture and death.
       48. "This proveth unto the world what this world will come to without the love of the great God and of His Son, the Savior of all. And, lo, they will look unto the false savior and to him that claimeth he is god, but in him they will not find peace; they will find deceit and war and death.
       49. "For now a division is sent amongst the earth and amongst the nations, that things will wax worse, that nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, that God's Word may be fulfilled. And the sounds of war and of fighting and of death shall fill the earth, and the atrocity of man shall be seen and understood. And so shall the Wicked One be revealed.
       50. "My nation is only the beginning, for there is much more to come. For this prepareth the way for him that claimeth to be god, but who is false and who is deceitful above all men. They shall proclaim peace, but there shall be no peace.
       51. "So shall many nations be as my nation--divided, and at war--killing and being killed, for these things must come to pass before the End can come. For the horse of war is released upon the earth. But the horse of peace shall overcome. Yea, the Prince of Peace, the true Prince of Peace shall reign over all in the day that He cometh in His might and in His power.
       52. "I say unto you, use wisely the time that ye have left. Reach the nations; do those things that God has shown you and will show you, that ye may reach the nations, that they may make their choices, that they may have the Words of David and that they may have the truth, and that they may know the Son of the Almighty God. And as the man of perdition doeth his work and prepareth even now, so do your work and prepare your work even now, and spread forth the message now!" (End of prophecy.)
       53. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The Lord is once again reminding us that time is short, that the world is waxing worse and worse and that we must do all we can to reach them with the truth while we freely can. God help us to reach the world with the gospel and the Words of David!

       * * *

       Prophecies for Eastern Europe, Russia and the Republics!
       54. ({\ul \i Mama:)} As brought out in GN 629, "Let Jesus Bear the Weight," Peter made a trip to visit the European CRO teamwork in order to help them through some tests and trials that some of them were going through. Besides the personal tests they were encountering, they were also quite burdened with the magnitude of the job at hand. With a large part of our European Family moving on to more fruitful fields, many to Eastern Europe, Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union, it has added an extra burden to their already heavy administrational and shepherding load. They had many questions which they felt they needed help in answering, and were thankful that Peter was coming for a visit.
       55. One thing that the Lord has been stressing over and over to our worldwide leadership, and to me especially, is that we just don't have the wisdom nor the strength to carry the heavy load of shepherding the Family.--That the only way we can shepherd and feed the sheep is to ask the Chief Shepherd, Jesus, to show us what to do, to answer our questions, to bear the burdens.
       56. When Peter left, I told him that when it came to trying to answer their questions, the best thing he could do is what he and I do when faced with important matters: We pray desperately together and ask the Lord to speak in prophecy and to show us what to do. The Lord has been answering wonderfully and the things He's been showing us have not only answered our specific questions, but have also answered many unasked questions as well. Praise the Lord!
       57. The EURCRO teamwork needed to reevaluate the Russian and Eastern European work and decide how to absorb a great influx of people, and how to provide housing, finances and shepherding. They wanted to know exactly what the vision for the work was: Was it to win and train disciples, or to just get out the message? They wondered what role the Outside Witnessers should play, those who are being fed via the mail ministry. They've been very concerned because so many people have been reached with the message, but there hasn't been enough follow-up. The whole Russian/EE work is so monumental, they needed to find answers to these fundamental questions in order to direct things according to the Lord's will.
       58. So while together with Peter, they brought these questions before the Lord, desperately seeking His will in these matters. How could they find the answers any other way? None of us have the wisdom to know what God wants done unless we ask Him. Like Dad said so many years ago, "How do you know how to herd them [EDITED: "the sheep"], or where to herd them, or anything about them unless you learn from the Chief Shepherd? How do you know where He's leading unless you follow Him? He knows where the green pastures are, where the mountain passes are, and where the cool waters flow! He knows where the pitfalls are, and where you'll be safe and secure. He also knows the woods in which the wolves hide, and He knows the danger spots. So you'd better stay close to Him, for I'm telling you, you don't know much at all! All we have to do is follow--stick up your little antenna and get the signals and follow! Amen?" (From "Temple Time," ML#191:26.)
       59. The Lord spoke marvelously and answered their questions, showed them His will, and wonderfully challenged those who are called to minister to these lands to truly become one, to launch out into the vast untouched areas, to reach these precious, needy and lost people.
       60. As many of you are praying about the Lord's will for your life and where He wants you to be, I felt it would be beneficial to share these prophecies with you, so you can see the vision the Lord has for reaching these lost souls. We also are including some incredible information on the Russian/EE work which should help to give you a burden to help reach them or to help support those that are, either financially or in prayer. (See pg.11.) Perhaps He's calling you to go, perhaps He's calling you to help raise support through contacts and friends, but most certainly whatever else you feel called to, He is calling you to uphold these missionaries in prayer. Please do all you can to help in every way! Go or give!--Certainly pray! Praise the Lord?

       {\b \i (Prophecies begin:)}
       61. ({\ul \i CRO:)} "I need shepherds for My sheep! I need both the sheep and the shepherds, for My sheep who have no shepherds need shepherds. For My sheep who even know not that they are My sheep, they need shepherds. And am I not calling shepherds from all parts of the world? Am I not calling shepherds to come and shepherd them? Am I not calling children of David who know My Words, who know Me, who know My Spirit, who know My voice, to go and be the shepherds for these sheep who know not that they are sheep at this time? For they bleat and they cry and they know not that they are sheep and they are in need of a shepherd.
       62. "Yet My fold is full of shepherds. The folds of David are all shepherds, they are all leaders, for they have been called to lead the world. Therefore, My fold is overflowing with shepherds!
       63. "Let My shepherds go, that they may shepherd the sheep! Let My shepherds go, that they may feed My sheep who know not they are sheep. Let My shepherds go, that they may learn that they are shepherds, for some know not that they are shepherds, but think they are still sheep. Therefore, let My shepherds go, that they may go forth and feed and care for and nurture the sheep, and use that which they have been taught and shown of Me these many years.
       64. "Yes, the sheep need shepherds, but the folds of David are full of shepherds. Have I not hand-picked them, each and every one? Is it not written that I have chosen you?--Ye have not chosen Me. And have I not chosen the best for the folds of David? Have I not chosen the shepherds for the folds of David? For ye are sheep, but ye are shepherds also.
       65. "Many within the folds of David now are sheep, but when they go into the folds of the world where the sheep know not that they are sheep, then they shall be shepherds. For they know how to feed the sheep and they know how to lead them, and they hear My voice and they obey it.
       66. "Therefore, let My shepherds go, that they may shepherd the sheep.--That the sheep who know not that they are sheep may learn that they are sheep and they need a shepherd, and they will gladly join the folds of David.
       67. "Despise not your youth. For have I not said that they will speak with the enemies in the gate? Therefore, let My shepherds go, that they may shepherd the sheep."
       68. ({\ul \i From Mama:)} Isn't it encouraging to hear that the Lord considers all of you shepherds?--That compared to those who don't know Him, you are shepherds. He says that as you go out into the fields He will make you shepherds, even if you don't feel you are shepherds now. The Lord seems to be saying that even you younger ones could go to Russia and the EE countries and be a blessing.
       * * *
       69. ({\ul \i Peter:)} "I send you forth to make disciples of all nations. But to accomplish this, you must first sow My seeds. I call the children of David out to be missionaries, to go and live amongst the people and to love them and to teach them and to give them the Words of David. For there are many, many, many that are starving for the Words of David, and who would accept them hungrily and greedily, and who would become the children of David if they but had shepherds, if they had those who would faithfully feed them. And from these I would raise up others, and I would raise up leaders.
       70. "So go forth. Be not bunched up, but go forth, a few here and a few there. Go unto the people, become one with them and love them and live with them and care for them. And as you teach them and feed them, they too will go forth and spread the Word and the gospel and My message. For if all the children of David were to go into these lands, it would still not be enough. So you must invest in the people of these lands. Go forth unto them, live with them and care for them and train them, that they may go forth with the Words, that they may stand strong in the days to come."
       71. ({\ul \i From Mama:)} Russia and the former Soviet republics--now independent countries--make up a huge mission field, most of it untouched by the Family. The Lord seems to be saying that many small teams going out and living amongst the people will be more effective than having larger Homes bunched up in just a few places. We already have hundreds of Outside Witnessers who have distributed millions of posters, and from the sound of it, the Lord will raise up many more who will help to reach their countrymen. If small teams are going to be going out into the far reaches of this vast area, it will mean that most likely you nationals and those of you who speak the language will need to join up with the new incoming missionaries in order to work together in small teams.
       * * *
       72. ({\ul \i CRO:)} "I come forth from my people from beyond the Urals. My people are many in the mountains, in the valleys, in the forests, in the dens and the glades, amongst the woods. I come forth pleading with you, bowing before you, begging you to come and reach my people. Ye say ye know not what to do, ye know not where to go. But I, and many of my people, will help you from the spirit world. We will be there to whisper in your ear, to guide you in the way which you shall go, to show you the places where ye shall go. It will be a little here, a little there, yet we will use you to reach those who can go out and reach more."
       73. ({\ul \i From Mama:)} The Urals are the mountain range that divide Western Russia from Asian Russia. Someone in the spirit from beyond the Urals is pleading for us to reach the millions upon millions who need Jesus.
       74. ({\ul \i Prophecy continues, with the Lord speaking:)} "Do not come with a predetermined plan, but rather come yielded in My hand and I will guide you, I will direct you. For this is the plan in which I would use you to reach My many sheep in these lands. Go forth, preach the gospel to every creature, and ye shall come bringing your sheaves with you. Many sheaves, multitudes of sheaves, multitudes and multitudes of children of David have I for you to reach! Go forth and I will go forth with you."
       75. ({\ul \i From Mama:)} As the Lord said in one of the prophecies which you read earlier in this GN, we need to be ready and willing to do new things in new ways in order to reach the multitudes that need to hear the Words. We need to hear from Him, to follow His directions, to try the methods He shows. So pray and seek Him and He will show you what to do.
       * * *
       76. ({\ul \i CRO:)} "So great is the excitement and so vast is the picture that it is hard to know where to start. But it is very simple. Have I not placed in each one of My children the burden to live My Words? And what a joyous day this is for them, and especially for all of them who come to these lands. For they can be like My disciples of old, whom I sent out two by two. I told them not to take scrip for their journey, and whatsoever city they would enter into, to find those who are worthy, and then they would receive them and care for them and supply all their needs. These are My children that I will care for. I will give them food and clothing. I will give them faith for each step of their journey.
       77. "So please let My people go. Let My children go, and worry not. For this is a day to live the simplicity of the gospel, that they may learn the true value of the Spirit and the true value of the power of My Word, for they can live it now in all simplicity. They shall go out and pray and say, `Lord, we have need of a ticket.'--And I will give it to them. I will provide the miracle that they need to bring the joy that has been missing into their hearts.
       78. "{\ul They will say, `Lord, we need a meal. Please give us something to eat}.' And they will meet someone who will not only give them something to eat, but who will receive of them every word that they have to say, and who will then take their hand and lead them to their friends, and lead them to housing and shelter, and lead them to a pool of people. And into this pool My children will pour in the refreshment, pour in the food, pour in all they have from their bags, and their bags will not be empty. Like the cruse of oil and the bag of meal, nothing shall be empty for them. For if they pour out, I will pour into them, and I will give and give through them. I will do miracles for them, and their sheaves shall be the joy and rejoicing of their hearts.
       79. "This is a joyous day for your land! For your children shall be able to live the life of a disciple! Put shoes on their feet, give them clothes on their back, pray for them, and kiss them goodbye and let them go. They will go forth weeping for the sheep, but first they will go forth with joy. They long to go forth, so let them go. Please, let them go! There are friends out there for them. There are kings and queens out there for them. There are children out there for them to lift into their arms. There are the broken and the destitute and the lost. There are the dying out there. There are the bleeding out there.
       80. "It is very true what I say unto you; even My younger ones are shepherds. Please send them forth. Let them grow. Let them have the joy of witnessing. Not only the joy of witnessing, but they carry a great commission in this very short time to bring salvation to many many people."
       81. {\ul \i (From Mama:)} Again, in this prophecy, the Lord is indicating that if we wish to reach Russia and the former Soviet republics, it will require smaller teams going out by faith, as the disciples did, as our early pioneers did. The Lord is promising to supply the needs, the friends, the kings. This is how Europe, South America and the East were all pioneered! Small teams went by faith and the Lord supplied and multiplied. Perhaps if some of our teens were to go on such teams, they would be ignited with the same fire that our first teens were when they went pioneering. The Lord says that the people there are broken, destitute, lost and bleeding. He's pleading with us to reach them!
       * * *
       82. {\ul \i (CRO:)} "There are many pools and reservoirs. Make reservoirs that will hold the water of My Word. Make reservoirs and way stations that they may contain the Word of God, and they may house and feed and clothe those who are traveling along their way, that they may stop for a night before they continue on their journey. As they go forth, give them lodging that they may rest their weary soul, that they may drink of the pools, that they may drink deeply of the reservoirs and they may continue on with their journey. And when they reach their destination, they will know that that is the place that they must stay to make a reservoir, to make a pool, to make a way station, that they may be a continuation of the line of reservoirs and pools and way stations, and they may continually lead those who must go on."
       83. ({\ul \i Vision:)} There is a picture of pools on a map. First there is one pool, and then someone goes from that pool who makes another pool, and then another pool, like steps, but each one is a little reservoir. And those coming along drink at one reservoir and then they move on and drink at another reservoir, but they are continually making new pools and reservoirs as the line grows.
       84. Then there is also a picture of inspiration, when people hold hands and make a tunnel. Two people would go through the tunnel and when they got to the end they would stop and they would extend the tunnel so other people could go through. It was like a continual process where people were going through the tunnel and stopping, and it kept extending the tunnel. I don't know how it connects, but somehow the pools and reservoirs were places where people would get filled up and could read the Word and get strengthened. But they weren't to stay there for very long, they were to keep moving and establish another reservoir, and then the people behind them would come and be refreshed and go even one step further and create another reservoir.
       * * *
       85. ({\ul \i CRO:)} I got a picture of a map, too, with a whole maze of red dots with red lines that led between each one. The word I got was "granaries," that each was a granary that would supply the literature for the people to take out with them. I was praying and asking the Lord, "How do we supply the needs of these teams?" And I got the picture to have set granaries where people can come get the literature to go out with it.
       * * *
       86. ({\ul \i From Mama:)} The CROs felt that the Lord was showing that there should be a chain of small Homes going out further and further into Russia and the other republics of the former Soviet Union. This way, when a team is traveling even further out, they could stop and fellowship in these Homes. Teams could base from these Homes, pick up their mailings and distribution literature while spending most of their time on the road, witnessing in the areas surrounding the Home.
       87. There are many exciting prospects in these and other needy countries, for those of you who feel called, who are willing to lay down your lives to reach the lost with His love, His Words and His salvation.
       88. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!" (Romans 10:13-15).
       89. Who will go? Who will reach them? Is the Lord calling you? If so, tell your friends, your contacts, raise some home support and then go! "Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature!"

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