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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.81       11/95       DO/TS 3021
--By Maria       Maria #303

The Rabin Assassination!
       1. As is our daily habit, this morning, after our praise and Word time, we asked the Lord to speak to us in prophecy. This time we told Him we weren't going to ask any specific questions but instead wanted Him to tell us whatever He knew was needed. To begin with, He commended us for taking the time to listen to Him. He said:
       2. "Behold how I give you so many mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven!--How I show you so much about the workings of the world of the Spirit! You are learning to tap into its strength, and in this I am well pleased. For you are open to those things that I show you and you are truly learning to listen to My voice, to listen to My whispers, to be directed by the hand of God so that you can accomplish My will. I am well pleased that you are teaching My children the same, that they may learn this important, valuable lesson for the days to come. The Words that you are pouring forth unto My children are having a great effect in their lives. They are learning to slow down, to stop, to look, to listen, to hear My voice. They are receiving these Words and they are having an effect.
       3. "It pleases Me that they praise Me! It pleases Me that they sing unto Me! It pleases Me that they seek Me, that they listen to My voice, that they open up their channels to Heaven. And they do these things because of your faithfulness to give the Words that I have given unto you. So be faithful to continue to pour forth My Words unto My children, that they may know the truth, that they may make the choices that are theirs to make, and that they may see My hand work in their lives. ... For I speak to them, and they are listening." (End of prophecy.)
       4. The Lord then went on to speak to us on an entirely different subject--the major news event that had just occurred--the death of Yitzhak Rabin, and also the peace talks that were being held in the U.S. between the leaders of the warring factions of the former Yugoslavia.
       5. As you have probably heard on the news, the prime minister of Israel, Yitzhak Rabin, was shot and killed by a Jewish extremist in Tel Aviv on Saturday, November 4th. Rabin was twice prime minister of Israel, the first time from 1974 to 1977, and the second time since 1992. He was the country's first prime minister to have been born in Israel. In 1941, during World War II, Rabin joined the Palmach, a unit of the Jewish underground army in Palestine. He was a commander of the Palmach in 1948 during the first Arab-Israeli war. Rabin was personally responsible for overseeing the expulsion of 50,000 Palestinians from their homes. He was the head of the Israeli military forces from 1964 to 1967. From 1968 to 1973 he was the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. In 1973 he was elected to the Israeli parliament. Since that time, besides holding the position of prime minister, he has occupied a number of cabinet posts.
       6. As defense minister from 1984 to 1990, he was responsible for carrying out Israel's hard-line response to the Palestinian uprising known as the Intifada, during which he gave orders to break the bones of any Palestinian--man, woman or child--who was caught throwing rocks or otherwise demonstrating civil disobedience to the Israeli occupation. In 1993 he joined in peace negotiations with the Palestinians and eventually with the PLO and Yasser Arafat. These negotiations led to the signing of the peace accord which has granted the Palestinians a measure of self-government in certain areas such as Gaza, Jericho, etc.
       7. This peace agreement has caused a fracture in Israeli society, as many right-wing Israelis are vehemently opposed to peace with the Palestinians, especially when it comes at the price of giving up land which they consider to be their Biblical heritage. To the Zionist extremists, it matters not that this land belonged to and was inhabited by generations of Palestinians up until 1948, when it was violently stolen from them by militant Zionists who had come there mainly from Europe. In 1948, during the first Arab-Israeli war, 780,000 Palestinians were forced out of their homes and homeland to make room for Jewish immigrants who moved in. The disinherited Palestinians spread throughout the neighboring countries, many living in squalid conditions in refugee camps, where many remain to this day, 47 years later.
       8. One morning recently, even before the death of Rabin, while we were waiting on the Lord and asking Him to tell us anything that He wanted us to know, He talked of His great love and compassion for the Palestinians. Following is a portion of that prophecy:
       9. "For the children of Palestine, My children, have called out to Me, lo, these many years!--These years of oppression, these years of degradation, these years of suffering, of sorrow and of loss!--Loss of dignity and loss of purpose at the hands of those who claim to be My children but who are not. ... My heart is with the oppressed and My hand is upon them, for I have heard their cry, and I will deliver them. I will bring them peace and comfort in Spirit. For it is in the Spirit where they will be truly free. ... And this one, Abu Amar (Yasser Arafat), has been the instrument in My hand to pave the way, to open the door, that My light would enter in to his people. My hand has been upon him, that he might accomplish this purpose, and thus has he been a tool in My hand." (End of prophecy.)
       10. In the prophecy that we received this morning, the Lord gives some insight into why He allowed Yitzhak Rabin to be killed: "I have taken this one out of the scene to force people to make decisions, to force them to decide in their hearts that which they wish to do. For those that are determined to move ahead with peace, this makes them more desperate, willing to fight more, for they see that the chances could be slipping away. For those who are considering peace, this shows them the need to move in the direction of peace swiftly, lest the chance slip away. It will make these that are willing to have peace willing to fight for it.
       11. "This thing, though tragic in the eyes of man, works together for good in My sight, for it pushes people to make decisions, it speeds these choices and the process along. For many pieces of the puzzle must be fit together before My return." (End of prophecy.)
       12. It sounds like the Lord is doing all He can to bring about peace. Where there is peace, His Gospel can more easily be preached, His children can move more freely, and they can more openly share His Love. So pray for God's will to be accomplished and that all those involved will make the right choices, so that those who know Him and His Love may share it with those who are torn in body and spirit and so desperately need His peace and comfort.

The Ohio-based Bosnian Peace Talks!
       13. On November 1st, the presidents of Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia began talks at an American military base in Ohio in an attempt to reach a peace accord to end four years of relentless carnage in the former Yugoslavia. In speaking about these peace talks, the Lord is imploring us to "Pray for those who discuss peace around the table, for these are not men that are yielded to Me. They are vicious. They are selfish. They are cruel. The things that they have done are abominable in My sight!
       14. "It is on the decision of these men that rests the fate of these suffering people, these war-torn ones who cry out to Me, these many people who die without knowing Me, who need My message of Love, My message of healing, My message of reconciliation. So pray that they will be delivered from the spirit of war, that they may find peace.
       15. "Pray that these who seek power and authority in selfishness and greed will yield, that their people may have peace. For if they yield not, there will be great torment for their people. For when the shepherds are selfish and cruel, the sheep do suffer. These are they that lay down the lives of their sheep for themselves, for their power and for their authority.
       16. "So pray for them. Pray for their people, that the doors may open and that the children of David may be able to give the Truth and the light unto those of these lands who are in darkness." (End of prophecy.)
       17. What great love and concern the Lord shows for His dear children who are suffering at the hands of such monsters! The Lord's greatest desire is that we reach His lost sheep. This is why He has created this Family, so we may be available to spread His Love wherever there is a need. And, oh, there is so much need! Everywhere precious ones that Jesus loves are dying without His being able to reach them, and in this very sad part of the world there is such torment, such isolation, such hopelessness, such terror, such loneliness.
       18. Some months back we had a number of teams in the former Yugoslavia, but as the war and violence escalated, those ministering in the war zones had to withdraw. The Lord is pleading with each of us to pray desperately for this situation, because He knows that we have the message that the war-torn people there so desperately need and which can heal their broken spirits.
       19. Here are some quotes from Dad's Letter "The Operator" to remind us of the importance of our prayers for situations like this:

              20. "We could accomplish so much through prayer! The world will never know how much has not been accomplished because people didn't pray.
       21. "Did you know I have changed the course of history? I prayed for Cyprus, and God changed the course of history in Cyprus because I prayed! I prayed for Ethiopia, and God changed the course of history because I prayed, did you know that?
       22. "There's so much dependent on us, so much dependent on your prayers, because although God can do anything, He has committed Himself just to work through you. And your prayers can do mighty things and change the course of history!
       23. "You can pray for two poor little pretty girls or an old bum or a world leader or a country or a nation or anything! You can pray.--And it turns God's mind! `He holdeth the heart of the king in His hand, and He turneth it whithersoever He will' (Pro.21:1). See?" (ML #700:55,56,65-67).

              24. So God help us all to be faithful operators, amen? PRAY! I love you!

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