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NO CONDEMNATION!       Maria #290       DO/TS 3008       7/95
--Mama's Letter to YA Jesse, the Driver of the Van in the Austin Accident

       AUSTIN GN--Part 3
--Mama's Letters of Comfort to Those Who Were Involved in the Texas Traffic Accident

              1. (Introduction:) The Lord laid a burden on Mama's heart to write a personal letter to Jesse, 18, knowing he would be suffering extreme condemnation since he was the driver of the van. She also had several members of her Home pray and hear from the Lord in prophecy specifically for Jesse. The Words of wisdom, comfort and instruction that the Lord gave are fascinating! He even had Jesse's sister, Joy, who was killed in the accident, speak to him. She explains so much, so simply, about the Lord's forgiveness, and she begs Jesse to keep fighting and to cast off condemnation, which she says is a horrible tool of the Devil. Dad also speaks to Jesse, encouraging him that everything is going to be okay, and that even though six people's lives were lost in this accident, in the end more lives will be saved. There are precious lessons from Dad on receiving the Lord's forgiveness, fighting condemnation, and seeing this situation with the eyes of faith.
       2. If you're suffering from condemnation, you'll be thrilled to read words of instruction and comfort from three Heavenly Counselors who can speak from personal experience, who have personal testimonies of overcoming condemnation. Don't miss this invaluable counsel from none other than the Apostles Paul and Peter, and Timothy Concerned!
       3. Thank you for your prayers for Jesse! Please continue to pray desperately for him. He is depending on your prayers! Thank you!

Dear Jesse,
       4. I love you, son! You can't imagine how much I love you, and how much I've cried for you! Last night I felt your torment so deeply and I cried out to the Lord in tears: Oh, Jesus, Jesus! Please help precious Jesse! Far surpassing any excruciating pain and agony that he may be experiencing is the torment of the condemnation and guilt that he feels. All the grief, all the pain, all the death--he's torn between wanting to die and wanting to live. He's afraid to meet You, but he's also afraid to see his Family, knowing what a mistake he's made. He thinks You must hate him, he thinks the Family must hate him, and he certainly hates himself.
       5. It's a great great burden, Lord. How can he ever be happy again? How can he ever be free of this torment? Oh Jesus, please show him how he can shed the burden of this terrible, terrible weight! Help him to understand that no one condemns him. His mistake was negligence and unprayerfulness, and haven't we all been that way, Lord! But You used his mistake to bring about Your wonderful plan, to be able to gather these ones to You where You could reward them and use them in a greater way than ever before!
       6. The reason his mistake had such great consequences when our similar mistakes haven't is because You allowed it, Lord, and not because You hate him, but because You love him! Your love for him is great and You have such a great mission for him to do that You have had to allow something this shocking in his life to completely change him, to utterly break him so You can eventually remake him into a beautiful vessel for Your glory.
       7. Look what a victory You want to give him! You want to make him a shining example of Your power to overcome condemnation and guilt. The world needs this example so much! So few accept Your forgiveness and Your mercy, but instead they go on trying to pay the price for their sins that You have already paid! You want to give him a ministry of encouragement to others that You have been able to give to so few, because they won't receive Your forgiveness when battling extreme condemnation.
       8. But Lord, You know that he can do it or You wouldn't have kept him here, You wouldn't be giving him this special mission in life that's so important! It's so important because so many people are suffering under the burden of condemnation. And all condemnation, whether for sins that seem little or big, is great to the one who carries the load of it! Most people are suffering for a lot less than Jesse, but they all are suffering, and many have given up hope of ever finding relief! But, Lord, You're saying that he can get it and his sister Joy is telling him that he can have the victory, he can overcome if he'll just fight for it, that You will help him! And what a great, great victory this can be in his life and in the lives of many, many others!
       9. He's been given a very difficult mission, Lord, to fight against this condemnation that would overwhelm him, that would destroy him, in order to gain a great, great victory!--To show that it is possible to be a testimony to many who suffer guilt and remorse, to show that there is victory in You, Jesus, that all things are possible! Lord, we just ask You to please say something to him that will encourage him and help him to know how much You love him and how special he is to You, something that will be great enough to help him to start fighting to overcome this terrible guilt, this terrible condemnation he feels.
       10. None of us condemn him, Lord. We've all been unprayerful and irresponsible. It's up to You, Lord, whether You allow things to happen as a result, and when You do, You always have a purpose. It's not to destroy us, it's not to make us live in agony for the rest of our lives. This is the way it may seem to Jesse right now. He thinks You must hate him, that You've cursed him, that he'll never ever be able to smile again. He just wants to die, or better yet, he wishes that he could just stay unconscious for the rest of his life and not feel anything.
       11. He thinks that no one could ever possibly understand the torment that he is going through! But he's wrong, because there are those who do! You do, Lord, and Dad does! His sister does too! She knows the thoughts that he's thinking and the despair he feels and the awful hopelessness. Let her speak to him, Lord. Help her to help him. You speak to him, Lord, and perhaps Dad can talk to him too!

Messages of Love and Forgiveness
From Jesus, Joy and Dad!
       12. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} My dear son, hath any man condemned thee? Neither do I condemn thee! Go and sin no more. For I know thy heart, I know thy spirit, and I know thy desire to serve Me. I condemn thee not, and this seeming death to thee shall bring forth life. For I repeat to thee, My dear son, that I do all things well. And even though you fall and you make mistakes and you sin, this is why I died for you--for you, Jesse--that your sins may be forgiven.
       13. So suffer not for thy sins, for thy negligence, for thy moment of unprayerfulness. For all things work together for good to them that love Me, that are called according to My purpose. I can bring victory out of seeming defeat in thy life, and I can raise thee up! But I give thee a choice, My son. If this be too much for thee, thou canst come unto Me. But I offer thee comfort, I offer thee peace, I offer thee joy in this life. So fear thou not, because I love thee and thou art Mine and thou wilt always be Mine.
       14. Thy father loveth thee also and his heart is breaking for thee, for he knoweth what thou must be feeling. But he loveth thee and he also condemneth thee not. And thy sisters that are with Me, they condemn thee not. Trust in Me, Jesse and I will carry thee through.
       * * *
       15. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Joy speaking:)} Hi Jess! It's me, Joy! Jesse, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry to see how you're suffering, I'm so sorry to see what pain you're in, to see the guilt that you feel. I know that it's almost more than you can bear. I know it's almost unbelievable to you when you realize what has happened. I know you feel like you don't deserve to live, and you don't deserve to die; like you don't deserve to be healed, and you don't deserve to be delivered and to be in Heaven and to be happy. I know you blame yourself. I'm so, so sorry to see you suffer and to see you pain so! Jesse, I've wept for you, knowing what you have felt and knowing the weight that you carry.
       16. But please, if you could just see it the way we see it! If you could just see it the way Grandpa explained it. Of course there are lessons to learn, there are lessons for all of us! We're learning lessons, you will be learning lessons, our dad will learn lessons, the shepherds will learn lessons, the other teens will learn lessons, the other drivers, even Mama Maria's learning lessons! We're all learning lessons! But still, just because there are lessons to learn, it doesn't mean that you have to try to pay for your sins and your mistakes; that you have to carry the weight; that you have to try to earn the Lord's forgiveness or His Love, or the love and forgiveness of your brethren, your Family, or of Dad.
       17. Please, Jesse, I know it's almost more than you can believe, that you could find freedom again, that you could be delivered from this weight and this condemnation and this sadness and the guilt. But the reason you can't find peace of mind is because you don't think you deserve it, that for some reason you think you have to pay. But you see, that's not the way it is. You don't have to pay, the Lord has already paid. He's paid for all of our sins.
       18. It's not like once they get to a certain point of badness all of a sudden we have to take them upon ourselves; that they're too bad for Jesus; that He didn't pay for that sin because it's just too bad and the cost is too much, so for that one you have to carry it yourself and you have to pay for it yourself by doing penance and being miserable and sad and wishing you could just die. That's not the way it is--even for something that seems so awful to you, so tragic, so terrible that it's even beyond your comprehension!
       19. You can't even believe that it happened, it's like a nightmare to you! It's like something you wish you could just wake up from and find out that it never happened, but it was just a horrible, horrible nightmare. And you say over and over in your mind that you wish you could just live that moment again, that day, that hour, that minute. Oh, how you would do things differently! How you would pray, how much more serious you would be, how much more responsible you would be, how much more on guard you would be, how much more careful you would be!
       20. There are so many things that you would do differently if you could do it over! I know that! I understand! Because I know that you want to do the right thing. So you just feel like you have to pay, you have to somehow earn the Lord's forgiveness by torturing yourself. But Jesse, that's not true. You can't earn the Lord's forgiveness. You can't earn it by putting in so many days or weeks or months or years of condemnation, by paying the price through guilt. You can't do it that way!
       21. You could never earn the Lord's forgiveness. He's given it to you for free. He paid that price already, Jesse, when He died for you! His death was great enough to cover even this mistake, even this sin, even this loss, even this seeming tragedy in your eyes. Jesse, the Lord has paid it all already, and He's ready and willing to forgive you if you'll just receive His forgiveness, if you'll just accept it. He's reaching out His hands to you right now to receive you into His arms, to comfort you, to kiss you, to love you, to renew you, to heal you, if you can just receive it!
       22. It's not because you're good enough, it's not because you even deserve it. Of course you don't deserve it! You didn't deserve it before this accident, so how could you deserve it now? You've never been good enough to receive the Lord's forgiveness. So what's new, what's different? Nothing has changed, Jesse, it's the same. You had to receive the Lord's forgiveness by faith before, and now even after this you still have to receive it by faith. You were never good enough, you were never righteous, you could never earn the Lord's forgiveness or His Love.
       23. He's giving it to you for free in spite of yourself! That's the beauty of it, Jesse. Can't you see? That's the beauty of it, that you don't have to be good, you don't have to try to earn it, to merit it somehow. But no matter how bad you feel, no matter how bad you are, no matter how terrible this mistake is, this lack of prayerfulness, this negligence, this unguarded moment, still the Lord's forgiveness is for you! It's there, and He wants to give it to you if you'll just receive it!
       24. Oh, Jesse, please, please open your arms to Him! Go to Jesus and receive the forgiveness that He has. He loves you! He wants you! He wants to be close to you. He wants to give you peace of mind, He wants to dry your tears and lift the weight.
       25. Jesse, I know that you feel like you have to do something. You feel like you've got to do something to show how sorry you are--that you have to cry, that you have to beat yourself, you have to make yourself suffer because you see others are suffering. You feel you somehow have to pay. I know why you feel this way, Jesse. I know that it's because you sincerely feel the loss and you sincerely feel the blame and the responsibility. But, Jesse, no matter how much you suffer and make yourself do penance, it's never ever ever going to be enough.
       26. So please, please, Jesse, let it go! Give it all up to Jesus. Fall into His arms now. Just cry in His arms, tell Him how you feel and just cry. Let it out. Let out all of your pain and your guilt and cry all your tears and let Jesus dry them. Let Jesus comfort you. Receive His Love and forgiveness, because it's there for you. He loves you as much as He ever loved you! He doesn't love you any less. You can be just as close to Him now--in fact, you can be closer to Him now than you've ever been before! He's not mad at you, Jesse. He feels sorry for you and He's weeping for you because He knows how pained you are.
       27. But He loves you and I love you! And I don't blame you, Jesse. I'm not mad at you or upset at you. I'm not looking at you critically or condemning you, none of us are. Grandpa's not either! Mama Maria's not, and neither is King Peter. They're not blaming you, condemning you or angry with you. We all understand how difficult it is for you. But what we want most of all is that you'll just find the Lord's forgiveness and reach out and experience His Love. He wants to love you. He wants to be close to you. He wants you to know how much you need Him, how nothing you are without Him.
       28. So let this experience break you and drive you to His bosom. Let this experience cause you to know His Love as you have never known it before! Because before, even though you didn't realize it, somehow you thought you earned His Love, that you were good enough. But now you know that you're wretched and sinful and naked and in need of everything, and that His Love and forgiveness is completely by grace. So let this remake you. Become a new man, a new creature in His hands, Jesse.
       29. This can be a great testimony to many! Because you know, Jesse, there are a lot of people who suffer condemnation. It's a terrible, terrible trick of the Enemy, it's so powerful. It takes away people's joy and it causes them to distance themselves from Jesus. It takes away their power and their Halloween Wheel. Condemnation is a horrible, horrible tool of the Devil! So Jesse, you can be a great, great soldier to fight the battle against it. You can teach people how to fight against it if you can only understand that you don't have to have it! You don't have to endure it!
       30. It's not from Jesus, it's from the Devil! So cast it off! Fight against it! Jesse, you have to fight against it or it will destroy you! Please, please, Jesse, fight! Fight for the victory! Fight to believe in the Lord's Love! Fight to believe in His forgiveness! Fight against the lies of the Devil! Fight as you've never fought before! Because if you don't fight this condemnation, it will be the end of you, it will be your destruction, it will be your downfall!
       31. But if you fight it and you get the victory over it, it will be like a rebirth to you! It will be going through Gethsemane to resurrection! So fight it, Jesse! Fight it for us! Fight it for Grandpa! Fight it for everybody in the Family who needs these lessons. Do it for us! And know in your heart and believe and accept that we don't blame you. We don't condemn you. We love you!
* * *

       32. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Jesse, I just want to speak to you personally, to let you know that I love you and that everything is okay, you don't need to worry. I know how you must feel. I put myself in your place and I know that you must have the weight of the world on your shoulders. You feel guilty and you feel like the accident was your fault. But I just want to let you know that everything is okay! We're not condemning you. I'm not condemning you, Mama's not condemning you, your dad is not condemning you, your sister is not condemning you, the Family's not condemning you!
       33. The only person who is condemning you is yourself, and it's from the Enemy, Jesse! You have to let it go and trust the Lord and receive this forgiveness. I know you made a mistake, I know you weren't as prayerful as you should have been, or as careful, or as watchful. Maybe you were driving too fast and you were distracted and you were daydreaming. There are lots of good lessons, Jesse, but you know, those lessons are going to be a blessing to all the drivers in the Family. And even though you may feel like your mistake cost the lives of six people, in the end this lesson and this shake-up will save many, many more lives, because your brothers and sisters and your fellow-drivers are going to be much, much more prayerful. They're going to be more in the fear of the Lord and understand a lot better the dangers of driving and being out on the Devil's territory. They're going to be a lot more watchful and careful and serious and on guard when they're driving.
       34. So understand this, Jesse, that you only see the loss, but I see the gain! From Up Here, I can see not only this moment in time, but I can see the future, and I know that through this experience a lot of lives will be saved. I know that sounds strange to you, because all you can think about and see is that lives have been lost. But in the end, lives will be saved.
       35. Jesse, I love you! I forgive you! You're one of my boys, you're one of my children. I need you to keep fighting. Keep fighting, son! Don't give up! Don't lose heart! Don't lose hope! Don't lose faith in the Lord's Love, or in my love, or Mama's love, or Peter's, or any of your brothers' and sisters'. We love you and need you! You've got a big job to do for Jesus, so fight for your healing! Hang on!
       36. Don't give up because you feel like you don't deserve to live, because you feel so bad and so horrible and so guilty. You've got to fight, because you do deserve to live! The Lord spared your life and you have a job to do, so fight on! Know that the Lord has forgiven you and I have forgiven you, and we love you and need you! Everything is okay, Jesse, and the Lord is in control; He has a plan. So don't think of yourself too highly, that you were the person who was in control and that you caused everything and now you have to try to fix it, because that's not the way it is. In spite of your mistakes, in spite of your lack of prayerfulness, the Lord allowed it.
       37. Remember that all things work together for good to those who love the Lord, and I know you love the Lord! So even this, as horrific as it seems to you, is working for good--for you and for your loved ones and for the Family, and even for me and these dear ones that are with me Here. I love you, son! I love you! You're my son. I forgive you. I take you in my arms now and hold you and kiss you and forgive you. Now forgive yourself and receive Jesus' forgiveness. I love you! (End of prophecies.)

Refuse to Accept the Devil's Condemnation!
       38. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Look how much we all love you, Jesse! There's no one who is condemning you but yourself. I love you so much and I feel so much what you're going through that I've cried for you, almost more than anyone. I love you so much that I prayed for the Lord to speak to you and Dad to speak to you and your sister to come to you and talk to you! And they love you so much that they did! Peter loves you so much that he has risked his security to come to see you and to give you his love and my love. Sharon has sat by your bedside for hours on end, praying and crying out for your recovery. Your father loves you. He doesn't condemn you, he watches over you and prays for you.
       39. Your Family doesn't condemn you; they love you, they pray for you, they desperately want you to make it! It's only the Devil who is accusing you, Jesse. Don't listen. Close your ears to it! Receive these words! Fight with everything within you not to accept this guilt! Jesus already paid for it, He already took it! You don't have to take it back; it's lying vanities! It's already gone! It's removed and buried in the deepest sea. But as Joy said, it'll destroy you if you accept it. Please, Jesse.
       40. Each one of us wants to see you believe Jesus for what seems impossible to you. It is impossible!--It is impossible for you! But Jesus can do it! He's the God of the impossible! He specializes in impossible situations and He can do what no one else can do! Give Him a chance, Jesse! If you can't do it for yourself, do it for Grandpa! Do it for your dad! Do it for Joy! Do it for me! Do it for your Family! Do it for Jesus! We need you to do this, Jesse. We need to see Jesus giving you this great victory!
       41. Our Family needs to see that what God has promised, He is able to perform, even if it seems so impossible. Even if it seems so impossible to you, He really is able to do it! But He needs someone who's willing to fight with everything in him!--Fight to accept and believe His Words, to cooperate, to not give in to the Devil when he says you don't deserve the Lord's forgiveness. You've got to say, "Of course I don't deserve it! I didn't deserve it before, I don't deserve it now, but He's given it to me! The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses me from all sin!"
       42. That means your sins and guilt are not there any more, they're gone! He paid for it. You've got to refuse to listen to the Devil when he says, "Look what you did, Jesse!" You have to say, "God damn you, Devil! Sure, I made mistakes, but the Lord has forgiven me. He has caused all things to work together for good, and He's used this to bring about His wonderful plan out of a seeming disaster."
       43. Just tell the Devil, "Look, you liar!--It's not any harder for Jesus to forgive me for this than it was for Him to forgive me for anything else I ever did! That's what He died on the cross for!--To take away all my sins! He doesn't even see them, because His blood covers them! He's forgiven me for this mistake, and furthermore, He's promised to get great victories out of it! Now through it He's giving our Family teens the spirit helpers they need, those that are going to stand in the gap for us; He's drawing us all closer together through this; He's getting us all more serious and sober about Him and His work; He's helping us all to feel closer to Heaven; He's showing our moms and dads how much closer they can be to their kids in Heaven than they were even here on this Earth! If He wants to use my mistake to accomplish all these great things, I'm honored! And I'm honored that He has enough confidence in me to know that I'll trust Him and I'll hang on to what He says and I'll believe the impossible, and I'll fight to accept it, and I'll become the man that He wants me to be!
       44. "So, Devil, I refuse to accept your condemnation! Jesus has commanded me not to and Dad has commanded me not to. My sister has told me I can't or it's going to destroy me. Mama Maria has told me I must not. Peter has made an unprecedented move to come here to visit me personally and told me not to. So why should I obey you rather than all of them! They're the ones who love me! I know you don't love me, and when I listen to you I always get into trouble!" So that's what you need to say, Jesse! That's the way it is!--That's the truth!

Examples of Great Sins, Great Forgiveness and Great Acceptance of Forgiveness!
       45. Now Jesse, I'm going to do something else to show you how much Jesus loves you. I'm going to pray and I'm going to ask the Lord if the Apostle Paul--you know, the one who wrote, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus" (Rom.8:1)--can talk to you about the condemnation he suffered!
       46. Do you think it was any easier for him to accept the Lord's forgiveness? Look what he did if you want to see some real heavy sin! First of all, he apparently had something to do with the stoning of Stephen. Certainly at the least, he was approving this torturing of a follower of Jesus by standing by while Stephen's persecutors stoned him until he finally died! Then Paul went on from there to his rampage of persecuting all the Christians he could find!
       47. This was not accidental! It was a deliberate, cruel campaign to wipe out the disciples of Jesus, and he was one of the leaders of it! It was intentional, deliberate, aggressive and furious! Breathing out slaughterings and threatenings, he laid waste the Church: dragging men and women into prison, beating those who believed, putting many of them to death, deliberately and cruelly torturing and persecuting Jesus in His followers! (Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-2; 22:4-5). But you know what, Jesse? Even this, so great a sin, resulted in a glorious victory!
       48. The Church was dispersed to be able to witness throughout all Asia! The Lord had a purpose in it. He allowed Paul to do this thing, even though it was a terrible thing, to accomplish His plan. And look what happened! After Paul was converted and got over a major case of condemnation--real heavy duty stuff--the Lord had a wonderful mission for him, a wonderful plan, and was able to use him as one of His greats of all history!
       49. Jesus had forgiven his sins, his very severe sins, from the very beginning, from the time he cried out to Him for forgiveness! However, if Paul had not finally accepted that forgiveness, he never could have become the "chosen vessel" (Acts 9:15) before the Lord to bear His Name before the Gentiles and kings of the children of Israel, to do the great job that the Lord had for him.
       50. You too, Jesse, are a chosen vessel unto Him, to bear the testimony of His power to give victory over condemnation! You have just as much of the Lord's strength and power available to you as Paul did. There's no difference. You can claim the same victory over condemnation that he claimed. If he could accept the Lord's forgiveness for his very great sins of torturing and persecuting Jesus, certainly you can accept His forgiveness for your mistake of negligence and unprayerfulness.
       51. And look at the Apostle Peter! Aren't you glad that you didn't do what he did? How could he possibly even have lived with himself after that? Here he had just sworn his allegiance and loyalty to Jesus and told Him that he never would deny Him, and then he turned right around and did it!--And at a time when Jesus was in His hour of greatest need, alone and in the hands of His enemies. What condemnation Peter had to overcome!
       52. These are but two of history's examples of great sins, but great forgiveness and great acceptance of that forgiveness!
       53. In our Family history we have cases of those who have struggled with great condemnation. Bithia has had to fight to overcome the condemnation of the Enemy for the part she played in the persecution of our Family, getting their Homes raided and the members thrown into prison and their children taken away, and all the physical, spiritual and emotional suffering which that caused the Family worldwide. But the Lord is giving her the victory as she holds on to His forgiveness and refuses to listen to the Enemy!
       54. And then there was Timothy Concerned, Techi's flesh father, who worked closely with Dad and me as our right hand man and who was a very important and needed part of our team. But he grew weary in well doing and laid down his crown and left the Lord's service! That was over 16 years ago, and now he's in Heaven with Jesus! He, of course, suffered great condemnation, too!
       55. So Jesus, right now we ask You to allow Your Apostles Paul and Peter to share their experiences in sinning greatly and being given the power to accept Your forgiveness, to fight the great condemnation that the Enemy tried to lay upon them as a result of their sins. They're such good examples for Jesse, Lord, because no matter how much damage he thinks he has done, it could never ever compare with the things that Paul and Peter did! Or if he thinks his sins are worse than Peter's, at least he knows they're not worse than Paul's!
       56. And any of us who are struggling with condemnation, how can we not accept Your forgiveness? How can we think that our sins are too big when we see the victory You gave to Paul, when his sins were so much greater than anything any of us have ever done! Think of how Paul must have felt remorse at what he had done to his precious Christian family! Think of the great, great horrible sense of unspeakable anguish he must've felt after he realized that he had been persecuting Jesus and Jesus' Body! Think of all the folks that he had to live with who either had been persecuted or had had relatives persecuted, beaten, tortured, killed. Think of the guilt he must've felt at what he had done to his precious sisters and brothers, how he had slaughtered them and massacred them deliberately, intentionally, routinely. Look at all the trouble he caused the Church!
       57. So now it's up to us, Lord. You've done everything You can possibly do, and all we have to do is just accept Your Love. You don't condemn us, and that means we have to stop condemning ourselves too! Because if You don't condemn us, what right have we to condemn ourselves? When You say You have cleansed us from all sins, why are we still beating ourselves up because of them? That shows that we don't believe that You really have taken them away!
       58. Jesse, son, let me tell you, there is forgiveness in Jesus! There's enough power for Him to forgive you, for you to forgive yourself and for others to forgive you. So Jesus, I'm asking You to let Paul speak to us now, to speak to Jesse, to speak to Your Family, to speak to all of us who need to let go of condemnation, to know that we can't do anything to deserve Your forgiveness. It's just pure grace, pure love, and we simply have to accept it.
       59. You forgive our great sins just as quickly and easily as our small sins. It's all sin to You, Lord, and we can't pay for any of it, only You can pay for it. Thank You for this great privilege of hearing from those who sinned so greatly yet were later mightily used by You because they accepted Your forgiveness and they refused to bear the great burden of condemnation that the Devil wanted them to carry.

There Is No Condemnation to Those Who Are in Jesus!--A Message from the Apostle Paul!
       60. ({\ul \i Prophecy, the Apostle Paul speaking:)} Condemnation, condemnation. I look down from the Heavenlies and what do I see?--So much condemnation sown by the Enemy!--Seeds of condemnation that are then watered with his lies until it becomes a strong vine choking out the life, choking out the breath, choking out the Spirit of the Lord!
       61. Dear Jesse, sweet boy, this is Paul. As your queen has requested, so have I come willingly, not begrudgingly, not out of duty, but willingly to speak unto you, to lift your burden, to ease your weight, to give you relief from guilt and condemnation. For I knew well these feelings of guilt and condemnation, for I too experienced these emotions, these battles, this remorse, this torture in my mind and in my spirit.
       62. But did I not say that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit? I finally learned the truth of these few words--that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus! What an important, deep truth of God, but easily overlooked and rejected and not received by His children because the Enemy fights it.
       63. The Devil, Satan, fights this truth with everything he has! With all his power he fights to keep you from receiving the truth that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. He blinds your eyes to this truth, because once you receive this truth in your heart and in your mind and you accept it, it destroys this power that he has. It's finished. It's over. He has no more control through guilt and condemnation and remorse. He has no more control through your feeling so bad--too bad for the Lord, too bad for Jesus' forgiveness, too bad for the mercy of God. Once you understand the truth of this one thought, this one reality that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, then you are liberated from the chains of the Enemy's lies!
       64. So that is why I say there is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. In order to do this you must walk not after the way you see things or the way you perceive them, not looking in the eyes of the flesh at all the evidence that is 'round about you, at the suffering which you caused, the pain which you caused, the destruction. That is looking with the eyes of the flesh; that is walking after the flesh; that is entertaining in your mind thoughts of the flesh instead of the truth of God, instead of seeing things in the Spirit as God sees them.
       65. You must rise above what you see in the flesh to receive what is true in the Spirit! Because the truth of God's Word, the truth of Heaven, the truth of the Lord and His mercy and Love and forgiveness is not dependent on what you see with your eyes and what you feel in your heart and what you consider to be true according to the evidence that you see. The things of Earth, the so-called facts, have no effect on the truth of God!
       66. I have experienced firsthand and I know without a doubt that there is no condemnation to those who are in Jesus. To those who come to Jesus and ask forgiveness and receive forgiveness, there is no condemnation. There is no condemnation being meted out from His hand. The only condemnation there is, is that which comes from the Evil One, and that which you choose to receive from the Evil One when you entertain his thoughts and reject the mercy and the truth of God.
       67. I too battled long and hard with condemnation because of my sins, my rebelliousness, my hardness of heart, and my wickedness. I too battled long and hard with condemnation when I finally saw the light and I realized the pain that I had caused so many people and the tragedy that I had inflicted on others because of my pride and my arrogance, when I saw that I was rejected of my brethren. I thought I somehow had to pay for my sins, for my wickedness, and for the death and pain that I had caused.--Not just accidentally, not just a sin of negligence or a sin of lack of prayerfulness, but through deliberate hate, deliberate destruction, deliberate death, deliberate pain inflicted on those that I did not understand and those that I hated, those that I persecuted because they made me uncomfortable, those that I sought after aggressively to torture and to kill because they exposed my sins and my wickedness!
       68. All of this I did willfully, deliberately! My condemnation was great and I felt I deserved every moment of it! I felt that I deserved to live my life in condemnation not only on this Earth, but for all eternity. I felt that that was the least that I could do to repay the Lord for the evil and pain that I had inflicted on so many. That was my way of doing penance. That was my way of paying the Lord back. That was my way of proving myself, to be condemned--to condemn myself, to entertain the lies of Satan that caused me to reject the mercy of God and the love and the peace of mind and heart that He so willingly wanted to bestow upon me.
       69. He wanted to give me abundant pardon and forgiveness, but I would not receive it. I felt I couldn't receive it, that it was unfair. I felt it was not right that I should be forgiven, that I should have peace of mind, that I should be delivered from my pain when I had inflicted pain on so many others. I felt it was the least I could do in exchange for the pain and the suffering that I had brought to others. I felt that I should endure the same.--Not even the same, but much more! I felt that I should take all of their suffering upon myself. I felt I should be willing to endure suffering many times over, hundreds of times over, thousands of times over that which I had caused to others so that I could be worthy of God's forgiveness, so that I could earn it and I could somehow feel righteous in receiving it.
       70. But finally the Lord Jesus Christ got through to me. Finally I saw, and again the scales fell from my eyes as I saw and experienced and yielded and received the mercy and forgiveness of God. Finally I gave up trying in my own flesh. I gave up my obsession with paying for my sins. I finally realized that no matter what I did, no matter how much I suffered, no matter how much torment I entertained in my mind and in my heart, it would never be enough. Finally the weight of it crushed me and I fell to the ground, and on my face weeping I cried out to the Lord. I finally confessed that I wasn't strong enough, I wasn't a big enough man to carry the weight, that there was nothing that I could do. I couldn't carry it any longer and I fell on my face and cried out for God's mercy!
       71. I finally cast it all at His feet--all the guilt, the remorse, all the condemnation, all my feelings that I had to work for His forgiveness, that I had to earn it, that I had to be righteous, I had to deserve it, I had to prove myself. I finally cast all of this at His feet. And I came before Him with nothing in my hands, no righteousness, no goodness of my own, no strength, no power, nothing whatsoever! I had nothing to give Him in exchange for His mercy and forgiveness. There was absolutely nothing I could give Him to pay for it, to try to buy it, to try to be worthy.
       72. I was a broken, weak, pitiful man, desperately needing the Lord. And it was then that He spoke to me that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ. It was then I knew that He had taken my burden upon Himself. It was then I knew in my heart that He had taken upon Himself my sins, my wickedness, all my evil doings, all the treachery, the torture, the death and the pain and the suffering that I had caused others. I knew that He had taken that upon Himself and He had forgiven me and He had cleansed me and set me free.
       73. When I finally had no power of my own--I had nothing, no strength, I had not even the will to live--in desperation all I could do was call out to Him, knowing what a wretched man I was, so in need of the Lord's help and so empty of anything to give Him in return. And so it was that I felt the cleansing glory of the Lord's forgiveness as He reached down and lifted me up and took me in His arms and said, "There is no condemnation."
       74. So please, dear one, receive these words, and know that you don't have to suffer, you don't have to pay, you don't have to carry the torment of the Evil One in your heart or mind. You don't have to endure his torture. For these things are not of God, they are not of our Savior, but they are of Satan, and he would want to use this power of condemnation to destroy you.
       75. But I say unto you, cast yourself at Jesus' feet, for there you will find mercy and truth and forgiveness! Lay all these weights at His feet and let Him pick them up, for He has already paid the price by His death. Do not make His death of none effect by seeking to carry these weights yourself.
       76. Oh, dear son, dear son, you probably think of me as a great, great man, a great man of God, wise and strong. But I was just like you, weak in myself with so much pride. So weak and so proud, so confused, tormented in my mind and heart until I finally gave it up to the Lord. It was only then that I found true strength. It was only then that I could receive the power and anointing that God wanted to give me.
       77. So I say unto you, dear son, cast off the evil works of the Enemy! Cast it aside and receive the power and anointing that the Lord wants to give you through His Love and His mercy and His forgiveness. For in spite of mistakes and sins and suffering and tragedy, you too can be a great man of God if you receive His greatness and His strength and His power; if you can only see how weak you are, how nothing you are, how utterly incapable you are of paying for your sins, of redeeming yourself, or earning this love and forgiveness; if you can just see that weakness and that incapability and receive the truth that there is no condemnation.
       78. Just go to Jesus and cast yourself at His feet! Ask for His forgiveness and receive it, for it is there for you as it was for me. Let Him dry your tears. Let Him carry the weight. Let Him bear you up and strengthen you and renew you and give you power and a new life and a new beginning as He gave to me.
       79. For there is much for you to do, but before you can accomplish these great exploits for the Lord, you must cast aside the condemnation, for it chokes out your power. It chokes out the Lord's anointing. It chokes out the faith that you must have in His Love and mercy and forgiveness. Don't waste precious moments, hours, days, weeks, months and years, but do it now, for time is short! Do it now!
       80. This I say to any and all who suffer condemnation of the Devil: Cast off the works of darkness and realize that it is not from the hand of God! It is not what He is requiring of you or expecting of you, that you suffer condemnation to pay for your sins. For this is not the truth of God! This is the lie of the Evil One. Cast it off and receive the Lord's light and His Love and enter into a new day of forgiveness, a new day of Love and of power and of strength!
       81. For in the dark days to come you will need this Love and power and strength, and you will not be able to receive the anointing the Lord would wish to pour upon you if you continue to entertain these thoughts and torments of condemnation. So cast them off! Rebuke them! Refuse them! Resist them with all that is within you, that you may war a good warfare and be strong and faithful soldiers unto the End! (End of prophecy.)

Accept His Mercy and Your Strength Will Be Renewed!--Words of Wisdom from the Apostle Peter
       82. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Apostle Peter speaking:)} Jesse, you know it wasn't until I denied the Lord that I was able to become the man of God that He wanted me to be, because before facing the condemnation of that denial I did so many things in my own strength and zeal and idealism. I tried to fight and do so many things in my own strength and my own wisdom. But through this crushing, the bitter failure of denying Jesus, I could only fall on my face knowing that I had no strength of my own, that there was no way I could fight off this horrible condemnation that the Devil was bringing upon me for this cowardly act.
       83. It was only then that I saw that in my own strength I was so nothing, that I would accomplish nothing for the Lord unless at that moment I reached out for the Spirit of God and the mercy of God. It was at that time that I saw the true Spirit the Lord was imparting to us. Even the Lord did not try to fight the battle Himself, but before the time of His death He went to His Father begging for help and mercy and strength, and even to have this cup removed because He knew it was so difficult. Yet because He went to His Father, He was able to do the things that God was asking.
       84. So it is with all of you, David's children, Jesus' avant-garde army. You must fall on the mercy of God. You must not try to carry the weights of your sins and of your mistakes and of your faults. For condemnation cannot be overcome except through the blood of Jesus Christ. But if you will accept His mercy, your strength will be renewed and you will be able to accomplish the things that you desire in your heart--your desire to help others and set them free from the condemnation of the Devil.
       85. For this is where the Devil's power lies in this world, in his power to condemn--condemning people that they can't be saved simply by believing in Jesus. But if you can overcome this and rise above it, then you become the men and women of God that He needs to help set others free from this viselike grip of the Devil, this horrible condemnation which is straight from Hell! Jesus broke the bands that held us all under that condemnation.
       86. So continue to set people free! Show Jesus' Love and His message of salvation. And most of all, believe in your own hearts that you are free from all guilt, all sin and all remorse, for there indeed is no condemnation in the Kingdom of God.

Fight for Your Place in the Kingdom
A Message from Timothy Concerned
       87. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Timothy Concerned speaking:)} Hi, Jesse. You don't know me, you probably have heard very little about me. But your parents know me well, or at least they know my story. My name is Timothy Concerned. I too know and experienced condemnation for years and years in my life because I made a grave mistake. I left my plow, I deserted my post, I deserted the king and the queen when they needed me. I loved the things of this world more than I loved the Lord. I desired reputation and riches more than the Spirit of God and His Kingdom. So I left. I turned my back and I walked away. The Lord was trying to speak to my heart. He was trying to check me and He was trying to stop me, but my heart was hardened through pride, through self-righteousness, through the deceitfulness of riches and shallow love relationships.
       88. But before long I realized the error of my way, and deep, dark heavy condemnation came upon my soul. The Devil tormented me day and night! Finally, Jesse, I went to be with the Lord. I finally came into His Kingdom, into His Paradise. I went to my reward, and I found forgiveness in the Lord. I finally found sweet relief and deliverance from the condemnation of the Enemy. I saw that the Lord still loved me and He forgave me in spite of my horrible, horrible failure. I could have lived a rich life for Him, full of His blessings and fruit, but instead I turned my back and I left my plow and it was a pitiful, pitiful loss.
       89. But even after I found the Lord's forgiveness, I was still embarrassed and ashamed to meet Dad. I felt I could hardly look in his eyes, I was so, so ashamed. But you know, Jesse, I have experienced and felt Dad's forgiveness. Do you know that when he came to Heaven he sought me out, he looked for me? I didn't have the guts to go to him and ask his forgiveness, so he came and sought me out. And when I fell at his feet and asked his forgiveness, he immediately raised me up and took me in his arms and said, "I love you, son. I forgive you!"
       90. He has also said this to you, Jesse. He has forgiven you, and the Lord has forgiven you. So, dear sweet boy, receive this forgiveness, and don't let the condemnation and the guilt of the Enemy destroy your life as it destroyed mine. Turn and face Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face and receive all that He has to give you. You will not be disappointed and you will go on to fulfill the mission that the Lord has for you in your life. And when you come to meet the Lord, He will say unto you, "Well done, My good and faithful Jesse, enter into My joy! Come into your reward! Come to your blessing! Come to My arms!"
       91. And when you meet Grandpa he will say, "Good boy, Jesse! I'm proud of you for how you fought and won, and how you overcame the attacks of the Enemy. Well done, son, well done! I love you and I'm proud of you!"
       92. So don't take a chance on missing out on this commendation from the Lord and from Dad, Jesse. Fight for it! Fight for your place in the Kingdom. Desire it and respect it and want it more than anything else in this world. Don't lose your crown or desert your plow like I did, for the Lord has great and marvelous things in store for you, as He does for all of the children of David who are faithful and whose faith fails not.
       93. I love you, Jesse. I'm sorry I can't speak to you as a great man of God with testimonies to tell of my victories. I can only speak to you as a dandy bad example. But please know that I speak to you in love and sympathy, and I pray for you that your faith will fail not. (End of prophecies.)

              94. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Oh Jesus!--What can we say? How can we thank You for this wonderful privilege of hearing straight from Heaven, from these precious members of our great Christian Family, these who have experienced the burden of condemnation, but who finally accepted Your payment for their sins and were set free from all guilt to go on to do the job that You had for them! What a priceless experience for us to be able to hear from them and hear their personal testimonies. What power there is in the testimony of someone who has fought and who has overcome!
       95. It enables us to say, "If they could do it, then we can!" Thank you, Paul and Peter and Timothy, for fighting together with us in this battle! We love you so much and we can't thank you enough for your help! That's what we needed, the personal testimonies! I just love it that Heaven is becoming so real!--And our loved ones are coming so near with all their wonderful counsel and guidance and encouragement and comfort! I'm just flipped out! How could we ever have anything better!
       96. Dear Jesse, I know you can do it! We all know you can! We're all praying for you and cheering for you! Don't let us down, Jesse! You can do it!--All you have to do is accept! I love you!
       Yours, Mama

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