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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.82 Maria #339         7/96       DO/TS 3062
--By Maria

       1. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Recently the Lord encouraged us, saying, "I will speak to you in revelation. I will speak to you of current events. I will speak to you of the things to come." When I thought and prayed more about this, I was reminded of several subjects--current events or other noteworthy news topics--that I felt the Lord would want to speak to us about. And sure enough, when coming before Him in prayer, the Lord gave the "inside information" on what's really happening. I will include very little commentary on the following prophecies because they are clear and straightforward, and therefore not in need of explanation.

Dr. Kevorkian, Also Known as "Dr. Death!"
       2. Doctor Jack Kevorkian is a 67-year-old former pathologist who has been nicknamed "Dr. Death" for helping more than 30 people end their lives since 1990. (Such "assisted suicide" is also known as active euthanasia, meaning a doctor deliberately acts to cause early death.)
       3. He has been tried for his actions three times, and has been acquitted all three times, as jurors have accepted his defense that he merely wanted to relieve "intolerable suffering"--and that for his patients, death was, regrettably, the only way to do so.
       4. When asked if his most recent court victory made him feel free to continue assisting suicides, he strongly affirmed: "I have always been free to do so, and will always do so as long as I have my personal liberty! This is the very essence of human autonomy*, something that goes way beyond a so-called 'right,' and I am honored as a healer to help any suffering patient whose condition medically warrants it." *(autonomy: independence, self-determination.)
       5. We asked the Lord if He had anything to say about Dr. Kevorkian and his work in helping people commit suicide. He does so saying his mission is to help relieve people from their pain and suffering, especially when they have a terminal illness. His actions are very much in the news nowadays, and more and more people are backing him and talking about the right to die--or rather, the right to take your own life. In opinion polls, the public expresses strong support of doctor-assisted suicide, with a consistent two-thirds saying they approve of doctors helping terminally ill patients to die.
       6. I can understand how if someone is suffering terribly and in great pain, they might be tempted to just want to end their life, especially when we, as Christians, know that a much, much better world awaits us. But when we asked the Lord how He looks at Dr. Kevorkian, and how we, as Christians, are supposed to view euthanasia, He said the following:
       7. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Behold the sincerity of this one, this doctor. He is a sincere man, a dedicated man, true to his cause, unselfish in many ways. He is very dedicated and very sincere--sincerely deceived. For this one seeks not My will on these matters. He knows not My true Love. He forgets that it is given to My hand, and Mine alone, to give life and to take it away, for My Father has ordained it so.
       8. He knows not My true Love, nor that of My Father, therefore he tries to take divine matters into his own hands. He leans to his own understanding and seeks not the wisdom from Above. He acknowledges Me not in all his ways.
       9. I say unto you, My children, be not deceived; for this one is guided by one of the many spirits of antichrist that have gone out into the world. You have done well to try the spirits to see if they be of Me, and I am pleased with your asking. This one is ruled by a spirit that is not of Me. But you must look beyond Dr. Kevorkian and his personal plight, his personal fight in the cases he is involved in, for he is as a puppet in the hands of the Evil One. There is much more than meets the eye, and a greater purpose that Satan wishes to accomplish through this one puny little doctor.
       10. It is only the beginning. This is only the beginning of the many sorrows that shall cover the Earth. For many sorrows will be brought about by people such as this one, who do not bow down to Me, who seek not My will in these matters, who lean to their own understanding and their own arm of the flesh, who listen to the voice of Satan, the Devourer and the Destroyer.
       11. Take a closer look at how this is developing. "Assisted suicide"--that is what it is called. Is not this word "suicide" becoming more and more common, as if it were a daily household word? Suicide, to take your own life by your own hand--self-destruction! Yes, this has been practiced down through the ages, but never has it been as rampant as it is today. And this doctor, in his sincere desire to relieve pain and suffering, is but a puppet who is furthering the cause of destruction by Satan.
       12. Look and see the interest this is provoking! Because of this one, many studies are coming about. His deeds are provoking interest. I say unto you, it is all orchestrated by the Evil One to create interest in this subject, to familiarize the masses, to provoke thinking along these lines, that "Maybe it's not so bad after all to take your own life. I am master of my own fate!"
       13. And although this man's intentions are to ease the pain and the suffering of the elderly and those who suffer and are nigh unto death, as the interest grows and the subject is studied, this word "suicide" becomes more common in every household, amongst all ages. It becomes familiar, and people will become numb, until they will find there is no stopping place.
       14. The widespread publicity is designed to provoke thought, to create interest, that many might think, "Well, if it's okay for the ill or the elderly, why not for me? I don't want to live. I have no desire to live. So if it's okay for an 80- or 85-year-old to take his own life, why not me too? I'm only 35, or I'm only 18, but I'm suffering too. I feel pain inside. So why not just end it all? After all, it's my life and I can do as I please. I am master of my own fate and this is my choice." The subtleties of Satan! He would use this trick, this plan of suicide, to destroy many!
       15. Yes, this is yet another step, another trick of Satan to destroy mankind. For it is all-out war now, and Satan will try any way he can to get in and destroy--any way, any avenue, for young, for old, for middle-aged--it makes no difference. He is out to kill and he is playing for keeps, and he does use this one [EDITED: "Kevorkian"] to blow up the subject, to create the interest, to spread the word, to make "suicide" a household word.
       16. This doctor is but a puppet in the hand of Satan. Satan is playing on this man's sincere desire to relieve the pain and the suffering of so many. And because he does not seek Me, because he does not really know Me, because he does not look to Me and to My ways, he is deceived! He is but a pawn in the hand of Satan.
       17. Look and take heed and judge righteous judgment! Follow My simple rule and judge by their fruits, that you may know who is Mine and of Me. Look on this doctor's countenance and see the darkness in his eyes. (Note: Kevorkian is apparently an atheist. In a recent interview he said: [EDITED: "Religious believers base their laws and"] "whole outlook ... on mythology. Religion is an internal, spiritual world. And I have my own with my god, Johann Sebastian Bach. Why not? You invent gods. ... At least he's not invented.")
       18. Be not deceived, and think not that I do not care for these who are lonely, who suffer, who have no one to care for them in their old age, who are left alone and without care in their heavy afflictions. I know, I see, and I care for each one. I wish that all would be saved, and that all would know Me. I know, I love, I understand and I have mercy on them--especially on those who do not know Me, those who have never heard, who know no better way to follow.
       19. And I say to you, My saved children, to those who know My Love and have heard My voice, I wish for My children in all spheres of society to spread My Truth and My Word to these who are lost and lonely and suffering! Be like Pandita Ramabai, who gave all the life she had so that others could live!
       20. I am able to ease the pain. I am able to prepare each one to pass over to this side. I turn none away. I am able to prepare them for coming Home, if they would but turn to Me. I am able to prepare them and give them a happy, peaceful passing in My time, according to My will. I am able! And know that in My perfect plan, I do ordain the appointed time for each one's passing, that all My will may be accomplished in the life of each one, and in the lives of those around each one.
       21. These who are lost, and alone, and in pain, and wanting to die, are but the product of society. They are the product of wrong living, the product of not following My plan, the product of a nation that has forgotten Me. For this nation [EDITED: "the U.S."] has set Me aside for their own ways and their own wrongdoing.
       22. I would that man should live in families--loving, caring, sharing, and taking care of each other. I would that the fathers take care of their children, and that the children take care of the fathers in their old age, to their hoar [EDITED: "gray"] hairs. But because of the sins of man, and the pride of life, and the rebelliousness of this last generation, man is only proving how bad things can get when they retain Me not in their thoughts, and in their lives, and in their ways.
       23. My plan is the family plan, and I am the Father of families. It is My design that the older generation, middle generation and younger generation live together and love together as one--loving and caring for each other. Yes, I am the Master Family Planner. Think not that I desire that any should suffer. And know that whatever the problem, whatever the pain, there is nothing too hard for Me, and there is nothing that I do not have the solution for.
       24. Wayward man, in his attempt to cast Me out from all his thoughts and all his ways, is reaping the agonies and the fruits of his own wrong living. Because they retain Me not in their thoughts, therefore many sorrows are come upon them. Because they turn to the ways of modern man, to modern and evil inventions, many sorrows will be to this generation--sorrows that never were before this time. New problems, new illnesses and new plagues are come upon this generation, because they retain Me not in their thoughts and in their hearts.
       25. I do not fail. My Love will not and cannot fail. But because the wicked of this world refuse to receive My Love, therefore they do fail. It is these who cause their own failure, because they receive not My Love and My Truth.
       26. And Satan is using these puppets, these who are sincerely deceived, to weave his evil web. It is not simple; these attempts to legislate righteousness are very complex. It is all a part of the evil attempt to destroy life. It is all a feeble attempt to further entrap and ensnare and control. For out of this media hype and these court cases will come more and more interest, more and more laws passed--laws that are designed to control. Through more and more attempts to legislate righteousness, more control will be brought about.
       27. But know that I do not fail, and as Satan marshals his forces in this last and dark day, it only prepares the way for My coming. It also prepares the day for My reign and My rule. It is only proving the need. It is proof that man left to his own devices will only bring on destruction and sorrow and pain. But the day is coming, and even now is at hand, when My righteousness will cover the Earth. In that day, in My mercy I will rule with My iron rod over those who do not receive the love of My Truth now, willingly, voluntarily, through their own free and loving choice. For I am the Lord, I am your God, and I will not and cannot fail. (End of prophecy.)
* * *

       28. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:) }Assisted suicide is part of the plan of the Enemy. It is one of his tools through which he is paving the way for the End, for the Evil One. He is influencing people's minds and he is preparing their hearts for that which is ungodly, that which is evil, that which is full of darkness. He is teaching the whole world that their fate is in their own hands, that they are in control.--With the purpose of ultimately teaching them that there is no God.
       29. So even though assisted suicide, or euthanasia, does deliver people from pain and suffering, it is not of Me. For I have in My hands the keys to life and death, and each person's time is in My hands. I know the details of each person's life--their longings, their needs, their hidden dreams and desires, their secret sins. If I know every detail, am I not also very able to know and control such mighty things as their time of death?
       30. In the days of old, people trusted and looked to Me. They knew that their life was in My hands, and that their death, likewise, was in My hands. This understanding and faith brought peace to their minds and to the minds of their loved ones. But in this day and age, because people do not look to Me and trust Me and know Me, they have lost their point of reference, they have lost the absolute, and therefore they have no peace. It is this lack of peace and trust and faith which takes away their strength and causes them to take matters into their own hands and to end their lives, in many cases, prematurely.
       31. Everything in this life is preparation for the life to come. Sometimes people spend days, weeks, months, even years in what seems to man to be useless, wasted, unproductive time, when they hardly seem able to see or speak or feel or understand. But this is not the case. For though the shell, the cocoon, may have deteriorated, still the spirit is alive and vibrant, and I am communicating with such ones and preparing them for eternity.
       32. The life and health of the spirit is not dependent upon the physical conditions, as you learned with Jesse. His physical body was nearly destroyed. He hung in the balance between life and death, and yet his spirit was very much alive and he was learning, making choices and decisions, and being instructed. So it is with many people who seem more dead than alive, who seem useless and helpless and like their days on Earth have come to an end. But that is because man judgeth by the outward appearance. But I know the truth, and I see beyond that fleeting moment of time, and I know what each person needs to see and learn and understand and realize before he passes through the threshold into eternity.
       33. You, as the prophets of the End, must understand My feelings and My views on this new craze, this new fad, this new working of the Enemy, so that you can be My voice of Truth. It is given unto you, the children of David, to see things as I see them, to judge righteous judgment, to look past the propaganda of the media, the orchestration of the Enemy, and to see and know My heart and thoughts and feelings.
       34. I give you the truth, for you are My Endtime prophets. You are privileged beyond all people to see things as I see them. I would pull back the curtain and show you what is happening behind the scenes, and what is the plan and purpose behind different world happenings. For I want you to be well informed and thereby be well prepared. For these are the signs of the times, and there are many signs of the times that you will yet discern and understand by looking unto Me and receiving My explanations.
       35. These are the two greatest messages that the people today need to hear: 1) That God is a God of Love; and 2) that they have a choice to do good or evil. These two messages can affect their lives almost more than anything else. People have forgotten, or else they have never been taught, that there is a God of Love. And their spiritual senses are so dull, they have become like zombies, like robots, who are tossed to and fro with every evil wind of doctrine that comes their way, so much so that they don't even know that they can call out to a God of mercy.
       36. People's hearts are hardened, their consciences are seared with a hot iron, so that they feel their choices have no effect, that they live to themselves and die to themselves, that it makes no difference if they choose one way or the other. But their eyes must be opened and they must be awakened to the fact that they do have the choice, the God-given majesty of choice to do good or evil, and they will be rewarded according to their choices. (End of prophecy.)
* * *

       37. ({\ul \i Mama:)} Below is some information on how much the assisted suicide movement has grown over the past decades. The main point the Lord is making in the above prophecy is that through Dr. Kevorkian the Devil is working in the hearts of people in general to make it acceptable to commit suicide, regardless of age, state of health, etc. This is part of the Devil's plan to destroy mankind. The following examples, gleaned from the news, confirm three things: that this practice of active euthanasia is certainly more widespread than just Dr. Kevorkian's activities; that the idea of committing suicide is generally becoming more accepted by society at large; and that this new trend is already corrupting the moral judgment of at least some members of the medical profession.

       38. The right-to-die movement started some 20 years ago. Now, all 50 states [EDITED: "of the U.S."] and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to allow the signing of living wills, advance medical directives or both. As a result, passive euthanasia--the act of withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining technology, like a feeding tube or respirator--is now common practice. The new frontier is active euthanasia, in which a doctor acts deliberately to cause early death.
       39. Some people might ask what's wrong with doctors helping terminally ill people end their misery. For one thing, "doctors shall not kill." That's the foremost rule of medicine, dating back 2,500 years to the teachings of the Greek physician Hippocrates. That healing is a physician's priority has served society well, argues University of Chicago physician-ethicist Leon Kass, because it allows patients to trust their doctors. "Physicians are always tired [EDITED: "exasperated"] by patients [DELETED] not getting better,'' says Kass. "Once they think of death as a treatment option, then physicians simply give in to their weaknesses.''
       40. For proof, Kass points to the Netherlands. An informal, de facto arrangement with prosecutors some 20 years ago allows physicians there to help patients die and avoid litigation, as long as certain safeguards are followed. The patient, for example, has to be terminally ill, in considerable pain and mentally competent and must repeatedly express a wish to die.
       41. But there is a dark side to the Dutch practice. In hundreds of the euthanasia cases, for instance, doctors kill without the patients' knowledge or consent. That figure comes from the government's own pro-euthanasia report in 1991, which noted that there had been 2,300 cases of doctors killing patients upon request in the preceding year and an additional 400 in which doctors provided pills or other means for suicide. An additional 1,040 people were killed by doctors who acted on their own, without a request from the patient. Of these, 72 percent had never indicated they wanted their lives terminated. Further, notes Rita Marker of the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force, in 8,100 deaths not reported as euthanasia, doctors deliberately gave overdoses of drugs--not primarily to relieve pain, but to bring death. And 4,941 of these occurred without the patient's consent.
       42. Dutch doctors defend their actions by saying they did what they believed a patient or his family would have wanted. But in 45 percent of cases of involuntary euthanasia in hospitals, doctors didn't even consult family members.
       43. Sometimes doctors help people die who aren't even ill. Consider the case of Hille Hasscher. The 50-year-old Dutch woman was not terminally ill--just deeply depressed. She had faced a bitter divorce and the deaths of her two sons, one by cancer and the other by suicide. She, too, had tried to commit suicide. When she threatened it again, her psychiatrist prescribed a lethal potion of 20 barbiturates, which she used in 1991 to kill herself. A court acquitted the psychiatrist, ruling that in a society that allows the self-sacrifice of those in physical pain, it was suitable for a doctor to help someone in unbearable emotional misery.
       44. The Dutch Pediatric Association has even issued instructions allowing euthanasia for babies who are not terminally ill but simply face chronic sickness or mental retardation. The rules let doctors decide whether treatment is in "the best interests'' of the baby, says Dr. Pieter Sauer, co-author of the instructions.

       45. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The above examples from the Netherlands certainly illustrate one very serious aspect of active euthanasia--"assisted suicide"--and that is that it soon escalates. Once legislation lets doctors actively "help" patients die, then the door is wide open to a more dictatorial, corrupt government to get rid of all its "burdens" on the streets, and those in hospitals and jails; so that the poor and weak start to get "assisted" right out of this life! It can be the first step towards a state license to kill off anyone who doesn't measure up to state expectations.

Mad Cow Disease Brings Financial Disaster in Britain!
       46. ({\ul \i Mama:) }You may have heard of the British "mad cow scare," but for those of you who are not that familiar with it, I'll include below a brief explanation drawn from various news articles:

       47. The mad cow crisis began in March of this year when the British government announced that 10 unexplained cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a fatal brain illness in humans, might have been linked to eating meat from cows that are infected with a disease called bovine spongiform encephalopathy--BSE for short. This disease is also known as "mad cow disease." Some of the cows in the British Isles apparently became infected with this disease when parts of dead sheep who were carrying a similar brain disease were ground up and added to the grain they were fed. (Cows are not carnivorous. They do not naturally eat meat.)
       48. This news set off a consumer panic as millions stopped buying beef. There were crisis meetings in the European Union, and overnight bans on British beef across the Continent and around the world. This has humiliated the British government, and agonized the $6.5 billion beef industry.
       49. As beef prices plummeted at auction markets and farmers faced the stark threat of ruin, one remedy under serious consideration by some experts has been the destruction of all 11.8 million head of cattle in England, Scotland and Wales, a national herd worth perhaps $12 billion. Recent compromises with the EU have lowered the number of cattle to be destroyed, but haggling is still going on over the exact number. British beef is still banned.

       50. ({\ul \i Mama:) }When praying about this recent development of mad cow disease in Britain, I asked the Lord specifically: "Why have You allowed this? Is there any particular reason for it? What are You trying to show through this, or is there anything else You want to tell us about it?" Following is the message the Lord gave:

       51. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} They have mocked My messengers, despised My Words, and misused My prophets! Therefore My wrath is poured out upon them and they will find no remedy until they turn to Me! They have called it a mystery, and a mystery it is to those who do not discern! Mad cow mystery! They know not the cause, they know not the cure, they know not from whence it came, because they seek not My answers. They are as those darkened in their understanding, as children grappling around in the dark, and they know not. But I have given unto My children to know. For I hold all the "unknowns" in My hand--unknown to man, but not to My children. I am the revealer of secrets, and there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed!
       52. The wheels of My judgment grind exceeding slow--for the repercussions of this plague are far-reaching--and they do grind exceeding fine. For this nation has touched the apple of My eye--My little ones, My precious ones, favored in My sight. I have said, "Suffer little children to come unto Me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." And these have hindered My little ones in coming. They have despised and contorted and twisted the words of My prophet David, and I do repay! I am not mocked!
       53. What this nation has sown, they now reap--and I hit where it hurts! I do poke them back in their eye, where it is most sensitive, most delicate. For as they did attempt to poke My eye--My most prized possession, My most sensitive spot, My faithful little ones--I do turn around and poke their most sensitive spot: their pocketbooks! I punch holes in their pockets, that all may know and that all may see that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!
       54. And know that as David prayed in Tenerife for justice to be done, and I did blow on the planes in answer to prayer, so do I send this mystery plague in answer to David's prayers and those of My children. Great are the prayers of My children, and they do reach Me in My great hall of Heaven! I have seen your tears, I have heard your cries, and I do answer.
       55. Think not that this is strong judgment, for My hand moves according to the choices of man. These have chosen to mock My messengers. Therefore as they have meted out, it is measured back unto them. For whosoever shall stumble even one of My little ones, it would be better for him that a millstone be put around his neck and he be cast into the sea! I pour out strong judgment for those who be stiff-necked and hardened in heart. As I did to Pharaoh in the days of Moses, I send plagues on this modern-day Egypt. For My children have cried and I have heard their pleading, and I have said, "Let My people go!"
       56. Fear not, therefore, to proclaim the truth to all who will listen! Fear not for scornful reactions. Proclaim that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God! And I do live! I am alive and I vindicate My children! Fear not to proclaim that I am the Lord your God. I am faithful to My children, merciful to those who do keep My commandments to a thousand generations. I am not slack [EDITED: "concerning My promises"] towards My children, and I repay to the faces of those who have touched the apple of My eye.
       57. Therefore be encouraged that I do fight for you in battle! And know that as the days grow darker, you must lean hard on Me, and call upon Me to fight for you in battle. I do this thing to encourage your faith. And as the days grow darker, it is becoming more black and white. I will perform miracles and wonders for My children, for it will be necessary to stem the tide of iniquity that is covering the Earth.
       58. Fear not to be bold and to stand strong in the power of My might! I do vindicate, I do intercede and I do protect My little ones. They mocked My messengers and I repay. Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but My children trust wholly in Me, and I shall win the battle!
       59. And as these tamper, attempting to put doors where doors do not belong, I do blow them down! For I am not pleased with this science falsely so-called--this tampering here and there, cutting and merging, fusing in parts from animal to man, transplanting parts where parts do not belong, medical procedures running wild! They that sow to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, and in this I am not well pleased. Therefore I do blow on it and they shall not prosper. (End of prophecy.) [EDITED: "Note: As mentioned above, mad cow disease is believed to have entered British herds in 1986, after cattle feed was supplemented with sheep offal infected with another brain-wasting disease, scrapie."]

Hillary Clinton "Talks" to Eleanor Roosevelt!
       60. {\ul \i (Mama:) }There was quite a flurry in the news when it was reported that Hillary Clinton has had "imaginary conversations" with former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who died in 1962. Again, to give you a little background, I'll include a few paragraphs from a news article on this subject:

       61. Excerpts of a book called "The Choice" by Bob Woodward, an assistant managing editor at The Washington Post, caused a media buzz with the revelation that Mrs. Clinton held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt under the guidance of Jean Houston, co-director of the Foundation for Mind Research. In the past, Mrs. Clinton has said she identifies with the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt and often seeks inspiration from her example.
       62. Woodward reports that Houston, author of several New Age self-help books, instructed Mrs. Clinton to imagine she was speaking with the former first lady. After Mrs. Clinton shared the trials of being in the White House with Mrs. Roosevelt, the book says Mrs. Clinton followed Houston's advice and spoke as if she were her predecessor: "I was misunderstood," Hillary replied, her eyes still shut, speaking as Mrs. Roosevelt. "You have to do what you think is right."
       63. Mrs. Clinton did acknowledge in her syndicated column on June 4 that she had talked with the former first lady: "I occasionally have imaginary conversations with Mrs. Roosevelt to try to figure out what she would do in my shoes," Mrs. Clinton wrote. "She usually responds by telling me to buck up or at least to grow skin as thick as a rhinoceros."

       64. {\ul \i (Mama:) }Following are some comments from a member of one of our WS units whom we call upon to pray and hear from the Lord from time to time. She said:

       65. "As I was reading the news about Hillary Clinton, I was wondering if she really did make contact with Mrs. Roosevelt. Since I had received a message from Mrs. Roosevelt that will, God willing, be included in one of the upcoming 'Celestial Interviews' books, I wondered if she would have anything to say about this. As I thought about this, I began to hear her voice coming through, so I recorded a message from her, which is quite interesting. Apparently when these departed spirits get a chance to talk, they have a lot to say! Here is the message I received:"

       66. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Eleanor Roosevelt speaking:) }Yes, I did have conversations with Mrs. Clinton. I attempted to influence her. However, she is not as you are. She does not have the calling or ministry of being a receiver, and many times she was simply not listening.
       67. Many times she projected her own thoughts into what I was saying, so that the thought became garbled and unclear. The message was indistinct, because it was mixed with her own thoughts. She imagined what she thought I would say. This gives an unclear picture, because there are exact, specific, precise things I would like to say. The human vessel can impede the transmission of our message from beyond; their own thoughts cause static and interference.
       68. But you, who are trained as receivers, those of you who have learned how to exercise the gift of prophecy, you understand what it is to distance your own thoughts from the matter at hand. You understand and pray not to project your own thoughts into my speech. You wait quietly, expectantly, for a voice that is not your own, for a voice that is from beyond.
       69. Even your training in discerning the spirits is very useful in this. You have learned to recognize the voices of doubt, of pessimism, of pride, of sensitivity, of cruelty, or of self-aggrandizement. There are many spirits who would seek to influence those on Earth. I myself am but one. But in your training about controlling your thoughts and daydreaming, and bringing your own thoughts into captivity, you have learned how to reject the evil influences that seek to pervert your thinking and destroy your connection with God. (Mama: Lord willing, the subject of how to keep your own thoughts in check when hearing from the Lord in prophecy will be covered in an upcoming FSM on practical tips for prophecy meetings.)
       70. ({\ul \i Prophecy continues:)} I am very thankful that I am on the side of the good spirits. For we are all given a choice, just as all of us were given choices when on Earth, and my choice was to continue to try to do all I could to work for good, for God, for love--and not just for social causes, but for love between individuals.
       71. For this reason, when Hillary opened up her mind I tried to get through, and I was able to, somewhat. But as I said, she projected her own thoughts into my words. She was not a good receiver. She has her own program. And while she wished to draw courage from my example, she did not ask me what I thought her program should be. She has her own agenda.
       72. There are those who have their own plans, and simply want God or His angels or departed spirits to bless that plan and hasten its completion. There are others, like you and those of your Family, and especially Queen Maria and King Peter, who say, "Tell me, Lord, what should be our plan? What should we do?" These will God bless most mightily, for their efforts are in tune with His will. The closer your will is to His and the more and more perfectly you align your plan or your agenda with His, the more powerful and effective you will be.
       73. Many seek and strive to do good, but they miss the mark because they do not measure their doings by God's yardstick, which is the Bible and His Words spoken today through His servants. Instead they use as their measuring stick the current trend of thought, the accepted norm, what is called in the Bible the opinions of men. This practice will eventually bring a time of trouble and devastation, as those who are well-meaning in their desire to do good, such as the liberals, for one case, will fail in their efforts. Mankind will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived, and the love of many will wax cold.
       74. But remember this--there is real Truth to be found, and proper methods and ways and means which will bear fruit. One only has to say, "Show me the way," and God will reveal Himself, and Jesus will show the way. For the truest way to help the condition of mankind is not by huge organizations or by mobilizing vast numbers of people and turning them to your point of view, but it is the one-on-one approach, the meticulous, laborious efforts to influence hearts one at a time. As a pyramidal pattern, each one will reach a few more, and each of those will reach a few more. It will be a ripple effect, for each life touches many others.
       75. Therefore seek to bless and influence those whose lives you touch intimately and in a personal way. Seek to meet their needs--emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Seek to alleviate suffering where you find it, when it touches you. Do not take on projects or activities which offer fame but are not ultimately fruitful, but help one-on-one--the ones you meet, the ones you touch. When you touch them now with God's Love and the Love of Jesus, you'll see them in Heaven, and they will be eternally grateful. (End of prophecy.)

Netanyahu, a Man of War!
       76. ({\ul \i Mama:) }A figure who has been much in the news lately is the recently elected prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. I was sure the Lord would have something to say about this man, but before sharing the prophecy the Lord gave, here is a thumbnail sketch giving some background on him, which was compiled from various news articles:

       77. Benjamin Netanyahu, present prime minister of Israel, is popularly known as "Bibi." At 46 he is the youngest prime minister Israel has ever had, and he stands out sharply from Israel's traditional politicians and party insiders. Admirers and critics alike describe him as an ambitious, driven perfectionist.
       78. The son of a Cornell University professor, Netanyahu spent most of his teenage years in the United States, attending high school in a Philadelphia suburb and studying architecture and business administration at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
       79. He returned to Israel for army duty, serving in an elite army commando unit and reaching the rank of captain.
       80. In 1976, Netanyahu's older brother Yonatan died in the commando raid that freed passengers of a hijacked jetliner in Entebbe, Uganda. The death of Yonatan, who became an Israeli hero, strongly shaped Netanyahu. He set up the Jonathan Institute--using the English version of his brother's name--a foundation that studies ways to combat terrorism.
       81. There Netanyahu caught the eye of Israel's ambassador to Washington, Moshe Arens, who named him his deputy in 1982. Two years later, Netanyahu became Israeli ambassador to the United Nations.
       82. Netanyahu--well-connected and well-dressed--was a hit in Washington, parlaying the appointment into an important political post, from which he worked to end Israel's international isolation and target Arab terrorism.
       83. In 1988 he was elected to Israel's parliament, the Knesset, and beat out a half-dozen rivals five years later to succeed Yitzhak Shamir as party leader.
       84. During the Gulf War, Netanyahu became known internationally as Israel's spokesman--giving interviews in unaccented English and once appearing on CNN in a gas mask.
       85. In May of 1996, he was elected prime minister of Israel, narrowly beating Shimon Peres.

       86. ({\ul \i Mama:) }When I asked the Lord if He had anything to say about Benjamin Netanyahu, He gave the following:

       87. ({\ul \i Prophecy, Jesus speaking:)} Curtain time! Curtain time! The stage is set. One, two, three--action! This is it! The curtain goes up in the Endtime play--the greatest show on Earth! It won't be long now, for I do set the actors in position. I give them their parts, I assign the roles, and I pass out the scripts for the final scene.
       88. This one, Netanyahu, plays a leading role in My Endtime play. For have I not said that the evil one of the Last Days shall fight wars?--And not one, nor two, but five? Therefore, with whom shall he wage war but with yet another man of war. Is this one not hard-line for his cause? He stands strong, firm in conviction, and is not afraid of war. He opposes peace and is willing to fight for what he believes. And he who opposes peace shall fight in war.
       89. This one accuses others of the same sin of which he himself is guilty, for he is as a pot calling the kettle black. For was not his Israel founded and built on terrorist activity? Were not these, who call themselves Israel, established by guerrilla warriors and murderers, criminals who massacred My innocent people? Does he not take on the same hard-line tactics? He vows a vow, and his desire is to stick to his guns--guns and weapons of war to defend his land. He does not seek peace and to share. And though there be those walking beside him who would seek to yield and to make peace, this one is not agreed. He seeks not peace, but war is in his heart.
       90. Therefore watch and pray, My children, that you enter not into temptation. Watch and pray that you be not overtaken as by a thief in the night. Watch and pray and work My works, before the night is upon you when no man can work. I will lead you a step at a time. I will lead and I will guide and I will reveal unto you, My children, at the given time, as the choices are made, a step at a time. Watch and pray that you be not overtaken as by a thief in the night.
       91. The curtain is going up for the final act! The rulers of the Earth and the kings of men are in My hand. It is I who will put up one and take down another, for all that I have spoken through My prophets will be fulfilled.
       92. I do put this one in place at this time that My purposes be established. For he will rule with a hard hand. He will not be afraid to stand up to the Evil One. He will resist and stand his ground. There will not be one jot or one tittle that will not come to pass. For these are tools in My hand and I do use them to prepare the way for My return. Be prepared, the curtain is going up! (End of prophecy.)

       93. ({\ul \i Mama:)} The outstanding message that the Lord is trying to impress upon us in this prophecy is the same one He has been giving us all along: "Be prepared!" He repeatedly tells us to "watch and pray" so that we're not overtaken or surprised by the awesome events of the End that are about to befall the world.
       94. Apparently the Lord views the new prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a man of war, one who will withstand and fight against the "King of the North" of Daniel chapter 11--who, as you know, is none other than the Antichrist, or the "evil one," as the Lord refers to him in this prophecy.
       95. It's also interesting to note that Netanyahu is not only a man of war, but he's firmly in the camp of the Israeli religious right, the orthodox Jews who will insist that the King of the North hammer out some kind of "holy covenant" with them, guaranteeing them access to their holy sites in Jerusalem. (Daniel 9:27; 11:28.) So hold on to your hats, it may be later than you think, and the End may be closer than you think! God help us all to "work the works of Him that has sent us while it is still day!" Amen?

Behind the Scenes of the Russian Elections!
       96. We recently asked the Lord to speak concerning President Yeltsin and the significance of Russia's presidential elections. We were particularly interested in hearing what the Lord had to say about Alexander Lebed, the new head of Russia's Security Council, who has been in the news quite a bit of late. Another person of interest is the ultra-nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky. You don't hear much about him any more, after a period in which he was quite vocal.
       97. Here is a brief news summary, to update you on the progression of events that led up to and immediately followed the Russian election:

       98. After the first round of voting for Russian president on June 16th, neither Boris Yeltsin nor his Communist challenger, Gennadi Zyuganov, had won a majority. It was close, as most polls had predicted. Yeltsin won 35 percent and Zyuganov came in second at 32 percent. So Yeltsin began dealing with other presidential candidates to win a popular majority in the run-off election a few weeks later, in which he alone would face Zyuganov.
       99. Yeltsin turned to General Alexander Lebed to appeal to nationalists and militarists who were leaning toward the Communist as their final choice. Lebed, who finished a strong third in the general election with 15 percent of the vote, was an obvious choice.
       100. Lebed, 46, is a former paratroop general and Afghan war hero who is enormously popular in the Russian army, where he served for 25 years. He has a stern visage with a commanding glare and a rasping basso voice, and is a fervent nationalist who has repeatedly called for rebuilding the demoralized Russian military as a first step to restore Russia as a great power. He appeals to hardliners with his vision of a strong army and a mighty Russia, and to reformers with a liberal economic program. His slogan of "Truth and Order" and promise to purge corruption and crime appeals to many Russians. He blasts the Communist past and the "even greater vileness and lies" of today's Russia.
       101. Yeltsin appointed Lebed to head Russia's powerful Security Council, which oversees Russia's military, police and security forces. He also broadened the powers of the job, giving Lebed direct responsibility for military reform and fighting crime and corruption, and even talked about making the general his successor in the year 2000. In return, Lebed then issued the direct endorsement Yeltsin had been seeking.
       102. With this endorsement, Yeltsin then went on to win the run-off election on July 3rd, garnering 56 percent of the vote to the Communists' 40 percent. (Roughly 5 percent of Russian voters were so disgusted at the choice between Yeltsin and Zyuganov that they voted for "none of the above" on their ballot.)
       103. Lebed has moved quickly to consolidate his power. After his appointment, Yeltsin unceremoniously dumped the unpopular defense minister, Pavel Grachev, who had embarrassed Yeltsin by bungling the Chechnya military campaign and was a foe of Lebed's. Several senior generals then put their troops on alert in an attempt to pressure Yeltsin to retain Grachev, and were speedily dismissed by Lebed.
       104. As Russia's new security chief, Lebed pledged to back tougher visa requirements for foreigners and promised to toughen passport regulations, restricting the movement of foreign citizens in Russia.
       105. He has also vowed to get tough on foreign religions like the Mormons, who have established a large, visible presence in Russia. He called the Mormons "filth" and "scum," and said, according to Russian news agencies, "There is no place for them on our land. They should be outlawed. We have three officially recognized religions: Orthodoxy, Islam and Buddhism."
       106. After protests from U.S. officials and the Mormon church--as well as Jewish groups, who were not listed among his "recognized religions"--he toned down his rhetoric a little, but repeated his opposition to foreign religions that operate on Russian soil.
       107. Lebed said that sects of the Aum Shinri-Kyo-type were "a nasty thing, bringing nothing but corruption to the people and ruin to the State as a whole." In his opinion, such sects should be banned.
       108. Lebed insisted that Russia needs to control religion, and suggested tightening visa requirements to keep out "strangers on our territory." "I don't mean building a new Iron Curtain," he said. "If everything is arranged in a civilized way, no one will be offended."
       109. With Yeltsin again in failing health after the election, many Russians are wondering if Lebed will take on an even greater role in the government.
       110. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a 50-year-old lawyer, is a very hard-line Russian nationalist and the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, a major force in the present Russian parliament. His outrageous statements and antics have made headline news around the world. He has advocated such things as napalming Chechen villages, shooting 100,000 people when he comes to power [EDITED: "presumably those who don't agree with him"], and annexing Poland, Finland, Turkey and Alaska. He burst onto the scene in the 1991 presidential race, finishing a stunning third behind Yeltsin with 8 percent of the vote. His party became the top opposition force in 1993, finishing second only to the Communists last December with 7.7 million votes, or 11 percent. In this June's presidential election he came in fifth, with only 6 percent of the vote.

       111. ({\ul \i Mama:) }Seeing how things are heating up in Russia, it's no wonder the Lord spoke with such urgency in the prophecies that were published in GN 685, "Pour Forth, Go Forth, For the Time Is Short!" (ML #3058.) Now you can read what else He has to say about Russia and the signs of the times!

       112. ({\ul \i Prophecy,} {\ul \i Jesus speaking:)} Again I say unto you, the stage is set and the curtain goes up for the last scene of the great play! The actors are ready and the script is set. This one, Lebed, plays a supporting role--nevertheless, a very important role. For he is dubbed by Satan, this man of war, trained up in the military, that his talents and gifts may be used in the final scene.
       113. Take unto you now a paper and pen, and write out a simple illustration. Spell out his name, spell out the letters, lay them on the table one by one. Lebed--L.E.B.E.D. Now reverse them and see what you have--Debel--D.E.B.E.L. It sounds like devil. It's just about, almost, not quite on the mark, but close. And as the spelling is close, so is the man--close to the Devil. This one is not Satan incarnate, yet he walks as one of his. Think not that this simple illustration is of no importance. For I say to you that even the littlest signs are of great significance in My sight.
       114. This one has been nurtured and trained in the way of generals that he may play this role in the Endtime play. For is not the time of Antichrist reign a time of wars, and will not the Impostor fight many wars? Therefore he has need of military men in high places, generals of war.
       115. This one is a rebel at heart--a rebel against Me and My Truth. I say once again, put pen to paper and spell out the word "rebel"--R.E.B.E.L. Lay the letters on the table. Now likewise, reverse them, and read the name. Rebel in reverse equals Leber--L.E.B.E.R.--close to Lebed, L.E.B.E.D. I say unto you, this one is as a rebel, lesser in degree than some, more subdued in some ways, but even so a rebel against Me and My ways.
       116. Marvel not that I speak unto you in simple illustrations, for has not your queen asked Me to spell it out in simple terms? I reveal not these things unto the wise and to the prudent, but unto you, My simple children of childlike faith--simple and childlike, but strong in faith.--Not strong in the ways of the world and man's wisdom, but strong in Me and in My power and My might, that I might be glorified. In such great faith I am well pleased. And for such great faith I do reward you, My children, with the truth.
       117. And think not that this man, Zhirinovsky, has dropped out of the play. He is but backstage, waiting his turn. He's in the dressing room, preparing, having his make-up touched up a bit, changing his costume for his next appearance. Remember that these are but actors in the great play, and so do they look to the director of the play for their cues, for their timing, and to know when is the appointed time to exit stage right, or enter stage left. These are as marionettes, motivated and moved about the stage by the evil puppeteer. For Satan moves these, and motivates them.
       118. And know that the man Yeltsin is but another puppet in the final scene. And although he is a man delicate in health, I say to you, he will only be cut off at the appointed time. For he adds to the thickening of the plot, and stands as one who but helps to bide the time for the moment at hand.
       119. I say unto you, My children, tune in and watch the great play with anticipation, with ears of attentiveness and eyes of expectancy. Pay close attention to the dialogue, follow the story line closely, that you may know which direction the play is taking and where it is heading. I will lead you and guide you a step at a time, as you tune in, as you pick up on the clues.
       120. Although I am able to tell you the end from the beginning, this would spoil the play for many. So it is of My Own choosing to lead you little by little, to hold you in intrigue, to flavor the play with mystery, action and a touch of suspense, that you may enjoy to the full the final ending. And as I have bestowed upon man the majesty of choice, so am I bound to allow man to choose. I would not, therefore, reveal certain matters before the appointed time, for this would be as rescuing some prematurely.
       121. For many, yea, multitudes, yet stand halting in the doorway of the theater, deciding which position or seat to take. It is appointed unto them that of their own accord, they must decide. Each one must choose of their own free will where in the play they will take their positions, or where in the theater they would choose to sit. Positions must yet be filled--be it on center stage, or for supporting actors, or merely for stand-ins. Then there are members of the choir, yet to be picked, and vacant spots yet to be filled in the orchestra. Some stage crew is needed and supporting staff. Tickets even now are being sold for seats in the audience--box seats, balcony, or ground floor, front, middle, and back.
       122. There are those who stand in the valley of decision, deciding their role in the Endtime play, deciding if they will enter in and participate, or merely observe from the audience.
       123. And upon you, My children, I do bestow the leading role! Think not that the lead is reserved for the Antichrist! For you are the saviors of the Earth! You are the grand finale and My leading stars! All things move according to My will and according to the power of your prayers, to bring about My plan and purpose.
       124. And learn a truth, My children, that you be not overtaken as if by a thief in the night. For I say to you that the Antichrist has come and does reign even now! And though the revelation of the man incarnate will be revealed in My time, know that the spirit of Antichrist reigns even now, and is flooding the Earth as the waters cover the seas.
       125. Therefore, My children, open your eyes and discern the signs of the times--that the skies are red, red with warning, and black, black with clouds, and, lo, the great confusion is even upon the inhabitants of Earth! Are the masses not confused and torn and tattered and blown about? Are not men's minds scrambled and cluttered with complexities and confusion? Do not the waves of the seas roar with the crashing sounds of thunder? Has not the love of many waxed cold, and is not the Earth filled with evil men and seducers waxing worse and worse on every side? Yea, for I say, the Great Confusion is upon the peoples of the Earth. It has begun and continues to gain momentum day by day. Confusion, murkiness, distortions and atrocities are on every side. Polluted waters on troubled seas do cover the Earth.
       126. For just as I pour down My Spirit upon you, My children, and those who would yield to Me and whom I choose to be My voices, so does Satan pour down his spirit upon these who would prepare the way for his coming. And this one, Alexander Lebed, yields himself to Satan, to be used as a tool in his hands.
       127. Satan is loosed and brings with him great confusion! He walks about as a roaring lion, and as a wolf in sheep's clothing, seeking to devour and destroy those in his path--those who are weak, those who would fall for his chicanery, those who choose to yield to the pride of life. He seeks to disrupt and destroy, for in destruction lies his power. He lures and persuades with subtleties and seeming pleasures--delightful to the eye, appealing to the taste, soothing to the ears of those who would prefer to live in strong delusion. He uses the deceitfulness of science falsely so-called, and the wizardry of modern technology to control the masses. He invents and schemes with his false images transmitted throughout the Earth. He tries hard to gain ground and offers these delights to those who would serve him.
       128. He seeks those who would worship him, those who would believe in him, those who would bow down to love and obey him. And know that the Evil One seeks those who would love and adore him, that he may turn to Me and say, "Aha, aha! See, I am king!" Satan attempts to imitate My great Love in hope of gaining control. But there is no new thing under the sun, and Satan does but offer the imitation love. For he is but the imitation Christ, with the imitation love, trying to set up the imitation kingdom of utopia on Earth!
       129. But I say unto you, let your hearts rejoice! Rejoice and be exceeding glad, and know that your redemption draws nigh! Let these events encourage your hearts, that you may know that the End is near! Let this be a day of rallying among you, My children, to work as though everything depends on work, to witness as though everything depends on witnessing, to love as though everything depends on love, to teach your children as though everything depends on teaching your children, to fill up on My Words as though everything depends on filling up on My Words, because it does.
       130. Be strengthened and fight on to win the lost at any cost! Spend time with Me in strengthening and renewal, that you may learn to listen to My voice, that you may get your directions fresh from Me every day, each step of the way, for in this you will find strength to carry on. And whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. Be strong in Me and in My power!
       131. Rejoice and be glad, I say, for this is the day that all the prophets have dreamed of! Be glad, and let this spur you to action! Be vigilant and be sobered by these events, by these elections, by the signs of the times, knowing that the day is at hand! Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation. And know that there has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man. But I am your faithful God Who will make a way to escape that you might bear it, as you lean hard and wholly on Me and Me alone. Therefore, watch and pray! And know that the trials and the discouragements and the testings that you have passed through are for a purpose--to make you strong, to prepare you, that you may run the final race to victory!
       132. Watch and pray and be ready for this day, knowing that your time of training has been well worth it. This is a time to lay aside the weights and the sins that have sought to hinder and tie you down. Lay them aside, and run the race that is set before you!
       133. Get on your mark, get set, get ready--go! You have trained long and hard with weights on your ankles--first light, then medium, and then heavier. But I say to you, this is the day to remove the weights, that you may run! Rejoice, and know that you have been in rigorous training for a purpose! The day is at hand and I need you to run! Therefore, run, that you may boldly stand, proclaiming My Truth to the world in its last dying hour!
       134. I raise you up, My wise children, to instruct many. You, who know Me, will be strong and do great exploits as you keep your eyes fixed on Me. You, My faithful ones, I empower from on high that you may call down fire from the heavens as you stem the tides of iniquity that cover the Earth! Therefore stand strong and fight on!
       135. Be encouraged that these events are working out My plan and My purpose. Stand strong, without spot or blemish, as teachers of the Earth. Lift up the hands and heads of those who hang down, and shine forth My light across the nations! For many will come to you in great numbers seeking the Truth. Therefore, be prepared, that you may instruct many. For they will come. They will flock to you in great droves, as the sands of the sea, in great number!
       136. The bugle call is sounding! This is your day! Go forth and shine! I thrust you out as lights in the midst of great darkness. You are it, and this is it! Fear not, but fight on! I will empower you, and the darkness will not overcome My light. Fear not for the gross darkness, for My power in you is the most powerful force on the face of the Earth, and Satan cannot overcome you. For by My mighty hand I will work miracles and great signs and wonders in the heavens on your behalf!
       137. Rejoice and be glad, for the hour is come! And yet a little while and I will come! Therefore, watch and pray that you enter not into temptation. Satan knows that his time is short, therefore he seeks to hinder, to discourage, to dampen and to harm. He would seek to slow you down and snuff you out. Therefore, watch and pray like a house afire! Hold fast that which you have, and unite your hearts in brotherly love. For in unity there is strength, and I will strengthen you with strength that you know not of!
       138. Be steadfast and immovable! Stay awake, alert, alive and attentive! Be aware and sleep not! Don't miss a step or a beat, lest you fall by the wayside. Pray hard, work hard, memorize hard, study hard, witness hard. Love the lost, for you may never have another chance. Get on with it now!
       139. I will never leave you nor forsake you. For, lo, I am with you even until the very End, right on through to eternity! And in that day, what a rejoicing there will be! Lo, I say, like no other that the world, no, nor even the universe, has ever known--in that day when I descend from the heavens with a mighty shout to rescue My Own! (End of prophecy.)

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