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SUFFER LITTLE CHILDREN TO COME UNTO ME!--By Maria       Maria #351       DO/TS 3074       9/96

       --Answers to Our Questions About the New Children's Christmas Tract!

       1. After receiving the new Christmas tract from the Lord in prophecy, "Christmas Gifts for You," I was inspired to ask for a new tract for kids as well! Praise the Lord, He came through wonderfully, and you will be receiving the tract with this mailing.
       2. When you read this tract, you might have questions similar to the ones I and others had when we first heard it. Some wondered if children in the System receiving this tract might take the Lord's promises of power too literally, expecting things to happen in the physical world which are only possible in the spiritual realm. Also, how could our own children explain to children who have never known the Lord, the wonderful things that Jesus can do for us in the Spirit? For example, when reading "the power of love can do anything," might some of the children receiving this tract wonder if this power will fly them off on a magic carpet or rocket ship to the moon so they can touch the sky, or make their dead parents come alive again on request, or give them perfect grades for the rest of their lives, or fill their house with ice cream and chocolates that never run out?
       3. I decided to ask the Lord for some assurances that He indeed did know what He was doing in giving this tract, and that He wanted our adults and children alike to proceed with distributing it. Not only did we pray here for the answers, but someone at one of our pubs units, unbeknownst to us, also asked the Lord about it. Following is what the Lord gave:
* * *

(First prophecy:)
       4. (Jesus speaking:) Suffer little children to come unto Me, for of such is My Kingdom. Suffer little children of the world to come unto Me, and forbid them not. Suffer little children to come to My bosom. Hold not back My Words of Love, for My heart aches for them! Oh, how My tears flow for them! How My heart is sore vexed for them! Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not. Limit them not by your own lack of faith and unbelief.
       5. For My Love is power! And all things are possible to him that believes in My Love and My power! And My Words are Spirit and they are life to them that would believe. Therefore, suffer these little children of the world to come unto Me. Limit not the power of My Love. Limit not the guidance of My Spirit that will lead and guide My little children into all truth. For My sheep hear My voice and they follow, and a stranger they will not follow. And so do I speak the Words of truth to My children around the world, for they seek, they hunger, and they are in need.
       6. Did I not speak to the people in parables? I did not explain away My Own stories, but trusted My loving Father to work in hearts. Did I not speak, and those who were hardened in heart and blinded in understanding understood Me not? But those of childlike faith do believe and will believe. Therefore, limit not My power, but trust My Spirit to do the work in their hearts.
       7. My children in the world do hunger and thirst! They are athirst and in need, for there is a famine in the land--a famine for My Words and for My Spirit. Even now in the Heavens I see their tears and I hear their cries and I do answer. I answer by giving the simple truth, the simple solution, the simple key, that if they would but call on Me, I will answer, and I will teach them and guide them into all truth.
       8. Suffer them to come unto Me, and forbid them not. Limit them not. My heart is pained, for these are they whose fathers and mothers do forsake them, whose fathers and mothers do give them up to the gods of the System. These are they who are buffeted about by the lies of Satan! These are they who are tossed about by every wind of every doctrine.
       9. These are they who are surrounded by lies on all sides--in their schools, through their TV sets, through movies, through their video and computer games and the technology of modern man. These are they who live in broken homes, with broken dreams and broken hopes, and they question, they seek.
       10. These are they who are pained with the horrors of war and destruction and disaster, who are crying out for some relief! These are they who have nowhere to look but up, who are hungry and ready and ripe for My truth! These are they who are being fed the lies of Satan, and I would that My truth break through.
       11. Think it not strange that I speak to these of My spiritual realities. For these are they who are being fed lies about supernatural power and wonders. Consider what they drink in day after day--stories of supernatural power and wonders which are twisted and contorted. Lies in many forms in their stories from the world around them. Satan exposes them to these things. He is conditioning them; he tries to lure them and to win them.
       12. Worrying about how they will interpret My message is but the least of your worries! For these are they who do see and hear and listen to false truths day in and day out. These are they who are surrounded by propaganda and lies. These are they who day in and day out receive images of monsters and fighting and killing, and hatred on every side. These are they who are being force-fed the lies of Satan, and I do wish to break his spell!
       13. Therefore limit not My Spirit that will speak to them and will guide them into all truth. Limit Me not when I say to My children that by My power of Love they can touch the sky. Be not like the doubting intellectual who says they will not understand. But be as a little child, believing in faith, who dares to take the promises from My mouth just as they are, appropriate them for himself, and act upon them.
       14. Trust Me and My Spirit of Truth that will lead them, and these of such simple, believing childlike faith will receive the most wonderful answer to their prayers, as I solve their problems and meet their needs. For when they call, I will answer, and they will see the realities of My Spirit. For they do live in a world of spirit. They do live in the supernatural, and false spirits do fight to seduce them. I would that you give them the antidote. I would that you give them the answer. I would that you give them the hope that they so desperately need.
       15. Suffer little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not. Doubt not yourselves, but only obey. Give and it shall be given unto you, with good measure, pressed down, and shaken together.
       16. Know that I have spoken My message, that My sheep hear My voice and they will follow, and a stranger they will not follow. For these Words are Spirit and they are life to all who will receive. And these are they who are ripe! These are they who have an intuition for sincerity, who do seek for honesty and truthfulness and are sensitive in spirit. These are they who do sense who is good and who is bad, who is honest and who is a liar.
       17. Fear not for the results, but only trust My Spirit to bring the desired fruit. For I am He who does change hearts, and I will work in their hearts and in their minds to bring the desired results.
       18. Be not faithless yourselves, but believing, as you drop these little seeds of My truth into the empty holes of their empty hearts and cover them up with the loving warmth of My Love. Trust My Spirit. For as you deliver My Truth to these, My children in the world, My great, loving sunshine will warm them and My Word will water them to bring forth the miracle of new life! My sheep hear My voice and they follow, and a stranger they will not follow. (End of prophecy.)

       (Second prophecy:)
       19. (Jesus speaking:) I am power, and I am healing, and I am terrific and loving and bolstering and caring and all the things that the children truly want! They don't want bombs, they want love. They don't want the System images deep in their hearts, but what they truly want is love and understanding. However, in their warped views, caused by the lack of love they have received, they often want these things they cannot and should not have. It is true and it is sad. But I do heal! I do bring back parents that are gone, for I can bring them to touch their hearts from the dead. I can do it, and I am doing it daily. These things are true.
       20. So give them hope. Let those who are looking for hope have this chance to reach out, to give their imaginations a chance to reach out in the spirit. Put something before them, beyond their reach, and then challenge them to reach for it as they reach for Me.
       21. Yes, give it to them! Please, do not hold back the power of My Love and the great strengthening I have for them by being afraid to promise them something they can't relate to in the physical. Give them My Spirit, and see them reach out in faith. Let the doubters go, but let the believers believe. Do not hold back from the believers due to the doubters. Feed My sheep! (End of prophecy.)

Copyright 1996 The Family