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THE UNBEATABLE COMBINATION--YOUR FAITH AND GOD'S POWER!       Maria #297       DO/TS 3015       7/95


       AUSTIN GN--Part 4!

              1. (Introduction, 8/95:) In this GN you'll read a Letter that Mama wrote to Jesse right after he was beginning to show some signs of consciousness. Mama explains further to Jesse about why the Lord spared his life, what purpose there is in his suffering, and what Jesse can do to take hold of the Lord's healing and fulfill the plan He has for him. If you're feeling battle-weary or discouraged, if you're struggling through a particularly difficult time, if you're being blown about by the attacks of the Enemy as he tries to convince you to give up the fight, please read this Letter right away! Even though these words were originally written for Jesse and apply to his specific situation, the principles contained therein on faith, fighting and trusting the Lord are for {\ul \i you}!
       2. You'll also read why, even while Jesse was still unconscious, the Lord wanted him to hear Mama's first Letter to him (which was published in part 3 of this series). You'll learn how the Lord's prophetic Words were fulfilled almost immediately, and you'll read about how Jesse had a {\ul \i choice} as to whether he wanted to go to Heaven or return to his life on Earth. We're sure you'll find Dad's counsel to Mama on this subject fascinating!
       3. The dear brethren in Austin who were involved in the car accident received wonderfully encouraging prophecies, not only from Mama's Home and our WS units but from the Family in many different parts of the world. We want to share with you some excerpts which we believe will answer some of the questions you might have about why some people are chosen to go to Heaven, why the rest of us are called to stay, and what our mission is while here on Earth. Don't miss the message from Dad in which he speaks directly to you young people about the calling the Lord has for you and what He wants to teach you.
       4. We've also included some updates on Jesse's progress--including heartfelt reactions and lessons from John Mark, the father of Joy, John and Jesse, and some comments from Rebecca (22), who is helping to care for Jesse. These reports are not only very touching and informative, but they also testify of Jesse's miraculous progress. Praise the Lord!


Mama's second letter to Jesse:
Jesse, my dear son!--My precious, wonderful boy!
       1. Sharon (Sara D.) has been writing me every day, letting me know how you're doing! I'm so proud of you, Jesse, for being such a brave soldier! Please believe me when I say that you're such a good sample to me of courage and faith!--Such a good sample to all of us! Don't let the Devil tell you that you have been a bad sample! When we think of you, all we see is a precious young man who loves Jesus very much and who is determined to prove God's promises and live to serve Him. Your faith, plus God's power, will make an unbeatable combination that will triumph over all the difficulties, all the pain, all the questions!
       2. And Jesse, you're not only fighting this battle for the Lord, but you're doing it for Grandpa, you're doing it for your parents, you're doing it for Joy and your other sisters and brothers, and you're doing it for the Family! You're doing it for me and Peter! It's like you're our champion in the ring, and we're rooting for you! We're cheering for you! Remember what Grandpa has always taught us--that the Devil can't win if you don't give in! And that's all that you have to do, Jesse, just keep going, just don't give up no matter how hard things seem!
       3. You don't have to do some big performance or live up to anybody's expectations!--Just don't give up! You can just lie there quietly in Jesus' arms. Even when you don't have the strength to do anything, that's enough! Your fight is against the Enemy. The best way to fight the Enemy is to run into Jesus' arms and lie there absorbing His Love and His comfort and getting so close to Him that the Enemy will have no power over you.
       4. All you have to do is make those decisions each day that say, "I want to live! I want to be healed! I want to continue to serve Jesus!" That's not too hard, because as soon as you make the right decision, the Lord can put all Heaven at your disposal to help fight the battles and to heal your body and your mind and your spirit. All the prayers of your Family who love you so much help to activate the power of the Spirit World and bring many, many helpers to your side who can help you in all the ways that you need.
       5. Sweet Jesse, your Family really really needs you! Do you know why? Among other things, they need to see God's promises fulfilled in you! They need to see the miracles that God can do for you. They need to see the miracles of strength and of power, of peace, of healing, of freedom from condemnation! They need to see God work all these miracles in you! If they can see this in you, they can believe that no matter how difficult any situation might be, God is able to transform it and turn it around and gain great victories in the face of seeming defeat!
       6. You can be a wonderful example to our young people, and not only to them, but to our adults! They're all looking to you, Jesse, to stick with us, to keep holding on, to not give up! Already they remember you not for the past, but the present and the choices you have made to fight, to live! They need to see this so desperately. They need to see that God is the God of the impossible. They need to see that all things do work together for good to them that love Him. They need to see too that all things that He has promised He is able to perform.
       7. They aren't lying in a hospital bed in great physical pain like you, but many of them are in spiritual anguish. They are discouraged and they are lacking in faith and dedication. The Lord has a big job for you, Jesse, and that is to let Him use you to show them the miracles that He can do! This will strengthen their faith and help them to see that if you could go through such a traumatic experience and not give up, but keep trusting, they can go through whatever comes their way, and the Lord won't fail them!
       8. This is a great honor that the Lord has given you, to be used in this wonderful ministry! That He has chosen to give you this special gift is a very great privilege. He knows you can't do it yourself, of course, but He has created you and trained you and endowed you with all the things that you would need, to now be a key player in this battle for Him!--And He can help you to do it!
       9. So don't worry! You don't have to fight this alone. There are so many fighting with you! Many on this Earth and many in the Heavenlies are fighting together with you against the Enemy's attacks. And if you will just keep going and not give up, we're going to all win this battle together. We're workers together with Him, fighters together with Him!
       10. You don't have to get worried or feel there's too much responsibility being placed on you, or too high expectations. The only thing you have to do is just keep going little by little, one day at a time, just saying yes to Jesus in all the little choices that come your way, all those daily decisions you have to make. Just say you're going to live in spite of the pain! Or when the pain is so great, call out to Jesus for help, instead of getting bitter and wanting to die! Remember Job? He, too, was tempted to just "curse God and die!" (Job 2:9). And what if he had? That sample of courage and faith, which has encouraged multitudes of believers for thousands of years, would have been lost!
       11. So Jesse, just say "yes!"--Make the choice to accept those tubes in your throat and other places no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Tell Jesus "yes!"--You're going to receive the Word, even when the Devil tries to make you doubt! You're going to thank the Lord for your new ministry and not wish you had your old one back! That was so insignificant compared to the very important job the Lord has given you now!
       12. There are so many choices for you during the day! The Enemy will be right there whispering in your ear that you're not accomplishing anything, that everything is lost and you'll never be able to do anything for the Lord again! Don't believe him! Tell him he's lying! To the contrary, the Lord is accomplishing much more through you now than He ever was able to before! You have a great work right there in your bed, just as I've explained to you. In addition to that, you can have a wonderful ministry of prayer for those of our young people who are going through terrific spiritual battles where they're being blown about and buffeted and need to find their stability and a closer walk with Jesus and a firm commitment of their lives to Him.
       13. It's a hard ministry, but you can do it. I know you can. The Lord said you can! I know the pain will make you want to give up! Thinking about the past will make you want to give up! But don't do it! Be like Paul and say, "None of these things move me!" (Acts 20:24). Jesse, if you'll just keep your eyes on the job the Lord has given you, and know that your job is to suffer for Him but then be healed by Him, you can take it! The suffering won't last forever. "He will not suffer you to be tempted above what you are able to bear" (1Cor.10:13).
       14. The Devil will try to make you look at the circumstances and will tell you there is no use fighting, but don't believe him! Sock it back to him with the truth! Tell him what the nurse said: That you've made more progress in a week than most folks in similar situations make in six months! If that isn't a sign of the Lord's miraculous healing, I don't know what is! The Lord wouldn't have allowed you to be in such bad shape physically if He wasn't going to make it a great testimony of His healing power! The Lord wouldn't have allowed the great mental and emotional battles if He wasn't going to give marvelous victories of peace and assurance.
       15. So there's a wonderful, glorious future before you, Jesse! Keep your eyes on that goal! Know that this Gethsemane you are passing through will only bring you into glorious new life if you're willing to go through it! I know it's rough, but we'll all be praying for you and we're all in this together. You're one of the Lord's stars! You may not feel like you're shining right now but you are, and you will! Keep listening to the Word to gain the faith you need! Keep listening to it over and over and over! Faith will give you the strength for the battle!
       16. I love you, dear son, and I'm so excited about the wonderful plan the Lord has for you! He's given you a strong will, so use it! Refuse to doubt!--Insist on trusting! Refuse to look back!--Insist on looking forward! Refuse to look at circumstances!--Insist on believing God's promises!

              Doubt sees the obstacles,
       Faith sees the way!
       Doubt sees the darkest night,
       Faith sees the day!
       Doubt dreads to take a step,
       Faith soars on high!
       Doubt questions "Who believes?"
       Faith answers "I!"

       With love and admiration,

* * *

       Jesse Chooses to Stay and Fight for His Recovery and Future Ministry!
       17. John Mark (Jesse's father) wrote, "To me, some of the most amazing aspects of this whole situation were how some of the prophecies that people received here in North America were very similar to the prophecies that those in Mama's Home received. Also, I was amazed at just how detailed and accurate the prophecies from Mama's Home were. There is no way that they could have known some things, but the prophecies completely coincided with the events that were happening here." (End of comments from John Mark.)
       18. It is thrilling to see that happen, isn't it? It is comforting and reassuring when you see a confirmation of what the Lord gives in prophecy, and I'm sure that such examples increase your faith that the Lord does speak through prophecy, that they're His Words and not just someone's own thoughts or imagination. I'm reminded of the verse that says, "I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name am the God of Israel" (Isa.45:3).
       19. Another such wonderful example of the Lord making known His "hidden riches of secret places" was when we prayed about whether Jesse should be read the first Letter that I had written to him (see GN 646), even though he was still unconscious. Let me backtrack a little here and explain the situation at that time. I had been very burdened about Jesse. He wasn't regaining consciousness, even though the doctors could not find the medical reason why he was still in a coma.
       20. I was praying about what else we could do to help him. I just kept thinking about the Letter that I'd written him and wondered if it wouldn't be necessary to read it to him fairly soon, rather than waiting until he came out of the coma. I thought that if we waited until he was conscious, he might never be conscious, and that perhaps the Lord's message to him needed to be given to him in order to help him want to live! Hearing these Words from the Lord, Dad and others might be what would help him to make the choice to stay here and fight.
       21. However, I knew that it could be very dangerous for them to read my Letter to him unless we knew what he was already aware of in his present condition, and unless we knew that we were doing exactly what the Lord wanted. Doctors know that it is extremely important how and when accident victims are told bad news, such as deaths, especially if circumstances are such that the injured person would feel responsible for the deaths. There is a great danger that such news will come as a terrific shock and will have a very negative, traumatic effect on the person, which can be detrimental to their recovery.
       22. I suspected that Jesse was aware of what had happened, especially since in one of the prophecies the Lord gave for Jesse, the girls who had gone to be with the Lord said that they had been talking to him and trying to help him, but that it was still a very big battle for him. I didn't want to go solely on that, though, but I wanted to be sure that we were getting the Lord's specific direction on what to do in this matter.
       23. I prayed desperately, asking the Lord to show us very clearly whether Sharon and John Mark should read my Letter to Jesse while he was still in that "limbo" state, or whether they should wait until later when he was more conscious. I asked the Lord to show us if there was anything we should be doing to help him, anything further that we should be saying to him, anything at all that we should be doing. And I asked the Lord to speak to us and let us know if we were supposed to read him my Letter with the messages from the Lord, Dad, Joy, the Apostles Peter and Paul, and Timothy Concerned. The Lord never fails, and as He always faithfully does, He spoke so very clearly and specifically to us. Below are excerpts of some of the prophecies received from the Lord and Dad:

              24. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} "Honey, I'm so proud of you for how prayerfully and wisely you are handling this situation. It's wonderful to me how you've looked to the Lord so desperately. I saw your desperate prayers and your tears, and I felt your concern and the compassion and the love that you felt. It's so beautiful, Honey.
       25. "You're such a righteous queen, so wise and loving and tenderhearted. It thrills me to see you in action, to see how sensitive you are to the Lord's checks, to see how desperate you are to do things exactly right, to follow closely in His footsteps, to give just the right message, to comfort in just the right way.
       26. "Thank you, Sweetheart, for sending Peter. It was so wise and so loving of you. It meant so much to our dear children. God bless him for being willing to once again lay down his life and his strength and his time and his security. I'm so proud of him and of Sharon for how they loved and how they cared, and for how tenderhearted they were, how sympathetic; how they cried and how they held those who were weeping. It was such a beautiful sample of loving shepherding. Such a beautiful sample of seeking out the lost and broken sheep and tending to their wounds and bringing them safely back to the fold.
       27. "I'm so proud of you, Honey, for how wisely and lovingly you have handled this situation, and how you have heard from the Lord and sought Him and received His message for these who need it so desperately, and how You've used this situation to be a lesson for the whole Family. Thank you, my sweetheart, my darling, for being so yielded, so fine-tuned to the checks and the leadings of the Lord.
       28. "And now concerning this boy, dear Jesse--again, you are wise to seek the Lord, to continue to pray step by step, because the battle is not over. The battle is still raging for this dear boy. Oh, Honey, he is so precious to me. He is so dear, and he needs so much love and prayer. He needs so much comfort. Oh, Sweetheart, this is one of our sons, this is one of our boys. Please continue to do all you can to fight for him, to rally the Family to fight and to get behind him in prayer, and to give him what he needs in prayer power, to fight in the Spirit for his life, so that he can take hold of the mercy and the forgiveness of God.
       29. "Sweetheart, don't be afraid to give him your Words because the doctors think that bad news or the reality of these kinds of traumatic experiences are devastating for the victims. That is true if you don't have the comfort of the Lord, if you don't have faith in His Word. If all you have is the traumatic bad news, of course it is not good for the poor victims. But don't worry, Honey, about giving this one your Words, because he already knows! He has already been informed. We've been communicating with him and helping him. As the girls told you, they've been speaking with him already.
       30. "It's a strange thing in the Spirit World, these people that hang in between two worlds, not quite in their bodies but not quite in Heaven either. It would amaze you how much he knows and how much he has seen. So don't be afraid to give him your Words, because this is the key. This is the key that will unlock his darkness. This is the key that will open the door from this land of limbo and bring him back to the land of the living.
       31. "These Words that the Lord has given you, these Words that I have spoken for this one, these Words from his sister, give them to him in full, all of them, for this is the key that will help him find faith and comfort, that will give him the desire to start again and to endure the pain and the long, hard road back to health. For he knows it will be a hard fight. He knows it won't be easy. In every way it will be difficult. But give him your Words to give him courage and faith, to renew within him a fighting spirit, and to help him to know that he can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth him.
       32. "Don't be afraid, my Sweetheart, to speak to this one, our son. Speak to him through your letter as if you were sitting beside him at his bed, as if you were holding his hand and kissing it and looking into his face and speaking these Words to him in person, for you are! Through this Letter you are there! You are beside him! You are by his bedside. You are comforting him and touching and caressing him. You are giving him your kisses of healing and your kisses of hope through your Words.
       33. "So don't hold back, but give! Give him what the Lord has given you and what I have given you. Pour upon him--upon his face, upon his body, upon his broken limbs and upon his heart--the healing balm of your Words. Take his face within your hands and look deep in his eyes and tell him through your Words how much you love him. Let him feel your love and your acceptance and your comfort and your understanding and your forgiveness through your Words.
       34. "Do not be afraid, my Sweetheart, for these Words will not cause ill. They will not bear bad fruit. They will bear good fruit, for they are beautiful, pure, honey Words of God's Love. So don't hold back, but give! Give what God has given you to give for this one. Give in full faith, knowing that the Lord has ordained these Words for this precious one, our son. For I know and I have seen that he is desperate to hear these Words. Even though they may hurt him initially, they will be a source of great comfort and strength in the end. So feed him these Words again and again that he might feed on them in his spirit, and gain the strength that he needs for the battles ahead.
       35. "I love you, Sweetheart! You are my precious loving faithful shepherdess, the one who takes care of my children as a faithful loving mother who cares for our sons and daughters with great care. Thank you, Sweetheart! Such faithfulness, such love! I am so proud of you!" (End of prophecy from Dad.)

              36. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Thank you, dear Dad, for your sweet and wonderful encouragement. If I am in tune to the Lord's checks and handling this or any situation as He would want me to, if I am sensitive to the Lord's checks and following closely in His footsteps, I give all the glory to Jesus! I don't know any more than anyone else. As you know, I am just as weak and incapable as everyone else; in fact, maybe more so! So all I can do is call out to the Lord desperately and trust that He will answer my pleas and lead me in the path that He chooses. He has made it easy for me, because I learned that from you, Sweetheart, from your sample of faithfully, constantly looking to the Lord! And you're still helping me to stay close to Him and in tune with Him. Thank you, my darling, for speaking to me and whispering in my heart your words of love, counsel and guidance.

              37. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"Behold, I have this My beloved son, this My gentle lamb in My arms. I comfort him as he weeps, and I hold him as he trembles, and I speak unto him Words of love and tenderness and reassurance. I weep with this one who weeps, and My heart aches with this one whose heart is aching. I pain with this one who is paining.
       38. "This is My son, this is My beloved, My darling, My precious one. I will never leave nor forsake this, My darling, My beloved. I am here continually meting out grace and mercy and comfort to this one who is in such great need. For the Enemy is buffeting him. There is a great, great spiritual warfare being waged for the very life of My beloved son, My little lamb.
       39. "He is fully aware of the consequences of his actions. He knows every detail of what happened. The weeping of the grief-stricken parents echoes in his heart and in his mind. He is tortured day and night with their weeping. He is fully aware of the suffering which he feels he has caused. He is fully aware of the pain that his brothers and sisters are enduring, and he is fully aware of his own weak and handicapped state. All of this is more than he can bear, more than he can face.
       40. "For this reason he chooses just to sleep. If he could, he would run away, he would disappear. He would prefer to just forget this ever happened, to pretend it never happened. He would want to live in a dream world somewhere between Heaven and Earth where he would never either have to face Me and his loved ones up Here, or face those who are grieving on the Earth. So he chooses to stay in limbo.
       41. "So you must give him the strength and the faith and the Words of Love and encouragement and forgiveness to fight this battle. Because now he fights, but he fights on his own. He fights without strength. He fights without ammunition. He must know the truth. He must hear the Words that I have given for him, for this is the secret to the strength that he needs. This is the secret to his overcoming. This is the secret to his making a choice to fight and to come back and to walk with the living, and to fill the role that I have for him, and to take up the challenge that I would that he take up.
       42. "These Words will not bring harm. These Words will bring help. They are not a danger, they are My elixir. They will not bring pain, they will bring comfort. They will bring deliverance from agony. They will be a healing balm to his broken, weeping heart. For he knows full well what has happened. He knows the consequences of his actions, and now he is desperate, desperately seeking for a sign. He is battling in his mind and having such difficulty making the choice to fight and to go on and to try to live and to try to be something for Me.
       43. "He must hear these Words. He must hear this challenge, this encouragement, this forgiveness. This is the healing balm of My Heavenly elixir to heal his mind and his heart and his spirit, and to give him the will to be healed in the flesh. For why would I have given these Words except for him to hear them? Why would I have put this burden on the heart of My queen if it were not for these Words to be delivered? Why would I have had his sister speak if it were not because he needed to hear this message, her words of reassurance, her words begging him to fight for his life?
       44. "Therefore hold not back, but give generously. Feed his spirit! Give him these Words! Let him feel My forgiveness! Let him feel My Love! For though his body be weakened still, and though you see not any recognition or any acknowledgment, his spirit is very much alive, and he hears and he understands. Do not look at things in the flesh and perceive only with the eyes of the flesh, but look beyond that and know that his spirit lives! It is very much alive and it understands; and he longs to be fed and he longs to hear these Words from the queen.
       45. "For though it seems he is distant, he is very, very close. He hears every word that is spoken, and he feels every kiss upon his cheek and upon his hand, and he feels every tear that is shed for him. Every prayer that is prayed for him, he hears it. Every bit of love that is given, he feels it. Every bit of tenderness and forgiveness that is shown, he receives it. It is these things that will bring him back to health. These are the things that will give him courage and the will to live.
       46. "So hold not back, wondering where he is and wondering what he knows, for I say that he lives and he is ever so close and he is listening attentively to every word. Though it may look like these Words of your queen cause pain, and though tears may roll down his cheeks, it is only for a moment. It is only for a moment as he acknowledges and is at last willing to face the facts. For he must face the facts before he can receive My forgiveness and the comfort of My Spirit. He must acknowledge the truth and be willing to admit and receive what happened before he can ask forgiveness and receive it.
       47. "So be not fearful if there seems to be a moment of temporary anguish. Be not fearful, but know that this message must be delivered, that he must face the truth, that he must be willing to acknowledge the situation before he will be able to receive My forgiveness and My comfort, and before he will be able to receive the strength to come back to the land of the living.
       48. "So hold not back, but give unto him these Words of love and life and comfort and encouragement and forgiveness, that he might find strength and courage to fight, that he might be able to lift up his eyes and look in My face and ask for forgiveness and receive forgiveness. Give him these Words, that he might have the ammunition he needs to fight the spiritual warfare that is being waged, and pray desperately, knowing that with man it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.
       49. "Now that I have strengthened his body and his mind, these Words need to be given to Jesse in his ear. The final decision in this matter lies with Jesse. It is a big fight and it is a big challenge for him, but he must hear these Words and make his decision.
       50. "Continue to pray desperately for this dear boy, that he will make the right choice. Know that I will strengthen him and help him, and accept and receive his decision. Comfort him, care for him, and give him unconditional love, the same as I do." (End of prophecy.)

              51. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Isn't it marvelous how the Lord is so willing to explain the secrets of His Spirit World when we ask Him? He helped us understand this strange and mysterious phenomenon that Jesse was going through when he was in the coma, and showed us not only what we needed to do, but also what Jesse was feeling and experiencing at the time. The Lord said that during the time Jesse was in that unconscious state he was aware of everything that had happened, and he didn't feel like he could face it, he was wracked with fear and with condemnation and he couldn't fight it. But the Lord went on to explain further that Jesse had to face these things before he could accept the Lord's forgiveness, and before he could start his journey to physical, spiritual and emotional health.
       52. The Lord made it very clear that Jesse desperately needed our prayers, he needed us to fight for him, but he also needed the Word--the messages that He, Dad, Joy and the others had given--to help him to make the choice to stay and to give him the strength to come back into a world where the fight is going to be very hard and very long. He said that we must give him these Words and give them to him over and over and over again, so they will sink deep into his heart and so he will have the faith to go on living.
       53. The Lord made it clear that during the time Jesse was unconscious, he was making a choice. He apparently was deciding whether he wanted to go to be with the Lord in Heaven, or return to full consciousness here on Earth to fill the role the Lord had for him. The prophecy says there was a "great, great spiritual warfare being waged" for Jesse's life, but at that time he was fighting it on his own, without strength, without ammunition. Any soldier that's fighting a war knows that the battle cannot be won without ammunition. You must have ammunition to fight back and win!--And our ammunition is the Word, which is so powerful that it can win the toughest battle, even completely restoring the most seriously injured bodies, minds and spirits!
       54. Through these prophecies we learned that it wasn't just okay for Jesse to hear my Letter to him and the Lord's message for him, but it was necessary. Sometimes when we step out to obey what the Lord shows us to do, we have to take it by faith, because we don't see any immediate fulfillment or change or blessing. But in this case, the Lord gave us a "sign" and almost immediately we saw a miracle before our eyes! In only a matter of hours from the time they started reading my Letter to Jesse, in obedience to what the Lord had shown us, he came out of the coma!
       55. John Mark reported that he and Sharon read a few pages of the letter beginning at 5:00 in the afternoon, at which time Jesse was in a coma; and by 9:00 that night, four hours later, Jesse was awake! The Lord's promises that Jesse would gain strength and faith to fight for his life and future ministry were fulfilled so quickly. Of course, it's not always like this and usually we have to walk by faith at least for a while, and sometimes for quite a long while, before we see the Lord's promises come to pass, before we see the evidence of things hoped for, the "proof." But in this case the Lord did something special and fulfilled His promises very quickly, which greatly increased John Mark's faith, and which I thought would increase your faith too. Praise the Lord!
       56. When the Lord does these wonderful miracles for us, as we step out by faith to obey His Words, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness that we took the time to seek Him and hear His voice! It makes me want to be even more diligent to constantly be asking His guidance. Doesn't it have that effect on you too? Doesn't it make you want to be more tuned in to His whispers, His checks, His still small voice? Just think of the wonderful blessing and miracle we might have missed had we not taken time to seek the Lord and find His will in this situation. Who knows how long it would have taken dear Jesse to find the courage he needed to make the choice to stay and fight.
       57. Oh dear ones, the Lord is constantly speaking to us all and trying to guide us with His whispers. If we'll just be faithful to take the time to be quiet before Him and let Him speak to us, He'll faithfully and lovingly lead us in the way we should go. Please take time with Him in quietness and confidence, and you'll not miss those marvelous "treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places" that He longs to give to you too!
       58. The Lord talks about the decision or choice that Jesse had to make. God bless Jesse, that in spite of the fact that he's suffering such pain and such a long, uphill battle for his full recovery, he's willing to make the commitment to stay and fight. It would have been easier in some ways for him to just go on to Heaven, but he answered the Lord's call to come back and fight for the ministry that the Lord wants him to have.
       59. We're so proud of you, Jesse, that you're willing to do that! You're being a wonderful sample to us all, and if you're willing to stay here on Earth and face a very big battle for your life and your healing, because you want to fulfill the plan the Lord has for your life, how much more should the rest of us be willing to do the same. You have a wonderful fighting spirit, Jesse! The Lord has already blessed you with marvelous progress, and I know as you continue to do what you know you need to do, in spite of the pain and difficulties you face, that the Lord will meet you more than halfway and answer your every prayer! Praise the Lord! We love you!

* * *

       Please Continue to Pray for Jesse!
       60. Dear Family, please continue to pray fervently for Jesse's recovery. Dad said in the above prophecy that Jesse faces a long, hard road back to health, a hard fight, that it won't be easy, it will be difficult in every way. Dad said, "Jesse needs so much love and prayer. He needs so much comfort. Oh, Sweetheart, this is one of our sons, this is one of our boys. Please continue to do all you can to fight for him, to rally the Family to fight and to get behind him in prayer, and to give him what he needs in prayer power, to fight in the Spirit for his life, so that he can take hold of the mercy and the forgiveness of God!"
       61. As soon as possible after receiving the above prophecy from Dad we published part one of this Austin GN series, in which we requested urgent prayer for Jesse. But I ask you to please continue to pray desperately for him, because even though he's now out of the hospital, he's still facing the very big mountain of rehabilitation, as is described below by Rebecca (22) who has been helping to care for Jesse. She wrote the following report just a few days before Jesse was released from the hospital.

       Excerpts of a report from Rebecca:
       62. Jesse is receiving three kinds of therapy: speech, occupational and physical. Speech therapy has to do with his swallowing, talking and mental processes, such as making his thoughts clear, memory retention, general knowledge and seeing how well he remembers things, both short and long term. Occupational therapy consists of tasks such as dressing, bathing, getting in and out of his wheelchair, writing and using his hands, and coordination. Physical therapy is walking, sitting and learning how to move (exercising the muscles that have been weakened), and relearning the basic skills necessary for daily life.
       63. He's doing very well in each of these, and every day he makes so much progress it's almost unbelievable! He's not supposed to put any pressure on his left leg, but he's able to support himself with his hands on a walker* for little baby steps. Now he is able to sit in his wheelchair for long periods of time (even up to an hour) whereas at first it was a wipe-out for him just to move from his bed to his wheelchair. (*Walker: a framed support that can be leaned upon and inched ahead slowly by the person who is learning to walk or recovering from an injury. Commonly used by the elderly.)
       64. He usually has about six sessions of therapy that last about half an hour each throughout the morning and early afternoon. Besides that, a lot of time is taken up just "living life," getting dressed, eating, etc., as he pretty much has to learn all over again--not mentally, as he knows what he wants to do, but he has to relearn how to make his body do what he wants it to do.
       65. All the therapists that saw him were shocked at how much progress he had made in just one day. They said it would normally have taken weeks to make that much progress!
       66. He's still super sore from his operations, mainly his stomach, but also his leg. He had three major injuries happen to him all at once: his leg was broken in quite a few places and he had to have an operation to put a rod in it; he had a head injury, which was what made him go into the coma; and his spleen ruptured, so he had to have a major operation to remove it and clean out his whole abdominal area. Any one of those injuries would have made any normal person need bed rest for several weeks, and yet he has to overcome all three at the same time.
       67. It's difficult for Jesse because it hurts a lot when he moves around, but if he doesn't move, his body will just get worse, with his muscles shortening and his nervous system not functioning. So he has to fight to move and get better, otherwise it will take much longer to recover.
       68. The doctors explained that if he doesn't fight to make himself use his left arm and hand, then by the time his arm is recovered, his brain will already be trained to direct the signals elsewhere that would have gone to that arm, and he will never really regain use of his arm at all. What will happen is the brain will try to compensate for his left arm being injured and it will find ways to completely do without it. It really is a fight and he has to be determined to fight to use that weak arm and hand.
       69. Jesse and I had a good talk about this, as sometimes when he's asked to do something he says it's too hard, because he knows that it will be very painful. I had to tell him that we will try to make it as easy on him as we can, but there were some things that we are just going to have to go through to get better. We give him lots and lots of encouragement and he's generally super in the victory and positive and a real fighter--but especially after this talk he had more determination and we had a very good day.
       70. The therapists don't really have any big revelations about how to get his body working again. They basically do simple exercises with the different parts of his body, and it's just the Lord that does the healing. It simply takes time and lots of loving care.
       71. We provisioned the things that we will need for him when he's ready to leave the hospital. It will be such a blessing to get him home where he can be surrounded by the sweet spirit of the Family! (End of excerpts of the report from Rebecca.)
       72. ({\ul \i Editor's note}: Jesse was released from the hospital on Tuesday, August 8th. Praise the Lord!)

* * *

       Why We Too Must Stay and Fight!
       73. ({\ul \i Mama:)} When you read about how difficult the battle of recovery will be for Jesse, and you think about how happy the five girls are who went to be with the Lord in the accident, you might wonder why in the world Jesse decided to stay. One of the CRO shepherds recently reported, "Many teens and YAs here in our area were praying for Jesse to go Home to Heaven because they couldn't see how he could bear the weight of such a tragic event which he may feel he caused. Even now, when they hear he is out of the hospital and doing much better, the teens and YAs kind of cringe, like they are really sorry for him. Of course they're very happy to have him still with us, but they're sad for his suffering and how difficult the battle for healing will be for him."
       74. Maybe others of you are feeling that way too. Knowing how much better it is in Heaven and how wonderful things are There and how much easier it is, you may be asking yourselves: Why does the Lord make us stay here and endure discouragement and trials and battles and worries and hardships, but He lets others go to be with Him? Why should we fight to stay alive and do this big job that needs to be done here, when we could go to Heaven and still be able to work for Jesus, but do it so much better and so much more easily? Why do we have to be on our guard here in this life, because if we go Home to be with Jesus, so much the better! Why does the Lord take some of us but not others?
       75. I knew you'd wonder about these things and possibly even be tempted to think you'd be better off and happier if you could just go to Heaven. So I asked the Lord if He could please answer the above questions for us and explain these things to us. Below are excerpts of the answers from Him and Dad.

              76. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} "Hi, kids! I love you! I know when you hear how wonderful it is Here and how much the girls are enjoying themselves, and learning so much, getting new assignments and are so close to me and to Jesus and to the loved ones from the Family who have gone on ahead, you might be envious or jealous or compare yourselves and want to be in their shoes and want to be Here too! I can understand that.
       77. "But please understand that these girls didn't choose to be Here, they didn't decide by themselves to be Here, but the Lord chose them and He called them for a specific purpose. But you have your job there on Earth. The Lord has called you to fight there on Earth, to do what you can on Earth to serve the Lord and to win as many souls as you possibly can, to love as many people as you possibly can, to live every day to the full.--Loving the Lord and serving the Lord, loving your brothers and sisters, and getting out the Word.
       78. "The Lord needs most of His fighters there on Earth, to be His representatives, to give His Word, to pour forth His Love. You've got a big big job to do, so do it well and do it faithfully. Don't be envious of these girls, because in the Lord's time we'll all be together again and then we'll rejoice. But for now you need to do your jobs well and faithfully, and be satisfied with what the Lord has given you.--Because you live in Heaven on Earth! Of course it's not exactly the same as Heaven, but you do have Heaven on Earth. You are blessed above all people on the face of the Earth because you have so much Truth and so much Love. You have a reason to live, you have something to fight for!
       79. "You're so, so blessed! So don't throw it all away. Don't get out of the Lord's will, but answer His call and serve Him well and do your best. Stick it out and keep fighting! And in the Lord's good time, when He knows it's the right time, He'll call you Home, too, and you'll be able to join all of us Here, to be with the Lord and all your loved ones.
       80. "You need to keep fighting, you need to be content, because you wouldn't want to end up Here prematurely! It's a lot different when you end up Here prematurely than when you come in the Lord's perfect time. When you come in the Lord's perfect time, you have perfect joy and perfect peace. You accomplished your purpose on Earth, and then you continue your training and your job and your ministry in Heaven. It's a continuation; it's just stepping from one world into another, when it's done in the Lord's time and in the Lord's way.
       81. "But you certainly wouldn't want to come Here prematurely, you wouldn't be ready. You wouldn't know the things that you need to know. You wouldn't be the person that you need to be. You can't skip grades! You can't just jump from third grade to tenth grade. You have to learn the lessons that He wants you to learn at the speed the Lord knows you can learn them, and do what you've got to do to obey the Lord where He has you. Don't try to run ahead of the Lord. Don't try to jump ahead of His plan and His timing for your life. But use the time that you have on Earth to be faithful, to witness, to love, to learn the lessons that you want to learn, to get married, to have children!
       82. "There are so many things that the Lord has for you there that you need to learn and you need to do, wonderful things! There is so much joy and happiness. You are so blessed! So be content and keep fighting. Of course, you can find joy in knowing what is ahead of you, what awaits you in this wonderful, wonderful paradise, and you can be happy that these ones with me are happy, that they are excited and they are thrilled. You can find joy in that, but don't compare yourselves, don't envy, don't be jealous, because the Lord can give you Heaven on Earth! He can give you great joy, great satisfaction, great contentment and great challenge, because there is so much to do there! There are so so many battles to fight and so many people to win! So keep fighting! Keep your eye on the goal. Don't get distracted. Don't get discouraged.
       83. "When you join us Here, the Lord and me, don't you want to have done everything that you needed to do on Earth? Don't you want to have learned all the lessons that you needed to learn, and be the person that you need to be? So be faithful. Keep fighting. Do all you can. Win as many souls as you can. Love as many people as you can. Get out as much lit as you can. Be a faithful missionary. Be a faithful messenger. This is what I want of you. This makes me so proud of you!
       84. "I know it is difficult. I know there are sacrifices, but keep fighting! I need you there. I need you doing your job.--Giving out the Word and winning souls and being faithful. This is the Lord's will for you. So just keep trusting the Lord and doing the best you can. Live each day to the full and do all you can for Jesus. And then when it is the Lord's perfect time for you to join us, you'll be so content, you'll be so thankful that you did your best for Jesus. You'll be so thankful that you didn't give up.
       85. "So keep on keeping on! Keep on fighting! Keep doing your best for Jesus! We're fighting with you. We're fighting Here and you're fighting there, but we are fighting the same war. We need you and you need us, so let's both do our best for Jesus where He has us, doing the job that He has for us to do.
       86. "Take my word for it, there were plenty of times that I wanted to go be with the Lord, when I was tired of fighting, but I knew my job wasn't over yet. I had to stay there, because there were important things I had to do. I couldn't just give up. I couldn't quit fighting even if I wanted to, because I wanted to be faithful. I wanted to do my best for Jesus so that when I saw Him face to face He would say to me, 'Well done, thou good and faithful soldier. You did your best for Me, so now enter into My joy and into your reward.'
       87. "I want Him to say the same thing to you, so do your best! Don't quit fighting, don't give up! Keep going for Jesus and we'll all be together in His perfect time!" (End of prophecy.)

              88. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Please take the time to reread this message from Dad, so you don't miss any of the important points he brings out about why we need to stay here and do our jobs for Jesus. Dad understands that there are times when you're tempted to think life would be much easier if you could just give up the fight, but he can also speak from experience that it pays to hold on and finish your work for the Lord. In fact, at the very end of Dad's life here on Earth, when he was making the decision whether to go Home to be with the Lord or not, he wanted to be very sure that his job here was done.
       89. In spite of his age, in spite of his frail and weak body, in spite of his inability to eat and in spite of the glories that he knew awaited him in Heaven, Dad was very willing to continue to stay here for our sake, if that was what the Lord wanted, and if he knew that he could be a greater blessing to us here than in Heaven. As Dad has told us since, in prophecy, he had to hear the Lord's assurances before he left us that he would now be able to be more of a help from the Spirit World than he would be able to be here on Earth.
       90. In this prophecy Dad encourages you to be a faithful missionary, witnessing, winning souls, and getting out as much lit as possible, but he mentions other things that are also part of being faithful to the Lord, such as living each day to the full, learning to love others, learning the lessons the Lord wants you to learn, and getting married and having children. So obviously, witnessing is not the only way to be true to the Lord and faithful in this life. There are also other important ministries that are very needed that contribute to the Family's soul-winning, such as childcare, shepherding, home care, business management, etc. Your faithfulness in these in-home ministries pleases the Lord, and your doing these jobs is just as important as being out leading people to the Lord, because you're making it possible for those who are out to witness and get out the Message.
       91. One thing in the above message from Dad that should make us super thankful is what he says about being "blessed" above all people. Dad says we live in Heaven on Earth, and that we don't need to compare ourselves, or envy, or be jealous of those who get to go to Heaven before us, because the Lord can give us great joy, great satisfaction, great contentment and great challenge right now in our lives here on Earth. Sometimes our struggles can seem so difficult, so monumental. In fact, sometimes they are difficult and monumental, because of course there are battles, tests, trials and sacrifices in our lives. We're fighting a war, and that's certainly not easy! But the thing to remember is that when compared with the huge heartbreaks, devastating loneliness, extreme boredom and frustration, terrible hopelessness and lack of love and purpose that most people in the world face, our problems are small!
       92. Just take a moment to think about some of the things that the Lord has given us that money can't buy, nor can all the prestige or power of the System supply. He's given us a vast storehouse of knowledge about a huge variety of subjects, including deep spiritual truths, practical affairs and Endtime events. He's shown us general guidelines on how to handle all kinds of problems that come up in childcare, health, persecution, media battles, personal problems or NWOs, teamworking, raising funds, etc. We have at our disposal, through the Word, the answers to just about every problem we and others outside the Family might encounter. And as if that weren't enough, when things come up that we don't have the specific answers to, we are able to ask the Lord for them and He's so willing to speak to us and freely and abundantly give us His specific, unfailing, easy-to-understand guidance.
       93. We're also blessed with constant companionship, and wonderful heartfelt communication with our friends, lovers, co-workers, and shepherds. We have sexual freedom in which we can care for one another in real love, without the fear of AIDS. We live in a nonviolent Godly environment, where we don't have to worry about gangs attacking us or bullying us or our children. Our lives are free from drug and alcohol abuse, and all the related problems and misery. We have freedom to travel and explore the world as missionaries, and we don't have to be tied down to the same boring, frustrating System job year after year, with no hope of change.
       94. We have confidence in the Lord's unconditional Love, and we know that even though we make a lot of mistakes, His forgiveness is readily available to us if we will just come to Him and ask for it and have the faith to receive it. Many of us haven't yet learned to completely and immediately reject the Enemy's guilt, remorse and condemnation, but we're learning, and we're doing much better than the poor System people who are sometimes so weighed down by regrets, bitternesses, guilt, and mental torment through condemnation that their lives are miserable! Oh, the list goes on and on. I'm sure you can think of many other things--both big and small--that I didn't list here.
       95. So if you're weary with life on Earth and all the battles you face, if you're tempted to grumble about how bad you have it and you wish you could just get away from it all and go be with the Lord, remind yourself of what Dad said, and realize that comparatively speaking--compared to the poor lost people of the world who don't know the Lord, don't have a family or true friends, and sometimes don't even have anything to eat or a place to live--we live in Heaven on Earth! Jesus died to save us so that we could help Him to save others. He needs us to be His Love for them. He can't do it by Himself!
       96. Another very important point in what Dad told us is that each person has a unique calling. The Lord has a plan and purpose for each of us. He said the five girls who recently went to be with Him didn't just decide by themselves to go. They were called for a specific purpose, and their lives There are a continuation of their lives on Earth. They continue their training and ministries. But Dad says it would be different if you were to arrive in Heaven prematurely, because you wouldn't be ready. You wouldn't know the things you need to know or be the person you need to be.
       97. Of course, we don't know exactly what that means, but to try to give us a concrete, earthly example or illustration, Dad compared arriving in Heaven prematurely to skipping grades in school. He says, "You can't skip grades. You can't just jump from third grade to tenth grade." Can you imagine how uncomfortable it would be to be a student and to suddenly go from the third grade to the tenth? That wouldn't be much fun at all! You wouldn't have learned all the fundamental lessons that make up the foundation of your education, so you'd be lost! You would feel so far behind and you'd know you weren't ready for the assignments.
       98. When you look at it that way, going to Heaven right now doesn't look so appealing after all, does it? It's much better to just stick around and progress at the pace the Lord wants you to, and learn all you can where you are, knowing that the Lord will take you to Heaven in His perfect time. You may ask, "But why did those five girls (who haven't had any more training than we've had) get to pass to grade ten?" Well, the Lord said He had called the girls there and chosen them for a specific purpose. And if the Lord, the Head Teacher, chooses to promote these particular students, He must either know they can handle the promotion or He's going to arrange extra Heavenly help or tutoring for them--or both!

       Our Times Are in His Hands!
       99. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "The tide goes out, the tide goes out, the tide goes out, and then it brings back to the shore whatsoever I have commanded it. It brings back to the shore the pebbles and grains of sand when it is their time to return. The tide goes out and brings back to My shore My children, in their time and in their season, back to their Heavenly Home and to the arms of their Father.
       100. "But all these times are in My hands. They are not in your hands, for I have made your hands, and I am your Creator. Therefore, seek not to design your time by taking hold of it with your hands, but leave all things in My hands. For I know the time for all things, and this was their time to come back to the shore. And what is that to thee? Follow thou Me whithersoever I will lead you.
       101. "And be not bitter nor question, for this will only cloud your precious time that you have left to be out in the sea--the sea of humanity upon the face of this Earth. It will only cloud and diminish the mission I have for you, to be out in the sea, seeking the lost, seeking the sinking, seeking the drowning. Go down into the depths of the sea of this Earth to find My sinking ones, My desperate ones, My drowning ones.
       102. "Behold the children of this world who are tortured beyond measure physically and spiritually, who are raped and pillaged by the governments and systems of this world, this civilization, they call it. This civilization is rotten, Satanic! Behold how it kills My children on every side!" (End of prophecy.)

              103. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Here the Lord gives us an illustration to show how He has our times in His hands. He likens our lives and deaths to the movement of the tide, which moves in and out according to His perfect control. He is asking us not to question or become bitter about His plan for our lives, because it will only cloud and hinder the precious time that we have left to live for Him. He compares our service to Him to being out at sea, seeking those who are lost, sinking, drowning.
       104. The Lord wants to use this experience in the Family to bring to our attention the riches that we have to share with a lost and dying world--how when our loved ones die or they are seriously injured we have His wonderful comfort, our Family's love and care, our faith and the power of the Word, our knowledge of Heaven and all that we need to support us. He is trying to show us the importance of sharing all that we have with the dying and desperate of this world who have lost all hope of any comfort or God Who loves them or Heaven that awaits them. They only know hell and despair. They are desperate for our love, and we should treasure the time that we have left to love them--these who die a thousand deaths before their physical body is laid to rest in the grave. Won't you do everything possible to share with them the happiness and peace of mind and eternal life that you have in Jesus?

       Fight to the Finish for the Souls of Men!
       105. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"If these tarry till I come, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me. If these come unto Me, what is that to thee? Follow thou Me. For each has his assignment and each has his place. I have put within your heart your assignment, and I have shown you My will for you. So only in following My will can you be happy, not in following your own will. For I, the Lord your God, am a Man of war, and I love the soldiers of My Kingdom, those who are willing to fight to the finish!
       106. "Look at the great men of God, many who fought for many, many years to get their crowns, including your father David, who fought for 75 years. They didn't give up, despite tremendous battles and sacrifice and pain and suffering and deprivation and heartbreak and misery, but instead they loved Me and they fought on for their reward. They fought for the souls of men.
       107. "So stay close to Me and obey My commandments, and you shall have the same joy that these girls are experiencing. Envy not, neither compare or ask for something that is not My will for you. Submit yourself, your spirit, your heart and your life to Me, and I will give you happiness. I will give you the things that will make your life fulfilled and joyous, and you will rejoice with great rejoicing!" (End of prophecy.)

              108. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The Lord has given each of us our assignments. For most of us it's to stay on Earth and do the job that He has for us right here. We know God is the God of Love, and that's what we usually emphasize about Him. However, isn't it interesting that He also wants us to realize that He is a "Man of war" and He is looking for soldiers who are willing to fight to the finish for the souls of men! He didn't promise us an easy time. Soldiers on the battlefield aren't known for their life of ease. Jesus didn't have an easy time when He was here on Earth! Are we, His servants, better than our Master?
       109. The Word says that Jesus came to "Seek and to save that which was lost" (Luk. 19:10). Jesus said, "As My Father has sent Me, so send I you!" (Jn.20:21). His Father sent Him to the Earth to die that we might live. Our job is to die for others that they may live! But our dying is usually a "dying daily"--living here in this life and remaining on this Earth as a sacrifice for others!--Giving our lives every day that others might find eternal life in Jesus, and the promise of a Heavenly reward!
       110. Instead of complaining about how hard we have it and how difficult our life is in comparison with someone else's, we should, if we want to compare, compare with those who have had it much rougher than we have.
       111. Paul said, "Follow me as I follow Christ" (1Cor.11:1). If you will look at both Jesus' life as well as Paul's life, you'll see they weren't very easy. Jesus never promised us a life of ease, but He did say that this life is but for a moment, and if we suffer for Him, we'll also reign with Him (2Cor.4:17; 2Tim.2:12). If we'll just yield to what He wants for our life and not worry about whether others are getting a "better deal" than we are, but just do our job as faithfully as we can, pretty soon we will have the wonderful, glorious rewards that He has offered to those who overcome!
       112. However, He even says that He will give us things right here that will make our lives fulfilled and joyous, that He will give us happiness right here and now if we praise Him and thank Him and carry out our assignment cheerfully!

       Victory in the Spirit!--And a Mighty Awakening!
       113. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"Oh, the questions that I hear! So many questions! 'Why did this happen? Why did my friend have to leave? Why did my daughter have to leave? Why was it them?' Oh, the grief and the pain that I feel from you!
       114. "I say unto you that what seems like defeat is in the Spirit a victory! For this major catastrophe will cause change in My Family. It will cause a turning point in the hearts of My teens and YAs around the world. For I took soul winners, witnessers that had a love for My sheep, and I took a certain number to go to every area of the world to cause a revolution in the hearts of those who need change. There will be a mighty awakening in the Spirit about how short the time is, and how they need to get out the Words now, and they need to lay down their lives now!--How they need to forget about themselves and their personal battles and the tests and their trials, and look outward, for the harvest is plenteous, but oh, the time is so short!
       115. "There shall be a renewed dedication and loyalty, for these who were taken loved Me and loved the sheep, and they will continue to fight in the Spirit for the souls of men! For this indeed is a turning point in this crucial time, when My Spirit will be poured upon every disciple, and they will be given a greater anointing as they yield to Me and as they lay down their lives to spend more time with Me and more time witnessing to others, and less time thinking about themselves and their own selfish needs. There shall be a dedication and a renewal, and from what seems like defeat in the physical I will bring about a great victory in the Spirit! Weep not, for I will comfort your hearts. I will encourage your hearts, for I have a plan." (End of prophecy.)

              116. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Even though this was a "catastrophe" in the flesh, the Lord says it is a "victory in the Spirit," because it is going to cause a big change in the hearts of you young people! He says that there will be a mighty awakening in the Spirit about how short the time is and how important it is to get out the Word and forget about your own problems!
       117. The Lord says this is going to renew your dedication and loyalty, and as you make this commitment to greater yieldedness and spending more time with Him and in witnessing, you are going to receive a greater anointing! He said that He is sending the soul winners that He took to Heaven to every part of the world where they'll be able to help you to make these changes. He said He sent them to "cause a revolution in the hearts of those who need change." They're going to be fighting for you, so open your heart and receive their help!

       The Lord's Longing for His Lost Children!
       118. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"Weep with those that weep, and let your hearts be broken with those whose hearts are broken and are without Me and are lost and have no one to turn to and no one to cling to--those who die spiritually every day without My Love to comfort them, without My arms around them. Let your hearts weep for My children whom I long for, those I need, I love, and I want. Send out your compassion unto My lost children!
       119. "As your heart pains now and is in sadness, and you are engulfed in feelings of sadness for your loved ones whom you miss, so does My heart long for and is sad for My children whom I miss and who I want in My arms and in My bosom. I want the peace of mind of knowing that My children are safe in My Home and in My arms.
       120. "I have gathered your loved ones unto Me and have them now under My wings and in My arms, and we rejoice together and are happy! And I will send you My comfort! Fear not! This time of pain is just for a brief moment. Fear not! I will send you My comfort that you will feel very close to your hearts.
       121. "This is but a stepping stone to a new purpose in your lives. But take unto you the comfort that I give you and send it out to others who need it. You may not feel it now, but others will need this comfort in an even greater way than you do now. That longing in your heart and that churning in your stomach is how I feel for those who need Me and have Me not." (End of prophecy.)

              122. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The Lord is using the sadness that we feel to help us to become aware of His sadness for His loved ones who are lost to Him. He tells us to weep with those who weep and let our hearts be broken for those who don't yet know Him. These are dying spiritually every day without His Love. Just as our hearts ache and we are engulfed with sadness at missing those who are gone from us now, so does His heart long for His lost children. You know how it is when your heart is broken and you're devastated by some tragic experience or loss; you can feel it physically--you sometimes feel sick to your stomach, your heart actually aches. Well, He says that that longing in our hearts and that churning in our stomachs is how He feels for those people who need Him and don't know Him.
       123. Just as we as parents miss our children when we are away from them, and just as we are desperate to know that they are safe and happy and well, so does the Lord care for His children. He wants them in His arms, close to His bosom and safe in His Home--all the same things we wish for our children. The only difference is that instead of going out and searching for His lost little children and bringing them Home Himself, the Lord is depending on us to find them and lead them Home. Let's not let Him down!
       124. He says that He is going to comfort us in our loss, but then we should take this comfort that He gives us and use it to go out and comfort those who have no comfort.

       Time Is Short!--Work with a Passion and Make a Difference!
       125. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"Did God make a mistake? Even if we are faithless, He abideth faithful; He cannot deny Himself. But some will ask, 'Could not this senseless tragedy have been avoided?' Yes, it could have been avoided, but I have allowed it. I knew it would shock My Family worldwide. It will cause many to wake up, especially My young people, to see that their lives are short, that they have little time, and the time that they have on this Earth, they must put their whole hearts into serving Me and reaching My children, My lost sheep, for their time is always at hand." (End of prophecy.)

              126. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Whenever something like this happens, an unexpected death or deaths, doesn't it shock you and wake you up to the fact that time is short? Just think, those teens who were killed in the Austin car accident were simply going about their regular activities, much like you do each day when you go witnessing. Surely they didn't expect that that would be their last day to witness or love their brothers or get out the message on this Earth. The Lord wants this experience to shock us, to wake us up and help us realize that the little time we have left should be spent diligently and wholeheartedly serving the Lord and reaching the lost, so on that day when He calls us Home we won't be saying, "If I only had!"

              127. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"The time is short! I say unto you, the time is short! Say not that they are There and you are here and that there is a difference, for your time is always ready! Not that you should fear, but that you should work with a passion, for the night cometh when no man can work. Therefore let your works be of Me, and let them be gold, silver and precious stones, and not wood, hay and stubble. For the fashion of this world passeth away; and what manner of man ought we to be, knowing that the fashion of this world passeth away?
       128. "Therefore, seek Me and let Me live and love and work through you, that your days may be spent in the real values, in joy and the love of the Lord and loving others.
       129. "Say not that there is a difference and that these things cannot happen here, for your lives are in My hands. Live each day as if it were your last and make a difference, for there is only one life and it will soon be past, but only what is done for Me will last." (End of prophecy.)

              130. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The same theme is coming up again and again in these prophecies from our Family around the world. The Lord is surely trying to get through to us that time is short and that we should live each day as if it were our last. I know you've probably heard the saying so many times that it may not have very much meaning for you any more. But stop and think for a moment. If you knew that this would be your last day, how would you live it? What would you do or say? How would you love your brethren? How would you witness? Let's work with a passion, as this prophecy instructs us, and make a difference!

       Take Up the Challenge!
       131. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"They have done what they could and have finished the course, and now I call them to greater things. All this is according to My perfect plan. They will now be even greater witnesses through you. They are still with you, fighting from the Other Side. Rejoice and be glad for them and for yourselves, for you have not lost, but gained. Time is short. Life is but a vapor that is here a little while and then is gone. Will you use what you have to the fullest for Me and others, the lost souls who need Me and My Love and have it not?
       132. "This is a wake-up call for all of My people! This will bring about a new challenge in each of your lives. Time is running out, and you know not of the morrow. Are you willing to give your all and everything you've got today? Tomorrow may be too late! There are many who die without knowing Me, who need you. Will you take up this challenge?" (End of prophecy.)

              133. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Yes, my dear ones, will you take up the challenge? Time is running out! Let's do our best for Jesus! Let those who have gone on before help you and make you a greater witness by witnessing through you!
       134. Following are more things that the Lord has said on the shortness of time and the fact that we're living in the Endtime:

       Do unto Others as You Would Have Them Do unto You!--Preach Them the Gospel!
       135. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"For what is your life? It is but a vapor that appears for a short time and then is gone. And though the young may look on the old and say, 'You are old and I am young,' behold, you all are old, in that your time may come. And for everything there is a season: a time to live and a time to die, a time to witness and a time to rejoice in the souls that have been won unto Me.
       136. "You must love Me, and you must love others, for are not these two the greatest commandments, that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you? And would you not have them preach the Gospel unto you if you knew not of Me?
       137. "This is the commitment, and this is the commandment and this is why I have you here on Earth--that you might preach My everlasting Kingdom to those who are in need, who will perish by the way, who know Me not and will fail to come unto Me unless you shall be the preacher that I have ordained to go unto them with the message of God.
       138. "Say not there are yet four months and then your Lord shall come, for you know not when your Lord might come! You know not when you might go unto your Lord! Therefore in all your doing, do it as unto Me, for you know not when your time shall be.
       139. "And say not, 'I shall rest a while and I shall set this aside and think this and that.' For the time is short, and I hasten unto you with urgency, that you may preach the Word unto all nations, that the End might come!" (End of prophecy.)

              140. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The Lord is asking you a key question: "Wouldn't you want someone to preach the Gospel to you if you didn't know Me?" If you were someone who didn't know the Lord and you had a choice of hearing about Him now or hearing about Him in the next life, wouldn't you choose to hear about Him now, so you could receive Him and all He has to offer as soon as possible? You wouldn't want to put it off for years and years, would you? Of course not! So if this is how you feel, and this is how you would want others to treat you--you'd want them to tell you about Jesus as soon as possible--then shouldn't you do the same for others?

       As You Give to Others, the Lord Will Give You Great Power, Strength, Faith and Joy!
       141. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"Let not the piercing of My hands and My feet mean nothing to you. Let not My sacrifice mean nothing to you. Let not My giving and the freedom which I give to you mean nothing to you. I gave My life for you, for great was My Love for you! Great was My compassion for you! I reached out to you in your time of need, when all seemed lost and there was great despair and life was meaningless and empty and void of understanding. I came to you and embraced you through the life of a motley one, through the life of another who reached out with My Love and the salvation which welled with great joy in his or her heart.
       142. "Therefore continue to reach out for the lost and the lonely, for they do call unto Me in the darkness and in the cold. Think not salvation shall come unto them at a later time. Yes, it may come, but if you fail them, they lose the joy, the freedom, the compassion, the understanding, the wisdom and the great love that I have in store for them now. Therefore stir yourselves up and be not complacent! Stand up and live and shout the Name of the Lord before the lost and the lonely! Go into the highways and byways and gather them into My bosom. For you are My feet, My eyes, My hands, My body; therefore obey My Words!
       143. "I plead with you, My children, to continue to go into all the world, preaching the Gospel to every creature. Think not that it is time to relax and to have no worries, because Heaven is at the end of life's road for you. For I give you power to have great concern for those that have not, for those that lack. I give you extra concern in these Last Days, for there is great turmoil and there is great confusion, and there is a great lack of love in the hearts of those in the world, and they yearn for My salvation!
       144. "Give and it shall be given unto you! The more you reach out to them, the more power I shall give, the more strength I shall give unto you! And your faith shall grow and your joy shall flow forth, and many shall look upon you and know that you have been with Me and shall desire the same.
       145. "Therefore assemble yourselves together and plan your war, and rise up and go forth conquering! Fight for the souls of the lost! Fight for those that have not heard My Truth! I am waiting for them, and I wait for you to reach out to them." (End of prophecy.)

              146. ({\ul \i Mama:)} In this prophecy the Lord is saying that if we don't preach the Gospel and tell others about Him, then it's as if His death, His sacrifice, His giving of Himself for us means nothing to us. Then we travel back in time as the Lord reminds us of how He rescued us when we were lost without Him. Do you remember what it was like when all seemed lost to you, you were in great despair, and your life was meaningless, empty and void of understanding? Do you remember how unhappy and desperate you were? But the Lord didn't just ignore you or forget you or turn His back on you then. He reached out to you and took you in His arms in your time of need. And to do this, He used some little person, a humble witnesser who was overflowing with thanksgiving and joy for the wonderful love of the Lord in his or her heart. And if you young people grew up all your life in the Family and you've known Jesus ever since you were a little child, you likewise are probably the fruit of some little witnesser on the street who gave the salvation message to your parents. And your life is the fruit of this as well, and the fact that you didn't have to suffer the empty desperation your parents suffered in the world.
       147. How convicting it is to think of what the Lord has done for us, and how He used some faithful messenger, someone like you to do it! He beseeches us to do the same for others, for those who are lost and lonely in the cold and darkness--to be His feet, His eyes, His hands, His body! If we don't bring His lost sheep to Him, then He says that, yes, salvation will come to them at a later time, but they lose the joy, the freedom, the compassion, the understanding, the wisdom and the great love that He has in store for them in this life. And even though, when compared with eternity, this life is but for a moment, nevertheless it is apparently very, very important to the Lord! It certainly is important to you, isn't it? Isn't what happens in your life important? Isn't it important to you to be happy and not sad, to be challenged and not bored, to be at peace and not fearful, to be loved instead of not being cared about?
       148. What if you had no purpose in life, no hope for the future, no one to go to when you were fearful, no one to comfort you when you were sad, no one to help you when you were confused, no way to get rid of your burdens of condemnation, no way to deal with the death of loved ones, no way of knowing where they had gone or if you would ever see them again, no way of dealing with loss or injury or illness or catastrophe, no loving family to support you, no one to help you when you are lonely? If someone helped you to know Jesus and His salvation, how can you fail to do the same for others? If Jesus loved you so much that He died for you, He also loved them so much that He died for them. Someone made it possible for you to know Jesus, and it's your responsibility to pass the message on!
       149. This is not the time to relax and sit back with no worries because we know Heaven is waiting for us at the end of life's road. The Lord wants us to have great concern for others, realizing that they live in turmoil and confusion and lack of love, and we have the answer they're looking for! The Lord promises great returns if we'll give unto others. He says: "The more you reach out to them, the more power I shall give, the more strength I shall give unto you! And your faith shall grow and your joy shall flow forth, and many shall look upon you and know that you have been with Me and shall desire the same."
       150. What a marvelous cycle!--As we give to others, the Lord promises to give to us!--Great power, strength, faith and joy. As a result, many will look upon us and they'll know we've been with Jesus, and they'll want Him too. And so the cycle will go on and on. We give out, Jesus blesses us, others see our blessings, and they want the same. So we're giving more, receiving more, giving more, receiving more; on and on it goes! Praise the Lord!

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