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HEALING BALM FOR GRIEVING PARENTS!       Maria #288       DO 3006       7/95
--Mama's Letter to the Parents of the Teens Who Died in the Austin Traffic Accident

Dear John and Charity, Stefan and Phoebe, Ira and Esther, and John Mark, Hope and Rose,
       1. My dear ones, my heart breaks with you whose hearts are broken. My eyes weep for you who weep. My heart aches for you who are questioning and are doubting and are buffeted by the attacks of the Enemy. Your agony is my agony. Your loss is my loss. Your children are my children.
       2. Five of our precious daughters are with the Lord. We'd had such great plans for them. They were growing up so beautifully, so radiantly. We were so proud of them that they were serving Jesus and doing the big job that we had trained them for all these years, and now they're gone--instantly!
       3. I'm so weak, my eyes are so sore, I've cried so much. All I've been thinking about is you who are suffering so unspeakably. At a time like this, all we can do is cry out to Jesus for the answers to our questions, for His comfort in our pain, and for strength to go on another day!
       4. Perhaps all you can say is, "Why, Lord? How could You punish us so greatly?" My heart breaks for you as you endure such torment of spirit, and I pray that even in your sorrow you can know His peace. Remember, I recently lost Dad, the one who was dearest on Earth to me, and I know what it's like! I know what it feels like to suddenly realize that things are never going to be the same again.
       5. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. I didn't get a chance to ask his forgiveness for all the ways I'd failed him. I didn't get a chance to put my arms around him and love him one last time and assure him of how much he meant to me. I know what it's like to battle condemnation, but I also know what it's like to receive the Lord's abundant supply of grace in time of need, His peace that passeth all understanding, His strength to go on, His answers to my many questions. You know, dear ones, how I've shared these lessons with you. You know how they helped you then. Can you try to let them help you again by re-reading them? (See GN 609, GN 613, and "Jewels on Dad's Homegoing, No.2," GN 619.)
       6. The only thing we can do is turn to Jesus and His Word for comfort. That's what we've been doing right here in our Home, seeking His comfort for you--not only in our Home, but from those others I'm in close contact with. We dropped the other important work that we were engaged in and called upon all our prayer warriors to seek the Lord for His answers and His comfort. I want you to be able to feel the same personal comfort that I felt when our David was taken to be with Jesus. I can speak from experience. I know that in spite of the loss, in spite of the tears, in spite of the heartache, in spite of the questions, you can have peace knowing that Jesus loves you.
       7. The most important thing for you to remember right now is that the Lord loves you. In spite of the battles, in spite of the loss, in spite of the confusion, in spite of the heartbreak, you must hold on to the knowledge that He loves you. His Love is unending, it's unfailing, it's unchanging. No matter what happens, no matter how dark it looks, no matter how difficult the battle, no matter how dark the tunnel, no matter how long the suffering, Jesus loves you! He gives you overwhelming Love. He doesn't give His Love stingily. He doesn't mete it out a little bit here or a little bit there as you earn it, and then if you are not good enough or you make mistakes or you're unprayerful or unyielded or not dedicated enough or you're foolish, then He pulls back His Love because He is angry. That's not the way the Lord does it! He always pours His Love forth freely and abundantly! He never, never stops pouring forth His Love. He never turns His back. He never closes His eyes or His ears to your cries and your needs!
       8. When you feel the most desperate and you feel the situation is the darkest, when you feel the most confused and you hardly even know how to pray, then the Lord will pour forth His Love even more abundantly, not less! He knows you need it even more--to wash away the pain and to wipe away the tears and to comfort your broken hearts! Some of you will be feeling great condemnation. Some of you may even be angry at the Lord for not stopping all this from happening. Some of you may be feeling bitter. Most of you will be feeling bewildered and shocked and greatly, greatly saddened.
       9. The only thing that can wash away these pains is your faith and trust in the Lord's Love, and your knowledge from years of experience that He has never failed you, that "He doeth all things well," and that "all things really do work together for good to them that love Him"--and you do love Him! You may have problems, but you do love Him. That's why you're serving Him; that's why you're in this Family; that's why you've trained your children to serve Him.
       10. So no matter how strange and hard it is to understand, even this will work together for good. You must be assured that Jesus loves you very much and that He hasn't abandoned you now after all these years. You must cling to His promises, His Word. Even when you can't feel His Love, or you can't see His Love, by faith you can know His Love!
       11. Your faith in His Love is the only thing that is strong enough to quench these fires of sorrow. Right now you feel that this whole thing is some kind of a sign of His lack of love or His anger or His displeasure. You feel condemned, and the Enemy is right there bringing up all your faults and failures and telling you how you could have done better. He's right there telling you it's your fault, whether you're the survivors or whether you're the parents. He is undoubtedly trying to make you feel that everything is your fault--that you weren't praying enough, you weren't sober enough, you weren't seeking the Lord enough, you hadn't given your kids enough love, you hadn't given them enough attention. You're looking back with so many regrets and you're saying, "Oh, if I only had!" You're filled with so much remorse.
       12. You parents couldn't tell your children goodbye. You hadn't seen some of your teens for quite a while, and now, in this life, you'll never be able to see them or love them or tell them all the things that you wanted to tell them and that you wish you had told them. You won't be able to kiss them and hug them as you wish you had. You won't be able to spend time with them as you wish you had.
       13. But the Lord's message to you is to let these feelings go! You can let them go! You must let them go! Let them be washed away under the flood of the Lord's Love. Now our children are in Heaven! Now Joy, Christina, Katrina, Victoria and Joanna can see how much you love them. They can see how much you want to put your arms around them and how much you want to kiss them, and how much you want to tell them all the things that you couldn't tell them.
       14. You don't need to worry about all the things that you weren't able to do, your failures and how you fell short and how you didn't parent them as well as you wish you had--all those things that you've lost the opportunity to make right.
       15. I want to tell you something, dear ones!--You don't have to feel this way, because you can make things right! Just tell them. They're closer than ever! When I start feeling remorseful about my failings with Dad, I just talk to Dad and tell him! I just pour it all out to him, and he knows, and he understands, and he doesn't condemn me. I'm able to talk to him. I'm able to tell him all the things that I wish I had told him before. But see, now I can!
       16. We don't have to pay any penance for our failures. We don't have to suffer; we don't have to weep; we don't have to endure condemnation. We can find the peace of the Lord in His forgiveness and in the forgiveness of our loved ones. "Death is swallowed up in victory!" (1Cor.15:54).
       17. I've had to learn this, that I can just tell Dad and tell Jesus the things I'm sorry for, and they will forgive, as always. When Dad was here with me on Earth, I never had to feel guilty or condemned!--I just asked him to forgive me and he did so immediately--and he still does the same, as does the Lord! They forgive freely! They do not condemn me! So why should I condemn myself?
       18. When I was going through it the most with these feelings of guilt and condemnation, I just couldn't think about the past, not even the good memories of sweet times! I had to leave the past and I had to think about the present and how happy Dad is. What a wonderful life he now has! How thankful I am that the Lord has rewarded him so greatly! When I looked back at the past, I was overwhelmed with sorrow for my failures, but when I refused to dwell on the past, but instead I focused my attention on the present and the bright future to come, I could feel the assurance of Jesus' Love, I could see the wisdom in His plan. I could talk to Dad and know that he understood everything about me, and know that we are now closer than ever before. He and Jesus have told us repeatedly that they forget the past, that the past is over and done with, and they want us to simply go on, just as they are, looking toward the bright future!
       19. We must not concentrate on the past. It's over with, it's done, we're forgiven! Our failures are blotted out. Our loved ones have forgiven us. Your children have forgiven you--and us--for any failures. They understand. They can see. They know what is going on and they know what is happening in your hearts and minds. They forgive you and they love you, and they're happy! In time you'll be able to pull out the happy memories and enjoy them without feeling condemnation at every turn; but for now, it's probably better just not to think about the past at all!
       20. If we only realized how real the Spirit World is, how close it is! There is only a veil, only a very, very thin, almost transparent veil that separates us from our loved ones. I feel so much closer to Dad than ever before, with no barriers, no walls! I know he knows everything about me, all my thoughts, and I feel so assured of his love and understanding. We're so close now. I can hear his whispers in my ear and we've become one even more now that we don't have the physical fleshly separation. Now that he's with me and in me and beside me and constantly whispering in my ear, there are no misunderstandings, no barriers, no distances.
       21. You, too, will be able to experience this closeness with your precious girls who have gone on to the Other Side. You don't need to feel that you've lost them; you haven't lost them!--Instead, they've just gone on ahead! They're still with you, they're still close, even closer than they were before. If you listen and have faith, you will be able to hear the whispers of your loved ones encouraging you and instructing you. Though these, your children, have been called to fight a great battle in the Spirit, they will still not abandon you whom they love so dearly. They'll be with you and they'll speak to you and they'll be at your beck and call, and you'll be able to be united with them, of one heart and of one mind!
       22. Even if you had differences when together in the flesh, as almost all parents have with their children and all children have with their parents at one time or another; even if you didn't see eye to eye; even if you had misunderstandings, things will be different now. Now you'll understand each other! Now you'll be united and closer than ever before! All this is possible if you will just have faith!
       23. Besides, this separation will not be for long. It will be only a "moment," and then we will all be together forever, nevermore to be separated, nevermore to feel such loss and such pain!
       24. But in spite of our pain right now, we are so blessed--blessed beyond all people on the face of the Earth, because we have so much hope and knowledge of Heaven and the Lord! We know where our children have gone and what they're doing! So while your loss is great and your pain is great, it is small compared to the loss of those who do not know Jesus, who don't know what happens to their loved ones when they go on. They don't know where their loved ones are or what they're doing. They have no consolation, no comfort, nowhere to turn. They feel they have no hope of seeing their loved ones again and being reunited. But we, who have been blessed with the truth of the Bible and the wonderful Words of David, know that our dear loved ones are with Jesus and with Dad. We know that they are happy! We know they are overjoyed! We know they are healthy and strong and beautiful! They are challenged, they are elated, they are thrilled with their new mission! This separation is only for a time, and then our pain and our tears will be forgotten.
       25. And now, dear ones, here are messages from two of our precious daughters to help you to believe this. When we prayed for Jesus to send His comfort to you, they wanted to speak to us for their "team" and asked Grandpa to teach them how!

       Messages from Our Heavenly Girls!
       26. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Teen Joy speaking:) }Hi, Mommy Maria! My name is Joy, and I just want you to know that the girls and I are very happy!--And of course you know everything Here is happiness and joy! We've already seen Grandpa and we are so excited! We all got to sit on his lap and give him hugs and kisses, and we are very thrilled and happy to be Here! We already see what is going to happen, and that this seeming tragedy is not going to be a tragedy at all!
       27. When you write to our families, please tell them that we are doing just fine and we are happy. Tell my daddy that I love him, and tell all of our moms and dads that we love them and we are doing just fine and we are happy and that our personal problems are over now.
       28. We've already been given very exciting assignments! First we are going to help our brothers and sisters that were in the wreck with us, and then we are going to get to go out on an exciting assignment to help all of our brothers and sisters! So we are very excited and we are very happy!
       29. Please tell my brothers not to worry or be condemned. Tell them there is no condemnation. Up Here it is so easy to see there is no condemnation. There is only growth, there is only joy, there is only Spirit, there is only Love! Tell them all that we'll be there to help them and that there is no need for any of them to have any worry or condemnation.
       30. Tell our parents that we're so proud of them because they all love Jesus and they helped us all to love Jesus too, and how we're all Here and happy and so proud of them! Tell them that all the training they gave us was not wasted, that it was not a waste at all, but that we are going to use all of it, and our growth will only continue from there.
       31. So tell them to be excited for us and joyful! Our joy is not explainable to you on Earth, other than simple words we can communicate to you that we couldn't be happier than this! We feel no pain--only joy, only love--and we want to only give love and joy!
       32. We are thankful to be called on this mission, for it is indeed a very important mission to help many, many teens and JETTs to understand better, to see better. We will even get to battle against the spirits that try to attack them, the Devil's evil forces! So we are getting to be soldiers in the Kingdom of God and we're so happy!
       33. Please tell everybody we love them and we're so thankful for all of them--for our dear Family that is so loving and so sacrificial! Tell them that everyone Here is so proud of them for fighting on in spite of many battles and obstacles, having to fight in an evil world that is full of so much pain and discouragement. Everyone Here is really cheering for them as they fight on through the sacrifice, through the deprivations, through the heartbreaks, through the loss, and through the pain. What a wonderful, wonderful Family. Everyone Here is very proud of our Family!
       * * *
       34. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Teen Katrina speaking:) }Hi, Mama! My name is Katrina and I also would like to ask you to pass on something to our moms and dads and shepherds and childcare workers, and our wonderful Family there. Tell them that when we arrived, everyone said that we were very sweet and loving and bubbly and fun. So I just want you to tell them that this is because of them. The sweetness and the love that we have is from the training and the love that we received in their care.
       35. Tell them that we are just very happy and thrilled and that they don't need to worry about us at all, or even about our brothers and sister in the hospital--that God has a victory and He has a reason for all of it! And that even though they can't see it now, in Spirit they can rejoice, because great victories will come from this throughout our whole Family which will affect millions in the long run!
       36. Tell them to look ahead, for the Place where we are is so, so wonderful! I love you! Thank you for helping our loved ones left behind, Mama! Thank you for being so loving and so kind and so understanding and so warm in reaching out to them. (End of prophecy.)

              37. ({\ul \i Mama:)} You see, dear ones, it is real! They are alive! They are right here with you! You can ask their forgiveness right now for anything you feel bad about. You can get it all taken care of, all cleared up, and you don't have to worry about it any more. In fact, they've already forgiven you before you've even asked! Because they've seen your heart and they've known the sorrow and they've known the condemnation and they've known the guilt, they've forgiven you already. They, too, have so much that they want your forgiveness for. So just forgive each other and then forget it. They're so happy, and they want you to be happy. It's going to hurt them if you're not.
       38. So put all the past behind you, anything that hurts you or makes you feel bad. If for a while you have to do the same as I did with Dad, and just not even think of them in the past at all--your life together, your experiences together--that's okay, that's fine. Just think of them right now in the present and how happy they are, and how wonderfully they've been blessed and how privileged you, as their parents, are. Look at the reward the Lord has given you by allowing your children to be with Dad to help him in this special mission. And to add to this, what better proof of His Love to you than to help you see that they can be right there with you at any moment, closer than ever? You won't have to correct them, lecture them, or punish them when they don't do what they should. Now you can just enjoy them and thrill to the wonderful life that they're having! Now you can be so happy for them!
       39. Again, as we and our precious folks here opened our channels to the Lord, the girls spoke to us once more, as did dear Dad:

              40. ({\ul \i Prophecy, teen speaking:) }Gather round, everybody! Gather round! Come on! We can get a message through now! Hi! Hi! Hi, Mom! Hi, Dad! Hi, Dad! Hi, Mom! XXXXX! Kisses! Kisses to you! Oh, you just wouldn't believe it! You wouldn't believe how amazing everything is Up Here, how exciting it is! It's just so far out! I know it's really hard for you. You've really been feeling bad and you've been crying a lot and we've been seeing you, but please don't cry for us! Please don't worry about us, because we are so happy! We are learning so much! And it's really far out! It's awesome! It's beyond description, we don't have words to describe it!
       41. And Grandpa! Wait till you meet Grandpa, he's so funny! He's so sweet. He's giving us so much love. He's just more wonderful than we ever imagined! He's taking care of us and he's showing us around and giving us our orientation. We're already learning a lot from him. We've already had a lot of Grandpa stories. He's spending a lot of time with us and it's just oh so exciting!
       42. So please don't worry about us! We love you just as much as ever. Please don't feel bad. Don't feel guilty. Don't feel condemned. We don't feel anything but love for you! We love you so much! We appreciate you and respect you and admire you much more now than we even did when we were there with you, because we understand you so much better already. It's amazing how much you can learn Here so quickly, and the understanding that the Lord is giving us, because we have a big job ahead of us!
       43. We're going to fight a big battle, so we're in training. The Lord is preparing us and Grandpa is teaching us. We're Here with Abner, and Phoebe is Here, and Libby is Here, and Shuly is Here, and a lot of people are Here from the Family. We have inspiration times and we have praise times. We've done so much already! It's been such a short time that we've been Here, but it seems like it's just been forever!
       44. Don't worry about us--we are so happy! We are so thrilled! We're so excited! Everything is so new! You need to read Grandpa's Letters! It's so much like what he said it was going to be, only better! It's better than you could ever imagine!
       45. And Auntie Charity, don't you feel bad. We know that you feel bad, you feel responsible because you were the adult there, but please don't feel bad. We love you, we really, really love you! And we're really praying for Jesse that he doesn't feel bad, too. We've been able to communicate with him and reassure him, but it is a very, very big battle for him, so we will continue to pray. But he shouldn't feel bad. No one should feel bad. You should just trust the Lord!
       46. Trust the Lord! Look to the Word and get faith. Have faith that the Lord is in control, because if you could see how in control He is, it's amazing! It's awesome! It's so far out! It's so cool up Here, you guys! You just wouldn't believe it! So keep having faith. Just be faithful! Keep serving Jesus. Do your best and we're going to be together again soon. It's really going to be great!
       47. We love you so much! We love you so, so much! Please don't worry about us, we're doing fine. And we're going to be helping you, we're going to be right with you! We're going to be helping you more than we could ever have helped you before. We love you! We love you so much! So so much! XXX! Bye bye! We won't be far away! We'll be right with you. So long!

       Love and Comfort from Dad!
       48. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:) }Come, come, come, my dear ones! Come into my arms and let me comfort you. Let me love you! Let me dry those tears. I know how you're feeling, for don't forget, I was a father too. I had children too whom I loved. I loved my dear children almost more than life itself! They were so precious to me. They were so important to me. So of course, my dear ones, I understand what you're feeling. I understand your loss and your pain. I understand how you're going to miss them. You're going to miss having them with you in the flesh, seeing their faces and hearing their laughter and their testimonies and being able to kiss them and hug them.
       49. I know that you were so proud of them for how they were growing up so beautifully for the Lord and for how they had stuck it out for Jesus, for their dedication and their willingness to live for the Lord. I know this brought you great joy and a great sense of contentment and a sense of accomplishment. You knew that you had done something right, that you had given your lives for the Lord and it had borne good fruit, because you could see it in your dear children and their love for the Lord and their love for the lost. They brought you such joy!
       50. I know this is difficult for you. It's a loss and it's a heartache and it's pain. You see it as a tragedy. You see it as a disaster. You find it so difficult to see how this could possibly work together for good, how it could possibly be from the Lord's hand, how it could be a manifestation of His Love. It's so difficult to understand how such loss could be love; how such pain could be love; how when your heart aches and you weep and you can hardly find consolation or comfort, this could be love. Please, my dear ones, come into my arms and let me explain. Find comfort in these words that I say unto you, because I speak to you from the Other Side.
       51. You can trust your children into my care and into Jesus' care. These dear ones, all of them, they're with me! Katrina and Joy, Victoria, Christina and Joanna, they're all with me! They're happy! They're beautiful! They're healthy! They're free from pain! They're excited! They're wonderful, wonderful kids! You did a beautiful job in raising them. You trained them and fed them the Word and loved them and taught them how to serve the Lord, and you will be very rewarded for a job well done! They're beautiful! They're like angels! They're so precious to me.
       52. You can trust them to my care, just as you did when they were on the Earth. I know you trusted me to care for your children because you gave them my Words. You trained them in my ways. You encouraged them to follow in my footsteps. I know that you trusted me with your kids when they were on Earth, so can't you trust them to me now in Heaven? Please know that I will care for them. I will love them. I will help them. I will help them adjust, and I will help them in their assignments and in their missions, and we will work together. Just as we fought together on Earth toward the same goal of winning the world for Jesus, the fight goes on, the battle goes on! We still work hand in hand. They're working with me and we are all working with you. We're still one Family, one army! We're still one heart and one mind and one soul.
       53. So please trust the Lord and me. I'll take good care of them. I'll love them as you love them. And the Lord, of course, will love them more than all of us. I know this seems to be a great defeat to you, I know that you feel condemned, you feel confused, your heart is breaking, you're in agony, you have questions that you need answered, and you're wondering why the Lord allowed this.
       54. The Lord allowed this for many, many reasons: to work in your lives, to bring you closer to Him and closer to each other, to break your hearts, to cause you to be more sympathetic, to call out to the Lord more, to feel a greater need for Him, a greater need for the Word. He also wants to use it to bring you closer to Heaven, to make you more Heavenly minded, to help you to feel closer to those of us on This Side.
       55. He also allowed it so you can be a witness to others, to comfort others in their hour of need with the comfort that you find from the Lord. He also allowed it to teach lessons to the whole Family. Because certainly He wouldn't allow something so important and so shocking to happen if He didn't intend for it to be a lesson for the whole Family!
       56. So while it may seem like a loss to you now, in the long run there will be great gain! There will be great lessons! There will be great steps forward because of this. Because of this sacrifice, there will be a rebirth, there will be an infusion of new life into our young people! They will learn lessons of prayerfulness, lessons of appreciating their time and life and mission on Earth. And they, too, all our young people, will feel closer to Heaven, because they will have these dear ones fighting by their side.
       57. There are so, so many reasons, good reasons why the Lord let this happen. So you must not allow yourselves to feel condemned. You must not blame yourselves. You must not torture yourselves with lamenting and with remorse, but find peace and comfort in knowing that the Lord is in control. He could have stopped this, He could have prevented this. The Lord is all-powerful! He is the God of the universe, the Creator of all things! All power is given unto Him in Heaven and in Earth! He knew every detail of the road trip of these young ones. Of course He could have prevented this, but He allowed it for many, many good reasons.
       58. So don't let yourselves feel guilty or condemned or remorseful, but find in His Words and in these Words from me and from Him, peace and joy and relief and surcease from your pain and from your suffering. For your young ones are in His care now and they are in my care, and I love them. And this is not a bad thing, this is a wonderful thing! This is a great step forward! This is a wonderful graduation. Death--the ultimate orgasm! Death--the final release from the weights of the flesh into the glories of the Spirit and all that Heaven has to offer! It's marvelous! I don't have words to describe the wonders that await your children.
       59. They were so happy in the Family, so happy serving Jesus. They're still in the Family, they're still serving Jesus, and they're still happy!--In fact, they're happier than they've ever been! They're learning so many new things. They're so happy to be together for their basic training in Heaven, and they're really pressing in! They're really redeeming the time and applying themselves to learn the lessons they need to learn for the great mission that they have in front of them!
       60. You may wonder, what is this great mission in front of them? Do you want me to let you know the secret? Do you want me to give you a glimpse into the future? I can tell you these things, if it will make it easier for you, if it will comfort your hearts and ease your minds.
       61. These, your beloved children, these ones who are so dear to you will fight by my side in the battles to come of good versus evil, of light versus darkness, and the angels fighting the Devil in the Spirit World. For the Family enters into dark, dark days and there are many battles ahead.
       62. These young ones have been called to This Side to strengthen those there who are wavering; to rally the troops; to encourage their faith in Queen Maria and King Peter; to encourage their faith in prophecy and hearing from the Lord; to encourage their faith to keep saying "yes" to Jesus; to encourage their faith to accept all that will come their way in this new day.
       63. There are many in the Family who are feeling insecure, who are battling, because there are so many changes and things are different, and they wonder if they're going to have the strength to make it for the new day. There are so many questions, there are so many uncertainties, and they wonder if they will have the faith and the strength, the new bottles necessary to keep following, to keep receiving, to keep saying "yes," to keep being revolutionaries, to stay dropped out, to drink in the new wine, because in the new day there will be many tests. People will be called upon to make themselves of no reputation, to be more dropped out than ever, to be more yielded and obedient than ever.
       64. Because of these many, many changes, and because it is so very, very important that my Family receive the new wine and follow closely in the footsteps of Queen Maria and King Peter, to continue saying "yes" and being revolutionary and staying dropped out, for this reason the Lord has called these dear ones!--To strengthen the resolve of the Family, to strengthen their convictions, to help fight in the great spiritual warfare that is being waged!
       65. For this is a time of change. This is a time of purging of the ranks. This is a time when the Enemy would want to sift many as wheat. But I have prayed for my loved ones, Jesus has prayed, and now these who have joined me will pray, and together we will strengthen the troops. Together we will strengthen those who are weakening, who are wobbling, who feel shaky and insecure; those who are doubting for the first time in their lives; those who are fighting serious, serious battles; those who are wavering in their conviction and their faith. We will fight in the Spirit! We will fight in prayer! We will wage a mighty, mighty warfare together with the angels of Heaven, and we will win this battle in the Spirit!
       66. For though these ones are young, they are great warriors, and they are excited with the battle ahead! They are thrilled with the challenge! They are overwhelmed with the privilege that they have been called to fight in this way, that they have been honored to be able to be such a help and such a blessing to the Family, to their loved ones, to their brothers and sisters, to the young people, to the adults. They're thankful! They're excited! They're praising the Lord! They're clapping their hands and raising their arms in praise! They're singing out for joy at this wonderful assignment and privilege that has been given unto them, that they have been called into the Heavenlies for such a time as this, that they have been brought into the Kingdom of God for such a time as this, to wage a battle, to fight a war and to win!
       67. So please understand that this sacrifice you are making is a small sacrifice when compared with the great reward that shall be reaped, the great benefits, the great victories! They are greater than you can imagine! If you could open your eyes now and see the battle that is being waged in the Spirit for the hearts and souls of the children of David, you would rejoice that you were able to make this sacrifice and to give up these loved ones, and that they have been blessed with the privilege of fighting in this battle!
       68. For this reason, smile through your tears! Rejoice even though your heart is broken. Praise the Lord and know that your loved ones are safe in the arms of Jesus, and they are safe in my arms, and we are together. We are still with you, oh so close! If you only knew how close we are, how interested your kids are in everything that you do and everything that is going on, and how they so much want to get this message across to you so you won't be sad and you won't be heartbroken, you won't feel guilty and condemned, but you will be happy for them as they are happy, that you will rejoice for them as they rejoice, that you'll be thankful for their new mission as they are thankful!
       69. So have faith, dear ones, and trust me. Trust me as you have all these years. Trust me to take care of your loved ones, as you trusted me to care for them when they were on the Earth. I won't fail you. I will love them as you love them. I will kiss them as you want to kiss them. I'll put my arms around them as you would want to put your arms around them. They are my kids, and I love them! Thank you for giving them up.
       70. You should be so proud of them! They're wonderful, wonderful soldiers for Jesus! They are real fighters! They are real sold out! They are so, so precious to me, and so precious to the Lord. Thank you for loving them all those years and feeding them and training them, and giving your lives for them as good parents, as good missionaries. Thank you for all that you did to make these kids so beautiful, so precious, so wonderful in the Lord's sight! You will be so rewarded for the sacrifices that you have made. You will be so blessed for being faithful parents, for faithfully laying down your lives to love and train and parent these dear ones.
       71. So don't worry, don't be condemned, don't fear! For the Lord will say unto you, "Well done, ye good and faithful soldiers, ye good and faithful parents, enter into My joy!" You have such a reward waiting for you, such a blessing, such riches, such treasures from the Lord's hands because of your faithfulness, because of your diligence, because you raised your kids in the love and admonition of the Lord.
       72. So don't worry about these who are with me. They are still ever so close to you, and they love you so much! They've told me all about you--how much they love you, how good you were to them, and how happy they are that they can be so close to you, that they can help you and speak to you and still love you so much.
       73. I love you! I appreciate you and I'm so proud of you for being such fighters through this battle. I know you are going to keep on keeping on for Jesus! You are going to keep on trusting and keep on loving and keep on fighting those battles. And before long we'll be together again! We'll all be together, and then we'll rejoice! And this pain and these tears will be long forgotten. I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

              74. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Thank You so much, precious Jesus, our wonderful Savior and Shepherd, our King and our Guide, for these Words of comfort that we need so desperately and appreciate so very much. Thank You for helping us to see this situation the way You see it, and for giving us hope for the future, strength to carry on, and the confidence to know that our dear daughters are safe in Your arms and happy in Your service. What a peace it gives us to know that they are fulfilled, challenged, and excited with their new lives. Thank You for bringing Heaven so near to us and for showing us that we can still be close to these, our loved ones; in fact, we can be closer than ever before, and we can continue to show them our love, and communicate with them, and hear them speak to us, and ask their forgiveness.
       75. And thank you so much, Dad, for speaking to us and explaining these things that we need to know. We probably could have gone ahead by faith and trusted the Lord even without understanding so well why this all happened, but you and the Lord have made it much easier for us by explaining why He allowed this accident and what the great and marvelous purpose is behind it. We feel very reassured to know, Dad, that you're taking good care of the girls--loving them, caring for them, kissing them and holding them as we would want to do, and that you are training them and working with them. Thank you for continuing to help us!--And thank you, girls, for your help, too!--Joy, Katrina, Victoria, Christina and Joanna! We're glad we can be a team together!--You There and us here, all of us fighting together! We're with you! We are one in heart, mind and soul, and together, by God's grace, we will win great victories. Praise the Lord! Amen.
       76. My dear ones, what more can I say than what the Lord and Dad and our girls have already said? Now we just need to trust in these precious promises and look to the future in faith. The Lord is going to do it!--He's going to strengthen you and fill all the empties, as He has promised.
       77. Peter and I love you so very much!--As do the Lord and Dad and all the Family! You are very much in our prayers right now! God bless and keep you strong in Him!
       With great love, and admiration for your fighting spirit,

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family