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MORE HEAVENLY MESSAGES OF COMFORT!       Maria #292       DO/TS 3010       7/95
--Mama's Letter to Some of the Parents Whose Daughters Were Killed in the Texas Accident

              1. (Introduction:) After various prayer and prophecy sessions concerning the accident in Texas, three of the girls who died had spoken to their parents. There were two who had not yet spoken, so Mama called a special prayer session to ask the Lord to have those two daughters, Christina and Victoria, speak to comfort and reassure their parents. The Lord answered wonderfully and you'll see that He gets a lot of mileage out of their messages, as they're full of interesting lessons on comparing, what's important in life, the significance of Peter's visit, and what it's like being in Heaven and being with Grandpa. Thank the Lord for such wonderful answers!

Dear Stefan and Phoebe, Ira and Esther,
       2. I love you so much! I've already written you parents a letter which Peter will be reading, or already has read to you. In that letter we expressed our love and tried to comfort you, and passed on to you the beautiful messages for you from Jesus, Dad and the girls. I'm sure these have moved you deeply, soothing your spirits and bringing you so close to Heaven!
       3. I know they touched me in a very special way, so I know they couldn't have failed to affect you deeply as well, strengthening and renewing your spirits! The Word, as always, has power and life and light and warmth and everything we need!
       4. In my letter to you parents, only two of the girls, Joy and Katrina, spoke to us. As they said, they were just learning how to get through. Apparently they were a little bolder than the others and volunteered to speak for all of them. It was wonderful to hear from them, wasn't it?
       5. I knew, though, that you would so much be wanting to hear from Victoria and Christina, and hear their personal words to you. Since Joanna had already spoken to John and Charity, Victoria and Christina were the only two that we hadn't heard from. We asked the Lord to let them communicate with you and share their hearts with you. Jesus loves you so much, and wants to do everything He can to make it easy for you. The girls were eager to talk to you. Below are their messages. Please don't compare the lengths; just as here on Earth, some people are more talkative than others!
       6. May God bless and keep you, my dear ones, and may you receive His encouragement with faith and joy!
       Yours, Mama

       Love and Encouragement from Christina and Victoria to their Parents!
       7. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Christina speaking:)} Hi, Mom! Hi, Daddy! This is Christina! I love you so much! I love you bunches and bunches! I love you more than I can explain, more than I can put into words! I'm so thankful that Mama Maria had the faith to ask the Lord to have us speak to you. We're still learning how to do this, but it's really exciting! It's really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. Well, I mainly want to tell you that I'm so happy and I'm fine and I'm here with the other girls and with Grandpa, and it's really beautiful Here!
       8. You're going to love it Here when you come! It's so beautiful! Everything is so exciting and everybody is so loving and the air is so fresh and the Heavenly City is so gorgeous! It's more than you could ever imagine! It's even more beautiful than what Grandpa described in the Letters and in the posters! So please know that I'm happy and inspired and I'm doing fine.
       9. I know that I had a lot of battles there for awhile, and I had a lot of trials and I was quite discouraged, and well, maybe you think I wasn't doing that well, and I thought I wasn't doing that well. I really had a lot of negative thoughts about myself and compared myself with others and just felt like I wasn't very needed or very gifted or very good at anything, or I wasn't very smart compared to others.
       10. But now that I'm Here I see things a lot differently, and I realize that those kind of things don't matter very much. How good you are at different things, or how gifted or how smart you are, or how well you can sing and dance, or how pretty you are, all those things don't really matter to Jesus. What matters when you get Up Here is how much love you have and how much faith you have, and whether you love the Word and you love Jesus and try to do the best you can, that's what matters.
       11. So that's a really, really important lesson that I've learned since I came Here, that you just don't have to try so hard and work so hard and try to be all these special important things and have a special big place and do important things and be real smart and real gifted, and have all kinds of fancy talents. I realize that that's not what's important. It's just loving Jesus, it's loving your brothers and sisters and winning souls and doing the best you can.
       12. I wanted to tell you that because I thought it'd be a relief to you. I thought it would give you peace and help you to relax in the Lord and to enjoy Him and enjoy your lives. Enjoy each other and everybody round about you. It's just so nice to see how simple things are Up Here. Everything is so simple, everybody is so loving, everybody is so warm and you feel so included. You feel so much a part of everything that's happening. It's really, really beautiful and I'm just so happy!
       13. I still have a lot to learn, I'm really just a babe, but it's a lot of fun the things that we do learn, and Grandpa explains things to us real simply and real easily. He makes it so easy for us to be good 'cause he tells us things over and over, and he makes sure we understand and he shows us. We get to ask him a lot of questions and it's just real easy. Everybody feels relaxed. You're not afraid about whether you're doing okay or you're doing enough. It's just so simple!
       14. I love you so much! I'm sorry that you're feeling sad. I've seen you crying and I've seen Uncle Peter holding you and comforting you, and it's brought me such joy to see him there with you, bringing these messages of Love. I just think that's so special that Mama Maria would send Peter. Isn't that just incredible? Isn't that just amazing to you? I know the reason why the Lord let that happen is because He wants to show you so much love. He wants to comfort you, and He so much wants you to know that everything is okay and that you don't need to worry and you don't need to feel bad or be condemned or get on a bummer in any way.
       15. Just trust the Lord. I know it's... at least I think it's... I can tell that you're having a hard time feeling the Lord's Love, and that you're feeling like He's dealing with you or He's angry with you. But He's not, He's not any of those things. He loves you! That's why Uncle Peter came to see you, to encourage you and love you and be a sample of Jesus' Love. It's such a special thing! It's just so new and different! Isn't it amazing that he's there? I was just so happy when I heard that he was coming, because I knew that would be such a boost to you! I knew that would be such an encouragement to you to be able to see the king, to be able to see his love and for him to hold you in his arms and encourage you and comfort you and give you these very special messages from us and from Mama, and from the Lord.
       16. So you see, this is all part of the Lord's plan, even though I know it really hurts you. I know it's really hard for you and I know you miss me and I know you feel bad. But it's all part of the Lord's plan, so it's really exciting! Once you get used to it, it's going to be easier for you and you're going to be able to see that the Lord is doing it, that it's part of His Romans 8:28. You know, it's like that quote in the MOP about out of a thousand things that happen to you, it's not 999 that work together for good, but 999 plus 1. All things work together for good. Even this! You really, really have to understand that and believe it, because it's true!
       17. This is going to work together for good. It already has for me. I've already learned important things and I'm so happy. It's going to work together for good for you too, and for all of our Family!--Even though that was a terrible, terrible accident, and it's just been so awful for all of you, and you've had to work so hard and it's been so much trouble with the funeral and all the planning and the media and having to take care of all this. I know it's been really hard, but it is going to work together for good, and you're going to see good fruit. Pretty soon, if you just keep trusting the Lord and having faith and believing in those words from Dad and Jesus and Mama Maria and what I'm telling you, then it's going to be easier for you, and you're going to feel better and you're going to be able to see all the good that has come out of this.
       18. So please don't be sad, please don't cry. Please try to have faith and look to the Lord and keep encouraging each other and praying for each other. I know it's hard for you when you look back and you think about happy times and you realize that we're not going to be together for awhile. But really, it won't be that long, it won't be that long at all! You'll be real busy serving Jesus and there's going to be a lot of exciting things happening to you, and you're going to go to exciting places and do exciting things and meet a lot of people and bear a lot of fruit.
       19. Then when we get back together in Heaven, we're going to make up for all of this time that was lost. We'll be able to catch up on all the things that we wanted to talk about. I'll keep trying to learn how to communicate and I'll be working on it, so if you have questions or want to talk to me, just call out to me. Pray and ask the Lord, and I'll be able to speak to you and I'll be able to comfort your hearts, because I'm really not very far away at all. I'm so close and I know all about what you've been doing and what you've been thinking. I know how busy you've been and I know how much you've cried, and I know how much you've tried to be positive and have faith, and how you've cried out to the Lord.
       20. I see that and I'm really proud of you for being such fighters and for having faith. I love you so much! I just love you so so so much! I'd like to give you a big kiss, Daddy, and a big hug, Mommy. I'd like to be able to show you how much I love you, but for now you're just going to have to take my word for it that this is really me, I'm really saying these things to you and I really really love you. I want you to be happy and I want you to trust Jesus, and just keep fighting! Keep doing your best. Don't worry about anything 'cause everything's going to work out fine.
       21. Tell all my brothers and sisters and my friends and my shepherds how much I love them and appreciate them, and that I'm sorry if I didn't show them enough love when I was there. If I had known then what I know now, I would do things differently. I would give a lot more love. I wouldn't worry about the things I worried about, because now I know they aren't very important at all. But anyway, I just really really love you! I'm so proud of you, that you're still fighting, that you're still trusting the Lord.
       22. I'm going to do my best for Jesus. I'm going to do my best to fulfill the mission that He has for me and the assignments that He wants to give me. I'm going to be fighting by your side. We're still going to be serving the Lord together. We're going to be working hard for Jesus. We're still going to be bearing lots of fruit together, and we're going to be so happy in our service for Jesus. We're going to go a lot of places and do a lot of things, and I'm going to try my best to be all that Jesus wants me to be, and I know that you're going to do the same!
       23. So please don't get discouraged and don't get down. Don't blame yourself or feel guilty. Don't worry about the past and whether you were good parents to me. You were wonderful to me! I love you so much! I admire you and respect you. You were great parents to me! I know you really loved me, and I know you still really love me. I know you miss me, but please don't miss me too much, because I'm not far away. Please don't feel bad about anything--anything that you did or said, or anything that you didn't do or didn't say--because I understand. I can see your heart and I know your feelings, and I love you so much!
       24. I forgive you for any mistakes or any harsh words. I forgive you for any times that you didn't understand me. Please forgive me, too! I wasn't as loving as I should've been, or as appreciative or understanding either, but I really really love you! Everything is fine between us. I don't have any hard feelings, I don't have any hurt feelings. All I have is love--so, so much love in my heart for you! So please don't worry about anything, just do your best for Jesus. Keep loving Jesus and keep loving the Word.
       25. Remember that Uncle Peter's visit there is proof of how much the Lord loves you and how much Mama loves you and how important it is to the Lord that you don't feel bad or that you're not worrying, that you're not condemned or discouraged, but you're just receiving the Lord's Love and His forgiveness. Don't forget that, because it's so real. The Lord's forgiveness and His Love for you in this is so real. The most important thing for you to learn is that even through something like this that seems so awful, that's made you cry so much and made you feel so bad, even in this, the most important thing for you to see is that the Lord loves you and He forgives you and He's never ever going to leave you.
       26. He's not mad at you or upset, He's not dealing with you or spanking you, He just had to bring about His plan. Even though it hurts a little bit now, or it hurts a lot now, it's going to be beauty for ashes for you. It's going to be one of those beautiful, beautiful lessons from dark experiences, like that quote from "Golden Seeds" that you like so much, about how out of deep, dark experiences come your most precious, precious jewels.
       27. Jesus is just bringing about His plan, He knows what's necessary and He chose us. I don't know why He chose us; it's not because we're so great. We're just like all the other kids in the Family. We're not any more dedicated or any more loving, or we're not any smarter. But I guess the Lord just knew, and He knew that you would be able to take this and you'd be able to have faith and receive it and know that it was just the Lord's plan and that He's still loving you through it.
       28. Well, I need to go now, but I love you so, so much! I really, really love you! Please know that I'm so proud of you. I'm so happy to have you as my daddy and mama. You're just really great parents! I'll be close by, so don't worry and don't cry, just keep looking to Jesus! I love you! Bye-bye! So long!
       * * *
       29. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Victoria speaking:) }Hi, Daddy and Mommy! It's me, Victoria!--And I'm sure a victor Up Here! I've already heard, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" It's so exciting! I feel a little bit like the man who only worked an hour in the field but got a penny reward like everybody else. But it's different Up Here. Even though I was young, because I'd given my whole life to serving the Lord, I'm treated very differently, with lots of respect and responsibility. It's very, very exciting and I'm just thrilled!
       30. I wanted to tell you how much I love you and how very much I appreciate the time you took such good care of me in my life there with you. I look back on every wonderful moment of it and see now, even more than ever, how you were always there for me. No matter how much you had to do and the many many battles of faith you had to fight, you were always there for us kids. I really love you and respect you so much for that. Of course you know I always respected you, even though sometimes I was like every other child in acting a little disrespectful and getting bored. I always loved you very much, which you know, and loved to be with you.
       31. I know that this is a little bit difficult for you, but I'm so proud of the way you're handling this. Daddy, you're being so helpful there and such a blessing to so many, like you always are, even though I know it's hard. But I know you're happy to give me back to Jesus and to hear that I'm happy. My time with you there was wonderful; I appreciate it so much. But my time Here is also going to be wonderful, and I'm very happy now. So please don't worry about me. Don't feel bad. Just continue to pour into the other kids and all those in your Home and all of your many sheep that you're so faithful to minister to.
       32. Mommy, thank you for being so encouraging to everyone there, like you always are--so concerned that people have their needs and are happy. You're such a sweet mommy to have. Please give all the other kids a kiss for me, and all those in our Home. It was such a sweet Home. Even though we had our battles and our problems, we all love Jesus and we were doing what we could, and it was fun. I had a fun life and a fun childhood. Thank you for making it so inspiring and full of love and of real things, things that are important in life.
       33. Thank you for such good training. I'm being given very big responsibilities that are sort of surprising, but when I now look back and see all that's been poured into me, I understand. So keep pouring into the kids. Mom, it's so important. Don't get discouraged when they have their battles and their trials and their doubts and they're being lazy. It's just the way kids are, and it's just a battle, and it's just a fight for all of us there. We all respect you so much in the Spirit.
       34. So keep being the wonderful mommy and daddy that you are, and keep encouraging and loving. Again, thank you, both of you, for being such a strength and support there, and helping and encouraging everyone so much.
       35. Daddy, please don't worry. Don't worry about anything, everything is going to be just fine. You were very sweet and loving to me. Even though you were busy a lot of times, I understand. When I was with you, you gave me lots of love. And Mom, I understand that you had lots of other people and children to take care of. I know you both wished you would have spent more time with me and you would have done this and that, but please don't worry. Everything worked out just perfectly and you were ideal parents to me. I couldn't have been happier. I'm so glad that it was you that the Lord chose for me to be with during my time there. But now I've got a very exciting mission, so please don't worry about me. I'll keep praying and trying to send you lots of love and sweet messages.
       36. Just remember, I'm always there near you and all the kids, and I'll always be lifting you up to the Lord and asking Him to help you. So please keep praying. Praying is so important. I'm really seeing that, that if we pray it will happen. Everything we pray happens! I wish I would have understood this better when I was there, because now I see, just like Grandpa said, that whatever we pray for and ask for, it happens! The Lord always does what we ask for. Isn't that exciting? Isn't that thrilling? The Devil seems to fight that so hard, but it's exciting that the Family is learning now to pray more and praise more and love Jesus more. There's going to be more strength, more answers to prayer, because things are going to get a little heavier now. Of course you already know that, Grandpa has been telling us for a long time. But don't worry, everything is still exciting and the Lord is in control, and I'll be seeing you all soon.
       37. It's so funny, although I miss you, I don't miss you, because I'm with you in the Spirit. So please try to see that and feel the same way, because that's really the way it is in the Spirit. We're really together and we're all fighting together and we're all going to the same place and in the same direction in the Spirit. We're just right alongside of each other, so don't worry. Keep fighting, keep loving and keep climbing the mountain! I know you've been doing it for many many years and that there've been many struggles. I must admit, I didn't appreciate them when I was there as much as I look back and see them now, how your fight in the Spirit was so full of faith, and that you struggled over lots of obstacles to reach goals, and you had so much faith to take care of all of us. It just makes me love you and respect you even more.
       38. Everybody Here is so proud of all of you down there. So please keep fighting and trusting and working to bring in those souls! You're both such soul winners, such a good Mommy and Daddy, so please don't get discouraged, don't give up. Just keep going, keep fighting, keep trusting. It won't be long now! OK, I love you! Please give all the kids a big kiss for me! Bye for now! XXX! (End of prophecy.)

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