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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.83       Maria #352       DO/TS 3075       9/96
--By Maria

Dear Family,
       1. In this GN I'm including a number of messages from Heaven received by some of our folks as a result of my asking the Lord to tell us about various world leaders and countries highlighted in the news. In these messages, the Lord gives us amazing insight into some of the countries and leaders of this world. He gives us privileged information that only He knows, revealing the truth about these countries and their leaders. He explains to us the great need they have, and how we can change things by our prayers.
       2. Just because the Lord shows His compassion and love for the peoples of these countries and their leaders, it doesn't mean that He or we necessarily endorse their politics or actions. It does mean, however, that He loves them, and He wants to see them partake of His wonderful, eternal plan of Salvation. He wants to give them happiness in place of their misery and light in place of their darkness. His heart is broken for them. That is why He shares such priceless truths with us, so that we can help Him in the great task of reaching them with His Love. "Powerful are the prayers of the children of David," and He's depending upon us to pray those prayers.
       3. Dad was faithful to intercede before the Lord for the world's rulers year after year, and encouraged us to do so as well. It is even more important now, as the forces of darkness are closing in, further confusing the minds and hearts of those who make weighty decisions about the future of their countries.
       4. So in gratitude for such valuable information from the storehouse of God, will you not send up your fervent prayers, thus enabling God to release His powerful forces to intervene in the affairs of countries and their leadership, in order to save their people and bring them to know His Love? Dad said:

              5. "The Lord seeks intercessors to pray for the rulers of this Earth, that goodness and right will triumph over evil! We must pray! We have to pray! I don't think His people pray enough for the rulers. I have a great burden for them.--In Jesus' name!" (ML #2351:1).

              6. "Our job is to pray for peace, God's Word says so. Pray for your rulers and magistrates and those that have the rule over you, kings and princes, etc. Pray for peace that the Gospel might be published. So it's our job to pray above all, that whoever takes over, whoever is in command, the Lord will give us peace as long as possible to finish our job. Amen? So I guess it's time to pray, pray for peace!" (ML #1767:152).

              7. "I hope you've been praying for your country, 'cause it's to our advantage that we pray for the kings and magistrates and the people who have the rule over us, that we shall have peace for the Gospel as long as possible. St. Paul exhorts this, right? (1Tim.2:1-2). So I suggest you keep on praying, and maybe pray a little harder" (ML #937:95).

              8. "God bless the government and God save the king! God's Word in the Bible tells us we should pray for the kings and the rulers and the magistrates and the judges and the police and those that have the rule over us and who are in authority (1Tim.2:1-2). He says that they are there to keep the peace and to protect us so that we might live in peace (Rom.13)" (ML #633:60).

              9. "Thy will be done. Have Thy way, Lord. You asked us to pray for kings and presidents, and they certainly need it right now, the world's rulers, those that have the rule over us, magistrates and all!" (ML #906:51).

       10. {\b \i (Mama:)} Several of the countries that the Lord talks about in this GN are in the important regions of the Middle East and Far East, where major events are presently occurring. Although the Lord led us to ask Him about these particular countries, this does not mean that other countries are less important or that we are de-emphasizing the other fields where the Family is now laboring. The Lord loves all His lost sheep in every country where He has placed them, and He will undoubtedly place on your heart a special burden to pray for certain countries. If He does, consider that your special responsibility, because He will be counting on you to do this prayer job for Him, while He will be asking others to especially pray for other areas.
       11. Don't fail to heed His call to prayer when He puts it on your heart! If you can't go as a missionary to one of these fields, you can at least pray, and the Lord will count that as a great and important mission. May God bless you as you pray, as you give, and as you go!
       Much love, Mama

Great Britain
       12. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:)} [EDITED: "This is"] the old country, a land which is set in its ways, which has vast pockets of darkness and poverty--not materially, but spiritually. For they are set in their ways, and prejudiced and bigoted. Great and powerful are those who seek to guide things in this continent [EDITED: "Europe"], to unify them, to align themselves with the Beast and to make war on the saints, those who believe in Me.
* * *

       13. Look at England. Which of the prophets have they not persecuted? Which of My children down through the centuries have they not persecuted? Yes, they are full of the bones and the blood of the martyrs, even until this day, in this so-called civilized day. Yet this is the hour of man's supposed triumph over his own fate. For in these Last Times I do loose the cords and the restricting bands, and I allow these, the men of the Earth, the supposed great ones, to perform their own will and their own doing. They think that they are the masters of their own fate, yet all these things are being judged in My sight.
* * *

       14. You look out upon this land which I call darkness, a land which I had called light. For did not your forebears [EDITED: "ancestors"] carry My light unto the nations--some in truth and in love and with justice--to lift up the humble and the downtrodden, to feed, to nourish, to heal, and to carry? Yet others did go forth under the cloak of love, but with guile and trickery. Yes, with treachery did they perpetrate evil in the name of good, for not all that call themselves good are good.
       15. Yet now this day I give unto you the awareness of the spiritual warfare around you. For great perplexity is upon the people of this land [EDITED: "Britain"]. Great evil has sought to blind the minds of these who say they see, yet they see not. Such blindness! Such blindness that they know not that they are blind. They say they see, and yet their sin remains. For they see not, and are in gross darkness. For this country is plunged under the cloak of the Evil One, who has sought for many, many long years to deceive that which was a land of light and joy and simplicity and health and happiness.
       16. For this is a day of the demise of many. This is a day of the falling away which I have foreseen and foretold in My great Book. The great apostasy of those who turn from the light to darkness, who turn from truth unto that which is a lie, who receive not the love of the truth, and for this cause they do fall into great confusion and perplexity. They know not at what they stumble, for they walk in darkness.
* * *

       17. Oh, wicked land, how often would I have gathered you unto My bosom as the hen gathers her chicks, and you would not! There was a time when I did highly exalt you to become an empire, when you were willing to do My bidding and take My Gospel unto the nations. But lo, these glorious days are long gone, for My Spirit has departed from you. You are becoming a harbor for evil and vile spirits, an initiator of conspiracies and deviltry and Satanism!
       18. Do you think that I do not see? Do you think that I am blind? My patience has run out. You who persecute My beloved children--did not Pharaoh suffer from countless, innumerable curses, because he did hinder My children? Lo, I am the same today as I was yesterday, and My Spirit will not always strive with you, foolish land. For there was a time when your kings and rulers and leaders and peoples did acknowledge Me, but now every one has gone their own way, following their own desires, going about doing evil.
       19. I say unto you, repent or perish! For as My children depart, so will My Spirit depart, and I will chastise you, foolish and rebellious child! You are the punk. The punks which walk about your streets are but an illustration of what you are to Me, for you have rejected Me and My Love and My children. Therefore severe judgments are about to befall you, and thus shall it be with every nation that forgets God; for My Spirit will not always strive with man. I will no longer tolerate the shenanigans of this spoiled child, this child who once loved Me but now has forgotten its Creator.
* * *

       20. Escape the snare of the fowler! I say turn, shake the dust off your feet, and leave this land, for they are no longer worthy of My children. They have heard the message and you have delivered your soul, and they shall yet hear. They shall hear the message again and again and again. It is My plan that the message shall go forth throughout this whole land, but My children do not need to be there in person for this to happen.
       21. You have been faithful and you have fought a good fight. But now I say, escape the snare of the fowler! For what is the purpose in being there if it is not to be a witness, if it is not to sow the seed and to reap the harvest, to win friends and disciples and hungry souls? But you have performed this, you have fulfilled My will in this. You have sown the seed and you have reaped what there is to reap. Now there is a storm brewing. The skies are dark and heavy with the clouds of My judgment upon these wicked people.
       22. Feel no condemnation, feel no discouragement. Feel liberated that you can leave this God-forsaken land and go where the fields are green and fresh and where the harvest is abundant. Leave this desert land where there is no fruit, and go to the wonderful paradise that I have set before you where the fruit is abundant, where the people cry out, where the people hunger for the Words of David, where they are dying of thirst.
       23. Why would you need to tell these people who have turned a deaf ear over and over and over to My Truth and to My Love, when they no longer want to hear? Why would you stay and force-feed them when they are not hungry, when there are multitudes, yes, multitudes, millions upon millions who wait to be fed, who wait to hear, who desperately cry out?
       24. So shake off the dust of your feet as a testimony against these, and go forward to brighter lands, fruitful lands, happy lands where you will be well received and where you will be protected by the powers that be, instead of persecuted. Where you will be received and blessed instead of imprisoned. Where you will be lifted up and looked upon as saviors instead of cursed and spat upon as devils.
       25. The time is at hand; the job is finished. For I say, this is not a defeat. This is not a retreat. This is progress. This is the future. (End of prophecies.)
* * *

       26. {\b \i (Mama:)} As you can see, the Lord makes it pretty clear that our Family members in Britain should leave for greener pastures where they can bear more fruit. However, please remember that the Lord is speaking in general terms here, so seek Him in prayer for His specific will for you personally. While the Lord's overall plan is that most should move on, there may be a few who cannot leave or whom the Lord may call to remain and tend to the fruitful ministries they have going. So please look to the Lord and hear from Him about His will for you--where He wants you to go, or if He indicates that you should stay, what His will and purpose is in having you remain. God bless and keep you fruitful for Him!

Prince Charles of Britain
       27. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }A crown prince, a prince of My choosing. I set down one and put up another, and this has been My plan, that he should be the King of England. For these plans are not just for these present days, but into the coming Millennium, when the kings bring their glory and honor unto Me. They will lay their crowns and their jewels at My feet, and they will worship Me as the King of kings. This one shall be among those who will do so.
       28. There are many voices telling him to do this and to do that, but he would find release as he does seek to do what I want. This would give him great peace of mind. It would give surcease from his battles. It would ease the pain and the agony that he feels over the many personal decisions he must make. For in weighing his own choices he thinks of his personal happiness, which is natural and normal, but if he would come to Me and seek My will, I would give him great personal happiness, and I would give him that which his heart is longing for.
       29. But he sees as through a cloud, through a mist and through a veil. Although he knows that I am there and he believes that I am there, he cannot grasp the meaning of My presence or the way in which I can be a part of his life. Therefore cease not to pray for this one and for the House of Windsor, that through these personal trials they may each individually come to know Me and that they may turn to Me in their difficulties.
* * *

       30. I have seen him upon his knees, and I have heard his supplications. They come before Me with tenderness and sometimes with force, sometimes with anger and sometimes with much weeping. He knows that when he seeks Me, he will find Me, as he has that secret place in his heart set aside for Me, and he does love Me and I him. In his youth he did learn of Me, and he has carried this jewel through to manhood.
       31. Therefore, I beseech you, My children, cease not to pray for him, because effectual are the fervent prayers of David's children. Give and it shall be given unto him. Take time in prayer to strengthen him, for he is in a position that I have ordained him to be in, and he needs My strength. He needs that link.
       32. Hand him the royal telephone. Dial the number so that we may commune. Yes, be faithful operators. The times that I put an impression, a feeling, a thought upon you, pray for him, and in that hour he shall be helped. For I am a very present help in time of need, and he has many needs, more than you know. But his greatest need is Me, and his greatest desire, his heart's desire is to know Me, to be a man of God. The pressures upon him force him to be carnal and to lean on the arm of the flesh. But he is aware of the true treasures, the true Kingdom, the true King, and he does worship in his secret place.
       33. Because of the unbelief in the nation of Britain, he has ceased to testify as much as he would like to, for they are a wicked nation, a nation that has turned their backs on Me and are led by deceiving spirits. This does grieve him, for he knows the purity and the sanctuary of My realm, of My Heavenly Kingdom. In his heart of hearts, it is his desire for all men and all women, all children in every land to come unto Me, for he sees that they labor and are heavy laden and that there is great turmoil and despicable corruption and deceitfulness.
       34. But again, pray for him that he may be healed and strengthened. His tasks are many. His responsibilities are many and great. I do so wish for My Gospel to be preached through him, and with prayer his boldness and his convictions shall be increased and strengthened. Therefore, consider this as your responsibility, to pray for him, for his hours of need are many.
       35. Pray for him. The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord and He turns it, as long as this one would allow it to be turned. Pray that he would let go and let the Spirit of the Lord flow through his life.
* * *

       36. I say unto you that no man cares for this man's soul. Many look upon him and try to take from him, but he experiences no man who cares for his soul. He desperately seeks for the man or the woman or the person or the thing that will care for his soul. This is the grappling point that he has come to in his life, for he sees that no man truly cares for his soul. The caretaker who will care for his soul, he it is that carries the key to the garden of his heart. Who is there that cares for this man's soul?
       37. You, My children, are they who will care for his soul, because you will pray for him as I have now asked. This is the first step in caring for his soul, to pray, and to pray desperately for him. For who else prays for him? Who else, not seeking any benefit, will take their time and their spirit to pour out their heart unto Me? But it will be you who do this. For you are the caretakers of Charles, the ones who will care for his soul and seek Me on his behalf. (End of prophecies.)

Yasser Arafat,
President of the Palestinian Authority
       38. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Many there be who say of his soul, "There is no hope for him in God." Except the Lord had been his defense, they would have swallowed him up quickly, but God has been his shield, his protection all these years.
       39. He is alone and needy in spirit. Who can he trust? Flatterers and foes surround him. He reaches out to find a friend. Is there no one in all the Earth who will befriend this man? He braces himself, he goes on, but he is alone. He searches for a friend. But there is a Friend that sticks closer than a brother.
* * *

       40. Oh, how My soul does burn and does long for this one, to gather him into My arms, that he be not despairing, forlorn or discouraged, but that he would drink from the wellsprings of My Spirit, of the Words that I have given through My prophets. That he may know that he is not alone in this fight. That he may know that I have strengthened him, that I have raised up many who do stand with him, who do support him in their hearts and with their prayers. For I do love him greatly. I have called and protected him, lo, these many years. He is of My kind and he draws nigh to Me in his heart. For man looks on the outward appearance, but I look on the heart.
       41. I am known by many names, and though he calls Me "Allah," I am the same God. I walked the lands that he loves, and I looked at the hills, and I did behold and love many of the same things.
       42. I wish for him to be strengthened in Me, for him to draw closer to Me, to My Words, and to My Truth, which would give him the strength and the guidance and the counsel and the direction that he needs.
       43. For there are many who do seek after his life. There are many who wish to see him fall, but the end is not yet. For there is a purpose and a time appointed that I will decide and I will delineate. But his purpose is to continue in the way which he has been given, with spirit and vigor and enthusiasm, not looking to the right or the left, but knowing that I do love him.
       44. I wish for him to know that there are those of the Christian faith that support him and stand by him, to know that you are praying for him, to know that you love him. For his heart does yearn for peace, and though many are for war, he is for peace.
* * *

       45. For indeed, this man is a lonely man. Leadership is a lonely place. Many seek to have his place, and many times he has wished that he could pass this yoke to someone else. But always he has been left with the thought that they would not do it right, that they would be lacking. So once again he takes it upon himself.
       46. If he would only cast his burden upon Me, I would sustain him. He carries it himself, and it weighs heavily upon him. He stoops low with the burdens. Behold, he has received cruel mockings of others, and others hate him and revile him and speak all manner of evil against him. My heart is touched with his infirmities, and I long to gather him to Me, to comfort him.
* * *

       47. There are people of Mine under the care of Yasser Arafat, and for this I do care for him, because he cares for Mine. He has not divided those who are of one religion from another, but has had a heart for all My people. Therefore I have protected him, and kept him and exalted him in the eyes of those who understand.
       48. He is weary and often downhearted, as he sees his own people do not understand and do not see the difficult road ahead. Many times he would faint in his mind, if it were not for the need of his people that spurs him on to try to accomplish the greater goals. There are many times that he wishes he could quit and say, "I have done enough. I can't go on." But he lifts his eyes and sees the need which spurs him on one more step, one more hour, one more day. This cannot continue, and he needs food for his soul to help him through these rough times ahead.
       49. He, too, needs to be cared for, and I wish to care for him. I wish to speak to his heart and show him things to come, the visions of what I have for him, to recompense him for his labors of love. I wish to show him that it is not all in vain, that a great reward awaits those who hold on and don't give up.
* * *

       50. The meek shall truly inherit the Earth--and the downtrodden and those who have no place now are those who shall inherit the places that now exist. His fight for his people is not in vain. His struggle will not come to a defeat. Often through what seems like defeat is brought a glorious victory, and the darkest hour is just before the dawn. What is perceived as complete darkness, I am able to turn into a complete new day. What seems like the total end and the total blackness of defeat, I am able to use as the seed of victory, planted in the ashes of defeat, but sprouting in the sunshine of a new day.
       51. His mission will not end in a defeat, but it will be a bridge into the new day. Though this man has withstood many pressures, he has been like the glove upon My hand. He calls Me "destiny," and he knows not really Who I am in some ways, yet his strength has come from the hand that fits inside of the glove, and I shall direct his paths.
       52. Though the battle rages fiercely in the physical, it is not only a physical battle, a battle fought here on Earth, but it is a battle in the Heavenlies. It is a battle of spirit against spirit. Man is not made of just flesh and bone, but man is made mostly of spirit that leads the flesh and bone, and it is a spiritual warfare. Though it be fought on the physical plane with physical things, it must also be fought on the spiritual plane, with spiritual armaments--the spiritual armaments which I have given unto My children.
       53. Though he fights in the flesh, you fight in the spirit--to tear down strongholds, to tear down spiritual might, to tear down spiritual wickedness in high places, which is controlling the world, which is controlling the mighty nations, which is controlling the First World. (End of prophecies.)
* * *

       54. {\b \i (Vision:) }There was a vision of Arafat holding out his hand, and a dove landed on it. Along with that came the impression that he is a man of peace.

The Sultan of Brunei
       55. (Editor's note: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the 50-year-old ruler of Brunei, is the richest man on Earth, with a fortune estimated at more than $37 billion. One of the world's few absolute monarchs, Hassanal presides over a tiny oil-rich country on the northern coast of the island of Borneo, almost completely surrounded by Malaysia. He has a sumptuous lifestyle, living in a 1,778-room palace on the banks of the Brunei River. Brunei, with a population of 280,000, is officially a Muslim country with a Christian minority estimated to be 8% of the population.)

       56. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }A man's life does not consist in the abundance of those things which he possesses, where moth and rust enter in. But the true riches are those things of eternal value. This man knows that the things that he possesses can never give him total satisfaction, for they are but temporal and not eternal. He seeks for that which he can possess which will give him eternal happiness, but he has not found it.
       57. My Love knows no boundaries, and I desire that all would be saved and come unto Me and know Me, and partake of these eternal riches. Those who are in possession of many things and wealth and riches are poor and in need, and destitute of life.
* * *

       58. Even though he has much and great riches, he is a needy man. He is surrounded by those with outstretched hands, with palms up, and he is constantly and daily presented with petitions. He thirsts after righteousness and knows that the aching void within his heart cannot be filled with material things. He is a solitary and lonely man. He has tried to fill this aching void with toys, but still the ache continues. He knows that the need is spiritual, but the religion that he has known and that he is faced with has not given him the truths that he longs for.
* * *

       59. I ask you to caress this man's soul with prayer, to take upon yourself the burden of carrying his heart and his needs to My throne in prayer. He desires this very much--for others to be touched with the feeling of his infirmities. In this he is lonely and in this he has great need--to have others understand the needs of his heart, to feel for him, and to truly understand his innermost doubts and fears.
       60. The only way for him to experience this to the full is for you to carry him faithfully to Me in prayer daily. He has a sense of righteousness about him, and yet knows not the true righteousness. He has a sense of love about him, and yet knows not the true Lover of all lovers. In this he feels lost and cold. Carry him to Me daily, faithfully, diligently in prayer, keeping him in your heart, caring for him and loving him through the ministry of prayer.
       61. This shall spark a renewed interest in his heart to reach out and to find Me. For he has become lost and confused, and feels so distant from those who can understand the needs of his heart. He is but a lonely man, a needy soul, with the armor of riches 'round about him. His soul is lost deep within this armor of riches. No man has caressed it and cared for it and loved it. I call unto you to be the lovers of his soul, to care for him, to pray for him, to diligently seek Me, to seek My face, to set this man free.
       62. I call unto you and admonish you and give you this commission, to care for him in this way, to take upon you the ministry of prayer for him, and to unburden his heart through your prayers. This would be much as your Father David released the souls who were struggling within the other kingdom, looking for the light and begging to be released. Your Father David cried unto Me and I released them. Even so, you may do the same for this one. Even though he is still alive, he is caught in the darkness and does not know how to pray for himself.
       63. You whom I have given the commission of prayer may carry him through this darkness unto My throne, into a world of beauty and of light! He will know that you are the ones that have carried him through to the light. He will know that this ministry of prayer has been partaken of in caring for his soul. He will know the day and the hour this began, for he shall see a change in his life. This is My commission unto you: to care for this dear man through daily prayers.
* * *

       64. He is a simple man, yet he is surrounded by darkness, and as the kings of old, by counselors with their selfish schemes and dark imaginings. But as Nebuchadnezzar of old, was he not ministered unto by one who was not of his own faith? I give unto you Daniel with Nebuchadnezzar as an example. Even though this one [EDITED: "the Sultan"] represents a kingdom [EDITED: "Islam"] which strives against and is violent towards those who preach the Gospel, even so in his hour of need can those of the Kingdom of Light minister light unto one who sits in darkness.
       65. I will have mercy upon whom I will have mercy. There are many who sit in darkness and see no light; yet it was not of their own choosing, but they inherited such darkness. Even so this one sits in the midst of a circle of great, cold, dark chains, which have been about him all the days of his life. While these evil counselors promise him liberty and a life beyond, even so are they the servants of corruption. [EDITED: "See 2 Pet.2:19."] (End of prophecies.)

Fidel Castro of Cuba
       66. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }This one has been close to Me in times past. In times of difficulty he has reached out to Me in his heart. As a youth he did seek Me in the great Book that I have given of My Words--the Bible. But then as times waxed worse in his country, he chose the way of strength through arms. He chose to liberate his people by war and arms and weapons. He sought big friends who could stand by him and strengthen his fight to help his people.
       67. Many of these choices have taken him far from Me and into the fellowship of those who hate Me, who disbelieve My Words, and who scorn and mock at any simple faith that he once had. Therefore the flame of faith in his heart did flicker, but it was not extinguished. For though he has been through many battles--personal battles, questionings and searchings--I have always been there for him. I have strengthened him with strength in his soul when all others would have forsaken him, for I knew that his heart was toward his people. I knew that his desire was to do good for his people. For this reason I have kept him.
       68. He has defied the mighty powers of the West. He has set himself up in defiance of the superpowers that would crush him. Now as he stands almost alone, I would that he would turn to Me, for My arms are outstretched still. I know the secret longings of his heart to help his people, to feed his people, to leave them with an inheritance that will last. For he knows the good that he has done for his people, as do I.
       69. I would that he would come unto Me in his hour of desperation for the future, and seek Me for wisdom. For in many ways, the question is not communism or capitalism, but it is a question of friends and help, and the strong making the small stronger also.
       70. For as his heart did open to Me in his youth, I have never forsaken him, and I have kept him through many troubled times. I will not forsake him now, for I look with favor upon him, as upon a child that I will never forget. I would be with him and comfort him, but the choice is his. The choice must be his to open his heart to My fellowship, to My counsel, to My rest and reprieve from the battle. (End of prophecy.)

       71. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Russia is a mighty land, a formidable foe! Much shall come to pass there. Much is happening already. The world will know in times to come the things that are now happening in Russia. Is it not written in the great Book? Is it not written in the Letters? Do you not know of the great and mighty things that shall come forth out of this land? Are they not poised to come upon the world in a mighty rush?
       72. Have you not heard of the mighty deadly wound that was healed? For this is a vast land and a strong land, a mighty land which appears to have been brought low, and to be weak, and to be hungry and starving and devastated. Yet I see it as a mighty nation, a mighty force that shall rise up and change the course of history!
       73. I have sent forth My children into this land to bring the Words of David. Many come with the Gospel, but I send forth My children to bring the Words of David, that My sheep may hear My voice and they may follow the Words of David. For David's Words shall remain strong in the Last Days. David's Words shall light the hearts of many in the Last Days. David's Words will give strength to many in the Last Days, and My children must believe in the Words of David. They must be firmly attached to the Words of David, for the Words of David are the Words of Jesus.
       74. There are many dangers and pitfalls. Did I not warn you already to be wise, to be careful, to be prayerful? Did I not warn you that you must go in wisdom, humility and meekness, that you may accomplish the purpose for which you are sent? But fear not, for I am with you. I shall go with you wherever I send you. Did I not promise that I am with you, even unto the end of the world? For where in these days can you go in safety?
       75. Therefore abide under the shadow of My wings. Stay very close to Me and by My side, and I shall empower and I shall protect, and I will keep you from the snares of the Evil One.
* * *

       76. Russia is important. Russia is a battlefield right now, both in the physical and in the spiritual. For the world is turning its eyes upon that country and much shall come from there. But you must flow with the breath of My Spirit. Every nation upon Earth is important. Every people upon Earth is important. But there are times and there are seasons, and you must flow with My Spirit and go where the battle is hot, where the war rages and where you are needed most.
       77. It shall not be forever. It shall only be for a time. Each battle is hot and intense for a time. But then as the victory is won and things cool down, and My Spirit moves on and other battlefronts arise, you must be ready to go where the winds of My Spirit are blowing. Some may go into the heat of the battle to fight [EDITED: "spiritually"] and to uphold the standard. Some may go in preparation for the next battle. For you do not know where and when the next battle may be, but I do, and I deploy My forces--some in the midst of battle to fight, some to protect, some to hold the fort, and some to prepare for the next front where the attack shall be. (End of prophecies.)

King Hussein of Jordan
       78. They [EDITED: "the Jordanians"] are a people with great devotion to their king; an unpretentious people, a passionate people. And I have all that they need.
       79. The King of Jordan, King Hussein, I have watched over him. I have kept him. For he is a Godly man, and he and his queen do love the people of Jordan, and they consider the poor, which is very pleasing in My sight.
* * *

       80. This one has great need of encouragement--this man of peace who feels threatened by recent events. [EDITED: "This may be referring to Israel's swing to the right in electing Netanyahu and its virtual reversal of the peace process with the Arabs."] He is as one who has fought a good fight, who has given his all for peace, and he fears that his efforts may crumble. He grows weary with the battle; he grows weary with the ways of the world, and he longs for My Kingdom, for My peace.
       81. Therefore pray for the peace of this one. Lift up his hands which hang down, strengthen his feeble knees in prayer. For there is yet much to do, and I have called and chosen him as a man of peace.
* * *

       82. He is attuned to the suffering of his people. He has great compassion, and yes, he weeps. He sees his life as a mission to help his people, for they have been oppressed. Many have lost their livelihood. The forces of materialism, the forces of greed, the forces of war have torn and ravaged the lands all about him. He fights and he strives to protect his people from the ravaging of the beasts of war and greed. He has fought for many years and he is weak. When his people cry, he cries.
       83. This is the land of Petra, the land of the rock, and I have My hand over it. There have been many storms 'round about it that threatened to swallow up the land with violence, but I had My hand over this people, to protect them until the Latter Days. This man is a tool in My hand to protect his people.
       84. I say unto you now that good times shall come shortly for the land of Jordan. For even now many do suffer, for they lost their livelihood. Many were engineers, many did work, many did receive much money. Yet they lost it all. But I say unto you, because I love the people, because I love the king, and because I love the simplicity and sincerity of those people, I shall restore unto them what they have lost.
* * *

       85. Behold this man who has a heart of love and concern for his people. Thus have I made him to stand as a great ruler over them, as an example of a Godly ruler, a Godly king, one who holds the interests of his people first and foremost in his mind. For this is not the way of most kings. This is not the way of most politicians and modern-day rulers.
       86. For as the Evil One has infiltrated the hearts and lives of those governing the kingdoms of this world, their ways have become corrupt, deceitful and displeasing in My sight. Yet in spite of the ruling trend in these Last Days, this one, King Hussein of Jordan, has held to My principles of Godly governing. For this I have blessed him. For this I have made him and his domain to prosper, and to enjoy a period of rest and peace.
       87. His people do respect and admire him, for they see the sincerity in his eyes and in his heart. He has proven to be a wise ruler, as Solomon of old, judging between good and evil, and maintaining peace in the land.
       88. Even for the regions surrounding, I have set him up as a beacon of light, as an example to others. The ruling powers of the surrounding nations see this king, and they see an aura of light about him. They see him in his majesty, and how peace and good surround him on every side. This speaks to their hearts, and pricks their conscience. For truly they know and understand why his land flourishes [EDITED: "with relative peace and stability"], and how he is able to reign in such wisdom and assurance.
       89. While many look upon this king and are desirous to be like him, even with envy in their hearts, they cannot. For they have allowed the Evil One to infiltrate their kingdoms, and his vines of deceitfulness, his tendrils of lust for power, greed and gain, and the weeds of revelry and rioting have spread far and wide throughout their countries. Thus the Evil One has gained a stronghold in their lands.
       90. But this one, My meek king of Jordan--and I say My king, for I am the One Who sets up and puts down the kings of this Earth--is a worthy king. As he has called upon Me in his own way, and acknowledged the one true God, I have seen fit to rain My blessings upon him. For the meek and humble I will not despise.
       91. This one has retained God in his thoughts, and has held to My natural laws, and this brings upon him My blessings. In days such as these, people stray so far away from My Truth. The rulers of the world connive and scheme together about ways to pull the masses further away from the knowledge of Me. They seek to tear down even My basic commandments, attempting to confuse and pollute people's faith in the still, small voice I have put in each individual's heart. Because of that, this man's obedience, and the effort which he has put forth in trying to lead his people aright, is of even greater value, and of greater worth, and for this I have blessed him doubly.
       92. As every wise, great and noble ruler or king, this man bears many burdens: the burdens of his people, the sorrows of his country, the desire to right every wrong. This one carries these burdens upon himself. Yet his life has been planned in preparation for the days that are yet to come, that he might be a refuge for My children, a shelter from the storm, and an instrument of My use in the days that approach.
       93. Pray for this one--for his strength, his health, his encouragement, and his life. For those such as this one who strive to walk along the road of good must, and do, endure many attacks from the Evil One--much pressure, criticism and doubts from those around them. Therefore pray for this king, this one that I love, this one that I have called My son, who communes with Me in his heart, and who has received My blessing. (End of prophecies.)

The King of Thailand
       94. (Editor's note: King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, 68, is the longest-ruling monarch alive today. He ascended the Thai throne at the age of 18 and has ruled this Buddhist nation of 60 million for the last 50 years. Although he is a constitutional monarch, he is viewed by many Thais almost as a deity. The high esteem Bhumibol enjoys stems from his love for his people, the more than 2,000 royal development projects he sponsors on behalf of the poor, and the accomplishments of his predecessors. His great-grandfather Mongkut--depicted in the musical "The King and I"--and grandfather Chulalongkorn saved Thailand from being colonized by European powers in the 19th century. During Bhumibol's reign, Thailand has changed from an agrarian society into the manufacturing hub of Southeast Asia, with one of the world's highest growth rates.)

       95. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I am the King of kings and Lord of lords. I am the King of your Queen Maria, and how greatly beloved she is, in that her heart goes out to those My heart goes out to. For she is a shepherdess, not only of the flocks of David that live within the folds, but of other sheep as well. She takes My Love and calls out to others. She calls attention to My other sheep, so that the flocks of David may pray for them. She points you now to this one, the King of Thailand, for he is worthy and needs your prayers.
       96. You should make intercession, for he is a sample to other worldly leaders of how they should be. He is not decadent. He is not insensitive. He lives not above his people and insulated from them, but he is willing to pour out his life, and to use the position that I gave him to minister to his people and to encourage them. He is a light in their life and a source of inspiration, and he pours out and pours and pours out.
       97. I would that he would be filled and encouraged and inspired. I would that he would know that I love him and will help him and encourage him, and have done so. For that which is good in his heart is of Me. There are many forces of darkness that reach out to imprison him and discourage him, and he needs the prayers of David, and the prayers of the children of David, to protect him and to keep him free and unentangled.
* * *

       98. The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord. His heart is in My hand and I understand the working of his heart, and the burden of the people upon him, the press of the people upon his heart and the responsibility upon his heart. I see how he has taken the responsibility of the people, and how he bears the burden. How he bears the burden of the nation and the people upon his heart, and the concern. How he has made the decision in his life to take this concern as his own. How he gives up his life and in its place takes upon him the concern of the people.
       99. He looks with a keen eye for those who have the same concerns, and at the same time for those who do not have the same concerns but seem to have the same concerns. He looks with a keen eye for those whose hearts are aligned with his, and for those whose hearts are not aligned with his. He looks for those whose burdens are aligned with his burdens, and those whose burdens are not aligned with his burdens.
       100. He looks with a keen eye and with a keen heart for those who are in all truth desiring to bear the responsibility of his people and of their concern. He looks with a keen eye for those who do not bear this responsibility nor this concern. For his people are his heart, and his heart is enlarged, and it exists throughout the land. (End of prophecies.)

Mubarak and Egypt
       101. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }I would that none of My children perish. Like everywhere, I have many children in Egypt. But it is a dangerous place; it is a spiritual stronghold. There are many powerful dark angels that guard over that country and that fight the light. It is not an easy place to penetrate. But your prayers are powerful. You can pray for My children that dwell there.
       102. Now is not the time for the children of David to enter in there. But there is a time coming when you will be a witness and you will stand up and the whole world will see it, including My children there. They will have their chance to receive or to reject.
       103. As for Mubarak, he is a strong man, strong-willed. He looks not unto Me, but he looks unto his own ways. He is empowered by the power of darkness. But that kingdom fights even among itself, and that house shall not stand.
* * *

       104. The land of Egypt is a land of troubled waters. It is a land filled with the spirits of the past. For My truth to penetrate it would be very difficult. It is a house set against itself. So many elements, so much confusion, so many people knowing not whether to turn to the right or to the left. The strong spirits of the past are yet at work in this kingdom.
       105. Nevertheless I say unto you, I have many sheep, many precious ones that must be brought into My fold from this kingdom. But this is not an easy task. If My children would reach this country they must be strong in Me, they must be very close to My voice, they must be listening to Me at every step.
       106. For in the days of old, the spirit of the Sphinx did ask a riddle. Even now the spirit of the Sphinx asks a riddle, and there are many tangled lines. The only One Who can show the answer to the riddle and lead you through the snares of the Enemy is My Spirit.
       107. I say unto you, yet a little while and the time will come. But it must be My time and My leading. I have great doors that I will open unto you, for there are many sheep and there are many people that I would reach, but it cannot be done in the arm of the flesh. It must not be done according to natural reasoning. For you wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world--especially so in that dark land, with much history, much past and much darkness. There are many powerful forces of wickedness in high places, which try to prevent the people of that country from receiving the message of My truth.
       108. I say unto you there will be a reaping, the time will come, but it is not yet. I will open the door, and you must follow Me. You must look to Me as Peter should have when he was walking on the sea. You must keep your eyes on My face, following My direction, for only then will you be able to walk on the troubled waters of this country to reach them with My message. It is the only way.
       109. As for Mubarak, he is a man who is set in his ways. He is strong in his own eyes. Yet there are many hidden sorrows, there are many deep disappointments. There were many opportunities for breakings, but he would not. He turned to his own strength. He is as one who has sold his soul in order to gain the world. Within himself he struggles, he fights, he knows not where his loyalties should be. He has compromised so many times, and knows not what is right.
       110. But with God, nothing shall be impossible. All things are possible to him that believes. For if you will have faith as a grain of mustard seed and say unto this mountain, "Be removed and be cast into the sea," and shall not doubt in your heart, you shall have whatsoever you request.
* * *

       111. The Enemy walks about as a lion, a violent lion, seeking whom he may devour in the land of Egypt. He has great influence, and he is using this influence to sway the minds of the leadership of the country of Egypt. There is great division among the people because of him, the Wicked One, for he has permeated their thoughts and intents with violence, with the arm of the flesh, and the country is torn in two. On one side are those who seek revenge and are hateful, and on the other are those who seek the truth, but are tormented, confused and oppressed by those who have rule over them.
       112. There is shallow peace in this land. The flame is close to the fuse, and if the fuse is ignited, it is also very short. Time will be short for Mubarak. For he is as a man running, although he appears not to run. He runs in one direction and then another, living in fear and torment, for he feels the turmoil of his people.
       113. Those that delve into violence shall become more violent, and this wave of violence shall reverberate amongst the people of that land, and cause even more fear, and great disturbances and unrest. But ahead I have a ray of hope for them, for I am the God of all flesh and there are My sons and My daughters within that land. Therefore fervently pray for them.
       114. My sheep seek to be released. They seek surcease from the oppressions of a confused government. They seek the simplicity of peace and calm and security. I have this in store for them, for they are Mine. I will open the windows of Heaven unto them and pour out such a blessing that they will not be able to contain. They have hungered and thirsted, but at that time they shall hunger and thirst no more. But they shall need to live as the catacombers, for when the evil shall increase, this is when I shall pour out My blessing upon My sheep. Through clandestine sources shall I reveal My truth unto them. They shall be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and watch and pray.
       115. As for the evil ones, I have angels reporting to Me as they listen to their meetings and to the thoughts and intents of their hearts. The counsel of the ungodly shall perish, and My angels shall inflict judgment upon them. My judgment shall be further instability, until it is time for that twig to crack. For this Mubarak is as a twig drying in the sun, becoming more brittle, more vulnerable to damage. He has no moisture, therefore no new growth shall spring forth, and he shall continue to wither and dry. I am at his door, but I hear no knocking. I watch closely by his side, but I hear no calling.
       116. But because of the righteous, the needy, and the poor of that land, I have spared them from the wickedness that the Enemy has tried to pour upon them. I will continue to protect them from the great wickedness that the Evil One is trying to inflict upon them. Although this does not come as good news, I reveal unto you the wicked spirit of violence, of greed and hate, but I do this so that you will pray for those who seek after Me. Some do not even know that it is in My Name that they will find it, but because they are poor and ignorant I will have mercy upon them.
       117. Pray for change in the land of Egypt, for a great change must take place before My children can enter, even to clandestinely witness. For there is great danger there, and the forces of evil are multiplied. But your prayers are powerful, and My David, too, watches over the land of Egypt. He has great concern for the poor and needy of this land, and prays earnestly in My realm for them to be freed from the clasp of the evil dictator.
       118. In that time they shall be loosed, for time is short for Mubarak. At that time, the appointed time, there will be a great rejoicing amongst the poor and needy.
* * *

       119. Without a vision the people perish, and the people of Egypt have no vision. Long since their shepherd [EDITED: "Sadat"] has been smitten, they have had but a hireling--a hireling that cares not for the sheep, but is easily blown about wherever the wind blows. For though he looks strong on the outside, inside he is weak as dust, a man without principles, easily blown about. The Spirit of Wickedness easily compels this one to do his will. Therefore pray that he may be set down, and that I may accomplish My will in the land of Egypt. For he is weak as water, and can give no comfort to his people and to My people that are there in the poor land of Egypt.
       120. He walks in the shadow of those that have gone before, and will not come into the light that he might feed My people there what they need. He cowers, he treads carefully, looking first for his own welfare; therefore he cannot lead, for he is no leader. He is a hireling, and the people perish in the land for a lack of vision.
       121. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and the house of Egypt is torn from within and without by many forces. Violence quivers under the surface, and it shall soon erupt. Therefore pray for My children which are there, that they may be protected and safe and call unto Me in the hour of confusion and great trying. For the pot is bubbling, soon to explode!
* * *

       122. Behold, I see an even greater wickedness lying in the shadows. For when this one falls, this wickedness will take advantage of the situation. But there will be a crack in the spirit. You must slip in during that crack in time, and at that time I will show you and will guide you. For greater am I than this wickedness. It does plot and plan, therefore you must start now, your prayers must start now, that you may overcome this wickedness.
       123. There is a great struggle and great battle in the spirit over this land. It is a spiritual stronghold. Fight, My children of David! Fight for My children that are trapped there.
* * *

       124. It takes a small man, insecure in his authority, to continually demand respect and loyalty, but a true leader inspires it by his sample, by his deeds, by his love, and by his care. Therefore this one, Mubarak, must be continually demanding respect and enforcing loyalty with much fear. Yet in other places, the true shepherds, the true leaders live and give their lives for their people, and their people love them.
       125. There will always be division, and there will always be the power of darkness trying to disrupt good men's lives. But when leaders give their lives for their people, the people love their leaders. This one, Mubarak, has not given his life for his people. He tried to do that which he thought was right in the beginning, but then compromise came in, fear entered in. He became set in his ways and hearkened not unto My voice. He listened not to the bleats and the cries of his people, but he listened to other voices--the voices of money, the voices of the West, the voices of the opinions of men, of his own ideas. Therefore he cared not for the sheep.
       126. In the land there is much fear, much division and great uncertainty. And whenever there is great uncertainty, any new thing appears to be a threat, and people seek to destroy it. So it will be with My children if they go there; they could be perceived as a threat, for it is a land of many informers and much intelligence. Therefore were My children to go, they must be strong in the faith and as the catacombers of the Early Church.
       127. Nevertheless, I have this to say unto you: Neglect not the ministry of the mail in this season. Find those who are like-minded, those whom you can minister to, and send the message through the mail to them during this time. For if they are sheep and they are My children, you can still minister to them, even though you may not be there in person.
       128. Therefore I say unto you, pray for the sheep, seek them out, look for any open door to minister unto them. But the worker is more important than the work. It is important that I keep My workers safe, therefore I will not risk them at this time. Yet the time will come when an open door shall arise and My workers shall be able to reach them. In the meantime, pray for My children there, and seek any open door to write and to send Word to encourage them.
* * *

       129. You see before you now the dark, stern and serious, determined and hard face of Mubarak, who has fought for his position and his status and place in the world, and who has befriended those with the power to place him where he is. He enjoys the benefits and privileges, the esteem, the credit and the glory of his office, and he would not willingly relinquish his office or step down from his position, unless he were offered one which he feels has more gain, in which he can be more used and in some way is more prominent.
       130. So the strategists are planning and preparing, and calling on their source of power and wisdom, as to how they can best use their players to accomplish their purposes, and to put the game into full play. They are positioning their players, preparing them, polishing them, brainwashing them and finishing them and persuading them to play the game their way, that they may accomplish their goal.
       131. It is an intricate process, as they cannot reveal their cards all at once to all, and they cannot reveal the outcome of the game to all, because if all the players knew and had full understanding at this point, they would not be as willing or as eager to play the game. Thus is the Antichrist marshaling his forces, positioning his men, speaking to the minds of his men, and putting the finishing touches on his key figures and his key men in the world, that they may move where he wants them to move, that they may do what he wants them to do, that they may prepare the stage the way he wants it prepared.
       132. But he is not in total control of all. At this moment he does not possess the total control that he is working towards and that he wants. Thus there remain many key figures, such as Mubarak, who still weigh in the balance as to which way they will go. But whichever way Mubarak will go, and whatever position of leadership he will be given, it will be a part of the master plan. Therefore you must watch the scene carefully and prayerfully, and wait and watch for the signs that show you how the play is being enacted.
       133. For if his time in office is short, it is premeditated and is done for their gain and advantage. The pieces of the puzzle are being fitted together and are being tried in this position and in that position in order to find out where they will fit best. Therefore his time in office may be short, if it gives them the advantage. (End of prophecies.)

North Korea
       134. {\b \i (Jesus speaking:) }Open your eyes and look! But I say unto you, look not on the things that are seen. Look! Look beyond, at the things which are not seen by the eyes of man. For the things that you do see are as not, and I say to you, this is yet another preparing for the great and evil day. For the Evil One is marshaling his forces. He plays on both sides, and he controls all sides, for the Earth has been given into his hand for a time. The preparations for his coming are made and his time is short.
       135. The Antichrist does reign. He moves, he manipulates, he connives and he contorts, and the happenings in this country are but part of his preparations for the great and terrible day. For this country of North Korea is but a Frankenstein's monster that has been created, a monster created for a purpose. Open your eyes and see! For this indeed is a Frankenstein's monster, created to contribute to the purpose and plan of the Evil One.
       136. All the world wondered after the Beast! And I say to you, this is but one of many beasts, one of many Frankenstein's monsters created to prepare the way. The preparations are made, for the day is at hand!
       137. Marvel not at the turn of events in this country. Marvel not at the Great Whore, who does seem to change course. Having once hoped for the fall of this nation, she now seeks to maintain it. Marvel not at the friends of the past who now appear to abandon this one, who appear to cast this one aside with no apparent interest. Marvel not at this turn of events, which are all controlled by the Man of Perdition.
       138. For the things of the Earth are given into his hand, and he does turn them whichever way he will, to suit his purpose. He does not care about the people who would starve and lose their lives, for he is the destroyer of life. He does not care about the masses, but only seeks to control, to reign, to dominate, and gain ground for his evil reign. He does not care by which means he rises to power, for he only seeks to control, and he uses destruction that he might gain.
       139. The whole world is wondering after this predicament, and this is for a purpose. The whole world looks on, and waits in anxiety, with bated breath, hoping for the best, yet preparing for the worst. Yet the whole world knows not what solution to give. For it is not given to lower echelons in the governments of man to solve these problems. For I say to you, the solutions are reserved for that Man of Perdition, who is almost upon you.
       140. Know that the conditions in this country are but part of the great preparation. Many and great and complex are the preparations for the man of false solutions to be revealed. For the heads of state know not what to do. They are as those who would look on, scratching their heads, frustrated, and at wits' end, and they do but blow about hot air! Their hot air is but blowing in the wind! For they do talk on and on and on, seeking solutions to no avail. I say unto you, the solution on how to control the Frankenstein's monster is reserved for the Man of Sin.
       141. This indeed is the day of monsters! Evil monsters on all sides! Monsters are set loose upon the face of the Earth! They are released upon the peoples of the Earth, and they do prepare the way! This is the day of preparation! And when it looks as if these monsters are about ready to devour and destroy the kingdoms of the Earth, the Master Monster [EDITED: "the AC"] will yet appear, and call them off.
       142. He will call them off, for yet a time, that the whole world may wonder! That those who would not discern the signs of the times might bow down and worship, saying, "All hail to you, O great one, who has saved us from these monsters!" Yes, I say unto you, the situation in North Korea is but one of many that prepares the way.
       143. Know this also: that this country, which appears to be crumbling and falling apart, is a mouse with a mighty roar. Be not deceived, for she holds a trump card in her decrepit hand. A trump card that, should it be necessary, will strike a mighty blow. For the Evil One even now does use the god of forces. He does use the threat of nuclear force to strike fear into men's hearts, that they might be controlled. He uses this fear, that they might yield and bow down and say, "Save us, O mighty one! Save us and save our System, and we will give you worship."
       144. Know this: The beginning of sorrows is upon the Earth. For this is but one of many Frankenstein's monsters preparing the way for the false savior. One of many that proves a superman is needed to save the day. Yes, I say to you, this country is but part of the plan, part of the preparation, for the day is at hand.
       145. Therefore watch and pray, that you enter not into temptation. Watch and pray that that day does not overcome you as a thief in the night. Watch and pray, and work My works while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man shall be able to work. (End of prophecy.)

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