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FREEDOM FROM CONDEMNATION!       Maria #291       DO/TS 3009       7/95
--Mama's Letter to Charity and John, Who Lost Two Daughters in the Accident

              1. (Introduction:) Mama's heart also went out to Charity, who was the only older adult in the van at the time of the accident. She knew that Charity would feel very responsible that this happened and would suffer from horrible condemnation, much like Jesse. Also, she lost two daughters in the accident and was injured herself. Therefore, Mama was burdened to write her a personal letter. Again, Mama called on several people from her Home to pray for Charity and ask the Lord to speak words of love and comfort that would ease the tremendous pain Charity was feeling. As usual, the Lord answered our request wonderfully!
       2. The Lord gives Charity such sweet comfort as He offers to remove the weight of guilt and condemnation and put in its place a white dove of forgiveness! He commends her and her mate John for their great faith in the face of extreme testing. Then the Lord allows something very special--He has their two daughters speak, Joanna and Katrina, who were killed in the accident!--And oh, what words of comfort and understanding they share! If you want to know more about how the Lord looks at things like this, don't miss reading their messages! You'll even see how they went through the tunnel and arrived at the Heavenly City. It's fascinating!
       3. Next Dad gives a very stirring message about how to combat the Devil's condemnation and guilt and bad pictures! He also greatly encourages dear Charity and John to keep fighting. Dad explains how he wants the whole Family to know that Charity and the others are not to blame, that this is from the Lord's hand; and he encourages John and Charity to fight with all the strength and faith they have to begin their lives anew.

Dear Charity and John,
       4. I love you, my dear ones, and wish I could put my arms around you and hold you close and cry with you! But since I can't be there, Peter has been doing that for me! I hope you have felt my love through him!--As well as Dad's love and Jesus' Love.
       5. As you know, I wrote you parents a letter, passing on words of comfort from Jesus and Dad. There were also special messages to you from the girls. However, I wanted to write especially to you, Charity, because I know that you are taking on yourself most of the blame for the accident. In addition, you've lost two daughters and you have endured the awful trauma of that terrible crash. I cried so many tears for Jesse because of the great burden of condemnation I knew he would feel, but when I started thinking about you, I realized that you would feel even more responsible, because you were the only older adult on the team. I've been very, very burdened for you! I know that the letter that I wrote Jesse will be a great strength to you, Charity, and to you, John, and if you will receive it and all the wonderful comfort from the Heavenly realm, it will give you life and hope! The Words the Lord gave when we prayed for Jesse also apply very much to you!
       6. However, Charity, since this burden of condemnation you are bearing is so great--and I could enumerate all the ways you are torturing yourself, but I don't have to since you already know them so well--the Lord moved me very strongly to ask Him for something very personal for you, something straight to your heart from Him, something that you could hold onto, to keep you from drowning in this sea of despair! I know the Lord loves you, Charity, and because you are enduring such unspeakable anguish right now, I know that you must be very, very special to Him.
       7. There are only two alternatives: He is doing this either to punish you, or to honor you. We know for a fact, since He brought this out so clearly in His Words to you, that He did not allow this to happen to punish you! So if He is not doing it to punish you, then He is allowing it because He loves you! And regardless of how incredible it may seem to you at this time, you've got to hold on to the knowledge that He does love you!
       8. My words are so inadequate to comfort you. I know that right now during this time of great, great suffering you need to have a counterbalance of great, great love and acceptance in the Lord's arms! The only way I knew to provide this for you was by asking Him to speak to you directly, so I asked some of our folks to get together and we prayed earnestly for you, beseeching the Lord that He would give you something that could get past all this torment and help you to believe in His Love, and to bring you back to life and hope again! I asked Him to love you with His Words, to soothe you by His presence. I asked Dad to talk to you. I asked the Lord to let Katrina and Joanna say to you all that they had on their hearts! I knew they wanted to, and I wanted to help them get through to you! And here they are, with such wonderful comfort to offer, if you will receive it and believe it!
       9. These words are light as you are groping in darkness. They are life as you are dying inside. They are warmth as you feel so cold. They're peace in the midst of confusion. They are everything you need to make you whole again! So please receive them!
       With love from all of us!

       Receive My White Dove of Forgiveness and the Soothing Balm of My Love!
       10. ({\ul \i Jesus speaking:)} "Safe in the arms of Jesus, safe on His gentle breast, there can no fears alarm me, there can my soul find rest." Your two darlings, your precious angels, your beautiful ones are safe in My arms. They are safe as they lay their heads upon My breast. They are safe as I kiss away their tears and caress their heads and comfort their hearts. These precious ones who are so close to your heart and so dear to your heart are now safe in My arms and in My care.
       11. Therefore fear not and weep not for these, for they have gone on to their reward. They have gone on to new horizons, to brighter days. They have gone on to greater victories, to bigger battles and bigger jobs. They have passed through the door to the Other Side, but you have not lost them. They are not gone, you have not lost their love, for they are just as alive today as ever! Although you cannot see them or touch them or feel them or kiss them and look upon their faces, they are alive. They live! This time of separation, this time of slight distance between you is only for a moment, it is only for a time. Therefore weep not, but take courage.
       12. Find hope and comfort in knowing that I do all things well; that whether I give or whether I take away, I do all things in love; that all situations, all circumstances, every detail is from My hand. Know that I am your Father, I am your Husband, I am your Lover, and I have not done this to hurt you and to crush you and to break you into powder and to destroy you, but I have done even this in love. Though you may not see it now, it is a privilege and an honor that I have taken these, your two angels, your two beauties, your two darling ones into My arms.
       13. I have raised them up to their reward. I have placed upon them a crown of righteousness with many, many jewels! I have placed in their hands a scepter which is representative of their new mission, their new job. I have given them new anointing, new power, new strength! For this is My purpose and this is My plan, that these ones be raised up to the Heavenlies that they might fulfill My will. You must believe and you must trust Me that this is My plan and My will, that I am in control, and that I will cause even this loss and this heartache and this pain which you feel to work together for good.
       14. So come into My arms, rest your weary head upon My breast. Feel warmth and comfort and tenderness in My bosom. Let Me dry your tears and let Me kiss away your hurts. Let Me take your load and your burden. For this is not a burden for you to bear. This is not your responsibility. The blame is not upon you. I do not blame you. Your darling ones do not blame you, King David does not blame you. Queen Maria and King Peter do not blame you. Your loved ones and your Family do not blame you, so you must not blame yourselves. You must not think that this is your fault, that by some shortsightedness or sin or failure on your part you caused this, that it is your fault and that you are to blame and you are responsible. For this is not true. This is not how I see it. This is not how it is.
       15. For though there be lessons for you, and though it is a breaking process, and though it is the making of a man and a woman, in order to accomplish this and bring all this about, you do not need to carry the blame and the guilt and the responsibility. That is not part of the price that you have to pay, because I have already paid it.
       16. Oh, My dear ones, won't you come to Me now and look in My face? What do you see? Look closely and carefully. Do you see in My eyes condemnation and anger? No! In My eyes I have nothing but love and tenderness and forgiveness for you. In My hands that I reach out to you, do you see that I want to put upon you weights of guilt and condemnation and remorse and blame? Is this what I have in My hands for you? No! Look carefully. My hands are nail-pierced. What I have for you in My hands is forgiveness, for I have already paid the price. I have already taken upon Myself all your sins--those of the past, those of the day of the accident, and those of the future. I have taken your sins upon Myself. Even at this moment I remove from you the weight of blame and remorse and guilt and condemnation, the feeling of responsibility and that you caused it, that for some reason you are the guilty one.
       17. I now take this weight off your chest, and I put in its place a white dove of forgiveness. I put in its place My warm soothing balm of Love and understanding. I have put in its place the blood that I shed for you on Calvary when I gave My Own life that you might find forgiveness, that you might find freedom and peace of mind, that you might be delivered from the burden of having to pay for your own sins. Oh, won't you please receive this white dove of forgiveness, and this soothing balm of My Love, and the healing and cleansing power of My blood which was shed for you? Oh, won't you see that at this very, very moment there is peace for you?
       18. I know your hearts, I know that you love Me. I know that your desire is to please Me and to serve Me. I know that all the day long and, lo, for many years, you have sought to train your children in My ways and in the ways of David. You have done your best to be faithful and diligent. You have given your all, laying down your lives for the little ones that I have placed in your care, and for this you will be greatly rewarded.
       19. This loss that you suffer is not a black mark on your record of service. I do not see it as a terrible failure, as the worst mistake you've ever made in your lives. I see it as a badge of honor that you are willing to endure this and still have faith, that you are willing to try with all that is within you to keep fighting and keep having faith and keep believing and keep loving. This is a great thing in My eyes.
       20. Because you are willing to say, "Though He slay our dear ones, our beloved, our precious ones, our angels, yet will we trust Him; though He has taken from us that which is dearest to us, yet will we trust Him; though our hearts are breaking and we feel we have no strength to go on, yet will we trust Him!"--This is a great and glorious thing in My eyes. With such faith I am well pleased. Though you feel your faith is small, and though you feel your strength is nothing, I see your faith and your strength in Me as a great thing. For it is easy to trust and have faith when all goes well, when all around you are blessings; but when all seems to go wrong and you feel as though your very life and your very desire to live is being snuffed out, when you feel your heart sink and ache within you, if you still have faith, oh, what great faith it is! How it pleases Me!
       21. My dear Charity, My precious one, My beautiful bride, a wonderful mother in My sight, a loving shepherdess, a faithful soldier, I have seen that you have fought a good fight. I have seen your faithfulness and I know your heart. I know your desire is to please Me and love Me and serve Me. Know that I have forgiven your sins, I have forgiven your shortcomings. I have seen your tears, I have felt your remorse, and I forgive you.
       22. Again, I say, this is not your doing, it is My doing. You did not cause this to happen. It is not your fault. It is from My hand. And at this moment I absolve you of the responsibility and the guilt and the remorse. For I could have prevented this if it had been My design and My plan and My will. In one second, I could have stopped it. It could have been avoided, it could have been averted. But My ways are not your ways. My ways are difficult to understand and comprehend, but this seeming defeat, this seemingly great great loss and tragedy will in time be looked upon as a blessing, as a turning point in your lives and in the lives of many.
       23. So come into My arms, My dear Charity. Let Me love you, let Me kiss you. Let Me kiss your eyes and kiss your tears that stream down your cheeks, and kiss your lips. Let Me hold you and love you and comfort you. Find in My arms the comfort that escapes you. Find in My Love the peace that you now feel is impossible to behold. If you will just look to Me and receive My Words, you will find peace that passes even your understanding, and in the midst of darkness ye shall see a light, and it shall be such a great light.
       24. Therefore, reach out, take hold of My hands and let Me draw you near. Let Me love you, let Me comfort you. Let Me show you My Love so you can feel My forgiveness. Let Me love you and kiss you and warm you. Feel in My arms and in My bed of love, peace and shelter from the storm. Let My Love fill the empty place in your heart.
       25. Trust Me for the care of your darlings, your two angels, for I have them safely in My arms. I have their heads gently upon My breast. Therefore you have no need to fear, no need to worry. Though you feel the loss today, there will come a time when these tears and this loss will be forgotten and we will be together forever. At that time you will be so grateful that you continued on in faith; that you kept fighting, that you kept believing; that you kept trusting in My Love; that you were willing to let go of your natural mind and your carnal way of looking at things; that you forsook the Enemy's lies that this was just a punishment to you, a condemnation to you, a judgment by an angry God, and you were willing to receive My Words of truth that this is from My hand and it is My Love and it is part of My plan for you and for many.
       26. So let this be a testimony to many as you tell them of how you found My Love and My forgiveness; how you found peace of mind when you thought there would never be peace again; how you found happiness when you thought you would never find happiness again; and how it pays to trust Me, how it pays to believe in My Word. Let this be a testimony, and ye shall find a great, great ministry. A door shall open to you. Walk through that door and ye shall be able to be a strength and a blessing to many, as you will be able to comfort them with the comfort that you have found in My bosom. You will be able to encourage their faith as you have found faith in My Words. You will be able to point them to the light as you have been drawn to the light--the light of My Love, the light of My forgiveness, and the light of knowing that we will be together forever, that this separation is only for a moment in time.
       27. I love you, My darling Charity. I love you as much today as I have ever loved you. In your brokenness and your contrite spirit and your humility before Me, as you kneel before Me and cry out for mercy, for relief, for deliverance from this pain and agony, My Love for you is so great, greater than ever before. Because I see your need, it is My desire to pour forth unto you all that you need.--My Love and My comfort, My deliverance, My Heavenly elixir to soothe and to heal.
       28. So know that I am not angry with you. I have not turned My back on you. I have not pushed you away and I am not spanking you or punishing you, but I am pouring forth My Love upon you as never before. I am reaching out to you as never before. I am longing for you and wanting to love you as never before. If you will hear My voice and have faith, if you will come to My arms and let Me love you, you will find in Me complete satisfaction. You will find that I am more than enough to fill that aching void you feel in your heart.
       29. Come to Me, My darling. I love you. I want you. You are precious to Me. You are My bride. Come to Me and find love and peace and warmth and happiness, and know that this is just the beginning of a wonderful, wonderful love relationship that you and I will share. I will be loving you, and I will be loving your two beautiful angels. I will be caring for you, and I will be caring for your two beautiful daughters. Do not fear for the future, for you are Mine and they are Mine, and I am a faithful Husband and a faithful Father. I will pour such love upon you that you have never felt before, if you can only believe and receive it. (End of prophecy.)

       Words of Comfort and Understanding from Joanna and Katrina!
       30. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Teen Joanna speaking:) }Hi, Mommy! It's me, Joanna! Isn't this exciting that I can come and talk to you and tell you how much I love you? Katrina and I love you so much!--And Daddy and all the kids. You know, it's so neat! Because Mama Maria has the faith to ask the Lord, I'm allowed to come and talk to you like this. We are very happy, Mom. I don't know how to explain this to you, because there is no time here, but don't worry, it's just a moment before we're together again. We're with you in spirit, but the only thing is, you can't feel and touch us right now.--But you can even do that, if you have the faith. It's just so thrilling and exciting!
       31. We're sorry that you are having some battles and feeling sad. We understand, but we don't want you to feel sad. We want you to feel happy for us, because we have big assignments and we're excited about it! All the girls are Here and they are very happy. We don't feel you're at fault in any way; in fact, we know you're not. So please don't worry about us or be too sad. You're such a good mommy, and we loved being there with you and we were so happy. We were really serving the Lord together. You know, we got such a sweet, fun, loving reception when we came Here--just like soldiers!--And it was very exciting for all of us.
       32. So please don't feel bad at all. We're in a place that we're just so happy to be in. We are going to do things that we are so happy to do. So please don't you and Daddy feel bad. Don't feel like you did something wrong, or if you had done something different, things would have been better, because they wouldn't have been better. This is what the Lord had planned and this is what He wanted. All things are from God's hands and He does all things well, just like you taught us all our lives, and Grandpa taught us. All these things are just so true. It's hard for me to explain it to you, because it's just a little bit different and it's hard for me to put in words, but it's wonderful! The Spirit is wonderful!--And we are wonderfully happy and challenged and thrilled to be Here!
       33. Please tell those in the hospital we are sorry for their suffering, but to just keep going for Jesus, doing all they can, because if they do, they are going to be so happy when they get Here. Tell all the teens it's really exciting! It's really exciting when you come Here if you've been serving the Lord! They'll see!
       34. So we send you lots of hugs and kisses, and we'll be with you always, Mom.--And Dad and all the kids, we love you so much! God bless you. Keep going for Jesus, and our wonderful Family! Lots of hugs and kisses. Bye now.
       * * *
       35. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Teen Katrina speaking:) }Hi, Mom and Dad! This is Katrina! I really really love you! I've been seeing you crying a lot, and I've been seeing how hard all this is for you. I can understand that, because it's really a big shock and it's a big change. And there's so much going on down there with the funeral and with the kids in the hospital and newspaper reporters and all kinds of stuff to take care of. I know it's really difficult for you and we've seen you crying, and we've seen you feeling very very sad. But we want to tell you that we're fine, and that none of us felt any pain. It was just so fast! It was just like in an instant!
       36. All of a sudden there we were! We were out of our bodies and we were wondering what had happened and it felt so strange! We felt so good, but there was such chaos all around us. We felt so light. We felt such peace, yet there was so much happening all around--there were sirens and there were people and it was a mess! But we want to let you know that we didn't feel any pain, and then before long, just like you've heard and read about, we went through the tunnel. And then we came to the glorious Light and we came to the Heavenly City and we saw Grandpa! Mom, it was just so wonderful!
       37. We want you to know that we are fine--all of us--we're fine. We're with Grandpa, and we're busy and we're happy. But we want you to be fine. We want you to understand that this is part of God's plan. We want you to understand that it's not like if you had things to do over you could change it, because the Lord wanted it this way. He needed us. Isn't it strange that He would need us?--We're just little girls! But it just shows you how things are in the Spirit. It's because you taught us so much about the Lord and you taught us so much Word and you gave us strength and power in the Spirit. That's why even though we're just little girls, just young teens, the Lord can still use us with this really amazing mission!
       38. It's because the children of David, all the people in the Family, have so much power in the Spirit! They don't realize it now. I didn't realize it then, but I can see it now. I can see it in you and Dad. I can see it in everybody in the Family, so much power in the Spirit!--So much strength, because you have faith and you have love and you love Jesus so much!
       39. Mom, you have so much power! The Lord has given you so much truth. You and Dad are so strong in the Spirit because you've been feeding on the Words of David for so many years, and you've been giving your life for Jesus. So, Mom, don't throw it all away. Don't give up the wonderful ministry and future that Jesus has for you. He has wonderful things in store for you and Dad. You've just got to keep going, you've got to keep fighting. You need to have faith. You need to be a sample. A lot of people are going to look to you because a lot of people are going to know you, they are going to hear about this, and they are going to want to know how you are doing.
       40. So, Mom and Dad, you just have to have overcoming faith, supernatural faith and trust in the Lord that even something like this can be from His hand and it can be a case of Romans 8:28. You know how you're always quoting that verse and you're always telling us that all things work together for good? Well, it's really true! Even this! I know because I'm Up Here and I can see, and I know that even this is going to work together for good.
       41. Mom, I know that you feel responsible because you were there in the van and you were the adult, and you probably figure that you should have done something differently so that this wouldn't have happened, that you should have been praying more, or you should have been watching. Or maybe you feel guilty too, Dad, like maybe you should have been there driving, you should have gone on the road trip. Or maybe you feel like maybe the road trip wasn't even God's will at all, but it was all a mistake, that somehow you got out of God's will and you just got completely off the track and so He had to let this happen.
       42. I know you've been searching your hearts and wracking your brains trying to figure out what you did wrong, and why you are being punished and chastised so greatly for it. But, Dad and Mom, you know, everybody makes mistakes, everybody is unprayerful. Nobody is perfect. Nobody is praying all the time. Nobody is on guard all the time. Nobody is completely in tune with Jesus. But the Lord wouldn't do something like this to punish you. The Lord wouldn't do something like this just to strike you down and spank you. He wouldn't!
       43. He knows that you are doing the best you can. He knows in spite of whatever mistakes you make that your heart is to serve Him and love Him, your heart is to witness. Why else were we on that road trip but to be a witness? We were all trying to do the best we could. So you can't look at this like some kind of big punishment where God is cursing you and spanking you and beating you and breaking you because He hates you--because it couldn't be farther from the truth! He loves you! He is sorry to see how you are broken and how it is paining you, and it hurts Him that it hurts you. But still, He allowed it and it's in love and it's part of His plan. It's not a punishment, it's not a curse, it's not a super big spanking. He's not angry with you. This is just one of those strange things that looks so bad when it happens and yet it turns out good in the end.
       44. So please be strong. Be strong for the kids and be strong for the others who need to see that you are trusting the Lord. We love you so much. I'd like to be able to give you a big hug and a kiss, to sit on your lap and tell you everything that is in my heart. I wish that I had told you more. I wish that I had shared more of my thoughts and my feelings with you, and I'm sure that Joanna feels the same. And you're probably feeling that you wish you had taken more time with us and loved us more, done more to talk with us and help us through our problems. Now you think you'll never have that chance again, since we're gone. So you are feeling like you really missed the mark, you really blew it and you weren't the parents that you wish you could have been. But, Mom, Dad, that's not how we see it. You were wonderful! You were so good to us, so loving, so kind. You were such good samples of loving Jesus. You're such good witnessers.
       45. I know you went through some hard times in your lives, but you've stuck it out and you really loved us, and we love you so much! We respect you. We admire you. We are so proud of you. So please don't feel bad that maybe we didn't talk as much as you would like, or spend as much time together, or that maybe you weren't as good samples as you wish you could have been, because everything is fine. Everything is all right. We don't feel bad about anything. We don't have any regrets about the way that you treated us. We just love you. We're so thankful for you.
       46. We're so thankful that we had parents that loved us and taught us about Jesus so that now we could go on to our reward and to this great mission that the Lord has for us. And it's because you prepared us, you taught us how to love Jesus and how to love others, and you taught us how to pray and love the Word. All the time that you spent loving us and teaching and training us is now being rewarded. You can't see it. You probably think it's just been lost, it's gone, it's all wasted, but it's not. You're being rewarded for all that time and energy you put into loving us and training us. You were good, faithful parents, so loving to us, and we love you so so much!
       47. We're not going to be far away! We're still going to be with you helping you, and helping the rest of our family and all of our brothers and sisters. We want to love you and hug you and kiss you, but because we can't, we're giving you our hugs and kisses through these words. We are wrapping our arms around you and hugging you and holding you tight; we're kissing your cheeks and telling you how much we love you, how much you mean to us, how much we appreciate you, by giving you these words. So don't ever doubt it. Don't doubt it for a minute! But know that we love you and we're proud of you, and we're so thankful that Jesus gave us such wonderful, loving parents.
       48. So be strong! Be strong in Jesus, and have faith and keep fighting, just like you always told us when we were down and discouraged--just to keep fighting. Well, that's what you need to do, and the Lord is going to help you and strengthen you, and you're going to get over this. Everything is going to work out fine, so you don't need to worry, because we love you and Jesus loves you and Dad loves you.--And we're all rooting for you and praying for you. So keep fighting! We love you! So long! XXX!

       The Secret and the Key Is to Have Faith in the Word!--A Message from Dad!
       49. ({\ul \i Dad speaking:)} Well, my dear John and Charity, these are beautiful girls you've got, absolutely beautiful! They're just radiant, and so sweet. They are sweet and tender and loving, and I know they're that way because you've been good parents to them. You've been faithful to train them up to love Jesus and to love others. God bless you for that. You've done a wonderful, wonderful work!
       50. I know you feel absolutely terrible, and I know it's hard for you to even imagine that you have done a wonderful work, because you feel devastated and you feel like you've done something horrible, unforgivable. You can hardly bear to look into the eyes of your brethren. But take it from me that you have done a wonderful work in these, your children. These girls are lovely! Katrina and Joanna are darling. They're precious, and I love them as my own.--And I love you as my own! You are my kids, too. You're precious to me, too!
       51. Now I want you to keep fighting. I need you to keep fighting in spite of this battle, in spite of this devastation that you feel. I know you've been seeking the Lord, you've been praying desperately. You've been wanting the Lord to show you why this happened and what your part is in it. You sincerely want to learn whatever the Lord has for you and I admire you for your openness, for your desperation, for really getting serious and calling out to the Lord. Because you've been praying and asking and you so much want to understand, now do you see? The Lord is giving you the answers to your prayers and questions through these words. The Lord laid it on my sweetheart, on Mama, to get these words from the Lord for you, and these words from me, and even those words from your two darlings, from Katrina and Joanna.
       52. So now it's up to you, John and Charity, to receive and believe these words, to know that it is the truth, that what the Lord says is for you, that He is reaching out His hand of love and forgiveness to you. So please, please, don't reject it. Don't push it aside, but receive it, believe it and find in Jesus and these words peace and forgiveness and love.
       53. I know it's hard for you to imagine that you'll ever be able to love again or feel peace of mind or happiness, or smile, and have the joy of the Lord. I know that you feel sick inside, physically sick because you are so distraught with the pain, with the agony, with all that you had to see and go through. I know it was horrible for you, Charity. It was like a nightmare. I know it's extremely difficult.
       54. But Jesus can wash even these memories from your mind and give you a fresh start if you'll just receive these words and read them over and over again, take them into your very heart and into your being and let them wash from you the guilt and the pain and remorse, and the horrible pictures that the Devil would want to put in your mind, the memories that he would want to bring up before you to torture you and torment you. The only way you'll find deliverance from this is by taking in these words of faith and letting them wash you clean by believing them and reading them over and over and over, and finding in them peace and faith.
       55. When the Devil comes in to tempt you with his lies and with his torture and torment, with his bad pictures, you need to rebuke him and resist it and grab hold of these words and read them and claim them, even if you have to read them out loud, even if you have to memorize them. The key to your finding peace and finding the Lord's forgiveness and the joy of the Lord and purpose in your life is to believe these words that the Lord has given--words from Him and words from me, and words from Mama, and words from your two darling daughters.
       56. You need to rebuke the lying vanities of the Devil and the way that he would want to come into your mind with condemnation and with bad pictures and with guilt, and the way that he would make you feel that you have to pay for your sins and that you don't have a right to be happy, and that you are terrible parents, that you will do terribly bad with your other kids, and that God is angry with you and punishing you because of your horrible, horrible sins. That's what the Devil is going to try to tell you. He is telling you and he'll continue to tell you until you rebuke it and refuse to listen to it! Know that it is not from the Lord but it is from the Devil. It's lies, it's from Hell, and it'll drive you insane if you don't rebuke it and get rid of it! Instead, take these words from the Lord and from me and from Mama and from your girls and replace those lies of the Devil with these words of truth.
       57. I'm telling you this because I love you, because I need you. I need you to be fighters. I need you to continue on serving the Lord, being strong, faithful valiant soldiers, as you have been! In order to do this, you need to get over this. You need to be able to leave it behind and have a new beginning with the Lord! The only way you are going to be able to do that is by finding faith in the Word. That's the secret, that's the key.
       58. That is the key for you and the key for everybody else that is involved in this: You must find faith in the Word. Even if it goes against the way you feel and the things that you see with your eyes, still, the Word is the truth. The Word is what is unchangeable. So you must grab hold of the Word and wield it like a strong, two-edged sword and cut the Devil to the heart when he attacks you, when he accuses you, and when he tries to make you take upon yourself the guilt and the remorse and the condemnation. Rebuke it! Throw it off! It is not for you. Jesus has already paid for this, for all of your sins and shortcomings, and you have no right to carry the guilt or the condemnation, because it is not your fault. It's not your doing, it's the Lord's doing.
       59. So I want you to know that you're not at fault, and I want the whole Family to know that it's not your fault, that you are not big blow-its and super out of it. People don't need to look down on you and wonder what's so wrong with you that the Lord had to let this terrible thing happen to you. That's not the way it is! I want people to know it's not your fault, but this is from the hand of God, this is part of His plan! He knows that you are strong soldiers and that you have great faith, so He knows that He can trust you with this battle, with this test. He knows that you will reach out to Him and find faith in His Word and that you'll be able to continue on even stronger and better soldiers for Him.
       60. So you've got to keep fighting!--For me and for Mama and for your kids. You've got to keep fighting for all of us, and be a sample to everyone!--That even in the midst of darkness, in the midst of great loss and heartbreak, that Jesus' Love is real, and having faith in the Word works; that you can find peace in the midst of storm; that you can have beauty for ashes; that when the Lord says He forgives you, it's true. You need to be a testimony and a sample of all of this to your children, to the loved ones 'round about you, and to the whole Family.
       61. So keep fighting! Keep reading these words. Keep praying for each other. Keep looking to Jesus. He's there for you and He loves you. He loves you so much, and so do I, and so does Mama--and we need you! I'm proud of you for how you're fighting, so don't let me down. Don't stop fighting. Don't give up the battle, but keep going for Jesus! There are great, great victories ahead. I love you, my dear ones! I love you, John! I love you, Charity! My faithful, faithful soldiers. So keep going for Jesus! We're in this together and we're going to win the battle.--You fighting there and me fighting Here with your darlings, sweet Katrina and Joanna. Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! I love you! (End of message from Dad.)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family