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"NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH!" (2Pet.3:9)--By Maria       DO/TS 3042       1/96
Maria #324

       [EDITED: "Includes the tracts "TO YOU!--WITH LOVE!" and "THE PRINCE AND THE MAGICAL POWER!""]

       1. One of the worst accusations leveled against God because of the doctrines preached by many Christian churches is: "If God is a God of Love, how can He send so many innocent people to Hell who never even had a chance to accept Jesus? How can He be so cruel as to throw everyone into Hell who isn't a Christian and doesn't believe in Jesus, all the millions upon millions who were born into different cultures and religions?"
       2. The church system has no answer for this; in fact, many of them wonder themselves! Yet they preach that the hard and fast rule remains the same for everyone: "Unless you receive Jesus while you are alive, you go to Hell when you die!"
       3. Most Christians believe that you are saved if you believe in Jesus and damned if you don't, and there is no second chance after you die. In answer to the question, "Will people who have died have another chance to receive God's forgiveness in the next life? Is there a second chance for humanity?" pastor and author Don Stewart replies, "The Bible says no. This life is the only opportunity we will have to make a decision to trust God or reject Him."
       4. It's a sticky subject that Christians themselves don't like to have to discuss, because they know how cruel and harsh and unfair it sounds. But thanks to God's prophet, David, and his faithfulness to proclaim God's Message of Love, we have an answer that portrays God as the loving, caring, just, fair God that He really is, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance!
       5. Dad taught us that it was God's plan that everyone on Earth should hear the Message and have an opportunity to receive Jesus while they are alive. But those who don't, because of circumstances or the failure of the Christians to tell them, will have a chance in the next life.--Although they will have missed the wonderful antidote to all the pain of living in this awful, evil world--the wonderful peace and joy and freedom from fear that they could have experienced had they known Him. They will have also missed the rewards that go to those who serve Him here on this Earth.
       6. But God does not play favorites when it comes to Salvation, giving only those brought up in a certain culture or religion the opportunity to receive Him. He loves His Hindu children and His Buddhist children and His Muslim children just as much as His Christian children, and He has provided a way that, if they want to receive Him, they will not miss out on His eternal blessings.
       7. In "Salvation in the Spirit World," Dad says, "The people who never really had a fair chance here and now are going to get that chance. ... Wouldn't that fit your picture of a truly just and merciful and all-loving, all-merciful God, that everybody is going to have a clear-cut chance to see and believe and receive and obey Jesus Christ?" (ML #1476:41,44).
       8. Recently we asked the Lord if He had any further details to tell us on this subject, as some questions had come up that we wanted some clarifications on. We know, from what Dad has taught us, that those who never had a chance in this life will get one in the next. But would God, in some cases, give people a second chance? What about someone who was presented with the Salvation message, but during the time he was pondering it and deciding whether or not to make this big step, his life was snuffed out by a sudden accident? The church system would say he had rejected his chance and would not get another one, that he was lost forever!--Because he hadn't received Jesus in this life, he was therefore going to go to Hell.
       9. This didn't seem like something God would do, because it just wouldn't be fair. We felt that the loving God Whom we know and love so intimately, and Who daily showers such compassion and mercy upon us, wouldn't send someone to Hell if He knew they would have made a decision for Him if they had had the time.
       10. And what about someone who had grown up in a Christian culture, had heard about Jesus all their life, had even been to church, but was so turned off by the church system, so disgusted by its hypocrisy, that they couldn't believe in Jesus and therefore threw Him out along with the church and its teachings! What if the only Jesus that they knew was the Jesus that was wrongfully portrayed by some of the hypocritical, self-righteous church people--a harsh, stern, uncompassionate Jesus? Would it be fair for God to punish such a person with hellfire and damnation because he had refused to receive a Jesus like this? The churches would say he had plenty of chances all his life, yet he rejected them; so of course he deserves Hell, and that is where he has gone!
       11. But our God is a God of Love, a God of understanding, a God Who knows and cares deeply for each of His creations. He understands all that they go through. He has not only died for them, but every day throughout their life, He works in their hearts to bring them closer to Him and to show them His Love. Would a God Who has made this great sacrifice, this expenditure of divine time and effort, let go of His precious one so easily? Would He let a soul be lost because of somebody's failure to represent Him properly?
       12. We knew that in the afterlife the Lord would give a chance to those who had never had one. But what about all those who had a chance, but there seemed to be legitimate reasons why they couldn't understand or receive at the time?
       13. In two prophecies at different times the Lord took great pains to explain carefully and clearly the answers to our questions, which just confirms again and again the great unconditional Love that He has for each of His creations and His great desire to have them live forever with Him in His magnificent Kingdom. Not surprisingly, everything that the Lord told us confirmed what Dad has taught us. Dad had pretty much covered everything in the Letters already, by the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit, which gave him these marvelous revelations. The following prophecies confirm all that Dad had to say, with the addition of a few further details.

Witnessing Is Still Our Most Important Job!
       14. You'll see that though the Lord is giving us the priceless privilege of knowing this "inside" information, He is very interested in getting across the point that we still have a very important job to do--that of witnessing His Salvation to the lost. Just because we know some folks are going to have a chance in the afterlife to receive Him does not mean that we can be any less vigilant or diligent to do our job for Him. Offences needs must come--that is, people here not being reached with the Gospel--but woe to those through whom such offences come! Woe be unto us if we preach not the Gospel! (Luke 17:1; 1Cor.9:16). That's the whole reason why the Lord has put us here, and why He has us in His Family, that we should preach His Salvation!
       15. Why do you suppose Jesus went to all the trouble to come to this Earth and stay here so long? If He had just come in order to die on the cross and go back to Heaven, He wouldn't have had to go to all the sacrifice and effort to be continually giving of Himself and His strength to preach the Gospel constantly everywhere He went. Why else did He say, "The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which is lost"? (Luk.19:10).
       16. And why, if we are not supposed to preach the Gospel, did He say, "As My Father hath sent Me, so send I you"! (John 20:21). The Lord usually gives people a chance to receive Him in the spirit world because somebody failed to do their job in this world!--Because they failed to go into all the world and preach the true Gospel of His Love to every creature. So let's not let it be us who fail to do our job.
       17. Why do you suppose the Lord goes to such great lengths to pour out such an abundance of Word upon us, to shower us with His Words of life and hope and light and understanding? Why have we, the children of David, been given such a wealth of wisdom, waters to swim in, New Wine to be intoxicated with, all that we need to answer every question and help solve every problem? God's Word, like His Love, isn't put in your heart to stay. God's wonderful Word, like His Love, isn't going to accomplish much until you give it away! How can we stand to be stuffed and fat and secluded in our blessings, when the whole world is starving and reaching out even for little crumbs! We are not our own, we are bought with a price. All this Word and Love that the Lord is showering upon us is not only to make us happy and challenged, but it is for the purpose of pouring out on others!
       18. This knowledge that we have been so privileged to partake of--the knowledge that those who have not had a chance here will have one in the next world--is not meant to cause us to fall down on the job, or to slack off in our witnessing. The Lord is privileging us with this information in order to help us see what great Love He has for all His children. He also wants us to know it so we can help correct the wrong ideas that exist in many people's minds that God is cruel, unfair and partial in His dealings with man.
       19. We have been richly blessed above all people on the face of the Earth with the Words of David. But with that blessing comes great responsibility, as we are supposed to be the dispensers of the Word to all those who have not heard. May we be faithful to do our job well!
       20. Now here are the beautiful Words from Jesus which explain His great Love for His children.

The Love and Mercy of God!--And Our Commission to Preach Salvation!
       21. ({\ul \i Prophecy:) }"I am the Great God of the Universe--the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful, the All-Loving! I am Love, and I rule and reign with Love. I judge in Love, and I judge with a deep understanding of the heart of man, the mind of man, and the actions of man. For I look not on the outward appearance, I look on the heart.
       22. "I have mercy upon whom I will have mercy. I give forgiveness unto those who seek forgiveness. For I know every thought and intent of the heart, and I judge accordingly.
       23. "There are many who come to Me (in death) day in and day out who know Me not, who did not hear of Me, who did not understand Me, who did not understand My role, My Salvation. Do you think that I cast these aside as worthless and as irredeemable? Would this be love?
       24. "There are multitudes who come unto Me who have known Me not, but who have not rejected Me. These I gather into My arms and love, for I judge them by their hearts, by that which they knew, by the love that they showed, by the obedience to that which they knew to be right--whether by their law or whether by their heart. These I receive, and they learn of Me. They learn of My Truth. As they begin to understand, so do they receive Me, and so they are accepted, and so do they have their Salvation.
       25. "I say unto you, I am merciful. I look to the hearts of these and I know what is there and I judge accordingly. Those who have truly rejected Me have truly rejected. But those who, through the ways of the world, through their culture, through all that they understand and know to be true, know Me not, or who receive Me not because they do not understand, I look upon with great mercy and in great love. These do I judge according to their heart, according to My Love, and these do I show the Truth and do slowly bring along and teach and train that they may know and understand My Salvation and receive Me.
       26. "For I am as the loving and kind teacher who wishes for everyone to pass the test. I make it as easy as possible, giving every possible advantage and opportunity, and only those who knowledgeably refuse are rejected.
       27. "But this does not detract from your job of preaching the Gospel to every creature, for I would that these would hear of Me and My Truth while they yet live upon the Earth. By doing so, you fulfill My commission to you, that which I have called you to do. You fulfill My will by delivering My Gospel unto those who I would have you take it to--to those who I am calling specifically upon this Earth to know Me. For your responsibility is to obey that which I have shown you--to preach the Gospel, to pour forth My Words. It is up to Me to take care of the results. As I said when I walked upon the Earth, you who have borne the heat of the day receive your Salvation. And these who only know Me at the end receive it too. What is that to you?
       28. "But those of you who receive Me in this life are especially blessed and rewarded for the decision that you made by faith. For those who receive Me and My Truth in the life beyond do not make the same decision of faith. There is special reward in that you have believed, though you have not seen.
       29. "As you preach My Words and My Salvation, you offer the opportunity to many to receive the blessing of knowing Me in this life, and thus receiving those rewards in the life to come. I also bring you to those whom I wish to make a choice. This is your job, this is your commission, for I wish as many as possible to be reached with My Words, with My Gospel, in this life. But those who are not reached, and those who do not understand what is not clearly told unto them, I judge in mercy. For the Love of God is from everlasting to everlasting, and I judge righteous judgment.
       30. "I reveal many things unto you, for you are My children. You are they that hunger and thirst after truth, after righteousness. For have I not said, 'Ask and it shall be given unto thee'? Have I not said, 'Seek unto Me, seek My wisdom'? You have done this. You are faithful to seek Me, to come before Me with your petitions and to listen to that which I say unto you. And so do I converse with you, and so do I show you My mysteries.
       31. "This is My Love for you and My Love for My children. So do I lead you and guide you. So do I direct you in the paths which I wish for you to go. So do I open the doors of wisdom and knowledge and of the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. So do I speak unto you things that I speak unto no others, for you call unto Me in faith and you receive that which I say unto you. So can I give unto you deep Truth, the deeper things of the Spirit. So do you become more aware of the ways of God.--And this is a reward for your faith. This is a reward for your obedience. This is a reward for your yieldedness. This is a reward for your willingness to follow Me, to love Me, to obey Me.
       32. "For I trust you. I trust that if I give you My Words, if I reveal to you My secrets and My mysteries, you will share them with My children. So be a faithful custodian, the keeper of My secrets. You are a teller in the Bank of God who gives the wealth of God to those whom I show to give it to." (End of prophecy.)

       33. Here now is the second prophecy, given several weeks later:

The Righteous Judge and the Bank of Heaven!
       34. ({\ul \i Prophecy:)} "I am not willing that any should perish, but that all would come to the knowledge of the Truth, to the Salvation that I offer. For does not a father who has given the life of his son out of love, as My Father has done, wish that all would receive? Does He not make this Salvation available? Does He not wish for all to partake?
       35. "For My Father knows that all men are different, that no two are exactly alike. In His infinite love and mercy and kindness He works in the heart of each man, not judging all men as one, but judging each as an individual. For as a parent knows his children and knows what they need and how to get them to obey--that some need a spank, a short, sharp shock, that others need much explanation, that others must be held and cajoled, and others loved and spoken lightly to--so does My Father know that all of His children are different, and He knows what each one needs.
       36. "To some He appeals to the heart. To others He appeals to the mind. Some can take His Words, His Salvation, quickly into their hearts; others require time, explanation, and the slow working in the heart. My Father knows the heart of man--each man, each woman. He knows their thoughts intimately and the intents of their heart, and He judges each man accordingly.
       37. "But do not be mistaken, for the way to Salvation is through the Son, through Me and My sacrifice. For there is none other name under Heaven given among men whereby you must be saved. For I am the Door, and no one can go in any other way. But My Father, in His great love and mercy, gives those on this side the opportunity to receive Me and My Love, if they have not had sufficient opportunity to receive Me and My Love during their lives on Earth. For My Father is patient and loving.
       38. "These things are a matter of the heart--the heart which no man can see nor understand. For man knows not even his own heart, but My Father knows. My Father judges with righteous judgment, giving to all men everywhere a fair and loving chance to know and to understand Me and My Love.
       39. "There are those who fully reject in their heart. They have made a knowledgeable decision, a decision of the heart and of the spirit. But until they have made such a rejection--this rejection of heart, this rejection of spirit--they have the opportunity. For he that does not fully reject Me in heart and in mind and spirit has not fully rejected Me. These things are a matter of the heart and of the spirit, and My Father knows the hearts and the spirits of men.
       40. "My Father is merciful and His mercy endures forever. He is a merciful God, a loving God, for He is Love. We are Love. And you who know Me, you who love Me, you have made the decision not only to receive Me into your lives, but to serve Me with your lives--your job is to reach the lost with the Gospel of My Love and My Truth, so they, in this life, can come to know Me; so they will have abundance in the Spirit in this life, and in the life to come.
       41. "I have delivered into your hands the true riches of the Spirit, the Truth of God, the Salvation of the Son, and the witness of the Spirit. I have delivered these things unto you so that you would know and understand the beauty of My Love, so that you could be My love messengers, spreading the Gospel of My Love to the lost, to the heartbroken, the war-torn, the needy and the hungry, the destitute in spirit who so yearn and long for Me, though they know not that it is Me that they yearn and long for.
       42. "They seek peace, and I am peace. They seek love, and I am Love. They seek understanding, and I am understanding. They seek solace, and I am the giver of solace, for I succor them in spirit and I give them great peace that passes all understanding. You are they that hold these things in your hands and in your hearts, and you, as My messengers of love, spread this knowledge to man. For I wish that all men would hear My Words, so they may come to know Me in this life, and not only in the next.
       43. "When you look about you in the world today, there are the rich, the very rich, the poor, and the very poor. There are those who have much and those who have little. You look about you and you say, 'Oh, these are rich, and these are poor.' But I say to you that you are they that hold the true riches, the riches of the Spirit! You are as the ultra-wealthy in the Spirit. You have so much!--An abundance of the wealth of My Word, of My Truth, of My peace, of My Love, of My understanding, and of My depth of Spirit. And they of the world, whether they are rich or poor, if they know Me not, they are all poor and destitute.
       44. "So give of your abundance! Give of your wealth! Lay it not up only for yourselves, but give and give and give again! Share and pour out the wealth that I have poured unto you--the wealth of My Words, the wealth of My Love, the wealth of My compassion.
       45. "Give, I say, give unto them that are needy and that are destitute. All those that know Me not are needy and destitute, for they have not the true riches of the Spirit of God, the true wealth, the coinage of the realm of faith--love, hope, Salvation--the true riches of the Spirit.
       46. "For you have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, and I send you forth as My ambassadors of love, as the tellers of the Bank of Heaven, those that disperse the riches of the Kingdom. So give it out freely! Pour them forth unto these that are lost and destitute, who so hunger and thirst after righteousness.
       47. "For one sows and one waters and one reaps. Be sowers. Be waterers. Be reapers. For you know not the hearts of those that I bring across your path each day. With some, you plant My Words in their hearts. With others, you water that which has been planted, that which I have already spoken to their hearts. And with others, you reap--you reap them in Salvation. You are there as My tools, as My voice, as My Love, as My compassion, as My understanding, with My Truth, so that these may come to know Me.
       48. "Whether they accept Me fully, whether you just help them further on the road to Me, or whether You plant the seed--all of these play a part in the Salvation of their soul. So do not fail to be My Love, My wisdom and My Words unto these that seek the Truth. Help them on their journey to Me.
       49. "You do your part of preaching them the Truth by showing them My Love, by being a listening ear, by showing them the Truth of My Word and the Salvation that awaits them. And I will do My job. And the Spirit of Love will do Her job. And My Father will do His job. We will work in the hearts and in the lives of these. But you must sow, and you must water, and you must reap. We work together. For We are the Bankers that hold the riches of Heaven, and you are the tellers, the link.
       50. "So go and tell the Truth. Tell of the Love! Tell of the Salvation that I have offered to them! Tell of the Bank of Heaven, of the riches that await them, and the riches that they can have now.--Riches that will lift them up from their destitution, that will quench their thirst, that will feed their heart, and that will bring peace to their warring hearts and minds and spirits.
       51. "Play the role and do the job, so that We, through you, can help bring these into the Kingdom of God." (End of prophecy.)

       52. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Talk about a high in the Spirit, that sure is one! That is really being fucked with the Words! What an orgasm! What excitement! What ecstasy! I don't know how these Words affect you, but they sure turn me on! To think that the great God of the universe is talking to us directly, revealing His secrets and showing us His Love, both for us and for the world! It's pretty awesome, to say the least! Every time we hear from Jesus, I understand His Love a little better and I see a little more of it, and I just marvel at how much there is of it! There truly are no limits, no boundaries, and no way to describe how great it is! What more can we say than He has already said? He has given us exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask!

Sufficient Opportunity and a Fair Chance for All!
       53. You might hear others talking about a "second chance," or you might use the term yourself. That brings up the question: Do some folks really get a second chance in the next life, or are they actually getting their first chance? Do they just have one chance, or do they sometimes have two chances or more? Obviously the folks who have never heard about Salvation at all and who die before they get a chance to hear will have their first chance after they die. Since they had no chance on Earth, they will get their chance on the other side.
       54. There are others, as we mentioned above in our intro to this talk, who may have lived in a Christian country all their life and heard about Jesus, even gone to church and heard the Salvation message. If they still have not received Jesus when they die, but the Lord knows that there were reasons why they could not accept at the time, and He allows them a chance in the next world to receive Him, are they getting a second chance, or a third chance, or even more? The Lord says He gives them "sufficient opportunity," and "a fair and loving chance" to understand Him and His Love.
       55. To the carnal mind, it may seem like some of these folks have had many chances. However, if they have been unable to clearly understand Jesus' Love for them or to accept Salvation because of circumstances which perhaps only the Lord understands, this has not been "sufficient opportunity" nor a "fair chance." An opportunity or a chance that is not "sufficient" is not really an opportunity or a chance!
       56. So I would say that those who God gives a chance to receive Him in the spirit world after they have died are having their first chance. Finally they are having sufficient opportunity to know and understand His Love so that they can make a knowledgeable decision. They never rejected.--Unlike those who made a definite decision in their heart and mind and spirit that they would not accept Jesus, a definite decision that they did not want to yield to Him and His Love, after God had given them everything they needed to allow them to make a knowledgeable decision.
       57. If someone fully understands in spirit when he is presented with Salvation--and God says He is the only One Who knows if they really do understand or not--and the person decides not to receive it, then he is rejecting. But there are many who seem to be rejecting, but in reality are just not prepared to make a decision, because they do not fully grasp something in their heart or mind or spirit. This is why the Lord gives them more time. If they die without receiving Him, without fully understanding, He gives them a chance in the afterlife--even though it may have looked to others like they had plenty of chances while on Earth.
       58. Really, they are only having their first chance, because the others weren't sufficient. But that's not worth arguing over. The main point is that the Lord is going to give everyone a sufficient opportunity and a fair chance to receive Him, whether it be on this Earth or in the world to come.

Our Job as Tellers of the Bank of Heaven!
       59. A very important point from the above prophecy, and one worth highlighting, is that though there are the very rich and the very poor, they are all destitute if they don't know Him. He wants us to know that we are the truly rich, those of us who hold the true riches of the Spirit. We are as the ultra-wealthy in the Spirit because we have such an abundance of the wealth of His Word, which brings us life, peace, and depth of spirit.
       60. The Lord is sending us forth as His ambassadors of love! Jesus says that if we will do our job of preaching them the Truth and showing them His Love, He will do His job, the Spirit of Love will do Her job, and His Father will do His job, and we will all work together as a team--They, as the Bankers of Heaven, and we as the tellers of the Bank.
       61. We are the link between the Bankers and those needing the coinage of Heaven. It is our commission to tell them of the Bank of Heaven and of the riches they can have right now. What a beautiful picture of how freely God gives His treasures to those who ask, doing everything possible to dispense His wealth to all who are hungry and needy. The members of the Heavenly Teamwork are doing Their part--what a tragedy it would be if we did not do our part!

Two Special Messages to Share with the World!
       62. In fact, to help you do your job even better, from God Himself and His Son Jesus have come two very special messages for you to start sharing with the world! For a long time many of you have been faithful to distribute the beautiful message of "Somebody Loves You" to whoever you meet, as well as all the other wonderful Words from Jesus. We thought you might be very inspired to have something new, something additional to share. So we asked the Lord Himself to please give us a message for the hungry world. We said, "Lord, what more do You want to say to Your lost sheep? How do You want to say it to them? Give us something that can have the widest readership possible, something that is exactly what You want to say to people far and wide!"
       63. Below we will share this beautiful message from God about His Son, Jesus. In this message He calls Jesus the Key to unlocking the Heavenly treasure. Please don't be confused and wonder why God isn't calling Jesus the door. Just remember that the Bible has called Jesus many things: The Door, the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Lamp, the Light, the Branch, the Good Shepherd, the King, the Vine, the Bread of Life, the Bridegroom, the Lamb, the Cornerstone, the Alpha and Omega, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Prince, Wonderful, Counselor, Governor, the Word, the Bright and Morning Star, the Living Stone, the Rock, the Rose of Sharon--to name just a few!
       64. You will see from this little message that God has kept it extremely simple, extremely basic, so that anyone anywhere can receive it. He is only requiring a very basic minimum of acceptance. He is not insisting that people understand Jesus' sacrifice on the cross or His death. How incredibly wise and loving and wonderful to make it so simple, so understandable, so easy that anyone, anywhere, of any religion can accept, if they'll just reach out and take Jesus. There is no dealing with doctrinal issues, no needing to say a formal prayer--just acceptance of God's Love in the form of His Son. Just saying "yes" is all that's necessary!
       65. In addition to this, we have another wonderful surprise! When we heard this beautiful message that God had given us to share with the world, we knew that He would have just as great a desire to reach the children. So we asked Him if He could give us a message in prophecy that we could use worldwide to gather the precious children into His fold--the children who are so dear to Him, who are so full of faith, so eager to receive, if they would just be told, if they would just get a chance.
       66. Again, He went beyond our expectations, far beyond what we could have even wished! And now we have a wonderful story to share with the children of the world--a story of a King and a Queen and a Prince who loved each other so much, but who wanted to share their love with the children, and to have them, in turn, share this love with others.
       67. A very interesting point that the Lord made in the story is that what children need most, and what will make the most difference to them when they receive Jesus, is that the fear that they feel in their hearts will be erased. Have you ever realized that all children have some fear in their hearts--whether it be a little or a lot--if they don't know Jesus? Think of all the fears that children can have. Certainly in a country like the U.S., for example, children are deliberately instilled with fear of all the bad things that might happen to them if they are not careful.
       68. But all around the world, every child has some reason to fear. Perhaps it's a fear of losing their parents, of being hurt by their peers, of things that are bigger than they are, the torment of war, things they see on TV.--All kinds of fears and phobias, real and imagined, caused by an evil world and the evil Devil. How beautifully the Lord went to the heart of the matter--the heart of the children--and discerned their problem and offered them a remedy for it.

Break the Box and Let It Roll!
       69. The Lord is doing everything in His power to reach the world in this Endtime! He is interested in scattering the seed abroad everywhere! He wants us to reach as many as possible with Salvation, even if we can't train them as disciples. Training disciples is important, yes, but it is a long-term project. Time is very short and the situation is urgent and He wants us to spread His Salvation message far and wide so that at least the world will know His Love, even if they never learn anything more in the spirit in this life.
       70. There are millions of lost sheep that need to make a commitment for Him, to receive Him into their hearts so that they will belong to Him, so that when the Antichrist rises, they will know that they are bought with a price and that they belong to Jesus, they are His, and they can't belong to another. It is a time to scatter the seed as fast as we can and as much as we can! In the process, the Lord will give us disciples, but we must not be selective in spreading the message of Salvation.
       71. Break the box and let it roll! Give it out by the thousands, the millions! Why not consider tithing one day of every week, or of every two weeks, or one day a month, for the purpose of getting these tracts out by the thousands!--Giving them out to anyone who will take one, and praying desperately that they will fall on receptive ears and hearts. You don't know who is hungry, so you have to scatter the seed over as wide an area as possible. Some will fall on dry ground, but others will reach good ground and take hold!
       72. Put your address on the back and know that God's Word will not return unto Him void. You will hear of those who have found Jesus' eternal happiness through your sacrificial witness of His wonderful Words.
       73. Following now is the text of the two messages which we are also enclosing as tracts with this GN. If God Himself and Jesus have gone to all the trouble of giving these messages directly for the people and the children of the world, can you not help to get them to those people, to give them the same chance for life and light and happiness and peace that you have been blessed with? Please try!

* * *

Dear One,
       You are My child and I love you. It's just that simple. No matter what you've done or what you haven't done, I love you! You have an eternal spirit living within you, and I know your spirit intimately, and I love you.
       You are on this Earth, living your life, making your decisions, trying to find out what's the best thing to do and how to do it--how to live, how to survive--and it's a struggle. I know this and I understand, for this is the struggle of life. But all of this can be made easier if you will just connect--spiritually connect--to Me.
       For though your life carries on and you age and then die, your spirit never ages. It never dies. The real you, the you that now dwells within the confines of your body, will live forever.
       This is why the things of the body, the material things of this world, are not the things to strive for, because one day you must leave them behind. The things that truly matter are those of the spirit: love, kindness, mercy, understanding, giving. These are the things that make you rich--rich in spirit. These are the things that make you strong--strong in spirit.
       When the day comes that you shed the garment of your flesh, the strength of your spirit will be all that counts. So do good. Show love. Give love. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your neighbors. Love those you meet. Show mercy, kindness, and compassion. For by sharing these things--by showing love--you show Me to others. For I, God, am Love, and I love you. I want to spend Eternity with you.
       When you come to the door at the end of the road, at the end of your life, you will need the key to open the door, to enter into My Home where everything is Love. But you don't have to work for that key--just hold out your hand right now and I will place it there. The Key is My Son, Jesus. I hold out this Key to you now and say, "It can be yours, because I love you." It is as though I am offering you the key to My treasure vault, saying, "This is yours, just because I love you." With this key you can open the vault and find it is full of treasure.
       So receive My Key--the Key to living with Me forever. Just say, "Yes, God, I want the Key to life. I want Your Son, Jesus, the Key to Your vault. I receive it. I accept it." Then this Key will be yours forever.
       I love you. You are My child, and I give you the Key to My inheritance, the Key to My vault, the Key to Eternity! He is yours, if you will just receive Him.
       With love everlasting,
       Your Heavenly Father

       Long ago in a faraway land, there lived a king, a queen, and their son, the prince. They were very happy together in their great and beautiful palace. They loved one another dearly and they had happy times together. The king and the queen loved their son, the prince, and he greatly loved his father and mother.
       One day the father said, "Son, I have something that is very important for you to do, something that only you can do."
       The son replied, "Father, I love you so much, I will do anything that you ask of me."
       So the father said, "I wish for you to go to the village beyond the mountains, to take the love and joy that we have here in our palace to the people of the village."
       At first the boy was sad when he heard the words of his father, for he did not want to leave the palace and the great happiness that he had there. But his father promised him that he could return, and that when he did, he would be happier than he had ever been before.
       As the prince was about to leave, his father drew him close, and laid his hand upon his son's heart. He said, "Before you go, I give you a magical power. This is the power to change people's hearts. And anyone that you give this power to will also be able to use it to change the hearts of others."
       So the prince set off, on his way to the village beyond the mountains. When he arrived, he saw that there were many children. The children laughed and played and seemed to be having a good time with each other. But as he looked at them, and as he spoke with them and got to know them, he saw that deep in their hearts they were afraid. They seemed happy, but deep down there was a fear.
       So the prince called his new friends to him and began to tell them stories of his father and mother, and of the palace in which he lived. He told of the great fun he had there, and the great love, and the exciting things that he could do. He told them that they could go there too, and that they also could enjoy these things.
       Some of the children didn't believe him and said, "You're making this up! No such place exists! How could it be so? You don't look like a prince. You look just like one of us." They wouldn't listen, and they made fun of the prince.
       But there were others who believed. Even though they had never seen a king or a queen or a wonderful palace, they believed the words that the young boy said to them.
       When the prince found those who believed what he said, he called them close and laid his hand upon their hearts one by one and said, "My father gave me the magical power to change your heart. Because you have believed the words that I said, I lay my hand upon your heart and I give you this magical power. Now you too have the power to change the hearts of others."
       As they received this power, the fear that was in their hearts was taken away. They were no longer afraid. They were happy and joyful, and they wanted to be loving and kind, because of the words of their new friend.
       When it was time for the young prince to return, he said to those who had believed his words and had received the magical power, "Go and tell everyone you meet the story of the king and the queen and their son, and the great palace and the joy that is there. Tell them that if they will believe your words and if they will receive this magical power to change people's hearts, they will be able to come and live in the palace forever, just like you will be able to."
       So the prince returned home and his friends began to speak to all the other children everywhere, telling them the story of the king and the queen and the prince and the palace. Those who believed received the magical power with great joy.
       Do you, too, want to receive that magical power? The magical power is Love, God's Love. The King is God and the Prince, His Son, is Jesus. The palace is Heaven, a wonderful place. Do you understand the meaning of this story--that the Father, God, loves you, and that the Son, Jesus, loves you, and that you can receive the magical power of Love by believing in God and His Son, Jesus, and in His Love for you? If you do, you too can receive the magical power, and you too can live forever in the wonderful, wonderful palace of Heaven!
       To show that you believe, simply talk to God, the King, right now and say in your heart: "Dear God, I believe that You sent Your Son Jesus to give me Your Love. I receive Him, and I receive Your Love. I want to live with You forever in Your Heavenly palace. Please forgive me for all the things I have done wrong. Help me to now use Your magical power of Love that I have received from Jesus to do good to others and to love them. Amen!"
       If you pray this prayer, if you say these words, Jesus will come into your heart and life forever, and He will never leave you. One day you will go to live forever in the Heavenly palace of the King and Queen and their Son Jesus, your friend.
* * *

Message from Emperor Hirohito!
       74. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Following is the testimony of a famous world leader, Emperor Hirohito of Japan.--Someone who did not have sufficient opportunity to receive the Lord while on this Earth, and therefore was able to make his decision to receive Him when he reached the other side. His message and witness is directed to the Japanese people, so when he speaks of World War 2 he speaks of the destruction Japan suffered, rather than that which they inflicted on others. In war all sides suffer, of course!

       75. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Hirohito speaking to the Japanese people:)} I am not worthy to speak. I am only a servant. I, who once was so great and mighty and powerful and worshipped, am now a servant, and it is my great honor and my great privilege to speak to these, my so great people. Thank you for the privilege, for the invitation to speak my words, to give my message, to share my thoughts. I only hope that these words will in some way be a blessing and a help to my people.
       76. Those of my land are a great nation--mighty, strong and wise. Those of my land work hard, spending many long hours to better their lives. They sacrifice much--their families, their health, their own desires in many cases. They are a people of great honor. They are a people of great courage. They are a people who have suffered much and have learned to overcome great obstacles. They are a people who have many fears and who live in great darkness.
       77. I tried to do what I felt was best for my people. I tried to serve them as their emperor, as their sovereign lord, as their ruler.--They regarded me as their "divine being." I tried to do what I felt was best for their good, for I loved my people. I sincerely wanted what was best for them. I did not always understand their plight and their difficulties. I did not understand the simplicity of their lifestyle. Often their problems, their weaknesses and their struggles were hidden from me, therefore I was not able to do all that I would liked to have done to better the lives of these, my great people.
       78. Our land was a land of many traditions. These traditions were even stronger than the law. These traditions were even stronger than religion.--These traditions which have the people bound, which control their actions and their thoughts and even their emotions.
       79. We went through a time of great change, a time of great suffering and great humbling. We were brought low by the mighty one [EDITED: "the U.S."]. We were brought low through their cruelty, through their devastating acts of hatred. Those of the great country of the West thought to destroy my great people. They did not understand. They did not understand these, my people, and their desires and their destiny, so they sought to destroy them, for they were afraid of them.
       80. They were afraid of their power, afraid of their unity, afraid of their great oneness, afraid of their ability to sacrifice even their lives for the common goal and the good of their country. They were afraid of our power and our determination, and that such a small country, such a seemingly weak country, could prove itself so strong in the face of mighty enemies.
       81. And so my people suffered--great, great suffering. There was much crying and lamentation. Fathers wept for their children. Mothers wept for their families. Children wandered aimlessly--lost, hopeless and starving. It was a great humiliation for my people and for myself.
       82. This was the point of change. This was the point that set my people on a new path. This was the point that caused a break with the past. This was the point when my people were forced to humble themselves, to yield to the powers from outside, to open their doors to others, to sacrifice their tradition and their pride, and to be willing to be open to ideas from foreigners, from outsiders, from those who were not of our blood. And in some ways this was the point of enlightenment, when we opened our borders and our minds and our hearts to ideas from outside. This was the point of change.
       83. My people struggled so and they were so in need. My people were a broken people, humiliated. They were cast down, they looked down, they were in shame. They were disappointed and disillusioned. Their heartbreaks became my heartbreaks, and their needs and longings became my needs and longings. At this time I sought to become one with my people, to understand them, to see how I could better serve them.
       84. I raised my children to be servants to the people, to not lift themselves up as some great creation, as some great power, greater than the people; but I raised my children to be servants to the people, to serve them in love and to respect them. For I had learned through bitter experience that we are all weak men. None is perfect, none is self-sufficient, none is worthy or capable in himself of ruling such a great people. None has sufficient wisdom nor understanding.
       85. I felt so incapable myself. I felt that I had failed my people so miserably. I felt that I should have anticipated the acts of aggression that would be waged against my people, and I should have been able to do something to avoid it. I should have been able to make peace without having to sacrifice the lives of so many of my people. I was overcome with great, great mourning for this loss. And I was overcome with a sense of remorse and pain at recognizing my own fallibility. I was just a weak man. I tried to do my best. I tried to serve my people in love, but I realized that I was only a man, that I could never do enough or be enough to be worthy of the title that had been bestowed upon me.
       86. I did not know the answers to my people's needs. I did not even know the answer to my own heartcry. But I sought sincerely, I prayed, I meditated, I was faithful in the traditions of our land. I tried to serve in love, and give and sacrifice. But I did not know the solution, I did not have the key to unlock the heart of man. I did not have the wisdom to be able to rightly discern the signs of the times, nor to be able to peer into the future and understand where we were going, where we were headed.
       87. It was this--the realization of my own errors, my feelings of guilt and condemnation, and recognizing that I did not have the wisdom to rightly guide my people--that created within me a great desire to know the Creator. I wanted to know the secrets of the universe, the secrets of life after death, the secrets of goodness. There were so many secrets, and I was a seeker. I was hungry, I was thirsting for the Truth, but I did not find it. I knew that I did not have it, that I did not know where to seek it. I lived what truth I had. I tried to live a righteous life. I tried to serve my people as best I could. I tried to walk humbly. I tried to live an honorable, honest life. I tried to fulfill my ideals as much as I could, but I was weak, and I knew that I lacked wisdom. I lacked strength. I lacked the divine guidance that I needed.
       88. But then when I passed from that world to the World Beyond, my eyes were opened and I began to see things that I had never seen before! I saw that there was a Kingdom of God, and that God was a God of Love. The Creator of the universe is the Spirit of Love--invisible, yet all around us and within us. The great Creator of the universe knows each one of His creations personally, and He is concerned and He loves each one, even the wayward ones.
       89. When I passed from one world to the next, I began to learn things that I had not had the opportunity to learn while on Earth. I began to hear the Message of Jesus and I began to understand God's plan for mankind. I heard of the sacrifice that Jesus made for every living person, that He gave His life in love. He was truly a righteous King! He was a righteous servant, because He taught love and He lived love, and He died in love. His life was the life of love.
       90. Now I see that the wisdom, the guidance and the strength that I needed would have been found in love. Now I know that love, especially the Love of God, the Creator, is the greatest power there is! It is the power to create and heal and build. It is the power to forgive. It is the power to give your life for another.
       91. This great power of the God of Love is the power that we all should seek in our lives. It is the power that I am seeking in my life now that I am on the Other Side. This God of Love has had great mercy upon me. Because I did not have the opportunity to hear the Message of Jesus before, He has had mercy on me, and now I hear, now I understand, now I can believe.
       92. Now I am in a time of great learning! It is like a university, a Heavenly University for world leaders like myself, those who need to know the ways of God, those who need to learn the ways of Love. We study from the great Book of the Jews and the Christians, and we study from many writings of other great Christians and Godly men and women, and we learn even from angelic beings and from prophets and prophetesses of the past, and sometimes we learn even from Jesus Himself. He has become our great Teacher. We are the students and we have learned that as we humble ourselves and seek to learn, then He extends His hand to us in honor.
       93. We are learning that the ways of the former life, the ways of the world, are not the ways of God. We are learning that the ways of aggression and war and hate and suffering are not the ways of God. We are learning that when some have so much and others have none, that this is not of God. When babies starve and children suffer, and people are alone, this is not of God.
       94. We have had our eyes opened to the wickedness of the ways of commerce and the merchants and big business. We have had our eyes opened to the wickedness of war and military machines. We have had our eyes opened to the ungodliness of education that does not teach love--love for God and love for your fellow man. We have had our eyes opened to all of these things, and it has caused a great humbling.
       95. I have been humbled; I have been brought low before the God of Love. I have acknowledged my wrongdoing, my shortcomings and my weaknesses, and He has had mercy upon me. And because I have been willing to admit that I am weak, and that I was wrong, and that I need His Love and mercy, He has extended His hand of forgiveness to me. He has honored me with great honor that I was not worthy of, as He has opened the doors of His Heavenly Kingdom to me, and I have learned of and received and now know the Love of Jesus.
       96. I know the mercy of the great God of Love. He understood my weaknesses and He knew that I had a searching heart. He knew that I was a hungry soul. And because I had never outright rejected His Message of Love and Salvation, He had mercy upon me. He honored me in the ways that He could honor me, and He had mercy upon me in my weaknesses and in my failings. And now I am learning His ways of Love.--I and others like myself, who lived in darkness, who had only a little light, but who were seeking and hungry and willing to receive more light.
       97. So I say to you, my people, my great, great people: Open your hearts and your lives to the light of the God of Love! He is the Creator of the universe. He is the Ruler of all of us. And His Son, Jesus, is the very essence of Love! He is the very embodiment of forgiveness, and in Him you will find strength and peace of mind and life eternal. For there is life after death! There is a Kingdom called Heaven! There is a World Beyond, full of light and life and love and joy! And those who choose to receive love, those who choose to open their minds and their hearts to love, will find this Heavenly Kingdom. There is so much mercy for those who are willing to humble themselves.
       98. To this God of Love, it matters not what traditions you may keep or what your profession may be. Whether you are rich or poor, whether you are good or bad, He extends His hand to you. His only criterion is whether you are willing to hear His message of Love, whether you want it and receive it and open yourself to it. If you are willing to recognize this God of Love, this Kingdom of Love, this Son of Love, then He will give you a new beginning. You will feel His mercy, His blessing, His outstretched hand, even as I have felt it.
       99. I bow before you, my great people. I was once your emperor. I was once your ruler. But now I am your servant--a messenger of God, a messenger from the Heavenly Kingdom. It humbles me. I am small before your eyes. I can hardly look upon your face. So I bow before you in humility and I beg you to hear my words. (End of prophecy.)

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