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BE ENCOURAGED!--By Maria       DO/TS 3047       1/96
Maria #329

Dear Family,
       1. I love you so much! You're so precious to me. I know that some of you are going through some very difficult times right now, but I just want to encourage you to hold on, don't let go, and keep trusting! It's going to be all right. Things will get better for you! The heaviness of heart, the uncertainty, the vague feelings of apprehension, the feeling like you just can't make it and you want to give up, the feeling that you're just too tired and too weary and can't work any more--all these will pass in a little while if you'll simply hang on just a bit longer.
       2. Recently I was very discouraged, and for me that was unusual. Here the Lord was so good to me and was doing everything for me, yet it wasn't enough. I'd start my work, but it was like facing a blank sheet of paper and not knowing what to do next. It just seemed that nothing would come. The Lord had already done almost everything for me by giving me the direct messages from Him in prophecy.--All I needed to do was apply them for you, comment on them, and explain them. But it seemed that nothing would come and I was unable to do even that. I was so frustrated! There was such a barrier, such a wall in the Spirit! I just couldn't connect with the Lord.
       3. This went on for several days, and I knew I needed to hear from Jesus and find out what was going on. After all, He's told us so many times that if we have heavy burdens, we should come to Him, cast our care on Him, and ask Him what to do about them. So Peter encouraged me to come before the Lord and ask Him what was wrong and request His help.
       4. I prayed, "Forgive me for being so discouraged, Lord. Please help me! I'm not just frustrated because I'm slow, I've already accepted that. But there seems to be a blockage in the Spirit, a barrier, a wall. Whatever is stopping me, please help me to break through!
       5. "You promised that Your power can break through the iron bars and the brass gates! You know the way through the wilderness. You have even opened up the seas so Your people could walk through on dry land. So please cut through this obstruction! Please, Jesus! Whatever the problem is, please help me! Maybe it's just my lack of faith, I don't know. Please help me! Please help me to trust You. You've given me so much and You've made it so easy. You've done practically everything for me! You've given me all these Words so directly and beautifully, and You've even given me Peter's help; all I have to do is put the little finishing touches on. But, Lord, I'm having a really hard time even with this!
       6. "Please do something to help me and show me what to do. I'm so sorry, Lord. Please help me not to be discouraged. I know it's just of the Devil. I'm so ungrateful, and I murmur because of the obstacles when I should be praising and thanking You for the great things You've done for me. It's very, very bad.
       7. "I guess I have to be discouraged once in awhile to see what it's like and to see what other members of our precious Family go through, but it's very bad, Lord. I know it's not good and it's not necessary, because You have the strength, You have the power, and You have the victory! You've given us the will power, the will to praise You and to be thankful and to have the faith. So thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       8. "If there's anything You want to tell me, please do it. It seems like I should know everything there is to know about trusting You and having faith, and I shouldn't need to ask You. There are so many more important things to hear from You on. I hate to be worrying about myself and taking up Your time with my problems, but thank You so much for being willing to help me. Thank You that You're so willing to answer. Thank You for Your Love. I don't know what to ask You, really, because I feel so naughty. I feel like I should just do all the things You already told me to do and not complain and not bother You.
       9. "Anyway, Lord, please tell me what to do that will help to pull me out of this pit! If there's anything I'm not doing that I should be doing, please help me to know. Thank You Jesus! You're greater than any problems. I've got all Your power on my side! I've got You, the greatest Power of all, within me, so much greater than the power of the Enemy, who is trying to fight me, and I know You have the victory! Thank You for this wonderful gift You've given us of hearing from You so clearly, beautifully, and simply. Thank You Jesus! You're so wonderful! We praise You, Lord, and thank You! We love You and need You!"
       10. Do you want to hear what the Lord said in answer to my prayer? I was coming to Him rather timidly, thinking I was bothering Him and taking up His time with my personal problems when there were so many other more important things that I should be seeking Him about. What do you think He told me? I thought He might rebuke me--although I knew if He did, it would be very sweet and gentle and loving, so that's why I wasn't afraid to ask. But He didn't rebuke me, He just encouraged me!
       11. He talked about you, too, and He told me that one of the reasons that He had let me feel this way was for your sake. He really, really loves you and He wants me to be able to better understand the things that you go through. So He had to let me be discouraged so I could feel for you. Isn't that precious? Well, I'll let you hear it for yourself. Here it is:

Love and Encouragement from Jesus and Dad!
       12. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} My little one, My darling one, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which tries you. For you must be touched with the feeling of their infirmities so that you may know and understand the difficulties and the tests and the trials that these, the sheep of your pasture, undergo. For they are buffeted, as you are buffeted. They feel that they cannot do the job before them, the task at hand, even as you feel that you cannot do the task that I have given you. They worry and fret about whether I will come through for them and do the things that I have promised, as you worry that I will not give you the words to speak.
       13. Going through these things and knowing and understanding gives you great compassion. You have great compassion on those who are weak and frail in flesh, who suffer physical affliction; now I give you more compassion on those who suffer spiritual affliction, who sink to the depths, who cry out, "My God! My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?" But know that I have not forsaken you nor them, and know that this is to teach you. For these are the lessons that you learn when you stand by the well of deep waters in communion with Me. These things draw you unto Me.
       14. So do I wish this communion with you, the communion of your heart with My heart, for so do I love you, and so do I desire you. But fear not and fret not, for I will give you the words to say. You are My voice, you are My chosen one, My called one, and I have ordained you for this task. But you see that it is not of you, it is of Me, and it is I that will pour forth My Words through you.
       15. You must fight for My Words!--Fight in prayer, fight in faith and trust, and know that I will answer and I will speak through you and I will give you the Words that you need to feed these, My sheep, these precious ones, these whom you love so much and whom I love so much. For you are My voice unto them; you are the shepherdess that I have chosen and ordained, and I will speak forth the Words.
       16. Fear not and be not dismayed! Satan has tried to hinder you, to discourage you, to bring about defeat. But I am your protector, and I have hedged you about with great ones that care for you, that protect you, that guard you. I have given you those who will give you wisdom and words to speak, thoughts and ideas. I have given you those who speak to your heart.
       17. Your David is there whenever you need him, that he may help you, speak to you, direct you and guide you. For he knows the needs of My children, and he knows My will. He brings it to you and helps to lead you and to guide you, that you in turn may lead and guide My children. But all of this will not be without some testings and trials and battles and affliction. Look at My David.--Was he not greatly stricken? Did he not fight great battles--battles of the flesh and battles of the Spirit?
       18. So think it not strange whenever these fiery trials come to test you and to try you, when the Evil One tries to buffet you and discourage you and defeat you. Know that you shall not be defeated, for you are Mine! Look unto Me in the time of trial and in the time of testing, that I may comfort you, that I may bless you, and that I may rescue you. Fear not, for I will answer your prayers, and I will give you the Words, and I will comfort you 'round about on every side. For great is My Love for you.
       19. Of course the Evil One would try to buffet you and defeat you at such a time as this, for there are many great things upon the horizon! But these things shall not be defeated, for they are of Me, and I will bring forth great victories! So keep your eyes ever on Me, trusting Me, and know that I will pour forth unto you and I will give you all that you need, for you are Mine. You are Mine, My darling, you are Mine.
* * *

       20. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Sweetheart, I'm sorry you have to experience some of these things, but that's the price you have to pay. It comes with the job. It's part of the territory--something you have to learn to accept and fight. But don't worry, you're well-protected. If you could see it, you would be surprised! For many are your protectors, and they are strong! They are valiant, and they love you.
       21. Don't worry so much about the Words. If you could see those that are around you, that are there to help you, and the wisdom that they have, their eloquent speech, and all of their gifts, you wouldn't worry one bit!
       22. Don't worry so much! Don't try so hard! Just listen. Create the vacuum and they will give you the Words. For it is not of you anyway; it is of them, through the power and anointing of God. For they are His gifts to you, those that He has given you--supplying you with wisdom, understanding, love, faith. These that surround you, these that speak to you, these that are your constant companions, speaking to your heart, speaking to your mind, giving you understanding and compassion, giving you wisdom--they're mighty, they're strong, they're powerful, and they're there for you. So don't be afraid! It'll come as you listen. It'll come as you speak. For they are the power and anointing of God for you. It's going to be okay, Sweetheart.
       23. This is wonderful! It's wonderful how things are working! It's wonderful all that's being accomplished. It's wonderful how you two are working well together. It's wonderful how we're all working together! Isn't it just wonderful? Don't you just love it? Don't you just love getting the Words and feeding the sheep? Don't you just love to see the power of God moving upon our Family everywhere? It's happening! It's really happening! And it's only just beginning, for there are great things ahead!
       24. You just keep doing your part, doing what you can do, getting out the Words, pouring out the Truth, pouring the waters upon the children, and you'll see a mighty harvest, a mighty blessing, a mighty anointing! For it's happening! Our children are getting better connected, and as you pour out the Words that we have given from Here, it will have an effect on their lives like never before.
       25. It's just wonderful! It's everything I ever dreamed of! It's everything I ever wanted. I'm so happy that I'm helping from Here. It's so much better! I get so much more done, it's so much easier. It's so much more exciting, and it's much less difficult.
       26. So keep yielding, you two! Keep listening! Keep seeking! Keep searching! Keep hearing! Keep pouring out! Because there is a never-ending stream that is channeled through you. I'm so happy! So happy! Isn't it just wonderful? I'm so proud of you!
       27. Honey, I'm really proud of you for your yieldedness, for your willingness, for your "yes-ness." I knew you could do it! I knew you would do it! That's why I knew I could go, because it was time--time for me to step over and time for you to step up! And it's working just wonderfully, just like the Lord showed me it would. It gave me the faith to go. I sure see His wisdom.
       28. So you're doing great! Don't worry about the tests, the trials, the battles, the defeats. Just keep forging ahead like I did, and you'll have the victory! You'll win the victory and you'll bring forth the victory to my children throughout the Earth!
       29. I love you, Sweetheart. I love you, Peter. Keep on keepin' on! We're working together, and it's working well. (End of prophecies.)

Some Reasons for Discouragement
--And How to Overcome It!
       30. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Thank you, Dad, for those sweet, loving Words! How could anyone not be encouraged after that? What great love Jesus is showing me! How wonderful of Him to let Dad speak to me, and how precious of the Lord to not only encourage me in this discouragement, but to help me to understand why it's happening! First of all, He wants me to be able to feel what you go through, to be touched with the feelings of your infirmities, and through this He says I am gaining more compassion for you.
       31. There are other lessons too, other reasons that He says He has allowed this testing. He says it's for the purpose of drawing me closer to Him--just as in your discouragement and in your despair, you cling to Him for hope and for life and for survival!
       32. Another lesson: He said, "You see it is not of you, but it is of Me, and it is I that will pour forth My Words through you." When we get to the end of our rope and we see that we have failed and that we can't do anything, we have nothing and we are nothing, that's when we really know that it's only Jesus that does anything through us. That's when it becomes more than just "head knowledge"; that's when we really experience it.
       33. Something else He is trying to teach me is to fight for His Words! He says, "You must fight for My Words!--Fight in prayer, fight in faith and trust, and know that I will answer." Fighting is the opposite of giving up. Fighting is going ahead even when everything looks dark and hopeless; it's continuing to move forward even when we can't see our way, knowing that He can see it. Fighting is just going ahead as though everything is wonderful--praising, smiling, doing the job--and the victory will come as we proceed as though we are possessing. We will possess! We'll possess the victory, and the Devil will have to flee! The Lord says we cannot be defeated because we are His!
       34. Another lesson for me is learning that I will experience these things because it comes with the job, just like the discouragements that you experience come with your job. Your being out there in hand-to-hand combat with the Enemy on his territory, fighting to claim minds and hearts for Jesus' Kingdom, is pretty rough! It's a big battle, and you're bound to get wounded sometimes. So like Dad said to me, "It's something you have to accept and fight." Accept the fact that you're going to have some of these battles, and learn to fight them when you do!
       35. Not only are you being buffeted and discouraged by the Enemy because you're making inroads into his territory, but you're also getting hit hard because he's so afraid of you! He knows how valuable you are to Jesus--each one of you worth many soldiers because of your great love for Him and your dedication and service to Him and His Family--and the Enemy tries to do everything he can to wipe you out and to destroy your usefulness! If that wasn't enough reason for him to fight you, now he has even more, because of the great things the Lord is promising to do for and through you in the future!
       36. Like the Lord says, "Of course the Evil One would try to buffet you and defeat you at such a time as this, for there are many great things upon the horizon!" But the Lord cannot be defeated and He says you will not be defeated, as long as you just hang on and trust Him. It may not look like you're making any progress. It may not look like you're doing anything. In fact, you may look defeated, like you failed; you may feel utterly worthless. But as long as you just keep trusting and don't give up, the victory will come!
       37. You may feel like an invalid--completely out of commission, incapacitated, utterly dependent upon Him and others, unable to do a single thing for yourself. That's all right. Don't give up and don't give in! Just lie there in His arms and know He won't fail you. Know He's there, know He cares, know He'll bring you through. Fight if you can, but if you can't, just lie there, and don't give up! Just feel His arms around you, just know He loves you, and just know that this too will pass.
       38. Dad's really excited! He says, "It's happening!" Even if you can't see it, just know that over There they can see so much more clearly, and they're thrilled! So let's not stay discouraged! Let's try to see with the eyes of faith the wonderful things that are taking place. And soon we'll see by sight! Dad says, "Don't worry about the tests, the trials, the battles, the defeats. Just keep forging ahead, and you'll have the victory! You'll win the victory!" So as Dad has always said, keep on keeping on! I love you!

The Pearl of Great Price!
       39. Above I talked about discouragement and how to overcome it. It's something that we all experience at one time or another. All of us fall short of what we want to be and do for Jesus, and this is the thing that most often saddens us and causes us to lose courage. Often the discouragement comes because we have set too high a standard for ourselves, or someone else has set too high a standard for us. We want so much to do our best and live up to what the Lord expects of us, what others expect of us, and even what we expect of ourselves. And when we don't, we feel like a failure and a disappointment.
       40. Sometimes the problem is that we don't understand God's standard for us, and we think that He is demanding perfection. Sometimes we want to live up to the ideal in every area of our lives, and when we find that we can't, we despair, because we're looking at what we can't do instead of all the things we can do!
       41. Jesus looks at everything about us that is positive, and He overlooks the negative. When He looks at us, He sees the good in us, and the good things we have done. He doesn't look at the bad or the times we fail. Even when we think we've gotten pretty far away from His standard, and we've taken on wrong attitudes, or built up walls that shut Him or others out, He looks on us with such love and tenderness.
       42. Remember how He told me that He is like a blind man who doesn't see the blemishes or any of the things which we think are ugly? He said:

       43. "Behold, I have heard thy prayer and the lamentation of thy heart. I say unto thee, all have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and there is none righteous, no, not one. For as far as the east is from the west, so far do I remove thy transgressions from thee.
       44. "For I have loved thee, and I have given thee two men (Dad and Peter) who have loved thee dearly and see not the blemishes and the faults and the failings. When thou lookest at thyself in the mirror, thou seest one thing. But when they gaze upon thee, they see something completely different. Where thou seest blemishes and faults and failings, and where thou seest improvement needs to be made, and where thou seest things that are a bit of an embarrassment to thee, they see only love, and they see beauty. For their eyes are clouded with love.
       45. "And so it is with Me, for when I gaze upon thee, I see not the blemishes. I see not the faults and the failings. For I love thee; yea, I love thee as a lover. And when I speak unto thee these precious words, it is from the depths of the love of My heart for thee. As thy lover overlooketh the things that others may find fault with because of his love, so it is with Me.
       46. "For I am even as a blind man who sees no faults or failings, but only sees with the hands and touches and feels the softness and smells the cleanliness and the perfume, and hears the words of love, and knows just from this that his wife is beautiful and lovely, having never even seen her. And though she may even see herself as homely, he seeth not this way. For he feels the love and he touches with his hands, and he feels the softness and the beauty. So it is with Me when I gaze upon thee.
       47. "And as thy loved one speaks unto thee these words of love and adoration, and as he expresses the beauty he sees with his eyes, and he says it unto thee over and over, again and again and again, so it is with Me. And for this cause I speak unto thee these precious words, for these words are the words of My Love unto thee, to express unto thee how I feel about thee. And these words humble thee.
       48. "When thou lookest at thyself in the mirror and seest thy faults and thy failings, and thy husband cometh in and sayeth, 'Look at the beauty here,' it humbleth thee.--But it also makes thee feel loved. For as one who overlooks the faults and loves in spite of them, so am I. As one who overlooks the blemishes and loves anyway, so am I. Thou canst not understand the depth of My love for thee, but thou must understand that these words that I speak unto thee are true words. They are true words of My love for thee, an expression of how I feel about thee.
       49. "Thou lookest at thyself differently, and My words humble thee and make thee feel inadequate, but this is part of the process to keep thee humble. But do not doubt these words, for I do speak them in truth and I speak them in love. I speak them in truth for My great love of thee." (From "Mama's Love Story!--Part 4," ML #2995:43-49, GN 638.)

       50. A while back the Lord spoke to one of our precious mothers who had gotten quite discouraged through many battles and difficulties. What He said so impressed me that I want to share it with you. Remember as you read this prophecy that you're just as dear to Him, and He looks upon you with just as much love as He does this precious woman.
       51. You may feel just as discouraged and hopeless as did this dear one. You may see all your faults and failings under a glaring spotlight, but Jesus sees only your love for Him. He sees only the good that you have done for Him and others. He sees the desire of your heart to make Him happy.
       52. As you read this personal love message from Jesus to one of His beautiful brides, know that the Lord looks upon you with the same unconditional love, that you are His precious dear one and nothing can ever separate you from Him. He's always there for you, always loving, always caring. He never goes away. He never puts us down or condemns us.
       53. He made you just the way you are, with your unique character and individual personality, all your funny peculiarities and things you consider weaknesses and blemishes. He made you this way because He likes you this way! Dad used to tell me, "Don't complain about the way Jesus made you. He made you--just you! He didn't want you to be like everybody else, so He made you unique! He created you with everything just the way He wanted, and He likes you just the way you are, because He made you the way that pleases Him."
       54. The eternal things, the things of the Spirit, are what are important to Him. So don't worry if you are getting old and your hair is turning gray, your tummy isn't so flat any more, your breasts are sagging, and wrinkles are appearing. Your mate and many of the other men around you see beyond these little physical things, looking at your sweet, loving, caring spirit. And certainly to Jesus, Your wonderful Husband, all that matters is your beautiful spirit which can stay young forever. You'll see what I mean when you hear what Jesus said to our sweet sister.

       55. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Behold how the years have come and gone upon this little child who was so close to My side--a happy, young, carefree girl, with lots of love to give. We were such good friends, and you loved Me so special. Do you remember? In those days we were never apart and you swore in your heart that you would love Me forever and that you would follow Me forever.
       56. In that day you decided that you yourself were nothing and that I was everything to you, and you determined to give Me your all, and upon this decision you have based your life. You decided this when you were but a child. And now you have grown and you have been true to this decision and you have never failed Me. ... You are a tree that has grown from a young sapling to become a splendid, strong birch, who is a strength and is rooted firmly in My Love.
       57. Oh, how I wish that you could see yourself the way I see you! You are as a queen in My sight!--Yes, you are! Perhaps you don't believe it or see it in your heart, but I say that you are--you are one of My special queens. And I say more!--I say that there is not another one like you in the whole world! I have created you specially; I designed you.
       58. And though the years have come and gone, you have not changed from being that little girl that I loved so dearly. Inside you are young and tender and fresh, but you have built strong walls about yourself for fear of being hurt. You have put yourself in a box and closed yourself off to My Love. You have been hurt, and therefore you have said, "I must build a wall to cover myself, to protect myself, so that the harsh winds and storms blow not upon my tender heart, for it will be damaged and it will be hurt. I will not let the lightning strike me again like it did before!"
       59. But don't you see that in building walls with bricks and stones to cover yourself, you do also shield yourself from the sunshine of My Love which would shine warmly upon you? The hail and the snow fall not, but neither does the sunshine; neither do the warm winds caress your heart; neither does the gentle rain fall tenderly upon you.
       60. You live inside of your walls that are so hardened, and I cannot reach you. For though I knock at the door and wait long hours, I cannot enter unless you open it, for the handle is on the inside. How I long to come inside you and love you and hold you as I did before, but you must let go of the barrier. I would love you personally. I would love you through others. There are so many here who would love you, and so many here that you could love. I could have such a ministry of love for you if you would only let yourself.
       61. Your days of usefulness are not over, you have only begun to fight! I would see you become a wonderful strength in My work! You could be such a vessel of My Love! Do not measure yourself with others. You think that now you live on in your children and that you yourself are worthless, but that is not so. You are not worthless--you are priceless! I would give everything for you, for you are everything to Me. You must believe that in your heart, and then you will find peace.
       62. So break down those walls! Smash them, melt them through My Love. Let the fire of My Words scorch them and burn them up! The fire of My Word will devour those walls and they will be gone and they will never grow back again! And what a change you will feel as your heart is massaged and caressed by My Love. What a change you will see in your life. Let Me love you, and I promise, you'll never be the same again.
       63. Once upon a time there was a man who owned great riches, and as he was walking, he looked and he saw a glorious pearl of great price. And that man said in his heart at that moment, "I must have that pearl!" And to buy it, he sold all that he had, all of his possessions, that he might obtain that precious possession.
       64. And thus am I with you, My pearl! You are that pearl of great price that I saw, and I determined that I would leave everything, I would leave My throne in Heaven, that I might come to Earth, that I might have you, that you might be Mine! For this reason I sacrificed everything that I had, that I might obtain you. So you would not rob Me of the pleasure of now having you, would you? Can't you see that I gave up everything for you? Come to Me, because I want you, I need you so much! I love you!
       65. Do not talk to Me about your mistakes. I say to you, what mistakes? What faults? What failings? Do not throw the past at Me--for to Me there is no past. I cannot say that you have faults or weaknesses, for at this moment I see them not. When I look at you, when I look at your heart, your weaknesses to Me are no more. They vanish because of My great love for you, which overshadows everything. So do not even try to talk about how bad you are, because it is not going to work. I love you too much for that.
       66. Do not worry. Just let your heart receive these things I say unto you. I know it is hard to believe, and it is hard to even think about these things. But do not think about them. Just relax, sit back, and think about Me. Visualize My face in your mind. Hold a picture of Me in your heart. Close your eyes. Shut your door. Let your children be cared for this one evening by others. Unplug your phone. Let everyone know that you are unavailable, and give Me an evening that the two of us can spend together.
       67. Lie down on your bed and think of Me, and I will come to you personally and I will love you. And at that time you will know how much I love you, for I will place my burning Spirit within your heart, and I will ravish you with My Love once again, and I will never depart from you. (End of prophecy.)

       68. {\ul \i (Mama:) }Dear one, He loves you with the same deep, unfathomable, limitless love that doesn't see your blemishes nor your failings. You are so very dear to Him. He loves you!--Just you!--Won't you believe it?

Encouragement for Our Adults and Revealing Words for Our Young People!
       69. Sometimes the Lord allows us to be discouraged for a purpose, but He certainly doesn't want us to stay that way very long. The greatest factor in pulling us out of our downward spiral is understanding what great, great love Jesus has for us as our Husband and Lover and Friend, Who only sees the good and the possibilities in us, and doesn't condemn or criticize us for our failures. Seeing things the way Jesus sees them gives us a much brighter outlook on everything!
       70. Now I want to zero in more specifically on some serious, longstanding discouragement that some of you folks are experiencing--namely, some of you adults--and help you to see how the Lord sees things. Now, kids, don't leave me! You need to hear this too, so you can understand what some of your parents are going through. You won't want to miss the things the Lord says directly to you further on in this Letter. In fact, there's quite a bit here for you too, so please hang in there. You may learn some things that will surprise you.
       71. Okay, adults, we know that the everyday work you have to do for the Lord is quite a weighty matter and keeps you very busy and very desperate. There are children to care for, finances to bring in, sheep to follow up on, your relationship with the Lord to invest time in, and a multitude of other details that need to be taken care of. There are often discouragements and setbacks and disappointments and heartaches along the way. But these problems, as monumental as they are, are almost nothing when compared with the discouragement you may feel about yourself--your weaknesses, your failings, your heartaches, your lack of progress, your shattered dreams, your failure to reach your goals, your lack of talent or training, your lack of faith in yourself, or someone else's lack of faith in you, and your feeling that the Lord is displeased with you. These are the things which can eat away at you and constantly drain you and bow you down under the weight.
       72. By now, the fact that we are no longer able to do and be all those things we once did and once were has sunk in, and along with it may have come a sense of failure, inadequacy, a lack of will to keep fighting, a feeling of uselessness, and many other negative emotions. You're tired and weary--emotionally, spiritually, and physically--and when you're tired, things seem much more difficult.
       73. Even physically, things are more difficult. Whereas we used to experience energy and vitality and relatively good health, now many of us have long-term afflictions which slow us down and make us ever mindful of the frailties of the flesh. You may have regular headaches, your back may have gone out, maybe you have stomach problems, or maybe you've found out recently that you have heart trouble. Not only that, but one look in the mirror may make it painfully obvious that age is taking its toll!
       74. More discouraging than that is the Devil's voice that keeps whispering in your ear, telling you that your life for the Lord hasn't counted for much. "What have you really accomplished? What do you have to show for all these years of dedicating your life to Jesus?" You look at your counterparts in the System and how successful they seem to be, how relatively easy they have it, how they don't have to struggle with a bunch of children, how they can take vacations every year, how they don't have monumental spiritual battles, and you may wonder if all this has been worth it.
       75. You may feel that all you have to show for your many years in the Family is a whole bunch of children, some of whom, after you have poured everything into them, have thrown it all away to live for themselves in the System. Now you're back to square one with a new batch of little kids, starting the whole process over, and wondering what's going to happen with these new ones! On top of that, you may be a single parent, possibly even experiencing much pain and heartache over a recent separation, and wondering how in the world you are going to make it by yourself. If you feared the future before, now you may be tempted to almost panic!
       76. What doesn't make it any easier is that some of the young people around you often don't seem to respect you much, even questioning the wisdom of your having all these children in the first place, seeming to belittle your ministry of motherhood or fatherhood, implying that you could have done something more important with your life. Now look where you are!--You're stuck!--With another bunch of children! All you can do is use your last ounce of energy to try to feed them, clothe them, teach them, pray for them.
       77. You see your young people go off to pioneer new mission fields, to burn free, to follow their dreams, but that time for you seems long gone. You think the young people are taking over, and while you're happy for them, it makes you a little sad because you don't see any significant place for your talents and abilities. You feel like a has-been. You feel washed up. You feel pretty worthless. You've been through so many heartaches, so many difficulties, so many misunderstandings, so many misjudgments of you and your actions.
       78. You know Jesus loves you--in fact, you have drawn so much closer to Him through His wonderful intimacy with you--and things have become much easier to bear, just knowing how much He loves you and how much He wants you to be close to Him. You see many blessings being poured out and you're so thankful. But still this lingering sense of failure remains.
       79. If this is what you are experiencing, to some degree or another, you don't have to feel this way any longer! Jesus wants to dispel all those feelings of worthlessness, of condemnation, of guilt for not having done enough. To do this, He has sent His wonderful Word to heal you and to bind up your broken heart and your wounded spirit. He has sent His loving Words to give you strength and hope and renewed challenge in your life for Him! He has sent the light of His Word to penetrate the darkness of your misunderstanding, and to show you that the way He sees things is far different than the way you look at them--and certainly much different than the way your young people may see them.
       80. So be warmed by the light of His Love! Revel in the beauty of His commendation! Take fresh hope in His challenge to you. Stand up and be proud of being His precious darling ones, His special loves that are so very dear to Him.
       81. And now a word to you young people!--Some of you who have looked down on your parents or the other adults. You love them, but some of you have belittled them in your heart, and told yourself that you would never follow in their footsteps; that you weren't going to get stuck with so many kids, or endure the hardship of pounding the pavements giving out lit every day, or struggle under financial difficulties as you have seen your parents and the other adults do! After all, you are much wiser and much more talented and gifted than that. If you're going to serve the Lord, you want to do something great, unencumbered by children and unhindered by shepherds who you have to yield to. You figure the older generation has yielded too much all their lives, and that's part of their problem! They're too meek, they're too humble, they're too broken. They don't have enough individuality. They don't have enough independence. They're pretty unknowledgeable of the things of the world and they're too stuck in a rut, wanting to always do things the old-fashioned way.
       82. The Lord also has something to say to you in the following message. He's going to tell you the way He sees it. He's going to give you a little picture of how He looks at your parents. There're some big surprises coming up!
       83. I love you so much and have been burdened for you adults, so many of whom are struggling with these feelings of failure. I knew Jesus didn't want you to feel this way, so I asked one of our units to pray and ask Him to give you something that would dispel these clouds and bring the sun once again to your hearts. He always comes through for us exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or think, because He loves us so very much! He's our life, our everything. He's our doting Husband Whose every thought is to make us happy and to relieve our sorrows and to kiss away our tears. So here it is, folks!--His beautiful Love Message to you adults, and His revealing Words to you young people, in a series of prophecies which we've separated with subheadings:

Storehouses of Treasure And Rewards Await You!
       84. {\ul \i (Prophecy:) }You have looked upon yourselves as weak, as broken, even as forsaken, but I have said, great is your faithfulness! You have looked to Me, you have kept the faith. You have trusted Me year after year, decision after decision, baby after baby, country after country, trial after trial, persecution after persecution. You have kept your eyes on Me regardless of the circumstances, and even more, you have held fast to the Words of David. You have drunk these in as sweet nectar and honey. You have grasped at them! You have clung to them! You have taken them unto your very soul, as one who is thirsty drinks after a long walk through the desert. Your hearts have rejoiced at My Words through My servant David.
       85. This has been your manner for year after year after year, in spite of your own weaknesses, shortcomings, or failures. You have clung to Me and to My Words, and for this I do highly honor you. For as it was said of Abraham, that he was blessed because he believed Me, and his faith was counted unto him as righteousness; so has your faith been counted unto you, recorded in Heaven, and never to be forgotten!
       86. You have storehouses of treasure and rewards waiting for you! Each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year that you have lived for Me will be rewarded. You will be amazed and astounded at the rewards laid up for you, for every ounce of faith and trust that you have placed in Me.
       87. For I do not look at the vessel, but I look at the heart. I look at the motive. I look at the desire to please Me. I look at the love for Me that you have exhibited in the face of great difficulty and great opposition. You believed when very few others believed. You took hold of My Words when there were only a handful who followed My servant David. When there was no one to support you, you said, "I will not let go! I will cling to the Words of David even if all others forsake me!"--And many did forsake you.
       88. There have been wives and husbands and children who have left--but you have held on, and this will never be forgotten! This will be rewarded. I do honor you greatly, not because of your accomplishments or your achievements, but because your hearts have been Mine. You have given your hearts unto Me and you have not been dissuaded. And even many of those who had fallen away have returned stronger than before.
       89. You say, "I feel so much weaker. I feel so much less capable." But I say unto you, in this state of humility I am much more able to pour through you than I ever was before. For in your humble, even more broken state, you are more yielded to Me than you were when you had greater physical strength, when you were brash and young, and dashed off here and there.
       90. I could not speak to you then as I can now, when you must move more slowly, when you must stop and listen to be sure that you are going the right way. Now you know that if you fall down, it may take you a while to get up! So you look to Me much more than before, and you lean on Me much more than before.
       91. I will not forsake you, for you are precious in My sight! Each of you has garnered many, many jewels in your crown and many, many rewards. For you are all as many Sophies, the washerwoman, who will not have little hovels, but will have mansions, because of all that you have stored up for Me; because of the many things that you did that no one knew about; the many kindnesses that no one recognized; the many little ways that you gave of yourself that no one could thank you for because they did not know about them; the many times you persevered when you had no more strength.
       92. The times you thought you were forgotten, you were not forgotten. I have looked on your heart and I will reward the beauty of your sacrifice in giving and dedication unto Me. For without faith it is impossible to please Me, but you have pleased Me by your faith, by your holding on when you had no more strength to hold on, and receiving strength from Me.
       93. There is coming a dark and cloudy day, and in this day, physical strength will be of no help. What will be needed and what will be important will be your spiritual closeness to Me, your attitude of leaning on Me, your habit of drawing on My strength. The channels that have been forged of connection with Me will be drawn upon in this time. For now you are learning to hear more from Me than before. The young people also are learning to hear more from Me than before, and this will be your strength. This will show you the paths to walk in. This will protect you in the dark and cloudy and stormy days.
       94. More important than the many accomplishments that you have striven for in the past is that you strengthen your connection with Me, that you may hear from Me, and that you may know which way to turn. I will lead you and guide you into the paths of light and safety and protection, for this is My will for you.

What May Seem Like the End Is Only a Bend!
       95. You have gone forth as a strong man to run a race, and you have run well! I delight in you, and I am proud of you! But the race is not yet over, and what may seem like the end of the road to some is only a bend in the road of this race, which will lead to even greater things.
       96. For if you look back at My great men and women throughout history, and even your own Father David, their greatest accomplishments all came not when they were young, but when they were old. For the many years of youth are but a preparation for the greater things that come with age.
       97. Fear not and be not discouraged. Do not look at the past, but at the future. Look at the sample of your Father David, how it seemed like he spent his whole life and yet had not reached his greatest accomplishment. But I worked through him more mightily than ever before, and so it will be with each of you, if you yield to Me and you keep your eyes on Me. Do not let the Enemy come in and discourage you and rob you of the victories that are ahead of you. Strength in life comes from Me, and I can give it to anyone that I choose, regardless of whether they feel strong or whether they feel weak, or whether they feel used up or not.

Follow in the Footsteps of Your Fathers!
       98. And to you young people I say, despise not the wisdom of the ancients, for there is much to be learned from them. Open your ears and open your eyes, and think not that your own arm will save you. Think not that you are strong in yourselves, and that by your own self-assurance you will accomplish what you want. For it is I Who work through people. It is I Who work through you. This comes not of yourselves, and there is much to be said for the experience, and for the tests, and the trials.
       99. This is how I shape great men and women of God. Look at the example of Moses, how he spent 40 years in the desert tending the sheep. I prepared him to be the man of God that I wanted him to be. For when he was young and full of his own ideas and full of himself, he was not useful to Me. But after I had taught him and trained him and brought him through the difficult experiences, the tests, and the trying of his patience, then was he fit to accomplish that which I had prepared for him.
       100. So it is with you. I have many things that I want you to accomplish, many things that I want you to do for Me. But I must bring you through these experiences, through the tests and the trials, like I have done with your parents. For they have come through as better gold, and I am able to use them greatly, and they are precious in My sight. They are My chosen people--not only the ones that I have chosen, but the ones that have chosen Me, and have continued to choose Me, even when the going was rough.
       101. So remember that it is I, the Lord, Who give strength and anointing to My people. They that are faithful to Me and to the Words of David are the ones in whom I delight and through whom I accomplish My will. Therefore carefully study these Words and pay close attention to them, that you may also follow in the footsteps of your fathers, and that you may also pass through the tests and learn from the experiences and become the vessels that I want you to be.--Not necessarily vessels of great beauty or great honor, but broken vessels through which My Love and My understanding freely flows.

My Bride Is One Bride--No Male or Female, Young or Old!
       102. I say unto you young men: Be filled with faith and courage as you go through your lives. But make not the mistake of surface judgment. For have I not given you a kingdom? Have I not raised up a kingdom? In one day, did I not call them a nation which was no nation? Did I not make a people which were no people, that I might show the praises and the glory and the majesty of Him Who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous Light? Therefore, if any man judge, let him judge righteous judgment. For there is a place for the young and a place for the old.
       103. Those who have borne the heat of the day and the battles of the days of yore, even as they come with their hearts bleeding and through great suffering, they come unto Me, and they shall receive many crowns and much glory. For they have borne the heat of the day. They have borne the pangs of birth of My Revolution. Even as a woman goes through travail and suffers pain that a man child shall be born, even so these suffered great anxiety as they pioneered this mighty Revolution which was born swiftly and quickly, but which was dedicated to speak the Truth and to go against the wave of corruption which did sweep, and does yet sweep across the face of this Earth.
       104. Therefore I say unto the young, pattern not your thoughts after the influences of those about you in this evil world. The conversation of those who believe not permeates the air waves about you. Therefore, emulate it not, copy it not, inquire not after their gods, saying, "How do they worship their gods? Even so will we do likewise." Make not the mistake that My people made when they asked for a king, when I sought to give them prophets.
       105. This is a day when young and old must be married as one, for I have called My Bride as one bride. My Bride is one bride and there is no male nor female, there is no young nor old in Christ Jesus. I look upon the heart.
       106. Therefore judge nothing before the time. Judge not another man's servant, for to his own master he stands or falls. And if he fall, God is able to hold him up. But judge this, that no man put a stumblingblock in his neighbor's way, or judge surface judgment, which would be nothing more than foolishness and criticism. For have I not given you a way of righteousness? And if you serve Me to the day of your death, I will give you a great crown of glory.
       107. Therefore, boast not, you young ones, as he that shall yet put his armor on. For those who have worn the armor, even though in many cases it be tarnished or rusted, used it for My glory. I can simply polish it again until it shines. Even so do I now polish My old ones, and I will polish you, My young ones.
       108. Forget not the time in which you live. For I have said unto you, old and young, that you shall go through Great Tribulation, but I will be with you and I will give you grace. But the Enemy seeks to divide and conquer, and there is great need for unity and solidarity, that you think and move as one man, as My one Bride, as My one wife. Therefore be married one to another.
       109. Look out upon this world. Listen to the messages that permeate the news that you watch, and consider: Does this generation honor those who are of age? No! I say unto you, they do not honor those who have borne the heat of the day. They dishonor their aged and seek to take from them that which is their due. They have not respect unto their mothers and their fathers. But did I not write in My Book that the first commandment with promise was to honor your father and your mother in the Lord? Therefore give honor unto whom honor is due.
       110. Lean not to your own understanding, but in all your ways seek to see as I see, to feel as I feel. My ways are high, as the heavens above the Earth, but you can know them if you will lift up your eyes and your heart with your hands and receive that which I would give unto you.
       111. Therefore, rejoice! Doubt not, criticize not, but rejoice that I have given you mothers and fathers and the older ones to guide you, the seasoned veterans who have borne the weight of battle and fought against great doubts and fears and criticisms from without, and difficulties from within. For every day that they do persevere and hold fast to their crowns, I the Lord am proud of My older ones. I am not ashamed to be called their God!

Greater Heights of Compassion And Caring!
       112. Hark, My children, and count your blessings and the many wonderful things that I have brought you through, and the many wonderful things that I have led you to do for Me. If you cannot see these things, seek Me and I will show them to you. Seek Me, cry out to Me! I will take away the darkness, and the light will shine upon your lives. I will show you the great and mighty things which I have used you to accomplish. For there are many wonderful things that I have accomplished in your lives, but many times your memories have been clouded with discouragement and condemnation and the lies of the Enemy. Seek Me, and I will blow away the clouds of darkness, and you will see the truth of the many wonderful things that you have accomplished.
       113. Rejoice! Rejoice for all that I have used you for! Rejoice for every step that I have brought you through, including the refining of the past years. Rejoice over the refining of the years of quietness away from the battlefield. Rejoice! For these times are just for a moment, just a moment in your history, and there will come a day when you will see this as a turning point.--Not as a time of discouragement to be ashamed of, but a turning point.
       114. For it is not by works of righteousness which you have done, but according to My mercy I have saved you. It is not by the zealous works of your youth, of your younger days, that you have been saved. I greatly used your zealousness and I chose you in your young days, so I could take advantage of this zealousness. I was proud of you for stepping out and pioneering and conquering the world and passing out the Words of David, and for giving your wives and your husbands and your children unto Me, for giving your bodies unto Me. I have been proud of you for giving your all to Me, and for the zealous way that you have served Me.
       115. But now I am bringing you to a new age, and this zealousness of your flesh is a thing of the past, as I have created in you the zealousness of the Spirit. First, you must be broken. First, you must see that you are useless. Yes, I used this zealousness of the flesh, and you felt great in your accomplishments and in the wonderful things that you had done. You pioneered in India, you set off to Thailand, you spread throughout Europe, you raised support! And then what happened? "Oh, so many children! Oh, it is time to return to home fields!" And then the discouragement set in. But see, this is a time of breaking, a time of putting in the past the zealousness of your flesh. It is a breaking so that I can pour in the zealousness of My Spirit.
       116. You are to be born as new creatures in Me! Can you not see the wonderful things that I have prepared in thy heart? As you reach out to your neighbors and to those you are ministering to, are you able to tell them of the wonderful things that you have done? Does this lift their spirits? Are you able now to listen with compassion to the difficulties that they are experiencing, and the hardships that they do not understand, and the confusion that they are caught in? Because you have been broken, you are able to listen with compassion. This is a great and mighty tool that I have given to you.
       117. I have brought you down. I have allowed this to happen. I do not count it a failure. I count it a step upward, because I have broken each of you. I have broken your pride. I have broken your feeling of tremendous accomplishment. I need broken people to work through! I am proud of you for sticking and standing with Me through this time of breaking. It has not been easy, and I see the sorrow and confusion in your heart.
       118. You ask, "Why am I discouraged? We have followed the Words of David. Dad said do this, and we did it! Dad said do that, and we did it! We have followed! We obeyed the words in the Black Book and the Red Book and the Blue Book and the FF Volume; we did these things! Why am I discouraged today? Where is my usefulness? Why have I this feeling that I have failed? That I have come to the uttermost ends of failure? That I have wasted my life? I obeyed the Words of David to the best of my ability! Why do I feel like such a failure? Why do I feel strapped down with an older body and weakness and many children?--And even the criticism of my own young people! I feel buried! I feel so many weights upon me! Why do I feel these weights?"
       119. I look upon you, and I am looking down upon you now, and I am reaching out My hand! My arm reaches and stretches forth to you. Take hold of My hand, because I am proud of you! I have great pride in you, that you have followed the Words of David. I am very proud of you, that during this time of discouragement you have held on and you have not quit, you have not run out the door! You kept trying, and you kept praying, and you kept reading, and you kept pouring out your hearts to those around you, to your little ones, and you did not give up. I am proud of you, and I shall lift you to high and lofty and wonderful works again! Beautiful, lofty works that the world shall see and shall admire! I shall do these things. I shall pour forth My compassion through your broken hearts, and this is what the world will admire.
       120. I shall pour forth great, wonderful, beautiful compassion through your broken hearts. I could not pour this compassion through your hearts before, for your hearts were all covered and enameled over with achievements. But now with your broken hearts, I can pour My compassion upon the world and upon the needy.
       121. Do not fret or be ashamed, but rejoice! Rejoice and be thankful that you have stuck, that you did not give up during the dry years, that you held on to Me. Be thankful that you did not turn back when the going seemed so rough, and it seemed like maybe you did make a mistake by trusting in the Words of David. Even when these doubts have encompassed you and have clouded your vision, you have not given up.
       122. This, My child, is a wonderful, wonderful blessing. As you count your blessings, do not look back to the past of your youth only, but look at the wonderful blessings of these dry years and these difficult years, and see the wonderful hand that I have had upon each one of you. See the wonderful way that I have led you and given you faith to hold on in spite of the battle, and rejoice that I have counted you worthy to go through this trying time.
       123. Rejoice that I have broken your heart! Rejoice that I have molded you and I have purged you, because this shows that I have a great future for you! Rejoice in the difficulties that you have encountered! Rejoice in the lies that you have heard told about you! Rejoice in the discouragement that your young people have burdened you with, with their doubts and their questions and their self-righteous looking down upon you. Rejoice, because now I can take you to greater heights of wonderful compassion and caring!
       124. You have passed through a difficult time, a difficult test. But believe and honor My Word and know that a great victory is in store for you, and great new heights are just around the corner! Count your blessings and gain strength from believing that I have used you, and that I have used these difficult years and these cloudy years. As you count these as a blessing and hold on to My Word and continue to pour forth, and continue to hold on and believe My promises, even when they seem to have failed you, I shall bring you to lofty heights again! You shall rejoice, and you shall be happy, and many shall look upon you and say, "If he can do it, I can do it!"
       125. They shall look up at you and know that you have passed through these battles and these trials, and therefore you have become a light and a beacon unto them as they pass through their battles and their trials. Do not be ashamed, but continue to hold on by faith to the Words of David, and the wonderful Words and promises that I have given unto you, and you shall see each and every one fulfilled. For none of My Words can fail.
       126. Hold on, for the crowns are descending! As you see your brethren receiving their crowns and you wonder, "Where is my crown?", hold on, because your crown is just around the corner!
       127. I am proud of you! Stir yourself up and hold on to My blessings, do not let go! Stir yourself up and do not give up, do not look down! Hold on and believe! You shall be a great strength unto your youth, and through this breaking you shall be able to pull your youth up through the battles that they shall now encounter. Hold on, for I love you greatly and I want to make a great and mighty nation out of you!

Lighten Up on the Old Folks!
       128. Lighten up on the old folks! Give'm a break! I tell you, these are tops in My book! These are the folks who have endured the heat of the day. I'm proud of them! They're great and have done great things! Everything up until this time has been like practice--they're just getting into stride. The things that I've got in store for them are tremendous! They're not washed up! They've just got enough wisdom now to know what to do in most cases. I'll tell you, I have great things in store for them! I am going to lead them, and I'm going to use them like I have not even been able to use them before, because they haven't had all these lessons under their belt.
       129. I'll tell you, you young folks, you've got a ways to go. You are pretty smart, and you've got a lot of knowledge and you've got a lot of Word in your heads and in your hearts, but you lack experience. Let Me tell you, experience is what it really takes to make all that Word gel. All those lessons are what you build your wisdom on. You'd better look in the Bible and see what happened to the young men and Rehoboam! Be not like these! They thought they knew better than their parents. They thought they were pretty smart, and ended up losing half the kingdom. (See 1Kings 12.)
       130. I'll tell you, these old folks have gone through a lot. They are not that old either! Your father David never took off until he was 49! Most of these old ones haven't even gotten that old yet! They are not washed up! They have hardly begun, so give'm a break! Let Me tell you, I think they have endured a lot. They went through the hard times. They are the ones that took this movement from nothing to something. And look at it now, it's the talk of the world! They are pretty good, pretty revolutionary, these old folks, and I really love them. So give'm a break! Look up to them and listen to them. You'd be surprised how smart they are.
       131. And all these kids that I gave them, like you, aren't they terrific? You're the best kids in the whole world! How did you kids get that way? It's because of your parents! It's not something you did on your own. And now that your parents have had all this practice on you guys, well, I guess I can trust them to rule the world when the time comes.
       132. So, My children, both young and old, remember that it is I Who work through you, and in you, and by you, and everything comes of Me. This is not of yourselves. You don't have to have it in yourself! Boy, it takes Me a long time to pound that out of some of you, to make you useful. You don't think I'm going to lose all that good training that I've put into you, do you?--All those years that I have been molding you and melding you and training you? I'm going to use it, and use it even more in the days to come. Then when the Golden City comes, you will really be able to enter it with your heads held high!
       133. I'm going to be standing there saying to each of you, "Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord!" And you will deserve it for all you have done. You will be greatly honored, every one of you! So don't let the Ol' Boy lie to you that you are washed up, has-beens, had it, that you did everything all wrong. Let me tell you, that is the Enemy if you think that, and you don't have much of an idea of what I am like, and the ways that I work. Surely you should know better by now!
       134. Anyway, I love each and every one of you. You are precious in My sight. And there are great things yet in store for you. Every year is getting better! You'd better believe it! And it is going to get real good one of these days very soon. And then you are going to have a whole eternity to be able to use all this wisdom and all this knowledge and all this training that I have been placing in you. And you're not going to worry about starting to feel old and creaky, because none of that will be any more. So hang in there and know that I love you! Yes, I love you--just you!

The "Over-the-Hill Gang!
       135. Great is your faithfulness, great is the faithfulness which you Family elders have shown unto Me! Cheer up, ye saints of God! So you think you are the "over-the-hill gang," huh? Ha! What is that in thine hand? Behold the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God! Come with Me and let's cut the Devil to the heart! Come with Me, and look at My "over-the-hill gang!" Let Me open My book and show you a few of them.
       136. We'll start over here in the Old Testament. There is Abraham and Noah, and Moses and Enoch--pretty old folks, weren't they? But they were mightily used. I started out with Abraham to build My Church, and though he was old, I fulfilled my promise to Him through Isaac. And remember Sarah? I loved her so much, but she didn't even start having kids until she was past time. How's that for using someone "over the hill"? How much more do you think I love and appreciate all you have done! All you faithful women who have had so many children, don't think you are all spent or all used up and have no worth to Me--you have been used as tools to make My New Nation, and I'm not done yet!
       137. For there are dark days ahead and you will be greatly needed and greatly used, and you are greatly needed now! Don't listen to the lies of that Ol' Boy when he comes around and tries to tell you that you are of no use. For man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart. And remember what it says in My Word: Blessed is the man that has his quiver full of children. Look to My Word and see yourself as I see you, and listen not to the lies of the Enemy.

Victory Through Unity!
       138. And you, my younger ones, take heed to My Word, for this is how I see it. I do honor your parents and they are precious in My sight. And it is My desire that you work together, for in unity there is great strength. In unity you will defeat the Enemy, and you will be the victors! Listen not to the lies of the Enemy who will come in and try to divide and conquer, but rebuke him and repair the breach in the wall. Listen not to the Evil One who would like to take you apart, but stand as one. For we all have need of each other for the body to function. The older cannot say to the younger, "I have no need of you." And the younger cannot say to the older, "I have no need of you." For I have made you both to work together, to make My body strong to defeat the Evil One!
       139. And here is a little something that I would like to let you know: It is the Enemy who seeks to divide you, because it is My plan that you work together to defeat him! He is angry, and he wants to get in, in any way, to defeat My purpose. But My purpose will not be defeated! Hearken unto My Word, and rebuke the Enemy and resist him, for he seeks to divide you, one against the other. And he seeks to discourage My older ones. Draw nigh to Me, and I will draw nigh to you, and I will strengthen you. Look to My Word, for in it is the Truth, and the principles, and the way that you should go. Unite against this dark Evil One who tries to defeat you!
       140. Fear not, My older ones, for I will never leave you nor forsake you! I love you, and we are going forth to the light of a brighter day. Do not be tempted to turn off that light ahead of time. Be not discouraged. Follow Me! Continue in the path which you have started on, continue to follow the Words of David, and now continue in the new day and in the new way that I do speak to you through My Queen Maria. Strive for unity, for in unity there is strength. Leave the scoffers behind, and let's go on to the light of that brighter day! On to victory, on to victory, on to victory!

Give Honor to Whom Honor Is Due!
       141. Behold, this persuasion comes not from above! For this persuasion is a crowbar of the Enemy to pry you young ones away from God's army.--And not only to pry you young ones away from the army, but to pry the older ones away through their being intimidated by you. It is a two-fold device of the Enemy which has come in to pry you away from each other and away from the army.
       142. This shows a weakness in your armor. For you have been brought up as a chosen generation, a holy nation, a peculiar people. You are the sons and daughters of those who have done what no other generation has done. You are the sons and daughters of those tens, those twenties, those hundreds, those few thousands who have dared to step outside of the web of Lucifer!--Those who have dared to follow Me without the camp. You are the sons and daughters of the officers of My army! You are the generation produced of the leaders of the Endtime!
       143. Therefore scorn not [EDITED: "belittle not"] as they catapult you into the future! Look not back at them and say, "How rusty the catapult is, how old and worn with pockmarks from the battle. How incapable they are." For behold, they thrust you forward to finish the job--the job for which you were born, the job for which you were conceived, and for which you were created.
       144. You are they whom I have loaded with the weapons of war, whose quivers are full of arrows, who do wield the sword of the Spirit with both hands, who do hurl stones with both arms! You are they who are girded about with Truth, whose feet are shod with the preparation of the Gospel. You are they who have been fitted with the breastplate of righteousness. You are they who are ready to go out into battle!
       145. Therefore scorn not [EDITED: "belittle not"] your leaders, your mentors, for they are those who wear the stripes and the badges. They are those who have been adorned with the purple hearts. They are those who have been given the bars on their shoulders for victories over jealousy, for victories over battles with self-righteousness. They have been given decorations for endurance, for stick-to-it-iveness. They have been given the ribbon for following Me through the Flirty Fishing Revolution. They are those who have fought the battle of relationships, of many wives, of many mates, of bearing many children, of learning how to raise broods of children in the same room, in the same house. These are they that bear My decorations! These are My generals, these are My officers, decorated with ribbons across their chests, with bars across their shoulders, with stars on their crowns! These are the officers, the leaders of My Revolution!
       146. You are they who have the weaponry, who are battle ready, but have not yet earned the ribbons of victory over jealousy, of victory over self-righteousness, of victory in relationships, of being able to raise many children and yet pioneer new fields. Therefore, give honor unto whom honor is due!
       147. For behold, I love My Father. (Crying.) He sent Me on a mission, and when He turned His face away from Me, I could not bear it. It broke My heart, for I did always the things that did please Him. I did honor My Father. Please follow My example, for I was with Him from the beginning, before the Earth was, when there were no mountains, when the seas were brought forth. I was daily by Him, rejoicing always before Him. My Father and I are One. Do not dishonor Me by dishonoring your mothers and your fathers, but follow My example.
       148. Again I say unto you, this is a device of the Enemy to pry you apart--and not only you, but to pry them apart from My army. Because you grew up in a family, you did not realize that it was an army, and familiarity has grown, familiarity with your own officers. But many of you have passed the test, and this is one of the first of many tests; to see if you will look upon the uniform and not upon the man; to see if you will see the prophet and not the flesh that it comes out of; to see if you will believe and understand that it is the true sap that flows from them, that directs them, that it is I.--Or to see if you will look upon him merely as your father, or upon her merely as your mother. For truly they have been endued with My Spirit.
       149. Be not as the kings who looked upon the prophet as merely a man, but be as David who looked upon the prophet as the Spirit of God! For even your David said that in the flesh he was just a funny old man, but in the Spirit, he is the great King David! And so it is with your fathers and your mothers. They are the kings and queens of Kingdom Come, and you are the princes and the princesses. Therefore follow them without the camp. Join them! Become one with them!
       150. You shall wage a mighty war, and the Enemy shall not prosper! For when the Enemy comes in like a flood, I shall raise up a standard against him. And this is My standard, even My Love. Therefore love one another with fervent love.

My Diamonds in the Rough!
       151. Behold the sample of your queen as she did care for the elder, your king, for many years, night and day. There were many other ministries and things she could have done, but she forgot not he whom I called to bring you into being. These, your older generation, are but the dirt clods that shall catch you when you fall. For now you flutter about in My light. You are in open ministries, being used in many ways. You have strength, you have youth, you have wisdom of witty inventions. But you need your foundation, these, your dirt clods.
       152. What is that in thine hand? As you, when you were younger, opened many doors and were used in many ways by your parents as they ministered unto kings and in many countries, in like manner, your children shall be the key to many doors in times to come.
       153. You are all parts of My Body, and you cannot say that you have not need one of another. These look dusty and covered, and look not like jewels, but that is because I have buffed them and ground them down. All I need to do is wash them and blow away the dust, and they are beautiful jewels and gems! You young ones are rough diamonds and I have much buffing to do, and these older ones shall encourage you in the times of buffing and grinding that you shall go through as well.
       154. Beware of the leaven of the System! Beware of the leaven of the so-called "generation gap." For there is no younger or older in My Family. Who are these who are arrayed in white linen and have had their robes washed in the blood of the Lamb? They are My faithful ones, My called ones! They are the ones who have given what was left of their life to Me, after they left the System. You have all your life before you. You have lived all your life in the Family. You have your strength. You have your health. Use it for Me. Use it also to care for those who have gone before you. Honor them, and I shall honor you, and use you, and keep you in the times that are to come.

I See You in the Shadows!
       155. The Lord God is no respecter of persons; we are all one in His sight. For there is no rich nor poor, no bond nor free, no Jew nor Greek, no young nor old; for all are one in Christ Jesus. Man may look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh upon the heart. And though our outward man may perish, yet the inward man can be renewed day by day by faith and obedience and love. For though your steps may falter where once they were strong, I know that your heart is of pure gold and has become of more pure gold through the fires of the years of refinement that I have given you.
       156. I spoke to [EDITED: "the Apostle"] Peter of this when he was young. I told him, "When you were young, you did go wherever you did want, but when you are old, another will carry you about where you want not to go." I was teaching him the humility of dying daily; of not being able to do in his own strength what he could when he was young; to gracefully allow his life to be given in sacrifice for others, as the lamb lays down his life to be eaten and devoured, rather than devouring others.
       157. There is great reward and great treasure in humility and lowliness of mind, each esteeming others more than themselves. For when the fruit of your loins does sparkle in the light, I see the reward on your head as well as on theirs. I see you in the shadows waiting to catch them, and will reward you just as much as those who are in the limelight. When you feel unseen or unnoticed, but are faithful and cheerful and rejoice at the progress of another more than your own, this is great in My sight, and I will reward you in My time.
       158. For this time is but for a moment, and afterwards shall come exceeding great and eternal rewards. Cast not away, therefore, your confidence. Cast not away your crown. For you already have many stars in your crown from your years of service and souls won to My Kingdom which you have accumulated over the years. Your head is heavy with this crown! Now you must allow the others to rise up and likewise reap their full reward, that in the world to come you may both rejoice that you have all run your full course to finish the race, and that henceforth will be laid up for you the crown of righteousness that the Lord will give to every man at His appearing.
       159. (Vision:) I saw a picture of the older generation getting their crowns, and they were sort of in the shadows. Their crowns maybe didn't look so shiny, but they were solid and very thick and quite large, with lots of different jewels and stones on them. The younger ones' crowns were very shiny with new gold, sort of like when you get a new ring and it is all shiny and untarnished, but their crowns were smaller. It's like when a deer gets horns--they may be sharper, but they are smaller than a full-grown set of antlers. The young people were in the light and had real shiny crowns, but they didn't have that many jewels in their crowns yet. They weren't filled up yet, and that was the difference.

Precious Hearts of Gold!
       160. Lift up the heads that hang down and the feeble knees, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, lest that which is older be discouraged, lest that which is weaker give up the fight. Lift up the hands which hang down, and put your arms around them with encouragement and love and faith and compassion and understanding and patience. For they are those that have a heart of gold, yet it is encased within pottery which is chipped and cracked. These are vessels which are old and chipped and cracked, not so shiny and not so new, but oh so beautiful. This heart of gold is precious--through the knowledge of the Word and these valuable experiences which can only be gained through time and the school of hard knocks, the ups and the downs, the failures and the successes, the tests and the trials and the victories.
       161. There are so many precious lessons in these hearts of gold--lessons of hanging on and of fighting until the end; lessons of trusting Me even when everything looks dark; lessons of desperate prayer; lessons of faith for healing; lessons of faith for finances and My supply; lessons on the need for the Word and prayer; lessons on teamwork; lessons on witnessing and winning disciples.
       162. Man looks on the outward appearance, but I look upon the hearts, and I cherish and I value these hearts, for they are precious unto Me. As antiques gain more and more value with age, these precious ones grow more and more valuable in My sight with age. That which they have to offer cannot be bought with money, for it is something that can only be acquired through the life of faith and trust, through the life of breakings and victory. It is so special and so precious and so rare.
       163. Despise not these hearts of gold, but cherish them and protect them, value them, make it easy for them to be good. Use them to the full, that they may be content, that they may know that while they may not run or jump or fly like they once did, they have a very special place in the foundation of My Kingdom. For they receive My diamonds of dust. They feed and care for and train My diamonds of dust.
       164. Give honor to whom honor is due. You younger ones, respect your elders, for they have much to offer you. You must look beyond their idiosyncrasies and little habits or ways which you find bothersome. Look deeper and see the precious things, that you may gain the precious things that these can teach you. For a wise man learns from his own experience, but a wiser man learns from the experience of others. These wise men have much to teach, for they have much experience. They have made many mistakes, they have fallen many times, yet they fight on! Even in their weakness, even in their discouragement, even in their correction, even in their fatigue, they fight on; and this is a great thing in My eyes, worthy to be praised and honored.
       165. In the day of My Kingdom I shall lift these up and I shall honor them, and you shall see them as I see them! I shall place My crown of jewels upon their head and all will marvel at these, My faithful ones--these who have stuck year after year after year, these who have borne many children, these who have borne many hardships. I shall honor them and recognize their sacrifice and they shall be rewarded, for I do not forget their labors of love.

The Weak Things Shall Confound the Mighty!
       166. Consider the autumn leaves and their magnificent colors. These colors have come upon them through pain and hardship, because of the frost, because of the coming of winter, because of suffering. Therefore you green leaves can look upon them and acknowledge what they had to go through to bear these colors. You may look upon the older generation and wonder, "Who are the conquerors amongst them? Who are the brave men? Who are the world changers? Who are the magnificent ones?" You see them not and you are disappointed. But do you not know that I have called the foolish things of the world, yea, the weak things, to confound the mighty? In this, My plan will not be defeated. For it is I Who have made them weak and humble and meek, that in their weakness and in their humility, I may be glorified.
       167. They were also young once upon a time, and thought that in their youth and in their strength they could turn the world upside-down! And they have tried. But they have failed in their own strength and have acknowledged that their strength was not sufficient, for they have met battles and difficulties and hardships that they could not bear. But by and by they have learned to lean more and more on Me, and they now know that I am He Who does all things.
       168. For it is I Who have called and created this Church. And have I not asked but one thing of them through your Father David, and of you also, that you would be faithful? I have not asked them to be successful, or to be a conqueror, or a mighty man, or a wonder of a personality, and you should not expect them to be so. For these are not what I have called to build My Church. I have called the weak ones who would be willing to lean on Me and learn from Me.
       169. Look now upon all that I have done, and consider it not a failure, but a great success! No other church has accomplished as much with so little. Look at the billions who have been reached and witnessed to! Look at the millions of souls that have been won! I have accomplished all these things through your faithfulness. So you young ones, look not upon the older generation to seek great men and great personalities, for I had to break these one by one, that in their weakness and in their littleness I may be glorified.
       170. Look not on the outward appearance to see them as weak people, nor even as failures, for I see them not as such. I see them as great and faithful ones who have brought about a mighty success. You see them in their frailty and in their weakness, but I see them in their uniforms, bearing the many medals and badges and ribbons of honor that they have won through the many battles and wars that they have fought. You look at this simple cook in your kitchen, who cooks a meal, and yet another meal, and yet another meal. And you wonder, "What is with this man? What has he ever accomplished but cooking?" But I see him in his uniform, shining with the many badges of honor that he has won, for he is a glorious one in My sight! Therefore look not on the outward appearance, but look on the heart. (End of prophecies.)

Visions and Verses
       171. I saw a picture of a gem stone. The outside of the stone was drab and black and bumpy and rough, but when you sliced it open, on the inside it had a light and it glowed. A young kid was walking by in a museum, looking at the backside of this gem, and it looked like a lump. But as he came around the corner he was fascinated, because it glowed with a beautiful royal purple glow that kind of pulsated and had a light of its own. It was like a gem stone with an eternal inner glow, like a crystal that grows with age and with time, and the longer they are around, the more intricate pattern and coloring they have on the inside. What looked real drab from the outside was beautiful on the inside!
* * *

       172. I saw a vision of the older generation who had paved a road for the younger generation and walked on it. I could see the younger ones at the beginning of the road, and I also could see the older ones, way out there, beaten and worn out, as they had placed all the stones one by one on the paved way. All the stones had lessons and counsel imbedded in them for the younger ones to avail themselves of on their way, and the road was a road of gold, leading to success. Walking the path where the older ones had gone, the kids could pick up all sorts of lessons that they needed, and all sorts of beautiful gems of training that they could partake of and feed upon as they traveled that way.
* * *

       173. I saw a vision of the young people with short, hip-length capes on their shoulders, like a knight or a soldier in training would wear. Then I saw the adults, who had on robes of righteousness that went all the way down to the floor and dragged on the ground. Both robes were beautiful, but there was a great difference in their lengths.
* * *

       174. I had a vision of an older person with scars all over his body. The scars were golden and they glowed. Maybe this doesn't sound so pretty, but it was quite glorious! The scars were brilliant gold. I'm not sure if this was to symbolize that they were like badges or medals, but they were glowing so bright and golden. The impression was that this person had been through a lot and those scars were valuable, of a great price, something to be proud of or admired.
       175. I then saw a bottle of very valuable vintage wine. Vintage wine is very good and treasured, even sought after and considered to be priceless, and with age it only gets better!
* * *

       176. I got a picture of different coaches with their trainees. I saw actual pictures from movie scenes or news clips of famous people and stars in flashes, such as at the Olympics, the successful younger ones alongside their coaches.
* * *
       177. I received this quote: "Lord, we know that there are times when we are a beautiful vase on the mantelpiece and everybody sees us. But then sometimes You come along and smash us down and remake us into an ugly old vessel that is only fit for being a potty under the bed! But either way, Lord, we're in Your will, we're what You want us to be and You love us just as much, maybe even more for our willingness to be the ugly potty under the bed." I especially got the last part about how the Lord may love us even more for our willingness to be the ugly potty under the bed.
* * *

       178. I saw a picture of an older sports player with his uniform on, sitting down on a bench. He was obviously older and more tired and heavier set. But when he sat down he was very well received on the bench by the younger players. He definitely had a position there and he was respected because he played the game well. Although he could no longer run, as he wasn't as fast or as agile as the younger players, the whole team respected him and valued having him as their coach. He had something that they didn't have--those years of experience.
       179. He could tell them stories such as, "Don't do this, because if you do, such-and-such will happen," and so on. He had a lot of experience and battle scars and wounds from his time playing that they valued. In fact, his position was one that was pretty assured or permanent, as the new players were still earning their wings, and it was yet to be seen if they were going to pan out on the team. But the older player who had played the game and was more like a coach now was very respected and valued.--Not only for his experience, but also in some sports the player's accomplishments give the game more recognition. Sometimes they even retire the guy's number or uniform out of recognition for the progress or the special merit that he had won.
       180. That was my basic impression from the picture, that there was the utmost respect of the younger players for this old coach, just by reason of years and what he had learned. They did not have that, although they had many other things that he no longer possessed. But he had a real peace because he knew his position was needed and valued, and in a way, it was permanent.
* * *

       181. I got Psalm 42:5-6 as an encouragement to the older generation to remember all the things the Lord has done: "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise Him for the help of His countenance. O my God, my soul is cast down within me: therefore will I remember Thee from the land of Jordan, and of the Hermonites, from the hill Mizar."

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