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LETTER TO OUR DEAR TRF SUPPORTER FAMILY!--Maria #294         7/95       DO/TS 3012
--By Maria       [EDITED: "TSGN13"]

My very dear Loved Ones,
       1. I love each of you very much and you are in my thoughts and prayers. This is an especially busy time for me, with lots going on, many decisions to make, many pubs to work on, and much counsel needing to be given. But I want to lay all that aside for a bit in order to concentrate on you. You are very important to me, very important to Dad, and very important to the Lord. We love you very much! Please know that you are never forgotten!
       2. When we think of our Family, it always includes you! In fact, when we think of you, it is with great admiration. When we think of you, we think of your faithful years of service to Jesus. When we think of you, we think of the many battles you have fought. When we think of you, we think of your perseverance, and we love you for hanging on in spite of the very difficult things you have been through! When we think of you, we think of strength and courage! We think of what a good example you are to our DO Family, who have seen you launch out on your own by faith, and witnessed that the Lord has not failed you!--So that many are now saying, "If they made it, so can we!"
       3. When we think of you, we think of your faithful witnessing and your faithful supporting, which in proportion to your numbers has been greater than that of our DO Family. You have been living right amongst the people where you see their need and feel it and know what they are going through. You're where you can minister God's answers to them from the Words of David.
       4. The Lord may have used a great big shove to get you out onto a rather "bumpy" road to bring you to the place where you now are, but His greatest victories come out of seeming defeats! The difficult times that you have gone through have resulted in a brokenness and a sweetness, a humility and a desperation which is very precious in His sight, and which is making you into the man or woman of God that He wants each of you to be. Only through trials can some things be learned. Your desperation has put you in a yielded position where you can accept much more from His hand, and where you can better appreciate His blessings.
       5. Even above the din of the city, the noise and the confusion, the filth and the problems, the little birdie sings! He praises God and makes a beautiful song unto his Creator, giving thanks for what he receives at His hand. And because he must work harder for it, he appreciates it so dearly. Even so are you who have learned to appreciate His blessings more than ever before, to love His Words more greatly and to revel in His gifts! Although you may feel like the little sparrow, very weak and insignificant, the Lord looks down and sees your song and loves you for it.
       6. You may be weak in some ways, but your love for Jesus and your love for the lost is strong, and this is what counts to Him! He is well pleased with this. If you love Him and you love His Family and want to follow even closer, He will give you the desires of your heart. So continue to climb, continue to fight the battle in whatever place He has put you! There's no space too small for you to grow in and be useful!
       7. Many of you have been faithful to hold the standard high and to teach your children in the ways of the Lord, and to continue to minister the truth to others. And for this we commend you, and for this we're proud of you! The Lord is proud of you! Continue to sing His praises and continue to preach His Gospel! You are His disciples and He--and we--love you very dearly! God bless those of you who've made such great progress! You've grown because you trusted in Jesus. You've hung on, you've learned to live by faith, you've learned to live in small Homes, you've learned to train your children, and you've learned to appreciate the Word. This is wonderful! This is marvelous! This is just what the Lord was wanting for you!
       8. In spite of great difficulties, and in spite of feeling ostracized and left out and unwanted and distanced from us and your other brothers and sisters, so many of you have continued fighting, you've continued making progress, and you've done the best you could. Even though you may not feel very successful or that you've done very much or that your lives have been very fruitful, the fact that you kept fighting and kept trusting is a great victory! This is great in God's eyes!
       9. In this new day, each of you can be as close as you choose to be, for now the Lord is allowing each one to float to the level of their faith. No longer will there be as much noticeable difference in the circumstances of the DO Family and the TRF Supporter Family. Most everyone will be living much more by faith, living in smaller Homes and making many more of their own decisions and choices.
       10. What will determine everyone's level of discipleship will be the attitude of your heart--not your accomplishments! God's not judging you by how great your ministry seems or how many important people you reach, but He judges you by your faithfulness, your obedience, your yieldedness to do what He asks you to do in the daily little things. You can live the life that you choose according to your own faith, according to your desires and according to your willingness to be yielded to the Lord.
       11. Dear ones, I want you to be happy! The Lord wants you to be happy. This is very important to Him, as He loves you so much. When you're unhappy, it grieves Him and it makes His heart so very sad for you. In this new day, He's trying to make it easier for you, not harder! He's pouring out His gifts of Love and faith and anointing upon you, if you'll just receive them. He wants serving Him to be a wonderful experience! This is what I want for you also--that you will be happy and fulfilled and content, and that you will grow closer to Jesus with each passing day!
       12. Your place is very important! You have great value! Don't despise your place or belittle it. It is a gift from Him. You've gone through many breakings and squeezings. You shouldn't look upon these things as a curse, but rather as a blessing! Remember that His way up is down!
       13. So don't let anything hold you back! Don't let bitterness, or condemnation, or the lies of the Devil that you're useless and that you can't do anything, keep you from entering into the joy that the Lord has for you! Don't feel that just because you have battles in obeying, that the battles have canceled out the victory of your obedience. Not at all--the battles have just made it a greater victory!
       14. Forget the past, live for today, and be faithful to the Words of David! Remember that when the Lord looks at you, He sees much more positive than negative. He sees how far you have come, not how far you have yet to go. What you think is so little, He considers much, and it is great in His eyes!
       15. So, my dear ones, learn to love Him in a new way and find happiness in serving Him. Remember that He doesn't look on your classification, but He looks on your heart! He doesn't judge you by your accomplishments, but by your obedience, your yieldedness, your love for Him and others. He can't judge you by your accomplishments, because any accomplishments are His, and not yours. So if you accomplish anything at all, it's His accomplishment and He has to get the glory for that. "Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord" (1Corinthians 15:58).
       16. I wanted to give you all the encouragement possible, so besides writing this Letter, I enlisted the help of some of the dear folks in our Home to pray especially for you, our precious TS Family, and to ask Jesus for some words of encouragement for you. We didn't have to beg Him, He was very ready and willing, but in accordance with His principles, we had to make our requests known and open up the channels so He would have the opportunity to tell you what He wanted to say to you. He loves you so much, and He spoke so beautifully to you, as you'll hear in the message below.
       17. In addition to that, there's another wonderful surprise for you!: Dad has also given a very special message to you, which I believe you'll be thrilled with!
       18. So now you know that we all love you! I love you! Our dear King Peter loves you! The wonderful folks who live with me love you! Your brothers and sisters worldwide love you! Dad, who watches over us and daily helps us from the Heavenlies, loves you! And most of all, our Lover of all lovers and wonderful and eternally faithful Husband and Bridegroom, King and Savior and Shepherd, to Whom we give all the glory and the honor and the praise, loves you!--Our wonderful Jesus, Whose Love knows no limits, and Who loves each of us with love immeasurable and unspeakable and unending!
       19. So below, in His Words, is His message for you!:

       20. ({\ul \i Sings:)} "Clap your hands, all ye people, and shout unto God with the voice of triumph! Clap your hands, all ye people, and shout unto God!" (End of singing).
       21. "Clap thine hands for joy! Raise thine arms in praise! Rejoice, I say, rejoice! For it is a new day! A new day has dawned upon the children of David--a day of rejoicing, a day of praise, a day of happiness, a day of freedom, a day of great fruitfulness!--And I am calling all of My faithful ones to come, to enter in to this new day and enjoy all that I have set before thee! Reach out the hand of faith and take what I have to give thee!--Abundant blessings, abundant joy, abundant provision, abundant fruitfulness! All this I have to give. It is in My hands. Simply reach out and receive that which I have for thee.
       22. "Behold, I have seen thy tears, I have heard thy prayers, and I will deliver thee from thy loneliness and from thy frustration, from thy discouragement, from thy confusion, from thy hardness of heart, from thy bitterness, from anything that doth weigh thee down and hold thee back. I will deliver thee if thou wilt only lift up thine heart to Me and cry out to Me! It is My desire to set thee free that thou mightest serve Me more fully, that thou mightest bear more fruit, and that thy fruit should remain. For there is so much to do and there are so few laborers.
       23. "Thou mayest feel that thou art behind, that thou art not as trained, that thou art not as learned in the Words of David. But I say unto you, ye are all shepherds, ye are all teachers, and ye all have great wealth of the truth and wisdom of My Word in your hearts. There is much for each one of you to do! For if thou lookest about thee, there are many hungry sheep that long to be fed from thy hands. There are many desperate ones that would come unto thee and say, 'Feed me of the truth of God! Feed me of the Words of David. Teach me the life of faith. Teach me how to raise my children. Teach me how to pray and hear from the Lord. Teach me how to witness. Teach me how to provision.' There are many that would come unto thee and seek that which thou knowest, and draw from the wisdom that is within thine heart.
       24. "Therefore, lift up thine eyes and look on the fields, for they are white already to harvest! Say not that there are yet four months and then thou wilt go into the fields to harvest. For, behold, now is the time! Now is the hour! If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. Do that which I bid thee. Feed My sheep. For the harvest truly is plenteous and the laborers are very, very few.
       25. "Thou feelest that thou hast weaknesses and shortcomings which render thee ineffective in the battle and ineffective in the harvest--but this is not true! Cast off these lies of the Enemy! Cast off these lying vanities when he says that thou art of no value and that thou art too weak to be of benefit on the battlefront! Rebuke these lies of the Enemy! For I say unto you, each one of you is precious in My sight! Each one of you is hand-picked by Me! I know each one of you by name. I know every circumstance of thy life. I know all thy problems and all thy battles. I know all thy weaknesses and thy shortcomings. I know the problems thou hast had in the past and the problems thou hast today. I know all of thy worries. I know all the things that hold thee back and the way the Enemy lies to thee and tries to minimize thy place of service and tries to get thee to despise the day of small things. I know all of this.
       26. "But I say unto thee, arise! Rise above this! Lift up thine eyes and reach up thine hands and take hold of Me, and I will pull thee upward, upward, above all this! I will set thee up upon a rock and I will strengthen thee with strength that thou knowest not of! I will put within thee a burning fire of faith and a renewed desire to serve Me, and thou shalt find again the joy of thy salvation!
       27. "So rise above these things of the past! Let Me loose these moorings which bind thee. Shake off these shackles of the Enemy and step out by faith into the freedom and fulfillment that I have for thee, and into the wonderful place of fruitfulness and the life of happiness that I long to give thee if thou wilt just reach out, step out, have faith, obey and yield, and do those things that thou dost know are right. Live the truth that thou hast, for I am speaking in My still small voice in thine heart and in thy mind.
       28. "Hear My whispers and heed My call and follow closely once again as thou didst in the days of thy youth, for it is a new day and there are many doors of service opening. There are many needs within My Family, there are many opportunities. The only thing that limits thee from fulfilling these needs and finding these opportunities is a lack of faith.
       29. "Trust Me when I say that it is a new day, and trust Me when I say that this new day is for thee! For ye are My children, children of David, children of the king and of the queen. And even as the queen hath extended her hand to thee in compassion and understanding and love, so do I extend My hand to thee. Wilt thou not reach out and take it by faith? Wilt thou not walk through the open door by faith and find that place of fruitfulness and happiness and fulfillment that I have for thee?
       30. "As much as thou art willing to give unto Me, so will I give unto thee; and the more thou givest to Me, the more I will give to thee. The closer thou followest Me, the wider a door of service I will open unto thee. As thou seekest greater yieldedness and greater submission to Me, so shall I reward thee with greater closeness to thy loved ones.
       31. "Therefore be not discouraged nor weary in well doing, but take upon thee the armament of a soldier, for there are many battles yet to be fought! And as the days grow darker, each soldier is more and more valuable to the Commander in Chief. Therefore, prepare for the battle! Prepare in mind and in spirit and in heart. Be not foolish but be sober, for the battle is at hand and the skies are dark with clouds of warning! Dost thou hear the trumpet sound and the rallying cry of the battle? Then go forth as a soldier who is willing to give his life to the cause! If thou dost hear this cry of the trumpet and the call of the Commander in Chief, then stand tall and salute and be ready to obey and give thy life for the Kingdom! For that is My commission to each one of you, and to all of My children of David, that ye fight the good fight as brave soldiers, and that ye be willing to give your lives that others may live.
       32. "Time is short and there is much to do! Therefore waste not thy time in shallowness and gossiping and frivolous living, but prepare for the battle! Prepare thy children for the battle, for time is short, and great shall be thy reward in Heaven! For I will give unto thee an hundredfold. Whatsoever thou dost sacrifice, I shall reward with rewards unspeakable, and thou shalt count it all joy to give thy life for the Kingdom, knowing that I shall say unto thee, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!'"

* * *

              33. "The playing field has now been leveled, for I give every man the opportunity to find his place of service in My Kingdom. Every man shall stand before Me, so forsake thy bitterness, forsake thy doubts and thy questions and thy fears, and live! Live for Me! Live for others! Live for those that die without Me!
       34. "I have called thee to be My disciples, and I have called thee to raise thy children in My fear and admonition. There are so few that will follow, there are so few that will deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me, but I have called all of you! So forsake these things that hold thee back! Find thy place, and make thy calling and election sure. For if thou doest these things, thou shalt not be disappointed and thou shalt not be unfulfilled. I am only limited by thy faith.
       35. "I have told thee, if thou wilt draw close to Me, I will give thee faith. Read My Word, for have I not begun to pour out My Word more abundantly to each of thee, and to shower thee with My blessings? But with this comes thy responsibility to take these Words and eat them and be strengthened by them, and to forsake thy piddly little differences and doubts and fears, and yes, even bitterness--things that hold thee back from being all that thou canst be. For I need thee, My children. The days are darker and darker, and My sheep are so lonely and so lost and so desperate for Me, and know not where to find Me. Reach out to them!
       36. "Take this hand of fellowship and be strengthened, for this is indeed the true yoke of fellowship that I am offering to thee. There are no more barriers! There is nothing to hold thee back any more except thine own faith, thy own weaknesses, thine own disobedience, thine own lack of conviction, thine own shallowness, thine own desire for worldly things. Look not to put the blame on others, for this will no longer work in any way. For the door is wide open for thee to follow Me as far and as close as thou wilt, and to enter into My Kingdom by thine own free and loving choice. For the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force. Be not weary in well doing, for in due season thou shalt reap, if thou faintest not.
       37. "Come unto Me and I will strengthen thee, and thy brethren will strengthen thee, and together thou canst continue to build My Kingdom --My Kingdom of hearts and souls and love and caring--so that ye may all be an ensample. For by this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another. I am breaking down the middle walls of partition that have separated you.
       38. "So rejoice! Rejoice in the freedom that I am giving, the opportunity that I am offering thee, the answer to thy prayers, the desire of thine heart! Although it is a rough and a rugged road, My yoke is easy and My burden is light.
       39. "Love one another and greet one another with a holy kiss, and thou shalt find strength! Thou shalt be renewed, and I will carry thee across this Jordan, that thou mayest enter into this new day and the new revolutions that I am now enacting in My Family. The past is gone, it is a new day! Enter in! Join in the fellowship of My Spirit and My new team that is going out to reach the world with My Love in these dying hours of these Last Days, and I will be with thee whithersoever ye go!"

* * *

              40. "Was not the Apostle Paul also a TSer for a time, and through it learned many things? --That his zealousness and his works were not the most important things; that sitting with the elders and being a leader was not the most important thing; but that ministering the gifts of My Spirit and displaying the graces that Christianity brings to one's life is the most important thing. Through it I made him a soft, loving man who was willing to go anywhere and do anything to help others, to please Me.
       41. "This is what I desire from all of you.--Not that ye try to attain to some great level or fill some high position, but that ye have simple, childlike faith that will give you love. That ye will let the gifts of My Spirit pour through you to minister to others and display the Christian graces that your hardships have brought about in your lives. For in humility is strength, and in your weakness I can show My strength to My sheep.
       42. "I know that in your hearts, each of you know that the things ye have been required to go through have been for a good reason, that ye could become more submitted to Me, more yielded to Me, and that ye would appreciate the wonderful blessings of My Family--the love, the tenderness, the gentleness, the caring, the prayer, the inspiration, the unity, the wonderful things that ye now realize are so important in your walk and life with Me. For ye have seen the cruelty of ungodly men--man's inhumanity to man, his lack of love, his hate, his greed, his avarice, his lust--and through this I have broken your hearts so that I can make you more useful tools in My Kingdom.
       43. "So praise Me and thank Me, for I am making you the men and women of God that ye have wished and desired for so long to be. Rejoice and be happy, for My hand has indeed been on your lives and I have carried you these many years. But be submissive, be yielded, be loving and caring, be humble."

* * *

              44. ({\ul \i Dad speaking:)} "God bless you, dear ones! I love you and I'm proud of you! Don't be discouraged, feeling distant from the rest of the Family and feeling distant from the ones you love, because you're my children! All my children are my children, and I love you! I want you to do the best you can. I want you to fight! I want you to forsake the things that hold you back and just get on with serving Jesus.
       45. "Serving Jesus is the most wonderful thing! Serving Jesus is where it's at! Serving Jesus is life! Serving Jesus is happiness! Serving Jesus is the road to fulfillment and contentment. If you want more of all of these things, then serve Jesus! Let go of the things that hold you back and hold you down! Forget the past, it's gone! Let's think about today, let's think about the future, let's think about everything that God has for us! Start serving Jesus, and believe you me, He'll take care of you and He'll supply your needs, just like He did for me!
       46. "As you know, many times I had to forsake all and I had to go out not knowing whither I was going, just because the Lord told me, just because I heard His voice and I knew I had to obey. So I took my wife and kids and what little money I had and I hit the road!--And He always blessed it, and He always caused us to bring forth fruit because we were serving Him and we were willing to be pilgrims and strangers. He's still the same today! He's calling you and He wants you to serve Him and to be pilgrims and strangers and to make yourself of no reputation, like I did, even to be willing to suffer persecution for the truth, and to suffer deprivation and lack of comfort in order to be able to preach the Gospel.
       47. "So come on!--If you're not on board, get on right away! There's a lot to do! Let's get with it! You're my children and I love you, and I need you, so follow closely. You just put the boat in motion and the rudder will take effect, and you'll find yourself in the center of God's will. Don't worry, God won't fail you. He'll take care of you and He'll supply your needs just as He has always done. He always did for me, He always did for you, and He will in the future as well.
       48. "So don't be discouraged! Keep fighting! Keep progressing and going on and climbing that mountain day by day, higher and higher! Mama loves you, Peter loves you, and I love you!--And don't ever let the Devil tell you anything else! So let's get going, let's start fighting, let's fight this battle together! We need you! So don't give up--get up!--And start fighting for Jesus!"

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