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FRUITFUL CHILDREN!        Maria #282        DO 3000        4/95
--Prophecy About Smaller Homes Reaching Out!--By Maria

              1. (Mama:) The following prophecy was a little bit of a surprise!--Not the prophecy itself, but the subject! It came on one of those days where we were telling the Lord that we didn't want to ask Him any specific questions this time, because we wanted to just give Him leave to tell us whatever He had for us. We didn't want to be so full of our own subjects and questions that they restricted Him from giving us other important things that He might want to say to us, things that we might not be even thinking about, but that He wanted to bring to our attention. So on this day when we told the Lord to tell us whatever He wanted, and that we weren't going to ask any questions this time, the following is what He gave us!--Because He loves you and He wants to encourage you that you're moving in the right direction!

              2. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "For I have sent My children out from the large Homes into the small Homes that they may bring forth fruit, that they may be more fruitful unto Me; that they may be in more places, exposed to more people, reaching those that they would not otherwise reach. For I put you into smaller Homes to force you to get out more of My message that more may be reached, that ye may grow and that more may know of Me.
       3. "And as ye lift Me up, I will draw more men unto Me and unto you, those that would be aligned with you, those that will love you, those that will serve you, those that will support you, that will offer unto you a helping hand in time of need. For if ye feed them, so they will feed you. As ye minister unto them the spiritual things, they will minister unto you the physical things. I could not call them unto you in the large Homes, for they would go unnoticed and uncared for. But in the small Homes where they count, where they are important, and where you will properly care for them, I can send them for their benefit and for your benefit.
       4. "So open your doors unto these that are hungry, unto these that search, unto these that need the fellowship, the caring, the shepherding, the counsel, the wisdom. They need a listening ear, they need to be directed to My Word. They need regular feeding that they may be strengthened, that they too may become witnesses of My Word and of you unto others.
       5. "And though they may not be willing to leave all behind to serve Me, yet they can still serve Me by caring for and loving you, by witnessing in the place of their work and to their friends, and thus they can bring others unto you. And you can encourage these with your testimonies and with testimonies of My children all around the world. And these will support, these will help, and these will be proud to be part of you.
       6. "So have I moved you out of the large folds and into the smaller folds, that more can be added to your numbers. But ye are the leaders and these are the sheep. Feed them and care for them, become involved with them. Pour forth your hearts unto them. Pour forth your love unto them. Accept them and open your doors unto them. Be not afraid.
       7. "For though there be few that are willing to give up their all to serve Me, there are many who are willing to love Me, who are willing to acknowledge Me, who are willing to give some of their time unto Me. If they will take these steps, I will love them and bless them. There are many of these that would fellowship with you, that would be called by your name, that would huddle about you for the feeding of My Word. They will not be as ye are, wholehearted and dedicated, but they hunger and thirst for feeding, they seek for good shepherding, for love, for truth. And they would be willing to come unto you for these things. But ye must be faithful to feed and faithful to care for them.
       8. "Ye must give them that which they need, minister it unto them. In doing so, ye are fulfilling My commission to feed My sheep. And if ye care for, shepherd and love these sheep, ye will partake of their wool, of their meat and of their lambs, and ye shall be benefited.
       9. "For I have spread you out that I may multiply you. And now I say unto you, enlarge the borders of your tents. Draw a circle that brings them in, that they too may hear and benefit from the Words of David; that they, too, may hear and benefit from all that I do around the world; that they, too, may be part of this great work and of that which I will do; and that they, too, may partake of the heavenly reward!" (End of prophecy.)

              10. Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus, for Your wonderful, wonderful life-giving Words!--So valuable, so precious. They're priceless!--And You give them to us freely, because You love us and because You love Your sheep.
       11. Well, you see what the Lord thought was important to tell you. When He had His chance to say anything at all, this is what He said! So it must be very important and something that He wants us to really take note of and put into practice. Large Homes have their time and place, but the "in" thing now is small Homes, and the Lord makes a solid case for them. If you've ever doubted the wisdom of moving from the larger Homes to the smaller, this prophecy should dispel all those concerns.
       12. The Lord says He has put you into these smaller Homes in order to force you to get out His message! Again, you can see what He's the most interested in, if you haven't already gotten the point from the other material in this GN: Witnessing and winning the lost and feeding His sheep! He's used the Charter to be the vehicle to get you moving to small Homes. He has a two-fold reason: That more may be reached and learn of Him, and that you may grow as you learn to live according to the level of your faith by the rules of the Love Charter.
       13. The Lord says He couldn't bring these people to you in the large Homes because they would have been overlooked and neglected. So if you have wondered why you didn't have more kings and supporters in your large Home, it sounds like this may be the answer, or at least part of it.--Because in many cases you didn't properly care for them and because they weren't enough of a priority. Even though these friends that you will reach in your small Homes will not forsake everything and drop out, they can still serve the Lord by witnessing to their friends and bringing them to you, and by helping to support you with their time, their name, their money. They can help to supply for us physically as we help to feed them spiritually.
       14. But He says you must be faithful to feed them, and faithful to care for them. You must not neglect them. You must get involved with their lives and help them with their needs and their problems, and you must give them the Word. He says He has spread you out that He might multiply you--apparently one of His major purposes of the Charter. One, to help you to reach the lost, and another, to help you grow in Him. What an exciting challenge, what an exciting ministry, what wonderful promises! The Lord loves you and He loves them, and in His wonderful wisdom, He brings you together that both may be benefited. Three cheers for Jesus! We love You, we love You, we love You, dear Jesus! You're just so wonderful we can hardly stand it! We're just overwhelmed! We're overflowing!--With joy, joy, joy, joy, down in our hearts! And we want to flow all over others so they can have Your joy too!
       15. So let's do it, Team, okay? He's counting on us! Let's not fail Him! I love you and am proud of you!--Love, Mama

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