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FROM TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH IN AUSTIN!       Maria #285       DFO 3003       7/95
--Updates and Prayer Requests for the Brethren in Austin, Texas--By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. God bless you! We love you and pray for you. Thank you for your prayers for those who were involved in the traffic accident in Texas. The Lord is answering all our prayers wonderfully! Praise the Lord! He has been doing many miracles of healing, comfort, witnessing and supply, for which we are very thankful!
       2. Through prayer and prophecy, the Lord has been giving us and all those involved wonderful insight to this situation, including very helpful explanations about why the Lord allowed this to happen, how He is going to use it to bring about His plan, and how we should react to it. I thought you'd be especially encouraged to hear a few excerpts of a message from Dad, which he gave when he was comforting the parents whose daughters had gone to be with the Lord and him.

              3. {\ul \i (Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} "I know this seems to be a great defeat to you, I know that you feel condemned, you feel confused, your heart is breaking, you're in agony, you have questions that you need answered, and you're wondering why the Lord allowed this.
       4. "The Lord allowed this for many, many reasons: to work in your lives, to bring you closer to Him and closer to each other, to break your hearts, to cause you to be more sympathetic, to call out to the Lord more, to feel a greater need for Him, and a greater need for the Word. He also wants to use it to bring you closer to Heaven, to make you more Heavenly minded, to help you to feel closer to those of us on This Side.
       5. "He also allowed it so you can be a witness to others, to comfort others in their hour of need with the comfort that you find from the Lord. He also allowed it to teach lessons to the whole Family, because He certainly wouldn't allow something so important and so shocking to happen if He didn't intend for it to be a lesson for the whole Family!
       6. "So while it may seem like a loss to you now, in the long run there will be great gain! There will be great lessons! There will be great steps forward because of this. Because of this sacrifice there will be a rebirth, there will be an infusion of new life into our young people! They will learn lessons of prayerfulness, lessons of appreciating their time and life and mission on Earth. And they, too, all our young people, will feel closer to Heaven, because they will have these dear ones fighting by their side.
       7. "There are so, so many reasons, good reasons why the Lord let this happen. So you must not allow yourselves to feel condemned. You must not blame yourselves. You must not torture yourselves with lamenting and with remorse, but find peace and comfort in knowing that the Lord is in control. He could have stopped this, He could have prevented this. The Lord is all-powerful! He is the God of the universe, the Creator of all things! All power is given unto Him in Heaven and in Earth! He knew every detail of the road trip of these young ones. Of course He could have prevented this, but He allowed it for many, many good reasons.
       8. "So don't let yourselves feel guilty or condemned or remorseful, but find in His Words and in these Words from me and from Him, peace and joy and relief and surcease from your pain and from your suffering. For your young ones are in His care now, and they are in my care, and I love them. And this is not a bad thing, this is a wonderful thing! This is a great step forward! This is a wonderful graduation. Death--the ultimate orgasm! Death--the final release from the weights of the flesh into the glories of the Spirit and all that Heaven has to offer! It's marvelous!" (End of excerpts of message from Dad.)

              9. ({\ul \i Mama:) }The Lord also gave us extraordinary glimpses into the Spirit World and Heaven through other very encouraging and comforting messages from Him and Dad, and even from the dear teen girls who died in the accident. We hope to get this full story out to you in GNs as soon as possible, starting with this rush issue to keep you abreast of recent developments and to request your continued desperate prayers.

Progress and Answered Prayer in Austin
       10. The parents and families of all the young people involved in the accident arrived in Austin shortly after it happened, some coming from as far away as Canada. The Lord has raised up housing and many of the needed facilities free of charge. During all the funeral activities, the Family there housed and fed 98 people, all of which was supplied for free. The brethren in Austin report:

              11. "God bless the people of Austin. This was previously a hard city, but they've been so very sweet. People are calling us, opening their homes to take in out-of-town relatives and Family, sending flowers and gifts. Restaurants are offering free meals for days at a time, and grocery stores are saying to come in and get what we need.
       12. "The McDonald's hamburger chain has a network of houses in major cities across the country that house parents who are attending to their children in hospitals. The Ronald McDonald house here in Austin is within walking distance of the large hospital where our dear ones were all taken, and they were more than happy to house the parents and families of all those in the hospital. This is free of charge, and they supply food, free phones, etc. They are very precious people and have been such an incredible help to us during this time!
       13. "There were so many calls from the press to the hospital that the hospital organized a press conference. Christie (of Ben), along with the fathers of the girls that died in the accident, attended the press conference, which resulted in very positive coverage. There weren't really any antagonistic questions asked and it was all a very positive witness.
       14. "The news of the accident has been headline news here in Austin and has included quite a bit of coverage about the Family as well. Much of this has been factual and very positive, containing a lot of sweet personal testimonies about the teens who died and their missionary work. There are quite a number of beautiful testimonies of people who have been very touched by the accident and the testimony of our missionary kids.
       15. "A newspaper man who has been a long-time friend of ours suggested we open a donation relief fund right away, so our lawyer, who is the sister of a man in the Family, worked that out. She is being a tremendous blessing with the legal aspects of the accident.
       16. "A very sweet pastor donated the use of his building for the funeral, and the Sheraton hotel donated a free banquet room for the reception after the burial." (End of excerpts of report from the brethren in Austin.)

The Funeral--A Happy Celebration of Heaven and a Rededication to Jesus!
       17. The funeral was held on Friday, July 21st. Following is a report from Rose:

              18. "The funeral was very beautiful. The Lord supplied the use of a church called Redeemed Christian Fellowship, a very large modern building. There were 150 to 200 people attending, including our precious brethren from the whole area.
       19. "We printed up a beautiful program for the funeral, with oval-shaped pictures of the five girls at the top; these were handed out at the door. Jondy (Hosea), who happened to be visiting Texas at the time, led the service, and introduced the parents who each got up and gave a eulogy for their daughters. These were precious, moving, inspiring and emotional. The parents were so brave, and it was a beautiful sight, each one giving a unique little speech in honor of their precious daughter. Brother Thomas read Hebrews 11, calling it 'Family history.'
       20. "Then Jondy gave a very anointed message, saying how this was a seemingly tragic loss, but we can make it a victory out of seeming defeat if we let the Lord work in our own lives and become more dedicated and work harder for the same cause that these girls were dedicated to--winning souls and loving one another. John of Charity gave the last eulogy for his two girls, and while the musicians sang 'Love Your Brothers' and 'Peace in the Midst of Storm,' he got everyone to hug those around them in a Family-style love feast. News crews filmed the whole thing and it was beautiful. Then Jondy gave a salvation message and asked for a show of hands of those who wanted to give themselves to Jesus--and almost everyone in the auditorium raised their hands. Then he asked for a show of hands of those who would vow to give more of themselves to Jesus, to be willing to take these girls' places now as a witness--to which once again it was almost a unanimous show of hands.
       21. "Of course the service included moving songs and music from our sweet musicians. The entire service lasted about an hour and a half.
       22. "Then the procession drove through Austin in a police-escorted motorcade to the grave site, where once again Jondy spoke and prayed. He asked for anyone else that would like to pray to feel free to do so, and there were several relatives and new friends who prayed beautiful prayers--thanking the Lord for allowing them to be there with us during this experience. One man, John H., who had lost two teens in a car wreck five months ago, testified at the funeral how he'd come to minister to us but found that the Family actually ministered to him and helped him. It was so precious to see how the Lord had worked in each of their lives. Christie and Philip were able to do some media interviews at the grave site and there was very good news coverage that evening as well. Afterwards there was a reception at the Sheraton." (End of excerpts of report from Rose.)

Peter's Meeting with the Parents and Survivors
       23. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Since Peter was visiting the U.S. at the time and meeting with various academic friends, I asked him to cut short his other business when we first received reports of this tragic accident. So, several days before the funeral, Peter went to Austin, accompanied by Sharon (formerly Sara D.). Since I could not be there personally to comfort our dear loved ones and help them through their heartache, I asked Peter to go instead, to take them a message from the Lord and Dad and me. On Saturday, July 22nd, Peter held a special meeting with the parents and families of those involved in the accident. Sharon reported:

              24. "First Peter led us in several songs on his guitar and shared news of recent or upcoming events in the Family. He played a tape that Mama had recorded for him before he left on his travels, and then he read two Letters that Mama had written--one to the parents of the teens who died in the accident, and another to the survivors of the accident. The Letters from Mama and the beautiful prophecies contained therein were like soothing balm to the weary hearts of all in attendance. (Editor's note: These Letters will be published soon, D.V.)
       25. "Peter also shared how his being king now does not make him any different or more special than before, and how each Family member's job is just as important as his job, because the Lord loves each of us without comparing what we do. He said that Mama told him they have new titles, Servant King and Servant Queen. Then after prayer, he proceeded to wash the feet of the parents and the surviving teens, and to hug and kiss each one, sometimes kissing their feet too. Esther David, who was in Texas for a family reunion with Jondy and her children, was there and sang songs on guitar the whole time. This was followed by communion and prayer, and it was all just absolutely beautiful! Thank the Lord!
       26. "At the end of the meeting, people received some beautiful, comforting prophecies. Peter did not even ask for them, the Spirit just fell. John (formerly Malachi Teacher), whose two daughters died in the accident, gave a powerful message that started with, 'These are all My wives before Me! These are five wise virgins in My presence, that I may speak through them to you.... As five stones in the brook, I will use them to slay the giant, to fight the evil.... This is a rallying cry!'
       27. "Stefan (formerly Shelumiel) of Phoebe, whose 16-year-old daughter died in the accident, asked the Lord why so many teens were taken, and the Lord said that 'training is at a premium,' and He wants to do it personally. Time is so short and there are not enough JETT/Teen shepherds around to do it, so He took the girls to help train our youth from Heaven! Pedro (formerly Nimrod Cincy) got a prophecy for Peter as he washed his (Pedro's) feet that started with, 'Behold, these be the true trappings of a servant and king!'" (End of excerpts of report from Sharon.)

Update of Progress and Prayer Requests for the Injured
       28. {\ul \i (Mama:) }Those who were injured in the accident have continued to make progress, thank the Lord! They have all been discharged from the hospital except for Jesse (18), the driver, who is still in very critical condition.
       29. John (16, of John Mark) is doing quite well, despite the fact that he seriously injured the tendons in both legs and knees. He will undergo an operation soon to repair torn tendons in his legs. He's wearing heavy leg braces on both legs.
       30. Juan David (16, of Pedro and Maria Peru) had a fractured skull and was in a coma for three days. He unexpectedly woke up from the coma, and amazingly enough was discharged from the hospital the next day. He is a real miracle, and the doctors are astounded at his "instant" recovery. The brethren report that he is still a little weak and dizzy, but he has all of his senses and his personality. Along with Jesse, he was amongst the most critical cases, but he was raised up so quickly! Praise the Lord!
       31. Stephan (16, of Philip) has a broken collarbone, cracked pelvis, fractured cheek bone, several broken ribs, a broken ankle and facial cuts.
       32. Estrella (15, of TRF Supporters Gideon and Fe) is in a lot of pain with a broken pelvis, broken collarbone, broken ribs, and has breathing difficulties.
       33. Charity (47, formerly Abiah, of John), the adult who was in the van, has facial wounds, is badly bruised, and has a fractured arm and hurt knee.
       34. Please continue to pray for the rapid and complete recovery of these dear ones! They really need your prayers so they can continue to heal as quickly as possible.

Desperate Prayer Needed for Jesse!
       35. Jesse is still in critical condition. He is suffering with possible head injuries, broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lungs, a damaged pancreas, had his spleen removed, lots of cuts everywhere, and a very badly broken left leg. Thank the Lord, there have been signs of improvement in his condition recently. At first the doctors didn't think he would live, but now they say he has made more progress in a week than others with the same injuries did in six months! He is breathing more on his own now, and is starting to show some movement for one or two minutes every hour or so. He recently underwent an operation to set his leg. (The doctors couldn't operate earlier because of his delicate overall condition.) Rebecca (21) reported:

              36. "I have been spending quite a bit of time with Jesse, and he responds to the Word and prayer in a beautiful way. When he is fearful and shaking from the pain, his condition worsens, he gets a fever and then the doctors just give him more drugs. But when we come in and read to him or pray with him, he'll calm down right away and tears come out of his eyes. I try to have as much contact with him as possible, touch him as much as I can, and just yesterday he started squeezing my hand when we would come and see him." (End of comments from Rebecca)

              37. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Thank the Lord, Jesse is showing some signs of improvement and more consciousness, but even the doctors say that he's fighting fear, worry and condemnation. In fact, they say there's really no physical reason that they can see for him to be in a coma, and that it could be what is called a psychological coma, which may be the result of the trauma of the accident.
       38. I've been very burdened about Jesse and thinking about him a lot and praying for him, wondering what else we could do to help him. I asked the Lord to speak in prophecy and show us if there's anything further that we should be doing, or if we were to just allow things to take their natural course, with the folks there spending time with him, reading the Word to him, singing with him, praying with him, and seeing him respond slightly at times.
       39. The Lord as usual never fails, and He spoke so very clearly and specifically to us. Praise His Name! Thank You Jesus! We love You, Jesus! You're wonderful to us, Lord, and meet our every need and answer our every question. He told us that this is a very desperate battle over Jesse's life and that the Enemy is seeking to snuff him out in order to prevent the great ministry and future that the Lord has for him. He said that Jesse is too weak to fight for himself, and even though the Lord's arms are around him and the Lord is comforting him and loving him, Jesse can't look up into the Lord's eyes because he feels too condemned; he just wants to stay there in "limbo," halfway between Heaven and Earth, trying not to think about what has happened, trying to just forget everything. The Lord said:

              40. {\ul \i (Prophecy:)} "Satan hath desired to have this one that he may sift him as wheat, but I have prayed for him fervently and continuously that his faith and strength and courage fail not. I say unto you, pray! Pray for this one! Lift up his arms! Be his strength, be his courage, be his will to live through your prayers! Fight for him through desperate prayer! Feel for him as if he were your own son. Weep for him as if he were your own. Be desperate for him as if you were the one beside his bed gazing upon him in his suffering.
       41. "Fight in the Spirit, for there is a battle being waged for the life of this one, for his future usefulness, for his place of service and the ministry that I long to give him. For this, My dear son, is confused. He is shocked, he is fearful, he is shaken, and he is fighting a very big battle. Therefore, lift him up and give him courage and faith and strength and hope through your prayers. Do not sin in ceasing to pray for this one, but feel for him as I feel for him, and weep for him as I weep for him. Let your hearts be broken for him as My heart is broken for him, for he is precious in My sight.
       42. "He is an invaluable treasure. His life cannot be bought with a price, for I have already bought it. I have given My life for his. I have given My life for his healing. I have given My life that he might be restored to full health. But ye must fight! Fight for this healing and fight for this life and fight for the future of this one! For I desire to make of him a great soldier, a mighty fighter and a valiant knight in My Kingdom, and because of this, the Enemy is angry and desires to snuff out his life. But I will not allow him to be cut off before his time if ye will fight and if ye will pray and if ye will call upon the forces of Heaven to fight beside this one--to strengthen him, to encourage him, to give him the will to live, to give him faith to receive My forgiveness, and to believe in My Love!
       43. "For though I am comforting him and I am caressing him and holding him, he cannot bear to even look in My eyes. He cannot bring himself to lift up his head and behold My face because of the anguish of soul that he feeleth, because of the weight of condemnation that he hath not yet been able to cast aside, because of the fear that the Enemy hath placed upon his heart--fear of the future, fear of what others will think of him, fear of what the consequences will be for his actions, fear that others will hate him and despise him and be bitter against him, fear that he will lose his place in the Kingdom as a trusted one and be looked upon as a traitor, as a weak brother, as one who was used of the Enemy. He fears even for his life--what will become of his life, what will become of his body, what kind of healing he can expect from Me when he feels he deserves no healing and no mercy. He only feels he deserves to suffer, and to be in pain, and to be rejected and to be despised.
       44. "For this reason ye must fight for him, because he doth not have the will to fight for himself. Ye must be his strength. Ye must be his desire to live. Ye must be his courage through your prayers. Ye must lift him up, for he hath no will nor strength to lift up himself." (End of excerpts of prophecy for Jesse.)

              45. {\ul \i (Mama:) }Oh, my dear Family, won't you please fight for Jesse through desperate prayer? Fight for his healing, his life, his future! As the Lord says, won't you feel for him and weep for him as if he were your own? If Jesse were your son or lover or husband or brother, how would you feel? How would you pray? How desperate would you be? The Lord says, "Be desperate for him as if you were the one beside his bed gazing upon him in his suffering." If you were there in Austin, sitting by Jesse's bedside, seeing him in such pain and suffering so, how would you call out to the Lord? What would you say? How would you beseech the Lord for His mercy and deliverance? Oh, dear ones, won't you stir yourselves up for Jesse, and call out to the Lord for him with such intensity and desperation! He needs you! He needs your prayers today!
       46. Please pray for Jesse to be delivered from any fear or condemnation; that the Lord will quickly heal his body and bring him out of the coma as soon as He knows it will be best; that the doctors will be able to set his broken leg properly and begin to work on his broken body; that the Lord will miraculously lessen the pain and trauma to Jesse's body so that when he comes to, he won't suffer too much; that Jesse's lungs will completely heal and he won't contract any infections in the hospital. Please also pray for Jesse's parents, that they'll have great grace and comfort from the Lord during this trying time. Pray especially for Jesse's dad, John Mark, who is with Jesse in the hospital and who is having a difficult time seeing him suffer so.
       47. Also, please pray that the Lord will raise up someone or someones to be full-time caregivers for Jesse. He will be fighting a long hard road back to full health, so we need to pray desperately that the Lord will raise up people to be his nurses and help care for him. This will be a very difficult, demanding ministry, and the people involved will need to be very prayerful, sacrificial and loving, so please pray the Lord will supernaturally put an unshakable burden in the hearts of those He has chosen to fill this very big need.
       48. When you read of Jesse's battles, the Enemy may come to you, trying to whisper in your ear that if the Lord really loved Jesse, He wouldn't be allowing this terrible suffering--all this terrible brokenness of body and excruciating physical pain, and then on top of all that, the awful burden of such terrible, terrible condemnation! The Enemy hit me on that too when I first heard of the accident, while I was crying for Jesse, and I just asked the Lord, "Why? How could You allow this?" But of course I had to finally stop that and say, "Well, Lord, I know that You do all things well. I know that this is Your plan, and I know it's because You love Jesse. I can't see it, but I know it by faith. Help me not to question You!"
       49. When we desperately sought the Lord for Jesse in the days that followed the accident, the Lord confirmed that He has Jesse in His loving hands and that He didn't allow this accident to crush him or punish him, but to bring about His plan. The Lord had dear Dad speak right to Jesse, saying:

              50. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} "Jesse, I love you! You're one of my boys, you're one of my children. I need you to keep fighting. Keep fighting, son! Don't give up! Don't lose heart! Don't lose hope! Don't lose faith in the Lord's Love, or in my love, or Mama's love, or Peter's, or any of your brothers' and sisters.' We love you and need you! You've got a big job to do for Jesus, so fight for your healing! Hang on!
       51. "Don't give up because you feel like you don't deserve to live, because you feel so bad and so horrible and so guilty. You've got to fight, because you do deserve to live! The Lord spared your life and you have a job to do, so fight on! Know that the Lord has forgiven you, and I have forgiven you, and we love you and need you! Everything is okay, Jesse, and the Lord is in control; He has a plan. So don't think of yourself too highly, that you were the person who was in control and that you caused everything and now you have to try to fix it, because that's not the way it is. In spite of your mistakes, in spite of your lack of prayerfulness, the Lord allowed it.
       52. "Remember that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, and I know you love the Lord. So even this, as horrific as it seems to you, is working for good--for you and for your loved ones and for the Family, and even for me and these dear ones that are with me Here. I love you, son! I love you! You're my son. I forgive you. I take you in my arms now and hold you and kiss you and forgive you. Now you forgive yourself and receive Jesus' forgiveness. I love you!" (End of excerpt of Dad's message to Jesse.)

A Prophetic Dream!
       53. ({\ul \i Mama:)} I'll close this message with a very inspiring testimony from Abner in Austin. He reports:

              54. "Nathanael was at a prayer meeting with Brother Thomas, who asked him to tell the story of the accident. A Christian man at the prayer meeting said that he had a dream three days before the accident in which he saw a van full of teens crash into a pickup truck! Half the teens went to be with the Lord and half stayed. In his dream he got the words, 'The Family.' As we understand it, this man had never met us.
       55. "Brother Thomas and Nathanael were amazed! Brother Thomas took the man aside to pray, where he recalled other things from his dream--that the girls were chosen as part of a special team, that we get out the Endtime message, that the Devil had thought he had a great victory in claiming the lives of five laborers, but that out of their deaths sprang a great many more workers for the Lord, so that it completely overwhelmed the Enemy. Praise the Lord!" (End of comments from Abner.)

              56. ({\ul \i Mama:) }The Lord is going to do it, my dear ones. He will bring great victories out of what seemed to us to be a tragic loss. Praise the Lord! Please keep fighting desperately in prayer for Jesse and the others who are still struggling. They are depending on your prayers! "The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up.... The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (Jam.5:15,16). We love you very much! God bless and keep you!
       Much love and many prayers,
       Mama, Peter and your World Services Leadership

              57. Update on July 28th from Sharon: Good news! Jesse came out of the coma on the night of July 27th. Praise the Lord! He is now trying to talk, and even wrote our names on paper on the 28th. He is breathing on his own now and is expected to come out of intensive care on the 29th. It's a miracle, because Jesse's father said that the first report from the doctors was that he could die within 24 hours, then they thought he would be unconscious for six months, then they said that if the injuries weren't the main problem, the resultant infections would be.
       58. While we're seeing wonderful progress in Jesse's physical condition, the battle is still raging in Jesse's mind and heart, as he's visibly battling pain and fear. Your prayers are still desperately needed. One of the Homes in North America received a prophecy that was given as if it were Jesse himself talking, like his heartcry! It was fragmented and halting, just phrases, much like how Jesse talks now. It said: "Weep not. Pray for me. Love me. So many choices, so many roads, so many paths. Which one to choose? Broken pieces, broken life, broken life. So many doubts, so many fears, so many questions. Pray for me. Love me. Hold me. Comfort me. The fight is too hard to carry on on my own. I can't do it alone. Too much weight on my shoulders. Too much is held in the heart. But in prayer and through fighting, fight with me. Fight for me. Hold me. Love me. Comfort me and the victory will be won."
       59. Please continue to pray desperately for Jesse and for all the others who were involved in the Texas accident. "Prayer moves the hand of God! Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance, it is laying hold on His highest willingness. When God answers your prayers, He translates those prayers, He amplifies their power and the desire of that prayer to influence the person you are praying for. You have actual influence on them through your prayers. Desperate prayer that is full of faith is the most powerful weapon we have, and can radically alter any situation or heart!" (Quotes from the MOP on "Prayer.") Thank you for your prayers! We love you!

       Prayer Requests
       --Jesse's deliverance from any fear or condemnation; that he'll be able to receive the Lord's forgiveness.
       --Quick healing of Jesse's many injuries, including his lungs, broken ribs and leg, injured pancreas. For protection against infections.
       --That the doctors can begin further work on Jesse's broken body.
       --Miraculous lessening of the pain and trauma so Jesse won't suffer so much.
       --For the Lord to raise up the right people to be full-time caregivers for Jesse.
       --Estrella's complete healing, and for overcoming any battles she's facing. Deliverance from the severe pain she's suffering.
       --Stephan's complete healing.
       --Complete healing of John's legs.
       --That Juan David will continue doing well after his miraculous recovery from the coma.
       --For all the survivors of the accident: That none will suffer any permanent damage or handicaps as a result of their injuries, and against a spirit of fear.
       --That Stephan, Estrella and Juan David will get settled in well at their new situation in Houston with new oversight and doctors, and for their continued care and check-ups.
       --Continued grace and comfort for all the parents, survivors, and those helping out.
       --That the upcoming delivery of John Mark's wife in Canada will go easily with no difficulties, especially if he is not able to be with her while he is helping Jesse.
       --Against any possible lawsuit and criminal offenses against Jesse, and that things will continue to go well with the precious and enthusiastic lawyer the Lord raised up. That the Lord will anoint her counsel and efforts and give us good communication.
       --New long-term housing and financial support for the injured, two big families, the staff and helpers.
       --More helpers for the new Austin Home.
       --Wisdom for handling the media. Positive media coverage.
       --Protection and great grace for the parents as they travel back to the cities where they live.
       --For the husband and relatives of the woman who died in the other vehicle. That the Family will be able to comfort this poor man who lost his wife, a mother of four.
       --That the Lord will touch people's hearts to give generously to the relief fund, as there will be many large expenses that will need to be covered.


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