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GOD'S HEALING TOUCH FOR BROKEN HEARTS AND BODIES!       Maria #289       DO 3007       7/95

       --Mama's Letter to the Four Teens and One Adult Who Survived the Austin Traffic Accident

Dear Jesse, Juan David, Stephan, Estrella, John and Charity,
       1. I love you, my dear children! I wish I could be there with you to put my arms around you and comfort you, to kiss you and pray for you, to hold you and tell you everything is going to be okay. But since I can't be with you personally, I have asked Peter, your king, to visit you and bring you a message from me and Dad and the Lord.
       2. When I heard the news of your accident, I cried and prayed desperately for you. I also asked some of those in my Home to pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy for you. I specifically asked Dad if he would speak personally to you, our dear children! And, of course, he did! He tells us some really comforting things that you can hold on to during this difficult time!
       3. What Grandpa said helped me to be more positive about everything!--I hope it will do the same for you! You know, Grandpa helps us to look at things in the right way! Initially, upon hearing the news of your accident, I was shocked and wondered what the purpose was. Our Family has never suffered such a serious accident before, but when you see how the Lord looks at it--which is the way it really is--you can pull out of the terrible discouragement and condemnation you must be feeling. He's been giving many loving explanations to us and to you and to your parents and friends, showing us that not only did He allow this, but that He's going to use it to bring about His plan, which in turn will bring many wonderful victories in His time!
       4. I know this must seem like a horrible experience, and I've really cried for you, knowing the physical and spiritual battles that you are fighting. It must seem almost unbearable! But haven't Grandpa's Words always helped you before? Let them help you again and give you faith to see things the way he does. Isn't it wonderful that Jesus and Dad can talk directly to us, straight from Heaven?
       5. Just think, the following words are especially for you, and the Lord has never spoken exactly the same words to anybody else! Jesus loves you so much, and He's right there with you, offering you everything you need to help make things better. The first prophecy below says that He's got precious gifts in His hands for you--gifts of love, forgiveness, mercy and healing. These are all free, and you can just take what you need.
       6. I know right now you're feeling this as a heavy, heavy burden that's way too heavy for you to bear! You might even be blaming yourselves because you weren't more prayerful and more serious-minded. But you know what?--You don't have to keep blaming yourselves! You only have to do it once, when you tell the Lord you're sorry and ask for His forgiveness! And then it's over!--It's done with! He's forgiven you, and He doesn't hold it against you! Sure, there are consequences, but you're forgiven! You're forgiven for everything! Just receive His forgiveness! I know you don't feel that you deserve it! I know you feel that you somehow need to pay for your sins, but He says, "In the very moment that ye seek My forgiveness and in the very instant that ye call out to Me, I immediately grant My forgiveness, and there is no more need to worry or fear or carry the burden yourself!" (See also Isaiah 1:18.)
       7. Please, my dear ones, reach out to Him now and receive His forgiveness!--It's there for you immediately! You don't need to go on another minute in the agony of condemnation. The Lord says the past is the past! Now we have to start a new life for Jesus in the present. Right now you think that you can never be happy again, you can never do anything for Jesus again, and you feel absolutely terrible, you never felt so bad before in your whole life. But please, dear ones, know that this too will pass, in time, as Jesus soothes your pain and covers you in His Love.
       8. You know, you didn't cause this accident!--The Lord allowed it for a purpose! Sure, you may have set up the conditions through unprayerfulness and maybe confusion that made it easy to happen, but if the Lord hadn't allowed it, it wouldn't have happened! If that's the case, you say, "How could He have ever possibly allowed such a thing if He really does love us?" Right now, you can't imagine how this could be loving, but you'll understand that later. Just keep believing that He does love you, even when things seem so hard!
       9. Following are Jesus' and Grandpa's loving words to you:

       Precious Gifts of Love, Forgiveness, Mercy and Healing!
       10. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Behold, I am the Good Shepherd, I gave My life to save the lost. I laid down My body to heal the broken. I gave all this, I suffered all this, not in vain, but so that I could draw My children unto My bosom and comfort them and love them and give them forgiveness, redemption and healing.
       11. I have My arms outstretched, and in My hands are precious, precious gifts to give unto these My children, these My broken ones, these who are suffering, and these who are crying, these who are aching. I have precious gifts for these little sheep.--Gifts of Love, of forgiveness, of mercy and of healing. All of these things are in My hands and I will freely give them unto you if ye will only reach out and receive them by faith.
       12. These gifts are not earned by your goodness. You could never be good enough to receive these precious, precious gifts in My hands. But I give them to you freely if ye can only reach out by faith and receive My Love, My mercy, My forgiveness, and My healing.
       13. In times of darkness, I will be your light. In times of sadness, I will be your joy. In times of struggle, I will be your deliverance. In times of weakness, I will be your strength. In times of question, I will be your answer. In times of doubt, I will be faith unto you. And more important than any of this, I am Love to you. I love you and I forgive you. I want to heal you and mend your wounds and strengthen you and renew your heart, renew your spirit, renew your conviction and your will to live.
       14. So be not discouraged, be not disheartened. Look not back and do not be remorseful over the mistakes or sins of the past. For the past is the past. I have covered these mistakes and sins, and that which was scarlet shall be made white as snow. As far as the east is from the west, so far have I removed your transgressions from you. In the very moment that ye seek My forgiveness, in the very instant that ye call out to Me, I immediately grant My forgiveness, and there is no more need to worry or fear or carry the burden yourself.
       15. I know that ye will have questions, ye will wonder why some were taken to Heaven and ye were left behind. Ye will wonder why some escaped with hardly any injuries, and others are so near death and struggling so much. But I say that this is in My hands; this is all within My control. It is not an accident that some were brought to Heaven, that some escaped unharmed, and that others were injured seriously. This is all within My plan.
       16. For I know each person individually and there is a unique plan for each person, and I work differently in each person's life. It doesn't mean one person is better than the other. It doesn't mean that the people taken to Heaven are the best, and next the people who escaped injury are almost as good, and then the people who are injured are bad. That's not the way I see it at all! For each one of you is precious in My sight, each one is of equal importance, and each one is equally as dear to My heart. I do not love one more than the other. It is not because of a difference in love that some suffer and some are delivered, but it is because I have a unique plan for each person.
       17. So do not question, do not try to figure it out, but trust Me. Trust Me and thank Me and look to My Word. Look to these Words that will give you faith. Look to the Words that I speak to you personally when ye come to Me in prayer. And look to the Words of David, and in there ye will find the answers that ye seek. Do not question in a doubting spirit, thinking that I do not love you, that I have abandoned you. But if ye question in faith and ye seek Me in faith for the answers, I will give them. I will speak to your heart. I will speak to you through prophecy. I will speak to you through the Word. I will speak to you through your shepherds. I will speak to you through Mama Maria.--If ye will have faith to seek Me for the answers to the questions that ye have.
       18. But above all things know this, that in My hands I have precious, precious gifts to give you!--Gifts of Love and forgiveness and mercy and healing. Draw nigh to Me, call out to Me, love Me, seek Me, desire Me, and I will be with you to fill every need, to answer every question, to heal every wound, to strengthen every broken heart. Ye will find that through this deep, dark experience we will gain a love relationship that is of much, much more value. Ye will know that this time of suffering and pain hath been a small, small sacrifice in comparison to the great joy that we will feel in our love relationship, as this will cause you to draw closer to Me, to know Me as ye have never known Me before, to love Me as ye have never loved Me before, to feel My mercy, My tenderness and My forgiveness as ye have never felt it before.
       19. So this seeming defeat in your eyes will one day be looked upon as a blessing. This breaking process will result in new creatures, new vessels, yielded, malleable in My hands, that will pour forth the waters of life in great, great abundance. Your heart will overflow with thanksgiving for My Love and for My forgiveness, and it will drive you, it will compel you to share this Love with others. In this way ye will be much, much more valuable vessels in My hands, much more useful tools. Although ye cannot see it now, I am creating special instruments which will be used of Me in a very unique, very effective, very fruitful way. Through this breaking ye will be remade and ye will become new creatures in My hands.
       20. So fear not, doubt not. Shake off the shackles of doubt and condemnation and fear that the Devil would want to cast upon you, and receive these gifts that I have to give you--My Love and forgiveness and mercy. As ye receive these, ye will be washed clean from your sins, from your shortcomings, from your mistakes, and ye will find new strength and new power and new anointing. For unto whom much hath been forgiven, the same loveth much. Now ye know that ye need My forgiveness, and ye will find it, and with this forgiveness, ye will find great, great Love. (End of prophecy.)

       A Message from Dad:
       Don't Give Up!--Keep Fighting!
       21. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Hello, kids! I love you! I love you very much, and I'm sorry that you all got banged up and broken up. I'm so thankful that my dear sweetheart, Maria, had faith and asked me to come and speak to you, for you know it takes faith for me to be able to cross the veil.--Not only the faith of someone to ask, but of those that I'm coming to see. They must believe. So isn't it wonderful and aren't you thankful that you have faith?--That I am able to come now and comfort you, and bring the Lord's wonderful, beautiful Love to you?
       22. You know, I've been experiencing this Love for some time now, and it really is overwhelming. The Lord's Love is all that I told you it was, and much, much more! For then I saw through a glass darkly, but now face to face. The Lord has asked me to come and comfort you, to lay my hands of faith on you and to heal you--to heal your broken bodies, your broken hearts, your emotions, to heal you spiritually, because His Love for you is great, and my love for you is great. You're my kids--even you, Charity, though you're a few years older than the rest! You're all my kids, because the Lord used me to bring you into this spiritual Kingdom. So that makes you all my kids, and when you're broken, I feel broken.
       23. But please fight on, for it's the will to live that's important. It's the will to continue on to help others that's important. For the Lord has plans for you. He wants to use you to help your peers to have more sobriety, more seriousness, more prayerfulness, more conviction in their lives, and more desperation, so that they'll be able to see more clearly the battle lines that are drawn and the importance of fighting in the Spirit.
       24. These are hard and tough lessons for you to go through, but as I told you many times, some of the darkest moments and the toughest trials we have to go through are the ones that God can use the most. Sometimes--usually, in fact--He uses us most in our most broken state. When we have no strength of our own and no will of our own, and we know how weak and nothing we are, and how frail and human we are, then He can grasp our lives and use us to magnify and intensify His Spirit to reach out to others through us.
       25. So don't be discouraged. Don't feel like you've failed, but just fight on! Fight in the Spirit and have that will to live and to carry on and to make up for any foolishness or lack of sincerity or any lack of conviction that you may have had. For through this the Lord is offering you all of those gifts and much, much more, many more gifts of His Spirit. So even though your bodies ache and throb with pain, be encouraged that He is strengthening your spirits, and He will heal your bodies.
       26. Give your parents encouragement and a smile, and show them that you have the will to fight on and that you are thankful for them and their love for you and their care and their concern, and for your wonderful Family, for you indeed have a wonderful Family of people that care. Even your king (Peter) is coming to see you, to bring you the Lord's Love and my love and Mama's love, because you're our children and we love you so much and we're so proud of you.
       27. So please keep fighting and don't be weary and don't faint because of the pain and of the struggle ahead. For if you struggle through, you will come through stronger in the end, more useful and a better tool in the Lord's Kingdom, and He will increase your power many, many fold. Your spiritual strength will be much, much greater than it was before. So don't give up, kids! Keep fightin'! I love you! Here's a big hug from your Grandpa! God bless you!--And your parents too! (End of message from Dad.)

              28. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Isn't it wonderful to know how close Dad is to us and how when we ask him to speak to us, he will? Doesn't hearing these wonderful Words from the Lord and Dad give you more faith! Doesn't it make you feel better! Keep reading them over and reminding yourself that Jesus has promised to take this big burden of condemnation so you don't have to carry it! Cast it on the Lord!--It's too heavy for you, but it wasn't meant for you! "Cast thy burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain thee; He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved. There is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus" (Psa.55:22; Rom.8:1).

       Summary of All the Things the Lord Said to You!
       29. I know, kids, that it's almost impossible right now for you to comprehend how the Lord could possibly use this accident to bring forth good fruit! It's almost impossible to fathom how this could all work together for good, especially when at this moment you're feeling so broken and desperate and barely able to keep hanging on. Just know that the Lord promises that what seems like this great defeat will someday be looked upon as a blessing. In the words that He spoke to you above, He tells you some very important things, directly and through Dad. Maybe we can list some of them here.

       1. Jesus is offering you precious gifts of Love, forgiveness, mercy and healing! All you have to do is take them by faith.
       2. You can't pay for these gifts by being good; you could never be good enough to earn them.
       3. The Lord will give you everything you need for your times of darkness, your times of sadness, your times of weakness, your times of struggle, your times of questioning and your times of doubting.
       4. Most of all, He will give you Love in the form of His forgiveness and His healing.
       5. He wants to renew your heart and your spirit and your will to live.
       6. In the very moment that you ask His forgiveness, He gives it, and there's no more need to worry or fear.
       7. It's not an accident that your sisters were taken to Heaven while you were left. It's not an accident that some of you were seriously injured and others were not. This is all within the Lord's plan.
       8. The Lord has a unique plan for each individual.
       9. No person is better than another. It doesn't mean that "the people taken to Heaven were the best, the people who escaped injury were almost as good, and the people who are injured are bad!" The Lord says that's not the way He sees it at all!
       10. Each one of you is precious to Him.
       11. Each of you is of equal importance.
       12. Each one of you is equally as dear to His heart; He doesn't love one of you more than the other.
       13. It is not because of a difference in love that some suffer and some are delivered, but it is because He has a unique plan for each of you.
       14. Don't question, don't try to figure it out, but just trust Him.
       15. Look to the words that will give you the faith that you need--the Word that He speaks to your heart, the printed Word, prophecy, counsel from me and from your shepherds.
       16. It's all right to question if you question in faith and look for the answers in the Word.
       17. If you'll draw close to Him, He'll fill your every need and answer your every question and heal your every wound and strengthen your broken heart.
       18. This sacrifice, this difficult time will seem small when you see how it's going to make you fall in love with Jesus and give you great joy that you've never known before.
       19. You're going to love Him so much because you're going to know His Love and His mercy and His forgiveness and His tenderness in a way that you have never known it before.
       20. Someday you will see this seeming defeat as a blessing.
       21. This is a breaking process which is going to result in making you into a new creature.
       22. It's going to enable you to pour forth the water of life in great abundance.
       23. Your heart is going to overflow with thanksgiving for the Lord's Love and forgiveness, and you'll be so thankful that you'll feel compelled to share this Love with others.
       24. Shake off the doubt and condemnation and fear that the Devil is trying to bind you with.
       25. Receive the Lord's gifts of Love and forgiveness, and they will wash you clean from your sins and shortcomings and mistakes.
       26. To whom much hath been forgiven, the same loveth much.
       27. With His forgiveness, you will find great, great love.
       28. Dad says that it takes faith for him to cross the veil and speak to you, and he knows that you have it, because he was able to come to comfort and love you.
       29. The Lord asked Dad to come and comfort you, to lay his hands of faith on you and to heal you physically and spiritually.
       30. You're all Dad's kids because the Lord used him to bring you into this spiritual Kingdom.
       31. When you're going through it, Dad goes through it too.
       32. Dad says it's your will to fight and live that's important.
       33. The Lord has plans for you. He wants to use you to help your peers to have more seriousness and prayerfulness, more conviction and desperation.
       34. Some of the toughest trials are the ones that God uses the most.
       35. The Lord can use us most when we are the most broken and have no strength of our own and no will of our own, and we know how weak and frail we are.
       36. Don't be discouraged and don't feel like you've failed.
       37. Keep fighting to live.
       38. In the midst of this physical pain, the Lord is strengthening your spirits and giving you His gifts.
       39. He will heal your bodies.
       40. Encourage your parents by showing them that you want to keep fighting, and by thanking them for their love and the love of your wonderful Family.
       41. The Lord and Dad and I love you so much that we sent your new king, Peter, with this message from us.
       42. You're our children and we love you so much and we're so proud of you!
       43. If you keep fighting, you'll become stronger and be a more useful tool for the Lord, and much, much more powerful.
       44. Don't give up!--Keep fighting!

              30. In all of the above things, the Lord is promising to bring beauty out of the ashes, and good out of what seems so terrible! The Lord sees things so differently than we do and He wants to use this experience to make you into a new creature!
       31. I'm praying for you, my dear sons and daughters, that you'll hold on to these comforting Words, and that they will give you more faith to believe in His Love.
       32. I love you, my dear ones!--And so do Grandpa and Peter and all of your Family! You are in our daily prayers! God bless and keep you, and heal you and help you to fight!
       Yours with great love and many prayers,
       Mama Maria

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