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Notice to Our TRF Supporter Family About the "Loving Jesus" Statement       DO/TS 3078       10/96
--From Maria

My dear TRF Supporter Family,
       1. I love you! Thank you for carrying on in faithful service to the Lord, witnessing His Love to others and winning the lost to His Kingdom! I'm proud of you for your love and dedication to Him.
       2. I wanted to write you a short personal word of explanation to go with our statement on the "Loving Jesus" revelation, which you should be receiving with this mailing. It's quite an inspiring pub on the subject, and I'm sure you will find it as exciting reading as we have, and that it will be a blessing to you in further explaining the "Loving Jesus" revelation. You received a set of "Loving Jesus" GNs some time back, but this statement fills in some of the details and explains additional aspects of the revelation that were not included in the series of GNs you received. I hope you'll like it!
       3. When preparing to send this statement to you, I thought the question might arise in your minds as to why you did not receive the full explanation of the "Loving Jesus" revelation previously, or why we are making news of the "Loving Jesus" revelation available for inquiring non-Family members at the same time you're hearing about it. I know the Lord is concerned about each detail of our lives, so I was concerned that you would not feel left out or be left with a question on this point.
       4. The Lord has been working in all of our lives, DO and TS Family members alike, preparing our hearts to receive this revelation. When He first revealed it to Peter and me, it took some time before our staff and those we work with in our WS units were ready to receive it. And although we initially hoped to get it out to the Family fairly quickly, as we followed the Lord's leading on His timing, it was a full year before the DO Family got it. When we then asked the Lord whether we should share it with you, our TS Family, right away, He indicated that we should wait. He later instructed us to send you a partial version, to slowly introduce the idea and concept of the revelation, to be followed later by a fuller explanation, given in the accompanying statement.
       5. When we recently asked the Lord about the timing of sending this statement and notice, He compared the "Loving Jesus" revelation to a bottle of vintage wine, which He has kept in storage until the time was ready when we could truly appreciate it and savor its flavor. He knows us so well and He knows each one of our hearts. He knows just what to feed us, when we're ready for it and how much to give us, and is concerned about our growth and care and about every detail of our lives. He has been working in the hearts of you, our dear TS Family, preparing your hearts for the right time, when you would be ready to receive a more complete explanation of the "Loving Jesus" revelation.
       6. So if you're wondering why you had to wait until now to receive the "full scoop" on the "Loving Jesus" revelation, it's simply, as the Lord said, that there is a time and a season and a purpose to everything under Heaven (Ecc.3:1). He was continuing His work in your hearts and preparing you for just this moment. Just as the Lord originally had us delay sending the "Loving Jesus" revelation out to the DO Family until He had prepared their hearts to receive it, by the same token, if we had sent it out to you earlier, the Lord might not yet have had time to finish preparing the ground of your hearts for this new seed, and it might not have been received as eagerly or borne as much fruit as He would like it to. So be glad that you're getting it now, because now is the time when the Lord said He knows you're ready to receive it!
       7. As you read in the recent GN, "Bridging the Gap" (GN 696), our King Peter and Prime Minister Gary attended a large TS fellowship a few months ago, which has been a milestone on the road to a renewed relationship between the DO and TS Family by mending past misunderstandings, etc. I believe that all of this has also worked together for good to prepare your hearts for this wonderful pub which you now have in your hands. The Lord recently indicated that this increased communication and unity is a factor that would help the full "Loving Jesus" revelation bear wonderful fruit in your relationship with Him, as it has for the many DO Family members who have embraced it.
       8. The accompanying statement is GP, so it can be given to anyone who may have heard about the "Loving Jesus" revelation and would like to know more about it. The radical nature of this revelation may come up as a topic of discussion amongst non-Family members who receive this statement, so please do make every effort you can to give this priceless revelation from the Lord the time and attention it deserves, through your prayerful study of His message as outlined in the accompanying statement.--Not only for the sake of outsiders who may have questions, but especially for your own sake, so that you can benefit from it in your own life and walk with the Lord! (Of course, implementing the "Loving Jesus" revelation is a personal decision, according to your own faith, and not something that you need to feel you must believe or follow in order to remain a Family member.) I pray that this statement will also help strengthen your faith and answer any questions you may have had about the "Loving Jesus" revelation--either after reading the GNs you received, or from having heard about it from others.
       9. God bless and give you faith in Him and His Word! I love you!
       Love, Mama

       10. P.S. We've decided to assign this explanation of "Loving Jesus" a Letter number and GN number, so you may want to pencil them in on the cover of your library copy to keep track of them easier: ML #3077, GN 703. Thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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