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THE DAYS OF FILLING THE STOREHOUSES!       Maria #338       DO 3057       5/96
--By Maria

              1. I recently asked the Lord for another confirmation as to how we should proceed with the publication of the GNs that are presently in the works. This came about through a suggestion that was made that we hold on publishing any more new GNs for two months, in order to allow you time to study a reading list of many of the recent GNs, or excerpts thereof, that have been published since Dad's Homegoing. However, the Lord again clearly confirmed that it was not His will that we slow down the flow of the pubs. He also gave some insight on how to get spiritually fed from the New Wine. He was speaking to me, but I believe you'll find His instruction and explanation enlightening:

       2. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Blessings, treasures and riches piled high, one upon another, one upon another! Have I not promised that I would pour out such a blessing that you would not have room enough to contain it? Have I not poured forth abundantly and freely of My Words of life and love? I have given without measure. And I say unto you, My shepherdess, My queen, My faithful guardian of the Words, pour forth without measure! For there are many who are in need, there are many who are hungry, there are many who wait with great anticipation to drink from the hand of the shepherdess.
       3. It is My pleasure to feed My sheep that which I know they need. I know the needs of My beloved Bride. I know the needs of each one. I see each one as an individual, and I give unto each one that which they long for, that which they desire, that which their heart cries out to Me for--answers to their questions, soothing balm for their heartaches, vision-increasing challenges, Words of pleasure, Words of love, Words of encouragement, Words of correction, Words of direction, Words of the future, and Words of explanation--so many Words, each one designed to be the answer to the heartcry of one of My brides!
       4. There are many different needs of My many different brides in the many different harvest fields, so how can you say this [EDITED: "GN"] is more important, or that [EDITED: "GN"] is more important? For what is precious to one [EDITED: "person"] may go practically unnoticed by another. What brings the victory to another may be just one line or one paragraph or one particular prophecy in a GN, which may not seem to be a milestone or a policy-setting publication to you. How can you judge the needs of so many? How can you anticipate the heartcries of so many? How can you say "this is more important than the other"? For what is important and life-changing and crucial varies from person to person.
       5. I know the needs of My sheep. I hear their heartcries, each one. I have seen their tears, I have heard their prayers, and I pour forth according to the need. So give forth abundantly of that which I provide! Give forth without measure, as I have given unto you, and trust that My Word will not return void, but that I will cause it to bring forth My will and My purpose and My plan. My Word works more speedily in some lives and hearts than others; nevertheless it works, day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, as My precious children read and study and take in My life-giving Word.
       6. I will fill the hungry with good things! I give unto My children from My Word according to their hunger, their desire, their desperation. If they seek Me with their whole hearts, their hungry hearts, as they read, then I will answer their questions, establish their thoughts, lead and guide them in the way in which they should walk, encourage their hearts, and lift their burdens.
       7. What My dear ones receive from My Word, from My hand, is according to their desperation. It is according to the vacuum that they create in their hearts and minds, and the desire that they have to be fed of My hand. I will pour forth unto them from My Word according to this desire and vacuum, for I have much to give. But I can only give unto each as much as they desire.
       8. I have set before My loved ones a banquet, a feast, but how much they partake of the delicacies of My Spirit is according to their hunger, according to the initiative that they take, according to their desire. Nonetheless, I spread before them a monumental banquet, complete with many varied dishes of many flavors to suit the tastes of My many children. I set before them much variety, and they are allowed to eat as they choose, as they please. Sometimes they eat of the heavy meaty dishes, sometimes they eat of the light dishes, and sometimes they eat of the sweet desserts. But as long as they continue eating, they will continue growing, and they will be strengthened and their eyes will be enlightened.
       9. So do not try to plan the menu and restrict the desire, for I have put before My children an "all you can eat" buffet. I desire that they eat according to their own appetite, according to their own vacuum, according to their own faith. Those who are attuned to My Spirit and who desperately seek Me and My will, will sense within them their own needs, and they will crave and be drawn to the right kind of food. Therefore let them eat as they so desire, and trust Me that as they follow their natural desires, they will have a balanced diet, unless their desires be perverted through eating the junk foods of the System's table.
       10. To those of My children who hunger and thirst after righteousness, to those who desire to be filled with good things, to those who seek Me with all their hearts, I shall give that which they desire. They shall not go hungry, but every need will be provided, every question will be answered.
       11. It is given unto you, My faithful shepherdess, to pour forth without restraint, without measure, without calculating or worrying for the burden of the many, many pages. Simply pour forth, knowing that in your much pouring, you will fulfill My will. It is your responsibility to pour forth, to encourage those of My fold to drink deeply of the waters of life, to impress upon them the importance of their spiritual feeding, because the time is short and the Enemy goes about as a roaring lion. My children must prepare and strengthen themselves through deep feeding of My Word.
       12. I have given unto you, My shepherdess, the responsibility to pour forth, to give the clear sound of the trumpet to encourage deep feeding, frequent feeding, wholehearted feeding of My Word. The rest is up to them. Whether they take heed or not is up to them. Whether they obey or not is up to them. It is their choice. But it is your responsibility to give, to pour forth freely and abundantly without measure.
       13. Those who are hungry will eat and drink to their full capacity. So it is that those who are hungry will be strong. They will be well prepared for the days that are to come. Those who are not hungry will be weaker because of their lack of spiritual feeding. This is a choice that I have put before each of My children: whether they will be strong because they have sat at My table and eaten fully and deeply of the many courses that I have put before them; or whether they will be weak because they have only nibbled here and there and have not taken the time to partake of the feast that I have put before them.
       14. This is an individual choice. Each one decides how he will manage his time. Each one must stir himself up to create a vacuum, to have a desire to resist the Enemy and be fed from My hand. How much a person is fed from My Word depends upon them--their desire, their desperation, their spiritual hunger. You cannot legislate the spiritual feeding through rules and regulations, for to partake of My feast is not a thing of the flesh.
       15. I set before all My children a great smorgasbord, a great "all you can eat" buffet, and I say, "Come one, come all! Eat until you are full! This is My gift to you! This is My blessing, that you eat and be filled!" I lay the table. I put forth the invitation, but it is according to each individual whether they come and eat to the full, or whether they come and only nibble, or whether they come and only look and behold the feast. Each one must make a choice. (End of prophecy.)

       16. ({\ul \i Mama:) }The Lord makes it clear in this message that His Word will speak differently to different people. Each person's needs are unique, and the Lord is ministering to each of you as individuals through His Word. One particular Letter or prophecy might be the key that you need to answer your question, lift your burden, or help you endure whatever test you're going through; whereas a totally different Letter might be the key for someone else. Just think, He pours out His Word according to your prayers, your heartcries, your individual needs. So the answers to your personal questions, problems, and burdens are, or will eventually be, found in the Word. He's putting them there just for you! That's how much He loves you!
       17. The Lord is doing His part and pouring forth His Word abundantly, but how much you personally benefit from the New Wine depends on your desperation, hunger, desire, and the vacuum that you create in your heart and mind. The Lord can only feed you as much as you want to be fed. He won't force-feed you. He's giving you a choice. As He said, He can only give you as much as you desire.
       18. There are different ways you can read a GN. You can glance through it with casual interest, just to check out the latest news. Or you can read it begrudgingly, because you have to--spacing out and hardly listening during your required devotions or Word times. Or you can really dig into the Word--concentrating, seeking, studying, reviewing, taking notes, and doing your best to apply it to your life. You'll grow as much as you eat the Word! To illustrate this point, consider the following vision that accompanied the prophecy:

       19. ({\ul \i Vision:)} There was an enormous table, like a banquet or buffet table, with countless different dishes on it, every variety you could imagine! Every so often, new dishes would be put out on the table. It wasn't that there were just a few dishes, and it wasn't that what was on the table was all that was available, but the chef kept bringing out these big, beautiful new dishes and putting them on the table. Spectacular additions to this feast were brought out regularly and placed on the table.
       20. There were some people walking around looking at the table, gingerly picking at the food with their little plates. The spirit was almost like a cocktail party or reception where you have hors d'oeuvres and people just pick up little bites of food here and there on their little plates with their little toothpicks, and it's all very delicate. They were just chit-chatting and nobody was really eating substantially or getting full. They were just tasting these little bites of food here and there, hors d'oeuvres--just walking around, looking at the food, and tasting it lightly.
       21. Then there were other people who came to the feast with big plates, and they loaded them up with all kinds of food. Their plates were practically overflowing. Then they'd go sit down at small tables in small groups. They were really into the eating, and they had big glasses of wine too. They were mainly interested in the food and were feasting and drinking big goblets of wine. These people would get so, so full, then they would be very content and satisfied, and they'd go off and have a rest. They were real husky-looking people. They almost looked like warriors, big and muscular and real strong-looking.
       22. The first group of people were always milling around the table, just picking here and there, very busy talking to each other, and not so interested in the food. The food was a sideline. They would sometimes talk about it, but they weren't really digging in to eat it. Those people weren't big and strong and muscular. They looked more like your average person, or even a little scrawny, especially when compared to those other people who were eating at the nearby little tables. (End of vision.)

       23. ({\ul \i Mama:) }It seems pretty obvious that the interpretation, as is also explained in the above prophecy, is that different Family members have a different hunger for the Word, and you'll take from the table that the Lord puts before you according to your own desires or appetite. Rather than the Lord or the chef regulating the food, all the dishes were made available. There was an abundant spread of food, with new dishes being provided regularly, and it was really dependent upon the people who were invited to the feast what they chose to eat, and how much.
       24. So you see, it's up to you how much you want to get fed and grow. You can choose to be an observer who just looks at the feast, or one who nibbles, or one who gobbles it down!
       25. When asking the Lord about whether to hold on getting out any more new GNs for a while, Dad also spoke, saying:

       26. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Dad speaking:)} Your main job, Honey, your most important job is to get out the Word. Pour out the Word the Lord is giving you as quickly as you possibly can. Take advantage of these days of peace and plenty and prosperity to pour forth with both hands. Don't hold back, because you don't know what the future holds, and the days will come--mark my word--that you won't be able to pour forth like you are now. Things will be much, much more difficult and will move much more slowly. Communications will be restricted, and then your children will be so thankful that you poured forth as a faithful shepherdess. So you and your team must work now while it is day, for the night comes, as the Lord promised, when no one will be able to work--at least not like you are now. These are the days of pouring forth. These are the days of giving with both hands, of feeding your flock from your giant bag of grain.
       27. So feed the Family. Feed the sheep. Don't stop. Don't worry. Don't look back, but just keep pouring forth. Give and give and give--hand over fist--as quickly as you can! The Family needs it, they want it! Our children are hungry children, so give them their heart's desire. Pull out your breasts, Honey, and nurse them, feed them, let them suck of you and partake of your strength and spirit and all that the Lord is giving you. You're their mother, their shepherdess, their queen. They look to you and they want to be fed from you. They don't want to hear that you're slowing down or pulling back or withholding, because they find peace and contentment in knowing that you're pouring forth just as I poured forth, that nothing will stop you, nothing will dissuade you, nothing will distract you from your greatest ministry, which is pouring forth the Words of the Lord.
       28. Oh, Honey, some of our people are spoiled! They don't appreciate the Word as much as they should. But the time will come when they'll appreciate it, and then they'll be so thankful that you poured forth, that you didn't hold back, that you didn't listen to their cries that "It's enough, it's enough! How can we possibly read all this? How can we possibly eat all this? How can we possibly understand and live all this? It's too much, too much!" But the day will come when they will be so thankful that you shut your ears to their cries and you poured forth without measure as the Lord commissioned you, to feed your sheep.
       29. You are the keeper of the Words, the custodian of the Gold, the prophetess of the End, and your mission, your destiny is to pour forth, to be His vessel, to direct His Water of Life to the people. The sheep don't always know what they need, but the Shepherd knows what they need, and He is pouring forth just exactly what they need. Even if they don't see it now, they'll see it in the future. They'll recognize their need, and then they'll be so grateful. Then they'll know and be convinced that their queen was wise in her much pouring forth. Then the Words which they now find so difficult to understand and be fed from will become precious morsels of food that will sustain them. They'll find strength and light and power in their storehouses of the Word!
       30. So keep going, Honey! Keep going! Keep going, keep pouring, keep giving, keep feeding, keep instructing, keep teaching. These are the days of pouring forth. These are the days of the flood of the Word! These are the days to fill the storehouses, to stockpile the spiritual weapons that will be needed in the days to come.
       31. There are those [EDITED: "Family members"] today who are getting it--the real hungry ones, the ones who really want to follow close and know your heart. They're reading and studying, and they're understanding. Some just learn more quickly than others. Some catch on more easily. Some have more spiritual hunger and they dig into the Word more desperately.
       32. So if you want to know how to judge your production of the pubs and how you should regulate your pouring forth of the Word, base it on those who are hungry, those who are really seeking and wanting. Set your sights high, Honey, and give them all they want. Satisfy their desire. Fill their longing. Don't hold back from those who really hunger after righteousness, those who really want to read the pubs and understand and follow closely. That's how it always is in any church or organization or school--there are those who learn more quickly and have a greater hunger, a greater desire.
       33. So redeem the time, Honey! Use these days of peace, these days when you can fully concentrate on the pubs, these days of plenty and prosperity when they can easily be distributed worldwide. Make the most of this time, for it will not always be like this. And when the dark storm clouds approach and you see the lightning and hear the thunder and you know that the End is almost upon you, you will be so thankful that you gave and poured forth and published the glad tidings without measure.
       34. Greater things shall you do, Honey, than I did! You'll pour forth even more greatly than I did. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but even more greatly, because you're the great shepherdess of the End who pours forth to feed the sheep with both hands. So give and give and give again, Honey, and so fulfill your destiny! This is what Jesus created you for, to pour forth His Words.
       35. You're so beautiful, so faithful! I love how you love Jesus. I love how you love His Words. I know it is your heart's desire to pour forth, because you are the faithful shepherdess with the great big bag of grain feeding your sheep day and night. I love you, Honey, and I'm helping you to feed the sheep and get out the Word. XXXXXXX! (End of prophecy.)

       36. ({\ul \i Mama:) }My dear Family, by God's grace, I'm going to do everything possible to obey the Lord's commission to me, to pour forth His Word to you as quickly as possible, using both hands, and my mouth and ears and eyes and everything I have, so we can fill the storehouses, and stockpile the spiritual weaponry, and be well prepared for the days ahead. Won't you do your part, too, by trying your best to feed of the Word deeply and put it into practice? I know you will!

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