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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.80--The Aum Prophecies!       Maria #272       DO 2991       5/95
--By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. I love you! God bless you, my precious ones! I imagine all of you have heard of the nerve gas attack in Tokyo and how members of the Aum Shinri-kyo religious group, a Buddhist sect with some Hindu beliefs, have been implicated. (Aum Shinri-kyo means "Supreme Truth" in Japanese.) Those of you who are in Japan have felt the intensity of this incident, and its repercussions are affecting your lives. Most of you outside Japan have not yet been greatly affected by the negative attention focused on this group, and you may not realize what the far-reaching effects of these events may be. The following short summary of news from Japan should give you a clearer picture of how strained things have become, and the atmosphere of suspicion and fear which now exists.

              2. On March 20th, sarin gas (a lethal nerve gas) was released on a number of subway trains in Tokyo, resulting in 12 people dying and 5,500 being seriously affected. A Buddhist splinter group, Aum Shinri-kyo, became the focus of attention in the resulting investigation. In April, a month after the first tragedy, 500 people at a train station in another city near Tokyo were afflicted with stinging eyes and sore throats, and just two days later two dozen people at a nearby shopping center were sent to the hospital with the same symptoms!
       3. These three gas attacks within the space of a month have gotten all of Japan in an uproar. The police and authorities have had 110,000 people employed simultaneously nationwide to zero in on the investigation against the Aum* sect, and their communities throughout Japan have been subject to police raids. *(pronounced "Om," like the Buddhist mantra many hippies used to chant when meditating.) Some of their children have been taken by government authorities, and their belongings and assets have been seized. Even some of their buildings have been totally demolished.
       4. Riot police are sometimes seen in full battle gear on strategically located street corners, and plainclothes policemen are everywhere. High security has been in force in all train and subway stations: Coin lockers were sealed, vending machines unplugged, garbage cans removed or sealed, and passengers constantly being urged to be on the lookout for suspicious people, boxes or bottles. Those who have had any contact with the Aum, including academics and lawyers, are also being investigated, often having their phones tapped in order to monitor possible links to Aum.
       5. News about Aum and the police investigations, combined with very negative rhetoric about cults in general, has filled the Japanese press for weeks on end, even surpassing the seven-week spread of articles against the Family, which could be viewed as almost nothing compared to what's been written about Aum. Meanwhile, CAN-affiliated "experts" are being interviewed in countries around the world, as well as visiting Japan, and therefore the vast majority of international press on Aum has also been very negative.

              6. Needless to say, after hearing many reports about all this and knowing that what was happening in Japan would probably affect our Family worldwide, we decided to ask the Lord to give us His evaluation of the subject. Below is my prayer and following are the Lord's wonderful answers in prophecy, to which I've added some notes of interpretation.

       Mama's Prayer
       7. Thank You Jesus! We love You! Thank You so much for this wonderful privilege to be able to hear from You, and to be able to come before You to find the answers to these questions that nobody knows.--Well, nobody knows except for whoever is orchestrating things. Our academic friends are trying to figure out what the situation is, and our people in Japan are trying to figure out what is going on and what is behind the attack on this Japanese Buddhist group, which is so much like the attacks that have been made on us, although it is much more vicious and obviously it is much more widespread in Japan than what was done to us. Over 100,000 police are involved and they've arrested so many people for any sort of minor charge while the main investigation is going on.
       8. So they're really in earnest, not only waging a vicious media campaign, but they are going much further in actually taking drastic action against this group, which You didn't allow to happen in our case, because we're innocent and You're with us to protect us. That's what the slanderous media campaign could have led to very easily. Lord, we know our enemies would like to do the same thing to us, and probably even worse.
       9. For the sake of our Family in Japan, and also worldwide, we need Your answers on how to react to this situation. Whenever something like this happens, it affects all non-traditional groups outside the mainstream. Even if it isn't intentionally orchestrated to try to get at us, we know that the Enemy's ultimate goal is to destroy us, because he hates us and because we are the very worst threat to his plans. So we know, of course, that this is designed by the Enemy to hurt us, too.
       10. But, Lord, we would like to know what is the thinking of the people behind it, and if this is really an intentional conspiracy, and why, and if there is anything intentionally directed by the people at the top against us through this. We would like to know exactly what is in these people's minds who are attacking this group and their reasons for this attack. Are they intentionally trying to get us through this too?
       11. And Lord, what are we supposed to do about this? We have a very important work there with many very important people. You have kept us there so miraculously for so long against all kinds of attacks, and we've been amazed at how You have engineered it and how You've kept us in spite of everything that naturally could have cut our time short in Japan. But we stayed and You protected us.
       12. Can we weather this? How should we act and react to this? Are we going to be able to come through this unscathed? It looks a little shaky right now, with the public so freaked out about cults and anyone that is not like they are, with the media whipping up all this fervor against the Aum and any other small religious groups who don't live like they do or hold the same mainstream beliefs.
       13. We really need to know if we are supposed to do anything, and if so, what action we are supposed to take for the future of Your work and with the authorities and with this group. What is going on, and what are we supposed to know about it? And how much of it is just all made up, all staged? Lord, we don't know what else to ask, but You know what we need to know, so please do show us.
       14. Anything that happens against a small religious group like this has repercussions worldwide. This thing is really big and it has already had big repercussions in Russia. And of course then there is the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City in the U.S., another thing making life very difficult for small religious groups outside the mainstream. And we know it is all designed by the Devil to try to destroy anyone who is preaching the truth, especially those like us who are preaching so much truth so vigorously. We know he can never destroy the truth, but he can certainly make it more difficult to preach it. We need to know what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to react.
       15. So help us, Lord. Do tell us. You know all the secrets involved and what is happening behind the scenes, and You can show us and help us to know. You said that if we call unto You, You will answer us and show us great and mighty things that we know not. We claim that, Lord. We don't know anything, but You know everything and You can see all these things so clearly. So please help us to know so that we will be able to react in the right way and do what You want us to do and be prepared, in Jesus' name. Thank You Lord!

       16. "Behold the power and protection that I have given unto My children, the children of David. For when the Evil One (Satan) sought to destroy you and launched his attacks against you here and there around the world, so did I protect you and so did I raise up those who would fight for you in the courts of man.--Those who would speak out for you, who would write for you and who would stand up for you, yea, for My truth.
       17. "And, lo, none of your children were taken, and none of your children shall be taken." (Mama: The Lord means here that none of our children have been taken from us permanently as a result of police raids, etc.) "For I have protected you and I have encamped Mine angels about you, and I have brought forth great victory out of seeming defeat. And this is because I love you, My children, and because ye sought Me, and because ye cried out unto Me, because ye claimed My Word and ye stood strong and fast, because ye proclaimed the truth and because ye are My children.
       18. "Things could have been so much different, but ye called out to Me and ye trusted Me and ye had faith in Me. Ye rolled away the stone, doing that which ye could do, crying out to Me and beseeching Me, and lo, I heard your prayers, I saw your tears, and I came forth to your rescue. I raised up those that helped you and that do help you and that will help you." (Mama: Lord help our precious academic and legal friends.)
       19. "Since the Evil One could not destroy you directly, he now useth an indirect manner. For by attacking and vilifying those who believe in My coming, those who preach that I will return, that the End is near (Mama: All the "apocalyptic cults," as they are called), he doth achieve a dual purpose. He paves the way for the Man of Sin (the Antichrist), and he works to discredit the Words of David. I say that he prepares the way for the Man of Sin by seeking to discredit all those that speak of Me and of My return, or that speak of the End, or that speak against the plan of the Man of Sin." (Mama: From what little we have heard, the Aum group believe that the end of the world is imminent, possibly 1997, and have also spoken out against an international conspiracy.)
       20. "I ask you this question, are you not willing to lay down your life for Me? Then know and understand that there are those who serve Satan who are willing to lay down their lives for him, who are willing to suffer, to be jailed, to undergo hardship that they can help to bring about his plan, that they may help to pave the way for the Man of Sin." (Mama: It's not real clear here who it is that the Lord is referring to that is willing to be jailed and undergo hardship. It could be that there were those who infiltrated the Aum as agents of the "men in high places," whom the Lord talks about later on in this prophecy, who committed the crimes, thus bringing down the wrath of the System on the Aum because of their message. Or it could have been some within the Aum who were willing to do these evil deeds--or both working together.)
       21. "And as ye seek to do good and to draw nigh unto Me and to perform My will, so these do seek to draw nigh unto the Evil One. And as in drawing nigh unto Me, you are given love and a pure heart, as these draw nigh unto the Evil One they are given hatred, and a dark and evil heart, that they would perform the works of Satan. These wicked ones are willing to destroy life and to do the bidding of Satan in order to pave the way for the Man of Sin" (the Antichrist).
       22. "And there are those in places of high power, in places of might with these evil hearts who are willing to do the bidding of the Evil One. There do not have to be many, just a few placed in the right places, in high places, that direct, that work behind the scenes to bring about these things that discredit the voice of truth.--Whether it be My voice, or whether it be a voice raised up against the Evil One and the Man of Sin. For these must squelch all truth, not just pure truth, but any truth. And so they work, and so they conspire, and so they try to defeat. And because they could not defeat you and bring you down and therefore bring down the pure truth, thus they attack these that are weaker, these that have not My power, these that have not My protection. Thus they can chip away at the foundation of truth, and they can slowly silence the exposing of the Man of Sin and the plan of the Evil One." (Mama: When the Lord speaks of those in "high places," He is apparently referring to those who are part of the Antichrist conspiracy to take over the world, and who thus work against any groups who preach any truth, especially any that expose them and their plans.)
       23. "They will go to any lengths, for their hearts are full of evil and of deviltry. They work to make anything good look bad. They work to quench any fountain of truth, even small fountains, even little truths. So beware, for ye are a fountain of truth. Yea, ye are a river of truth, an ocean of truth, and these wish to squelch you. But they know the time is not now, for they have been defeated, they have been made fools of, and they have seen that the power of the children of David is stronger than the power of man. For the power of the children of David is the power of God. They see that I have protected you and kept you, and I have not allowed you to be defeated.
       24. "So they wait and they weaken the structure of truth and the foundation of truth, and they turn the minds of the masses against those that believe any truth, against those that speak of My coming, against those that speak against the Man of Sin, that expose the evils of society, that expose the plans which come from the Evil One. They keep chipping away and chipping away, so that in the minds of man they will be right in attacking you. But they know the time is not now, for the time now is to chip away at the foundations and to indoctrinate the minds of man." (Mama: Largely through the media.)
       25. "So proclaim the truth! Pour forth the Words of David! And resist those that seek to squelch the truth. Spread your doctrine, spread the message, give out the Words, for the Words of David are the antidote to the lies of Satan. The pure truth that I have poured forth unto you is the water that washes and cleanses the minds of man from the pollution of the Evil One, from the distortion of the Evil One, and from the deception of the Evil One. For the Words of David rip the cloak off the lies and the deception and the deceit that have poured forth." (Mama: The Words of David have cleansing power, power to open blinded eyes to the truth, power to lighten their darkness, power to dispel confusion and give direction in a directionless world. For you alone are the keepers of these Words, and only from you can they come. You're full and running over with them, and the world waits desperately for them! God waits too!--To see what you will do! He can't do the job by Himself!--He needs you!)
       26. "So hold not back the Words of truth, the Words of David, the message of God. Be not afraid to proclaim My coming, to expose the works of Satan, the plan of the Man of Sin. Pour forth My message and I will pour forth My blessings. And I will protect you as I have protected you. I will keep you as I have kept you, until the time comes when I will release their restraints, that I may return." (Mama: Part of their plan is to make you afraid to say anything. They want you to cower, to be intimidated and afraid. But your protection is going to be in obeying the Lord and proclaiming His message! So don't be afraid! Be bold! Give them the truth!)
* * *

              27. (Mama:) There were tremendous answers and counsel in the above prophecy. The Lord revealed much to us and answered many of our questions. However, there were still more things that we needed to know, such as, "Have these people, the Aum, really committed these crimes, or not? Or is this a set-up, with someone else having done it but having made it look like it was done by the Aum?" Also, "Should we have any kind of contact with these people? Should we defend their rights?" etc. Therefore we asked some of our prophets in a different WS unit to pray and to hear from the Lord on this matter. Those praying read my prayer (above) but they did not read the above prophecy before their prayer session. Below are the prophecies which they received.

       Further Prophecies about the Aum Group
       28. "Ye see him here, ye see him there, this Evil One who doth seek to destroy you. He stirs a fire here, then he stirs a fire there, but his main purpose is to destroy you. For did not your Father David tell you how the Evil One rants and raves and is angry every day with the truth that you preach and the way you set men free with the Words of My love? He does rant and he does rave and he is angry, and he is prepared to do something about it! Be not dismayed when you see these fires. This fire in Oklahoma and this fire in Japan, this fire in Russia, and this fire in Bulgaria.--These fires to try to snuff out the truth and the preachers of the truth." (Mama: These "fires" are not necessarily literal, but refer to the different upheavals that the Enemy has caused in order to accomplish his plan. This includes the bombing in Oklahoma City, the gas tragedy in Japan, the resultant retaliation against Aum throughout Russia, as well as other anti-NRM legislation in the Russian parliament, and similar action against the Family and other non-Orthodox church Christians in Bulgaria.)
* * *

       29. "Many are called, but few are chosen because so few choose My way, and these (the Aum) have not chosen My way. Therefore have they been cursed with a false doctrine, a false leader, and they have placed their faith in untruths because they are easy to believe, because they make them feel better.
       30. "There is some truth in their religion, even as there is in meditation and in healthful living and in avoiding stress. These are good ways to live, but there is a difference between good living habits and worship. In worshipping this man they have done an abominable thing which is evil in My sight. Yet there are sheep among them who are hungry for the truth, who want to believe and be saved, but are misguided. Therefore pray for these, for they are in the clutches of the Enemy, and now they are in the clutches of the System.
       31. "For this ugly beast of the System doth rant and rave against any religion, even false religions, because these religions oppose the program of the System. They cannot be nailed down, they cannot be contained. Therefore, the worldly System abhors any religion, any faith that is not placed in it, that does not worship it. Therefore pray for these, some of whom are My little ones lost in the clutches of the Enemy, that they may come to the truth, that they may be saved. For it is My will to save My little ones." (Mama: Apparently the Aum is somewhat like the Solar Temple group in that respect, who though evil and misguided, still preached some truth. They both preached that the End was near, and they both opposed the System, so whether or not they had committed crimes, the System would have still been out to get them.)
* * *

       32. "These are the times of the End in which the Evil One will try to conquer and overcome. He has now used the media, particularly television, as his means of propagating his evil deeds worldwide. Though the nations be apart politically, they are closely linked through the media. Therefore, he is able to soil and destroy and propagate lies, and spoil that which is good.
       33. "Behold the bitterness of the disgruntled! For it is not the marginal ones who have done this--those who desire a good thing and would separate themselves from the System, that they may build a better nation, a better system, according to their own pleasure, choice and aspirations. Consider the disaster in Oklahoma. For this was not instigated by the marginal ones, but by the marginals of the marginal, those who have in bitterness wanted a bloody revolution, and have used weapons which were not intended to be used in this manner. In this they have turned against the very group which they once loved, admired, and were willing to die for."
       34. (Mama: The marginal ones that the Lord seems to be talking about here are groups like the patriots and the militias in the U.S. who are on the outskirts of society and are against the System and are fighting against it, but who are attempting to stay within the law. They are stockpiling weapons for defense--not to use on society at large just because they don't like it. They claim it is their constitutional right to bear arms and that they are not violating the law. But apparently there are some, those who the Lord labels here "disgruntled," who do not feel that these groups are moving fast enough or are going far enough in taking action against the federal government. So they may have taken matters into their own hands in a violent, bloody manner, in the tragedy in Oklahoma City.
       35. (Other examples of ex-members of marginal groups that the Lord is talking about here, who didn't feel that the group went far enough, could be those who took matters into their own hands and shot doctors who performed abortions. By their radical, bloody, illegal actions they discredit all anti-abortion groups, including those trying to fight abortion by legal means.)
       36. "It is the detractors of the Waco situation that have brought down the fire and have fed the lies to raise the ire of the System." (Mama: The detractors of the Waco situation that the Lord is speaking of here are probably the Branch Davidian backsliders, those like Mark Breaux, who after returning to Australia got the Australian media interested in Waco. Working with the anti-cult movement, he stirred up the pot against the Branch Davidians, which eventually got the American authorities involved.) "It is your detractors, worldwide, who have tried to harm you. But because you are innocent and harmless, and you use not the weapons of the System, they cannot pin you down to a crime." (Mama: They can't pin us down because we aren't guilty of any crime.)
       37. "But these are taking matters into their hands, for they trust not in Me and they look not to Me, and they think that their strength is greater. Therefore they have called upon themselves greater trouble than if they had looked to Me, even those who call themselves My children." (Mama: Now it seems like the Lord is talking about the marginal groups, not their disgruntled detractors.) "But these (the Aum group) are not My children, although I have amongst them sincere seekers of the truth who are still not satisfied with what they have found, but it is the closest thing to what they long for. They are not the guilty ones. It is their detractors who have used the same tools and have pointed the fingers and have raised the ire of the Evil One, and have raised the ire of the media and the whole world against them.
       38. "But why? Why is this fire put up here and there and everywhere? What is the purpose? What is the accumulation of all of these efforts? Can ye not see? Ponder the signs of the End. For they are but of one mind, the one mind that leads and directs and plans and orchestrates. For this is all orchestrated by the one who hates you most (Satan!), and his strategy is to hurt and hinder and destroy all those who resemble you, for the very purpose of getting to you. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. For as ye look to Me in your meekness and in your weakness, and do not depend on the arm of the flesh, ye will seem harmless to them." (Mama: Although there may or may not be a direct link between the Oklahoma bombing, the sarin gas attacks, the murdering of abortion doctors, the Solar Temple deaths, etc., one thing we know for sure is that the Devil inspires people in one way or another to do these things. He knows that by doing so, it reflects negatively and turns the hearts and minds of the masses against us and other similar groups, who are preaching the truth.)
       39. "But oh, your strength! Oh, the mighty power that you have through Me! For in listening and in hearing and in hearkening, ye can be ahead of this Evil One. Therefore, My children, ponder this new day and the commandment that I have given you to lean harder yet on Me. For it is not only important that ye hear My whispers, but it is imperative, it is necessary for your own survival. This is why this new day, this closeness, this greater dependence is so important. This is why it is important we be more one, that I may protect you and that ye may exercise the art of hearing from Me, so that I can lead and guide and direct your paths, your steps, every step of the way.
       40. "Therefore, daily call unto Me, and I will show you great and mighty things which ye know not. Do not make the mistake that these other marginal groups have made in leaning to their own understanding and taking matters into their own hands with power that is so minimal, so puny compared to the power of the Evil One. For he gathers not his forces in love, but in hatred. In pointing the finger, he is giving common denominators to all around him so that they will hear him and follow him." (Mama: Could these common denominators be all the similar characteristics of "marginal groups," such as their apocalyptic message, their aversion to the System, their dedication to their cause, their willingness to follow a leader, etc.?--All of which the Devil is trying to present as something bad, so that the general public perceives anyone who believes or does any of these things as evil. The Devil finds one of these groups that is bad and tries to persuade the public that all the other small groups are therefore bad as well.) "Therefore, My children, ye wield the greater weapon yet, of love and of hearing My whispers."
* * *

       41. "Fear not, nor be dismayed! For behold, I have placed a mighty sword {\ul \i [EDITED: "God's Word--Heb.4:12"]} in your hand, and with it ye shall smite your enemies upon the cheekbone. This sword is the sword of the Lord with which ye shall fight the battles of the Lord. But this battle is not your battle. For these people (Aum) live not in the light, but in darkness. For as I have said, they are not My children. Have I not said that in the latter days there shall arise many false christs who shall deceive many? Yet I do have My children among them, and for this have I smitten the fold of the false shepherd, that the sheep may be scattered and that those who are of Me may hearken unto My voice and come unto Me.
       42. "The Enemy doth take advantage of this situation. For it is his engineering. It is the engineering of the Antichrist, for he has sown seeds among the dissenters and amongst some of those who worship this false christ. He has used these seeds to bring about the destruction of these (the Aum), and he wishes not only to destroy them, but to attempt to destroy My true children.
       43. "But I have allowed this curse to come upon them, for they followed not after Me. Neither have they imparted the true waters of My Word unto the people, but they have imparted poisoned waters that have led them astray. But fear not the flood, the flood of fire that cometh out of the Enemy's mouth, that doth scorch this group and doth come near to scorch you, for I shall prevent it. Behold, the sword of the Lord shall stand between you and it. The presence of the Lord shall stand before you and the forces of the Enemy, even as in the time of Moses the fire of the Lord, the pillar of the Lord, did stand between the chariots of Pharaoh and the children of Israel as they did flee. Even so shall I stand before you and the forces of the Enemy, who do think that with this incident they may engulf you." (Mama: Even though it looks like the Family is going to be engulfed by this, it's wonderfully comforting to know that the Lord is going to take care of us. But we must stay on guard and be very prayerful and stay very close to Jesus.)
       44. "For I have allowed this as part of My plan. The Enemy knoweth that I have allowed this, and he thinketh that with it he shall overtake you. But in this he doth err, for ye are My children. Though a mother forget her own children, yet I do not forget you. Neither shall I fail to fulfill My promises of protection upon you. But be ye strong and of good courage and be vigilant, for the battle is not won through slackness of spirit, but it is won through vigilance. Be not rash. Be not hasty to utter anything before God or man.
       45. "Watch therefore, and wait on the Lord, even as David of old did wait for the signal of the Lord. In every occasion where he waited for the signal of the Lord, I did strengthen his army and he did overtake and overcome. Therefore be not rash, but wait on the Lord, be of good courage. The Lord shall strengthen you, and ye shall hold your peace.
       46. "The Spirit of the Lord shall guide you and My voice shall lead you, even as one who seeth doth lead about the blind. Therefore, take hold of My hand, for ye know not the way that you should go. Neither can ye see, for ye have not eyes like I have. Take firm hold of My hand and let it not go, and I shall be unto you a light.
       47. "Walk circumspectly before men and before God, and be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Give no appearance of evil, that your good be not evil spoken of. For behold, I have proclaimed your good works throughout the world, and I will continue to proclaim them. But the Enemy doth seek to spoil your good works. Do not allow that to happen by giving the appearance of evil.
       48. "But as ye stay close to Me, I will lead and guide you in how to fight this battle against the Enemy. For ye shall defeat him. This flood that he hath let out shall not overflow you, for I shall be a dam unto you. Though others be swept away, yet shall ye remain firm. Even so shall I perform all of My promises unto you and all that I have sworn unto your Father David." (Mama: All these promises of protection are conditional on whether you call out to the Lord and get His direction and obey it. Remember what He said: Without Him, you're blind and you can't see the way, so you have to ask Him and listen to His instructions.)
* * *

       49. "Nothing happens by accident. None of these things are random acts of violence. All these things are a part of a plan, things that I have allowed to happen to bring forth the events of the Endtime, but not things that I have caused to happen. These things are orchestrated by the Dark Magician who pulls the strings. For lo, there be his agents on both sides--those who say they are against the System and against the New World Order and against the plan, but who go to such extremes that they discredit the whole idea of anything alternative being able to exist. His agents are also definitely part of the System that is seeking to strengthen the laws and the powers that be, and to oppress those that think otherwise, and to silence dissent.
       50. "Who doth benefit by these things? Do these things cause the events of the Endtime to progress, or do they slow them down? Yea, each of these things has caused the Endtime events to be accelerated and to bring the Enemy's devices to pass. For he hath forecast his devices.
       51. "Take heed to the alliances that you make, that they be the alliances that I ordain. For lo, there were times in the past when kings made alliances that were not of Me, and they lost their lives. And there be other times when they made alliances that seemed ungodly, such as David hiding with the Philistines. So walk in wisdom, follow My voice, seek Me and I shall lead and guide you." (Mama: Be sure to get the Lord's confirmation on any folks or groups that you get involved with.)
       52. "Great is the power of the media to distort, to spread disinformation, to paint false pictures. Yea, they are magicians that can make things appear or disappear, that can make things appear that do not exist and make things that exist appear as if they do not. For did I not say that a flood will be unleashed on the earth, and the earth swallowed up the flood? (Rev.12:15,16). So look to Me and My Word, My standard, to judge things, whether they be so or not.
       53. "Do not underestimate the forces of evil. For ye know what I have said about the antichrists, about those who seek to rule the world, the agents of the Antichrist. Do not underestimate them, for their evil far exceeds even your imagination. Their ways are so devious that you cannot know them. I said to be simple concerning the things that are evil. I will enlighten you, I will show you the way, I will tell you what you need to know. I will show you who to make friends with and who to avoid." (Mama: If you ask Him!)
       54. "Beware, for this matter (Aum and the gas attacks) doth seek not only to discredit you but to discredit those that have stood up for you. Warn them. For your friends are those who could be attacked in this matter. Warn them who they make alliances with, that they should not sell themselves lightly or do things for material gain. I will provide for them and take care of them as they take care of you. But they should not equate others with you; they should not serve others. Warn them and share with them these things, and they shall be thankful. Yea, also feed them spiritually." (Mama: This warning is very fitting and timely, as we have just heard that some of our academic and legal friends were invited to Japan by the Aum group.)
* * *

       55. "Who is like unto the Beast and who is able to make war with him? For he causeth all, both small and great, to receive a mark on their hand or in their forehead. Behold, I show you a secret, a mystery: It is not always the fowler who lays the snare. But it is the fowler who plans, who decides, who designs the trap, who proposes the purpose for the trap." (At this point a vision came to me of someone saying to a boy, "You just put this land mine over there, son." And the man gives the boy the weapon, and the boy is just the hand who places it.)
       56. "Who can resist the Beast? Who can stand against him? Only I. Who is able to thwart his plans? You ask Me whether this group did it or not? I say unto you, yes, they did it. But did they? Who did it? Some weak link can easily be seduced." (Mama: It seems like the Lord is saying that it wasn't the whole group that was responsible, but some elements within it were.) "Many are seduced, many are cleaved to with flatteries. Ye yourselves will be beset with people trying to cleave to you with flatteries, people trying to get in and destroy you from inside. It is so easy for this to happen to these who are not Mine. Ye are practically the only ones impenetrable because of My Spirit protecting you." (Mama: If you pray!)
       57. "But who can make war on the Beast? What militia group, what organization, what forces, what arms are there on earth that can make war against him? For his wisdom is the wisdom of Satan, who directeth the prey to the trap. The trap is set in vain if it is set in the sight of the prey. It must be hidden and set in darkness. And what is the purpose of a trap? To capture, to control, to make merchandise of the bird or the animal caught or captured.--To eat and devour, or send into labor, or to work it. And this is the purpose of a snare.
       58. "Consider the hunters who beat the bushes and scatter the animals, who rush them over the cliffs to fall to their deaths. Consider those in Africa who beat the bushes or set fire to the bushes, and the animals run in fear and trembling into the trap, into the wedge or whatever it is, or into the weapons of the hunters. And so it is in this matter, for the Beast is upon the earth. He beats the bushes, he is hunting. The hunter is abroad, he is hunting this world. He beats, and the nations run headlong in panic right into his trap, into his full purpose.
       59. "He causeth all, both small and great, to worship him. Now how shall he cause them except he control them? How shall he cause them except he direct their actions? He causes them, he makes them to receive a mark, and they willingly receive it, for they are fearfully driven into the trap. And the trap is now set.
       60. "But look well to the Words of David. Look well to the Spirit of God. He that liveth by the sword, dieth by the sword, but he that trusteth in the Lord his God shall be delivered."
* * *

       61. "I say unto you, by their fruits ye shall know them. For this is the acid test. What are the fruits? Can an evil tree bring forth good fruit? Nay, it cannot. The end of that man is destruction. This man is a blind guide." (Mama: The leader of the Aum, who, interestingly enough, is partially blind.) "He leads them all into the ditch. For he was a false light and an evil system, and people did cling to that false light because of their traditions, because they said, 'We are Japanese, we will follow a Japanese religion. We will find the truth within our own religions. Christianity is a foreign religion.' So they did cleave to this man, who fed them a little bit of truth along with a lot of lies, and ye can see the end thereof.
       62. "For this man is a maniac. He did think in his heart to exalt himself as God, to call himself 'the venerated master.' The imaginations of his heart are abominable in My sight. He played right into the Antichrist's hands. Oh, what pride hath brought him low! For I am against the false shepherds who have mistreated their children and who have mistreated their sheep, and have caused them to wallow in the mud and in the foul pasture and did hide the light from them. See what is the end of this man. This man's ways are destruction. For he did forecast his devices, and then he put his evil plan into practice. Oh, the sheep, the poor lost ones who fell into his false fold! How they were deceived, and how they will be left desolate!
       63. "Have no part in this unfruitful work lest ye be besmirched. For it is a matter of evil fighting evil, a false prophet against a false system." (Mama: The Lord said, "Have no part lest you be polluted too, because it's a matter of evil fighting evil, and this false prophet against a false system." The Lord makes it very clear how very evil this leader is, very demonic. He also makes it clear that the man is preaching some truth mixed with a lot of lies. So just because someone is preaching some truth doesn't mean that they're necessarily righteous or good.--Much like the Solar Temple group, who the Lord said were very evil, but they also were preaching some truth that the System did not like. So the System fights them because they preach some truth, not because they are such good folks.
       64. (We have to be careful that we're not deceived. Just because someone comes around preaching some kind of truth doesn't necessarily mean that they're good folks or that they're righteous or that they're godly. We need to really "try the spirits" [EDITED: "1John 4:1"] and discern, and ask the Lord to show us what is the case and what kind of people they are. However, there are many groups who believe differently than we do, but who are good people and who are doing nothing illegal, who are not criminals and who are trying to find the truth and live good lives. The Lord may even want us to work with such people and help them in some way.
       65. (So the main thing is to get the Lord's mind on the matter and see how He views them, so that we don't unwittingly get entangled with those who are perpetrating evil deeds. Ask the Lord for wisdom and He will show you who can be a true friend.) "But ye are called out as lights. Behold, ye are lights amongst gross darkness. Therefore, let your light so shine that they may see your good works and so glorify your Father which is in Heaven.
       66. "Seek not to hide or cover up, for your very openness is your protection. For by your transparency people will see that they have nothing to fear from you. So it will put to flight the armies of the alien one, who will seek to besmirch you, who will seek to say, 'See! These are like they! They are all evil! Let us be done with all of them!' If ye hide in your closet and put your light under a bushel, then your works shall come to naught. But nay, let them see. Show them your good works, that they may glorify your Father." (Mama: It's been our very openness and our willingness to open our Homes to invite all kinds of people in to see us and study us and ask us questions that has shown the world that we have nothing to hide. Likewise, going out and ministering to the poor and needy has shown people our motives and what we're all about.)
* * *

       67. "Since the light that is in these (the Aum group) is darkness, how great and how gross is this darkness. For these be children of the night and children of darkness. Yea, I give unto you these words: infiltration and agitation. For they be keys to that which the Enemy has wrought with these. For even as they have sought to protect themselves and to launch an offensive against that which to them doth offend (the System), even so have the agents of the Evil One perpetrated this evil by infiltration and by agitation.
       68. "In Oklahoma, in Japan, and other places, these agents--many of whom were from former wars and turmoil in which they did work their works in cloaks of darkness for their governments and for their masters--have been loosed upon this earth to hunt for opportunities in which they can inflict damage for the benefit of their cause." (Infiltrators and agitators.)
       69. "Yea, a little while and He (Jesus) that shall come will come (Heb.10:37). The Enemy doth know this and he is wroth. For he knoweth that he hath a short while. Therefore, be not deceived by the Great Society, this great society which the media is forming in the minds of those who view these events and who are taught and browbeaten day after day with the formation of ideas with which the Enemy would like to feed them.
       70. "As I have said unto you, warn your friends who do seek the truth and who love the truth, that they be wary and they be in the fear of God, that they speak not when they know not and do not broadcast that of which they are ignorant, but seek to know deeper and greater truth. Yea, warn them.
       71. "As you warn them, I warn you. As I have said, 'Come out from among them, the ungodly System, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, that ye be not partakers of her sins and plagues.' Therefore keep yourselves clean and separate from these who have perpetrated evil with violence and with the sword of the flesh. For there be many agents who search for bitter and angry men. They fan the fires and they seek to provoke that which might not even occur were it not for their help and their agitation. They have done these things for many years, but as the time goes on they are becoming more and more wise, more aware of that which is necessary to irritate and provoke others to evil action.
       72. "For though they did evil in My sight, is it not of the Enemy? Is it not of the Enemy to tempt and then to accuse? Is it not of the Enemy to draw away a man by his own lust, and when he is enticed he fulfilleth it and he dieth? Even so hath it been.
       73. "Speak unto your people in Japan, for they know of a great confederacy, that there be much money and great finances and great wealth which is employed to this end.
       74. "The time groweth short and this hath been revealed unto you several times, that the Enemy's tactic is to look for the Achilles heel, that which is weak and that which is unstable, and then provoke it to do that which is evil. Therefore, remove yourselves far from these. Stand for that which is true and firm and solid. Lift your banner high for that which is good. I am with you, and those who look to the light shall see the light in you.
       75. "And your friends and helpers, these academics who do seek and grope, warn them, that they be moved with caution and in the fear of God. Even though this might be something strange to them, they need to hear from you. They need to be spoken unto by the mouth of My prophets, that they might profit withal. They shall hear these words and they shall be forewarned and forearmed. For I have withdrawn you from others who had evil alliances and fleshly intentions. Therefore, withdraw your foot, keep your distance, and I will protect you and keep you."

       Visions and Verses
       76. I saw this thing that looked like a trap. On the left side were all the Aum people, and on the right side were other people. And in between there were lines drawn, like a network, but it was a very messy thing, it wasn't neat and clean. And the Aum people were all covered with these black, icky blobs. I didn't really know what it meant, but with it I got the words, "It's a dirty business."
       77. Then as the prophecies went on, what came to me about this picture was that it's not even clear who is with the Aum and who is with the other side, that people are crossing back and forth, so it's not clear-cut whether the Aum did it or other people did it. But that's why it's so mysterious, because there is all this crisscrossing and these networks, and it's not a clear-cut situation. There are innocent people involved, and that's why you wouldn't just say, "The Aum did it," because maybe there are people within the Aum who did it, but not the whole group. [EDITED: "Others say they received the same impression."]
* * *

       78. I got a picture of someone felling a tree. The person was striking at the base of the tree. I saw very clearly that the axe would cut a little wedge and then chop again and make another little wedge, and it was making the wedge bigger and bigger and bigger until the whole base was cut off, and then the tree collapsed. It didn't make any sense to me, I didn't understand it. But as I was praying about it, what came to me is that the tree was the Aum, and the axe was the Antichrist who was cutting down the tree. And then I started getting the word "infiltration," which is a word that came out in a later prophecy. That's what I got, that it's an infiltration. It wasn't like the tree was being sawed down, but it was being chopped down from the side. The chopping was like an infiltration, and that's what caused the collapse of the tree.
       79. (Mama: How good the Lord is to reveal such mysteries to us, His children. What love our Father has bestowed upon us to give us these words of wisdom and protection and instruction and warning. May we study and heed them, that we may be doers and not hearers only, that we may carry on this great work with His protection and blessing. Seek Him daily, proclaim His Word and fear not. You're in His hands and He loves you and He needs you--and He has great things in store for you! Much love and prayers, Mama.)

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