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--Prophecy about God's Marvelous Plan for China!--By Maria
Maria #281        DO 2999

              1. In FSM 275, "Words of Encouragement, Guidance and Instruction for 1995," a prophecy and a vision which were received at Summit '95 are included, which seemed to be about China, encouraging us to reach the multitudes of that great country. We repeat them here for your reference:

                2. Someone saw a vision of a map of Asia and along with it the words, "I will make a way in the wilderness and I will open up the gateways to the Great Nation." If any nation in Asia could be called "The Great Nation," it certainly would be China. Any other nations which could be termed "great" are already open to the Gospel, but this one is still officially tightly closed.
* * *

         3. The prophecy that was given is as follows: (Clapping in rhythm.) "These are songs. This is the clapping of the quiet ones, the silent ones, the humble ones. This is the tapping of their chopsticks on bowls. This is the tapping of their bare feet on the ground.
         4. "We are the forgotten ones. We are the rejected and despised ones. We are the ones bent low. We are the quiet ones. We are the faithful ones. We are the serving ones, and we wait to care for you in the day of your need.
         5. "But we ask you to care for us now. Search us out, find us and feed us, and we will in turn feed you in the day of famine. There in our faithfulness we are trudging along day by day, being faithful to our simple song, our simple clapping, our simple joys, the simplicity of our fields. We will be rewarded, and our greatest reward will be to feed you in the day of famine. For we shall provide for you food, we shall provide for you humble shelter. Though it be lowly, though it be hidden away, though it be thatched, though it be without array, we shall feed you, for this is our calling and this is our place.
         6. "But we ask you now to lift up your eyes and look onto the field of millions, millions, millions of people who walk the humble road, trudge along day by day, and who have not heard the Words of David, have not heard the Words of Jesus, have not even heard a word, have heard nothing. We obey and we follow and we simply do our job, but we are rejected and we are forgotten and we are despised.
         7. "Feed us! Feed us now! Feed us now before it is too late! Do not be afraid of our silence. Do not be afraid of our closed doors. Do not be afraid of our traditions. Do not be afraid of our foreboding houses. Do not be afraid of us. Do not be afraid when we put up our pride in front of you. Stop us, come before our path. Get in front of us and stop us, so that we might lift our head, lift our shoulders and be lifted all the way to salvation.
         8. "Please lift us up, and feed us. Please feed our children. We have faith that even if ye do not feed us, we will find you one day. But please feed our children. We do not want them to go starving and hungry any more. Come into the lands where ye have not been up until now. Come and feed us; come and find us. There will be a way. Ye can get in--Jesus will make a way.
         9. "Will ye come? Will ye look for us? We are lowly, we are quiet, we are meek. We are hard to find, we are hard to reach. We are hard to speak to, we are hard to communicate with, but please, come and find us! Come and feed us, and we will care for you." (End of prophecy.)

              10. (Mama:) What an impassioned plea for us to reach these people with Jesus' love! What amazing promises if we will do it! After closely studying this prophecy, it seems fairly certain that the people being heard from are the Chinese, and the country being spoken of is the great land of China with its mission field of millions upon millions of people. The Lord is apparently trying hard to get our attention through this very moving request. If He is, we can't just ignore it, but we must take notice of it and do something about it. Since China is very dangerous for Christians who preach the Gospel, we felt burdened to ask the Lord for further details about what He wanted us to do, and how. Here's what we asked Him, followed by the marvelous surprising answer He gave us.

Prayer and Prophecy for China!
       11. ({\ul \i Mama prays:)} We thank You, Lord, for this opportunity to come before You and hear Your voice, giving us the answers that we need. We suspect that this must be a subject that You are very interested in talking to us about, and one that is dear to Your heart, because it involves millions of souls that are precious to You. The reason we're bringing this matter before You is that when You spoke to the PACRO folks, You were giving them detailed instruction about Japan, and all of a sudden, in the middle of things, You threw in this other part that appears to be speaking of China.
       12. It sounds like You're trying to get through to us Your concern about the millions of poor folks there who have never heard of You nor Your love. But we really need some clarification and to see exactly what You're trying to tell us. This is a major thing to be telling us, to go into China, where our folks who have tried to do anything in the past have always been met with stiff resistance, and any of the nationals that they associated with were seriously harassed and persecuted.
       13. This is a very difficult and dangerous field to reach. We're not the only ones who have suffered at their hands; many other Christian missionaries have been persecuted and have had to flee. Those attempting to take in Bibles or encourage the local Christians have received violent persecution, as have the students who have spoken out and been branded "political dissidents." The local Christians who must remain there are strongly persecuted, many imprisoned for years. Many of Your children, Lord, wherever they come from, and whatever organization they're with, not only get expelled, but also severely persecuted. It's still really a closed country to the Gospel. And, Lord, it doesn't look like things are going to get too much better; in fact, things just seem to tighten up all the time.
       14. So Lord, this seems to be an important question for the Family. Are you really saying that You want us to start going into China at the risk of our lives? The conditions there are very hard and very difficult. Very few of our people speak the language, and even if they were able to go into China, wouldn't it be a waste for them to be able to do so little in such a vast country of millions with such great needs? They could only minister undercover, one-on-one, and how much good would that do when there are millions upon millions of people! And if what happens with other Christians is any indication, their presence there would probably be short-lived. The minute we start openly preaching Your name, Lord, it's very dangerous!
       15. Lord, we don't know if You're wanting us to make a big push on entering China, or what You're saying. So we really need You to explain this and tell us if this is something You want us to do, and when. We had pretty much given up on China because of our small numbers and with so much to do in other countries that are more receptive and where we can accomplish more. We have more or less let the China field be taken care of by all the other missionaries that have the burden to go in. As we've seen, they aren't usually able to stay very long, and it's difficult to do very much.
       16. There are so many questions about the situation, Lord, we just ask You to tell us the answers. We don't want to miss it if it really is a commission You're giving us. If it's a major one and we're supposed to get the Family involved in this, we want to take it seriously and we want to do what we can. But certainly, Lord, this is going to have to be a miracle of Thy doing, because it looks like an impossible situation to us. So if you want it, Lord, we know You can do it. You can get our people in and you can show us what You want them to do and how to do it. Other Christians are willing to sacrifice and they have gone in, and if You want us to, well, we can do it as they have.
       17. It's a great big plea from so many people to so few--we are such a small people, so few in number. To think that we can do anything to help these millions and millions of people is rather surprising. So, Lord, please explain to us a little more about this and tell us definitely if this is something we're supposed to be involved in in a big way. We don't want to miss it if it's Thy will, although we don't see how we can stretch much further. Our personnel are already spread out in so many places and we don't see how we could stretch the few people that could go in, to do anything of significance. But Lord, You've issued the invitation through that prophecy and we need to know exactly what You're talking about. So please tell us, Lord, what this means and what we can do to help and how we can get to them, and what tools we can use to do it, and how we can get in, and just what You want.
       18. Lord, they're Your precious people that You died for, and it doesn't seem that You would have told us those things if You hadn't wanted us to do something about it! You love them, Lord. You love them just as much as You love us, even though they're so different from us and so difficult to understand. But they're not any more difficult for You to understand than we are. In fact, we're all known to You--every detail, every thought, every longing. The longings of all Your creations are the same worldwide, because You've put that desire and that vacuum for You in their hearts. So in that respect, they're very much like us because they need You and they need Your love, just like we do.
       19. We don't really want to take on a lot more--in fact, we don't want to take on anything more! It seems we already have so much to do, and we have so few people. But help us to do Thy will, Lord. Give people the burdens, those that You want to go in. Lay it on their hearts, if it be Thy will. Speak to us now, whatever You have for us, in Jesus' name.

              20. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "I have allowed you to hear the cry of the empty and the lonely hearts that seek Me, for they came unto you, called out to you. As a hungry and a thirsty man beggeth for water and food, so have these begged for you to come in unto them and to bring unto them the truth, to feed them with the Words of David, to nurse them with the milk of My Word and to bring them My great gift of love and salvation, that they might live forever. This is the cry of these, My Chinese children, for they grope in darkness, not even knowing that there is light." (Mama: Besides the millions of Chinese to be reached in mainland China, there are many Chinese to be reached in other Asian cities, as well as Chinese communities worldwide. Maybe these are also part of the "gateways to the Great Nation"!)
       21. "Oh, what a price do their leaders pay for withholding the light from these their people!" (Mama: The Chinese leaders who have sought to destroy all religion for the last 45 years!) "For they have lived in darkness, they have quenched My light, they have led these people into a life of deep darkness, and I hold them accountable for the millions who have not heard My message, who have not seen My light. For they are the doers of darkness and they are the tools of Satan, and they reap the fruits of their darkness, of their deviltry! They reap them in this life through fear and worry that these, so many people, will turn and rebel against them. And because of this fear, they are harsh and they try to rein in such a multitude. But there are rumblings, many rumblings, and this brings upon them great fear, and in this time of fear, they attempt to increase their hold, their grasp.
       22. "But the cries of this people have come before Me, even as I have let you hear the cries of this people. And I say that the days of these evil ones are numbered, for I would that the children of this darkness be given My glorious light! So prepare ye for the opening--first a small opening, a crack, a hole in the dike which will widen and open--and it will allow you to take My message to this, a wonderful land that is encased in darkness.
       23. "Prepare ye the way! Learn to speak the language! Prepare My Words! Send forth spies into the land to seek out those who will help you, and prepare, for the cry of these children hath come before Me in My great halls. I have heard their cry, so be prepared. Be ready. Work to prepare, that ye may flood this land with My Words, with My Spirit, and with My glorious light!" (End of prophecy.)

              24. ({\ul \i Mama prays:)} Lord Jesus, thank You for Your great love, such wonderful love! Thank You for Your promises to do the miracle no man can do. You're going to do it, Lord! You're going to make the openings. You said the cries have come unto You, and You never fail those who desperately call out to You. You always make a way. We don't know how, You didn't tell us that, but we believe it because You said it. We were looking at all the impossibilities of the present situation, and not even taking into consideration that You could change the situation. Forgive us for our lack of faith. We should have realized that if You want something done You will certainly make the way to do it! Thank You Jesus! That's big news, Lord! Thank You Lord!
       25. Put the burdens in the hearts of those You know can do the job. Please help them to want to. As You've given dear Jondy (Ho) and Ruthie and others a burning desire to reach those people with Your love, and to be able to go to whatever lengths they need to do it, so You can give some of our other folks the burden too--even to learn their language that's so difficult. Help our people, help them to want to, Lord. Help them to have the burden for it, to stick with it, to learn it no matter what the cost. Thank You for dear Jondy and Ruthie who have been shining samples in that area and have fought to learn this difficult language. Bless all our Chinese nationals, as well as all the brethren who have worked in Chinese-speaking fields for years, laboring to learn their ways and minister to them. Give them great anointing and great vision and great skill and efficiency and rapidity in learning this language that they're going to need to communicate Thy Words.
       26. Help the translators, Lord. Help them to get the materials prepared. You said You're going to flood the land. That's monumental! A land with millions and millions of people, you used the word "flood." It certainly looks like an impossible situation, but You never tell us anything that's not true, and You must be going to do it somehow. Amazing, Lord! Help us to get ready, because You said you're going to do it! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!

              27. Well, there you have it!--An amazing answer! The Lord has revealed to us a great secret! At a time when things look as though they're going in exactly the opposite direction with greater restrictions and controls, the Lord is saying that He will deliver His children and that (another amazing promise!) they will be flooded with the Words of David! However, it sounds like it's going to take a while and the time is not now. He's telling us these great things because He wants us to prepare, which will take time. So be patient and do what He requires, so that when the time comes you will be ready! What wonderful, wonderful love, that the Lord will go to such lengths to reach that great people who walk in darkness, that they may see His marvelous light and hear the wonderful Words of David!

Prophecy for Jondy!
       28. P.S. As you noticed in my above prayer, I mentioned Jondy and Ruthie and how they have fought to learn the language. Others of you have done this as well, and you are to be greatly commended, not only for this, but for all the battles you have valiantly fought, and the victories you have won and are winning. Jondy and Ruthie, in particular, have made exceptional progress not only in their preparations to reach the Chinese with the Words of David, but in their personal walk with the Lord. They, as well as others, may think they have a long way to go, but the Lord looks at the great distance they have already come! We want to share with you here something that we got recently while in prayer for Jondy and Ruthie, because we think it will be a great encouragement to others of you as well who have felt God's call on your heart to win the Chinese people to Him:

              29. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "Behold the power of yieldedness! Behold the blessings that I pour forth upon thee for thy yieldednesses unto Me. For when thou wast strong in thine own might, and in thine own mind, and in thine own strength, and in thine own power, it was not possible for Me to pour forth the blessings upon thee that I would, for thou wouldest not. But as thou didst begin to yield unto Me and to say `yes,' and as thou didst begin to yield unto those that watched over thee, so I began to bless thee and pour forth My Spirit upon thee in new measure. And so will I continue to pour forth upon thee My blessings, My Spirit, My anointing. There is great, great power in yieldedness. There is great, great power in love--love for Me, love for others, and love for souls. As thou dost embrace the humble man, the kind man, the sweet man, the man that My Spirit maketh thee, so do I pour forth My blessings, My joy and the power of My Spirit.
       30. "For My way up is down. I have brought thee down to a low place, a quiet place, a humble place, that I may greatly exalt thee in the days to come. So learn, learn, learn to be the new man. Learn to be the humble man, learn to be the prayerful man, learn to be the Chinese man, that I may use thee in the days to come. For only those that are humble, that are yielded, that are vessels for My using, can be used in the way that I wish to use them. For the lowly and the meek, those that are dependent upon Me, those that hear My voice and those who obey My every whim, My every Word, My every thought, these are they that I can use in the days to come.
       31. "And who will these be? I say unto thee, they will be those that follow My road to humility, to yieldedness, to meekness, and to love. This is My love to thee, that I have brought thee into this place and I have put this burden into thine heart, a burden for these lost and lonely people, these that are devoid of My Word, of My Voice, and these that I will free to hear My message. So be ready, be prepared, and prepare thyself. For thou hast chosen a good thing, that thou canst spread forth the Words of David in the language of this land. Be not dismayed nor discouraged, for I give unto thee those that will help thee. For I have heard thy prayers, I know of thy desires. I know the earnestness of thine heart and thy desire to speak these words in the proper way that thou mayest be able to convey My love, My message, My Word, the Words of David unto this lost people. I have heard thy cry and I will answer thee. And I have heard the cry of thy loved one and your cries together, and I comfort you both. And I say to you both, that great is My love for you.
       32. "I love you for your willingness to take upon you this yoke--the yoke of preparing to reach these, a great people, with the Words of David. For though ye seem to be small, it is of My doing, that ye can be mightily used of Me, by My Spirit. So prepare, prepare, prepare as one prepareth to run a race! For lo, the race shall come and ye shall run, and because of your preparation, because of your love, ye shall run the race well. So do the lowly and do the humble and do the meek things, that I may highly exalt you in the days to come." (End of prophecy.)

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