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My Heart Belongs to You!       DFO 3080       9/96

       1. When I say I love you, just you, I am talking to each of you -- you who have been with Me from the beginning, My children, young and old. I'm talking to those who feel far away and distant from My Love. I am talking to you who feel that you've failed and there is no forgiveness to be found, or who feel like, "What's the use? There is no hope!" If you feel like this, the following message is for you.
       2. If you feel unworthy, as if there is no way back into My arms; if you feel weak and weary, as if you don't have one ounce of strength left to walk another mile; if you feel tired and plain tuckered out -- this message is for you. If you feel you've lost your inspiration; if you feel you've lost that driving motivation to make it one more day, one more step, one more hour, I am talking to you. If you feel you've turned your back on Me and that I couldn't possibly understand the pain and the burdens of your heart, this message is for you.
       3. If you feel like giving up, and wonder what's the use of trying, I'm talking to you. If you feel like a great big mess, it matters not to Me, because I love you. If you feel like you don't have it in you to reach the goals set before you, this message is for you. If you feel lost and lonely and confused, and if you are doubting -- I love you in spite of it all, and I'm talking to you.
       4. If you feel you have failed Me time and again -- please, won't you let Me hold you? I love you! If you feel inadequate and too wicked to be worthy of My Love, I want you to know I love you, just you. If you feel overwhelmed, like you're drowning in an ocean of woes, I love you!
       5. I love you, just you, just the way you are. My Love is reaching out to you right now. My Love, My forgiveness and My mercy are all right there, just for you, if you will only receive them. I love you! I need you! I long to hold you close to My heart of Love. I long to feel you in My arms. I long to woo you and feel you and whisper in your ear.
       6. My Love for you cannot be quenched by the flood waters. My Love for you reaches up to the highest star, and down to the depths of the deepest sea! My Love for you is always. It's now, and it's forever. How I long to uphold you with My Love, that you may be restored to full assurance and full faith in Me.
       7. If you feel weak and tired and battle-worn and weary, this message is for you. If you feel you are fainting in your mind, fainting in heart and soul, this message, My precious one, is for you. If you think your zeal has left you and you feel like you are all washed up, I love you, and I need you more now than ever!
       8. As the years roll on for some, or as they just begin for others, it matters not. I love you. If you have toiled long and hard through the years, and you stand looking in the mirror, wondering what you have to show for your life, this message is for you -- I still love you.
       9. If you are standing on the threshold of new horizons, peering out from youthful eyes, feeling overwhelmed at the challenge ahead, afraid of the future; if you feel you don't have it in you to meet the need that lies before you, I want you to know I love you. I will see you through.
       10. I love you just the way you are -- as if you were the only one. I love you, each of you, young and old. I only see My shining knights, My lords and ladies of virtue and stature. I am not stacking up all your faults and failures, all your mistakes and blunders to hold against you. My eyes are blind to all of these. I have X-ray eyes that enable Me to only see the good and the possibilities that others do not see. I only see straight through to your heart of hearts. I only see your precious, priceless, tender heart -- and I love you.
       11. I see your every tear. I hear your every cry. I feel your every frustration, your every worry, your every burden, your every desire. I know everything about you -- all your wants, all your lacks. I see your very heart and all that is in it, and I deeply love you.
       12. I long to hold you. I long to caress you and kiss away the hurts and the heartaches, if you will but allow Me to. I long to comfort, to soothe, and to pour My honey love balm upon your every heartache, your every heartbreak, your every worry, your every fear, your every tear, your every frustration. I long to blow away every cloud of confusion and to soothe your ruffled nerves. I long to melt away the bitterness and turn every deep longing into marvelous fulfillment and true satisfaction.
       13. I long to give you the sun and the moon, the stars in the sky, the ecstasies of Heaven, and a Love that will never end! I long to pull you through whatever deep, dark experience, whatever dense fog you find yourself in. Whatever confusion or frustration you have bottled up inside, I long to melt it all away, because I love you.
       14. I long to hold you close, here on My gentle breast. I long for the day when our two hearts will beat as one, for I love you, just you. My precious child who feels far away, I long for you to know that I am right there by your side. I have never left you, and I will never, ever forsake you.
       15. I have called you, My special one, and I long to draw you close to My bosom of Love. You are Mine, given to Me by My Father from the beginning. You are My driving force. My Love for you has kept Me going. I fought for you, I bled for you, I died for you, and now I live for you, and I will do anything for you!
       16. I long for your love close to My heart forever and a day. Won't you please believe Me when I say I love you, just you? How I long for total and complete intimacy with you, My forever love! I only see the good in you, the possibilities that others overlook. Despite the rough exterior, I only see the diamond sparkling through your eyes. I only see the joy you bring Me. I only want you to know you can never be too bad for Me.
       17. I love you, just you, and here I patiently wait -- for you! Won't you please come running into My arms, where we can live and love and revel in this love forever, eternally, immortally, without end? I love you, I need you, and I want you! I'm yours. -- Jesus

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       18. It was love at first sight! The moment I set eyes on you, the very moment you were created -- that is when I fell so deeply in love with you, just you! I fell deeply and completely in love with you. I didn't fall in love with the masses; I fell in love with you, just you, as an individual.
       19. So special and unique is My Love, so overwhelming, that I could not bear the thought of being apart. I knew you would have to go and fulfill your mission, your purpose, the plan for which you were created, and yet the thought of not having you close by My side was almost too much to comprehend. The thought of missing you even for a short while was breaking My heart.
       20. I sought for a way to ensure your safe return, for I could not bear to lose so great a treasure, so great a love. It was then, with great precision, slowly, gently and ever so lovingly, that I placed My mark within your heart. With the utmost skill, I gently stroked your heart, fixing My tender, special spot in place upon your heart -- creating a vacuum, a void that could only be filled by Me.
       21. Can you feel it deep inside? It's there in you, that it may be proof of My great Love for you, just you. This is My token, this is My Love, that you may know that I love you in such a personal, close, intimate way. This is My mark of Love, a special spot in your heart made only for Me -- My special spot, that only I can fill, placed so lovingly and tenderly in the core of your heart.
       22. Not only did I place My mark within you to ensure your safe return, but I knew it would sustain you on your journey. I knew that when you would discover this token of Love, it would be your guide, your inspiration, your desire to return. And so I have created you with this void that only I can fill. This is My assurance of your safe return -- My mark upon your heart. This is My assurance that you will not get lost during the journey of life, and that you may find your way Home, back into My arms.
       23. This is My comfort, to know you will one day return to enjoy our happiness and Heavenly bliss once again in full, without restraint -- the joys we shared from the beginning of time! Nothing else will ever be able to satisfy this void, this tender spot, for it belongs to Me, your Lover of all loves. All this I have created, because I love you so.
       24. How Satan did become jealous -- so insanely jealous at the sight of My great Love for you! He was mad with rage at so great a love, and he set out on his journey in pursuit of hindering your return. Satan knows that many waters could never quench so great a love as I have for you, but still he tries in his feeble attempts. He fights hard with doubts, casting misleading thoughts and feelings and emotions your way, things that would cause you to doubt My Love. He tries hard to block your memory of our days of bliss and joy and peace, the days of love we enjoyed in the beginning. For in those days we did love, we marveled, we reveled in the splendor of love!
       25. Fear not, My love! Fear not, My precious one! Do not doubt My Love which is so great for you. It was that great Love I have for you that caused Me to also set out on My journey, My mission on Earth to proclaim to Satan that he has no part in trying to win you over. For this I came, that you may know, that you may discover the mark, the void that I placed within your heart. For this I came to reclaim you, My love. For this I died that you might find the key, that you might discover to Whom you belong.
       26. As I suffered, as I fought and bled and died for you, it was My great Love for you that sustained Me. Otherwise I never would have been able to bear the pain, the anguish, the heartache and the heartbreak, the horrors of death and dying all alone. Yet, for you, just you, it was worth it all! For I love you, and the very thought of you was My driving force, and this kept Me and gave Me hope.
       27. As Pilate's lashes thrashed My back, with each blow I saw your face, and this sustained Me. As the soldiers spat on Me and mocked Me and thrust the crown of thorns onto My head, I could only see the light of your smile, and this gave Me strength to carry on. As I carried the cross through the streets, and as I fell to My knees, weak and weary with the burden of it all, My vision was blurred. Yet in that moment I could only recall how much I love you, and in this I found strength to carry on.
       28. As I hung on the cross in shame and pain, and the feeling of defeat welled up inside of Me, yet I was able to overcome when I remembered that through this death I would wake to enjoy your love for all eternity. It was you, My love, just you, that kept Me going -- My Love for you, My concern for you, and My desire for you.
       29. The thought of having you by My side for all eternity gave Me strength and faith to carry on. Your smile, your touch, the love I have in My heart for you, just you, is what kept Me going. My Love for you was My driving force, for I could not bear the thought of not having you by My side, the thought of losing you.
       30. I love you from everlasting to everlasting, with so great a love! So great a love story is My Love for you! And these seeds of Love that I have implanted deep in your heart, in this tender spot, I placed there also to sustain you on your journey through life -- that you, too, might find strength and faith and hope to carry on. I placed My mark on each one, so that you would know how personal, how individual My Love is for you, just you.
       31. This mark, this tender spot I have placed in your heart, I will fill even now to overflowing. You have only to ask. I created it so, to prove My great Love for you, so you would never need to doubt My Love. I placed this void in your heart so you could be full to overflowing with My Love so great -- that together, even now, we both would have love enough to sustain us until the day when you are Home at last in My Heavenly Kingdom prepared for you.
       32. And you need not ever feel bad if you would ask Me to prove My Love, for I know, I understand, and I see how Satan does tempt you. Therefore, prove Me, prove My Love, for in this I am well pleased. In this I am able to boast, for I love to show you My Love. In this I am fulfilled, for I long to show you. I long to love you. If you are tempted to doubt, that is the time to allow Me to prove My Love.
       33. Test My Love when you feel lonely. When you feel like no one cares and there is no love to be found, that is the time to rest, to lie back in My arms and find peace. And when you are discouraged and you feel like you are a great big mess -- look up into My wonderful face and see Me smile upon you, for I love you just the way you are!
       34. When you feel worried or frustrated, run to Me, for I will be your perfect companion. If you feel that no one can possibly understand the trials and tests that you are passing through, that is not so, because I always understand. I long to hear them. I long to solve them. That is the time to run to Me, to snuggle up real big, right here in My strong arms, and tell Me the problems, the burdens, the worries and the cares, and see if I will not give you solutions that will melt them all away.
       35. When you feel weak, I will be strong for you. When you feel confusion, I will give you peace. When you feel fearful, I will comfort your heart. When you are doubting, I will give you faith. When you feel strain, I will bring relief. When you feel lost, I am right here to be found. When you feel useless, I will give you a purpose. When you feel anguish, I will give you joy. When you lack confidence, I will be your assurance. When you feel muddled and cloudy, I will give you clarity of thought. When all seems dark and stormy, I will be your shining light.
       36. When you feel you need a hug, a kiss and a tender touch, I will take you in My arms and kiss and caress you. When you are in need of direction and guidance, I will lead the way and light your path. When you need to pull back and long to take a little time to just have some fun, I will be your laughter. When you are in need of a gentle breeze, I will be the soft wind blowing in your hair. When you feel tired, I will be your rest. If you feel like you could use a special boost, I'll be there to spark you with My fire. Even when you have no feeling at all, when you feel indifferent or bleak, or puny and down, in those lost, lonely hours when everything seems real foggy, if you'll just sit still and rest here in My arms, I will blow blue skies overhead once again.
       37. So many things will I do for you to prove My Love, that you may know that I, and I alone, love you, just you, just the way you are. Anywhere, any time, any hour, every minute, each moment of the day or night I'll be there to prove My Love in some way. In big ways or small ways, I'm always there, ready, willing and waiting to shower you with love.
       38. My Love will never fail you. I've been through so much with you up until this point, I'm not going to give up now! Nothing can ever quench My Love for you, for with each passing day, it only grows stronger. For in this absence, in this time you have been away, My heart has only grown fonder and stronger for you. My Love for you is established and firm. What else can I do to prove My Love? If you can think of anything, just ask. For I cannot bear to think that you could suffer so, thinking I do not care.
       39. For this, My love, I ask, I beg you: Please put Me to the test. And you will see, I will be there -- just for you! For I have loved you from the beginning, and I love you now, and I always will. My Love never dies, but lives on and on. My Love for you never grows old, but only stays fresh and new! It's never boring, but is alive and vibrant, pulsating and passionate! It never sleeps but only lives to awaken your heart. It's now, it's always, it's forever. My Love is something you can lean on. It will give you strength to carry on. It will sustain you when you feel battle-weary, and lift you when you feel you cannot go on.
       40. My Love longs for you, it weeps for you! I long to help you. I long to comfort you. I long not only to listen to all you have to share with Me, but I also want to confide in you the deepest secrets of My heart. I have so much to share with you. You have only to listen and receive, for My Love never stops giving. I would never hurt you, never fail you, never let you down. I long to protect you, provide for you, and fulfill your every desire. I'll always forgive you as I take you in My arms again and kiss away all your hurts.
       41. My Love believes in you. My Love counts on you. For this I give My all, because I love you, just you. My Love for you is so vast, and all I have I give to you. My life, My riches, My very heart belongs to you. All that is Mine is yours, because I love you so.
       42. I reach out to touch you, to hold you, to kiss you and caress you. I burn for you and desire you like no other can. My Love only sees you and all your wonderful ways. I love you and I need you, just you, just as you are. I only see your heart. I only see your love. I only long to fill that special place I made for Myself in your heart.
       43. Please don't ever doubt My Love for you. And if you ever need a reminder, just call, just prove Me. I will never let you down, I promise. I never give up. For to live without you for all eternity -- even the very thought of life without you -- is something I simply would not be able to bear.
       44. I love you like no other ever will! The moment I set eyes on you, the moment you were created, that is when it all began, when I fell so deeply, so completely, so eternally in love with you. I love you now, and I will love you forever. -- Jesus

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